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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 11, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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moderna vaccine development developer. it is going to be an amazing thing, vaccinating america, and msnbc town hall tomorrow live at 10 pm eastern and streaming live on do not miss it. also do not tell lawrence i'm jealous. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. congratulations my friend. >> rachel, you're so terrible at jealousy because what you just did is tell the biggest possible audience in the world, the rachel maddow audience would is happening tomorrow night at 10:00 and so, that's not what you're supposed to do with your jealousy. thank you very much, rachel. really appreciate it. here is the truth -- >> i am super psyched for you. >> i am very excited about speaking to joe biden as president for the first time ever, for the first time on this network. the truth is, i have been speaking to joe biden for, you
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know, over 25 years. it's not going to be completely new. what is incredibly exciting for me is doctor kids equal bit who is -- he basically invented the vaccine that is in you right now, the moderna vaccine and i have -- she was 34 years old when she did the work to deliver this vaccine. i am going to be so intimidated by this doctor and scared and nervous. watch for that. watch for how i mask, if i can, how nervous i am talking to her. >> it will give me a little bit of what the jealous part of me is looking for, like oh, lawrence has a lot to deal with here. i'll see if you look a little head up there, i can take a little bit of that on with me.
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i am super proud of us as a network that you are doing this tomorrow, i cannot wait to see it. anything i can do to help out, anything you would like me to jump in for, i am ready for it. >> as i passed the word to you today, send me questions. send me questions. >> i will. >> thank you, rachel. >> well done my front. >> thank you. tonight republican congresswoman liz cheney who expense to be banished from the leadership of her party tomorrows to describe the crisis that american democracy faces now. >> today we face a threat america has never seen before. a former president who provoked a violent attack on this capitol in an effort to steal the election has resumed his aggressive efforts to convince americans that the election was stolen from him. he risks inciting further violence.
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millions of americans have been misled by the former president. they have heard only his words but not the truth. as he continues to undermine our democratic process, sowing seeds of doubt about whether democracy really works at all. >> democrats in congress are trying to legislate a guarantee of democracy that it really works. they're doing that with a bill that they call of the fourth people act. each bill introduced in the senate gets a number, the majority leader gets to decide that number. majority leader decides who gets the most important number which is number one, chuck schumer gave the fourth of people ask the designation of number one. senate bill number one. today, the senate rules committee considered amendments to it and voted on the bill, it was 9 to 9 party line tie. in the senate it takes a majority vote to send a bill from a committee to the senate
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floor, but majority leader chuck schumer has the power to bring that law to the floor even after a tie floor in the rules committee today. on the the rule today, nothing less than the future of democracy in america, republicans in arizona became the latest state to pass legislation that will make it more difficult to cast a vote in elections in that state. arizona's republican signed the bill into law this afternoon immediately after it was passed by arizona's-controlled senate. both of arizona's senators mark kelly and kirsten cinema have signed on as cosponsors of fs1, the for the people act which would prohibit the kind of voter restrictions signed into law in arizona today. the sponsor of s1, jeff merkley is a member of the rules committee and at the markup of the bill today, senator merkley said this. >> the for the people lack is a
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combination of years of careful work, countless studies, expert recommendation on the needs of the issues that need to be addressed to make sure every americans access to the ballot box is secured. many of the provisions have already been adopted in blue states, red states, purple states like. they are broadly popular with the majority of americans both democrats and republicans. seeking to block groups of americans from voting is a crime against freedom of americans. it is a crime against the rights of americans. it is an assault on the founding vision of are we the people constitution. to towards such schemes, such plots, we need national election protection standards. standards protect the freedom of every americans, the right of every american to fully participate in our nation. >> mitch mcconnell tried to tell the committee today that
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it is now the democrats in the senate who are trying to rewrite election laws to their advantage, not republicans in state legislature's. >> what we all learn early in live, if you can read the rules you can win the game. if you can ride the rules, you can win the game. >> chuck schumer pleaded with republican members of the rules committee including mitch mcconnell to do something they never do, consider the eyes of history. >> in democracy when you lose an election, you tried to persuade move voters to vote for you. you don't try to bend the other side from voting, that is what orban does, that's what dictators do. so what are my republican colleagues in the senate's going to do? these laws carry the stench of oppression, the smell of bigotry.
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are you going to stamp it out? or are you going to allow it to be spread? i plead with my republican colleagues, think twice. i plead with leader mcconnell, think twice. the eyes of history are on all of you. where are you going to stand? think twice, please. my republican friends, think twice. leader mcconnell, think twice. president trump told a big lie, one of the biggest ever told, we all know that every single person in this room knows that. every single person. it is taking root, this big lies taking root in our country, not just in the minds of his voters but in the laws of the land. when you perpetrate -- when you perpetuate or tolerate
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lies about the election like this, you erode our democracy. >> leading off our discussion tonight the sponsor of s1, jeff merkley have oregon. thank you very much for joining us, this is a very important day for you when your own bill like that comes before the committee for a vote. i want to go to something that we just heard senator schumer said, he said to that committee, to everyone in that room that everyone in that room meaning mitch mcconnell and every republican senator knows that donald trump is telling a big lie about the election. did any of them counter that? did any of them debate that and say no, donald trump hasn't told any lies about the election? >> not at all. they didn't push back on schumer's comments in any possible way. schumer was absolutely accurate,
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every center in that room, democrats and republicans understand this big lie and yet they are following a path to essentially continue the assault on the capitol by proceeding to try to enable states to block citizens from voting. january six it was about burning the ballots for 86 million americans now it is preventing millions of americans from voting by allowing states to enact barriers that target communities to infringe their right of vote. joe manchin is the only senator who has and signed on to it, do you have any sense of joe manchin's view of this legislation and why he has not signed on to it? >> well, joe has made it very
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clear that he wants to explore issues about how the buildings implemented and the ideas and concerns of secretary of state from across the country, make sure we're really tackling the issues that we need to tackle, with some thoughtful considerations. senator should be engaged in the process. i think what we propose today is a managers amendment that allows a norm us adjustments based from officials. republicans turned it down, they voted on a party line basis, we don't want to have improvements in this bill that are recommended by secretary of state across the country, we want to kill it. it just comes down to core issues in this bill, key billionaires from buying elections. give every american full access to the ballot and stop the
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gerrymandering that destroys equal representation. that is the battleground. >> let's listen to what senator klobuchar, the chair of the committee, had to say about the campaign finance components of this. >> the secret money is flooding our election, denying voters arrived to know who is trying to influence their votes. spending for the 2020 election cycle was approximately 14 billion, that is more than double the 2016 election cycle, and while more than 98% of americans who made political contributions last year gave less than $200, those who gave donations larger than that accounted for nearly three quarters of all contributions made. we need to take these threats to our democracy head-on with immediate action to restore americans confidence in our political system and that is exactly what the for the people act does.
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>> senator, in the past this would be considered two different pieces of legislation, campaign finance reform was always one discussion and one kind of legislative vehicle, and voting rights were always another discussion and another kind of legislative vehicle. why have they been combined here? >> well, this is about election protection, and you have to address the money side of this and you have to address the access to the ballot. that third point, you have to address equal representation. these three things all work together. when you put it through the senate, it is extremely hard to do on policy, and if we try to have three separate bills, it would be an opportunity for it to never get done, and we wanted to get done. it has to get done. these things are so interconnected, they support each other and they are about the big things that americans say that they want to fix. super majority of americans say
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that absolutely address these things, we're talking democrats, independents, republicans, don't want millionaires buying elections. they don't want people targeted from being prevented from voting. americans think that they've been passed that from 1965, that's half a century ago and we're now deep in the middle of it trying to prevent college students, native americans to cast a ballot. >> let's listen to what stacey abrams said about the situation today. >> i think the more we watch these states undertake the continuation of what the insurrectionists began on january 6th, the more we are to see real response at the federal level. does not the first on the federal government has had to step in and reassert the fundamental notions of who we are as a nation. my hope is that while this process continues in the u.s. senate, that we see every turn to just the fundamentals. >> senator, the republicans, so
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far, there are no republicans who see it your way or see it stacey abrams way. how about this legislation move in the senate since it cannot be included in a reconciliation bill? >> we will go to the floor, either voting by super majority in that it's 50 votes plus the vice president to pride loose from the committee or going to -- which is very common, with putting issues on the floor. and then we will be immersed in an extended debate in which i anticipate there will be 100 amendments considered. in the end we have to come together and say that this has to pass. we can't bring any republicans to join us and mitch mcconnell has been very clear that basically republicans are barred, they are barred from trying to ensure that every
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american can vote. they are barred from even entertaining the thought that maybe billionaires should not be allowed to buy elections. they're actually barred from trying to stop jerry mentoring. and i think with really distrusting, they could have 25 vote by savagely attacking equal representation. in the end it's very unlikely will have a single republican join us, i hope we will, but then 50 democrats will have to figure out how to get this bill passed, one way or another. >> senator jeff merkley, thank you very much for starting us off tonight, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up, you have caused this, that is what mitt romney said to senator hawley during the attack on the capitol, by the trump mob. when the senators were hiding from that mob together. tonight, liz cheney said what's senator halle in the
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call today.
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is what senator mitt romney told joshua halle and then emotional confrontation while senators were hiding from the trump mob that invaded the capital on january 6th. new reporting in the washington post said that mitt romney who is as mild mannered as any senator in history, erupted ad josh hawley, that is the road they use it, erupted. john dan fourth of missouri told the washington post, i feel very responsible for josh hawley being in the senate. i feel terrible about it. josh hawley played a central role in creating if not the darkest day in american history, one of the darkest days in american history. senator dan fourth who discussed his regrets about joshua halle on this program in
10:22 pm
january said that encouraging josh hawley to run for senate against our next guest, senator clear, was quote, the greatest mistake of my life. joshua halle has said that he used to read george well, religiously. george will wrote that josh hawley, ted cruz and donald trump should be forevermore shunned. each will wear a scarlet as as a sedition is. tonight on the house floor, liz cheney said would josh hawley and the republicans, george will now call sedition is, who support donald trump's big lie can never, ever say. >> the election is over, that is the rule of law, that is our constitutional process. those who refused to accept the
10:23 pm
ruling of our courts are at war with the constitution. our duty is clear, every one of us who has sworn the oath must act to prevent the unraveling of our democracy. >> joining our discussion now claire mccaskill, former democratic senator and political analysts and professor eddie glaude jr., professor of african study an msnbc contributor. senator, let me start with you and what must feel like to read his deep regrets at doing everything he could to defeat you in your reelection campaigned through the candidacy of josh hawley. >> he revered by the ole republican party, in my state, someone who refused to campaign against tom eagle gym because they work together on many issues that were important in
10:24 pm
missouri when they were in the senate. he and i had worked together on some campaign finance, he is a believer in eliminating dark money, he's not a fan of this decision. it is sad but i will say he said that january six was one of the darkest day in american history, tomorrow will be one of the darkest days for the republican party in this country because what they are going to do, lawrence, is there going to oust a leader for the grievous sin of telling the truth. any moral high ground the republican party thought they had, whether it was on issues of integrity or morality or faith, they are gone now. because it is not that she voted to impeach trump, because they voted to keep her as the leader after that it's because she is refusing to participate in the fraud being committed,
10:25 pm
the dangerous fraud being committed against our country right now. shame on all the republicans that are going to participate in what will be, i think, looked back on as a low point of the republican party that is shrinking by the day. >> professor eddie glaude jr., liz cheney did something that is so we are now in our politics, here she is she is a partisan republican and certainly a staunch conservative and she gave a speech on the floor of the house that no one, on the democratic side of the aisle, could disagree with and possibly only democrats listen to. >> well i think that is absolutely right lawrence. one of the interesting things, no matter what we might think, or would i might think about liz cheney and her politics, there are a set of assumptions that she holds that are really important. that is we have our disagreements, we have our arguments, and within the frame of our democratic commitments
10:26 pm
but our commitment to democracy, those background agreements, make possible the condition for our disagreements. now what she has done over the course of her careers is fertilize the sole that made trumpism possible, and now the trumpism has come in full bloom and they have evidence of resistance to those background commitments, she has drawn the line and that is really important, because even though we may disagree, that disagreement is predicated upon our commitment to democracy as such. but we have political actors on the scene today, lawrence, who are not committed to democracy at all. they are only committed to the relentless pursuit of power. >> let's listen to more of what liz cheney had to say on the house chamber tonight. >> this is not about policy. this is not about partisanship. this is about our duty as americans. remaining silent and ignoring
10:27 pm
the law emboldens the liar. i will not participate in that. i will not sit back and watch in silence while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former presidents crusade to undermine our democracy. >> senator claire mccaskill, kevin mccarthy's message on this has been, i just wanted her to shut up, i just wanted her to stop talking. if she would just stop talking, she could've stayed in her sort of meaningless title in the house. she says, remaining silent and ignoring hill lie, emboldens the liar. that is why we have this controversy now. liz cheney could not remain silent. >> yeah, and everyone who is remaining silent is complicit. every single one of them. i believe that if i were a journalist, and you know lawrence over the senate, the
10:28 pm
journalist all hang out around the ramp as they hang out to vote, if i was a journalist i will try to catch every single one of them and as them how they would've voted on liz cheney. none of them would have the courage to say how they would've voted, they would've said this is a house decision. but this is really unbelievable that this is happening. by the way, she has a more conservative record than the woman they've picked to replace her. she has the more rock-solid, i mean i don't agree with a lot of liz cheney's policy positions, and she's going to be replaced by somebody who is more moderate than she is. then what is this about? this is really just about the former guy insisting that if he is going to help these people and lead a shrinking base in a shrinking republican party, liz cheney has to go and they say yes sir they report to mar-a-lago and say yes sir. they kisses ring and they come back and they are complicit in
10:29 pm
the big lie. professor claude, the image that senator -- just gave us we all saw the video of this. they are allowed to chase the senators a certain amount of distance any hallway asking questions. we just saw four years of republican senators trying to run away from questions that donald trump just tree -- tweeted. saying i didn't see it. i have to go to this busy meeting down the hall. they are now going to be running away from the question, of what do you think of what's liz cheney just said. so, both sides of this issue, make those republican senators run away from answering to either side of it. the trump side of it, or the liz cheney side of it. >> i think the evidence is clear that the republican party is running major deficits encourage that there's a complete absence of statesman and states woman on that side of the aisle. i want to be careful here, but
10:30 pm
think it's important for us to isolate and to in some ways, described the problem as trump 's -- i'm losing my language here, as trump's kind of -- lord have mercy, lawrence. trump trafficking and the lie. the lie, it is tethered to a set of resentment and grievances and fears out in the american public. if we don't understand the relationship between the lie that trump traffics there, and those fears and grievances and resentments that are circulating in the american public, then we will think of this is a political drama with this -- just these actors and not see the underlying forces -- i apologize for the stuttering. >> liz cheney says silences
10:31 pm
trafficking in the lie. thank you both for joining this discussion tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, more on what senator merkley calls quote, a crime against the rights of americans. in the republican state legislators that are restricting the rights to vote in their states. we will speak to former voting rights attorney calling all red who is now texas congressman all red, that's next. that's next certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think. are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks?
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the politics out of the right to vote, and access to voting in this country. >> what is so important ten, is that we not relegate this and there's a redact of that we look at this as a purely political issue. no matter what the intent, the undermining of our democracy is the danger of any -- from anyone regardless of their party. that's why we should stop
10:36 pm
talking about this as a bipartisan issue and focus on it as citizenship versus partisanship. >> so far americans have an active voter restrictions in 12 states, arkansas, florida, high wire, indiana, kansas, kentucky, montana, utah, wyoming, and as of today, arizona. ohio republicans are going to join that list. republicans introduced a bill last week there that would introduce requirements for mail-in ballots. reduce the number of days of early voting and restrict the number of ballot drop boxes. joining us now is collin allred of texas, he's a former voting right attorney. congressman, thank you for joining us tonight. it must be busier you behind the scenes in congress these days, because house members constantly wanted turn to voting rights attorney's, and voting right experts. you can tell them from your
10:37 pm
experience in the field what's going on here. what is your reaction to where it stands tonight as of these 12 states and what's coming, possibly texas likely to join them soon? >> well, texas will join them soon. thank you for having me on, lawrence. this is one of the most dangerous periods for our democracy and our history. period. we had one of the worst attacks on our democracy on january six. i was on the house floor when that happened. now we have state, after state, after state, advancing creative, and new laws to try and make it harder to vote. all to support the big lie. this is so concerning to me because there is no legal strategy that will be able to challenge, and successfully beat these laws in all of the states. beat thesemost of these laws, it do something at the federal law -- level will be every vote in
10:38 pm
2022. i'm concerned whether or not this part of the republican party will try to overthrow -- an election if they get into -- that in power by establishing these laws. >> -- the bill we were discussing, as one, the brennan center has analyze each of the restrictive voting bills pending in the state, which concludes that for the people act would thwart virtually every single one. every single one that shows that the stakes could not be higher for as one. >> they couldn't be. and you know, what we are trying to do here, lawrence, is something that congress has done before. set national standard so our democracies not nationally different from state to state.
10:39 pm
we are setting national standards around early voting, vote by mail, and importantly national centers for voter registration. what we are seeing, if these laws are allowed to go through, you will see many states where they are making it easier for this isn't to be involved in more states than others. black and brown voters -- it's extremely difficult. we can't allow that to happen. i don't know if the senate is going to have to do, as you know lawrence, you are a senate guy, i'm a house guy, they have to put this bill into law. we need to have national centers to protect our democracy. i agree with stacey abrams. it's an issue about our democracy. >> we've got personal today when the chair of the committee senator klobuchar addressed senator cruz. let's listen. >> when in fact you, senator
10:40 pm
cruz, not all of your colleagues here today, you were contesting the electoral college. you are leading one of the leaders on the effort to say that the election results were not correct. and so, you wonder why we want to make sure people have the right to vote. >> and you see there in that shot, that your texas senator cannot even look up and face one is being said to him, which is absolutely true. >> no, he can't. he has bragged recently about leading the insurrection on january 6th. i agree with what was said earlier, vice -- he should wear a scarlet mess everywhere he goes. this is the biggest divide in our politics, lawrence, it is in between the partisan ideology, it is between people who believe in democracy, and those who don't. we need to have support for the
10:41 pm
folks who believe in democracy in the form of legislation that prevents the states from -- putting these into law. senator cruz is only engaged in promoting himself and promoting the big lie that reads them of being in charge of who gets elected, who gets put into power, and how our democracy works. >> election law expert colin allred, thank you for joining our discussion tonight. >> thank, you lawrence. >> and coming up, if you are having trouble getting to a vaccine site, president biden will call an uber for you. no, seriously. the president is providing free uber and lift rides to vaccine sites. that's next. that's next. noooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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-- the three republican governors were governors were mister president, thank you for doing this. we appreciate you listening. we want to say hi to jeff and tell him we appreciate his work in the faculty. >> we appreciate jeff and taking all of our complaints over the past few months. he has been remarkable and helping us resolve all of those. >> i also want to give jeff hayes -- and his team shout outs. helping the american people succeed and getting vaccinated. >> in that meeting with the governors, president biden announced a new plan of free rides to vaccine sites. >> to ensure that transportation is less of a barrier, from a 24th to july 4th, uber and lyft are both going to offer everyone free rides to and from vaccination
10:47 pm
sites. i think that is really stepping up. >> joining us now, doctor coming up patel the health policy director in the obama white house. also, -- voter latinos. both are -- contributors. i want to begin with the politics of what we just saw. those three republican governors thanking the president, thanking the presidents coordinator of coronavirus policy dealing with the states. clearly working together with the president in a way that washington republicans never even dreamed of. >> well, joe biden is reminding the american people that once someone gets voted in an is accepted into the oval office, they are everybody's president regardless of the party you like. the governors are struggling with vaccine hesitancy as so
10:48 pm
many other governors are, and it demonstrates that joe biden is absolutely the man of the people. he is the american president. after four years of donald trump or he failed to do that, to demonstrate he was unifying and speaking to everyone, it is a refresher to see someone stepping in an understanding with that oval office means, lawrence. >> doctor patel, we seem to have switched from the january, february, march, april i guess, desperate attempt by people who were eligible for the vaccine to struggle to try to get an appointment to get the vaccine. now we are struggling to get the vaccine to the people who seem harder to reach. >> yeah lawrence, that's right. we knew this point would come, that the demand would decrease and supply would increase. i think what was left in question was, okay, next, than white. we are taking down the mass vaccination sites, putting it to clinics and doctors offices
10:49 pm
and pharmacies that american -- americans feel represents more of the president -- presents. then? what's the anti-vaxxers, i don't even know if they are vaccine hesitant per se, they're reluctant. they've been doing fine with the vaccine approach. they haven't felt that sense of urgency. candidly lawrence, there's a lot of my -- people, myself included, i'm still wearing a mask outside because i'm ashamed not to. we are still in between what's normal and what's not. i think that will get clearer over the next couple of weeks. l certainly with the fourth of july milestone, i hope we can turn the corner with those getting vaccine. 12 to 15 certainly helps. >> i know you experience with your mother talking about what's eliminated for you some of the harder to anticipate components of what we are generally calling vaccine hesitancy.
10:50 pm
>> yes, warns. in the middle of december, my mom who runs an elder care facility and bend in the health care industry for 20 years, when she told me that they were gonna come in and actually vaccinate her residents and elderly patients, she told me she was hesitant to take the vaccine. it took me about seven weeks to find out why. it turned out she had been targeted through whatsapp, misinformation saying the covid vaccine was technology never used on humans. it was all in spanish. it was by someone who claimed to be a pharmacist from el salvador of all places. and just talk to you about how this hesitancy is real. lawrence, we ended up stepping up the latino disinformation web. we are learning that this anti-vexing information that is targeting the latin community is supposed to create a distrust in government. if you do not trust your government to keep you safe and healthy, he will distrust your government to go out and vote. it is the most morbid form of
10:51 pm
voter posts had -- perception mercy today. they're also targeting the extreme right, these individuals. you can't trust biden with the vaccine, you are gonna have to go out -- it's interesting to watch from the outside, recognizing that this misinformation is dealing with the most sacred part of our lives, which is our health and safety in our communities. we will continue to get this information. i finally got my mother to get a vaccine. we had a family reunion after 13 months. her, my grandmother, my mother-in-law. it was an incredibly beautiful moment. i want more americans to experience that. it allows us to get to an level of normalcy that we desperately need. >> doctor patel, that is a multi month story of a conversation within a family, about the vaccine. that's how long it took to get
10:52 pm
that one vaccination done. that's a conversation we don't have to be willing to join. >> yeah, that's right, mourns. this last kind of 150 to 150 million people and adolescents, one in three saying they do want the vaccine. it is two and three families that don't want it for the children. the only way to overcome that is not by check -- shaming, them not by creating lines saying you can't come in, but to actually welcome in understand. it's taken me, on average, 2 to 3 visits with patients who are just reluctant to convert them. the conversion really is remarkable. all of a sudden they say, oh, i don't know why i didn't do this before? but it takes time. lawrence, i hate to say it, in health care, time is money. time is something we don't have a lot. of that's exactly what we will have to do now. it's a crime -- crown game now.
10:53 pm
it's one-on-one to get it done. >> time is also a risk. you are worried the entire time your mother is not getting the vaccine, you are worried she might get covid. >> exactly. and that she could get exposed. my mother 70 years old. i put this on air, she will call me tomorrow and say why did i do that -- but she is older. that is why the challenges, sick specially this challenge an immigrant communities, where english is not the dominant language. they are getting inundated by misinformation, even from across the border. the more that we have peer to peer one-on-one contact, we will do that. we're also learning that young people are vaccine hesitant. young they are getting the majority of their health information, not from doctors, but from their own -- older family. it's gonna be individual conversations we need to have with their loved ones. see them, hug, them get back to
10:54 pm
normal. doctor patel into recess. thank you for joining our discussion. >> thank you. lawrence >> thank you. >> we will be right back. ll be right back uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ this is our block. our place. our people. our block, it's just like yours. full of the people who shaped you. they all deserve care and access to the vaccine. no matter their address, income, or skin color. not having a ride to get the vaccine. can't be the reason you don't get it. you wanna help? donate a ride today. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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10:58 pm
league in december, one doctor anthony fauci was asked about vaccine hesitancy among african americans, he said this. >> the vaccine that you are going to be taken, was made by an african american woman. that's just a fact. >> the year barack above a was elected president, his ma'khia corman graduate from college. and she received her ph.d. in immunology at the university of color -- north carolina. she began working on vaccines on the international -- of health. they started using her developments to make the
10:59 pm
covid-19 vaccine. >> the thing i want people to know, they should trust it. they should trust that the vaccine works. they should trust that the vaccine is safe. >> the amazing kid zeke orbit will join us tomorrow for our special hour vaccinating america. i can listen to doctor core bit tell the story about a girl growing up in north carolina grew up to be one of the world's super scientists, who is now receiving hundreds of millions of lives. i could listen to the whole hour of her describing the drop that unfolded on that friday in january when this sequence of covid-19 was published, and she adapted a vaccine she had created to covid-19 over that weekend. we will have time for all of that tomorrow night.
11:00 pm
she will also be sharing the spotlight with president joe biden who will join us for his first emmerson bc interview as president of the united states. president biden will get the first word at 10 pm and casey core bit we'll get the last word. the 11th hour with brian williams starts right now. tarts right now. >> good evening day 112 of the biden administration and just a few hours ago, wyoming republican congresswoman liz cheney came to the house floor an empty chamber except for one other republican to deliver a powerful warning to her party and to her country. it won't save her from what is happening to her tomorrow, in fact it is more of why she is getting replaced as head of the republican house caucus, because she won't to go along with the lie that trump somehow won the election.


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