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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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princeton and harvard law school and briefly to cancun, and a number of people pointed out that real e and publicly reflect into trump and devoting your political rare to seeking his approval. the voters of texas have a decision to rethink their opinion in 2024. as for, us that's our broadcast on a thursday night. thanks for being here with us. on behalf of all our colleagues here on the network, goodnight. goodnight happy to have you here as well. we have so much to get into. you gonna jump in. these last 11 days of fighting in israel and gaza, of course have been absolutely horrifying.
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and of course it is not the first time that we've seen conflict in this exact part of the world that looked like this from israel and hamas. they fought wars in 2014. before that they fought another warn 2008. previous conflicts between israel and hamas and how they have ended, can tonight, i think, give us some relevant context. give us reason to be both hopeful and cautious about what has just happened tonight. in 20,. 14 in, it was six days into the fighting, when a cease-fire was declared. that cease-fire held for a few hours, and then within 24 hours it was completely off. then, they declared another cease-fire after that. that one field as well. then they declared another, then another, than another, another, another, another, and then another. and then it was that one, it was the tenth one that actually
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finally helped. the last time there was fighting this intense in that part of the world, they declared cease fire, number one, six days into. it was on until -- not until cease-fire number 10 that it actually stop and they got some measure of lasting peace. by that point it was 51 days into the fighting, 51 palestine's. killed ten israelis. they thought they were stopping it on day six, it took them until day 51. it took ten cease-fire attempt. ase-firewell tonight, we have ga cease-fire after ten and a half days of fighting. we are on day 11. something that's being so -- expressed as a mutual cease-fire has been agreed upon. israel and hamas do not talk to each other directly. this east file has been brokered by egypt. egypt does talk to. besides president biden tonight was careful to say that the u.s. government doesn't talk to hamas either, we only talk to
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israel or other entities that service intermediary are directly to hamas. even so, he credited u.s. diplomacy with contributing to tonight's cease-fire declaration. >> over the last 11 days, i spoke with the prime minister six times. i also spoke to the boss of the party, and our intense conversation gazes. i also want to thank secretary of state, our national security adviser, and everybody on our team with their incredible efforts to bring this out for we are about to see. we have held intensive high level discussions, hour by hour, literally. it resulted in tragic deaths of so many civilians, including children. i send my sincere condolences to all the family, israeli and palestinian who have lost loved ones. my hope for a full recovery for the wounded. we remain to work with the
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united nations another state -- coworkers to provide rapid support for the people of gaza, and the gaza reconstruction efforts. we will do this in full partnership with palestinian authority, not hamas, have already. in a way that doesn't let hamas restore its -- palestinians and israeli deserve to live equally and securely, and deserve equal rights of freedom, prosperity, and security. mine ministration will continue its quiet relentless fight to that end. >> president biden speaking less than two hours before the cease-fire was due to go into effect. thedue to go into effect at 2 m eastern time, 7 pm eastern time tonight. after those commons biden
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ignored shouting report -- from reporters. the same question was do you believe it will hold, mister president? it's the cease-fire essentially the real deal? joining us now live from israel, which just four in the morning, is our friend nbc foreign correspondent richard angle. he's been covering this from palestine. thank you for staying up and joining us. >> absolutely. a busy night. >> why should we be looking for? what do you expect in terms of figuring out whether the cease-fire will hold? >> i think it might hold, actually. for a little while. i don't think this is the end of the conflict. i don't think it will hold for years. but it might hold four months. i think it's one of these ones that could survive days. i can be proving very badly an embarrassingly wrong, but they are celebrating in the streets
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of gaza tonight. that's not something you had in the previous cease-fires. they are pleased with the result. the people in gaza, not just hamas, but hamas does run gaza, they believe they achieved a great deal. that could look strange from afar, considering they are celebrating on piles of rubble. but they feel that they were able to put the palestinian issue back on the world stage one. more importantly, they feel they were able to reach out to a broader palestinian audience. that they were able to communicate directly, and bring out onto the streets, in a way, that never happened in the previous conflicts. palestinians who lived in the west banks. palestinians in jerusalem who are separated for them, and the palestinians inside israel who have israeli citizenship. that put pressure on israel in a way, that was different and unique. that is important for the people of gaza. that's important for hamas as a political party, to try and
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claim leadership of the palestinian cause. on the israeli side, there are reasons why israel wouldn't want to continue this. one, the idea that 20% of its population, the bows indian citizens, we are getting more and more involved in this. that was something israel was uncomfortable with. we saw inter israeli mobs of violence start to emerge during this. that never happened in the past where you had israeli arabs, and israeli jews, fighting each other on the streets. throwing firebombs that each other's homes. that's a very unsettling and dangerous thing. i think that president netanyahu continually addressed, and seem to have been bothered and worried by. there are reasons on the israeli side for not having continuing it as well. president netanyahu is in a strong position, more so than he was before. if this drag on and became a full on land assault right now,
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his position would worsen. he's facing charges, he's trying to put a new government together, hold on to the government. his political position has been fragile, but it is stronger now than it was. is it going to last the night? if i had to go on a limb, i believe i just did, i think it might. it doesn't address the larger issues here. >> richard, what about the sort of diplomatic gymnastics that have to go into brokering something like this. the u.s. doesn't speak to hamas, israel and hamas don't speak to each other obviously. they're at the parties that want to talk about this. they don't talk about how moss either. israel does talk to both sides. does it help that israel has brokered this -- can they do anything to make sure it sticks? >> well, egypt is trying to do something and something practical. according to the egyptian food
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-- officials, they are sending monitors that will be in both israel and gaza to oversee the cease-fire. egypt does have leverage, it has long played this role as an intermediary. you have an assertive government in israel under president sissi who wants to assume the country's leadership. he wants to be very much like -- egypt went through the arab spring, they had a brother ship rule. now you see israel tried to go back to the egypt that the world knew before, as a player in the middle east process. that's something that the president was very proud. up he had that portfolio in his deck of cards of the middle east. >> richard, how effective was the united states as an interlocutor? we saw the white house being very sort of, careful. and somewhat transparent about their strategy in communicating
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publicly around this. they would say they are doing diplomacy. the president tonight sort of bragging about how great the diplomatic the implements he was. -- their diplomatic efforts were quiet, behind the scenes, while they were applied and deliberate, and consistent, they were not something we were going to see every step of the way. can you tell how important u.s. efforts were here in your reporting? >> i think quite was key in this. i'm not just trying to celebrate the u.s. efforts. you just have to look at the alternative. had president trump been in office still, for example, we have to think about things this way, i don't think angry tree -- angry tweets or cheering from the sideline would've helped here. could the u.s. have been more assertive going for a cease-fire earlier? many parties thought that. the u.s. was under increasing pressure. was underbut quiet, and sort oe
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nudge, was more helpful than being sort of on inflammatory participant in this conflict. i would say the u.s. probably, did a b, b plus, did not fail though by any means. >> nbc foreign correspondent, staying up to four and wanted to be with us. richard, thank you so much. i appreciate, it my friend. >> sure. >> we are gonna be keeping a close eye on the situation in gaza. cease-fire only a couple of hours the young. looking ahead, gaza has suffered almost infinitely in these ten and a half days, fighting everything from water systems, so we're, system electric grid hospitals, schools, roads, they have all then knocked back into the stone ages. it's not like the situation in gaza was an beleaguered to begin with. when biden talked about there
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being an international rebuilding effort for gaza, and that being something that the u.s. would support, that's something where money and mouse will have to come together. that talk is going to be met with action, in the short order, just so gaza can be livable. more than 7000 displaced because of the fighting in gaza, and one in the most densely populated places in the world. that will be an international cause now to fix that. more on the cease-fire news. we will bring you more into the evening. here is hoping for a peaceful night in that part of the world. i also want to get started tonight on what is important. i don't know if this is unexpected, but a significant update. it's a story we last covered last fall. this did not in the way i thought it would. but boy -- did this make waves when it happened. the story started with a nurse
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name don. who we featured here on this show. don had a story to tell us that was almost unbelievable, almost apocalyptic. >> the ladies would put into see the gun ecologist for whatever reason, and they wanted to be seen for by the gynecologist. they would come back oftentimes, and question, why did i have to have a hysterectomy? i didn't have an answer. >> they asked you directly? >> why did i have to have a hysterectomy. nobody explained it to me. i didn't know i was undergoing this. i had one lady tell me, she was a young girl. if she knew she was gonna have a history and to me she would never went. >> he recorded as saying, this is his specialty. he is a uterus collector. is that being referred to this doctor? >> that's how the detainees
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referred to this position. they referred to him as -- what is he doing with all of our uterus is? i just looked at her, puzzled. because i didn't have an answer. >> do you think what -- happened to woman you spoke with, is gonna happen to other women in the future? >> me personally, if there is not a change, there won't be a change. >> that was dawn wooten, an interview with james solder off that we showed on this program last year. dawn wooten was a nurse here in an isolation facility in georgia. she felt a whistleblower complaint with the inspector of the homeland security department. she gave a description in that complaint, of what was going on inside that facility that was so heinous. it felt like the world's top
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spinning. spinning without them knowing why they were have -- having that done to them, without it being explained that was necessary. the outcomes that it was expected of them. this is an american federal facility, sending immigrant women to a man who was removing their uterus without their consent. nurse dawn wooten's wrestle blower complaint was written by projects elf. . she talked to a detainee who said they all had hysterectomies performed by the
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same doctor. all the women were confused about why they needed to have their reproductive organs removed. when i met all these women's who had these surgeries, i thought it was like an experimental company -- concentration. camp like they were experimenting with our bodies. you may remember us covering this story in september of last year. in the wake of that was a complaint. dozens came forward. they all said they were mistreated. they were held at this facility. their ovaries removed, the fallopian tubes, -- it was just blood curdling. this is dozens of women were talking about. the department of justice opened a criminal investigation into the allegations, that director general of poland security -- the same ones making terrible
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accusations about what happened to them while in u.s. custody started getting deported by the trump administration. it wasn't a one-off or isolated thing. the associated press announced last november, we first announced this on september, they announced that six women had said that they had undergone forced physiological procedures were deported, six of them? six of them who spoke at? when one of those women spoke to federal investigators about what happened to her, she was told by ice that she would be deported imminently. they told her this just hours after prosecutors told her what she gone through. -- hours later, you've got to go. remember there's an active criminal investigation going on into what was happening to these women. these women were coming forward to say that they were victims of this thing that was being
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investigated as a criminal matter, and as they came forward, the trump administration tried to ship them all out of the country before they had time to talk to investigators about with a need. eventually the trump administration agreed to stop doing that, to put a pause on supporting the witnesses. departing these women who said they were sterilized against their well. since then we have not heard that much else about this story, but the status of that ongoing criminal investigation about whatever happened to that doctor. we do know though that other facilities have had other serious problems as well. like more prisons and jails and detention facilities in this country that i.c.e. facility in irwin, georgia had a real problem with covid. among its detainees. the new york times reporting last year that early on in the pandemic those detainees weren't given masks to try to mask up. they made themselves masks out of scraps of clothes or out of broken, disposable meal
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containers that they try to fashion into masks to protect themselves. we talked to one man who was detained in the facility around this time. his name is nielsen. he's originally from, sorry, bear ha, he's a richly from honduras. he lived in georgia for 20 years before he was pulled over and got a dui that resulted in being put in i.c.e. custody. he was held by i.c.e. for about a year until he was finally let out last november. he is at high risk for covid, it wasn't safe for him to be in a facility where detainees have to die for ppe out of lunch trays. he went on a hunger strike to try to pressure i.c.e. to release him because he was at high risk, he thought this was going to kill him. he sent us this video telling us what it was like inside that irwin county georgia facility last year. >> i experienced one of the most frightening moments of my life. i found myself in a place where the conditions were dangerous. and it was impossible to
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protect myself from covid. we experienced poor sanitation. and social distancing was impossible. masks, hansen a tasers, gloves and so were never provided to us. we asked for these things but we were denied. >> nelson is one of the signatories on this letter, which was sent to president biden earlier this year. it's signed by dozens of people who had previously been detained at that one i.c.e. facility in urban county, georgia, and some other facilities like it across the country. what nielsen and others and the country are asking for after his time spent detained, whether asking president biden to do is shut down the facility in irwin, georgia. technically the signatories and georgia are asking for all as facilities to be shut down given the with experience there but they specifically talk
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about the facility that he was at. the facility where detainees fashioned masks out of food containers while covid was spreading rapidly. the facility where dozens of women were alleged the sterilized against their well. where the trump administration started rapidly deploying them when they came forward as witnesses in open criminal investigation into those forced sterilization clinics. like the nurse said, if there is only change, there's nowhere to be a change. we started covering that story in september and we have been watching it and all these different of elements over the years. sorry all of these months. today there was a change. a big one. today under the biden administration the department of homeland security announced they are closing the ice facility. in urban county, georgia, along with a separate ice facility in massachusetts that has its own
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allegations of abuse of treatment towards immigrants. alejandro mayorkas told i.c.e. today to stop detaining immigrants in the irwin county, georgia as soon as possible. there's another important piece of news here. i mentioned that we haven't heard a beep about the criminal investigation that happened in our, when dozens of allegations about forced got a logical procedures, forced sterilizations on women getting there without the consent. the trump administration tried to report those women in the act of a criminal investigation, as i mentioned it's been radio silence on that investigation since the fall. nbc news did some digging on that part of it and here's what they found out according to a source familiar with the federal investigation into that detention center at irwin county, georgia, that source tells nbc news today that not only as the facility the subject of a criminal investigation, here they report tonight that the doctor, that doctor, the doctor who allegedly performed these procedures, that doctor is
9:23 pm
under active investigation as well, active is the key word here. a source telling nbc news today that both investigations, the one into the facility and into the doctor have been quote reactivated, and are now ongoing inside the biden justice department. reactivated was the word from the source. which would imply that at some point those investigations that did start during the trump administration, they were deactivated at some point? because otherwise why did they have to be reactivated now? reactivated and ongoing. don said if there is not a change there's not going to be a change. on this story there is finally, after all these months, we can tell you there's finally a change. the new administration makes a big difference. elections have consequences. busy news night tonight. lots to get to. stay with us. stay with us thank you. [puck scores] oooow yeah!!
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to another president, i'm sure is always a heavy lift. think about why the transition has been like at the epa, right? president biden's epa chief is like, the guy who ran this state version of the epa in a state before. this and before that, you worked at the actual epa in -- he's a probe, and doing this is whole life. contrast him to the guy he took over from, from the trump administration, who had that
9:28 pm
same job. the guy who was running the epa and the trump administration, and he was on coal lobbyist. that's kind of a bit of an abrupt transition. a change in course there. president biden's director of national intelligence, she's a national long -- director of the cia, no running intelligence. she took over for trump's guy, a former -- with no intelligence at all. he said he was a terrorist prosecutor, when he had actually made up that part of his resume entirely. wow, what a difference. transition between really different presidents, are hard. some of these agencies, and mice be like night and day. even with that stark contrast everywhere, imagine you are at the justice department right now. i mean, from the last justice department, to this one? just today, we learned that before trump left office, his attorney general will --
9:29 pm
bill barr got correspondent from barbara starr at cnn. we recently learned that under barr, they did that two to washington reporters in russia as well. the justin department is now no longer doing that. and they are letting it be known, that the last justice department did this, and it was all approved under bill barr, and not under the current administration. but they have to let that information be known, now and they have to clean up after it. these organizations are obviously very angry that it happened. we also learned that under bill barr, the justice department subpoenaed twitter to try to get the identity who of someone who had been sending funny treats -- tweets. congressman nunes. congressman nunes.
9:30 pm
he demanded that twitter says who had been mean to devin. now that it's the biden administration, they let it know they are dropping. that would've doesn't need to answer that subpoena. the previous administration left behind, also a dangling criminal investigation of former president trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani. rudy giuliani. getting all his 18 devices seized, that's not something that usually happens. prosecutors say about this search warrant they executed, they say -- ed they say -
9:31 pm
an ongoing, multi year, grand jury prosecution into the president's former lawyer. this is not something that new administrations usually have to clean up after, but cleaning up after this batch of goodfellas, it's been hard work, and weird work. i don't envy anyone at their job right now. one of the things we've been watching for and wondering about, it is whether the biden justice department, in this weird time, when they're cleaning up all the stuff from the trump era, whether they would get together to clean up the ballots and localities in various states. i don't mean in future elections, i mean the existing election equipment, existing voting machines, and existing openly cast ballots from the last election in 2020, whether
9:32 pm
biden beat donald trump. even though donald trump is no longer president, republican fans of him, and he himself, and republican election's who still think of him, they are pursuing, not relitigating, but recount-ing, or an counting the presidential election results from 2020. and the most dramatic of these, of course, has been in arizona. where they have been trying to uncounted president election there to say that trump probably secretly one somehow. we did say that the u.s. department -- department -
9:33 pm
federal law says you can't do that. you can't do that with a normal contractor, let alone the cyber ninjas. arizona was warned about that by the u.s. department of justice in a sternly worded letter a couple of weeks ago. they brushed it off, apparently they don't care. is the justice department cool with being brushed off like that? they alerted them to federal violations of law, if they haven't been remedied, are they going to enforce federal law? will the justice department do anything else beside their one sternly letter to the arizona state senate, which has been blatantly ignored? we don't know. we haven't seen them do anything else yet, at least anything publicly visible. now, here's news. today, the secretary of state in arizona, top elections officials in the state, katie hobbs --
9:34 pm
today, she conveyed some bad news to maricopa county. the county that household voting machines, tabulators, and others taken by the arizona's senate, so that they can be given to these crump -- trump qanon, random cyber nations, would no election experience. this is what she said to the county today. i'm writing to express my concerns about maricopa county's election equipment, which was turned over to the senate, and then -- -
9:35 pm
this is a multi million dollar
9:36 pm
letter here, right? arizona secretary of state telling maricopa county, sorry. but you've gone through all of this about. now your election machinery, or tabulators, all this stuff, they all have to be replaced now. he can't reuse them again. because, they've been tampered with. quote, we cannot be certain who access the voting equipment, and what might have been done to them. unfortunately, after a loss of physical security and control, nothing exist to compromise the county or that the equipment is safe to use. so sorry, but in golfing these cyber ninjas here, and giving them control of the actual ballots and machines, means that everything they touched can never be used in an election again. the ballots should never have been test -- touched by them, at least for 22 months. from the secretary of state, consulting with homeland security, nothing detached can
9:37 pm
ever be used again. she said, later if maricopa county tries to re-use those machines, those machines will be decertified by her office, so they can never be used in an arizona election again. oh, well. so, that's how that's going. well done. anything else you'd like to touch and destroy? >> she is talking about the federal department of homeland security here. rity here. we've been watching closely, we don't know what will happen
9:38 pm
there. elsewhere in the federal government, homeland security at least appears to be on it. that may be increasingly important in the days ahead. now that would happen in arizona is about to start happening in other states, and cities, across the country, that have the believer of true conspiracy trumpers being in control. the -- is the -- they will try to take this nationwide. in which case, maybe we do need some federal, federal, help here. to try to protect voting systems, nationwide. to try to protect cast ballots nationwide from the way these republican controlled entities are starting to mess with them. more on that ahead, stay with us. head, stay wit us lx. lease the 2021 gx 460 for $529 a month for 36 months. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer.
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foster public comment at the meeting a couple of weeks ago and what they got was, hours hours of who want to talk about the 2020 election in their county. the one from november. and specifically about the county's chief election official, a man named tommy. >> we want the voting machines
9:44 pm
audited. we want to forensic audit because of the modem chips and the motherboards with the usb chipper jabber. planted there by china because our county clerk is the secret member of the chinese communist party. we need him gone as well. for the record, the county -- is a third generation american
9:45 pm
citizen who has worked at the county clerk's office for more than 15 years. but here's trump supporters in the county in california saying that they suspected he must be controlled by the chinese communist party because you know, but you notice these other colors talking about all these other places where the audits have uncovered all of this fraud. in michigan, windham, new hampshire, kentucky, it's a sign about how the fake audit clown show republicans are running in maricopa county, trump supporters across the country are trying to copy it. trying to cast out about voting machines or voter results in any place they can. so as to create some kind of fog of uncertainty about the election everywhere. take wind of new hampshire. in a race for state right there, there was a genuine discrepancy that was discovered between the machine count and a hand recount. it does occasionally happen. but when the town gathered to plan for a real genuine audit
9:46 pm
to ensure the count was accurate -- that certify on those sorts of things hundreds of trump supporters descended on the meeting saying stop the steal and demanding instead that the town do not to use, that the town should not use experienced auditors. they should instead have it audited by a field inventor and self proclaimed treasure hunter who has been working on the irate arizona republicans fake audit getting him to use their fake fraud technology that he says measures -- artifacts. those guys were actually egged on by the former president congratulating the great patriots of new hampshire for their incredible fight to seek out the truth on the massive election fraud which took place in new hampshire in the presidential election. the chairman of windham's local board told the washington post that it quite appears that some activists are more interested in discrediting the machines then getting to the bottom of the counting irregularity. their goal he says he realized this if there is an error found
9:47 pm
of these machines you can extrapolate that to all the machines in new hampshire. olate that to all th machines in new hampshire. exactly. because the point of this is not to flip a state rep seat somewhere, the point of this is not to have republicans run more effectively against democrats or to improve election administration. it's to turn republicans against small d democracy is something that is trusted so republicans don't believe any election results that don't produce their favorite outcome. and they tried to convince the country that no election outcomes can be trusted really anywhere because all of the machines and all of the processes, they are all, all smoky so there must be fire. arizona is the test case. they are really going for. but it's also windham, new hampshire, michigan, georgia they're trying, for it's also st. louis, california, joining us now is in gardner. she's a political reporter and this latest piece of her is headlined inspired by arizona recount, trump loyalists push
9:48 pm
to revisit election results of communities around the country. miss gardner, it's great to have you here. thanks for making time tonight. >> thank you so much rachel. i was really struck by that comment from the local official in new hampshire who said that he came to realize over the course of this local controversy that it wasn't actually about figuring out what might have gone wrong with a small problem in that locality. it was about trying to create a sense that there is something deeply wrong with elections full stop. i have to ask if that was sort of the impression that you got from all of these efforts that are happening in so many different places now. >> i mean i think that there are so many hundreds of residents in these communities around the country as we reported michigan, new hampshire, california, arizona who really do believe that there was something amiss in the election. but they're being told this. they're being told it by former president trump. and they're also being told it
9:49 pm
by actors in their local communities. republican party officials, you know the head of cyber ninjas was a big proponent of conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact that the election was stolen. i think the windham, new hampshire case is sort of a case study because the board of selectman shows an auditor with a track record, with a history of doing this kind of work. but because that auditor had said critical things about cyber ninjas, the company that you have explained is doing the audit in maricopa county, that caused all of the folks who want an audit to say no, we can't have him. we can't have them. we have to have our own chosen person, so that is the fact that caused the chairman of the board in windham to say, i get,
9:50 pm
it i don't think this is about getting to the bottom of it was a real mistake with the machinery that we're trying to figure out and fix. this is about perpetuating and narrative about the 2020 election that they want to spread around the country. and amy, did you get in the sense that this is an organized multi jurisdictional effort? it did strike me, listening to ours uptake -- tape at this hearing that it sounded like people were reading from a script. the script seems very similar between a lot of different people. >> i got the same impression. i learned there is an organization called the election integrity project california, that's working with local republican officials. the local county republican official to send out information, and talking points, about what went wrong with the election, they feel.
9:51 pm
and without evidence, in needs to be stated. none of these concerns were raised during the canvas period during the weeks and days before the election. this is all been happening in recent weeks. it does seem coordinated. it's very similar language. not just from person to person on that recording you listen to insane abyss -- st. louis a bespoke. but also very similar language in polling county miss -- michigan in the upper poland's again. unlike here on. and count county michigan, in windham new hampshire. we're seeing a pattern. learning it's in georgia as well. getting folks at local level to demand from the local county officials, to do audits. just like what's been happening in arizona. the language is being copied, and repeated, around the country. >> wow, excellent reporting. we've been following a lot of these individual dots, but have
9:52 pm
not connected in the way you have for this post. washington post political reporter amy gardner. thank you for talking us about this. >> thank you, rachel. we will be right back. we will be right back. comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good front desk. yes, hello... i'm so... please hold. ♪♪ i got you. ♪ all by yourself. ♪ go with us and get millions of flexible booking options. expedia. it matters who you travel with.
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tonight on this disastrous, so, audit. republicans are now fighting over the trump fantasies that the election can be undone. things that were already at boiling point. of course that means it's a great time for this to happen. tomorrow, look hung -- matt gates and marjorie taylor greene are coming to arizona to hold america up -- they are parroting trump's claim that there was a smoking gun already found, that election officials had deleted a voting base. even the cyber ninjas people are admitting that didn't happen. them going forward to rally,
9:57 pm
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tonight, i will see you again this time 23 hours from. now it's time for -- with lawrence. >> rachel, you are always welcome on the side of 10:00. pulling up stacey abrams book, rachel, her new book because it presents from a awkward situation tonight. stacey abrams nubuck, while justice sleeves, it's number one on the new york times bestseller list for fiction, here's the awkward part, she knocked off a friend of mine, laura dave, who was number one, on the new york times the seller list perfection with her brilliant new novel, the net last thing he told me whi


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