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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 1, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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just news coming of every stripe from every angle all day long and into the evening. tomorrow is likely to be a bigger news day than today was. make sure you get your beauty sleep tonight. make sure you eat your wheaties in the morning. i will see you again here tomorrow evening. "way too early" with kasie hunt is up next. indictments are expected today against the trump family business and its chief financial officer. the question is what does this mean for donald trump. and the latest as crews recover more bodies from the collapsed condo. the question remains, why were much needed building repairs delayed. and bill cosby released from prison, the sexual assault conviction overturned on a technicality. while cosby has maintained his innocence, the question is will this prevent other sexual assault survivors from coming forward? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪
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good morning and welcome to "way too early," a show that's keeping its legal analysts very early this morning. it's juul 1st. we'll start with nbc news. the manhattan district attorney and the attorney general have brought charges against chief financial officer allen weaselberg. people familiar with the case say they're related to unpaid taxes on gifts and benefits to weisel brg and potential other executives. the "washington post" reports that weisselberg is expected to surrender this morning and be arraigned in court this morning. the company has repeatedly denied wrongdoing. attorneys for both defendants declined comment yesterday. former president donald trump who is not under indictment
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visited the border wall in texas yesterday and was asked about the charges after a news conference with governor greg abbott. there you go. all right. now this. it has been a full week since 12 stories of the champlain tower south came crashing down into a massive pile of rubble. the search for those missing has been a painstaking process, especially for the 145 families who are still waiting for answers. the mayor of miami-dade county delivered an update that search-and-rescue teams found more bodies in the rubble. >> i'm very pained to tell you that we found two additional bodies in the rubble, which brings our total count to 18, 18 fatalities. it is also with great sorrow, real pain, that i have to share
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with you that two of these were children, aged 4 and 10. so any loss of life, especially given the unexpected, unprecedent nature of this event, is a tragedy. but the loss of our children is too great to bear. >> devastating as she said. 18 people are now confirmed to have died, while 145 remain unaccounted for. officials are also raising concerns about a potential tropical storm that could impact rescuers who've already had to deal with almost daily rain and thunderstorms as the search efforts continue, so do investigations into what caused the building to partially collapse. while we won't know for weeks or months the exact cause, we are learned more about why major repairs weren't done. the "washington post" reports that five of the building's seven board members resigned in the fall of 2019, including board's president. she tells "the post" that she
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was frustrated about the ongoing infighting as the board debated how to fund millions of dollars in needed repairs. and a chilling voice mail left by a surfside resident gives a glimpse into the harrowing moments surrounding the deadly collapse. resa rodriguez in the mid ol' f this photo called her brother after waking up to a loud noise. she described the building quoting like, quote, a sheet of paper as she began knocking on neighbors' doors before narrowly escaping. >> oh, my god. what the hell! oh, my god! the whole entire building is gone.
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>> rodriguez's two close friends and neighbors seen here, dick augustine and elaine saevino have yet to be found. president biden and dr. jill biden will meet with families. the president will give remarks after that meeting with families. the white house and miami-dade county police have stressed the president's visit will have no impact on the search-and-rescue efforts. meanwhile former president trump is moving ahead with a rally in sarasota, florida, scheduled if this weekend, this despite reported pressure from governor desantis to cancel it as rescue workers continue to search for survivors in the condo crash. he insisted desantis is, quote, focusing on his duties as governor and the tragedies at surfside and never suggested that plans in different parts of
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florida should be rallied. "the herald" tribune reports that if the rally muns forward. governor desantis would be spurred to decide even as the surfside death toll keeps rising. joining us now, national political correspondent from politico meredith mcgraw. thank you for being here. i know you've covered the president's recent events. let's talk the rally in the context of what's going on with surfside and the concerns from the governor about what to do, and, of course, this all comes as we expect indictments from the former president's company. [ indiscernible ] >> -- for the former president, he's barreling through with holding a rally over the weekend
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despite a rumored push from the governor's office not to hold that rally. the governor's office has denied that as trump's aides. a statement was sent out from trump's spokesperson that said he's going to continue to hold this rally as condolences go out to the families, and he'll also be holding a monetary collection for the victims there? in seaside, but these are always tricky moments optically for the governor of florida. he's dealing with that harrowing catastrophe there? seaside, and for him to make an appearance with trump would really not with the best look. then, of course, for trump, we're waitsing to hear what these charges are today going to be against his own business. he for decades has been deeply
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involved in the day-to-day financial dealings of his business, and allen weisselberg, who's expected to be charged today, is one of two people who really knows what's going on with the books. and while trump is likely today going to issue a statement that says this is a witch hunt, is that this is politically motivated, there are concerns, of course, among trump and his own family, just because some much of their own wealth is tied up within the trump organization. >> it sure is. and he does pay and has paid minute attention to all of the details of the workings of his company. meredith, let's talk briefly about what we're going to see from president biden. he's dealt with so much personal grief and has mourned with so many and shared his own stories with them. that's likely to be the role that we see him playing today. >> yeah. he has a real ability to connect
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with people who are grieving, who are going through tough times. he's had to bury his own wife and children now, and so he acutely knows what that feels like. and this is such a difficult situation. it was really scary to listen to that recording that you played of ms. rodriguez as she was, you know, feeling and watching her own building collapse around her. so, of course, part of this is the families at seaside, families still waiting for information about their loved ones. but officials say this is one of the biggest building centers, so there are going to be a lot of people asking questions about how this happened, how this could be prevented. so in addition to just giving hugs and helping people get through this really tough
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situation, president biden's also going to have to address a lot of the concerns that people have about the infrastructure of these buildings and how we can prevent this from ever happening again. >> politico's meredith mcgraw. thanks for getting up early with us. still ahead here, bill cosby, now free from prison after the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his sexual assault conviction. we'll talk about the rare move and why it happened. plus jake auchincloss being approved for a select committee to investigate the january 6th riot. don't go away. we'll be back with much more.
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the western conference finals are done.
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the phoenix suns for the first time in 28 years are going back to the nba finals. >> the suns finish off the clippers in six games, earning the western conference final and are advancing to the finals for the first time since 1993. paul would go on to finish with a game-high 41 points and now looks ahead to the first finals appearance of his 16-year nba career. >> 16 years it is. 16 years. surgeries, hard work, losses, bad losses, but we're going to enjoy tonight. we're going tone joy it. >> it's hard not to be so excited for him. in the meantime, in the quest for the lord stanley cup, the tampa bay lightning lead and
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go on to beat montreal, 3-1. ohtani couldn't complement his hot hitting on the mound. the two-way star was pulled in the first inning and charged with seven runs after throwing 21 pitches for seven strikes. meanwhile in boston last night's 6-2 victory over the kansas city royals makes the red sox the first american league team to hit 50 wins. they boast the best record and hold a three-game lead atop the a.l. east. >> and on the college diamond, mississippi state denies willie geist's commodores a win. the national championship is the first in a team sport for the bulldogs. and those players will now be afforded the opportunity to
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make money off their fame. the ncaa board of directors yesterday approved a change that suspended restrictions on payments to players for things like sponsorship deals, on-line endorsements, and personal appearances. a law would have allowed athletes to pursue profit no matter what. starting today, nearly half a million athletes are allowed to take advantage of a name, image, and likeness opportunity, a big change. let's go down to the wimbledon championship. novak djokovic beat kevin anderson. he share as record with federer and nadal. all eyes were on andy murray at center court. after winning the first set,
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murray dropped two in a row, marking only the second time in his career he's been forced to five sets in the opening week of wimbledon. the only other time was his debut in 2005. finally, french police have arrested the spectator accused of causing a crash in the opening stage of the tour de france on saturday. the woman who has not been publicly identified fled the scene after holding up a cardboard sign. it led to a pileup of dozens of riders. they plan to sue said fan. you can run, but you can't hide. time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for a check of the forecast. bill, how's it looking? >> kasie, there's a lot going on. we'll start with flash flooding today. we've got flash flood warnings around indianapolis.
2:18 am
watch out around washington, d.c., and philadelphia later on. we're going to have pretty big storms rolling through, maybe new york city. you can see the heavy rain from st. louis to indianapolis. in ohio there's a lot of heavy rain. and that will move into the mid-atlantic as we move throughout the day. we may get isolated severe storms, too, baltimore, d.c., fredericksburg, richmond, damaging wind will be the biggest threat. and this just happened a couple of minutes ago. the national hurricane center said we now have tropical storm elsa out in the atlantic. it's a weak storm at this point, but this one could be problematic. it looks like it's going to head through the caribbean. the hurricane center has it getting up to 65-mile-per-hour winds over the weekend. that would be just below hurricane strength. it's going to have land interaction with haiti, cuba. but regardless, it looks to be somewhere near florida by the time we get to late monday or tuesday. what strength is yet to be
2:19 am
determined. for all of my friends in florida, you've got to keep an eye on this one. for today, heavy rain, showers, very humid in the northeast. middle of the country, not too bad. a little rain in oklahoma. then for the fourth of july weekend, heavy rain unfortunately. the southeast on friday. saturday, not bad. a lot of the country's looking pretty good. the exception will be new york city, cloudy, on-and-off rain. sunday, a really big improvement pretty much from the east coast to the west coast, just down along the gulf coast we'll have scattered showers and storms. the bottom line for areas in the northeast, a lot of rain the next couple of days. it slowly improves during the holiday weekend. >> i will take the drop below 90 degrees on the east coast. bill karins, thank you very much. we appreciate it. enjoy your holiday weekend. still ahead, we're going to look at where the chaotic mayoral election stands as they scrap the results.
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welcome back. the chaotic race for new york city mayor took another turn yesterday, one day after the city's board of elections released and then rescinded new results in the democratic primary contest. new numbers show former city sanitation director kathryn garcia who was behind by 13 points previously now trailing former police captain eric adams by just two points. the boe later called the mishap a, quote, unacceptable error from 175,000 test votes that were reported in the actual vote count. this prompted a lawsuit from the adams campaign which announced it was petitioning the court for a fair election process. more than 120,000 absentee ballots remain uncounted. what a debacle. meanwhile the company who
2:24 am
manages the software used in this election tells nbc news the boe repeat lid denied an offer of assistance. they refused to use training, a bliejd revurks and a tab ligs run in the primary. they reached out by phone for an in-person visit but the efforts were ignored. they said the software was not the issue. the problem was human error. yikes. still ahead, we're going to dig into stunning ruling from the pennsylvania supreme court that led to bill cosby's release from prison. plus the house pass as resolution to put in place a committee. jake auchincloss will join us. first, why are you up way too early? tweet me and we'll read some of the answers coming up later on in the show. p later on
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. s by cosby was whisked away from the pennsylvania prison yesterday, a free man, after the supreme court suddenly reversed his assault conviction. they threw out the convex saying prosecutors violated a deal meant to shield cosby from
2:29 am
prosecution. others are crushed that he won't be retried. nbc new's stephanie gosk has the details. >> reporter: bill cosby a free man, his conviction tossed out, his record wiped clean. he cannot be retried. he appeared briefly before reporters outside his home. pennsylvania supreme court ruled that the decision to charge cosby with sexual assault in 2015 was an affront to fundamental fairness and the prosecution violated cosby's due process, cosby calling in to a radio show. >> this is for all the people who have been imprisoned wrongfully, regardless of race, color, or creed because i met them in there. >> reporter: the 83-year-old was served a three- to ten-year sentence in a maximum security prison after a jury found him guilty in 2018 of sexually assaulting andrea constand. at the same time other accusers
2:30 am
celebrated the verdict outside the court. >> i feel like i'm dreaming. >> reporter: constand said cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. cosby said the act was consensual. in 2005, the district attorney at the time bruce castor, who would later go on to be one of trump's impeachment attorneys did not bring charges. he testified there was not enough evidence, but instead he made a verbal agreement not to prosecute cosby if he gave a deposition in constand's civil case. they charged him ten days late e days before the statute of limitations expired. they say prosecutors broke a promise. cosby said this is justice, justice for black american. >> i'm disturbed, distressed that they where again exploiting
2:31 am
our thirst for justice in his name. >> our thanks to nbc's stephanie gosk for that report. the district attorney who brought the case, kevin steel, said cosby was found guilty by a jury and released on a procedural issue. joining us, nbc legal analyst danny cevallos. thanks for being here. you say cosby was a unique special defendant who got a special version of justice. what do you mean by that and what do you think it means to the dozens of women who came forward and said that this man assaulted them? >> i mean that i have had plenty of cases in that montgomery county courthouse and exactly 0.0 of them has a prosecutor call me into the office or offered to say, oh, have your client go sit for a civil deposition and then i'll make a public announcement that we will never charge your client. that has been offered to me
2:32 am
never. i don't know of it being offered to anyone else. and because of this unusual arrangement because, kasie, plea agreements do exist, they do happen, but they're written out explicitly in many cases. like when you close on a house, that much paperwork, and it goes on the record before a judge. >> very helpful comparison. >> it doesn't happen in this way. very strange. >> how can they prove this agreement had been made if it was simply a verbal agreement? they just used testimony from bruce castor who eventually went on to become the impeachment attorney? >> yes. in a sense, calling it an agreement is an affront to an agreement. they applied primary estoppel. you can still enforce a promise if the person cosby relied on it
2:33 am
to his detriment. that's exactly what they concluded. cosby relying on the promise that he would never be charged gave up his fifth amend rights and sat down for a deposition. >> danny, what about this prevents him from ever being retried on any of this? >> the justices actually disagreed on this issue, so this was, in a sense, a close call. there was the consideration that he should be able go be tried again, but the majority decided that, look, the only remedy for enforcing a promise like this is to enforce the promise, and the original promise was thou shalt never be prosecuted. while the court recognized it, it's rare to get a conviction vacated. it's rarer still to have the court bar reprosecution. this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing right now, the defendant walking out of prison, without
2:34 am
ever having to worrying being reprosecuted. you only see that in a case of wrongful convictions, and that's not what this was. >> fascinating and very demoralizing for the people who were affected by this man. danny, we promised at the top of the show we were going to keep you very busy today. the court will unseal indictments later on today. what are you expecting to hear in those indictments? and i think a lot of people are wondering, how does this potentially connect back to the former president? >> based on just the reporting, it may be reasonable to assume that the trump organization t corporation, and the cfo could be charged for it looks like failure to report taxable fringe benefits. i'll tell you, i'll be look with as much interest as anyone else. i've never had a tax fringe
2:35 am
case. it will be interesting to see if it goes forward. this is not the kind of thing that is normally brought as a prosecution, either in state or federal court, but keep in mind corporations can be sued. they can also be prosecuted. you can't put one in jail burkes you certainly can extract a lot of hefty fines and corporations, which states and the federal government loves to do. >> danny cevallos, thanks for being with us this morn jog still ahead, the totally different reason student debt won't be an issue at yale's drama department. we'll be back with "way too early" in just a moment. "way t early" in just a moment. the difference in try and triumph... is just a little "umph"! upsees, i need upsees.
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treasure hunt is going awry. treasure seekers acquired permission in the mountains. it's the second of its kind am cryptic poem along with an image of the prize was posted to instagram earlier in june encouraging folks to check in weekly for clues. dozens of groups are taking in the mountains. the salt lake county schiff's office posted a statement on facebook saying, please, make sure you're going into the mountains prepared. the man behind the hunt says if the trail is dangerous, the prize is not there. seriously people, it's not worth your life. still ahead, congressman jake auchincloss joins the house committee to investigate the capitol snurkz. let's take a look at this date in history. 30 years ago president george
2:42 am
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welcome back. the house moved forward with a select committee. yesterday's final vote was 222-190. all democrats voted yes while only two republicans, congressman adam kinzinger and congresswoman liz cheney voted in favor of creating the bipartisan panel. cheney said, quote, i believe this select committee is our only remaining option. the american people need and deserve a full accounting. woe must ensure that what happened on january 6, 2021, never happens again.
2:46 am
joining us now, democratic congressman jake auchincloss of massachusetts. congressman, it's great to have you with us, and i know you do want to talk about infrastructure, so we will do that, but first let me ask you about this vote yesterday. what does it tell you that there are now only two republicans who are willing to say we really need to investigate this even though ten were willing to say president trump needed to be impeached over what happened on that day? >> they're choosing trump over truth again. we need to look at what happened on january 6th and how we can prevent an attack on our democracy in the future. >> do you think it's important for there to be chosen a speaker on the select committee? >> the speaker extended her hand to the republicans in the first iteration of this bipartisan commission. they rejected that offer, and i have full confidence in her judgment and how to put together
2:47 am
this committee so that it provides an objective reporting to the american people. >> and if republicans decide themselves not to participate, not to name people to try and turn their backs on this, what do you think that will say about them? i mean there's still this question whether they'll participate at all. >> it will speak to their own internal struggle to choose between donald trump and his incessant need for validation versus the best interest of the american people, but regardless, democrats are going to move ahead. we're going to provide a full accounting and recommendations to prevent these types of actions in the future. same thing with the infrastructure. we're going to move ahead with an infrastructure plan. we welcome republican participation and ideas, but we're not going to wait. >> so, congressman, to pick up on that in terms of the infrastructure plan moving forward, are you confident and
2:48 am
are democrats confident that the votes will be there? the house the move forward on this two-track solution even if actually that very complicated dance does work out? i mean there's already some concerns that i'm picking up from some moderates who are potentially worried about the overall price tag for the reconciliation package. >> we've got a long summer of negotiations ahead, and this is going to be a tricky dismount to land, but we are going to pass an infrastructure bill, and i would focus less on the day in, day out processes because as you said, it's complicated, and more on the policies we're delivering to constituents weefrm ensuring clean water, transit, ensuring thatkys are not doing their homework outside a mcdonald's by upgrading broadband.
2:49 am
we are going to deliver on them. >> do you have any concerns about senator joe manchin and the way he's approached this process? he's really in many ways a one-man senate that is going to determine the fate of all of this. >> there's a lot of stakeholders, senate, house, white house involved in these negotiations. it is going to be a multi-faceted process. my focus right now is ensuring the excellent infrastructure bill we just passed in the house, which is making historic generational investments in transit and fix fixing our infrastructure, ensuring clean water really become the nucleus of the senate version of the bill. there's a lot of people at the table right now, and i'm confident we're going to deliver a good end product. >> we talk about the infrastructure packages on the two-track solution, but it's very important to underscore you are, in fact, doing so much in the bill that you just passed and in the other standard ways
2:50 am
in which congress addresses sfraush. congressman jake auchincloss, thank you for getting up early with us. earlier on in the show we asked all of you, why are you up? one writes, i want to hit the because leaving for vacation. matilda isn't impressed. kathy up with her 12 week old puppy named bernie sanders. and jake, up early to work here with me rescued this guy gus who gets up early with him every day. i'm glad it's not just us in the studio. and kimberly emails to say that kyle the cat wakes her up at 4:00 a.m., he's not hers. he lives next door but adopted us part time. thank you all. we're going to look at what helped president biden win the white house.
2:51 am
and on "morning joe" a live report from the surfside, florida. a busy morning for legal analysts breaking down two major cases, one that saw bill cosby walk away a free man and another indicting the company of the former president. "morning joe" just moments away. former president "morning joe" just moments away. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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welcome back. cspan has released its fourth ranking of past u.s. presidents and the results are surprise, surprise for former president trump. in a survey of nearly 150 historians, former president trump ranked among the worst in history, only beat one term president, franklin peace, and andrew johnson and james buchanan. the top ranking presidents have remained consistent with abraham lincoln topping the list, former president barack obama ranked 10th. new data shows how joe biden's performance helped him win the
2:55 am
white house. president biden made deep cuts in donald trump's margins among married men and veteran households. in 2020, trump won married men by 10 points. and only a 12 point margin in 2020 with veterans. trump was able to cut into democrats' numbers with latinos. joining us now the co-founder of punch bowl news. john, good to see you. let's speak about how the politics of the president and looking ahead to the midterms how it's all going. i feel democrats are more nervous, frankly, about hanging onto the house. everyone has always been relatively grim but given the amount of time it's taken on infrastructure, the drawn out nature of that process and the emergence from the covid-19
2:56 am
pandemic. somehow i'm picking up they are concerned more than they were, perhaps three or four months ago. what's your sense? >> totally. i totally agree with your read. they are worried about it. and they should be worried about it. just in redistricting -- you only have a four seat margin of democratic control in the house. and just redistricting the normal process of redistricting after the census, would give republicans five, six, seven, eight seats, the states that are picking up seats are red states, blue states are losing them. just redistricting would give them seats and then you have the traditional the president's party loses seats in the midterms, averages like 26 seats. they're scared, nervous. we were talking to some democratic moderates this week, who are concerned about, you know, the amount of spending that's being talked about by democrats, they're concerned
2:57 am
about inflation. there's definitely fear out there among democrats that they could lose the house in 2022, and, you know, may very well lose the senate as well. >> easier there. >> yeah. >> the moderates, too, the closer we get to the election, the tougher i think it's going to be for them to get anything through the house, right now it's four, the margin, moved around a little bit as numbers have changed. do you think there's a realistic policy that moderates won't get on board with the budget reconciliation spending plan because they're too nervous about it or do you think nancy pelosi will make sure they stay in line? >> absolutely, we heard stephanie murphy talking about this, the old conservative house democrats, not as many as there used to be, the caucus is much more progressive than it was 10,
2:58 am
15, 20 years ago but they're very concerned about it. i was talking to john yarmouth, the chairman of the house budget committee, i'll have something on punch bowl news this morning on this, his statement was it's spending of this number, they're trying to get away from bernie sanders talking about $6 trillion reconciliation package. that terrifies moderates. they can't deal with that number. so we're saying it's a net package of a couple trillion dollar. that they can sell. i think they're going to look -- their language is going to be careful to leadership. it's aimed at moderates, getting them on board because they're scared of losing them. the window on legislation is going to close probably sometime this fall. and, you know, getting something passed through the house after that, it's going to be really tough sledding. >> before i let you go, real quick. you have new reporting on what
2:59 am
kevin mccarthy is saying about the january 6th commission, sounds like the republicans have no interest in participating. what have you learned? >> yesterday they had the vote, and you had two republicans vote for it, liz cheney and adam kinzinger. what we're recording is that mccarthy warned some republicans in a meeting yesterday, if someone takes the committee assignment from nancy pelosi let's say for the select committee then they should get all their committee assignments from nancy pelosi. you can't get on the select committee and respect republicans to treat you -- if you're republican you can't expect the leadership to say that's okay. so there's clearly going to be -- if there was any chance that cheney or adam kinzinger could get on the committee, there's going to be huge fallout. we heard if they did it, the
3:00 am
republicans would be heard saying that person is going to retire in 2022, that's the only way they would do it again. it's a stark warning from mccarthy. >> thank you very much for being here today. we really appreciate it. this january 6th commission is our last chance to get answers, and it sounds increasingly like republicans are not going to participate at all. says a lot. thanks for getting up way too early with us this morning. don't go anywhere, "morning joe" starts right now. 6:00 on the east coast, good morning, and welcome to "morning joe." it is thursday, july 1st, joe will be back tomorrow. along with willie and me we have former aid to the george w. bush white house and state departments and msnbc political analyst elise jordan with us. we have a lot going on this morning, including indictments


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