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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  July 3, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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they won't be as loyal to their dad. the rising death toll, the emergency order overnight to demolish the rest of the collapsed condo and the search operation potentially threatened by hurricane elsa brewing offshore, the latest forecast. growing outrage over bill cosby's release. one of his accusers says she feels sucker punched by the decision to let him out. she joins us ahead. july 4th surge, 48 million americans expected to travel, the most since the pandemic began, and prices surging on everything from hotels to rental cars to gas as we do say good morning, everybody, it is saturday, july 3rd, i'm kendis-gibson. >> i'm lindsay reiser. a mud slide in japan,
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happening in the early morning hours. these are the new pictures coming in at this hour. >> we have a team of reporters and analysting following the latest for you right now and all eyes are on sarasota, florida where former president donald trump is set to speak for the first time since his business was targeted with indictments. that rally set for tonight and back in new york pressure is growing against the trump organization's long time chief financial officer allen weisselberg to testify against his boss. that's where we find msnbc reporter adam reese. former trump campaign adviser sam newberg has weighed in on this. he was ensnared in a criminal probe in the past. what's he saying? >> he's saying about 10% chance, lindsay, that weisselberg will flip, a very small chance and that's why all eyes are on the trump organization on the 26th floor here at trump tower. will weisselberg show up for work on tuesday morning, and will he stay loyal to his boss mr. trump or will he listen to
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his former daughter-in-law and stay loyal to the family? as she says, do the right thing and stay with his wife, his two sons and his grandchildren. he has a big decision to make. he had handcuffs on his wrist on thursday. he walked the gauntlet at the criminal courts building in lower manhattan. he can either plead guilty, cooperate, or go to trial. and that's very risky. these are very serious charges, $1.7 million he was charging cars, several apartments here in manhattan. even the tuition for his grandchildren at a private school. the indictment alleges that there were two ledgers upstairs. he was even charging small things like electricity, cable and internet service, personal charges, charged to the business. now, for their part the trump family is standing by him. trump is said to be enraged about all this. he says these are ridiculous
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charges, that weisselberg is an honorable man and that he will stand by him. sons eric and don jr. are outraged as well and they're saying these charges are trumped up, they're political in nature. now, what happens to the business? that's a big question because the business is a brand. the trump brand. the banks could call in their loans, forbes is reporting some $1 billion in loans in various banks. they could call in their markers. could they lose their liquor license? could there be superseding indictments against the family, against ivanka, don jr. and eric? all of this remains to be seen. >> adam reese kicking us off on that, thank you. for more legal and political analysts, we're joined by barbara craig, a law professor at the university of michigan and former u.s. attorney in michigan and also one of the hosts of my favorite new
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podcast, the sisters in law podcast. and joined by jennifer horn. barbara, sam nunberg says there's less than 10% prosecutors could get to trump through weisselberg. if he doesn't flip, are the charges worth it in the end? >> well, first, i think the charges that have already been alleged are significant. i know that president trump and lawyers have tried to minimize them as no big deal but a 15-year scheme to evade taxes, weisselberg alone to the tune of $1.7 million, is already a significant charge. but even if allen weisselberg doesn't flip i think there's still some approaches here. number one, we heard attorney general leticia james continues. bank fraud and insurance fraud are also things on their radar. but there's also an other option which is to take the weisselberg case to the end.
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he is either convicted or acquitted at trial and at that point he no longer has a fifth amendment right. he could be put in grand jury and asked questions where he could be compelled to testify. >> one of the trump organization's attorneys released a statement. we'll read part of it. after years of investigation and the collection of millions of documents and devoting the resources of dozens of prosecutors and jouds consultants this is all they have? in my 50 years of practice i have never seen this office bring a case like this and kuwait frankly i am astonished. of course our investigative reporter tom winter reported this week they have brought cases like this before but do you think they have a point here? >> no. i mean, number one, it is a serious charge. that's a defense lawyer's job is to try to minimize it in the court of public opinion. members of the public don't know if this is a big deal or how common it is. it is a big deal. that's his job. but also i would add to the end
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of his sentence the word yet. we know the investigation continues. there's hints in that indictment there is more to come. it talks about other employees besides allen weisselberg benefiting from these untaxed perks so it could be that we see charges against some of them but i think this could be the first stage. sometimes prosecutors actually hold back some of the charges that they have to use it as leverage against others, even potentially against allen weisselberg. this is just the tip of the iceberg. you could -- there's another opportunity for you to cooperate. don't think we're bluffing because we've got additional evidence. and so it could be that we see more to come. >> well, jennifer, former president trump is ramping up his public appearances, holding a rally tonight in florida. he had one last weekend as well but didn't mention any of that. do you think that he will attack this head on tonight? and do you think he could suffer any political blowback from this? >> well, good morning, thanks for having me with you this
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morning. absolutely he's going to bring this up tonight. i would be shocked. we'd all be shocked if he doesn't. this is -- this is the most effective tool that donald trump has to maintain the support of his base, to go out there and say, see, the hoax continues. they're coming after me. the fake media, this -- you know, the whole -- you know, they're coming after us. when they come after me, they're coming after you. who's going to be next? this is how donald trump keeps his base, through these undemocratic, false, narcissistic rallies that, you know, his messaging. but kind of just as important to that, or more important than that, is that that base that donald trump is so engaged in trying to keep on his side, those are the people that the gop have built their 2022 election strategy on, the mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy,
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they need donald trump to keep his base with him because without them they have no chance of winning anything in 2022. >> and you have the fellow executive vice president, also known as eric trump, the brother and son, speaking about -- about this defense of his family. >> are you concerned they may send an indictment your way, your brother's way or your sister's way? >> you know i'm not, eric, because guess what, we've always lived amazingly clean lives. and believe me, if they could have, they already would have. that's what they wanted. that was their end goal. >> and donald trump jr. also posted a 13 membership long video on facebook admitting that trump paid for weisselberg's grandkids for their schooling because he's, quote, a good guy. jennifer, there's a legal aspect in all of this but there's also the political aspect in the whole grand scheme thing here
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and the family seems to be caught up in all of this. >> no question about it, that amazingly clean lives line from eric trump just kind of -- i don't know if i should laugh or, you know, get sick when you hear them talk that way about themselves. this is a family that deals, you know, their relationships with each other are built on greed and power and celebrity. so if eric trump says he's not worried about what could come his way he's not being honest at all. as this all unfolds and we learn more and more about what's really happened within the trump organization, you know, the two sets of books, the other charges that are inevitably going to be coming following up with other people after this, it's going to create a bigger and bigger political problem, not just for donald trump, again, but for the gop. you know, donald trump, how he behaves, how he conducts himself, the trouble that he gets into, everything that -- everything that happens to donald trump has a direct impact
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on the future of the republican party and their ability to win elections. >> barbara mcquaid and jennifer horn, thank you both for being with us. surfside, florida where 22 people are now confirmed dead with another 126 missing, after a week of bad weather already impact the search and rescue efforts officials are now bracing for a hurricane, hurricane elsa. you see the path there in the lower part of the screen and it could cause even more trouble. >> ellison barber joins us right now and so much overnight news, we have the hurricane concerns about the remaining tower, and now another condo nearby forcing to evacuate. >> yeah, i mean, just a lot going on here. there are ongoing structural concerns for the part of the condo building remains after the collapse on thursday, also concerns now for another different condo building in
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north miami beach. then on top of that, there is a team of rescuers, a non-miami based team that had to be demobilized after six firefighters tested positive for covid-19. then there's concerns about hurricane elsa. and unfortunately the death toll has risen again, 22 people have now lost their lives in the collapse of this condo building, mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, children. at least three children are among the confirmed deaths here, 10-year-old lucia gara, her 4-year-old sister emma and a 7-year-old whose name we don't know but we know her father was a firefighter with the city of miami. the structural concerns about this condo building still standing forced rescuers to stop working about 15 hours yesterday. officials say the rest of that building ultimately needs to be demolished and come down but that's something that is not going to be a quick process. it will take weeks, it's
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certainly not something that can happen before we possibly see the effects of hurricane elsa. we have been told that we could start to see some of that effects as early as tomorrow night, possibly monday morning, and if that is the case, that could mean that work, rescue efforts have to stop yet again. listen to what officials here are saying. >> we're not just running an emergency response, as you can see, but we're also preparing our whole community for a possible storm at the same time. >> obviously the safety of our personnel is paramount. so we want to be working out there as long as we can, if winds increase, depending on the calculations and what the engineers advise us, we'll make that decision. >> reporter: and the first thing they would start moving out of here obviously would be kind of the heavy machinery, the very last thing to leave, if they are told that they have to evacuate and stop because of hurricane elsa would be the rescuers that
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are working on the mound and using hand tools. i spoke to a member of miami-dade's urban search and rescue team and she said they would be the last ones out and they would be the first ones back in as soon as it was safe to do so, if they are forced to leave and they said they wanted to make sure that the family members know that. they've been communicating with them regularly because you still have 126 people unaccounted for. kendis, lindsay. >> ellison barber joining us from surfside florida. coming up, we're going to have more on all of this. one of the condo collapse survivors is taking the building owners to court. we mentioned hurricane elsa brewing up trouble in the atlantic. it could hamper search and rescue efforts. our meteorologist will track elsa's path next. will track elsa's path next americans who experience occasional bloating, gas or abdominal discomfort? taking align every day can help. align contains a quality probiotic
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breaking news we told you about
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at the top of the show and quite a scene as i mentioned reminiscent of the horrible tsunami in japan more than a decade ago, in this case it was a powerful mud slide sweeping away dozens of homes. >> we'll show you the video. you can see in the center of your screen just that flood of black water and debris crashing into rows of houses there. this is happening in the town of atami west of tokyo. right now police, fire and military personnel are all on scene there trying to help with the search efforts. as you see that water just take away cars and sbien buildings in this video. >> a wall of mud and water. and torrential rain started slamming parts of japan earlier this week. experts say it likely loosened the dirt, increasing landslide risk in a country filled with valleys and mountains. so this is the result. 19 people are missing, numbers expected to grow as the day goes on. we're turning now to new
4:19 am
development in the surfside condo collapse, 22 are dead and 126 are still missing. as the state prepares for hurricane elsa to make landfall next week, a possible huge disruption to these search efforts. demands for answers are growing. this morning, one of the residents who survived the collapse, has now filed a lawsuit against the property, the second lawsuit made public since the collapse. he's claiming the condo association knew the building was deteriorating. joining me right now is the attorney representing that resident, robert mickey. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> your client shared a scary photo of the damage inside the condo after the collapse and now his lawsuit is alleging that it could have been prevented. you see right there, it could have been prevented if the property didn't neglect repairs, according to your client. there was that report from 2018, the engineer who also detailed some damages throughout the building. how long have residents been complaining about these
4:20 am
conditions there? >> well, i know a prior resident back in 2012, and then again in 2014 complained that -- by a lawsuit that they weren't maintaining the building such that cracks were causing water intrusion into her apartment. she had to sue them on two different occasions because the first one they didn't do what they promised to do and she had to sue them again. that's back, 2012, 2014. since we see a lot of this in these water front buildings, this concrete cancer, the spalling of the steel through the water intrusion into these buildings is quite rampant throughout, including this particular building. >> so the sham plain tower was subject to a 2015 lawsuit claiming the building had structural deficiencies in its outer walls. how do you sense that will factor in to your lawsuit? >> well, an association has an obligation to do maintenance and to repair.
4:21 am
no matter who else contributed the association is liable. we plan on making sure that that scope of liability, and even that contributed to this cause, are brought in to this matter to pay compensation to those who have lost loved ones, those who have lost their homes and all of their possessions. the association is the easy case, quite frankly. that explains why many of its insurers are tendering their policy limits. the lawyers will find the bigger scope. >> what do you say to folks that it's literally been eight days now, or nine days after the collapse, to slow down with the lawsuits, that there are many issues right now, there are still 126 people that are unaccounted for, and some are saying it's too soon to be filing these suits, there are bigger concerns. >> well, i appreciate, and my client appreciates the concern about what -- the respect that's
4:22 am
needed for those who are still hoping that they'll find a loved one. the issue, though, is evidence gets lost. that's a polite way of saying evidence disappears. >> okay. >> we filed because we wanted to immediately start getting what we got from the court, which is -- who has been very attentive to this, the preservation of evidence order was signed the second day after the lawsuits were filed. that's not just for the association. but it's for every person and entity who may have evidence pertaining to the cause of this disaster. >> i've got to be quick here, your client steve rosenthal, how did he escape the building? >> well, he saw the opening through his door, saw that he was closed off by the fallen concrete. he went out onto his balcony and they rescued him with a cherry picker from his seventh floor balcony. >> how is he doing?
4:23 am
>> he's exhausted. he has been using every hour of his day trying to help victims, trying to obtain what gives them some help, there's lots of things that need to be done on an individual basis, on a legal basis, to give them a place to live, to find a way. these folks that have survived have lost their home. you can't go back into that building. and get in and get anything out. you're forbidden from doing so. everything that these folks that survived have, are tied up and likely to be simply imploded and lost forever. they have no homes, they have no personal property. >> and what floor was he on that he was cherry picked from, by the way? >> seventh floor. >> wow, what an experience. >> and everything else next to him fell to the ground. he heard the cries of those who were still alive but entrapped, but not for long, unfortunately. >> i kuns why he's -- he's
4:24 am
angry, among the other emotions he must be going through. >> angry at the whole failure of everything, everything, the building department, the buildings next door that contributed, all sorts of things and that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of. >> i understand. give our thoughts to him, steve rosenthal, robert mackey, thank you. >> my pleasure, good morning to you. >> good morning. well, what could still impact the search and rescue efforts there in surfside, hurricane elsa, which is making its way to florida's coast, possibly making landfall by monday, as the storm weakens through the caribbean it still poses a major threat, nbc meteorologist michelle grossman has the latest, michelle, good morning. >> good morning, lindsey, it's a focus next several days, the relief effort in florida. let's talk about what's happening right now. it is impacting parts of -- we're at the fifth named storm
4:25 am
of the year, it's a fast start to the season, it started a month ago. we had a record season last year with 30 named storms and we're off to a fast start once again. elsa became a tropical storm on thursday, hurricane yesterday, category 1 storm. this is the hurricane season outlook, 60% above normal, that's prediction. so once again we're going to be watching this hurricane season very closely. but in terms of elsa we're looking at tropical storms alerts and hurricane warns, you can see the colors with the red, that's the hurricane warning, that will be impacting sh and cuba by sunday. we're also looking at the potential for southern florida and also the florida keys. so this is what is currently happening right now, a category 1 storm, 75-mile-per-hour winds, that's a weak category 1 storm. 74 is your threshold to be a category 1 storm and we expect a little weakening but sustaining its strength today and once it
4:26 am
impacts cuba we will see some weakening. winds out of the west/northwest at 75 miles per hour. it's moving at west/northwest at 31 miles per hour. that's a really quick speed. we're expecting a downward speed today but still that's really, really fast. the location is 530 miles east/southeast of kingston, jamaica. here's your track. as we head towards the later part of tonight into sunday we're expecting jamaica to be impacted with that hurricane warning. by sunday at 2:00 a.m., 75-mile-per-hour winds, still a category 1 storm. there it goes over cuba. cuba is mountainous. we're expecting weakening into a tropical storm so by monday, 2:00, 65-mile-per-hour winds but it doesn't really matter. we're still going to see a lot of wind and rain. and then the focus, by monday and tuesday, will certainly be the florida key. will certainly be southern florida and that's going to be a big story. rainfall amounts, we're looking anywhere up to 15 inches over
4:27 am
cuba, and then once eventually into florida we're looking 2 to 4 inches up to 6. this is a lot of rainfall. it's going to hinder a lot of efforts and then in the immediate future we're looking at the possibility for mud slides. back to you guys. >> michelle grossman, thanks for that update, we appreciate it. after two decades of war, american troops are leaving afghanistan's largest active air base. what this withdrawal will mean as the taliban inches closer to control. and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪
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back now with head looips we're looking at this morning. boy scouts of america reaching an $850 million settlement with sexual abuse survivors, more than 84,000 victims are part of a lawsuit making it the largest child sexual abuse case in u.s. history. last year the boy scouts filed for bankruptcy facing mounting legal costs for its defense against the claims.
4:30 am
>> i hate you. i hate you. >> you heard her there saying i hate you. chaos erupted in a tennessee courtroom after the mother of daniel -- warning the man convicted of killing her son to watch his back in jail. former police officer was in court to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter for the shooting of hanbrick, he's set to serve three years in prison. she had her attorney read an emotional statement. she was eventually restrained by family members. >> only three years? wow. dramatic recovery in open water, take a look at the video that just came in. the coast guard and the hon lieu loo fire department rescuing two pilots after a plane went down in the ocean near oahu near hawaii in the middle of the night. the 737 making the emergency water landing after pilots
4:31 am
reported engine failure, they were found hanging onto debris in the water. both are in the hospital in serious to critical condition. >> quick moves there by the coast guard. turning now overseas, and growing uncertainty in afghanistan after u.s. troops left their largest base there after 20 years. this as concerns are growing that extremists will now fill that void. the withdrawal comes months ahead of the president's september 11th deadline. >> look, we're in that war for 20 years, 20 years, the afghans are going to have to be able to do it themselves with the air force they have. >> all that said the taliban's hold is tightening as each day goes by and concerns are growing over potential civil war. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is life for us in kabul this morning with more on all of this. richard, good morning. >> good morning. with the withdrawal of american forces, international forces from -- the u.s. mission isn't just winding down, it is more or
4:32 am
less over at this stage. over as it has been for the last 20 years. right now the u.s. still maintains the right and still has the capacity to defend itself, to defend american and international troops as they are leaving but they are leaving. we don't know exactly when. we don't know exactly how many troops are still here because the u.s. military is keeping that a closely guarded secret. they don't want troops to come under fire as they're leaving this country. it has made for something of an awkward withdrawal. after 20 years american troops are leaving very quietly, without much fanfare, no celebrations, just packing up, getting on planes, and going, destroying equipment that they can't bring with them. some of that equipment ending up in trash dumps outside and around the bases. the pentagon said yesterday that the withdrawal will take place, or be finished before august,
4:33 am
before the end of august, but didn't provide anymore specific details. and that the commanding general here will be leaving this country after quite a long tour by the end of this month and that he will be replaced by a new general, but who will have a much more hands off mission. so the war, as we've known it, is over, and certainly winding down in the last -- in the last -- really in the last couple of weeks to go. >> all right, richard engel, we'll have to leave it there but thank you so much for that live report, we appreciate it. a test of the voting rights act, how the supreme court's decision in an arizona case could pave the way for restrictions across the country. and at the top of the hour on velshi, the new special committee to investigate the january 6th capitol riot, they'll be talking about it with representatives. debbie dingell and madeleine dean and senator bob casey,
4:34 am
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this morning concerns growing over a supreme court ruling on one of the most consequential topics. two arizona election laws rejects ballots cast in the wrong precinct and another restricts who can collect and
4:38 am
drop off absentee ballots. the justices were split along ideological lines in a 3-6 vote. democrats argue both laws disproportionately impact minority voters. this also has sweeping implications beyond the up and down -- grand canyon state. representative, thank you for being here so early with us this morning. the dissenting justices wrote that this undermines the voting rights act, and president biden said he was, quote, deeply disappointed in the ruling. this is what he told nbc's mike memoli when asked about it. >> i think that it is critical that we make distinction between voter suppression and suspension. the ability of a state legislative body to come along and vote their legislature vote to change who is declared the winner i find to be somewhat
4:39 am
astounding. >> what was your initial reaction to the ruling? >> well, thank you for having me, yeah, it's -- it was absolutely disappointing and disheartening and for us, as an arizona democratic party, as someone who has been working here in arizona to ensure that our communities are part of the decision-making process, it was undemocratic. frankly, these laws make it harder for arizonans to vote. we have seen it over the years. and now, this is going to impact not only arizonans, but everybody across the country in their access to the ballot box. but we have had -- we've had these type of restrictions in the past, and we've been able to organize. so despite these barriers, we are extremely committed to make sure that voters here in arizona know their rights and that they come out to the ballot box regardless of these barriers in
4:40 am
front of them. >> this year alone 17 republican-led states have passed bills that make it harder for people to vote. what does this mean for the midterms, you talk about organizing, educating people, how? >> well, you know, we're going to do what we have been doing over the last ten years, even more than the last ten years. in arizona since the early 2000s we've seen restrictions to the ballot box, from requesting voter id to making like what we saw with these laws, that we can't give our ballots to our friends and family because it could be a felony. so what we have done is going around out into our community, educate voters door by door, phone call by phone call, and ensure that they know how to vote, where to vote. they have that plan. and come out and vote. and we have seen results. arizona has changed. we've gone from a deep red state
4:41 am
to a now more blue state. some people call it purple. i'm optimistic. i see it blue. and we're not going to do anything different. we're going to continue to engage the voters and know -- and have them know their rights. because at the end of the day that's what it's going to be about. them knowing their rights and making sure they come out and vote. >> i mean, going door to door is not easy when it's 110 there in phoenix. but let's talk on the federal level here, i mean, a lot of people are saying the only thing that can happen now is getting the john lewis voting rights advancement act passed. that can really only happen if there's a filibuster. is that something you support? >> well, look, here in arizona we are sending a message that we need every single option on the table because this is the fight of our lifetime. the for the people act and the john lewis act are extremely important to protect democracy as we know it. so we're asking our senators to make sure to keep every single option on the table. and to your point that people
4:42 am
have to knock on doors at 115 degrees. that's exactly the people that are getting this flow when the supreme court is saying no to these -- they're holding these type of laws because at the end of the day it's been people who have been impacted by bad legislation who have engaged those voters at those degrees outside making sure our communities come out and vote. >> before we let you go, i want to ask about now reporting that dropped from the ap overnight, talking about the pressure that was put from the white house on some arizona leaders when that election was being certified after 2020. i mean, one -- for example one leader on the board of supervisors got a voice message from the white house asking for a call back. he did not. and the ap article also talking about republican party chairperson kelly ward being somewhat pushy as well, at one point texting that same supervisor. we need you to stop the counting. i encourage everybody to look at this on nbc what's your initial reaction to this new reporting?
4:43 am
>> you know, we've seen over years that republicans here in arizona have caved to theacy th. and at the arizona house of representatives, of course in the senate, this comes out of the senate and despite the maricopa board of supervisors not responding to those phone calls they did not appeal the fact that this was going to happen. everybody has to take responsibility. some might not have been taking the president's call. arizona is embarrassed by this sham audit and the republicans had solutions in their hands by raising their voices earlier on, not when it was an embarrassment. >> the audit that you just mentioned has now been extended, already delayed many times. ken bennett says this is really just the beginning. representative raquel teran, thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> was that sedona? >> i think that might have been
4:44 am
monument valley. >> i don't know my backdrops in arizona. but it was beautiful. requests to resign, why one of britney spears' conservators want off their case. bill cosby, first week as a free man when released from prison this week. it's a horrifying thought from his accuse es. one of them joined us live, a gut punching moment after learning of his release. muscle . versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. (vo) conventional thinking doesn't disrupt the status quo. which is why t-mobile for business boost® high protein also has key nutrients uses unconventional thinking to help your business realize new possibilities. only one 5g partner offers unmatched network, support, and value-without any trade offs. this may look like a regular movie night.
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4:47 am
device to -- it thought that britney would voluntarily end the conservatorship. they have not filed a petition to completely terminate. she is due back in court, by the way, on the 14th of this month. well, there's fury, pain and a kick to the gut, reactions pouring in after the shocking courtroom reversal early this week. the pennsylvania supreme court overturning bill cosby's 2018 sexual assault conviction, the actor now a free man after 60 women have even accused him of sexual abuse, and after he himself admitted to drugging women before trying to sleep with them. >> it all came down to a technicality, the ruling saying prosecutors had previously promised immunity and we are joined by former model heidi thomas. one of those accusers, one of six women who testified against cosby during his 2018 trial. she claims he drugged and raped
4:48 am
in 1984 and cosby denied those accusations. but heidi, thank you for being with us to talk about this this morning. what was that moment like for you? none of us were expecting it that day, not even cosby himself who reportedly was sleeping when a guard came in and said you can go. what was that moment like for you when you heard he was a free man? >> you correctly reported, thank you for having me on. you reported, i said it was a gut punch. and i've -- that's how i felt. i felt like someone has socked me in the gut and suddenly i couldn't breathe. it was less than three weeks ago, i think, that those of us who are accounted -- the victims assistance program had let us know that he was refused parole. and now all the sudden out of the blue, just kidding. you're free.
4:49 am
the air just came kind of out of my lungs, gut bunch. >> heidi, how did you learn that he was a free man? >> a friend of mine here in denver is a member of my church. and happens to be in the media. and she texted me and asked how i was doing. it -- that same day happened to be my dad's 94th birthday, and we were moving a hospice hospital bed into his house. i thought she was talking about that. and i said, well, you know, we're getting there. i started talking about my dad and she texted back and said, oh, sweetheart, you haven't seen the story, have you? so i learned about it from my friend on text. >> wow, i'm not sure if you were able to -- could have brought yourself to watch the images of bill cosby after he left the prison. putting up the peace sign, you saw a member in his party there, celebrating at one point. but if you have seen, knowing
4:50 am
what he's done in those hours after he was free, what goes through your mind? >> it's ironic because when all 60 plus of forward, the overwhelming screams of how we all wanted our 15 minutes of fame and this -- i'm going to hear it again for appearing here today. he's all about the spotlight. we're giving it to him. we're feeding right into it. everything is about his name being back out there. so, i'm disgusted. i understand it's news. i understand it's -- he's an icon, but we're giving him everything he wants. just more attention. >> there are reports that he was already working the phones with comedy club owners, maybe paving the way here for a comeback. this was really one of the really focal points here in the
4:51 am
me to movement. now that this conviction has been overturned on a technicality what does it mean for the movement and survivors of sexual assault who were empowered to come forward before, but now wonder what for? >> exactly. thank you for asking that question. that's where this crucial topic is. it needs to get off cosby and get on to the seriousness of sexual assault crimes and drug facilitated sexual assault. these crimes are so underreported any way. there's a stigma any way. and actually bill cosby was in the court system before the me too movement kicked off. he was simply the first
4:52 am
convicted under it because by that time it kicked off. he kind of kicked off the whole thing. and now we're concerned that this has set the process back years because women and men, by the way, there are male victims, we hear you, we see you. we -- you already have to go through the pain and the bravery of reporting and going through that process. i'm here to tell you, by the way, law enforcement makes it as painless as they can. so please don't be afraid to come forward. >> that's why so many victims are saying don't let this stop you from coming forward. that's been the message so many people have been spreading. heidi, i have to run but i appreciate your time and our thoughts are with you and your
4:53 am
family and your 94-year-old dad. the best to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for having me on. fireworks won't be the only things shooting across the skies for july 4th. millions of travelers jetting off for the holiday weekend shattering pre-pandemic levels, but it doesn't come without some risk. and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪
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flock to airports for the
4:57 am
holiday airport, all the while the fear mounts over the spread of a delta variant. >> i just got back from the airport this week, and it was crazy busy. i can imagine it is already kicking off out there. >> yeah. even in this early hour it's still busy. you can tell the difference between this holiday and previous holidays. about 2.2 million passengers already screened in one day. that's showing pre-pandemic 2019 levels. while before we would have reported this as maybe a good thing, people getting back to normal, the economy starting to rebound, with the rise in cases we're starting to see a highly contagious variant coming out. now as more people travel, this is becoming a safety concern. the cdc says there has been a 10% rise in cases this past week with that highly contagious
4:58 am
delta variant and the cdc director explains how the stagnant rate of 57% vaccination in the u.s. is playing into that. listen here. >> it is clear that communities where people remain unvaccinated are communities that remain vulnerable. as the delta variant continues to spread across the country, we expect to see increased transmissions in these communities unless we can vaccinate more people now. >> all right. so the delta variant accounts for a quarter of new cases. it has been detected in all 50 states. as of right now this thing is 60% more transmissible than the current dominant strain. so epidemiologists believe it is just some time before it becomes the dominant strain in the u.s. with more people set to travel this particular holiday more than the last two holidays combined in 2021, there's a concern that the delta variant could be spread more quickly adding fuel to the fire.
4:59 am
there's also an added warning for people to continue to mask up and remember we're not out of this just yet. stay safe. >> i remember the beginning of be traveling, it was jarring to see the airport so empty, now i can't believe the crowds. >> and with the reminder that you have to wear the mask in the airports and while traveling. >> thanks. >> i was just in belize, the delta variant has arrived in that country and it is already forcing the country to implement some new changes as well. depending on where you're going, if it's outside of the u.s., it might be impacted. >> thank you for watching. i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. "velshi" starts now. today on "velshi," legal experts say this may be the tip of the iceberg if watching his
5:00 am
cfo get perp walked into handcuffs is only the beginning, what could be in store next for donald trump? and republican leaders are crossing over from denying the insurrection took place to actively participating in an effort to cover it up. state-level republicans across the country are already lining up their voter suppression packages when the supreme court decided to holded door open for them. what the new landscape looks like for democracy, for your ability to cast a ballot and for democrats trying to push through voting rights reforms. "velshi" starts now. good morning. it's saturday, july 3rd. there's a big plate of news as we start the holiday weekend including positive new jobs numbers, but with some big caveats the united states is saying good-bye to afghanistan's bagram air base after two decades. and a live report from


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