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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 1, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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that might argue for a commission and would not put words into his mouth. that will do it for me this hour. andrea mitchell reports starts now. ♪♪ ♪♪ and good day. this is andrea mitchell in washington. first of all, let's go to -- we are following -- we are following major breaking news stories involving the florida condo rescue efforts. the january 6th investigation and the future of voting rights in the country. south florida with devastating news for grieving families as the search and rescue operation has been halted for now out of fear that the remaining structure could collapse if any more rubble could collapse from the pile. this is as president biden and the first lady are meeting with the families knowing 15 are dead
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and 145 still missing. promising state and local leaders the federal government will provide whatever they need in the days and weeks ahead for the rescue efforts and the individuals struggling through this tragedy. >> there could be a lot of pain and anxiety, suffering and the need for psychological help in the days and the months that follow, and so we're not going anywhere. >> thank you, mr. president. >> for real. >> in new york city, trump organization chief financial officer and longtime confidant alan weisselberg surrendering in lower manhattan this morning following indictments handed out by a grand jury wednesday in cases brought by the manhattan district attorney and the attorney general. the court will unseal those charges against weisselberg and the trump organization this afternoon. while on capitol hill, speaker pelosi has chosen wyoming republican congresswoman liz cheney as one of her eight
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selections on the 13-person select committee to investigate the january 6th insurrection. with cheney releasing a statement saying congress is obligated to conduct a full investigation, and at the supreme court, a significant legal blow for voting rights activists from the conservative justices. a 6-3 ruling written by justice alito for arizona ballots cast in precincts and submitted by third parties. we begin in surfside, florida, with nbc correspondent morgan chesky. i know you've been talking to fire officials. talk to us about this extraordinary decision, heartbreaking for the survivors to at least temporarily halt the rescue operation because of the fragility, the danger of the pile bringing down the rest of the structure. >> reporter: andrea, this was a decision that was not made lightly and you can see part of the issue just behind me. this is the standing side of
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champlain towers south. on the other side of that is the heartbreaking pile of rubble that rescuers have been working 24/7 to dig deeper into since this collapse took place a year ago. this decision to halt a search took place overnight. we know up until that point this really had been a true 24/7 operation. rescue workers working in 12-hour shifts on the pile and dig deeper in there and as of right now, no one's allowed on top of that collapse site, due to the instability and not just on the pile itself and the state fire marshal telling me that there is a concern that debris may actually be the only thing propping up that side of the building. on top of that, even while they were searching there was still a 40-foot area they were unable to search because of what they call widow makers. these are air-conditioning units on top of the roof weighing 500 to 600 pounds dangling over that
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precipice that they were worried could fall on one of those rescue workers. we'll hear what the fire chief had to say about this decision a short time ago. >> during our initial search and rescue efforts and while we were working underneath the structure, the same structure that is significantly compromised right now, we did hear audible sounds and they were searching for a female voice is what we heard for several hours and eventually we didn't hear her voice anymore. >> reporter: now important to note that that female voice was heard in the initial hours after this collapse took place a week ago, and you can hear the fire chief saying they worked toward that voice, but after several hours of searching it went quiet. after pulling the last survivor from that site a week ago, there's been no signs of life as of now. we do know that high-technology tech was deployed, sonar, infrared to scan that debris on top of a team of 21 rescue dogs
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that as each lair was removed, visited that site and able to detect of someone trapped feet beneath the rubble. as it stands now the families of the 145 still missing which are currently being held a short distance from here are put in the middle of an agonizing waiting game here, andrea, because every day they were getting up dates from authorities and now with no one on that pile it would be the same time before they receive the next one. >> morgan, through your reporting all week we heard families were asking officials about why they couldn't work through thunder and lightning storms. they were concerned any time there was a brief break in the rescue operation because of bad weather condition, but now this is an indefinite pause, if we can call it a pause just as the president is meeting with survivors and you can imagine the emotional wait during those private meetings. i don't want even know what they could be thinking and the last
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survivors, and not the last survivors, last recovery was last night of the 6 and 10-year-old sisters? >> reporter: yes, and a heartbreaking update there, andrea. the death toll now rising to 18, among those a 10-year-old and a 4-year-old, sisters. they were part of the guada family. their father had been confirmed killed as a result of the collapse and now the mother and two daughters, as well, and i saw their picture posted on one of the memorial sites there, and i can't tell you what puts this in perspective more than seeing photo after photo after photo covering a chain link fence of the faces that are still missing. they're somewhere in that rubble, andrea, and these families will have to wait a little bit more. >> it's just an overwhelming catastrophe for these families, obviously. i can only imagine the bidens
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with them right now. thanks so much, morgan chesky, for all you're doing there. turning to the supreme court today, those big decisions, the final day of the court term bring in nbc pete williams and yamiche alcindor moderator of "this week." there was an opinion leading up to this, it was a 6-4 ruling. for the first time in its test against voting restrictions in the past that's been used about redistricting. this is the first time the supreme court has applied it to changes in voting laws and two in arizona one that said ballots would be thrown out if cast in the wrong precinct and only voters themselves or their family members or caregivers can collect their ballots. the supreme court upheld those both provisions and that's not a surprise and even the biden administration said they probably passed the test. the critical thing is what the
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court said about what is left of the voting rights act, and this is where the court bitterly divided. so justice alito said that anything connected in voting imposes some kind of restriction. you either have to go to the mailbox to drop off your ballot or go to the polls to drop off your ballot. any time it changes the rules it imposes some restriction. it is not going to be illegal, he said. even if it imposes a minor difference in the way different populations respond to it. the mere fact that there's some disparity in the impact doesn't necessarily mean that the system is not equally open or doesn't give everybody an equal opportunity to vote. that, he said, is the test. he said if there is some minor inconvenience or minor effect on some segment of the population that would tip the scales toward a violation, the skate can overcome that by showing some justification by combatting
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fraud and it's interesting to look at the baseline in the mid-60s when the voting rights act was passed and what was the voting environment then that it was intending to preserve the fairness and he said back then, very few people voted by mail. so the extent that states opened up their mail voting at all and impose some restrictions on it doesn't necessarily mean it's restrictive. the dissenters were bitter. justice kagan said this was a huge blow to the voting rights act and a real step back in what was one of the most important pieces of legislation in american history and it will make it much harder now for states -- for challengers and states imposing the voting restrictions to prevail in federal court. >> pete, can i just follow up? can there be federal legislation that would supersede state challenges and meet a court test potentially? >> well, sure. one of the biggest problems for the voting rights act for people
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trying to use it to attack these laws is the supreme court kicked the guts out of it in its ruling ten years or so ago by taking away what was known as the pre-clearance rule and the pre-covered states in the history of the administration. they couldn't change the rules unless they got the justice department or a three-judge panel. that's no longer the effect and congress is considering the legislation that would bring that back which makes it a lot easier if the -- it changes the burden. under the old rule the state had to defend its changes before it made them. under the new rule now the state can make them and then people have to go to court and try to challenge them. >> pete, don't go anywhere because there are other issues involving the supreme court. i want to get yamiche on this massive defeat going back to the shelby case ten years ago. this would now require federal legislation and not state legislation to try to fix some of these issues from the
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perspective of the dissenters. >> that's right, andrea, and that's why democrats have been really debating this issue of the filibuster and voting rights because so many democrats see these changing laws and voting -- many of them backed by the republicans as eroding at the access of the ballot box from the very roots to have access to them, african-americans and people of color around this country. there are a lot of eyes, of course, on the supreme court decision and brad raffensperger from the state of georgia and republicans have tried to make into a boogeyman oroville that they wanted to make it like there was fraud in georgia when there was no fraud. even republicans, of course, who stood up to the idea that the election was not stolen do want to see some voter restrictions put in place and this right here and today really underscores that point. >> and pete, of course, with the
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6-3 decision, certainly cements a decision. we talked earlier that it was in some cases, 3-3-3, but the 6-3 is the dominating division on the court, and we've got the whole issue of steve breyer and when the longest serving justice -- not the longest serving justice and the 82-year-old steve breyer will make a decision under political pressure to step down because of what happened with ruth bader ginsburg and mitch mcconnell's vowed to not let democra replace a legal justice if the senate majority refers to the republicans in 2022. ? he's had no lack of people telling him what to do. the question is what is he going to do and we simply don't know. right now what you hear out of the supreme court is complete silence. so there doesn't seem to be anything stirring there that would suggest that something -- some announcement is imminent.
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of course, andrea, if he's not going leave there will not be any announcement and the only time there would be afternoon announcement if he steps down. before the term ends and some, like justice kennedy last time made his announcement later in the afternoon on the day decisions came out. so we'll watch for things in the next day or so. i just don't sense that there's something coming. >> unlike ruth bader ginsberg who had been suffering from repeated cancers, he's a very vigorous and active justices that we've seen in recent opinions. pete williams and yamiche alcindor. katie hobbs, a democratic candidate for governor in the state and a key factor in the arizona law that was targeting you specifically by expiring after your term expires. so it was definitely aimed at you by the republican senate
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leaders there. this is quite a blow. >> yeah. i mean, it really is a blatantly retaliatory action because the republican majority and the republican attorney general don't like how i've done my job and fought to continue to make sure that there's access for every eligible voter in arizona. >> so now what? is there no option at all? you know, we saw the walkout in texas, but that's going to be fixed from the republican standpoint because they'll revisit that in texas. according to the brennan center there's 17 or 18 laws that have already been enacted and among 48 that were proposed. >> this has been signed into law by the governor, but what we're going to do is continue to do our job. we have found a way in 2020 under unprecedented challenges to oversee and help administer a
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successful election to help voter participation so regardless of the barriers that are presented we will continue to do that and make sure that my office is doing the job that i was elected to do, and make sure that we are defending the laws of the election laws of our state the way that we see appropriate. >> and most recently all of the voting machines in maricopa, as warned could be replaced because they could be tempered by a so-called adity without supervision or transparency and there's no guarantee how those voting machines may have been altered. >> the big issue here is we don't know what happened and there was a loss of the chain of custody by certified election officials and that's the big issue here. you know, when the machines remain in the custody of the
9:16 am
folks who are supposed to have them and we have oversight and we have documented access and things like that, then we know that there hasn't been tampering and we have no way to know that now and there's no way to know if these machines are safe to use in elections. this is guidance that came from the federal level regarding loss of chain of custody of any voting machines. >> is there anything that you can do to educate voters about their rights between now and 2022, the midterms. we certainly have been working very hard to give voters all of the information that they need to vote safely and exercise their freedom to vote in our state and we will continue to do that, and update that information as it needs updated, but -- but we are very committed to public education when it comes to voting and that's part of my job and we're going to continue to do that. >> thank you so much, arizona secretary of state, katy hobbs,
9:17 am
thanks for being with us today. >> thank you. >> criminal charges, the indictments to the trump organization could be unseal shortly. what that means for the financial and political future. all of that coming up on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and we have breaking news from new york city where an indictment against the trump organization and its chief financial officer will be unsealed in a manhattan book in about two hours. the charges stemming from a trump organization scheme alleged to compensate chief financial officer alan weisselberg and potentially others off the books, in other words, not paying taxes. weisselberg surrendered to the manhattan d.a.'s office after a grand jury indicted him and former president trump's company. his attorney releasing a statement saying mr. weisselberg intends to plead not guilty and he will fight these charges in court. in another statement the trump organization said weisselberg is
9:22 am
now being used by the manhattan d.a. as a pawn in a scorched earth attempt to harm the former president. we should note, the former president is not being indicted today, but when the indictment is unsealed we will learn for the first time whether prosecutors will tell the full story of their case. the so-called speaking indictment may indicate whether others are likely to be charged in the continuing grand jury probe. we caught up with cy vance this morning. >> can we get a comment? >> just good morning. see you at 2:15. >> 2:15 it is. tom winter, monica alba, chuck rosenberg, former u.s. attorney and fbi official. barbara quaid and law professor at the university of michigan law school. there's a lot of noise from somewhere, let's figure out where, but i think i can hear you guys.
9:23 am
chuck, what will we learn when we do see the charges unsealed and how big a case is this likely to be? >> we will see a few thing, andrea. the specific charges both against the trump organization and its chief financial officer alan weisselberg, but to your point earlier, i think we're also going to see a speaking indictment. when you indict a case and you charge somebody with a crime, you have to articulate, list, the elements of each crime and it's perfectly okay just to charge a crime like that, doing nothing more than listening to the elements and saying that someone violated it, but in a speaking indictment, what i'm hoping when we are going to see are detail. in the federal system where barbara and i work often we'll use speaking indictments to lay out the entire story around the bare bones of the charge, around the elements. how long did the criminal conduct go on? how many different people were involved? how much money was involved?
9:24 am
what were the patterns? what were the mechanisms and what were the logistics, and so we're going to learn at a minimum what the charges are and who is charged, but i hope more than that we are going to learn all of the details that the district attorney in this case believes that he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury in manhattan at some point. >> just to quickly follow up, chuck, with you that, if it is the larger explanation of the story, would they mention that there are unindicted co-conspirator x, y and z, mentioning others that might be involved in the overall scheme, alleged? >> sure. often you'll see an indict, and unindicted co-conspirators are named by labels and person a, executive a and individual one was the way that the president of the united states donald trump was identified in the
9:25 am
campaign finance scheme. it is generally against policy to name people who aren't being charged. it's fundamentally unfair. we wouldn't name tom winter in an indictment unless we were charging tom winter and i can't imagine circumstances under which we might do that. we might identify him as reporter 1 if it was necessary to explain to the jury the charges of the case. >> reporter 1, tom winter, we are not indicting you today, but we do want you to tell us everything you know. >> well, everything i know that i can say under the law, so i'm not indicted today -- no. at 2:15 today as cy vance alluded to. the charges will be read aloud. the indictment won't, per se. the things that chuck is is trying to glean from the actual indictment, what he was referring to, we won't get that at that time. we will get a court paper
9:26 am
following the proceedings and the indictment will be unsealed and we will get the additional information that chuck says we are all looking for, so that's what's going to happen and we know that alan weisselberg will have a chance to enter his plea and he told us through his attorney that he intends to enter a plea of not guilty and you will not see donald trump jr. to the executives running the show while donald trump was in the white house. we do expect to have their attorneys, however, speak on their behalf and then, of course, outside of court afterwards allen fudderfos one of the attorneys of the trump organization he plans to speak about the indictment and he wants to see it first and understand the charges before he comments on it. that's kind of the general scene. again, at the courthouse behind us here, we do not have a camera in the court. that's something that hasn't been allowed in yet. we do expect to get pictures of perhaps alan weisselberg
9:27 am
entering the courtroom and i will be there myself as we get closer to the 2:15 time. >> barb, the focus is clearly on the cfo, alan weisselberg who is often a longtime employee. he was a key factor for trump's father before him. so how important is it that the prosecutors try to pressure him by loading up these charges? pressuring him through the potential, if he doesn't flip, potential penalties if he were convicted? >> think, we don't know exactly what these charges allege and exactly what the evidence is that the prosecutors have and it's not hard to imagine that alan weisselberg is someone who has key information about others in the trump organization as the longtime executive, as you said, longtime cfo. he's in a position to understand not only what happened, but whether people had knowledge and intent to commit crimes which is really key in white collar cases. you can get documents to prove what happened, and that element of intent sometimes requires
9:28 am
having a human saying who knew what, when and made decisions. he could be a will have able cooperator. i think the fact that he is being charged signals that he's not yet reached a cooperation agreement and sometimes the defendant needs to see his case on an indictment before he is persuaded to indict and i would imagine that prosecutors would take another run at him after today's indictment. >> and the trump world reacting angrily as predicted, as you would understand. an organization being indicted means they could lose a huge amount of their own leverage. they've got a big balance sheet in terms of leverage, of debt to banks that could foreclose, could call the debt. so this could be critical for the organization which is a family company, and it is probably not coincidental that we saw the former president for the first time at the border with a major political moment
9:29 am
plus a rally last saturday. >> exactly, andrea, and we should note he is set to continue those rallies. so the first time we may hear from him in person from all of this will be on saturday when he is expected to have another one of those events in sarasota, florida. what was significant is a couple of days ago when the news started to break, he did denounce it as, quote, one of the greatest witch hunts of all time. a refrain we have heard repeatedly whatever the charge leveled against him and that's a knee merck response, to be clear, there are no charges against the organization and for him and his family incredibly meaningful. so what we're watching for now is what happens in terms of what he might say about alan weisselberg and someone you noted that has been extremely close of generations with the trump family and someone who was very keen and read in on the inner workings of how they operated during these years of the trump organization. so we haven't gotten that yet.
9:30 am
the former president did appear last night in a hannity town hall that was more focused on that border visit and seemed to be taped earlier in the day so he didn't have a reaction yet to this exact indictment and the charges we expect to come, so we'll be watching for that, and he hasn't commented on it yet either today through his blog and his email statements since we know he's been banned from most of his social media platforms and the other thing, andrea, is to watch this in a broader political landscape and what it means for republicans and the gop as this former president tries to continue his grip on the party and could charges for the trump organization and potentially others down the road change that calculation and that's something that we are watching very closely here in washington. in terms of the white house and the current president we heard from the white house spokeswoman on air force one, asked about a series of these questions and she said for their part they're not focused on the former president at all today. >> chuck rosenberg, if this were the end of the case you would
9:31 am
see cy vance, perhaps and the others explaining their case, but this isn't the end because the grand jury will be in as far as december, correct? >> absolutely. i don't think this is anywhere near the end of the case or cases, for that matter, and prosecutors are wise to do everything they need to do, to say everything they need to say in court. there's no benefit to mr. vance or to his team of prosecutors and investigators for talking to the press on the courthouse steps. and it will be deduced in court and the evidence will be made to the jury and to your point, andrea, there will be much more to come. barbara explained earlier that people often cooperate, but not at their first opportunity. she's absolutely right. some people do cooperate before they're charged and some people need to be charged to cooperate. people cooperate after they're
9:32 am
convicted. so if there is a path to others, this is the beginning and not the end. without cooperation from allen weisselberg, how difficult would it be to go higher in the chain? we know that the former president doesn't use emails. so they have the tax records, though so they can infer a lot from tax records, but it would be a harder case to prove without a witness. >> i think that's right. i think that allen weisselberg seems naturally to be positioned to have a lot of information that could be of great value to prosecutors and that is not to say that he is essential to make it a case and the prosecution is likely to continue to investigate and it's likely who doesn't know as much as allen weisselberg and no one cooperates in the end and they
9:33 am
do have to rely on documents. if they can rely on signatures it may be a fair inference that donald trump had the knowledge and intent or it may be that they're never able to make out that case, but i doubt that they're at the end of the line just yet. it seems likely that they will continue to investigate and will take the case wherever the evidence leads them. >> tom winter, i hope it's not leading right to you. you'll be in the court, but as far as we know you're not being indicted today. monica alba, chuck rosenberg, barbara mccade, thanks to all. stay in touch, tom. and investigating january 6th. nancy pelosi rolls out her picks for the select committee including one very well known republican and her counterpart kevin mccarthy rolling out a major threat against the investigation. this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc.
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has chosen republican congresswoman liz cheney to serve alongside serve democrats on the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol help the house homeland security chairman benny thompson.
9:38 am
joining me now is capitol hill correspondent garrett haake. speaker pelosi naming liz cheney despite threats of the house republican leader kevin mccarthy and we have that sound from kevin mccarthy reacting. i know you were just covering that. let mae play that and have you comment on the other side. >> i was shocked that she would accept something from speaker pelosi. it would seem to me since i didn't hear from her maybe she's closer to her than us. i don't know. >> garrett, he specifically to
9:39 am
your follow-up question saying they're not going to take away her committee assignments and then he said specifically, i don't know in history when someone would go get their committee assignments from the speaker and expect them to have them from the conference, meaning the republicans, as well. is that an implied threat to take retaliatory action against liz chainy? . >> it certainly seems that way it had the feeling of a sort of mob-style -- and they're nice and clear that they'll have to go back and strategize here about how they want to handle republicans do these two issues. they're looking across the aisle and they see committees stacked with committee chairmen and former impeachment managers and one of the most recognizable house republicans in the country picked by the democrats. mccarthy will have to go back and make a decision about who he wants to sit on this committee and whether he wants it to be serious people who can cross examine witnesses and participate in this in a meaningful way and whether he wants partisan warriors to kind of drag the whole process down. separately, he'll have to decide what to do about liz cheney. does he punish her? does he strip her of committees and something he was willing to do for marjorie taylor-greene and does she create that contrast and hope she goes away?
9:40 am
make no mistake. cheney wants this fight. she wants this discussion about january 6th and what republican leadership believed and what their relationship is going to be with trump, and so it's not a balanced fight, really, between mccarthy and cheney who want very different things out of this whole episode. >> and we shouldn't forget that kevin mccarthy is a critical witness because people want to know what did he say in a very angry phone call in the midst of that insurrection with the president of the united states where he apparently had very strong words for the president not sending in the national guard and not responding them and not helping them when he was under siege before he turned several days later and went to mar-a-lago and made peace with former president trump. >> that's right. mccarthy -- another reason he's in a difficult spot. i was interested to note that
9:41 am
speaker pelosi got asked about this during her press conference which preceded mccarthy's and she made it clear she's less interested in mccarthy's role and what was going on with him and the conversations with trump than other factors in which mccarthy might still be a player that led up to what happened on january 6th, the role of republicans and the texas lawsuit to throw out election results in other states. there are other areas in which mccarthy is relevant to this and may end up of being more interest to this committee than the phone call that all of us cover have an interest just to know what the president at the time was doing and what was being said to him during that day, but at least to hear pelosi discuss it and that's less the focu of what the committee should focus on. >> garrett, this is such an extraordinary story and a serious one when you get to what happened on january 6th. and now we have breaking news in pennsylvania.
9:42 am
the main line in philadelphia. you can see bill cosby who his lawyers say has been blind or legally blind because of an ailment for several years now has just served three years in prison coming out to the microphones a day after that extraordinary supreme court decision from thetate supreme court which unanimously overturned his imprisonment and the conviction, but in a contentious ruling decided that he could never be reindicted or reprosecuted for those crimes. he looks like he's getting into a car, obviously. so if mr. cosby speaks, we will let you know, but as just to continue the thought about what has happened in the last couple of days, the last two days we will have more reporting in a few moments about the accusers in this extraordinary case and the effect on those involved in what was the most famous me too
9:43 am
conviction up until the state supreme court decision in pennsylvania. we will be following that, but first, joining us is former maryland democratic congresswoman donna edwards and former florida congressman david jolly. let's return to first of all, to what liz cheney's appointment to this committee is going to do, donna, as far as taking away criticism that the select committee is all partisanship which is, of course, what the former president has been saying, kevin mccarthy and others and also that comparison of kevin mccarthy implying action with liz cheney for joining the committee, but himself opposing marjorie taylor greene and that had to be done by the whole house, despite offensive, anti-semitic comments
9:44 am
by any stretch of the imagination about the holocaust and complaining what democrats had done about masks to what happened to the jews during the holocaust. >> andrea, i refuse to be surprised anymore about the depths to which kevin mccarthy will go to defend really what happened on january 6th and to refuse to investigate it and the threats that he's issued not just to liz cheney, but to any other republican who might serve on that committee, and while i note that kevin mccarthy might be able to make appointments to the committee, there's specific language that has to be done in consultation with speaker pelosi, and so i think that it's going to be really clear that if kevin mccarthy wants to put the flamethrowers on that committee that there's going to be a dialogue between him and speaker
9:45 am
pelosi about when that can happen and when you look at other members of the committee and these are serious people and these are people who are determined to investigate in a non-partisan way to get to the truth. >> and to that point, david jolly, former republican congress member, you could call that the jim jordan clause, if you will, that is exactly who that is aimed at. >> it is, but look, there's a real question now for what nancy pelosi does and what kevin mccarthy does and by picking liz cheney, nancy pelosi could say, look, we have a republican on the committee and she needed to do that because kevin mccarthy very well might say we are not cooperating at all. not testifying because politically he does not want the truth to come out. look, kevin mccarthy today is a majority leader who is both scared and bitter. he's scared of the truth that will come out of the january 6th
9:46 am
commission and he's bitter because this is someone, andrea who was on the cusp of becoming speaker of the house when jon boehner retired. he is not able to do so. he believes he's on the cusp again. if he can return to the majority -- as long as we are rightly trying to get to the bottom of the events of january 6th. i expect kevin mccarthy to provide no cooperation to the democrats to forever paint it as a witch hunt to invalidate the findings of the january 6th commission. it's shameful behavior, but i believe that will be his political calculus. >> don a isn't it going to be difficult for this committee work to be taken seriously in comparison to the 9/11 commission and the outside people, none of them elected officials who had all been brought in and who had such extraordinary credibility with the nation? >> i think we have to be very clear, andrea, about why we are
9:47 am
at this moment. we are here precisely because republicans rejected the ability to have an outside commission, and so this is a secondary process that i think will have great legitimacy and how it's conducted and i fully expect under the leadership and guidance of benny thompson of commission and the chair. these are serious people and i think they'll ask for evidence. they're going to gather that evidence and they're going to call witnesses and issue subpoenas if need be for people who don't want to cooperate and that would potentially include kevin mccarthy, although i don't even think that that is necessary to be able to get to the truth of what happened on january 6th and to understand that and to look at some of the roots so that we can make sure that something like this never happens again. >> and less we forget, david, just briefly, "the new york
9:48 am
times" has released a video diary of what happened january 6th and one of the issues is whether republican members may have cooperated wittingly or unwittingly and given passes at a time when congress was shut down for covid reasons in the days leading up to january 6th and there were tour groups going through hosted by republican members and that's an issue. >> that is. the committee will get to the bottom of all of these fact, but i think what we can't lose sight of is the very top line narrative here, andrea, which is republicans are responsible for the events of january 6th and that's it. it's not democrats. that's why kevin mccarthy and donald trump are scared. they invited the crowd on january 6th and given the charge to the capitol, perhaps republican members of congress helped provide access that they shouldn't have wittingly or unwittingly, but the bottom line was this.
9:49 am
this was a republican-motivated protest participated in by republicans that nearly toppled our republic. republicans are responsible for the events of january 6th and that's what this committee ultimately will conclude. donna edwards and david jolly, former members of congress, one a democrat and one a former republican, thank you very much. shock and outrage, reaction today from many of the women who accused bill cosby of assault after his conviction was overturned. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. driving down the cost of insurance. ♪ ♪ are you down, down♪ ♪d-down, down? are you♪ drivers who switched saved over $700. ♪ allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands.
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and moments ago we saw bill cosby leaving his home north of philadelphia on the suburban main lane less than a day after being released from prison after three years, reaction to that has been one of shock and anger. cobsy's criminal conviction, the first of the me too era was overturned by the pennsylvania state supreme court. today we're hearing from two of
9:53 am
his accusers after the state court threw out his sexual assault conviction on a legal technicality finding prosecutors violated his due process. sflfsh said you're so brave. for what? it didn't matter. i'm beyond tears. i can't even cry. >> because i found justice and now that's being taken out from under our feet. >> speaking of, of course, with kate snow. joining me now nbc stephanie gosk from outside the cobsy home. hi, steph. this case is marked so many twists and turns and this overturning of the conviction which doesn't deal with the substance of the case at all of andrea constand, you know, testimony about how she was drugged and assaulted. none of that has changed except that the verdict has been
9:54 am
overturned and the decision is he can't be reprosecuted. we know we've heard from the prosecutor of the indicate, the second prosecutor who said this should not affect women being -- willing to come forward but doesn't it really? >> well, he hopes it doesn't but he is concerned as is andrea constand who said the same thing, that this sort of casts a shadow over the whole process and that women might be deterred from coming forward because they don't think the system is there to support them but what i would point out, while this has been described as a technical issue, procedural issue and may be the case it is very much about a constitutional right that we are assured we don't have to self-incriminate ourselves and the right to remain silent and what this supreme court is saying that was violated because of the way this case was handled and if we go back i can run you through that sort of quickly but it's worth pointing out that the
9:55 am
d.a. back in 2004 who investigated andrea's claims of being sexually assaulted in his house said he didn't have enough evidence to pursue charges, but that he told cobsy he would not be charged hoping that that would compel him to give a deposition in constand's civil case which he did, a portion of that deposition admitted he had given quaaludes to women who he wanted to sleep with in the past. that particular portion was used as at least part of the basis to pursue charges. that is what the supreme court in pennsylvania is saying was fundamentally unfair, andrea. >> now, i am aware and you're correct to point that out, of course. it's just that the prosecutors of the second case, of course, felt that there was no real agreement, it was a verbal say so and not -- had been litigated in pretrial arguments. i know you're going to be on the case. >> yes, if i could just one more comment on that because you're absolutely right. it's also important to point out
9:56 am
that it was a split decision. four of the judges on the pennsylvania supreme court decided this way, three did not. three did not see it as an actual official agreement, andrea. >> thanks so much, stephanie, to you. princes william and harry reunited in london, growing tension between them to unveil a statue to their mother, princess diana, what would have been her 60th birthday in the sunken garden. one of her favorite places at kensington palace which was her home. when the brothers commissioned it in 2017, they hoped it would help visitors, quote, reflect on her life and legacy. william and harry lived at kensington palace with their mother before she died in that car crash in 1997. continues to be the residence for prince william and kate middleton. that does it for this edition. a lot of news today. stay with msnbc and follow us online @mitchellreports. chuck todd is up with "mtp
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♪♪ welcome to a very busy thursday. it's "meet the press daily." i'm chuck todd. we do have another jam packed hour and conservatives were handed another legal victory on the issue of voting restrictions. biden is in surfside, florida, as we speak as the search and rescue efforts have been put on hold due to concerns of an additional collapse. speaker pelosi has just announced her picks to lead the select committee in its investigation into the january 6th capitol attack and includes a republican, a big-time one. all of it is covered but begin with the breaking news. the chief financial officer of the trump organization, allen


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