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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  April 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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exclusive look inside the biden white house this week, and if you missed it, you can check out our twitter page @thebeatwithari. you can see why i was doing the elbow bumps and walking along the grounds. as always, thanks for watching. "the reidout" with joy reid starts right now. good evening, i'm jason johnson in for joy reid. we begin tonight with the fbi raid on rudy giuliani's apartment and office, a stark reminder that the former president's personal lawyer is still under investigation. it goes back to 2017 and his dealings with the ukraine. he was involved with president trump's impeachment and he got impeached two times. investigators are also focused on the 2019 decision to oust the
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u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. at least one of the warrants were seeking information related to ms. yovanovitch. the warrant also, quote, sought his conversations with ukranian officials who had butted heads with miss yovanovitch who was seeking information about then-president biden. he tried to count the votes long after the election was certified, and that's why trump was trying to shield giuliani when he was still in office.
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he wasn't even briefed on the raid of giuliani's home. >> were you aware of that raid before it happened? >> i give you my word i was not. i made a pledge i would not interfere in any way, order or try to stop any investigation the justice department had underway. i learned about that last night when the rest of the world learned about it. that's not the role of the president. the justice department is the people's lawyer, not the president's lawyer. >> i should also say that the investigation of giuliani could pose a threat to his former boss as well. after all, giuliani suggested in 2019 that he has the goods on trump, and that could be problematic to the former president if giuliani is induced to flip. >> he's going to throw me under the bus. >> right. >> when they say that, i say he isn't, but i have insurance. >> so it's no surprise that trump is turning to fox news to whine about how unfair it all is. >> he just loves his country, and they raid his apartment.
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it's like so unfair and such a double -- it's like a double standard like i don't think anybody has ever seen before. i don't know what they're looking for, what they're doing. they say it had to do with filings of various papers, lobbying filings. >> but what rudy giuliani did in ukraine was more than just a paperwork violation. he effectively took control of u.s. foreign policy, usurped the role of american diplomats and leveraged ukraine for personal purposes. >> they were undercut by illegal efforts of rudy giuliani. >> if we needed to get anything done with ukraine, it was apparent we needed to talk to rudy. >> they were now affecting u.s. engagement with ukraine. >> all of giuliani's efforts in ukraine had one goal: to dig up
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or fabricate dirt on joe biden before the 2020 election. but the most damning part of all of this is that the u.s. intelligence community has now confirmed that the smear campaign against biden and ukraine was part of a russian operation conducted by vladimir putin himself to influence the u.s. election. according to the report, the kremlin pushed misleading or false allegations to the media and some close to donald trump. in other words, rudy giuliani was a forced campaign against our country. joining me now is congressman schiff. thank you so much for being with us on "the reidout" this evening. i'm going to play some of your own words back to you from the first impeachment and get your comments on the other side.
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>> donald trump chose rudy giuliani over his own intelligence agencies. he chose rudy giuliani over his own fbi director. he chose rudy giuliani over his own national security advisors. when all of them were telling him this ukraine 2016 stuff is kooky crazy russian propaganda, he chose not to believe them, he chose to believe rudy giuliani. that makes him dangerous. >> so, congressman schiff, i have to ask you, and i'm being very serious about this, because this is a danger to the united states and these people are still walking around free. do you feel vindicated? do you feel that what you predicted is finally coming to fruition. how do you feel about these recent reports and this recent raid? >> it's sad because we had the
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opportunity in that first impeachment to remove the danger. it didn't take any great intelligence to see that if he wasn't removed that he would go ahead and try to cheat in the next election, which is exactly what he did. but with respect to rudy giuliani, as a result of our investigation we learned that giuliani was working with these corrupt ukranians in an effort to smear joe biden, that he was advancing this kremlin narrative, that it wasn't the russians that interfered in our election in 2016, it was ukraine, and ukraine was interfering to help hillary clinton. that was a russian kremlin narrative and giuliani was working to push it out. i think the issue may now be, in terms of his legal exposure, he needed to get rid of marie yovanovitch, our russian ambassador, because she was fighting corruption in ukraine, and he saw her in the way of
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crushing the bidens. but he also had no business in ukraine, and there was a corrupt reporter who also wanted the ambassador gone because he thought it would help him remain in power. and if giuliani was doing any of this on behalf of these corrupt ukranian officials or being compensated for it and not reporting it, then he would have some serious legal problems. >> so, congressman, i thought about this. it's a raid on giuliani's house. this just feels different. if you're talking about -- this could be a counterintelligence investigation instead of just obstruction of justice. this is move from being law and order to perhaps the americans on fx. how is that investigation going to play out differently if this does sort of transform to where we're looking at someone who may have been a foreign influence? >> first of all, i was so glad
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to hear president biden say what he did, that he's hands off on all this stuff. he should be hands off on it. it's great to have a president who is hands off in terms of the justice department. it's great to have an attorney general who is not bringing cases or announcing investigations for political reasons or intervaccining in sentences like an independent justice department, again, doing independent work. in terms of the investigation involving giuliani, i have to think that was aville investigation as to whether or not he was violating laws, but there will certainly be interest in a counter intelligence point of view. that may be compromised by the russians.
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>> you mentioned william barr. we had in the previous administration a -- basically an attorney general who set things up for trump to have a personal lawyer. it seems like barr wasn't just working as trump's lawyer, but he was working as a campaign manager as well. >> we had established an intake process in the filed -- field so that anything coming in by ukraine could be carefully scrutinized by the department. that's true for all the information that comes to the department relating to the ukraine including anything mr. giuliani might provide. >> congressman, after hearing that from william barr, if the information from ukraine was primarily being used for campaign purposes, shouldn't mr.
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barr also be under investigation, because he would have been part of the smear campaign. >> i don't know if he should be under investigation, but it's certainly clear if you look at the poll record, that 2015 poll between donald trump and the president of ukraine, he says, talk to rudy giuliani and talk to bill barr. he implicates both of them. when the whistleblower files a complaint, it was held from congress at the direction of the justice department, bill barr's justice department, and, of course, we would soon find out why. there is no question that bill barr abused his office in that department in the most destructive way, and i can give you one final example. you might recall bill barr, in the run-up to the election, was saying that china was the biggest threat to our elections. when he was asked by, i think, wolf blitzer on what basis do you make that claim?
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he says, i've seen the intelligence. the intelligence released a report about a month ago and said, no, china wasn't involved like russia was. russia was the primary threat showing bill barr was being deceptive to the american people to help the trump campaign. >> this is not going to be the end of this. thank you, congressman schiff, not just for this interview but what you did for this country last year. thank you so very much. >> thank you. up next on "the reidout," president biden just finished speaking in atlanta, georgia, talking about what he laid out for congress last night. the president saying the price tag is just too high, at least the parts they were awake for. police and congress in america being held accountable just like bad teachers. "the reidout" continues after this.
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president biden in georgia tonight selling success of his first 100 days, less than 24 hours after his first address to the joint session of congress. the plan, to remind americans that since he took office, more than a million new jobs have come back, $1400 relief payments got sent out, and roughly 143 million americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. what better place to celebrate than georgia, which is basking in the glory of its status as a battleground state. >> we promise to deliver emergency relief to the millions of americans who are in financial distress, and i might add, through no fault of their own. so we got out $1,400 checks to the american people and we kept that promise. 85% of the households in america have gotten those checks. and i want to stop here and give
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thanks to both your senators, senator ossoff and warnock for making it happen, because those two votes, had we not come back and you elected them, those two votes made the difference. >> early in the day, the bidens made a stop in plains, georgia to visit the carters. no, to the former first couple jim and roslyn carter. georgia endorsed carter for president. now president biden is unveiling his $2.5 million infrastructure plan and $2 trillion american family plan. >> we ever to do more than just build back, we have to build back better. throughout our history, think
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about it, public investment in infrastructure has literally transformed america time and again. they propel us into the future. that's why i propose the american jobs plan, a once in a generation investment in america itself. we also need to make a once in a generation investment in our families and our children. trickle-down economics has never worked. it's time to grow the economy from the bottom and the middle out. [ applause ] >> biden's predecessor spoke about the importance of infrastructure, but none of them laid out a plan quite like this. >> both parties should be able to unite for a great rebuilding of america's crumbling infrastructure. this is not an option. this is a necessity. >> so much of america needs to be rebuilt. we've got crumbling roads and
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bridges, a power grid that wastes too much energy. democratic and republican administrations invested in great projects that benefited everybody. >> this congress must act to encourage conservation, promote technology, build infrastructure, and it must act to increase energy production at home so america is less dependent on foreign oil. >> notice how the crowd behind the president gets more and more diverse every year? that's progress. biden's pitch comes at a time when the country is slowly emerging from forced hibernation due to the covid-19 pandemic. georgia is no coincidence. a month ago georgia governor brian kemp signed one of the most restrictive bills in the country, after they handed the keys to the white house and the senate. we have ufatt and clinton cane
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campaigns. i'll begin with you. joe biden makes a beeline for georgia right after his speech to congress. what does this say about georgia's place not just with democrats, but really the whole place when it comes to the economic future? >> i think it says that the debate has been settled and georgia is one of america's most embattled states. we could also say there is an acknowledgment, a recognition, that the reason the biden administration is within grasp of making progress on its agenda and due to black voters and voters in georgia not only showing up in november but making history by sending senator warnock and senator ossoff to washington, d.c. when we think there are over 60 bills that have been passed by a margin of less than two votes,
4:21 pm
the story, the narrative, the impact of georgia voters is continuing to show up throughout the legislative agenda. >> literally -- we say all the time, your vote matters, your vote matters. but there are people in georgia who got a $1400 stimulus check because of the effort they put in. is that something that resonates? when you guys are knocking on doors now, are you saying, yo, my vote got you $1400, or does it still seem abstract when you talk to people on the ground? >> 85% of american families got that stimulus check, not just us in georgia. >> yes. >> i think that, yes, there is that recognition, particularly for the folks born in 2002 and voted for the first time in these elections. they watched the entire country
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sort of, you know, make bad parodies of "georgia on my mind" and talk about how important their vote was specifically, and so, you know, as a long-term electoral organizer, community organizer, this is the number one question that we sort of message around and talk to young people about, is the power of their vote. we had real live examples that hit people in their wallets, in their hearts and in their minds. so i think the conversations have gotten a lot easier, and, quite frankly, the backlash that we are living through, that we are experiencing also talks about how critical voting is in every election. >> erin, i want to ask you this. i'm going to play a mash-up of the gop responses to president biden's speech last night. i want your thoughts on the other side. >> america heard a lengthy,
4:23 pm
liberal daydream. we heard about the so-called jobs plan packed with punitive tax hikes at exactly a time our nation needs a recovery. >> the president gives a nice talk about unity, but then there is no unity. if unity for him is we republicans just agree to spend and spend and spend. >> just saying beer going to spend a trillion dollars on this doesn't mean you care more, it means you'll spend more of other people's money, taxpayers' money, and run up the debt. >> erin, we just talked about the value of stimulus checks to millions of americans who were hurting during this pandemic, millions of americans who still don't have jobs. is this gop messaging that giving them money and those you support is just talking as usual? >> this is the red meat kind of topics that republicans tell to
4:24 pm
their base, but this is an administration that in the first 100 days really works to redefine the definition of bipartisanship and what that means in this country, right? for their money, they are not focused necessarily on the republicans in congress who maybe don't want to get on board with the president's plan, kind of emphasizing that there are no political parties who support kind of the details of what he's trying to do and, frankly, the things he has tried to deliver. that rally was in gwinnett county, right, which is not somewhere that's been traditionally thought of as a democratic stronghold. that also sends a message. he said when he was elected he would be the president for everybody, whether they voted
4:25 pm
for him or not. certainly those stimulus checks and support for folks who are approximate, and today was really just yet another tuchbt to remind people of that. >> when i hear those criticisms, it speeblg -- speaks to democratic presidents. why do you think republicans have had such a guilty -- they can't seem to land a punch on president biden. >> when you have what americans want, it is kind of hard to make the argument. yes, him, being a male of a
4:26 pm
certain age in politics, it is a little harder to, you know, kind of make contrasts, especially in the culture wars that republicans are so bent on continuing here as an. but listen, joe biden is somebody -- who appeals to folks in the heartland, in the rest belt who may be open to his message because of the enter you talked about the need for gun reform, for example. i did not want to say that. but the way he comes at you is something that is sti meeing
4:27 pm
republicans at least in these early days. >> aid wran, the idea that most people are about how receptive republicans are to what joe biden was sailing last night. >> it's time to cut the the. >> they replacely, so every american can drink frl the baurt. we needily a cluster. >> just their fair share. we're on track to cut child
4:28 pm
poverty in america by. >> adrian, i have to ask you. i get certain policy things that republicans sit for, but ending child poverty, they don't clap. joe biden could have said we're going to stop clubbing baby seals. what is the strat of a patternpositivelily. that montage is really sent out to the approximately. we've seen polling from the biden and fchl. but yeah, you -- erin made a
4:29 pm
really strong point that leadership helps determine who bipartisan shop in. when you can't get lenls -- it shows the sun is up no matter what happens with part of the republican party nowadays. and the why this are product is so porcht where more of them voted for impeaching trump a second. still ahead, you need a license to bblg a neempl. if you happen to be bad in any one of those jobs, you'll lose
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. for many jobs in this country, you need a license. makes sense that you need a license to practice law or medicine or to teach, but even hairdressers need them, as do
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florists, strippers. in those jobs if you violate professional standards, your license can be revoked. then there's the police. 46 states will require a license for certification, but in about one-third of states, a criminal conviction is required for an officer to lose their certification. we all know how unlikely those convictions are which brings us to the police shooting of andrew brown in elizabeth city, north carolina. today the county deputies put everyone on leave and said they would be reinstated to active duty. the reading of the sheriff's own use of force policy said this wasn't good policing. body cameras showed that andrew brown jr. made contact with deputies by reversing his car. then moved forward, prompting
4:35 pm
them to open fire. if that's to be believed, remember, we don't know if we have to believe these people because we haven't seen video released publicly. the policemen oppose using this use of force. they said shooting at a moving vehicle leads to many risks and rarely is it effective. we have former police chief at burkhalter law school. i'm going to start with this. i said this publicly. i'm in favor of abolishing policing as it exists in modern times, but i do recognize that different policies work better in different places. i want to start with this question, kurt. we have found out that the use of force suggestions for the
4:36 pm
local county said it's not a good idea to necessarily shoot at a police car. the local ternz are saying matt brown. >> if that was your position, show the case. if that was the case, the kbleed would not have to make ab argument to show the tape. the tape would have been shown. in columbus, ohio, the tape was immediately shown. >> it seems to me, and as ben crump said once, it doesn't take an eight-year-old, that if police are saying andrew brown backed into them and created immediate danger, why wouldn't they release the video to the public for that to be the case. is there any justification for sitting on that video? >> i honestly can't imagine why
4:37 pm
there would be, but we are in the climate where. it's their responsibility to rebuild that trust. if something as simple as this video will help them achieve their mission, that's good enough. the video right now allows for incredible amounts of speculation. nothing will change that skuj from being a skunk or a bed of, and has been a misstep in
4:38 pm
regards to this negotiation. >> if we do see some. so i want to ask this question. if you're a schoolteacher and you buy beer for a team, you could lose your license. you could actually lose your license if you don't use the right kind of body paint. in california there are about 3700 officers who have lost their jobs. they may find that the economy
4:39 pm
is still going. you have to have high values, you have to maintain those values. so officers can't shift agency to agency, i think, would be a great idea skpchlt this happens and lie to being fired and turn around and take the job where else. the police is hesitant to require them nrk -- you don't have to worry about approximate r that's one of the things we have to do in. i think most cops want to work with good cops. i was talking to a good friend
4:40 pm
who was in edenton -- you said edentot, which is okay. but one thing in policing is the blue wall of silence. you've probably heard of that, so there's been a tradition that cops look out for other cops, even though they know they're doing the wrong thing and that's got to stop. if you're involved in something and you don't help, that's got to be a consequence. >> i want to take this to mr. buckhalter, this idea of wandering officers, right? this is a serious issue. many allowed to resign approximately spmt. in suburban cleveland, ohio, went 15 minutes up the road, got
4:41 pm
a jot with the ta brir -- tamir rice, and how do we show enough respect that we say, we can't let her go somewhere else and do the same thing. >> we have to remember a couple things. i loved being a police officer, but it was a privilege and a job, not a right. i did not have the right to be a police officer. the other way this can have some teeth is to tie it into the edward burns son. he is tragically assassinated and there is now a fund named after him, and this is where police officers receive millions and millions of dollars from the federal government.
4:42 pm
that can be able to travel from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. if you are not ethically and morally bound to temp tp. >> thank you, guys, so much. trust me, we will have you back because this is an important. republicans react to president biden's speech, next. to presidet biden's speech, next introducing fidelity income planning.
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in the response to president biden's address, republicans went straight for the red meat for their base. literally in the case of kevin mccarthy who once again repeated the outright lie that joe biden is trying to control america's meat intake. meanwhile, hannity went so far
4:47 pm
as to say that joe biden is not all there mentally. >> it's not fair that the cognitively struggling joe biden seems to have a grasp on the real state of our union. watch -- i call it the biden shuffle. it's the little baby steps he takes as he walks, and the little elbows, it looks like it's an effort. >> in case you missed this point the first time around, he put it up in this graphic questioning in all caps, who is in charge? keep it classy, sean. maybe hannity would have been more worried about ted cruz who appeared to fall asleep during the address. ted snooze later said it was boring. and kevin mccarthy said, this could sl all been in an e-mail. and speaking of the former man, he said biden didn't thank him enough in his speech.
4:48 pm
>> obviously they're very ungracious people. i did the vaccine. they like to take the vaccine. if i hadn't gotten the vaccine, you wouldn't have the vaccine for three to five years. >> some did go after biden's actual policies but in perplexing ways. marjorie taylor greene said, federally funded school from age 3 to 20 doesn't sound like education, it sound like indoctrination. past polling has shown that most americans, normal people included, wouldn't say no to more affordable child care. so republicans clearly need to work on figuring out what they actually stand for. senator tim scott was tasked with the responsibility of laying out his party's priorities to the republican response last night, but he failed to base those priorities on reality. that's what we're talking about,
4:49 pm
next. that's what we're talking about, next ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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(text chime) (text chime) (text chime) (sighs) (text chime) (chuckles) (text chime) it's the biggest week in television. watchathon week is your chance to finally watch shows you missed for free. now you get to talk about them with your friends, no matter what time it is. say "watchathon" into your voice remote and watch for free i have experienced the pain of discrimination. i know what it feels like to be pulled over for no reason, to be followed around a story while i'm shopping. i've also experienced a different kind of intolerance. i get called uncle tom and the n-word by progressives, by liberals. >> senator tim scott, one of
4:53 pm
only three black republicans in congress, tried to give his party cover in delivering the response to biden's presidential address, saying explicitly that america is not a racist country, even as he addressed his own experiences with racism. he went on to condemn those who would use race as a political weapon. kamala harris was asked if she agreed with senator scott. >> i don't think america is a racist country, but we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country. it does not help to heal our country, to unify us as a people to ignore the realities of that. and the idea is that we want to unify the country, but not without speaking truth and requiring accountability as appropriate. >> joining me now is staff writer at "the new yorker" and dr. christina greer, both doctors, associate professor of political science at fordham university. dr. greer, i'll start with this. this was a big thing yesterday.
4:54 pm
you can criticize tim scott all you want, say he's sold out, tim scott was lying or dishonest, but nationally uncle tim was trending on twitter last night. to me it was reminiscent of people referring to condoleezza rice as aunt jemima during the bush administration. from your viewpoint, what do you think about the fact that that was trending last night and do you find it as problematic as i did? >> yeah, i definitely found it problematic. but i think it's also one of those things where on social media the internal conversations that many black people have about tim scott and the republican party have now made their way to the public discourse. i mean, let's be clear. looking at tim scott's response, we know that he's carrying the water not just for the republican party and see two other black colleagues, but he did so under the trump administration. when he talks about growing up in a one-bedroom house, ask yourself, why, because your
4:55 pm
party doesn't believe in equality. ask yourself why your grandfather didn't know how to read, it's because your party defunds education. ask yourself why it is that you went to failing schools, because your party doesn't value education, especially for black youths and people in the south. so the fact that he tried to make it an individual conversation when it should be an institutional problem that his party is part of and one of the main reasons why we have such inequity explains why this uncle tim hashtag was trending and weaponizing christianity in a way lots of democratic christians are like what are you talking about? we can actually believe in christ or whatever without actually having policies that destroy not just our country, but so many people across the globe. >> so, i want to continue with this because, to me, you can make the criticism that basically tim scott has sold his
4:56 pm
soul to conservative republican party that has oppressed him and his family, but a lot of people don't necessarily understand why referring to him as uncle tim is offense. it has the idea that no outside community has the right to dictate what black authenticity is. >> there's a lot to it on many levels. but let's start with tim scott even before this last incident, he wrote a month or so ago that it was an sitting down thing to say. i responded on twitter saying i've been in a room with tim scott exactly once, and that was at a commemoration for the nine people who were murdered in the basement of the emanuel ame church in charleston, south carolina, by the white supremacist dylann roof. that is a kind of embarrassing of a position to take.
4:57 pm
the motorist charitable version of what you can see in tim scott is he was trying to grease the wheels of whatever kind of political reform or police reform we're going to get in this bill. he's trying to build up political capital that will allow him to bring some of his republican colleagues along. but even in that light, it's indefensible to make these comments in the context of how many -- i've lost track of how many unarmed black people have been killed this month in encounters with police. and so if he wanted to have this debate about whether or not america is a racist country, i disagree with him and kamala harris. yes, this is a racist country. when we look at the institutional outcomes, every single major institution that we have has a racial disparity in what the outcomes are in relationships with it. if that doesn't qualify you as a racist country, we don't know what racism is. >> when secretary of
4:58 pm
transportation pete buttigieg can say we literally have racism baked into our highway system, i really don't think tim scott is in much of a position to criticize him. speaking of his bill, jewel lani, tim scott was saying, look, i had this bill and the democrats stopped it. what i noticed about his sort of police reform bill is it just collected information. it collected data on use of force. i don't need another register of dead black bodies. i want to hear consequences. what did you think about his suggestion that he was at least a starting point and that the democrats were stopping him because they were too woke for what he was putting forward? >> woke as this he wanted to actually tackle the issue of choke holds. look, this is a nonstarter. we need to have a federal ban on choke holds. there was also the simple fact of qualified immunity, which is at the heart of all this. the lawlessness that we have within law enforcement is abided by the fact that people know there won't be consequences for their actions. >> right. >> and so, yeah, those were
4:59 pm
significant obstacles. it was disingenuous to say this is simply about wokeness. those were substantive policy differences that doomed that bill. >> dr. greer, so even in the wake of this, some of the lawyers for andrew brown went to washington, d.c., and had conversations with lindsey graham and tim scott. do you think tim scott is trying to position himself as a deal-maker on police reform? do you think this is something that he thinks will help him long-term politically o is it a we feel founded belief? i have difficulty believing a guy who can on one hand say i'm tired of being pulled over by the police is going to be serious when it comes to police reform. >> right. i have no idea what's in the heart of tim scott, just to put that out there. but let's be clear . that entire party is being held hostage by donald trump because none of them can plan for their future in 2024 until the former president decides whether he wants to get off the sidelines or not. tim scott is their poster boy. here's their one.
5:00 pm
so if they're going to talk about a racial issue, he's the one. give it to mikey and put him out front. he's willing to do that. he's always been willing to do that and that's how and why he's the one who gave the rebuttal. >> thank you so much, dr. greer. joy will be back tomorrow night with a special guest, former secretary of state hillary clinton. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. trickle-down economics has never worked and it's crime to grow the economy from the bottom and the middle out. >> 100 days into office, how joe biden and his predecessor just ended the reagan era, leaving republicans with nothing. >> least going to control how much meat you can eat. can you imagine that? what we're learning about what's at the heart of the rudy giuliani investigation. >> he just loves this country. and they raid his


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