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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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no word if they'll punish liz cheney for accepting that appointment. and the supreme court taking a dull axe to what remains to the voting rights act. that decision will sting. breaking news overnight, as u.s. troops leave afghanistan's bagram air base after nearly 20 years of war, the question is, where does this put the president's timeline of a complete withdraw by september 11th? plus -- president biden meets with the families of those who died or are still missing in the surfside condo colap. as rescue efforts continue, the question is are we any closer to finding out why the building came down. after recent progress comes another rise in covid cases over the last week fueled by the heil contagious delta variant. the question is what's being done to head off an even greater
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surge. it's "way too early" for this. good morning. welcome to "way too early" the show that is declaring its independence from cleaning in. i'm jonathan in for kasie hunt this friday, july 2nd. rescue crews are once again back at the site of the partial condo collapse in surfside, florida after having to stop for 15 hours due to safety concerns. the work was stopped thursday morning over fears about the structural integrity of the part of the condo still standing. >> our monitors went off where we're monitoring the cracks. we had three that signaled there was some expansion of those cracks and we immediately removed as well as shifted with the column six to 12 inches. >> it was later discovered the debris pile started to move and caused the sensors to go off. while rescue efforts are once again back on for the search for the 145 people who remain
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missing officials say they believe the best way to keep the more than 300 people who are working at the site safe is the likely demolition of the rest of the building that is still standing. president biden traveled to surfside yesterday to console the grieving families, drawing on his own deep experience with loss he told them to never give up hope. as my colleagues and i reported for the associated press, the president spent more than three hours with the families, first addressing the group and then moving from family to family, to listen to their individual stories. >> it's bad enough to lose somebody, but the hard part, the really hard part, is to not know whether they're surviving or not, just not have any idea. when the accident took my wife and my family, the hardest part was were my boys going to get out, were they going to make it. not knowing. what amazed me about this group
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of people was the resilience, their absolute commitment, their willingness to do whatever it took to find an answer. i walked away impressed by their strength. >> the president also met with first responders who had been working around the clock to find survivors, telling them, quote, what you're doing here is incredible. the president's visit to the condo collapse came with a substantial show of federal support. at a roundtable meeting, biden promised to pay for all recovery costs for the first 30 days. take a look. >> i think i have the power shortly to be able to pick up 100% of the costs for the county and the state. >> oh, my goodness. >> i think i'm quite sure i can do that. and so we're going to do that. tell me what you need.
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that goes for both the senators and the congresswoman and anyone in florida just to pick up the phone, for real. i'm not joking about it. >> president biden sat down with florida governor ron desantis and local leaders to discuss the surfside recovery efforts. in a rare bipartisan moment they stressed setting aside politics and focusing on the families made all the difference. >> it's been an incredible collaboration from the beginning with the state. the governor has been here every single day. the senators i believe the same. the fact that we've all come together is what gives us hope, is what gives us strength and inspiration. it does for me every single day. >> well, thank you, mr. president. you recognize the severity of this tragedy from day one and you've been very supportive. the cooperation has been great. the local -- both the municipal and the county have been
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fantastic, and you guys have not only been supportive at the federal level but we've had no bureaucracy. >> one more thing, you know what's good about this, cooperating, let the nation know we've been cooperating. >> yes, sir. >> it's really important. it's really important. >> joining us white house reporter for bloomberg news who i have ranked as a top five, maybe top ten. good morning, thanks for getting up so early. the president really tried as you saw there to convey a sense of unity while in florida. we know he drew upon his deep personal experience with tragedy, how his whole life has been shaped with loss and spoke to the families but also tried to make that point, highlighting that there are things that are that much more important than politics. >> yeah. i mean the political overlay here unfortunately was pretty apparent. desantis, one of the names bandied about as a possible
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frontrunner for the 2024 nomination. biden wanted to lean into the reason he is president in a lot of ways, elected a the height of a generational pandemic, sense empathy and need to tackle these issues and leaned into that yesterday. some of the video was leaked. these are heart wrenching stories these folks are going for. for the president to be there, this is sort of vintage joe biden, this sort of trip for him. he really sort of leaned in to these moments and the biggest thing he can do is listen in on it, governor desantis laying down the partisan sword as they talk about it. hopes, as we sort of take on day by day here, are holding on for some sort of miracle in the search effort. >> we just saw footage there of the president and first lady paying tribute to the memorial
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wall which had photos and flowers of those still missing. shifting gears, josh, i know you're covering it very closely the federal response to the pandemic, sunday, july 4th, the president set a goal of having 70% of adults get their first vaccine, however the white house said they will miss the goal, though narrowly. how is the administration viewing vaccinations and its covid response as we see the delta variant really start to surge? >> i mean, right now it is an open question. we potentially have two americas. the map of vaccine coverage looks like so many other maps of america that we know, like the electoral college map. a lot are republican states with lower vaccines coverage. officials will tell you the demand sort of collapsed in and around april, so, you know, i think there's a question about how many more shots in arms we will see in the u.s. we don't know. delta is just a new ball game. it is more easily caught.
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it is possibly more harmful. and whereas the pandemic hit the coasts first, the delta seems to be spreading sort of in the heartland and it's a new situation and may -- they're begging people to take these vaccines, the fear is that july 4th, where president biden wants it to be a celebration, in some ways he's been the only ones pumping the brakes on the national level warning about the pandemic, republican leaders eager to move on from the pandemic. now biden is pumping the brakes less so. the fear not only leading up to july 4th but this weekend could spur a new spike in cases. the message from public health officials we talk to on this is we're not out of this, please get vaccinated. that's the best thing you can do. i was on the road this week speaking in trump country if you will, speaking about the vaccines there. a lot of folks say even donald trump who they love, would not
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be able to convince them to get it. one also made a point of telling me if it came down to trump or ron desantis vefld a hard time in 2024. >> thank you for getting up so early. i hope you celebrations. as the u.s. works to withdraw all troops by september one with of the largest base in the country is cleared of u.s. soldiers. bagram airfield has been turned over to the afghan government. built by the soviet union in the 1950s, inherited by the u.s. and nato in 2001, houses two runways, one stretching 12,000 feet in length and costing $96 million to about build in 2006 and includes three hangars, control hospital, dental clinic and a prison. the supreme court handing down a ruling on voting rights
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one civil liberties say will make it harder to challenge those being passed by republican legislatures. pete williams has the details. >> reporter: in a major test of the landmark voting rights act the court took up two restrictions in arizona, one allowing the state to throw out votes cast in the wrong precinct and another that said only voters, their family members or caregivers can turn in a mail ballot. democrats said both made it harder for minorities to vote. by a vote of 6-3 with the liberals dissenting the court upheld the restrictions. justice alito's opinion said all laws impose some burden and don't cross the line even if they create small disparities in voting as long as the state has some justification for them. justice kagan said the court ignores that voter discrimination is getting worse and the ruling weakens the voting rights act, a law that stands as a monument to america's greatness and protects against its basis impulses.
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the court leaves fuel legal weapons to challenge new voting restrictions passed in 20 states. >> there's not much left. all of the major tools have been significantly weakened or eliminated. >> thanks to pete williams for that report. still ahead, the washington football team gets slapped with the largest fine in nfl history. plus, the trump organization and its chief financial officer charged with tax-related crimes. what prosecutors are saying about a scheme to compensate employees off the books. those stories and a check on the wild weather when we come right back. ther when we come right back
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only eight turnovers by the bucks. they've done it at both ends.
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middleton. portis for three. >> and that was the exclamation point in last night's victory for the milwaukee bucks. portis with the shot, playing in place of the injured super star giannis, one name only guy. portis finished with a career e playoff high 22 points. chris middleton and jrue holiday recorded double-doubles. in the 23-112 win giving them a 3-2 series lead over the atlanta hawks who struggled with guard trey young sidelined. the hawks face potential elimination in game six tomorrow night. major league baseball fans in atlanta have something to celebrate, the braves outlasting 14 strikeouts over seven innings from jacob degram and walked off with a 4-3 win. freddie freeman drove in the go ahead run with two outs in and bases loaded in the ninth reaching on an infield single. the victory boosts the braves to
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within three and a half games of the first place mets. before we switch to the nfl the boston red sox have won seven straight games and have a nine-game lead over willie geist's new york yankeess. turning to the nfl where the league handed down several fines yesterday. espn reports the jag wires, cowboys were find by rules involving team activity. all three will have to forfeit an undisclosed amount of ota days next year. the washington football team has been fined $10 million after an independent investigation found the organization's leadership paid little attention to sexual harassment and other workplace issues. the team was not stripped of any draft picks and no formal suspensions were handed out as part of the league discipline. dan snyder is stepping away from day-to-day operations for the next several months while he focuses on efforts for a new staid and other business
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ventures. and while those nfl teams are reaching for their wallets, college players waste nod time in cashing in. after the ncaa lifted restrictions on student athletes profiting off their fame. quarterback bo nix one of the first with a deal, announcing after midnight his new partnership with local brand milo's tea. drinking a tiger sponsored tea left a bad taste for many crimson tide fans who have taken the alabama rivalry off the field into the kitchen where one posted a video of him on twitter of him dumping a gallon of the southern favorite down the drain. nothing is taken more seriously than sec football in the state of alabama. time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins. i was following a lot of friends in mine in the washington area were under a tornado watch which is pretty wild. what happened last night and what are you seeing in the forecast today? >> yeah, there was a lot of
2:18 am
severe weather around the d.c. area. those areas will be cleaning up. let's get to the travel and getaway forecast and fourth of july forecast. we're starting off with a rainy morning. going to be driving today the worst of it will be areas from d.c. down through north carolina this morning through virginia and traveling i-95 south of areas of south carolina into florida and then along i-10 you'll also from jacksonville to houston be in a little bit of a rainy weather too. the rainfall forecast the heaviest totals through the next three to four days will be along the gulf coast, but it's your typical afternoon showers and storms. so for today, carry the umbrella in the northeast. it's not going to rain all day but there will be scattered showers and storms. as we go throughout your fourth of july forecast saturday the rain is hit and miss in the northeast. there will be a few downpours in the afternoon in the southeast but that's what you expect and then on the 4th the sun returns finally a nice day, the 4th is going to be terrific in the northeast but there will be a
2:19 am
few storms along the gulf coast. the fireworks forecast looks great sunday evening in most locations. just dodging a few storms there along the coast. this is a good looking fourth forecast. >> the travel forecast matters less for those of us at work. bill karins, thank you though. hope you have a wonderful fourth of july weekend. still ahead, concerning new numbers from the cdc. we'll take a look at where coronavirus cases are on the rise thanks to the highly contagious delta variant. for sure. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains. any further questions? uh uh! one up the power of liquid with tide pods ultra oxi. (piano playing) here we go. ♪♪ [john legend's i can see clearly now] ♪♪
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. in the fight against coronavirus the cdc announced there's been an uptick in new cases nationwide. infections have risen 10% in the last week fueled by the aforementioned highly contagious delta variant and the lagging vaccination rates. nbc news correspondent tom costello has the worrisome latest. >> reporter: after months of progress in dramatically slowing the spread of covid signs of trouble. the cdc reports a 10% increase
2:23 am
in new cases in just one week. 25% of those linked to the new delta variant, which the cdc director says is highly transmissible and will likely soon be the dominant variant. >> it is clear that communities where people remain unvaccinated are communities that remain vulnerable. >> reporter: while 67% of americans 18 and older have received at least one shot, many states in the south and midwest are well below that mark. those with the lowest vaccination rates at or below 50%, alabama, wyoming, the virgin islands, louisiana at 48% and miss py at just 46%. in a thousand counties where the new covid variant is spreading, vaccination rates are under 30%. 43-year-old joshua garza's decision not to get vaccinated nearly killed him. a diabetic soon contracted covid, was rushed to a hospital in houston and eventually required a double lungs
2:24 am
transplant to save his life. >> this is the worst decision i've made in my life. i had to say goodbye to my parents, my family, my son. that's nothing you should have to do. >> reporter: he was released after nearly four months in the hospital. the cdc reports 99.5% of all covid-19 deaths involve people who have not been vaccinated. >> the science is clear, the best way to protect yourself against the virus and it the variants is to be fully vaccinated. >> that was tom costello reporting. in response the uptick in covid cases nationwide the biden administration announced the formation of surge response teams to help communities at risk of experiencing an outbreak. the teams will provide virtual support and on the ground personnel. they will also help deploy additional supplies for testing or therapeutics where needed. missouri is one of the states seeing an increasing number of infections. state officials there are requesting aid to assist communities struggling with low vaccination rates. the cdc estimates that last week
2:25 am
missouri had the highest rate of delta variant cases in the country. the state is reporting more than 1,000 cases per day for the first time since february. while virus-related hospitalizations have risen by more than 300 since late may. still ahead, what congresswoman liz cheney is saying about serving on the house committee that will investigate the deadly january 6th insurrection and the reaction of her fellow republicans on her appointment. before we go to break, we want to know, why, just why, are you awake? e-mail your reasons to way too early at or tweet me using the #waytooearly and we'll read some of our favorite answers and insults later in the show. insults later in the show. he came from italy with nothing for a new life. he sacrificed so much to support his family. military service was just part of his life. he was brave in so many ways. who are the heroes in your family?
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." just before 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. i'm jon lemire. president biden is back at the white house after traveling to surfside, florida, yesterday. he met with family members of people who died or are missing in last week's devastating condominium collapse. chief white house correspondent peter alexander has more on the president's trip. >> reporter: good morning. president biden delivering a simple message in person to the families of those missing and lost in that awful surfside collapse, saying we're here for you as a nation. the president and first lady spending nearly three hours meeting with the loved ones speaking in deeply personal terms about the loss of his wife
2:30 am
and young daughter years ago saying he knows what the families are going through. it's the waiting, he told them, that is unbearable. the bidens paying respect at a memorial wall lined with flowers and photos and the president visibly emotional at times. this was clearly a meaningful visit, grief bringing together leaders from both parties. the president visiting with local officials among them ron desantis a frequent biden critic but on thursday both men praised each other for their cooperative effort. president biden pledging that the federal government would cover all state and county costs for the search and rescue effort there for the first 30 days of the painstaking process which relieves the heavy burden on that community. he's awaiting the finding of a federal investigation into the cause to avoid any future similar disasters. >> thanks to peter alexander for that report. democrats have chosen their picks for the january 6th select
2:31 am
committee including a republican. house speaker nancy pelosi tapped gop congresswoman liz cheney to join the panel. here was cheney's response amid pushback from her own party. >> are you concerned about getting reprimanded boy your conference and losing committee assignments over this? >> listen, i think it's clear to all of the people on this committee that our oath to the constitution, our duty, our dedication to the rule of law and peaceful transfer of power has to come above any concern about partisanship or about politics. >> meanwhile, congressman bennie thompson of mississippi has been named the chair of the committee. other members include congressman pete aguilar, jamie raskin and adam schiff, zoe lofgren and stephanie murphy. kevin mccarthy has yet to weigh in on the other five lawmakers
2:32 am
of the committee. joining us white house correspondent for politico and co-author of "the playbook" eugene daniels and an msnbc contributor. first of all congrats on your recent engagement and secondly, what, as we see these committee names come out including the very polarizing pick of lizz cheney, what dynamic does this set up for the select committee aiming to be nonpartisan? >> exactly. i think that she is trying to -- the speaker is trying to recreate what she wanted with this kind of 9/11-style commission, right, something that was nonpartisan, bipartisan, something that could be beyond reproach, something where it is focused on the facts and the whitewashing or what's happened -- what happened on january 6th and that's happened since then isn't a part of this committee. that's something she's been extremely focused on this entire time. that's it. they're trying to recreate this idea that this would be something that would be accepted
2:33 am
by most people as fact, right, what they find and then more importantly that's why liz cheney comes in, by figuring out how to make sure this doesn't happen again, something liz cheney has talked about over and over again, her biggest concern about january 6th is the national security implications and people feeling emboldened after seeing what happened on january 6th and seeing that, you know, congress may not do anything about protecting themselves more, figuring out more what happened. i think that is where liz cheney comes in. >> let's underscore, of course, republicans scuttled the bipartisan commission into what happened on january 6th. eugene, talk to us about gop leader kevin mccarthy. he had raised some threats that he might pull committee assignments from any republican who goes on to this panel. and also, do we have any sense yet as to whether he'll follow through on those threats and who
2:34 am
he might pick for the gop side of this committee? >> i mean it's hard to say who he's going to pick. he has a couple ways he could go here. he could pick people who are kind of in the middle of the road, who might take this a little bit more seriously, but the sources i'm talking to on the hill what they expect is for him to pick people who are going to be a little bit more trumpy the best way to put it, push back on some of the things that are going to happen, and kind of continue this whitewashing that we've seen over the last few months. it's also one of those things, when it comes to whether or not he's going to pull liz cheney from any of her committees, he is being coy, as mccarthy wants to do and has been the last few months, and hasn't shown his cards just yet. it's hard to say. i think the one thing is that liz cheney doesn't seem to care. she already has put herself in this very political precarious
2:35 am
position being the -- being one of the republicans who has been talking about january 6th and what she sees as president trump's role in it publicly and obviously lost her position in leadership on the republican side, and so all of this is going to continue to put republicans in their little purging aspect of things. it was called a civil war for a while, but we've seen it more as a purge, getting rid of folks, moving them from outside of the ranks of establishment republicans because they haven't kind of capitulated to what -- how former president trump sees january 6th. >> we should note, of course, we're days away from the six-month anniversary of january 6th and just now this congressional investigation is getting under way. eugene daniels, thank you for being here. still ahead, the totally different space race blasting off between a pair of billionaireses. "way too early" is back in just a minute. a minute
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part of the program. he may have been commander of chief at the free world but at home former president barack obama knows who's bar. appearing on dak shepherd's podcast he said former first lady michelle is the top dog of his household adding because his two adult daughters are scared of her. obama said, quote, michelle always says that you have to have at least one parent who the kids think is a little bit crazy and might actually kill you. that might be me. adding, quote, they know that i'm all bark and not real bite. so as a consequence, what happens is at the dinner table the three of them just mock me constantly. meanwhile, a new statute honoring the late princess diana was unveiled at kensington palace yesterday on what would have been her 60th birthday. princes william and harry reunited for the ceremony, one of their mother's favorite places. the statute, commissioned in 2017, depicts diana along with three children representing the
2:41 am
generational impact of her work. and the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences have invited 395 entertainment industry names to become members. this class, the class of 2021, is significantly smaller than previous years. since facing wide criticism for lack of diversity at the oscars the academy has beenmade a conscious effort to extend their memberships. in a statement the academy explained the return to a smaller group was needed to, quote, ensure the necessary infrastructure, staff resources and environment to support all academy members. finally, after more than two decades after the beloved sitcom "seinfeld" left the airways the sounds of that hit series finally have its own soundtrack. water tower music will release the 33 track album today on all digital platforms marking the first time any of the music for jerry, george, elaine, cramer and newman, will be available
2:42 am
outside their television world. i'm not going to attempt to hum the theme song now. still ahead, what we've learned about the indictment of the former president's family business and donald trump's chief financial officer. as we go to break, a look at this date in history. 57 years ago, president lyndon b. johnson signed into law a sweeping civil rights bill passed by congress. >> lyndon johnson signed the civil rights act outlawing racial segregation and discrimination. lbj used 75 new pens to sign the law, giving one to the reverend martin luther king, jr. and another to attorney general robert kennedy whose late brother president john f. kennedy first proposed the civil rights law the year before. who trust in our performance and comfortable long-lasting protection. because your strength is supported by ours. depend.
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former president donald trump's family business and its chief financial officer allen weisselberg were charged by the
2:46 am
manhattan district attorney office yesterday in a case involving an array of alleged tax related crimes. senior washington correspondent hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: the trump's organization long-time cfo appearing in hand cuffs indicted along with the company that bears the former president's name accused of what prosecutors called a sweeping and audacious fax fraud scheme. they allege the trump organization over the last 15 years paid top execs off the books, giving out fringe benefits like cars, apartments, and tuition, amounting to for allen weisselberg an extra $1.7 million in compensation, which should have been taxed. instead, prosecutors say weisselberg evaded some $900,000 in federal, state and local taxes, and got more than $100,000 in refunds he was never owed. the defendants, facing 15 counts, including second-degree grand larceny, pleading not guilty. >> i believe the political forces driving today's events
2:47 am
are just that. it's politically driven. >> reporter: in a statement, donald trump himself, who was not charged, calling the investigation a continuation of a political witch hunt by the radical left democrats with new york now taking over the assignment. prosecutors prebutting that argument in court with one telling the judge, it's not about politics. this investigation, which is ongoing, has been thorough, careful and proper. multiple people familiar with the investigation say the manhattan district attorney and new york attorney general's offices have been looking to secure cooperation from weisselberg in potentially building a case against former president trump. >> i don't think there's any question that d.a.'s office very much wanted to get allen weisselberg to testify against either or both the trump organization and donald trump, but sometimes it really takes bringing the indictment and having him stare it in the face for reality to set in. >> thanks to hallie jackson for that report. we will be keeping a careful eye
2:48 am
on it. in a decision made, the supreme court yesterday struck down a california law that required charities listing contributions in the state to name their biggest donors annual reports. chief justice john roberts wrote for the court in its 6-3 ruling saying the disclosure law burdened donors' first amendment rights and was not narrowly tailored to an important government interest. the case brought by americans for prosperity organization and other foundation groups was backed by charles cook and his late brother david. they said in addition to violating the first amendment rights the law exposed donors to potential attack and would chill charitable contributions. the koch brothers. justice sew thome yo said all may be at risk writing today's a nall sis marks reporting and disclosure requirements with a bull's eye. neither precedent nor common sense supports such a result.
2:49 am
now earlier in the show we asked, why are you awake? jay writes i'm up because it's getaway day. my fully vaccinated family of four is headed out on an epic road trip to points west in about an hour. safe travels. sara tweeted this, as a sara without an "h" and with an "h," i can relate to the leave off the "h" please. thank you. happy friday. i hope you have a great holiday weekend. wayne is up way too early because trying to figure out how the yankees can compete with the red sox this year. i didn't know willie used wayne as an alias. thomas writes, i'm awake because it's nice to watch the lovely miss hunt with my coffee and catch up on the news. you do a great job too, but comb your hair at least, will you? >> i got a haircut yesterday to do the show. i mean, i do the best that i can with what i have. up next, a look at the axios one big thing.
2:50 am
coming up on a special "morning joe," one of only two republicans who voted in favor of creating a committee to investigate the capitol, congress man adam schiff and house minority january 6th attack, adam kinzinger joins the show representative jim clyburn. "morning joe" is moments away. n "morning joe" is moments away. (customer) hi? (burke) happy anniversary. (customer) for what? (burke) every year you're with us, you get fifty dollars toward your home deductible. it's a policy perk for being a farmers customer. (customer) do i have to do anything? (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing?
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hospital visitation policies have been restricted throughout the pandemic for patients, families and providers but as hospitals around the country are opening visitors again some doctors say it's not happening fast night. dr. vin gupta was on the front lines and has more on the story. >> reporter: as hospitals reopen to visitors again policies are causing confusion and frustration. >> they'd say you can go in safely why can't i? i had to say, i don't have an explanation for you. i disagree with this policy. >> reporter: 16 months into the pandemic, doctors are learning how much family visits impact the health of patients. the study looked at delirium and
2:54 am
confusion in patients and found family visits lower the risk by 30%. >> families are not a luxury in care and they're not an accessory. they are absolutely part of the treatment plan. part of our prescription for heeling, family at bedside. >> reporter: 20-year-old covid patient daniel was in the hospital in april. >> i had no way to communicate my needs. >> looking back, i don't know how i got through the day-to-day of sitting and watching. >> reporter: she could stand outside his room but only for two hours a day. >> if i had a loved one right nown that bed can they hear me? >> they cannot hear you. not only can they not hear you, but they also miss the touch and eye contact. so standing here outside this room, you might as well be on mars. >> reporter: what about the role of technology could tell visits
2:55 am
be the solution? >> no doubt we need to use these moving forward for people who want to meet with a loved one in another country, another state, can't get to them quickly enough. but i don't wan it to be a crutch or substitute when we can have the families in the room. >> once reuted the difference was clear. >> having the emotional boost of a family face that i can touch and not just see on a screen i'm fairly certain helped me get out of there a lot faster. >> reporter: experts are calling on the government to set national standards for hospitals to make visits safer, less restricted and fair. >> scientifically we know how to do this. so to me it is completely inappropriate, anti-medicine and a threat to dignity of humans to keep these families separated from their loved ones. >> reporter: to your point, this is actually a risk, doctor for death? >> i think it is. >> our thanks to dr. vin gupta.
2:56 am
joining us now with a look at axios a.m., jonathan swan. jonathan, what is the axios one big thing for this fine friday morning? >> i want to say, mate, your hair looks fine to me. looks good. that was unfair. >> i appreciate that. jonathan solidarity here, your hair looks great too. >> i think you look great. >> i was trying to compete with you i knew you were coming on the show. >> one big thing, look the top officials in the white house, quite unusual situation here, but they are mobilizing in public defense of the vice president kamala harris. the chief of staff ron klain put out a statement defending her, and sedgwick richmond has told us publicly that there is a whisper campaign designed to
2:57 am
sabotage her, which are very strong words. this is coming in response to many, many leaks, politico did a story the other day about infighting and tensions between the president's office in the west wing. skepticism about sort of functionality of her operation and some of their decisions recently. and so this is a really unusual situation for this biden administration, because it really has been, as far as the west wing is concerned a leak-proof operation with a team that's known each other for many years working seamlessly together. the vice president's operation is viewed as quite different they had a number of missteps, including her recent visit to the border and it's a team of people who haven't known the vice president for very long. and again, this being quite unusual for this administration public airing of grievances and
2:58 am
infighting and tensions within that operation. >> what should we expect next? how is harris' staff going to try to contain this sort of story? is there any coordination with the west wing in terms of trying to change the narrative, give more successful policy provisions? >> yeah, it's hard to know -- look, you got to be careful with these stories, a lot of is a anonymous, so there are always motivations at play. so you have to be careful with this. but i feel comfortable we've spoken to a wide enough range of administration officials to have a picture of this, one of the problems for the vice president is, people don't talk about it publicly but she is being viewed in quite a different way to normal vice presidents because of biden's age, advisers believe he'll run for re-election in 2024 but he'll be 81.
2:59 am
so every time he makes a political misstep or his office is not performing well. it's seen through the light of wow, what would this be if she were our nominee in 2024 against a potentially strong republican. i think that's one of the problems for her, she's sort of held to a different standard partly because of her situation. >> i think you make a great point there, the 2024 shadows over all of this. whether the president is going to run again, and he publicly said he expects to do so but the vice president thinking perhaps of her own candidacy, whether that's 2024 or 2028. jonathan swan, thank you very much. that was "way too early" for a friday morning. thanks for watching. please have a joyous and long weekend. a very special "morning joe" starts now. so it's been an incredible collaboration with the federal,
3:00 am
the state. the governor has been here every day. the senators i believe the same. the fact that we've all come together is what gives us hope, is what gives us strength and inspiration. it does for me every single day. >> thank you, mr. president. and you recognize the severity of this tragedy from day one and you've been very supportive. the cooperation has been great. the local, both the pew nice mu and the county. we have had no bureaucracy. >> you know what's good about this, the cooperating. >> yes, sir. >> it's really important. >> a nice bipartisan moment yesterday between president biden and florida governor ron


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