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tv   Craig Melvin Reports  MSNBC  July 1, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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kevin mccar think near a little bit. we told you it would be a morning full of breaking news. chris jansing is picking up continuing coverage right now. good morning i am kris jansing in for craig melvin. we have breaking news, we have this, two big decisions in the last hour. including one on voting rights that challengers say makes it harder for my know forties to vote. president biden will meet with first responders and families later today. search efforts are on because due to drurl turns there. officials just updated us last hour. right now 18 people are
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confirmed dead including two children, just four and ten years old. breaking in just the last 30 minutes, nancy pelosi announce whog will be sitting on that select committee. the big headline, republican congresswoman liz cheney has agreed to be part of that group. plus, we're sitting on top of breaking news tied to the former president about the trump organization and alen weisselberg. long time trump ally allen weisselberg has turned himself into the da's office. we found out when we should expect the arraignment in the case and that is at 2:15 in the afternoon. >> bill cosby now spending his first full day as a free man.
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the decision by pennsylvania supreme court sending shock waves across the country. what he is saying now that he is no longer behind bars. a lot to get to and we'll have so much live for you. let's start with the supreme court term ending with two closely watched rulings. and another saying that charities do not have to disclose the names of their largest donors. pete williams is reading those decisions closely. jane tim is following voting rights across the country. what a fantastic group to have on this very important day in the supreme court. pete, i was to start with the decision to uphold two restrictive voting laws in
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arizona. walk us through the ruling. >> the bottom line here is not a surprise. they upheld two refrictions saying ballots can only be collected by family members, care givers, or someone associated with them. you cannot participate in ballot harvesting. the second thing was that ballots cast accidentally in the wrong precinct won't be counted. even the biden administration said both of those laws could probably be upheld under what is left from the 1965 voting rights act. the big test in this case was what did the supreme court say about applying the voting rights act, that provision of it that in the past has been used to look at redistricting. what do they say about that test when you look at in voting restrictions. that's where the court divided 6-3 with conservatives on one side and three liberals on the
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other. the opinion was reason by justice samuel aledo. he says just because of the change causing inconvenience on the voting is not enough to show that it violates the voting rights act. he says mere fact that there may be disparity in how it applies, does not necessarily mean that a system is not equally open or does not give everyone an equal opportunity to vote. so what he said is that it is an equal burden to various groups. if it is then it is fine. there may be son, as he describes it, incidental different effects based on a population's distance from the polls, education, and so forth. they said the restrictions seems tailor made and that's where the court divided. they now say the groups
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challenging the law say this interpret take by the supreme court of the voting rights act will make it harder to challenge other restrictions being imposed. >> that brings me to you. this results does specifically apply to arizona, but what could it mean to other states like georgia who are making changes to their voting laws. >> yeah, i was on the phone with advocates that bring these. they said it makes their work a lot harder. there is 22 different states that enacted a restrictive voting law this year and they're going to look and say we need to find a different way or find stronger cases. we see aj garland knowing this might have been approved. i think that is what they will have to do is try to prove there was a bias intended. but the court, advocates tell me the court will give states that
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want to prevent voter fraud cover. it is a very valid concern. we should note that it is really not a problem and we keep changing state laws to keep preventing it when really the person talking about it the most it former president donald trump who said the election was stolen from him, and the republican controlled states, many of them are casting doubt on the election, and then using that to legislate. >> i want to read a little bit from the dissent, today the court undermines section two and the right it provides. they say it will invalidate too many state voting laws, so they write their own set of rules. explain if you will section two to our viewers and what you make of this dissent. >> it is extraordinary.
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taken with great passion and precision gives us the whole history of voting rights and what she calls the persistent effort to narrow the broad rights that congress enacted. so congress enacts the 1965 votes rights act and the supreme court says you have to prove discriminatory effect. they say laws with discriminatory effect can be challenging if it makes it harder for one racial group to cast ballots than others. then they do a double whammy. first in the shelby county case. it strikes down section five, saying states that discriminated in the past have to get permission before they can adopt new decisions, and the majority ignores the text that congress carefully chose.
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it imposes all sorts of new exceptions that congress never imagined including as justice kagan says you have to look at the side of the burden. it departs from standard practice and other opportunities, and they say these are just made up. the kourtt is importing restrictions. so it is really port during a term where there is a lot of an anmimity that there is a lot of differences. the court's attempt to thwart the clear language of congress is one of the most significant opinions. >> i want to move on to the one where charities had to disclose
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who their biggest donors are. i know you had a little more time now to read through it, what is jumping out for you. >> this is a california law. the state could use the data to check and see if anyone was using the donations to commit fraud. they challenged that and they said sometimes they become public and that is chilling to the donors that fill intimidated and are less likely to give money. and the same vote struck down the law and said, number one, there is a chipping effect, and number two, that violates the freedom of association, and says they don't have a very good need have this. it very seldom uses this to investigate fraud. it can subpoena the voters. what they say as the justice
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says this paints a target on the back of other laws that require disclosure. so the fear here is whether or not this decision will be used in the future to weaken laws that require the public disclosure of people that make contributions to political candidates or who try to get referendums to get measures on the ballot. that has always been the lurking concern. i think in the oral argument they thought it was a stocking horse for that. it was challenged by the koch brothers and they gave them a concern to weaken the other laws. they say it is just like before. >> there is another conversation, it is about
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justice steven brier and whether or not he is considering retiring. a lot of speculation to consider about his future. it is about the fact that democrats now hold control of the senate. they would control the president and the senate rebasing him. . he also spoke up about the fact that politics playing a role. speaking for myself i would not be surprised if he retires very soon. justice kennedy retired at the send of the supreme court term in the afternoon. it could be possible today, but
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those of us that believe that justice bryer will retire. he will retire when he thinks it is best and we will wait and see. >> thank you so much on this very important day for bringing us all of that information. right now big new developments in surf side, florida, as well. president biden is there where he will meet with first responders. florida officials have been briefing there. he will meet with the families there later today. plus we learned in the last hour that search efforts are paused. they will continue once they deem it safe for first responders. so far 1400 tons have been removed from the site. plus the washington post is giving us insight about the building years before the
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tragedy. five of the buildings seven board members resigned in 2019 including the board's president. they cite minutes from the 2013 meeting. . we have have to stress that we don't know what caused the building's collapse, but these might be the last pictures we see of the building in just the minutes before the collapse occurred. there is a lot to follow. monica alba is following the president's trip. we just got that update from officials in florida. i mean, what a gut punch for families and first responders. i mean they have been working tirelessly. and i want to ask you about that but just give people a sense of how intense the work on the
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ground has been. >> i'm in awe by their efforts, their emotions, but also working through the paint, their feet covered in blisters, they're blowing through boots and gloves. we have a boot dealer on sight who is replacing their boots. so a different type of storm that these men and women have never weathered. >> blisters, cuts, and exhaustion not stopping them. >> they say they have to halt the efforts just a little after 2:00 a.m. this was about 2000 a.m. they say the concern was stability of the remaining portion. and that there was three particular areas they were worried about.
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they say there is a large column that moved six to 12 inches. there was concern that that could fall and cause the rest of the strurn to collapse as well. they also noticed movement on concrete slabs. that is something you heard there. they want to be out there working and trying to find any signs of life or at least bring closure to families waiting for answer. i want to bring someone on the ground working day in and day out. this is not just a u.s. effort. there is also international help from mexico and israel. i have with me the deputy commander of the israeli search team. walk us through what happened
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with this pause and do you have a sense of when your team and the other teams might get back out and get back to work? >> we arrived here four days ago on sunday morning by the request of the governor. we have been operating on the site together with the local rescue teams. and it is very important to emphasize how professional and how well equipped the local teams are. it is a very good experience for us to work with them and learn with them. and combining our efforts. >> do you know when you will be able to get back to work? >> the current commanders evaluated the situation and florida to avoid dang ere to the
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rescuers and one day i understand the movement of the scene as you said, getting us back, we're waiting here out here. >> you said on a personal level we have seen the miami rescuers, they found a teddy bear at one point and they took it to the memorial site. it is also very emotional for rescuers out there. what has it been like for you and the other rescuers to deal with this and what are you waiting to know right now? >> we experienced two challenges. one is that we believe that there are people alive beneath us. we do all that we can to get to them and from time to time a body is, unfortunately,
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discovered. and then we stand and wait. and we think about the life that was taken, and it's very difficult to think about it but we move on and try to get to the trapped where we hope to find life. the other challenge is talking and experiencing the presence of the families. twice a day we doe bree the families with the other local teams. and we see how sorrow they are, the pain, they're upset, and we try to let them be part of the process. we question them, we get population intelligence by questioning the families. and although the situation is really bad, it makes them be part of the rescue effort. >> thank you so much for your time, we appreciate it. >> kris one thing when i was
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speaking with one of the members of the miami rescue team, the families were able to go to see the rubble site that the rescuers working on that site could hear them calling out and could hear their cries and they were breaking down. particularly for the miami team this is their community, too. and what they know and what we heard from the colonel is that these are not just numbers, these are people, they have been in touch, they're near by and every minute you have to imagine they're forced to be away from this site right now and it is crueling for them as well. i spoke to the rescue ters and they want to do everything they can to try to save lives if possible. we're on day eight, now, but certainly doing whatever they can, smr some it is bringing closure and getting them out for
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their loved ones. 18 people have lost their lives as of today. two of them children, two and four years old. >> thank you so much for that interview and for your reporting. monica, president biden is scheduled to meet with those first responders but he is also stepping into a role that he had to do too often and we're potentially looking at a very large number of people and also a different situation because there so many missing. a different calculus than in situations where people are known to have died. what does the white house hope that the president and the first lady can accomplish today? >> they hope to offer comfort to these families. they had to weight a lot of different factors in making a
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decision on when the would be right to make this decision. we're told that officials wanted them to come and see and be able to meet with the grieving families that expressed so much frustration and sadness. the bidens are very familiar with personal loss. so they're in a situation where they never would have gone and done this trip if it detracted from resources. but it shows how delicate and fluid the situation remains. the white house did not want to say one way or the other whether or not they would definitely visit the site in surfside saying they would leave that up to officials on the ground given the news of the search halting suggesting that he probably won't get very close. he is holding all of the briefings and meetings at a hotel about a mile away. that is really something where
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air force landed to a different situation. that speaks to how things are shifting here, but the other main purpose for this visit, what we heard just a moment ago. they have everything they need from fema and other federal smarter ins, and the governor responded that they have everything at this point. but they did want to be very carefulble making this at the right time. there was some thought that maybe the president would wait until this was officially a recovery mission. that has not happened yet, and the white house spokeswoman says they're still holding out hope and hoping for the best in sterms of potential survivors and that's the mission and the message that the president and the fist lady will be carrying. they set aside more than three
8:23 am
hours of time for these families. i'm told it could stretch beyond that allotted time. >> thank you to both of you. it's also worth noting as we look at those pictures of the president there, setting any objection to ron de santis, this is a day to put the partisan thoughts asize and to focus on the families for sure. believe it or not, so much more breaking news. donald trump's money man has turned himself in. allen weisselberg says he will plead not guilty to criminal charges. and, angry, disappointed, fearful, that is how some of bill cosby's accusers are describing their reaction to his release from prison. why a court overturned his
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♪ ♪ history says: fine jewelry for occasions. we say: forget occasions. (snap) fine jewelry for every day, minus the traditional markups. ♪♪ right now we're closely following major breaking news as we wait for details on charges against the trump organization. we now know that the organization and it's cfo will be arraigned at 2:15 eastern this afternoon. at 6:17 this morning he turned himself in.
8:28 am
a new grand jury indicted him over business dealings. we don't know what specific charges in the case are yet, but they are said to be about compensation paid to weisselberg and others off of the books. weisselberg is now being used as a pawn in a scorched earth attempt to harm the president and we're hearing from his attorney that he intends to plead not guilty and he will fight the charges in court. i want to bring in joyce vance. tom, you're down at the courthouse, set the scene for us and walk us through the latest.
8:29 am
>> that's right. as you said allen weisselberg already turned himself in. as far as the trump organization there is no one to turn themselves in, the whole company is being indicted today. so in court today tat 2:15 is cy vance. 2:15 is the time, and we'll have the attorneys and the trump organization make statements or answer questions on behalf of the company. and then allen intends to plead not guilty today. they will read out the specific violations of law that has been violated here. the reason that we're here today, and shortly after that we plan to get our hands on the court paperwork, itself.
8:30 am
there is a realtime line, and it is called a speaking indictment. typically we don't get that in new york state, but because they're charging the organization, will we get that today, will that be helpful for us. so that is something that we will be tracking later this afternoon. so far everything is on time. we should expect to see still images from the courthouse. and they told allen reese that he is expected to speak after court proceedings today. they're looking to see what they're charging the trump organization with. more to come inside and outside of the courtroom. >> we think we have a general parameter of what the charges will be about. it is rare to charge a individual or a company for
8:31 am
failure to pay taxes alone. if that's the only charges, to the prosecutors risk looking biassed? >> i will answer your last question, first. we we have a sense of what the conduct is. what we don't no is what laws thatly invoke in charging this conduct or what the dollar amount is. so whether or not they're significant, a lot of the devil is in the details here. this is long term high dollar
8:32 am
amount. we have a lot of reason to believe this is wide ranging and there there are very significant and unusual fringe benefits here that someone with the cig enough kansas of a weisselberg. >> after former president trump learned that he would not personally be indicted he was thrilled by what he saw as light charges and his mind raced to 2024. we know he has walked away, i think you could argue, somewhat unscathed. what are you hearing about the
8:33 am
long game here in terms of prosecutors and the kind of problems that trump himself might face. >> if i was in front of a big podium today, i would say this would be the period at the end of the sentence on this investigation and we're not getting that today and i don't think we're close to the end of this. in speaking with various federal courses is their fight to get trump's taxes, and they made it clear that it is a host of issues of things that might be done today. and also, how certain entities
8:34 am
and properties accounting in handling their finances and where they are filing the appropriate tax returns. so we're talking about all of that today. we're talking about the president's personal finances. so we're probably feeling good about that, trump or anyone else, but this this particular instance i think we're fall from over, chris. >> we're going to be hearing a lot from you as the day goes on. joist, you say there we're going to talk to you about bill cosby in a moment. what it means that liz cheney will be serving on the committee. and the retribution she could face. tribution she could face 3
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. breaking news, we now know who will sit on the january 6th capital insurrection kpee committee. one notable dedecision was not present, congresswoman liz cheney. she will be the sole republican on the committee. here is part of what speaker pelosi said in her weekly news
8:39 am
conference. >> the next step for us has been to seek and to find the truth we want to do so in the most patriotic and nonpartisan way so the american people have confidence in the report. >> we have a couple big questions. would there be any republicans? we now know the answer. >> that is right, it's a diverse state of employees that includes beb any thomas. here is the chairman of the homeland security committee. that is stefanie murray. she is a leader of the moderate blue dog colist.
8:40 am
she is afraid of keeping them out of power. that is her words. now speaker pelosi made clear over and over again with the other appointees that their only job is to find the truth. i asked if they want former president trump to show up and testify and if they might subpoena him. >> you would like to see former president trump testify and if there is a chance the committee will subpoena him. >> i made the appointments, the committee made decisions and we look forward to the republicans making their appointments to the committee so they can be part of those decisions. >> that is not a yes, kris, but that is not a no. we will look to the degree they
8:41 am
hold them accountable and if they bring them to congress in these halls to testify. >> nancy pelosi knows she will have to wait awhile. there will be reprokuxs. if you see or hear from kevin mccarthy we'll see. still to come, bill cosby a free man, what lead to a stunning decision to overturn his conviction and what his accusers are are saying now. e saying now sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today.
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this morning we're following coverage to throw out bill cosby's conviction. he is now a free man after serving three years in briz. a jury found limit guilty after three years of aggravated indecent assault. by they saw cosby never should
8:46 am
have been charged due to an agreement he had with a prior prosecutor. cosby called into a radio station and spoke out for the first time. >> this is for all of the people inprisoned falsely. >> the specific conviction was around a claim that he assaulted gloria constant. what's the seen line outside of cosby's home. what did he say about his relace. this this is the same home where the alleged crime took place.
8:47 am
we were told that he would be leaving later today and going to be with his wife, camille cosby. they have a number of homes. a couple out in l.a. he may be going out there. he will be with her in three weeks. this will first time they have seen each other. it was just under three years ago. cosby, as you said, he reached out to a radio station, he had comments out here. he looked pretty weary and frail. he posted a picture of himself with his first in the air. he said i never changed my stance nor my story. i have always maintained my innocent. thank you to everyone o to who
8:48 am
stood by me, special thanks to the pennsylvania supreme court. the attorney general that brought those charges saying this is a technical issue. thank you, i want to go to kevin mccarthy who is talking about liz cheney serving. pelosi does not make it about politics, so no one is taking this seriously. if you read the nat report you would be very concerned. you're concerned about what happened in the days before it why wasn't the national guard here. there is a lot of questions
8:49 am
about why that determination was made. it is concerning to me why the speaker would narrow the cope, did something happen in the summer. all of that preach ration ahead of time. the sergeant in arms never spoke to me prior to the meeting, after the 6th, durk the 6th. there is a lot of questions raised and you have the senate that went and did the work and a speaker that played politics and tried to drive it that way. >> are you going to appoint members of this committee to try to answer those questions? last week you met with the
8:50 am
officers who were here last week. they urged you to take this seriously. so are you taking this seriously? >> i take it very seriously. >> i'm wondering named a number of entities that you think are to blame for the 6th do you believe that former president trump is accountable for some of the events that led to 6th. >> what i looked -- did you read the senate report? did you read the senate report? did you read the prep that we have for this capitol? were you concerned when they found ieds in the morning that they did not call the fbi? were you concerned that the sergeant of arms had intel provided by the fbi, but it wasn't passed forward? were you concerned if we had
8:51 am
that information why didn't we have a different presence built here? if you were concerned about riots, why would you put the riot gear in a bus that was locked and down the way? at the time that the riot took place, why was there not communication that had direction from leadership because leadership wasn't talking? there are so many failures along that way that happened the days before that allowed individuals to get into the building. that's what we want to make sure it never, ever happens again. did you have a question. >> i was going ask whether -- when you were going to appoint people because she has a quorum now and she's appointed cheney. >> she plays politics all of the time. >> it would be in your interest to get people on this thing now. >> it is in my interest that it is a political game that she's been playing and when i have news on this. >> did i upset you last time?
8:52 am
>> i thought from the article i must have upset you. i thought gray hair was positive and you are younger than me. i don't know. i hope you feel better after article. yes, sir? >> do you believe that by liz cheney accepting the assignment on january 6th, that she's left the republican caucus. >> maybe she's closer to her than us. i don't know. >> -- when they literally -- >> i was trying to give you an example based on when someone comes here how they get their committees. i mean, take, for example, when liz cheney came to congress she came to see me about -- and the other members on steering about committee assignments just as every other republican did. no democrat came to see me about committee assignments and the only time jeff van drew came to
8:53 am
me about committee assignments it was after he left. that's why it would be shocking to me for anybody from a party on the other side to come and want to accept a position, and it would be shocking to me to have a republican to go to a speaker pelosi of all people to accept a committee assignment. >> do you extend a seat to liz cheney? >> i'm sorry? >> do you think it would fb speaker pelosi to extend -- >> i've always found how a system works here, republicans appoint republicans and democrats appoint democrats and that's why you have ratios and the system the way we go. if i don't see you all, i want to wish you all a happy fourth of july. let's celebrate the freedoms we have and let's not forget them. thank you. >> and so that's the latest from kevin mccarthy. we do not have sound, but you
8:54 am
can see the picture from belle harbor, florida where first responders and president biden are meeting right now. again, he is expected to be there the bulk of the day not only to meet with first responders, but also later in the day to meet with family members. we may have some sound now. let's see if we can actually hear. [ inaudible ] >> not long after -- my home -- [ inaudible ]
8:55 am
[ laughter ] >> i want to introduce you to our battalion chief. >> how are you? what's your name? [ inaudible ] [ applause ] >> anyway, i just want you to know that we understand. what you are doing now is hard as hell. even psychologically. i just want to say thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. as you all know, it's not only what you're doing now, but your brothers and sisters across this country are having more pressure
8:56 am
put on because of drought and heat. i was on a zoom call yesterday with all of the western governors and you know what they're asking for? we need more firefighters because, you know, last year the fire season didn't start this early and the territories burned to the ground and it was the size of rhode island and you guys are -- i want to say thank you. i fully appreciate what you do. i promise you, we know. we know. what you're doing here is incredible and having to deal with the uncertainty of worrying about, you know, your families, you know -- anyway, thank you.
8:57 am
be careful. be careful. [ inaudible ] >> and so the president and first lady and you can hear a little bit of his comments repeatedly thanking those first responders for the job they were doing in referencing the meeting that he had yesterday with western governors in talking about additional aid for firefighters in particular, but first responders in general, and he has talked over the course of the last couple of days about the incredible role that they play and how difficult the job is that they do in wanting to get more resources to them.
8:58 am
so we will continue to follow the president's trip there to florida. in the meantime, i want to get back to nbc's sahil kapur in the last couple of minutes to talk about what we heard kevin mccarthy specifically not answering whether or not president trump holds responsibility for what happened on january 6th and not responding to several questions about whether or not he is going to appoint any republicans, but saying that he was shocked that liz cheney would accept a role on nancy pelosi's january 6th commission. what did you take away from that press conference and what might we have missed? >> he summed it up pretty well about the former president's responsibility for the january 6th riot on the capitol. he did not make any news in terms of whether and who he's going to appoint in terms of his five recommendations to the committee. again, he can make those recommendations, but speaker pelosi does not have an
8:59 am
obligation to accept them. if he tries to put a far-right member, a conspiracy theorist, she does not have to accept it. he took several questions about liz cheney and reporting that nbc news has confirmed in terms of him threatening her committee assignments. he said multiple times he is not threatening her committee assignments and he did go on to say he's not aware of any point in the history of the house of representatives where a member of the minority has accepted the majority party and he may not be saying the word threat or threatened, but it sure sound like liz cheney should not expect her committee assignments to be safe. it comes one day after voting for the select committee saying former president trump has been on a daily basis repeating the lies that led to the attack on the capitol. her words, not mine, chris. >> sahil kapur and kevin mccarthy might ask questions
9:00 am
that might argue for a commission and would not put words into his mouth. that will do it for me this hour. andrea mitchell reports starts now. ♪♪ ♪♪ and good day. this is andrea mitchell in washington. first of all, let's go to -- we are following -- we are following major breaking news stories involving the florida condo rescue efforts. the january 6th investigation and the future of voting rights in the country. south florida with devastating news for grieving families as the search and rescue operation has been halted for now out of fear that the remaining structure could collapse if any more rubble could collapse from the pile. this is as president biden and the first lady are meeting with the families


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