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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  June 5, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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and i know that. and i would just tell keith, well done. your time on earth here was well done. >> that's all for this edition of "date line" i'm craig melvin, thank you for watching. first up on msnbc, donald trump is back, returning to the political stage in north carolina today, amid a report that he stands to be reinstated as president by august. >> trump trying to keep his maga movement alive despite the growing legal woes, "the new york times" reports a senior trump organization official and other witnesses now called before a grand jury. >> they are trying very hard to flip allen weisselberg because that's where he would be most helpful to them in all
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likelihood. >> russian president vladimir putin sounding a lot like republicans, with the january 6th riot, saying the mob had some political demands. plus -- >> let's get excited to head back to the bars. let's get ready for the greatest time in history to grab a beer. >> get a shot, get a beer. we will talk to anheuser-busch on how they hope a free pint will help get americans vaccinated. >> does it help if you already got one? >> i think so. just go there with your vaccine card. >> to krispy kreme. >> good morning, everybody. it is saturday, june 5th. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser. we're live in msnbc headquarters in new york. a beautiful morning in new york city. the sun coming up a lot earlier across the country as we head towards summer. >> and i love that time of summer when the sun is up when we are on the air. >> exactly. >> it makes us feel less alone.
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>> we have a team of reporters and analysts making us feel less alone bright and early here for you. >> we will begin with donald trump the return to the political stage about, 12 hours away, the former president will the keynote speaker at the north carolina republican convention and he's not stopping there. >> according to trump's senior adviser jason miller is also planning rallies in ohio, alabama, florida, and georgia, over the summer, and joining us right now is lauren, former aide to mitt romney and alaina beverly, former deputy director for outreach for president obama. >> ladies, good morning to both of you. lauren, trump's return, what exactly does it mean for the party? like johnny being back, from the shining, or arnold? >> i will take losing election strategy for 2024, kendis, that's what i think it means for
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the republican party. candidly if you look at the polling numbers out, obviously if a primary election were held today, donald trump would win, and would be the republican nominee, but his polling numbers among the general population are anemic. i believe the latest nbc news poll had him at about 32%. that is not a strategy to win a general election. so if he wants to run again in 2024, you know, possibly he can, we'll see what happens with his legal troubles, and it may be that he's not able to run at all. you know, it's very early. we'll have to see. but you know, i think that his return to the national stage is a distraction. what strikes me as interesting about this is it's been in the media and from his advisers that he's planning to attack dr. fauci or continue the attacks on his rally, and what is interesting about that is first of all, that's short-sighted but second of all, that's offmessage. representative liz cheney was ousted from her leadership
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position for what her fellow congressmen called being off-message. not talking about the republican agenda. attacking dr. fauci is not talking about the republican agenda. so it implies to liz, it applies to liz cheney, i don't see how it shouldn't apply to donald trump. it is off-message and doesn't move the party forward. >> "the new york times" is saying he will be reinstated by august and tell us why the democracy doesn't work that aand is he catering to a smaller percentage of his base as his popularity overall appears to be softening. >> absolutely, these audits are an affront to our democracy, we have had a legitimate election and what we're seeing with donald trump, as he continues to spread this big lie, that's part of the challenge for the republicans, because they know that as he continues to suggest, that the election was illegitimate, and in some ways, he's depressing his voter, he's
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depressing the turnout for a potential midterm election because those voters will believe that their votes don't actually count, they don't actually matter. there's a flip side to this, though, the fact that he continues to spread the big lie, and his polling numbers are so low, with the general public, if he were to run for example in 2024, and he were to for example win a primary, he's still going to lose the general election, but this idea that you can re-hash the legitimacy of an election, is if you lost in 2024, he could potentially inspire just another insurrection, just like we saw on january 6th. so in many ways, him being back on the trail is a liability for republicans, but it's a greater liability for our democracy. >> i want to switch gears a little bit. vladimir putin appearing to echo some republicans talking points by downplaying the january 6th insurrection saying the mob had some political demands. what does it say that the gop
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seems to be in agreement with putin? >> it's absolutely terrifying candidly. i remember, i'm old enough to remember when mitt romney when i worked for him said that russia was our biggest threat on the global stage. over the past couple of years, especially when donald trump was president, obviously you saw him cozying up to russia, we saw the election interference and it is a terrifying statement and it is terrifying to republicans, and the president was responsible for an insurrection january 6th. full stop. and what defines us as we are. who are we moving forward? are we going to hold those people accountable or not? >> an independent commission. thank you both for your time this morning. thank you for starting us off. to washington now, where
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republican negotiators are considering what else they can bring to the table, with president biden rejecting the shelly moore capito latest infrastructure offer. >> and apparently republicans offered an additional $50 billion in spending, again, this is a trillion dollar deal, at one point it was a $2 trillion legislation. the white house said that that's not going to do it but questions this morning, are other republicans trying to get a deal done. amanda gold en is in washington to get us up to speed. amanda, good morning to you. they are playing a little bit of a game of let's make a deal, but are they making one? >> well, that's the question here. we're not seeing a whole lot of substantive progress by way of these negotiations, but president biden, as you noted, rejecting republican senator shelly moore capito's latest counter proposal for the infrastructure package as the two are working toward a bipartisan agreement and we saw some readouts from the latest
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call these two had, the second conversation they had in the past week, from the capito side and the white house side and i want to read part of it. senator capito conveyed to the president a new offer which consisted of a $50 billion increase in spending across a number of infrastructure programs. the president expressed his gratitude for her effort and goodwill, but also indicated that the current offer did not meet his objectives to grow the economy, tackle the climate crisis and create new jobs and he indicated he would continue to engage a number of senators in both parties in the hopes of achieving a more substantial package. they agreed to speak again on monday. and the way to read this here is thanks but no thanks from the white house back to capito from what she's offering here and with the extra $50 billion, republicans and the white house are still miles apart on reaching a bipartisan agreement for the infrastructure package. and this is causing a lot of frustration, especially among
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democrats, into where they can move forward here, to actually hit those benchmarks that they need in order to create a bipartisan proposal, and get this over the finish line. and just a reminder, of what president biden has, the latest counter proposal back here with republicans, including a 15% corporate tax rate, that's substantively down from where it was before. and he is also now saying that he wouldn't get rid of the 2017 tax cuts that are so crucial to republicans, and tougher enforcement on the highest earners across the country, so trying to find some middle ground. but the republicans here, raising taxes at all is just a nonstarter. and we're actually hearing more and more from additional republicans, speaking out, saying that this isn't moving fast enough, in order to create anything substantive and democrats getting frustrated and wanting to do it alone with the reconciliation process. and that's something that senator joe manchin, the moderate democrat from west virginia who we talk about so much, he is saying he is not willing to go it alone just yet,
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when we spoke with our colleague earlier this week, he is still inching toward a bipartisan agreement. take a listen to what he told garrett. >> are you ready to do it alone just democrats? >> i don't think you should. i really don't. >> at all? >> i don't think right now we need to be. i always say this. i've never seen a pothole that has a democratic or republican name on it. >> well, it's clear that these talks will continue. the white house is indicating that they're not giving up yet. they even are now moving that bench mark, the initial june 7th deadline that they had said which is monday where they wanted to reach some sort of agreement in order to move this forward in a bipartisan way, that's now being pushed all the way to july, for the white house press secretary jen psaki said yesterday during the white house preferring that there is some runway left for negotiations. with that follow-up conversation that should be happening on monday between president biden and senator capito, we will see if there is anything more to move forward but an indication to the white house that the biden could be speaking with other republican senators
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including senator mitt romney and see if there could be any other kind of conversations, a way to actually break through in these negotiations. >> all right, amanda golden, we will stay tuned. thank you. we've got breaking news out of california this morning, which means many californiians could be getting their hands on assault rifles after a 30-year ban was lifted. we will bring the details. and donald trump may be back in the spotlight today, but behind the scenes a probe of his businesses continues. >> and more legal troubles for matt gaetz, defending himself against claims he obstructed justice in the fed's sex trafficking investigation. our legal expert breaks it down. and the hopes of saving lives, from beer free beer to guns, and a covid shot, is it working. a covid shot, is it working. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment
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big news out of california
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this morning, as the federal judge in san diego overturned the ban on assault rifles saying it violates the second amendment rights since those same weapons can be bought in other state, comparing the ar-15 assault rifle to a swiss army knife. >> the criminal investigation into donald trump's business is intensifying with the manhattan d.a. putting forward a new witness. "the new york times" reports that trump organization financing executive jeffery merconi has testified before a grj. according to people with knowledge on the matter. merconi is one of the few high ranking executives to oversee the company's finances. prosecutors are also honing in on his colleague, cfo allen weisselberg in efforts to get him to cooperate. prosecutors are working for the manhattan district attorney who is a democrat and trump has called the probe a politically
3:17 am
motivated fishing expedition. joining us now is author of "unprecedented," and white collar criminal defense attorney, good morning to you. >> and with being granted immunity, what is the significance of the testimony and will prosecutors use this to try to turn weisselberg into cooperating. >> merconi is not the first and last employee that we will hear from before this grand jury testifying and the idea of immunity means a promise of nonprosecution so he can freely testify and spill the beans. now, remember, that weisselberg has the key to the castle in terms of potentially what donald trump knew, in terms of the deflate and inflate of trump organization assets, so this is a very key witness, even though we will hear from additional employees. he's like you said, very high ranking, 35 years with the trump organization, almost as long as weisselberg has worked for the
3:18 am
trump organization, which i think is around 40 years. so again, this idea of this investigation, this grand jury, this meeting for six months, we're inching our way closer and closer to getting the keys to the castle, because the idea is to flip weisselberg. he knows everything. >> let's talk florida congressman matt gaetz and federal prosecutors are looking at whether he obstructed a witness during a phone call and he is not charged with a crime and consistently denied any wrongdoing and he said it again last night. let's listen. >> have you ever worked with investigators -- >> i think a lot is going none florida and my focus is what is going on in washington. >> you are concerned you will be indicted? >> no. >> thanks, everybody. >> so the reporter there are you concerned about being indicted, and gaetz emphatically said no. can you walk us through this
3:19 am
phone call and the timing in regards to the investigation in gaetz's colleague joel greenberg and what this development could mean? >> right, i find it so interesting that he's, you know, he claims to not be concerned. he should absolutely be concerned. so this phone call took place in october of 2020, at a time where this investigation was not public, but certainly, matt gaetz knew about it, this is his buddy, they have friends in common, he knew that greenberg was cooperating potentially but at least that he was on the hook for the sex trafficking case. so this phone call takes place between the ex-girlfriend and matt gaetz and the minor witness who is no long area minor but she was at the time of the allegations. and a couple of things about this. we don't know what the substance of the phone call was. we don't know who said what, to this minor. but to the extent that this may have been witness tampering, meaning that either gaetz's ex-girlfriend, or he himself directly tried to influence,
3:20 am
prevent, or delay the cooperation, or testimony of this witness in any way, that is witness tampering which is a form of obstruction of justice. there are three critical things that we do know at this time. number one there are two witnesses to this call, matt gaetz's ex-girlfriend and the minor witness herself and number two, the ex-girlfriend is asking for immunity and not prosecution, so at least she thinks there is something involved and lastly, the minor immediately hangs up the phone and calls the prosecutors. so they couldn't have been talking about the weather, there must have been something substantive on that phone call and he has something to worry about and something fishy about this phone call. >> fascinating. thank you. from hospitals to charity, the cyber attacks you don't know about and what the fbi is doing about it. >> we already know a lot about a lot of them. sports journalist jemele
3:21 am
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you know that whole saying about how you get to carnegie hall, practice, practice, practice, an opera singer may be learning a new singer, how do you get to prison? be a part of a riot on capitol hill on january 6th. doesn't quite have the same ring to it. 52-year-old audrey ann southberg has actually performed as a singer at carnegie hall but shes a now charged, accused of attacking a federal officer with a flag pole, and she was caught on video saying quote, tell pelosi we are coming for that b word. 465 people have been arrested so far. now, to major headlines from overseas this morning, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu mounting a strong stance against what he calls a dangerous coalition of
3:26 am
opposition parties looking to topple him. netanyahu re-tweeted this editorial in an israeli newspaper, suggesting overthrowing him could cause right wing parties around the globe to collapse. nbc news foreign correspondent kelly cobiella is in tel aviv for us this morning. good morning to you. no doubt a lot of people are spending the weekend with bebe trying to figure out exactly how he can hang on to power. >> reporter: yes, no doubt, and all indications are now pointing to june 14th, as the date for the israeli parliament to meet, to vote on this potential new government, june 14th, a week from next monday and as we said before, a week in israeli politics is an eternity. that gives netanyahu a lot of time to increase this pressure campaign against some of these right wing politicians who are part of the coalition. they're already feeling the pressure. not just from netanyahu, and his
3:27 am
allies, but also from demonstrators outside their houses, in some cases. and there are other potential issues that could derail this coalition in the coming seven, eight days, for example, in sort of security issues that might flare up, and just yesterday, in east jerusalem, there is a peaceful protest, protesting evictions of palestinian families in east jerusalem. it started out peaceful. ended with rocks throwing, tear gas canisters and stun grenades. this is the kind of thing that can flare up on a fairly regular basis here and again, this coming week, there's another protest planned, in this case, right wing religious jews who were planning to march through the muslim quarter in part, in jerusalem, and that could be very inflammatory, very provocative, and could turn violent. it's things like these that are happening throughout the next week, as we lead up to this vote, that could cause problems
3:28 am
and could derail the coalition. >> some critical days ahead in israel. thanks to kelly cobiella, in tel aviv, thank you so much. back here, in the u.s., officials are, u.s. officials are under intense pressure to respond to cyber criminals. after a recent string of ransomware attacks on u.s. soils. it has proven to be a difficult task with fbi looking at it as investigations after 9/11, tom costello has more. >> growing cyber attacks against tv stations, fuel suppliers, hospital, water systems and all levels of government, the fbi confirms to nbc news, it is investigating 100 different types of ransomware attack, many originating from russia. the deputy attorney general. >> we cannot give any quarter and no country should be harboring criminal actors of any type. >> the fbi threat assessment
3:29 am
says revil blamed by the fbi, for jbs, earned $123 million in ransom last year. tonight a revealing glimpse of the online negotiations between hackers and victim, companies and charities, large and small. in one exchange, a company pleads, my bosses have told me they can offer $730,000, they said if we had to pay any higher, we would not be able to pay our employees. the hacker's response, provide supporting information that your company is in a financial hole and we will review your price, but all of our systems are down and we are not sure how we would provide that information. and another, a charity that has been hacked, please if you can desist and allow us to continue our work? the hacker agrees only after receiving proof of the charity's work. the average initial ransom degree $5 million. two-thirds pay the ransom to get their computers back. >> this is not just someone wearing a hoodie in moscow. this is a team of people working
3:30 am
together. they have a financial department. they have a negotiation department. they have a customer service group. >> should the u.s. retaliate against the russian government? most experts warn that would only lead to a dangerous game of escalation. the u.s. turns out the lights in saint petersburg, russia turns off the water in chicago. >> i don't think we should turn out the lights in saint petersburg and punish the russian people for what criminal russian actors have done to us or what the russian state has done to us. >> cyber experts say the u.s. could target criminal gangs in russia, china and elsewhere, but the best approach may be an international agreement, like a nuclear arms treaty where all sides agree that they're going to crack down on cyber crime. back to you. >> thanks to tom costello. i think we both watched that with our jaws open. >> customer service department? hr department maybe? what do they get? >> paid leave? >> we are going to dive deep near this with cyber warfare
3:31 am
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we have a look now at other headlines we are following at this hour. trouble in the air, a national bound flight for los angeles forced to divert after an unruly passenger tried storming the cockpit. the passenger was restrained here you can see in the video by the delta crew and other passengers and taken off the plane in albuquerque. no idea what is behind the outburst but the fbi is trying to get to the bottom of it right now. a man vying to be the next mayor of new york city is at the center of another sexual misconduct allegation, a waitress owned and co-founded by the mayoral candidate says he was inappropriate with her, three times, back in 1992. springer is accused of groping the women on two separate occasions and giving her an unwanted kiss in a cab, in a statement stringer did not deny the claims but apologized. this is the second sexual misconduct claim against him. new york is planning to ease up on the required face
3:36 am
coverings in schools as soon as monday. the move will allow the school masking rules but the guidance for summer camps and the cdc relaxed the recommendations for summer camps and masks last week. a troubling trend in the coronavirus pandemic, and it has the cdc worried, new data shows more than 200 kids were hospitalized for kids across 14 states from january to the end of march and of the 12 to 17-year-olds, more than 31% were admitted to the icu. with 5% requiring a ventilator. and nbc news correspondent kathy park joins us with a closer look. and we thought for a long time that covid would not hit kids as hard. what are we learning now? >> we should note that severe illness for covid among children is still rare, but according to the nye cdc survey, it's eye-opening and it shows that kids need to be cautious moving forward and continue wearing
3:37 am
masks if they are unvaccinated but a preference is to be vaccinated. now, taking a little bit closer, a deeper dive into the survey that came out from the cdc yesterday, what is interesting is when it comes to hospitalizations, among teens, 12 to 17-year-olds, initially there was a decline, however there was an increase in march and april. and as you mentioned when it comes to the hospitalization, apparently there are about 200 adolescents who were surveyed and about a third required icu admission and 5% on a ventilator and you may be wondering what is causing this increase and according to researchers, it's a couple of things. variants, as well as more in-person learning as well as more interaction indoors, and the cdc director rochelle walensky says she is deeply concerned and encouraging families to be vaccinated, and we are here in new york city right now, obviously the biggest school system in the country and there is a big push to get kids
3:38 am
vaccinated before the start of the next school year, because as you know, a big headline a couple of weeks ago is to have all of the kid goes back to inperson learning, so mayor bill deblasio is trying to boost the vaccination numbers. yesterday, he launched a pilot program, of four different schools, we are standing at one of them in the bronx right now and brought essentially the vaccines to the students to make it extremely conveniently and essentially the next few week, the goal is to roll out the program across the boroughs and one program launched in new york city. >> we know pfizer, emergency use authorization for kids 12 to 17, morna will be asking the fda for that sometime this month. thank you very much. and more fallout following the release of dr. anthony fauci's emails. on the early stages of the pandemic. critics say his emails raised questions about early predictions and origins of
3:39 am
covid-19. president biden is doubling down on his support for dr. fauci. just last night. >> mr. president, do you have confidence in dr. fauci? >> yes -- >> wait for it. msnbc anchor and senior washington correspondent hallie jackson with the story. >> a new call from dr. anthony fauci now asking china to release the medical records of several scientists who, according to u.s. intelligence reports got seriously sick at a lab in wuhan, weeks before china confirmed its first covid case. fauci telling the financial times, did they really get sick? and if so, what did they get sick with? that lab in the spotlight, and now so is fauci himself. under fire from critics who argue he prematurely dismissed the possibility that covid-19 leaked from that wuhan facility. >> dr. fauci needs to be brought
3:40 am
in under oath to answer questions about this. >> from early on, fauci highlighting the more prominent theory among many scientists that the virus jumped from animals to humans. the explanation china also backs. >> it's totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human. >> it comes after thousands of pages of fauci's emails from the early days of the pandemic were released to several news organizations, under the freedom of information act, including one from the nih director, who last april said fauci, sent fauci a link to the news article suggesting the lab leak theory is true, and gains momentum and fauci's response is redacted. >> did you agree in april of 2020 that the lab leak theory was a conspiracy theory? >> no, not necessarily at all. the situation is that we didn't know, and we still don't know what the origin is. >> some now suggesting that scientists down-played the lab
3:41 am
leak possibility because former president donald trump repeatedly raised it. >> the question was much more open than most people were led to believe. >> still, there is a distinction between any leak may have been an accidental mishap during research on naturally-occurring viruses, or whether as someone have insinuated, the virus was somehow engineered and then escaped? thanks to halle jackson right there. just imagine a marketing meeting. hey boss, people are not getting the covid shot even though they could win a million, scholarships or guns? i got it. let's give them a beer for free. we will talk to this guy, from anheuser-busch who wants to buy the country a round if we reach the goal by july 4th. >> and bill nye the science guy will look at the climate change
3:42 am
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let's get ready for the greatest time in history to grab a beer. when we hit the white house goal of 70% vaccinated, beer is on us. let's grab a beer, america. >> not bad, the vaccine incentives just keep on coming. now anheuser-busch, you saw it right there, offering to buy you a beer, if you get vaccinated. it's all part of an effort to help the biden administration hit that goal of 70% of americans partially vaccinated by july 4th. some of the other incentives are being offered in various states including lottery prizes, college tuition, sports tickets, even you could get a lap dance and get your vaccine, at the same place. so we have more from caesar
3:47 am
vargas, and he is joining us to talk about this, a chief of public affairs at anheuser-busch. thanks for being here. >> nice to be with you. and at any moment now, i assume the props team will be bringing in free sam bling so we know exactly what we're talking about as research. how did you guys come about this whole concept? >> well, this is something we've been working on for a while, which is, you know, figuring out how we as a company can try to help our overall recovery, and help accelerate our recovery. and one part of that is this opportunity to support this white house goal of getting 70% of adults vaccinated by july 4th. we know that we have the power through our amazing brands to reach our consumers in a way that maybe others can't, and so being able to share some information with them, and generate some excitement around
3:48 am
this goal, and see if we can make a big push during the month of june, just seemed like a natural way that we could step in and help compliment what everybody else is doing, because what's neat about this is not about anheuser-busch, as much as it is about all of us, coming together, and trying to get across the finish line and get through this pandemic, but we certainly are happy to play our part and this beer give-away is one part of what we've been doing, kendis, we have been announcing we have been investing in our facilities across the u.s., $1 billion over the next two years, because job creation and economic prosperity will be an important part of more recovery. and we've been supporting the bar and restaurant sector that has been so devastated by this pandemic as well. >> but i want to focus on the vaccine part right now. because only 51% of americans have at least one dose.
3:49 am
why do you think that the beer incentive might get us to that 70% part? >> well, i think it's just one element of hopefully what will get us there. again, through our brands, we have the ability to reach people with a level of credibility, that many others don't. so we're happy to kind of lend our voice and encourage beer drinkers and our consumers, those that haven't been vaccinated, to think about getting that shot here, as we make this push over the next 30 days. so it really just complimented i think what other companies are doing, what the government is doing, what nonprofits are doing. and all kind of coming together. >> and it is an historic marketing genius, i will say, you have the commercial like this and segments like this and anheuser-busch, so you guys selling beer, or giving out the beer, if we get to that 70% part, and the markets aspect that you're getting is way, it outweighs how much the beer is
3:50 am
going to cost. >> yeah, it's not about marketing for us, though, you know, this is about something that we always do, which is figuring out, you know, in our country, when our country needs us, how we can step up and play a role. so we're happy to do it. there is going to be some costs involved here, i assure you. >> how much? >> it's well worth it. we see it as an investment, kendis. an investment in our recovery, investment in our community, investment in our country. when you think about it that way, it's worth every penny. >> how much is it going to cost you guys if we get to 70%? >> we don't know. we are in unchartered territory here. we have done giveaways before. this is the biggest beer give away in our history. we are not exactly sure. we got a few weeks to get ready as we aim for this goal by july 4th. but it's an investment --
3:51 am
>> i'm asking for a friend. what if we're already vaccinated? >> you get a free beer, too. that's the beauty of what we're doing here. it's not forgetting vaccinated. when we get to 70% goal, the beer is on us, america, whether you have been vaccinated, whether you haven't been vaccinated. we are buying a round for everybody. >> cheers to that. all right. cool. well, it is a great marketing idea, but i love that a lot of these companies are coming together and trying to to what they can to get us at 70% threshold. especially your company that taps into many people who are refusing to get the vaccine at this point. so, thank you. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a million bottles of beer on the wall. >> are they out there? >> they're coming. >> not yet. coming up next, the triple crown wraps up this weekend.
3:52 am
one horse will be missing from the belmont stakes. and what aren't they telling us? we are going to speak to a journalist who got all of the real details on that highly anticipated pentagon report on ufos and why a big chunk of it will still be redacted. and a plug for our twitter page. follow us @msnbc weekends. we love to here from you. show us how you are watching the show. also highlights online. that link is on the screen. we'll be right back. ight back. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some, rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack.
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3:56 am
we have reached the final jewel of the triple crown and as fans return to the stands for today's belmont stakes there will be a notable absence. >> yeah, kentucky derby winner medina spirit is still entangled with controversy after failing a second drug test. the champion likely to be stripped of the kentucky derby victory. corey coffman is in elmont, new york, with the latest on this and this controversy. what are we hearing interest the controversial and well known trainer for medina spirit? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. a beautiful morning, beautiful start to the day. unfortunately, mired in a little bit of controversy. bob baffert has been suspended for two years from churchill downs. the home of the kentucky derby after that second positive test from medina spirit for. now, we are looking at these tests and what has been
3:57 am
happening here. the second test, obviously this prompted the banning for baffert. medina spirit also not able to race today. but this also makes it much-more likely that medina spirit's title for the kentucky derby win will be stripped and go to the second-place finisher that day. but baffert has cited questioning the results, cited an anti fungal cream they had been applying to medina spirit. he says that could be the source of the betamethasone. they have asked for a third-party lab to analyze the results. baffert's attorneys have pointed to his long history in this sport and his hall of fame status. listen here. >> he only had two suspensions in a 46-year career and none in the last 25, 26 years. when you look at those individual particular issues, the facts and the evidence of those issues on many of them, mr. baffert has prevailed.
3:58 am
and again the findings, all of which have been investigated thoroughly by racing commissions and the findings in all of those have only resulted in two suspensions. >> reporter: all right. so the potential disqualification of medina spirit's title for kentucky derby win could take months because this investigation is so in depth and they are ordering new tests and trying to kind of analyze the dna and sequencing that comes with the science behind this. but meanwhile we have essential quality projected as the number one odds winner today. and then of course we have ron bauer, the preakness winner, not competing. mandaloun also not competing today. you have previous years where fans can get excited about one horse running through the triple crown. not the case this year. >> it's going to be a one-on-one race by the time they get to it, all these horses dropping out,
3:59 am
the controversy. >> right. thank you so much. and we begin a new hour of msnbc right now. first up, return of the rallies. former president donald trump returning to the electoral battlefield today as the base gears up for a big speech in north carolina. >> while trump takes the spotlight, the criminal probe into his businesses intensifying. behind the scenes with testimony from a key witness. breaking news out of california this morning as a judge there overturns a 30-year ban on assault rifles. and -- >> we cannot give any quarter and no country should be harboring criminal actors of any type. >> the biden administration considers retaliation against russia as the fbi investigates 100 different ransomware attacks from hospitals to charities.
4:00 am
plus, they are not aliens? so what are they? we break down the pentagon's mysterious conclusions about ufos ahead of a crucial report later this month. and progress for trans americans in the most unlikely of places. >> if i can be a faithful person, if they can believe that i enjoy praying and singing and going to church, then imagine some of the beautiful loving parts of other trans people's lives. >> breaking barriers in the church just in time for pride month. good morning. it's saturday, june 5th. i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. happy pride. we have a team of reporters and analysts following the latest for you right now from tel aviv to miami. >> we are going to begin with donald trump returning to the political spotlight today. the former president set to speak at the north carolina republican republican convention and he has a jam-packed


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