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tv   Velshi  MSNBC  July 3, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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cfo get perp walked into handcuffs is only the beginning, what could be in store next for donald trump? and republican leaders are crossing over from denying the insurrection took place to actively participating in an effort to cover it up. state-level republicans across the country are already lining up their voter suppression packages when the supreme court decided to holded door open for them. what the new landscape looks like for democracy, for your ability to cast a ballot and for democrats trying to push through voting rights reforms. "velshi" starts now. good morning. it's saturday, july 3rd. there's a big plate of news as we start the holiday weekend including positive new jobs numbers, but with some big caveats the united states is saying good-bye to afghanistan's bagram air base after two decades. and a live report from
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surfside, florida which is bracing for the first hurricane of the season set to make landfall in the next couple of days in florida. later today, about 225 miles northwest of surfside, the former president is set to deliver remarks at a rally in sarasota, at the sarasota fairgrounds. wfla even reports that people have been camping out since yesterday in anticipation of seeing their dear donald, either that or the free fireworks show that follows. this after the president traveled to texas for a propaganda stunt which turned into a typical grand-standing trump tirade about anything and everything. he does have something new to rail against tonight, charges filed against the trump organization and its long-time cfo allen weisselberg on tax related crimes to which the company and weisselberg have pled not guilty. how this may be just a bit of the story we could see right now
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and how it could hit the former president where it hurts the most in a bit. accompanying the former president on his texas trip a number of house republicans to show their devotion to the guy who lost them the house, the senate and the white house. it's been reported that several members of the delegation were joined by a blogger who reportedly attended the january 6th capitol riot but has not been charged. speaking of the january 6th special committee, only two republicans voted along with democrats to create the committee. it's members are supposed to be appointed by house speaker nancy pelosi and minority leader kevin mccarthy. but pelosi gave up one of her spots to republican congresswoman liz cheney. while you might think kevin mccarthy might be happy to get an extra slot on this committee,
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you would be wrong. >> i am not making threats about committee assignments, you know how congress works. if a person is republican, they get their committee assignments from the republican congress. for somebody to accept assignments from speaker pelosi, it's unprecedented. i was shocked she would accept something from speaker pelosi. maybe she's closer to her than us, i don't know. >> i'll have more on that later. and tomorrow i'll be joined by two of the members that speaker pelosi has assigned to the january 6th special committee, congressman bennie thompson and congressman pete aguilar. trump's big election lie is also being used as the basis for the gop's anti-democratic attack on voting rights across this country. having found no widespread
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fraud, the cyberninjas in arizona are extending their lease at the hall they're using to conduct the in-person portion of the partisan propaganda sham audit. inspired by arizona's republicans, pennsylvania republicans are now reportedly looking into having their own ninja-style audit. that effort is being led by state senator doug mastriano, who led a group of republicans to arizona for a tour of the ninja's work. remember, this is actually going on in arizona and it speaks to where base republicans are today and this could be coming to a state near you just in time for republicans to try to overturn election results in 2022. joining me now is debbie dingell of michigan, the co-chair of the
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house policy and communications committee. i've been talking about arizona and pennsylvania. but you know this well. this kind of nonsense is actually going on in michigan as well. >> it most unfortunately is. our legislature has been considering legislation for the last few months. there's been efforts to have similar activities to what's going on in arizona. they have not been successful to date. those efforts have been unsuccessful. there has been no evidence of any kind of conspiracy or falsehood. there are definitively just by many of the other states trying to make it harder in this state. i fear that they may be successful before it ends. >> i get the motivations are sinister, the problem i'm seeing
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is i'm talking to republicans, mainstream normal republicans who i don't think are subject to conspiracy theories who say the goal here is to make voting safer and more accessible. it's the language the arizona republicans are using, it's the language that the law firm representing pennsylvania republicans are using, that this is men to improve and make voting more robust. in michigan, you have a robust voting system. you have people who vote by mail, you vote absentee, you don't have widespread fraud yet the argument that is working for republicans is that this is meant to make it better. >> seniors have been on a permanent absentee voting ballot list and get their ballots and return it. they now want to require that before a senior's vote will count that they have to go to the court office and show their
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i.d. or somehow send a color photo of their i.d. they are discouraging seniors from being able to vote. they don't understand it. the clerks can't put stampens on return envelopes, they're making much smaller the number of ballot boxes that people can drop. they're trying to make it hard to vote. all this that's going on across the country is undermining peoples confidence in their government, in their democracy. that's what i recent the most. we have good, honest, decent people who responsible for the voting system. they think of themselves as americans. and they, too, if you talk to them, they worry about peoples confidence in the election and the electoral process.
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it's got to stop. it's undermining the most fundamental pillar of our democracy. your vote matters, your vote is counted in an honest and fair fashion. >> tell me about how this january 6th commission is playing out. seems like a nice move nancy pelosi made to offer a seat to cheney. kevin mccarthy seems to have a big problem with this even though he gets to seat all of his committee members and now he gets an extra republican on it. liz cheney did not all of a sudden become a liberal. she's a conservative member of the republican party. she just committed the grave error of saying we need to investigate january 6th and find out what happened and who was behind it. this is the undoing of the republican party but kevin mccarthy doesn't seem worried about this. >> we need to study what happened on january 6th. i was with republicans at an undisclosed location. actually i was on the floor when they were helping to bar the doors and put benches in front
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and everybody was scared that day. those of us that were on the floor and then in an undisclosed location couldn't see what was happening outside the capitol. they were as scared as we were. i remember the best moment which has totally disappeared that when liz cheney and kevin mccarthy came and stood and said when it is safe we will finish and go back and count these ballots. because people were trying to keep that from happening. everybody was committed to not letting that important part of our democratic process occur. now it's like they got amnesia. this was one of the worst days in our country's history. it was an attack on our democracy. it should be a bipartisan commission. that's on the house and the senate, it should be totally objective. you can't get amnesia about these pictures you're showing now. our lives were threatened. people came to the hill to kill us.
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what i don't think -- i'll say this so people understand, that many of the people that participated in this have come home. there are communities in my district where i have a number of proud boys, militia. i have -- i continue give you the names -- but leaders have come to me fearful they're going to try to take over the city. people are worried about what the damage could be in the states across the country. we have to fight for our democracy. we are being divided by fear and hatred. this is something that is very real and threatens our democracy. >> it's traumatic to you. it's traumatic to the rest of us watching it. if i were part of the targeted group there, i don't understand why i would not want to get to the bottom of this thing. democratic representative debbie dingell of michigan. i mentioned earlier the gop's attack on voting rights which continues. this week the supreme court upheld two restrictive voting
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laws in arizona which essentially make it harder for minorities to hurt and which further guts out the voting rights act of 1965. similar measures already passed in other states will stay on the books while also opening the door for yet more restrictive measures. in writing for the majority, samuel alito appears to acknowledge that the law targets minorities but writes in part to the extent that minority and non-minority groups differ with respect to employment, wealth and education, even neutral leg regulations my result in some predictable disparities in rates of voting and non-compliance with voting rules. but the mere fact that there is some disparity in impact does not necessarily mean that a system is not equally open or that it does not give everyone an equal opportunity to vote. for more on this, i'm joined by
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judith browne dianis, director of the advancement project national office. judith, good to see you again. thank you for being with us. you know, people remind me all the time that jim crow laws very rarely stated that they were jim crow laws. they very rarely stated we're doing this so the black people can't vote. what alito is saying is that we get it, these laws may have a disproportionate impact on minorities and other groups, but that's not important for us to think about. >> that's right. he's saying it's okay to discriminate. we know it will happen. here's the problem, we have seen the most significant rollback of voting rights this past year in state legislature. this court decision is opening up the floodgates to more of
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that. the legislative sessions in 2022 will see an onslaught of laws making it harder for people to vote. this is the other thing that's troublesome about this case, number one, that the court is saying it's okay to have some discrimination against voter suppression. number two, the court has allowed now these baseless claims of voter fraud to be used as a pretext for these discriminatory laws. they can just say voter fraud, we're trying to prevent it, even though there's no evidence of it. we're really concerned about how the court has dealt another blow to the voting rights act and how it's going to make it harder for us to prove discrimination in court. there are two courses, georgia and florida that are pending. it will be harder to show discrimination and easier for states to execute it. >> i mean, the challenge for
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those who fight this is that if you can't prove -- it's not logical. if you can't prove that it was deliberately designed to discriminate, the fact that it's discriminatory does not make it illegal. people understand that some of it is incidental and that some of it part of the machinery. what are we getting at? if you don't write we're putting this law in this particular state so black people have a harder time registering and executing their ballot we're good? >> i mean, remember this court and many of the conservatives that have been appointed to courts want to show intentional discrimination. they want us to go back to the days of trying to go into court and have what we call the smoking gun that says we don't want black people to vote. that's not how they do it. they cover it up. but they know -- they look at
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the numbers. in north carolina you may remember the court with that monster voter suppression law said it was surgically crafted to hit minority voters. so we're not going to find those smoking guns because that's not how discrimination happens right now. so this is why it's going to make it harder. you know, we'll fight on. we're not going to turn away. people need to know that the house of democracy is on fire. >> how do we convince people who are not affected negatively by this that in a democracy you are affected. that none of us are free if all of us are not free. if someone's right to vote is impeded, your democracy is not the same. your democracy is not equal. your vote is not worth as much if we are oppressing the vote in other places in this country. >> justice kagan had something that was important that she said. the voting rights act represents
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the best of america because it marries democracy with racial equality. and that is what is important. we have to -- our democracy only works and works at its best if we all have a voice in it. and these laws that are being passed will make it harder for some of us to vote. we can't allow that to happen because if we do the insurrectionists win. >> judith, good to talk with you as always. judith browne dianis director of the advancement practice national office. yesterday the florida-based company, software company called kaseya was the victim of a hack. about 200 clients were affected. according to a researcher at
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huntress labs, the attack was carried out most likely by the same people who carried out the attack against jbs. because of kaseya's connection to large and small businesses this ransomware attack could go on further. more coming up on "velshi," republicans in pennsylvania are trying to recreate the shame audit that we are seeing in arizona. and the teflon don's namesake company was hit with criminal indictments this week. and first came the big lie and then a deadly insurrection and now a bigger lie. coming up next, the cover-up on capitol hill. raise the jar to all five layers. raise the jar to the best gelato...
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coverup on capitol hill. the leaders of the republican party are no longer playing dumb to the insurrection, they're trying to mask a deadly attack on our democracy. this week the house voted to create a special select committee to investigate what happened before, during and after the assault on the capitol. democrats were forced to take this step because republicans previously blocked a commission that would have done the same thing. two republicans voted with democrats in favor of the committee. liz cheney of wyoming and adam kinzinger of illinois. kevin mccarthy was not happy because in his eyes, his gop henchmen have the duty to uphold the lie and not the truth. so he threatened to strep any republican member of congress of their assignments if they agreed with adam pelosi. to this adam kinzinger said who
5:23 am
gives a -- rhymes with spit. pelosi offered a seat on the committee to liz cheney, who while remains a committed conservative put country before party and accepted the committee position. mccarthy said cheney's actions were shocking. taking a seat on a congressional committee investigating an attack on congress. congresswoman cheney has a responsibility to this country, not to the former insurrection in chief and the big lie that continues to damage this nation. covering up that insurrection is a bigger lie. but you know what's scarier? the thought of whom kevin mccarthy might appoint to the committee if he decides to tap any republicans at all. if commonsense republicans like liz cheney are not the type of republicans he wants on this
5:24 am
committee, i'm scared to know who are? majorie taylor greene who blamed wildfires on space lasers or maybe matt gaetz who is under federal investigation in a sex trafficking probe. allegations that he denies. america deserves a nonpartisan investigation into the events that took place on january 6th by lawmakers who will not derail the inquiry with nonsense and distractions. because january 6th wasn't a normal tourist visit. it wasn't a peaceful protest. it definitely wasn't blm or antifa. the united states capitol was breached by insurrectionists. the vice president's life was threatened. cops were beaten. blood was shed and anyone who says we shouldn't get to the bottom of this, well, you are complicit in one of the ugliest stains on american history.
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guys, as we get older, we all lose testosterone. force factor's test x180 works to boost it back. build muscle, increase energy, fuel desire, and improve performance. rush to walmart for test x180, the #1 fastest-growing testosterone brand in america. i can tell you that the feel of the handcuffs behind your back, it's not comfortable. nor is it sitting there and having your photograph taken. allen can be a tough guy for donald which is what we all wanted to be, that's when you're being investigated. it's another story once you're being indicted. >> that was michael cohen who knows a thing or two about being marched away in handcuffs for the sake of his former boss.
5:29 am
now allen weisselberg is facing a similar fate as he comes under increasing pressure to flip on his former employer. the 15 charges against the trump organization, the 15 charges range from grand larceny and conspiracy to commit criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records. weisselberg could face 15 years in prison for the larceny charge alone. one example cites for certain years the trump organization maintained internal spreadsheets that tracked the amounts it paid for weisselberg's rent, utility and garage expenses. simultaneously the trump organization reduced their
5:30 am
organization's funds. weisselberg has pled not guilty this might seem underwhelming in the course of white collar crime. with me now is probably the best person to talk about this. my old friend, susanne craig, investigative reporter for the "new york times" and an msnbc contributor. and a former federal prosecutor with the southern district of new york's attorney office, he specialized in federal corruption and fraud. susanne, your newspaper researched the trump organization, you and your colleagues and printed page after page after page of it in a world where they say nobody likes to read much. you laid it all out there.
5:31 am
given what you researched and what you knew about the trump organization and the way in which it did business, did anything that came out in this indictment surprise you? >> no. i feel -- i feel like it didn't surprise me and it seems like there's still more to come. i mean, the nitty gritty is always interesting to read. we certainly didn't have all the pieces. we had the tax return information, we didn't have the internal books. i think what the prosecutors did well was put these different pieces together to come up with a pretty compelling case, the indictment that they released this week. >> we had always wondered throughout the trump presidency what role allen weisselberg was playing. was he cooperating and giving prosecutors potentially useful information. turns out he wasn't. others were but he wasn't. what happens now? as michael cohen said when you feel the cold steel of the
5:32 am
handcuffs and you're being charged, it's a different thing than being investigated. >> that is absolutely right. reality crystalizes once you've been charged it becomes very, very real. it's not just talking in the hypothetical where your attorneys are telling you, hey, they're investigating you. doesn't mean you've been charged yet. you've been charged. you've been presented in court. you had to plead not guilty. this is very real. and as you pointed out, they are significant charges here carrying significant potential jail time of 15 years. for a white collar crime, that's no joke. i think what happens next is that now the case goes into pretrial. the next conference will be in september. and his attorneys, weisselberg's attorneys, will try to find a way to dismiss the indictment. >> there's another thing, that is the trump organization is a
5:33 am
going concern. as troubled as it is and as much as it has ventures that doesn't make money, it's a growing concern. donald trump has loans out there that he personally guaranteed. some of those loans are coming due. there could create difficulty for him. >> it could. he may have trouble if he wants to renew debt doing so. you have to remember the organization going into this, we chronicled and looked at their taxes. so many of their businesses were losing money in the window we saw, up to 2018. then he went right into the covid-19 and his businesses are very susceptible to entertainment. and it couldn't have been a good year for them in 2019. you're seeing now he's selling -- he's got the old post office up for sale, likely in an
5:34 am
attempt to raise cash in the middle of this. he wasn't in a good situation going in and now he has this hanging over him. >> kan, there's a piece from the indictment about a co-conspirator it reads from 2005 through the date of this indictment the named defendants and others including unindicted co-conspirator number one agreed to and implemented a compensation scheme with the object of enabling weisselberg to underreport his income to federal authorities. that last sentence, you both know this, lots of people either do it or want to do it. we almost seem like we have a system designed around how can you say that you earned less money than you actually did by taking things off the books, expenses. how do you respond to people who say you're kidding me, this is the crime? why does this seem more serious than it does to some people? >> this is always a problem with tax fraud cases.
5:35 am
prosecuting tax fraud cases, which i've done. the who cares factor. the reason we should all care is when somebody cheats on their taxes, they're stealing from all of us. it's very difficult times for prosecutors to prevail over jurors to understand that. there is no victim. it's like insider trading. who's the victim? the market. these are serious charges and serious cases. and tax fraud cases need to be charged. because there's that belief of who cares, it's all the more reason that it needs to be brought up. >> when you did the big work that won you and your colleagues a pulitzer prize, susanne, you observed in these actions that you saw the trump organization take, inflating businesses for the purposes of loans, deflating them for tax, you made the point that over time many companies have undertaken these practices.
5:36 am
what makes this different? >> i think if you look at appraisals, companies when they have a charitable and they want a big deduction, if they have land, they'll appraise it high. if you want to show lesser value because there's tax payment involved, you'll go low. but you have -- there's -- within there there's something that's accepted that's legal, but it's when it crosses the line. that's what they're looking at. was there an attempt to defraud? as their investigation continues into some of these other issues, that's what we'll potentially see come out is did the trump organization cross the line into criminality? was there intent? that's the difficult thing they're working on. people mentioned donald trump doesn't use email and they need an insider to lay the case that there was intent. these are the things i would imagine that they're working on now that they got this
5:37 am
initial -- i think it is an initial indictment and i think you will see superseding ones over the summer. part of their plan in this initial indictment was to put the pressure on other people that potentially could have jeopardy and will they then turn around and cooperate with investigators. >> the two of you are the best people to speak with this about. susanne craig from toronto, a reporter for the "new york times." kan nawaday former prosecutor with the southern district of new york. first responders are now racing against the clock and mother nature in florida. a live report from surfside, florida is next. so she used her american express business card, which lets her earn extra membership rewards points on purchases for her business. now she's the office mvp. get the card built for business. by american express.
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heading to florida where a building nearby the condo collapse site has been ordered to immediately close and evacuate. officials say the crest view towers complex has unsafe electrical and structural problems. at the tower, the rescue efforts continue. the confirmed death toll is 22.
5:42 am
126 people remain unaccounted for. all of this amid another potential threat. hurricane elsa churning at sea and could affect florida as early as tomorrow. i'll show you the track of this thing. i won't do that. let's go down to ellison barber. the mayor says she's planning to demolish what's left of the collapsed condo and that process could take weeks. obviously this hurricane coming in could put a wrench in that. >> yeah. hurricane elsa could change everything here if it continues or if it goes in a direction where it sits miami directly. we know what's left of champlain towers south is not structurally sound. work and rescue efforts stopped for 15 hours on thursday because structural engineers were concerned about what's left of that building could collapse entirely. the mayor of miami-dade county, also the incident commander here in surfside and for everything related to the structural collapse here, she says that
5:43 am
they do plan to demolish what is left of the condo building as soon as possible, but that that process, it will take weeks. >> it's important to note that we're still evaluating all possible impacts and determining the best timeline to actually begin the demolition. our top priority remains search and rescue. i want to be clear about that. we will take no action that will jeopardize our ability to continue the search and rescue mission. >> to state the obvious, officials here are dealing with a lot of different challenges. they are, of course, paying close attention to hurricane elsa. there are structural concerns, not only for what remains of champlain towers south but also another building in north miami beach. they had to mobilmobilize --
5:44 am
de-mobilize some firefighters here after they tested positive for covid. at the same time the death toll here continues to rise. 22 people have now lost their lives in the collapse of this condo building. 126 people are still unaccounted for. >> ellison, thank you. we'll keep in close touch with you about this and the storm coming up. the u.s. is marking its biggest gain in jobs since last summer. the biden administration debunking a republican talking point about the reason there may be a short supply of workers in america. what the gop has wrong about the economy next. and "velshi" is available as a podcast. listen to the show on the go any time. listen for free wherever you get your podcasts. betes, here are some easy rules. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love.
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finally a hopeful sign for the u.s. economy on the backside of a devastating pandemic. 850,000 net new jobs were added last month which exceeded expectations. this is the biggest jobs gain since last summer. and unemployment, the unemployment rate did raise slightly to 5.9%. that's because the denominator in the unemployment rate is constantly shifting. it's not as important a number as the number of jobs created because jobs created are actual jobs. these positive numbers come as more states are cutting off the extended federal unemployment benefits that were included in president biden's $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief plan. as of today, 26 states have ended or plan to end the extra $300 in federal aid. republicans argue the federal funds are discouraging americans to go back to work and causing
5:48 am
businesses to struggle to fill open positions. marty walsh told stephanie ruhle that the republicans have that wrong. >> we look at the states where they dropped or are threatening to drop the unemployment extend extended benefit, and we have not seen a reduction of people going back to work. we have not seen it in the last month. i believe they need expanded unemployment. they need it to keep food on the table, keep a roof over their head. this has been a difficult year for a lot of people. >> some state officials are facing backlash for trying to end the jobless benefits early. governor larry hogan of maryland which takes away aid today has been hit not with one but two lawsuits so far over his decision to do so. residents in texas and indiana are suing to have their benefits reinstated. the situation serves as a reminder that while the country looks to be making economic strides as the pandemic tapers
5:49 am
off, the numbers do not tell the whole story. the truth is there are many americans out there who still need help desperately. and gop state leaders won't give it to them because they'd rather put budgets over the people they serve. we're hoping the 4fourth of july means recovering from the pandemic, but coming up, there is an increasing threat to the pandemic recovery. t to the pandemic recovery. possibilities. only one 5g partner offers unmatched network, support, and value-without any trade offs. alright, guys, no insurance talk on beach day. -i'm down. -yes, please. [ chuckles ] don't get me wrong, i love my rv, but insuring it is such a hassle. same with my boat. the insurance bills are through the roof. -[ sighs ] -be cool. i wish i could group my insurance stuff. -[ coughs ] bundle. -the house, the car, the rv. like a cluster. an insurance cluster. -woosah. -[ chuckles ]
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one day away from the 4th of july, looks like the nation will fall short of president biden's goal of getting 70% of american adults the first vaccine dose. per the cdc, about 67 peppers received at least one dose. health officials are pleading with the public to keep getting vaccinated beyond this holiday week, especially as concerns grow over the uptick in coronavirus cases in the united states. this week, the cdc reported that up in covid-19 infections are up 10% from the week before. and a quarter of those new cases are linked to the new hypertransmissible delta variant. right now, delta cases have been detected in all 50 states, particularly prevalent in pockets where many americans are not vaccinated. cases rise in the ozark region, including, arkansas, missouri and oklahoma. delta variant, gop defines and
5:54 am
low vaccination rates. but it's not just taking off in red republican-led states also in densely populated cities, specifically poorer communities with low vaccine access. my next guest is fighting day by day to make sure that that doesn't continue. joining me now is dr. stanford, a pediatric and -- so far her non-profit has administered more than 25,000 vaccine doses in the philadelphia area. we have stayed close together the last year. first an issue of getting people tested. now it's getting people vaccines. when we fishes talked about vaccine resistance, you said, look, until we -- all the vaccines we can get, get if out as much as we can get it. then deal with it. let's take about the racial breakdown of fully vaccinated americans right now. it's still low in some communities, including the black communities. and now we're at a point we have
5:55 am
enough vaccine, what do we do to get more people vaccinated. >> so obviously thanks for having me, ali. i have to mention one thing. we vaccinated over 50,000 people. >> wow! >> yes, we have tested over 25,000. and we are approaching 1,000 with our own vaccination. >> amazing. >> to your question, it's all the mass vaccination sites, the fear that was driving a lot, the fact we didn't have enough vaccine initially. those days are over. you have to be in those pockets where you know the vaccination rates are low. we know this information. we know where the zip codes are. you have to be out there canvassing, like my team was doing thursday. we were in k and a, a high opioid epidemic carrier, people are houseless, on the streets, using. we went business to business, door to door and asked people we had vaccine ready in the van.
5:56 am
we vaccinated them. and so the idea of just having a mass site or urgent care center and people were open so come see us, that's done. >> so let's talk about one of the things that you worked really hard at doing is creating ease and access, both initially for testing and then for vaccines. there is also actual vaccine hesitancy. i was talking to the governor of ohio a few weeks ago where they have the lottery. he said, look, we're not hitting actual people hess tan or resistant to the vaccine with the lotteries. we're getting the people fine i thought i wane getting it. now it's not going away. i'll get if. how is it working in your community. people taking it because you said, people actually resist zblnt for those resistant, you still have to meet them one-on-one. there is no magic solution. there is no mass ad campaign. the best campaigns we have are
5:57 am
their friends and family that are saying, listen, i got vaccinated. it wasn't bad. i was okay. and i feel safer. for other people now who are enjoying not wearing a mask, you're enjoying that because the majority of us have been vaccinated. and also reminding them that the children that are 11 years old and under, the immunocompromise, the france complaint patients, we know it's not as efficacious for them. we'll have two americas. it's in the in the community. i heard the white house is putting out surge teams and 1,000 counties across the united states where the rates are low. and the uptick is starting to happen. and that's what it is. it's partnering with local and
5:58 am
community agencies that have been on the ground doing it and allow them to be your messenger. because everyone is educated. they know. you can't preach to the choir at this point. they know. it has to change and it's more time consuming actually. but necessary if we want to continue the freedoms we have right now into the fall. >> ella thanks for joining us and everything you are doing. you've been recognized in another. you are a recipient of the george w. bush for the points of light award. and this weekend you and the black doctors consortium, philly consort number will be presented an waird at independence hall. thanks for you. your colleagues i've come to know for all you've done. thank you. we are going to be right back. another hour of developvy on the way. politics and policy and the conversation everyone is having.
5:59 am
bill cosby is free. and britney spears sort of isn't. coming up. mad line dean and bob casey on getting to the bottom of the january 6th insurrection. another hour of velshi starts right now. h insurrection another hour of velshi starts right now. good morning, it's saturday, july 3rd i'm ali velshi. thank you for joining us into the holiday week. a lot going on you need to know. the united states says goodbye to afghanistan's bagram airbus. and von hill yard joins us from surfside florida where a hurricane is set to make landfall. tonight in sarasota, america's and i democratic former president is set to deliver remarks at a rally, a summer tour lined up. you can imagine the hate-filled greatest hits he will be playing. also a new grievance tonight that his company and long-time cfo is charged in a slough of tax related crimes including
6:00 am
grand larceny and criminal tax fraud. the trump organization and cfo have pleaded ng to the charges which prosecutors allege were part of a scheme to compensate executives off the books beginning in 2005, continuing into this year. weisselberg's former daughter in law jennifer weisselberg said this week she turned over documents and named witnesses for prosecutors. initially saying she believed the cfo would flip on trump to save himself and family. now she says allen weisselberg isn't cooperating because trump has quote leverage on him. jennifer weisselberg will be my guest tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. clearly a lot to talk about. donald trump himself isn't named in the indictment. though some say this could be the tip of the iceberg. it could affect him and his company where it hurts the most at the bank, in a literal sense. forbes estimated in october of last year the trump owes creditors at least $1.0 billion. as politic


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