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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  June 3, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. that's it for us for tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. "way too early" with kasie hunt is up next. oo early" with kasie is up next developing news overnight from israel, benjamin netanyahu strike a deal to form a coalition government, the question is could the long-time israeli leader be on the way out? a new white house push to get 70% of adults vaccinated before the fourth of july. the question this morning, is the president banking on more incentives to help reach his goal? and now so much exploration of the planet mars, venus is about to get some attention. the question is, why there is interest in the solar system
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with the hottest planet? it is "way too early" for this. good morning, and welcome to "way too early," the show that remembers when pluto was actually a planet. i'm in for kasie hunt on this thursday, june 3rd. we start with the news. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's days in office could be numbered, with his opponents announcing they've reached a deal to form a new coalition. the agreement came shortly before a midnight deadline in israel which would have sent the country in the fifth election in just over two years. the coalition features leaders from eight different political leaders spanning both ens of the political spectrum. one interest they do share is a desire to see netanyahu out of power. if the agreement is approved by the israeli parliament next week, it would see the end of the prime minister's 12-year rule. replacing him with be former
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defense minister turned new rival, bennet. former journalist and finance minister would take over for the next two years. netanyahu who faces corruption charges and expected to lobby israel's parliament against the new coalition. the white house is not ruling out retaliation in response to another russian-linked cyber attack. president biden told reporters that the administration is looking into the recent wave of ransomware attack including one against the largest meat producer this week. press secretary jen psaki confirmed the issue will be brought out when president biden sits down with vladimir putin later this month. >> mr. president will you retaliate against russia with the latest ransom ware attack. >> we're looking into it now. >> do you think putin is testing you? >> no. >> we do expect this to be one of the issues that the president will discuss with president
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putin at the summit. this will certainly be a topic of discussion that harboring criminal entities, that are intending to do harm, that are doing harm to the critical infrastructure in the united states is not acceptable, we're not going to stand by that, we will raise, that and we will not take options off the table. >> a florida man is now the second person to plead guilty in the investigation of the january 6th capitol riot. the times reports paul was caught on video breaching the senate while carrying a trump man. the man agreed to plead guilty to the top charges of obstructing an official proceeding of congress, in exchange for dismissal for lesser charges. the recommended sentence of 15 to 21 months in prison. just under 500 people have been charged in connection with the attack on the capitol. the only other guilty plea, john ryan schaefer, a member of the far right group. house speaker nancy pelosi is considering a few options when it comes to advancing a
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congressional investigation into the january 6th capitol riot. on the democratic caucus conference call earlier this week pelosi discussed paths forward after senate republicans blocked the creation of a commission. two sources on the call tell nbc news that pelosi is looking into four possibilities. the senate holding a second vote on the original bipartisan commission, house democrats could create a select committee. a third option would have existing congressional committees continue their separate investigations. or they could empower a single existing committee such as the house security committee to take charge of the probe. one source says pelosi nixed the idea of the presidential commission as a viable option, both chambers would have to grant subpoena power and agree on a budget. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell doubled down on his opposition to further investigate the january 6th insurrection. >> the key is going forward. another layer of investigation in my view doesn't add anything. we were all witnesses to it.
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i was there. we all know exactly what happened. i don't think we would learn anything further by having yet another level of investigation and that's why i oppose the january 6th commission. >> with regard to the future, we're going to arrest, hopefully convict, everybody involved in the insurrection. >> joining us now, nbc news capitol hill correspondent lee ann caldwell, you have new reporting on the option, house speaker is weighing to investigate the january 6th riot. which one seems plausible at this point? >> good morning, so let's start with the ones that do have some problems. let's say the creation of the select committee, democrats are worried about the republicans that would be appointed to this committee, firebrands like jim jordan or someone like matt
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gaetz who would make it look like the commission was not serious. as far as the house committee, that would be confusing for the public. it's fractionable. there's not a lot of coherence in the various committees who are investigating. so the one that seems to be the most, the best option is the creation of one committee, or not the creation, but having one committee look into this, and that seems to be perhaps the homeland security committee and the house of representatives. that's because the top democrat on the committee, betty thompson, the top republican on the committee, representative, they came together and created the framework for the january 6th commission and that did not past but obviously they believe they have a reble partner in cat co 2, and speaker pelosi told her members that there is no decision yet, that they would
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continue to talk about it and they would decide what and move forward on the consensus decision, and it looks like it is creating, the homeland security security is the most likely option. >> fascinating. and if i'm understanding you correctly, the process of elimination to get the clearest path. and i want to ask you, you heard the sound from mcconnell in expressing his opposition. could another senate vote still be in the works despite his opposition? >> it actually could be, because the senate majority leader chuck schumer is the person who runs the senate floor. the question is, if it came up for another vote, would there be the support of ten senators? last week, when there was this vote, the republican senators, it was actually a vote that was only seven republicans, so perhaps that number could change. perhaps they could encompass, include the changes sought by senator susan collins of maine, to perhaps get a couple more republican senators.
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but i don't really see that vote count changing too much, especially garnering ten republicans, if senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is not on board. he has a lot of control among his members, and it's going to be very hard threshold to reach if he is not backing this, and as you played at the top, there is little indication that he is going to change his mind. >> leigh ann, when you talk about all of this back and forth do you have a sense of a time line how this is going to play out? >> it's interesting because democrats say they want to move to this commission, or some investigating power to get to the bottom of this, but it's already been almost six months since january 6th, it's been taking some time to even come up with the entity, the right entity to look into this. and republicans were worried that this was going to, the creation of a permanent select committee was going to spill into the election year, that's
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most of the reason, especially in the senate, why they opposed it. but it's looking like this is definitely going to spill into 2022. regardless of what form this investigation takes. something that republicans did not want. but now, with democrats in control of the process, and republicans refusing to participate at this stage, it's going to be a very political process that will definitely have an impact in the midterm elections and will definitely be a topic in those elections as well. >> nbc's leigh ann caldwell, thank you so much for getting up early with us. coming up, the end of an era in college basketball. and the trump administration secretly obtaining phone records of reporters and a crackdown on leaks. those stories and a check weather when we come back. d a c weather when we come back.
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here comes the standing ovation here, in appreciation of the next season. as young fires from way downtown. and takes a bow. >> hawk star trey young taking a bow and waving goodbye to the new york knicks in the victory. and they officially begin their off-season while atlanta advances to the eastern conference semifinals. where they will meet the 76ers, after philadelphia ousted the washington wizards with a 129-112 win. part of a trio game five eliminations on the nba court last night. and the utah jazz move on to the western conference semis after defeating the memphis grizzlies 26-110. the jazz will be the winner of the series, between the mavericks and the clippers which heads to game six with l.a. on
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the brink. the clippers missed a pair of late game opportunities to even the series. including kawhi leonard air ball in the final seconds that would have tied the game. and dallas beats l.a. 105-100. in college hoops, duke basketball coach mike krzyzewski will have a final champion run before retiring for the coming season, already the winningest coach in men's basketball history, led the blue devils to five national championships in the 41 seasons at duke which includes 97 ncaa tournament wins, 12 final fours and 12 acc regular titles and 15 tournament crowns. in a statement yesterday, coach k said quote, my family and i view today as a celebration. for us, there is no greater joy than being in part of our players' respective endeavors through basketball and more importantly their lives off the court. our family is eternally grateful
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to everyone who contributed to our career. and hall of fame trainer bob backert won't be able to run any horses at the kentucky derby or any other race for at least the next two years. church hill downs suspended baffert yesterday after an additional drug test of his derby winning horse, medina spirit confirmed the presence of the banned steroid dexamethasone, he will not run on the belmont stakes saturday and could have the derby wiped out by the kentucky horse racing commission. in major league baseball, in los angeles, the world champion dodgers set the tone early yet in the game against the cardinals. cody bellinger matched a franchise record, driving in six of the 11 runs of the first inning, tapped by a grand slam and second at-bat in the frame. l.a. beat st. louis 14-3. and finally, in chicago, a close call in the outfield, left fielder and shortstop collided, while going after a shallow fly ball in the bottom of the fourth
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inning. both were removed from the game, but appear to have avoided serious injury. the left fielder did receive stitches and will undergo a ct scan on his jaw when the team returns to san diego. time now for the weather, let's go to meteorologist bill karins for the forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning, that was cringe worthy, seeing them hit heads like that. worse than probably a pitch. the forecast, we have an active afternoon in areas of the northeast with pretty decent weather and thunderstorms all of the way through, airport delays will be an issue and numerous areas with downpours this morning, and includes eastern north carolina, and western new york, and areas of tennessee, and this will be the theme today, the humidity is on the increase, and hit and miss showers and storms and a period late this afternoon, through early this evening, this area of yellow, slight risk of severe weather, that includes the i. 95 corridor from baltimore and philadelphia, and just into the
2:17 am
west of new york city, including the hudson valley and northern new jersey. 29 million people at risk. wind damage is the biggest threat. but isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. so for today's forecast there, mid atlantic storm threat. the western heat wave continues. 106 in phoenix today. and boise near 100. and even areas of montana and north dakota, approaching mid 90s, as we go throughout the day today. no problems from dallas, all the way through chicago and as we take a look at the weekend forecast. showers kind of linger on friday, especially north carolina, possibly up through areas of southern new england, but as we head through the weekend, summer takes over. that record heat in the west begins to spread. 90s in areas like chicago and by the time we get to sunday, mid 90s in areas of the mid atlantic and washington, d.c., and 90 to boston, and 90 to new york city and unfortunately that rain threat continues down along the gulf coast. so storm threat today, in the mid atlantic and the northeast and then we welcome in a summer-like weather pattern this
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you might notice that every day items you buy at the store are getting smaller, even as prices are increasing. it comes as companies look to offset rising labor and material costs without scaring off customers. the "washington post" reports, a form of retail camouflage known as shrink-flation, consumer advocates expect it to be more pronounced as inflation increases, from paper towels to potato chips and diapers and the cutbacks usually coincide with economic downturns when shoppers tend to be more careful how they're spending their money. the latest round of down sizing
2:22 am
comes as wall street is on high alert for signs of sustained inflation. arizona's secretary of state katie hob is running for governor. the candidate made the announcement in a a twitter video, a frequent target of conspiracy theorists who falsely claim the election was stolen and healthcared for her defense of the state -- harassed for her defense of the state system, and hobbs, a former state legislator, elected secretary of state in 2018 the first democrat to hold the position since 1995. federal elections records reveal congressman liz cheney increased spending on security after voting to impeach donald trump. the first time the wyoming congresswoman has spent any money on security in the first quarter of a nonelection year. cheney, who has consistently spoken out against donald trump since voting to impeach him told her hometown paper the casper star tribune, quote, there are certainly people who are angry
2:23 am
and i don't mean aggressively angry but angry about my vote. still ahead, first the "washington post" and cnn, now "the new york times," new reporting on how the trump administration seizeder reporters' phone records. why are you awake? he mail your reasons at way too or tweet me. and we'll have the favorite answers later in the show. l hav answers later in the show. tide pods ultra oxi one ups the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up whatever they're doing? for sure. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains. any further questions? uh uh! one up the power of liquid with tide pods ultra oxi.
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anheuser-busch announced that beer is on them on july the 4th. that's right. get a shot and have a beer. free beer for everyone 21 years or over to celebrate the independence from the virus. >> you've seen krispy kreme has done that, i would not recommend a krispy kreme with a beer but i'll leave that to other people to decide. >> to each her own. that was press secretary jen perform saki suggesting americans shouldn't go too crazy with the vaccine incentive. yesterday president biden announced anheuser-busch is pledging to give away free beer to american adults if the nation reaches the vaccination goal of 07% by the fourth of july. krispy kreme has been giving away doughnuts to those with a vaccination card. and many on social media disagree with psaki saying nothing is more than a beer and a doughnut. and a summer of freedom, as
2:28 am
the president pushes to get as many americans as possible vaccinated by independence day. >> today we're announcing a months-long effort to pull all the stop, all the stops to free ourselves from the virus and get 70% of american adults vaccinated. we will continue to encourage people to get vaccinated with incentives and fun rewards. the nba, the nhl, nascar, nascar tracks, they're offering vaccines outside playoff games and in races. major league baseball. we offer free tickets to people who get vaccinated at the ballpark. and to top it off, anheuser-busch is announcing that beer is on them on the fourth of july. get a shot, have a beer. >> in order to reach that goal of 70%, an additional 16 million adults will need to get vaccinated in the next 30 days. right now, that's 63% of american adults have had at least one shot. demand for the vaccine keeps falling, especially for those
2:29 am
under the age of 40. the white house is working to keep certain vaccination sites open 24 hours on fridays and offering free child care while parents get their site, a lack of child care is cited one of the many reasons people have not gotten vaccinated. president biden met with the republican senator shelly moore capito yesterday to advance stocks on the infrastructure package, the two discussed the gop's latest $928 billion offer and how to come together to reach a bipartisan agreement. the senator from west virginia is expected to brief other republicans in a conference call today. meanwhile the white house called the conversation both quote construction triv and frank and the two plan to speak again tomorrow. "the new york times" says it has been informed by the biden administration, the trump justice department obtained the phone reports of four reporters. the seized records, in 2017 and
2:30 am
coincides with a story the reporters wrote about how then fbi director james comey handled politically charged investigations during the 2016 election. however, the justice department did not say which article is being investigated. the executive editor of "the new york times" released a statement, reading in part, seizing the phone records of journalists profoundly undermines press freedom. it threatens to silence the sources we depend on to provide the public with essential information about what the government is doing. it was revealed last month that the trump administration also seized the communication of reporters with cnn and the "washington post." joining us now, white house reporter for the "washington post," ann geran, an msnbc political contributor. thanks for joining us. president biden and senator capito have scheduled another meeting for tomorrow. could this be a sign that they're getting closer to a deal? >> certainly the white house hopes that's true. the tone coming from the white house has sharpened in the last
2:31 am
couple of days. yesterday, the press secretary jen psaki said that white house patience is not infinite, is not unending, she said. and there's considerable pressure on president biden now, coming from democrats, senate democrat, but also other elected democrats, around the country, to get moving on this, and if need be, to dispense with the idea that they could do this with bipartisan support, and go ahead and pass it with democratic support only. it felt yesterday like we were nearing a decision point on that. certainly the president wants to get through the meeting tomorrow, possibly extend it into next week. but with the white house yesterday, we'll see. >> infinite patience sounds like something i would like to have a slice on. four "new york times" reporters were targeted by the trump department of justice for phone records and that happened to
2:32 am
colleagues at the "washington post," can you talk to me a little bit about the dangers of this level of government interference with the free press? >> yes, and i think it's also important to note that president biden has himself specifically ruled out a similar action under his administration. these, all three groups of reporters, were targeted under the trump administration, as part of a leak investigation, as the justice department tried to figure out who was telling reporters in washington important things about an ongoing investigation. and until president biden himself was asked about it, just after a press conference at the white house last month, the white house in the form of the press secretary jen psaki had kind of equivocated a little bit and not ruled out following a similar path. now, we know that from the president's own mouth, he
2:33 am
considers this to be a gross violation of press freedoms, and he won't allow it himself. >> i do want to loop back to the infrastructure deal, when we talk about the possibility of there actually being some type of bipartisan deal or bipartisan negotiation, when you hear from republicans on the hill, has their calculus changed as they look forward to 22 is there a sense on their part that they need to be active at the table, lest they be punished by voters in 2022 for the perception that they have not showed up? >> yes, we definitely have been hearing that from the small group of senate republicans led by shelly moore capito, the lead republican negotiator, there are a couple of others, a few others, who are in that camp, but you know, again, the sense that there's really only so much time for that bipartisan way to
2:34 am
play out, is the mood we're sensing now. >> "washington post," ann, thank you so much. two massive fires in iran yesterday have officials questioning whether it was a coincidence or sabotage from israel. just hours after a mysterious fire sank iran's largest war ship, a blaze broke out at an oil refinery in tehran. the fires come as progress and talks aimed at reviving the nuclear deal with the u.s. which israel opposes. in april, iran blamed israel for an explosion at an enrichment facility. the israeli government did not confirm the involvement but made no pushback on the media. meanwhile, concerns are reportedly growing from u.s. officials over two other iranian war ships believed to be heading in the direction of venezuela. the reason for travel has not yet been confirmed but u.s. officials report purchasing weapons from iran a year ago and
2:35 am
long threatened to have war ships in the atlantic ocean but never followed through and now "politico" reports the vessels are expected to reach the atlantic as early as today. the u.s. defense officials tell "politico" that there are no plans to send u.s. ships to monitor the situation directly but the u.s. is quote reserving the right to take appropriate measures. still ahead, the totally different reason nasa has renewed its interest in the planet venus. "way too early" is back in a moment.
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2:39 am
event following the case for inciting insurrection set to be put on by the school's chapter of the federalist society. the flier red in part, quote, violent insurrection, is a classical system of installing a government. stanford's federalist society filed an official complaint about the flier citing defamation, a school official says normal procedures were followed in placing a hold on the student's diploma while investigations were ongoing. the university concluded that the email is protected speech, and the diploma has been released. former president and first lady barack and michelle obama have a new netflix series to teach kids about government, the ten episode feature has we the people, with music videos range of topics to educate young americans on u.s. civic. several big name artists contributed original songs to the show, lin man well miranda, and her, and inaugural poet
2:40 am
amman ga gorman will be making an appearance. it begins july 4th. in space news, nasa is headed to venus for the first time in 30 years. the agency announced the newest robotic mission including da vinci and veritas, headed to venus in late 2020s. and it looks to understand how inhospital cable it is with the carbon dioxide and the surface is 900 degrees which is hot enough to melt lead. there may be evidence of microbes living on the planet's clouds, shifting renewed interest on the solar system's hottest planet. still ahead why the former president's twitter alternative is not panning out. "way too early" is coming right back. ot panning out "way too early" is coming right back from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past
2:41 am
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2:43 am
former president donald trump has discontinued his blog.
2:44 am
once touted by his advisers as a quote beacon of freedom, the site suffered low readership. the blog was just 29 days old. on the last day it was live, the site received 1500 shares and comments in stark contrast to the amount of engagement the former president's tweets used to create. spokesman jason miller says the shuttered project was an auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on. joining us now, white house editor for "politico," sam stein, you and i are old enough to remember when everyone has a blog and i got to say shutting down your blog in less than a month may be one of the more relatable things the former president has ever done. >> and i feel like sam stein maybe you cannot hear me so we will come back to you in just a little bit. try to get you. you got me? >> yes you got me. >> technology is so difficult
2:45 am
and publishing in the digital space is not just a problem for president trump, here i am in the flesh. >> here you are. i was saying to you, you and i are old enough to remember when everybody had a blog and shutting one down is more relatable that this former president has ever done, and i wonder to you what it says about his staying power. >> well, i don't know if it says much about the staying power per se, it's difficult to launch a blog, but you know, it also is difficult to, you know, i mean it's not difficult to stay, he is still a staying power in the republican party, he is still very much a consequential figure, he still has a lot of sway over republicans, that's all true, the question is can he get an outlet to publish his musings in realtime. he's been ousted from twitter. he is still in review technically from facebook. his advisers say look, we're posting these things, people are
2:46 am
blasting them out for us, what's the point, and they're also saying that they want to add to their own platform, too. so i don't think it has much about the state but the tech landscape and the people he has running things and think they can just insert themselves into it, through a product they develop in a matter of months which is incredibly difficult to do for anyone who has tried to do it. >> we talked a lot about in terms of part of the desire to stay relevant, being about actually needing a mechanism by which he can continue to fundraise, in large part because of -- >> yes. >> i wonder if you have a sense for how that is going with the former president. >> this is all tied together, right? the real down of not being on the platforms isn't so much that people don't see what he says, we all see it because it is in the in boxes and it gets blasted out and the real thing is when you can't fundraise on facebook and raise a ton from small donors there and trump is probably fine notice end because
2:47 am
he has such a mass following and he can turn to them and make money but if you're looking at a protracted campaign, let's say he runs again in 2024, that can have a real material impact. not being able to dip into those communities, raise money from them, and having to build the campaign fundraising infrastructure, all your own. that's not that easy. so that's where the real impact is when you're talking about a ban from social media. it's not so much what he's saying and if he can get that message out, it's in terms of the dollars he can actually raise. >> going back to your initial point about how this is actually more about the tech landscape and to your point i think you were right that is a conversation, that continues well past trump, or what is the lesson about de-platforming that we have learned watching what has happened in the former president in the past few months? >> well i guess there is a few lessons. one is, you know, you shouldn't spread disinformation. right? there are real consequences, each if you're one of the most powerful or the most powerful
2:48 am
person in the world, to spreading disinformation, and inciting the type of violence that we saw on january 6th. i mean keep in mind it took a lot for trump to get to this point where he was deplatformed. i think the other thing is just the tech companies, they were, the fear that they had, i suppose, and i should admit my, disclose my wife works for facebook but the tech companies had a real fear that they were going to have incredible ramification if they turned on trump and deplatformed him and they did it, and largely i would say the blowback has not been to the degree that they feared. that they were able to implement company policies, they did it, they explained it, facebook still has a little ways to go in doing that, but that it worked and that the policies are worth following. >> sam stein as always, thank you for spending some time with us. earlier in the show, we asked, why are you awake? andrew writes, waiting for a cab to the airport, fully vaccinated, ready to go.
2:49 am
tom, tweets i am up this early because it's the fourth anniversary to my love. happy anniversary. and miley got new wheels and we couldn't wait for the sun to come up to try them out. and a three month road trip tomorrow to see america, sold my house, retired, ready to hit the road. what an inspiration. up next, a look at the one big thing coming up on "morning joe," we will hear from dr. anthony fauci on the heels of newly obtained emails revealing his correspondence in the early days of the coronavirus crisis. and an exclusive sit down interview with house speaker nancy pelosi. "morning joe" is just moments away. nancy pelosi "morning joe" is just moments away pain? yeah. here. aspercreme with max-strength* lidocaine. works fast and lasts. keep it. you're gonna need it. kick pain in the aspercreme for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen.
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with expedia. expedia. it matters who you travel with. amid the ongoing crisis at the u.s. southern border, u.s. news has gained rare access to migrant agents trying to record migrants. >> reporter: it's nighttime in the rio grande valley. these are some of the record number of migrants border patrol agents encounter every day. families brought by smugglers, turning themselves in because
2:53 am
many told us they believe they'll be allowed to stay. officially, the biden administration says the border is closed because of the pandemic. only unaccompanied children can come into the u.s. >> the border is closed. >> reporter: but that's not the reality here on the ground. >> some who have crossed have been allowed to stay, creating confusion for would-be migrants who wonder if the dangerous journey north is worth risking their lives. >> reporter: we met ana and her 7-year-old son, walter, who said they tried to enter the u.s. last month, but were expelled to mexico and kidnapped. now they're trying again. >> i don't want to go back. i'm afraid. i am very afraid. >> reporter: but in a migrant shelter nearby, we found at least 20 adult men, who authorities are allowing to stay in the u.s. to await asylum hearings. >> do you know why you've been allowed to stay in the united states? >> translator: i don't really know.
2:54 am
>> reporter: we asked the border patrol chief here. it's a stated policy that we hear in washington is that only unaccompanied children are allowed in right now. but what we saw firsthand in this sector is that even single adult males are being released. >> we have to depend a lot of times on what the capability or capacity of mexico is to receive those families. >> reporter: he says if mexico won't take them back, they're released here. does that make it hard here for your men and women trying to send a message that the border is closed? >> it does. >> we need a system that is available to provide that humanitarian relief while also being able to provide national security border security. we're struggling with that doing to the high numbers we're seeing. >> reporter: chief hastings told us so far this year, 17% of all families and single adults apprehended by his agents have been released into the u.s., motivated migrants to keep coming. did anyone tell you, you'll be able to stay?
2:55 am
>> translator: i heard people say that they were giving permission. >> reporter: even if for most, their american dream may not be as close as they'd hoped. >> that was nbc's julia ainsley reporting. joining us now, editor in chief with axios, nicholas johnston. what is axios' one big thing for this morning? >> today's one big thing is the end of our covid map. 56 weeks ago today, i sat in my opinion kitchen and ununveiled the new famous weekly axios coronavirus map. this is tracking the rise and fall, mostly rise, of infections of coronavirus across the united states. and now with the vaccine coming out, you can see the map, it's all green, looking great in all 50 states. case counts are flat or declining. they're at the lowest point, 16,000 new infections a day now, which we haven't seen since early march in the pandemic,
2:56 am
when testinging was far much lower and we had no real idea of the scope of this pandemic, and now with the spread of vaccines, case counts are at a point where the map has become pointless. we're ready to move on to something else. it's great news how the united states has had a great response to the pandemic. there are still concerns about pockets of flare-ups. vaccination pating has slowed down a lot from earlier, from more than 3 million new vaccination days to under 2 million. and a lot of authorities, the biden administration in particular this week, trying to push for new ways to increase vaccinations, because less vaccinations we're still seeing in the map, flare-ups in places where there aren't extended vaccinations. and the map is just a look at the united states. around the world, many places are much different. there are currents about variants spreading. the pandemic is far from over globally, but in the united states, it's good news on the map today and we're not going to have to see it next week.
2:57 am
>> and to that point, more and more americans are returning to the workplace. axios is reporting on staff returning to the white house next month. do you have a sense of what that's going to look like? >> white house memo went out earlier this week, saying that the white house will be back open for business in july. officials are saying that all white house personnel have expected to full return in full in the executive office building, in the west wing, in the coming weeks, in july. they'll make some exceptions for folks who can't come in because of family situations or children, they'll continue to remote work, but this is a plan for them to come to full remote work. they'll send out guidance to other federal agencies directing them to come up with plans for full. we're seeing this around the country. large companies have begun announcing plans to come back to work. many proposing full back to work by labor day. graduated, moving back to work. i think this is a part, following up on the map we just showed about falling case counts, this is the reopening of
2:58 am
america. soon i hope to no longer have these television hits from my kitchen and come hang out in person in a television studio again. >> i don't know. i'll miss that kitchen shot. president biden has yet to name leaders for the top agencies overseeing technology. your sense on how this is going to affect tech policy moving forward? >> the biden administration took a very hard line in looking at tech regulation. that was a dominant issue during the campaign. some of biden's rivals like elizabeth warren ran on the fact that breaking up big tech and approaching the big tech companies and trying to reign in their power. inside the white house, inside the west wing, some very strong tech credit appointed to policy positions. but outside of that, in the broader infrastructure of tech regulation, we haven't seen top picks for the fcc. there are people who would implement these types of policies and would act on what is written in the white house. we're now many months into the administration, without a good sense of what these would be. there were a lot of worries
2:59 am
about where those would hit, disputes over about the delays over the election. we're still waiting on some big names in the tech to figure out what the biden administration will do on tech regulation. >> nicholas johnston, thank. thank you for getting up way too early with us on this thursday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. anheuser-busch announced that beer is on them on july the 4th. that's right, get a shot and have a beer. free beer for everyone 21 years or over to celebrate the independence from the virus. >> we've seen krispy kreme has done this. i would not recommend a krispy kreme with a beer, but i'll leave that to other people to decide. >> now i've got to tell mike barnicle he cannot get another shot. >> mike barnicle? that's how willie and i start the show. >> you can't get another shot to get a beer. good morning. >> we talked about this yesterday. like, between krispy kreme and beer. >> lottery tickets.
3:00 am
>> 13, 14 shots. >> i'm not going to have the government tell me not to have a krispy kreme and a beer. i'll do as i damned well please. >> figure out how to get new social security numbers for a doughnut. >> an elaborate scheme for a free doughnut. >> welcome to "morning joe." it is five seconds before the top of the hour. three, two, one, good morning, everyone! along with joe, willie and me, we have professor at princeton university, eddie glaude jr., republican strategist and msnbc political analyst, susan del percio. and president of the council on foreign relations, richard haas, who i have heard, is he going to be accepted as our golf correspondent? >> i don't know. he was a little weak last time. >> okay. we got the british open coming up. you didn't control -- >> roger owns the weekend. he can make -- he can make a zero-zero draw sound like, you know -- >> but i didn't


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