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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  July 4, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> yes the answer is as soon as possible. probably tomorrow morning. >> crews in an attempt to be the upcoming tropical storm elsa. >> thousands of american business at risk this morning after ransomware attack that could be the biggest hack yet. are the russians to blame yet again? they've mobilized every power of government to come after me, my family, my wonderful employees and my company solely because of politics. >> former president donald trump using the indictments against his own company to rile up supporters in sarasota, florida. >> stunning detalss in the britney spears conservatorship case, including a 911 call she reportedly made the day before testifying in court. what's next for the pop icon, and why lawmakers are suddenly interested. we say good morning. it's sunday, july 4th. i'm kendis gibson.
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>> we appreciate you spending part of your holiday weekend with us. i'm lindsey reiser. the macy's fireworks show, of course, you can watch it on nbc tonight. this is some behind the scenes footage of the setup. they will be set off along several barges on the east river, and the empire state building also going to be setting off fireworks as well. >> the empire state building will have a starring role in tonight's festivities. it's going to really feel as if, yes, america is back. what a wonderful thing. >> we're excited to celebrate that new normal. we have a team of reporters and analysts following the latest news this morning. new developments in the surfside condo collapse. search efforts have been paused as crews get set to demolish the rest of the building. >> they are racing against time because of the tropical storm that's barreling toward the u.s. right now threatening southern florida with dangerous winds and rain. some 24 people now confirmed dead and another 121 still
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missing. nbc's vaughn hillyard has the story. vaughn? >> demolition crews here are working against the clock. what we know is the timeline right now is actually off of the interview that you just had this last hour with the mayor of surfside who said they expect the rest of the champlain towers to be imploded by tomorrow morning but did not rule out the fact that could be today. the tropical storm elsa's winds are expected to hit here the surfside area some time on monday. this is a major move here by the mayor and other rescue officials. they have halted, suspended that rescue operation until that building comes down. the mayor making the decision that it would be safer to try to implode this building intentionally as opposed to the risk of wind potentially pushing the ub sturdy building in one direction or another, potentially on top of the existing rubble where there are
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still 121 unaccounted for individuals. again, we are waiting, though, for that exact timing. potentially over the next 24 hours, before that storm lands into town and again, the rescue operation at a standstill until after that storm passes. >> thanks to vaughn hillyard for getting us started. the storm is elsa. it is churning right now off the coast of jamaica. >> meteorologist michelle grossman joins us with the latest. >> hi there, guys. here's the good news. we'll start with that. it looks like the biggest impact will be in the western part of florida. winds to 26 miles per hour in surfside. rain, too. that's going to impact the efforts going on there. let's take a look at what we know right now. what happened last night? a few changes. still a tropical storm. it did weaken overnight as it went over the mountains of
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haiti. we're looking at the tropical alerts. key west is involved with a tropical storm watch and i expect that to expand in the state of florida. this is what elsa looks like right now. we're looking at winds at 65 miles an hour. it did weaken a bit overnight. still the tropical storm status. it's moving west-northwest at 14 miles an hour. yesterday it was speeding through the caribbean at 31 miles an hour. that's really unheard of for this time of year. it's slowed down to normal paces and will continue to do that throughout the next 48 hours. this is what the track looks like right now. today, into the early part of monday, impacting cuba. this is where we'll see some changes. it may impact the track, it may impact the movement and it may impact how strong it is once it emerges over cuba. it's going to go into the gulf. that's going to strengthen it. if you notice this path, the
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national hurricane center keeps it as a tropical storm. so some time tuesday into wednesday, making a landfall along the western coast of florida. notice that cone of concern does not involve miami. it does not involve surfside. still, they'll see winds and rain. so as we go throughout time we'll see georgia impacted as well as the carolinas later on next week. here's the impacts. heavy rain for cuba today and increasing winds in florida. they'll feel those impacts for their fourth of july picnics throughout the day. then monday elsa approaches the keys. increasing rains, wind and rough surf. monday to tuesday, early part of wednesday we expect it to affect florida and make that landfall tuesday into wednesday. we'll be watching that over the next several days. here's your rainfall forecast. notice a lot of rain along the coast. that's a whole different system. a stationary boundary set up. bringing a rainy day along the koeflt today into tomorrow and also tuesday. and as we look towards the east coast of florida, surfside as
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well, you don't see a whole lot of rain. a quarter inch, maybe even half an inch but still any rain will not be a welcome sight. always those winds about 26 miles an hour. the biggest impacts for the winds, tropical storm force will be on the southern part around the key west area at 57-mile-per-hour winds. 38-mile-per-hour winds in tampa. i think that's where these close to where we'll see that landfall on tuesday into the early parts of wednesday. let's talk about the fourth of july forecast. you got me in the mood with pie and beer and all that stuff. hot in the northwest once again. it's been like that for days and days. we'll continue that heat for at least the next couple of days. stormy, the gulf coast and bright in the northeast. we started with fog this morning but i'm looking out my window in bucks county, pennsylvania, and it's looking pretty good. fireworks forecast, looking pretty good for most of us. a clear night. good celebration for many.
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the exception will be along the gulf coast with that rain. back to you guys. hope you have a great fourth. >> michelle, you, too. in surfside, winds could be 26 miles an hour. last hour kendis asked the mayor of surfside if that would be enough to make that south tower teeter, he said we don't know. that's why they're going through with the controlled demolition. we want to bring in miami-dade county commissioner, sally hayman, commissioner, good morning. >> the search efforts are currently paused for the demolition of the remainder of the condo. when can we expect it to resume? >> not until the demolition. you have an unstable building since day one and it's been classified. all the search efforts, subterranean, two levels of garage, above the pile, on the perimeter has been limited. right next to the building as you see from your visual, that area has never been scoped out
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by our search and rescue teams, whether it's the men and women or -- and/or their trained dogs. and also right below it is a big area. incredibly void of rubble, but it hasn't been cleared out and searched because of the unstability of the parameter of where the building is and where it could fall. once the demolition occurs, all those handlers with their dogs who have been resting yesterday will literally be able to start searching that area. literally for the first time. so it will continue and it will start in a brand-new area. >> are we talking about minutes from demolition to when those people can start searching? we know every minute matters for these families. >> understood, but i don't have
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the expertise in demolition. i do know that they are using a brand-new technology. it's purported to be over a period of time that there would be demolition. now it is permitted for today, but it will be determined. they started to prep the building yesterday and everybody was on stand down as far as going through the rubble. so as soon as they can safely say it's set to have people go back through, they will start the demolition people know what they're doing. and for sure the search and rescue people do. >> yeah. we're also in day ten of the search and rescue mission. 121 people still missing as of this morning. are families still hopeful that they'll find their loved ones alive? >> some are. some have really come to realize
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it may not happen for them based on where their family members were and the way the building is set and identified. it's coded by floor numbers and area so the reality on that has set for them. but, you know, mexico, 11 days. haiti, 27. and scientists will tell you the only thing people need is hydration. and we've seen that between the rains almost daily but also when we had to put out two fires. that put a lot of water right there in the very area that they will be going around. so i'm hopeful, and we're inviting the families today. they will be in scheduled times to see the memorial wall which they hadn't been able to get to before. we've moved traffic around. but also to invite them one last time to come over to see the building as it remains before it
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is brought down. >> commissioner, we had you on last weekend and from that time in the last week, what is the spirit and mood like amongst search and rescuers because they are dealing with harrowing conditions there at the site. the prospect of some of what they're discovering. we know they're determined to find survivors but how are the search and rescuers doing? >> they are incredible. i can break down in tears when i start looking at family members or the wall or having a dialogue where people say they go by, they want to go by and call their person's name. but they are incredible professionals. their stamina is exceptional. and we have constantly brought in outsiders who know their skills to give a short reprieve for the men and women. as soon as people rest up by their scheduled time, it's 12
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hours on, they want to go back. the dogs are anxious, anxious and waiting. and we're all hopeful. i'm reminded of the springsteen song, "strength, faith, hope and love." and the think we're seeing that in the community constantly and the people who are waiting. >> certainly does help in these waning days. sally heyman, our thanks to you. as the fourth of july holiday gets under way. president biden will celebrate the nation's progress against covid-19. they plan to host an event at the white house for about 1,000 maskless people. and he plans to give a speech tonight. >> quite a ways away from in march when he said we could maybe have small gatherings by the month of july. this follows a weekend encouraging americans to get vaccinated and promoting the infrastructure deal. monica alba has more. good morning, and happy fourth. >> happy fourth. that's right. the white house, despite missing
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their goal of having 70% of american adults partially vaccinated says there's actually a lot of progress to celebrate today. and that will be the focus at that event later here at the south lawn. and what will be notable about it is it will be the largest event of the biden presidency so far. and they're encouraging guests to seek a covid test in advance and they are asking anybody who is not fully vaccinated to please wear a mask. but it will be an interesting test as we see so many crowds come together on this holiday weekend to celebrate, of course. a couple of months ago when the president initially set these goals, of course, they fell short of the 70%, but his other priority was americans having the opportunity to host small backyard barbecues. we're going to see a very gigantic version of that here on the grounds later today. but it does come as the white house is very closely monitoring what's happening with the delta variant.
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they now have the surge response teams ready to go and be deployed to hot spots. and one example yesterday, vice president harris was traveling in las vegas, nevada, a state that reported one of the highest new spikes in covid cases in the last week. largely, they believe, due to this delta variant which is now accounting for 1 in 4 of every new infections. so they're saying in places like nevada, missouri and elsewhere, in pockets of the country where vaccination rates are really low, people still need to be very careful. so they're walking a fine line of encouraging americans to want to celebrate this holiday weekend. of course, it's very different from the one a year ago but also watching what might be happening. and the other thing is the white house was asked repeatedly, did health and medical experts really say it was okay to bring 1,000 people together here and they said under cdc guidelines and the advice of all the health advisers that, yes. they are proceeding with this in accordance with those guidelines. you are going to see the president tonight really touting
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the progress made so far but also sending a message that there is still a ways to go and the u.s. will likely hit that 70% rate of the adults at least, probably in the next month or so, but it's unclear whether the white house is going to set any more goals because potentially now those may not be effective, at least in the vaccination battle, guys. >> interesting, monica alba, thanks for your reporting. up next -- hackers strike again. the potentially thousands of companies here crippled by a massive ransomware attack. >> president biden is doubling down on his initial warning for russia. >> if it is either with the knowledge of and/or consequence of russia, then i told putin we will respond. >> will those words stick? riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road.
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hundreds of rescuers are combing through a hillside in central japan after a mudslide slipped through a popular resort town killing at least two people. the flood of black mud destroyed hundreds of homes in the town of atami, about 70 miles southwest of tokyo. hundreds of thousands of residents forced to evacuate but dozens remain trapped in the rubble. the mud took down hundreds of homes and downed power lines. local authorities there are fearing that historic levels of rainfall could spark another disaster. another holiday weekend, another ransomware attack. this morning, many american businesses are feeling the effects. this time the target was miami-based international software management company kaseya. that attack thought to have affected thousands of other organizations who use their products. president biden now directing u.s. intelligence agencies to investigate. our evil may be based in russia or eastern europe and is the
4:21 am
same one that targeted jbs last memorial day weekend. this time hackers sent out ransomnotes demanding $5 million and it's believed to be one of the largest criminal ransomware attacks in history. with me is cybersecurity expert and ceo of adlumen inc., robert johnston. also responsible for solving the 2016 dnc hack. customers and yo partners were actually affected by this attack. what are you hearing from them and once they get into the office on tuesday, are they going to be able to work? >> well, i don't think they actually left the office on friday. >> wow. >> so they're still -- many of them are still in there, still working these incidents. you know, this particular attack is nefarious for the reasons that the software that was utilized to inflict that damage is typically used by service providers or telephone service
4:22 am
providers or someone providing some ancillary service to a business. and the resulting factor is that they have extremely high levels of access to the environment. it's a passive attack. it's very stealthy. and it's very hard to detect. >> so you mentioned they probably haven't left the office. we know the timing here isn't a coincidence. a lot of these hackers used times like these weekends, holidays when fewer people may be there to do this. talk about not only the significance of this weekend, the timing but also the target here. software management company. >> it's absolutely tactics. it is not a coincidence that they decided to launch this kind of an attack on the, you know, the eve or precipice of the fourth of july weekend. the reason you choose a day like that to launch an attack is you know that many americans have taken off early on friday. they've checked out. they're ready for the fourth of july weekend. personnel are low.
4:23 am
the reaction time is going to be slowed down. your best people are already out for the weekend, probably taken off. so it's a great time to launch an attack. it's a really difficult time to mount a defense. >> president biden responded saying that right now it's unclear whether the hackers are russian. let's listen to what he said. >> the fact is that i've directed the intelligence community to do a deep dive on what's happened and i'll know better tomorrow and if it is either with the knowledge of and/or consequence of russia, then i told putin we will respond. >> you have called this the most significant national security threat in our country right now. the ransomware attacks. is that an appropriate response? what do you thing president should do? >> you know, it is the appropriate response for now.
4:24 am
in 2016, election influence was the number one threat. today that's been far surpassed by ransomware groups. what's interesting about these groups and what president biden is talking about here is the compliity of the russian government. this is not a group associated with an intelligence agency. this is a crime group. an organized crime group. similar to organized crime groups here in the united states. so a lot of these nation states are allowing these organized crime groups to operate with impunity. and i think his investigation is trying to find out if the russian government had some hand in either aiding or abetting the attack or, i think, probably more likely just looking the other way because what he wants to do is he wants nations to be responsible just like we are in the united states for busting up organized crime. here in the u.s., we take organized crime seriously. we throw those people in jail.
4:25 am
we want russia to do the same. >> robert johnston, thanks for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. lashing out. trump bashes new york prosecutors for bringing charges against his namesake company and his longtime cfo. we'll break down what he said at his rally last night. and where we are exactly in this case. plus, what caused this so-called eye of fire in the middle of the gulf of mexico. and why it has environmentalists speaking up. >> looks like lord of the rings, doesn't it. and benny thompson and ben aguilar join ali velshi to discuss their positions on the members of the select committee. what they hope to achieve on the investigation starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern.
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we're back with some of the other top stories we're following this morning. bill cosby's tv wife is apologizing after she posted this tweet celebrating his release from prison.
4:30 am
felicia rashad originally saying it was a miscarriage of justice corrected. those words didn't sit well with students at howard university where she's dean of the college of fine arts. actually her first day as dean. in her apology letter she said her comments weren't directed toward sexual assault survivors and there's no excuse for such behavior. flames bunled up in the gulf of mexico after an underwater gas pipeline ruptured. it took five hours to put out the so-called eye of fire. no one was hurt but it still is unclear how much damage it caused. the leak happened 150 yards from a drilling platform which has environmentalists renewing calls to end offshore drilling. congratulations to the 2021 eastern conference champions, the milwaukee bucks. >> at the start of the season, really, who had this being the finale group for the finals. the milwaukee bucks are going to the nba finals.
4:31 am
they beat the atlanta hawks to become the eastern conference champs. first time the team has been to the final since 1974. >> wow. >> the bucks will face off the phoenix suns game one on tuesday. the suns haven't been to the final since the early 1990s. >> this is awesome. what a good matchup. two underdogs here. >> the two underdogs are now the top dogs. who do you have for it? >> well, i'm an arizona girl, so -- >> so the bucks it is. >> all right. switching gears. former president donald trump railing against new york prosecutors in a florida rally last night saying the indictments against his organization, against his cfo are, quote, reminiscent of a communist dictatorship. >> this as speculation grows on whether allen weisselberg will testify against trump. but there's new analysis on why he's not the star witness that observers think he is. >> political correspondent ali vitali is in sarasota, florida,
4:32 am
where trump held a rally. and anna scheckter has the latest on the indictments. ali, what else did trump say last night? >> yeah, guys, he was here in florida for a rally but clearly in a new york state of mind. reacting for the first time publicly since those criminal indictments that came just a few days ago. and painting them as he has in the past when he's gotten into legal trouble as a partisan political witch hunt. take a listen. >> think of how unfair it is. never before has new york city and their prosecutors or perhaps any prosecutors criminally charged a company or person for fringe benefits. fringe benefits. murder is okay. human trafficking, no problem. but fringe benefits, you can't do that. >> and guys, he's also said that this is something that attacks, quote, good people simply for not paying taxes. we're going to expect to hear
4:33 am
potentially more from the former president because he's taking a much more public posture this summer. we've been at rallies over the course of the last few weeks in ohio. of course here in florida. next week he's going to be going to the cpac gathering in texas. so a much more public posture ahead of the 2022 midterms but also a chance for trump to fortify his own political brand and also perhaps allow him to make the case more easily that these legal proceedings are unjust or partisan and politically motivated. certainly that was the case he made last night and critics would definitely disagree with that assessment. this, of course, the results of a months-long probe by prosecutors in manhattan and the state of new york broadly. guys? >> let me get anna into this. the investigation is still ongoing. where do things stand as far as we know right now? are more indictments expected to come down any time soon? >> well, this has been a years-long probe. and it was handed to the manhattan district attorney from federal prosecutors. so right now things are quiet
4:34 am
and we're not expecting more charges to come in in the coming weeks, but it's really -- we've been surprised in the past before. so right now the next court date is in september. we're not hearing any new information coming from trump's attorneys over the weekend. this is all pretty this just started to unfold last week. and what's interesting, too, is my reporting from a few years ago indicated that when allen weisselberg was granted immunity to testify before a grand jury in the mueller probe there was a general understanding or confidence or hope in the trump world that he would be fine. that this would not come to pass. and i think this was just a huge blow for allen weisselberg, his family and the trump family. they were shocked and came out swinging. and we've also heard from former federal prosecutors who say, look, the devil is in the details. there's the documentation that
4:35 am
the indictment lays out spreadsheets where you see that money was allocated to allen weisselberg and his family for rent and things like tuition payments and taxes were not paid on it. so they are saying, look, white colcar crime, this is not unusual for an investigation that may have started related to the stormy daniel payments to actually switch over to look at tax evasion. and yesterday in "the washington post," a former new york state u.s. attorney, he wrote, he handled the trump university investigation, and he wrote that actually witnesses make great tv, but it's the receipt that make great cases. and so looking at the documentation is where they are going to go. of course, trump org lawyers saying this is the kind of thing usually handled in back room discussions where weisselberg would be able to pay back the
4:36 am
money. obviously, former prosecutors and the current team working on this case thinking otherwise. >> yeah, it was interesting even during his 90-minute speech last night, former president trump was saying, do you even have to pay for taxes on these things? do you have to? does anybody know the answer to that? i do think some lawyers know the answer to that. ali, brian williams had some amazing footage from last week's rally in ohio where even as the president, the former president was speaking, you had plenty of his fans leaving. did we see similar scenes like that last night? >> well, look, certainly last week in ohio it was a question of the heat. we had people out there for hours and hours in advance in order to see the former president. certainly that was a factor. and, yeah, about 45 minutes into his remarks there in ohio, people were streaming out and they continued to do so over the rest of his remarks. i would also say yesterday, slightly different scenario but still the same explanation of whether, people had extreme heat
4:37 am
that turned into torrential downpour because we're in florida and it's summer. at the same time, people stayed through the rain, but, look, as you get into the end of these speeches, it gets late. you're hearing a lot of the same old things you've seen, especially if you've seen the former president before. at the same time it might make people leave a little bit early, although i think what kept them there was the fireworks show after the event but broadly speaking, it may be a little bit stale but at the same time, the people who are coming to this have told me repeatedly, it's not that they're in this for anything new. they just would like to hear more from the former president. yeah, they like the idea that he could tease a future run in 2024. at the same time, they like to hear the greatest hits, as we regularly refer to them and that's been the substance at these things and will be going forward. >> well, as a met fan growing up during the rough seasons, it's a fireworks that kept me there at shea for so many games.
4:38 am
ali vitali, anna schecter, thank you. a major u.s. highway shut down for hours as police face off with a group of militia men hiding in the woods. coming up on "the sunday show." keith ellison joins jonathan capehart to talk about the impact of the chauvin trial and the future of police reform. watch ""the sunday show" at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. astern . so she used her american express business card, which lets her earn extra membership rewards points on purchases for her business. now she's the office mvp. get the card built for business. by american express. there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized
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[tv announcer] come on down to our appliance superstore where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for... a major highway on the east
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coast became the site of a tense standoff between a group of armed men and police shutting down the interstate in both directions near boston and force something residents to shelter in place. many are questioning the motives of this obscure militia group. kathy park has the details. good morning. >> good morning. it certainly was a wild start to the morning that began with a traffic stop. this morning, there are growing questions about the group at the center of the standoff. emergency on the interstate after an hours-long standoff in massachusetts that shut down portions of a busy i-95. police arresting 11 suspects. officials say a group of men was heavily armed with handguns and rifles and wore military-style gear. >> i can share with you that a number of firearms have been seized. i cannot share with you the exact number. >> reporter: police say they didn't comply with orders to show aye ds and permits and took off into the woods. nearby residents were told to lock their doors and stay
4:43 am
inside. >> you can imagine 11 armed individuals standing with long guns slung on an interstate highway at 2:00 in the morning certainly raises concerns. >> reporter: the men said they belong to a sovereign group known as rise of the moors and were heading from rhode island to maine for training. at one point, one of them even managed to post a live video. >> we're not anti-government. we're not anti-police. we're not sovereign citizens. >> reporter: a dramatic start to the morning that ended peacefully nearly nine hours later. right now this incident is part of a larger investigation. and it's still unclear what this group intended to do. kendis, lindsey? >> so many questions remain. thanks to kathy park. the battle over britney spears' conservatorship. we're finding out new details about her cries for help. plus, we'll take a deep sgif what many call a broken legal process, next.
4:44 am
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we're learning new details about britney spears' day-to-day routine under conservatorship. they are detailing everything from her lawyers' half a million dollar salary to curious ties with her father and shocking calls she made on the eve of her court hearing. kim, welcome. happy fourth to you. before we get into the new yorker piece, there are some new developments to her case. the judge has now allowed the firm that is managing spears' estate to resign as co-conservator. does this mean her father is now the sole conservator? >> it sounds like he's the sole conservator over her assets. so it sounds like there could be another person, jodi montgomery, who is the conservator --
4:48 am
>> it's a tough word p. over her person but mr. spears does retain primary control over many aspects of her life and that is the problem that she's posed. she's asked that ms. montgomery actually take over that role and it sounds like this asset management firm purportedly resigned by -- because they are concerned that she doesn't have independent decision making over these major aspects of her life. >> the firm reportedly said they thought she entered the conservatorship voluntarily, which was not the case as far as we can tell when she was on the witness stand. "the new yorker" revealed on the eve of her court appearance, spears called 911 to report herself as a victim of conservatorship abuse. what do we make of that? >> well, if you read the piece and look at the facts and circumstances of this, it appears from her perspective she has no control over anything. she doesn't have a cell phone.
4:49 am
she doesn't have more than $2,000 a week out of the millions that she's making every purchase that she makes has to be carefully registered and reported. so one could say this is a cry for help. this is she's got limited access to a voice in this and that she did it by virtue of wanting to draw attention to this. some could say this is evidence that she needs a conservatorship, although i think the steps here have been extraordinarily draconian and i am, frankly, puzzled the court is allowing this to go on with this level of control over her life. it seems it's a violation potentially of her due process rights and certainly not necessarily needed given that she has done world tours, 250 performances in las vegas, other ways she's quite, quite capable. >> you touched on it, but this piece in the new yorker, they write that this is a catch-22. the conservatorship is going well, they say that's proof that
4:50 am
it's needed. it's doing its job. if it doesn't go well, that's an excuse to keep it because she needs it. what gives? >> well, you know, it is supposed to be about her best interests. and she says it's not going well. and it's rarely used under these circumstances. >> it is rarely used in these circumstances. the better route, see what she does on her own or do something hybrid, allow power of attorney or conservative ship that she is part of herself and let's see what she can do. it seems like she is quite capable. if i were the judge i would air on the side of giving her more control. looks like she doesn't have access to her own counsel. we have due process and part of that is to have noticed. she didn't get notice, when she
4:51 am
was put in hospital twice and we get to pick our own lawyers and she was denied that. >> she was invited to testify before congress and some democrats are saying increase oversight of the conservatorship system. i'm glad you are here because you are a lawyer, what does it say that bill cosby is free and britney spears in this conservatorship is not? whether this say about the system? >> it says that the due process clauses not being equally enforced across the country based on the situation. due process is the reason he was released from prison, there was nothing about the facts, the rate that he was convicted of that were in question. he was a due process violation. here, we don't know what she supposedly did wrong. the records are sealed, if you have some kind of mental problem, we don't know what is
4:52 am
but the lockdown on her rights is extraordinary. i don't understand where the justice comes from in this regard. she is an adult and she has two children, it seems completely lopsided and there are questions of gender here as well. it is hard to imagine, if this was a meltdown, in the wake of her losing children that this kind of thing would be tolerated . >> thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. still ahead, macy's fireworks show not only celebrated independence day but a milestone in the country and how we are handling the pandemic. pandemic. it can all add up. kesimpta is a once-monthly at-home injection... that may help you put these rms challenges in their place. kesimpta was proven superior at reducing the rate of relapses, active lesions,
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4:55 am
all across the country tonight the nighttime sky will be lit up.
4:56 am
the macy's july 4 spectacular is making a return. we are at liberty state park with the story. >> reporter: good morning, as you mentioned here, this is a twofold situation. this is not just marking independence day but this is marking a very important turning point in an effort to get this country out of this pandemic and many people are looking forward to having full festivities once again. the fireworks theme and display for new york is honoring our everyday heroes. here is a preview. >> people of america, people of the world, we have suffered pretty hard, this is an awesome time to celebrate with heroes, soundtrack and how the fireworks is, think we will
4:57 am
capture that passion all americans have and will have some celebrations at the end. >> just to give you some perspective where we were last year versus right now we are talking about working thousand cases new cases i should say of the coronavirus still being battled right now. this date we reported 54,000 cases so we have come quite a long way. this display is going to be the largest the city has had in the last year. it will happen over the east river, 1000 feet in the sky, 100 pounds of these fireworks filling up and it will be across the span of a mile. the river. people are going to see multiple fireworks displays for independence day and not just
4:58 am
the city of new york, we have iconic displays coming in major cities like dc, chicago another cities around the country. >> is so amazing how far we have come just in the last year. >> las vegas, there will be displays all over the country. las vegas is planning one of the biggest displays they have ever had. plenty of music will play including the jonas brothers, coldplay, a lot of folks are encouraging people, unlike last year and previous years, to go out there and be amongst other people? >> reporter: they are still doing security screenings. those are going to be ramping backup since the amount of people coming out to see this is going to be back up to full capacity.
4:59 am
they are encouraging people within your own groups to socially distance. for example, we're here out at liberty state park encouraging people to keep their masks nearby if they are going to be close to other people. we do still have that delta variant. this is no doubt going to be a very fun scene. we're going going to talk to people, there will be barbecues and music. it is hopefully going to feel so much like our pre-pandemic festivities that we used to see in this country. something to celebrate. >> i hope the skies clear up a little bit so people can see it. the best view will be on tv. also will be a spectacular part of the display from right there, the empire state building will be shooting off fireworks from three different floors including the 100 and third floor. have a great fourth of july
5:00 am
everybody. thank you for joining, i am lindsey reiser. >> i am kendis gibson, have a great day. today on velshi, they are investigating january 6 attack on the capitol. we are keeping a close eye on the side of the tragic apartment building collapse in florida where officials are rushing to demolish the rest of the building before i winds from tropical storm elsa threatens to collapse the remaining part of the condo. investigating the trump organization and turning over boxful's before watching her former father-in-law marched into court with handcuffs. jennifer joins me in just a few minutes. and donald trump let's just say


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