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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  April 29, 2021 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hi, everyone. it is 4:00 in the east. democracy still works. that was the central message delivered by president biden to a joint session of congress last night. president biden making a stirring call for healing and restoration in light of what he referred to as the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. the deadly capitol insurrection. >> can we overcome the lies and hate that pulled us apart? the autocrats of the world are
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betting we can't and i promise you they're betting we can't. they believe we're too full of anger and division and rage. they look at the images of the mob that assaulted the capitol as proof that the sun is setting on american democracy. but they're wrong. you know it. i know it. but we have to prove them wrong. we have to prove democracy still works, that the government still works and we can deliver for our people. >> it was in an astonishing statement from an american president made the more urgent because the other party in the chamber last night shows no signs of stopping the quest to undermine democracy. moments after president biden finished the address senator scott delivered the republican response in which he vigorously defended and championed the georgia voter restriction bill as mainstream and same bill that the state's lieutenant governor descreens as the direct result of the big lie and baseless
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concerned of election fraud and drew rebuke from major corporations and led the mlb to pull the all-star out of georgia and same bill that in its definitive word by word analysis "the new york times" describes this way. quote, a breath taking assertion of partisan power in elections making absentee voting harder and creating restrictions in the wake of narrow losses to democrats and perhaps nothing is more alarming today than what republicans in arizona are doing. more than 100 days after president biden took the oath of office and nearly 6 months after the state certified the election results confirming president biden's win in the date an audit or a recount of sorts of the vote is under way in arizona. it stands to become the canary in the coal mine for efforts to relitigate the 2020 election all over again all over the country. the republican led state senate there handed over 2.1 million
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ballots, two third of all the ballots cast in the state. to this florida-based cyber security firm and local gop officials said they never heard of them but the founder peddled conspiracy theories and supports trump's big lie and as vaughn hillyard reported in this show on monday the press was not allowed into the facility where ballots are being counted. for days the only access to the audit is web cams with a bird's eye view of the process which remains shrouded in secrecy. they have gone to court to fight to keep the processes secret. a judge ruled on wednesday that the company has to explain what it's doing to protect privacy of voters as the judge allowed the audit to continue. meanwhile the recount or aud sit an obsession of the bored disgraced former president and fellow travelers in the stop the steal movement and sending
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multiple missives praising and pushing the recount and has the arizona secretary of state sounding the alarm bells that the arizona rekouptd could inject new life into the big lie of election fraud. itself a direct cause and link to the rising threat of domestic violent extremism. the attacks on democracy is where we begin with some of the favorite reporters and friends. "the new york times" political and investigative reporter, and yamichi asinder and pleased to be joined by the arizona secretary of state sounding the alarms katie hobbs. we have covered all of your comments and warnings about this process and i think we are eager to understand what is happening and what else can be done to make sure that it doesn't become part of this really toxic stream of disinformation.
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>> yeah. i'm glad you characterized this as alarming because that is what it is. it is designed to continue promoting the big lie that the election in 2020 was stolen. we know that that is not the case. we know that this was the most secure and historically participated in election we have had and so this is nothing more than a fishing expedition designed to continue to undermine voters' confidence in the democratic institutions. >> and, madame secretary, the election officials on both sides of the aisle have your view. that is the statement from a first republican to sound the alarm about the danger to violence, that donald trump's lies about fraud would cause. this is what he tweeted this audit in arizona is another step in undermining confidence in elections. this process is neither transparent nor likely legal. any fimpbdings will be highly
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suspect now that chain of kursdy is violated. how did we get to the point where this firm has the hands on 2.1 million ballots? >> well, that's a really great question and i don't know because when the subpoena was issued and subsequently ruled valid by a judge the senate didn't have a firm in place to conduct the exercises that we are seeing now and so they have not been forthcoming about the process used to select this firm and we did find out that they did receive some bids, cyber ninja did not bid and i want to make it really clear. this firm is not an auditing firm and they are not an election firm and don't have an expertise in what it is they're doing right now and that is very concerning. >> madame secretary, i want to read from the brennan center
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more about this firm and ask you if i read this if you think the constituents have this information or know this is the folks handling their ballots and their votes. this is from vice news reporting that linwood helped raise money to pay for the audit and told talking points memo last week that he hosted cyber ninja kroemt doug logan at his house working on the investigation into election fraud and posted on his since deactivated twitter account promoting the stop the steal conspiracy and saying he wholeheartedly such ports trump and denied the personal views had anything to do with the audit attempting to prove the election was stolen. lin wood was peddling the lies that led to multi-billion dollar lawsuits against some of the propagandists that claimed that the machines were rigged and now
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he is backing financially at least and politically the person who has in his hands the ballots of arizonans and i wonder if there's any bipartisan sort of concern growing about the kind of people involved in the audit and it was the republican governor who certified the count. >> right, right. our count was certified by both the republican governor, the republican attorney general and the republican chief justice of the supreme court. so yeah. my office is hearing every day from constituents across arizona both sides of the aisle that are extremely concerned about the lack of qualifications of this firm and the clear bias that the folks involved with this process are bringing into the process. so you know, it is really clear that this is not an independent audit designed to make sure the
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system's working the way they're supposed to. this is a fishing expedition led by partisans with an agenda to continue to undermine the election from 2020. >> i've read a lot of the local reporting about what the climate was like when this subpoena was pushed and there were threats of violence, extra security at people's homes. i wonder has that tamped down. do you feel safe? >> well, yeah. there was in particular a republican legislator who voted against sanctioning the maricopa county board of supervisors over this subpoena and tar getted and threatened the same way that myself and other folks were in the election. that had died down a little bit. it is certainly ramping up again with this process in place and we are certainly on high alert in my office. >> what are the scenarios for
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how this ends, madame secretary? >> you know, i wish i knew the answer to that. i don't think it ends well. you know, these folks are on a fishing expedition. we know that through all of the audits that have been conducted and all clear in terms of the results, that this election was free of fraud and this exercise is designed to just refute that. and continue to promote the big lie and so whatever their findings are i think they're going to continue to utilize this process to promote the big lie and if they're successful here they move on to other states. i guarantee that. >> please stay with us. i want to bring into the conversation yamiche and nick. it is such a tainted process as
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evidenced by the president's underbridled zeal and enthusiasm for it. are you hearing anything at the national level to combat what could be a toxic new rejuvenated effort behind the big lie? >> this is such an important conversation because what secretary hobbs is describing is really the nightmare of democracies in a lot of ways based on the people that i have been talking to who are really concerned about what's going on in arizona but also what's going on in georgia and texas. i just talked to a long time civil rights activist who was active in the '60s and i said to him, how worried are you? his response is i'm not worried because we know what's going on and we as an american people have to decide that this suspected the way to go forward and we can't target people and
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say because you have a different political view than me that we're going to take away the vote. he was using the word voter nullification rather than suppression saying voter suppression might send people home but nullification is essentially what is possibly getting attempted in arizona and that is that it doesn't matter what you do, what time to show up at the polls, if you vote in a way that a political party says they don't like they will nullify the vote and he tells me that activists and people need to look at this. americans need to decide what kind of country we want to be and connects to what president biden was saying. in the sweeping statements the number one thing that stuck with me is that the adversaries are watching and they hope to win and the democracy will fail why that's at the heart of what president biden was saying and i think at the heart of this country and we have to look at arizona and say is this the way
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we want things to happen? including that long time 1960s snik activist saying the way forward is to know about this and to move forward not being pushed back by this. >> yeah. well, and, nick, if you take that piece of the speech last night and stuck with me, as well, we used to send elections monitors abroad to fledgling democracies to protect and preserve the elections and democracies. we could probably use some in arizona. this national security piece it was the first time i heard president biden use such a high profile platform to make the point about what the enemies see when they see after three counts in arizona, after the certification, the secretary of state said from a republican attorney general, a republican governor, seeing this dodge ji firm with the hands on 2.1 million ballots of arizona citizens, this looks terrible in
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places that would like to see the democracy this chaotic and weak. >> the image you see often in foreign propaganda is american democracy is corrupt and flawed and that we lecture them about free and fair elections. look, the elections in america are flawed and elections stolen and cheated and the fact of the matter is the system is the envy of the world. it's decentralized. it is hard to hack. it is very hard to steal an election. and in this case in arizona and georgia, there was no problem on the gop side with the laws and rults as they existed in two states until the gop suddenly lost a big election there and then all of a sudden these rules and procedures are deeply flawed and both states we see a commonality, a state ledge reaching in to grab control of
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the results and counting either now or in the future from the official nonpartisan bodies that we set up to run the election and why we are envied around the world. >> you know, madame secretary, we are here because your election was not corruptible. it is clear now that trump would like it to have been and still to be but how frustrating is it to have run a free and fair and fraud free election and to see it smeared and misrepresented and used as part of trump's disinformation campaign? >> well, frustrating might be the understatement of the year when it comes to all of this. it is -- i mean, we executed a close to flawless election in arizona. three of them in 2020. in the face of an unprecedented once in a lifetime global pandemic. and unprecedented information not coming from our foreign
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adversaries but the white house and saw historic participation and overcame that and this is -- it is incredibly, incredibly frustrating. >> i want to focus in on one of the central actors here. this firm cyber ninjas here's what the brennan center and election experts are asking doj to do in this sort of vein of sending monitors. quote we are senned that cyber ninjas the senate and the agents are preparing to engage in conduct to constitute unlawful voter intimidation in violation of the voting rights act and other laws. the audit procedures in the scope of work authorize deploying agents to physically canvas voters and collect information related to voter history. voter intimidation can take many forms. so i didn't realize that reengaging the voters that voted
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six months ago is part of the scope of work. this seems really, really loaded. >> it does. and i remember doing a story before the election talking to immigrants who came to america because of our democracy and one of the things they described to me was this idea of being physically intimidated by dictators, by people that wanted to stay in power in venezuela and haiti, in other parts of the world. pressuring them to basically say you have to vote for my party why so in this regard we haven't seen that in america in this way. what we have seen is i think this kind of robust conversation about whether or not there's voter fraud but there wasn't and if you start sending people that work for this firm to african-american homes, to latino homes, to the homes of immigrants to say is this the
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way you meant to vote is a step in a scary direction based on the conversations with experts and people that lived through dictatorships saying this is not the way forward for america. we have to have this real conversation about what kind of country we want to be and i think you see secretary of state like hobbs but also rafsens burger saying that party won. >> and, nick, this is where election officials of both parties that acted with integrity to have that fraud free result and bill barr was the attorney general and he was perfectly willing to investigate if there had been anything and came out and said there was no systematic fraud. there was nothing. >> that's right. >> but on this topic of atlanta,
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there's an internal gop war in that state against the secretary of state calling for a probe of whether he misused their office and almost criminalizing integrity and k06r7 tense. chris krebs was fired for running a secure and fraud free election and now a probe of raffensberger. >> at the top is president trump and the big lie of the election. the first president who lost a re-election and built a political machine out of losing and the big lie of his defeat that he actually won the election is central to all of that. he has raised so much money telling the supporters the election was stolen and the key to the success in the post-presidency to the clout in the party. it keeps the dollars coming in, keeps the relationships intact.
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it keeps the consultants on the payroll and that's why he is so motivated to push this. i'm sure it's partly pride and easier to believe you were stolen than spanked by joe biden and it is the foundation of his post-presidency. >> and it is at the center of the current domestic extremism warning. a remarkable state of affairs. nick, thank you. arizona's secretary of state hobbs so lucky that you spent time with us today. thank you. when we come back, never before seen video from capitol hill on january 6 from the moments before and after the rioters sprayed officer brian sicknick who would of course go on to die. the investigation and the quest to hold those responsible
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accountable begins. less than 24 hours after that raid on rudy giuliani's home and office, we're getting a look at the alternative facts planted for him to hit back with. plus, this is all they got? top house republican goes on the favorite channel to rebut the president's big speech and all he has is a big old nothing burger. all those stories and more when we continue after a quick break. finding new routes to reach your customers, and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about. it's what the united states postal service has always been about. so as your business changes, we're changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide. same day shipping across town. returns right from the doorstep, and deliveries seven days a week. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting. we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time.
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if as soon as this had soon president trump had simply gone on the tv, just logged on to twitter and said, stop the attack, if he had done so with even half as much force as he said stop the steal, how many lyes would we have saved? >> that was congressman joe naguse, an impeachment manager making the case that the real threat that lawmakers and the police officer and the staff at the capitol faced on january 6 could not and should not go unpunished. there's chilling new video of nbc news from that day shows fallen capitol police officer sicknick struck with what prosecutors say is chemical spray as rioters fight to push through. video's being used as evidence in court against the rioters but
1:26 pm
today it is another reason to be appalled anew by republicans who also in danger that day that refused to do anything about it and standing by the big lie. joining the conversation is congressman joe neguse. i watched every minute of the impeachment trial and it feels like the arguments you were making that day were maybe difficult for republicans to ignore then but now making the pilgrimages to mar-a-lago as there's missive after missive of this appalling faux audit in arizona. the big lie. and republicans seem to have no appetite to push back or to disavow it or distance themselves from it. are you concerned about what that says about the other party
1:27 pm
save for liz cheney? >> good to be with you. i am. i share your concern. i think you articulated it well. a disturbing trend since january 6 is the willingness of so many to try to walk away from those events and from any complicity in what happened on january 6. i watched the video footage that you just showed. it is harrowing, disturbing, the underscores the bravery and courage of many capitol police officers who saved lives on january 6 and protected those of us in the house as i was on the house floor along with so many staff members across the completion. i worry a great deal that as many time passes from january 6th the more easy it becomes for folks to be complacent about the real precipice that our country was on that day in terms of our ability to continue functioning as a constitutional republic and
1:28 pm
obviously as you said there's many folks on the other side of the aisle who would like to see that ambivalence and complacency set in even further. >> what do you think undergirds it? some of the very same republicans beyond aggress wif the threat of radical islamic terrorism and they are the other extreme, beyond meek, silent on white supremacy. >> i don't know that i'm going to speculate as to their rationals and obviously they have offered a wide variety and many which of are logical and important to remind them and to remind the country of just how significant that test was for our constitutional republic and i think that's what president biden was doing last night in the joint address of congress when he chose to recognize the
1:29 pm
fact that we had bounced back from that terrible day, that the transfer of power came to fruition and all that we have accomplished in the past three months since then so it's important not to forget and to keep raising the issue and of course it underscores the need for the bipartisan commission that speaker pelosi is calling for the better part of last three months. we have made significant concessions to the republicans to try to get them to come to the table to agree to the bipartisan commission to investigate january 6 and refuse to agree to that effort but we have to keep on pushing. >> what is the sticking point? i know liz cheney joined the chorus to say we should look at what led to 1/6 and leave antifa and other groups for another day. is the scope the sticking point? >> i believe that that is the
1:30 pm
case. there were arguments made in good faith around the membership of the commission and i think largely addressed. again we have worked to try to meet republicans in the middle but at this point there's clear there's some on the other side of the aisle to expand the size of the commission so large and broad that it would undermine the very purpose of the commission in the first place which is to investigate that terrible insurrection on our nation's capitol on january 6 and the various events leading up to it. i agree with liz cheney in that regard and the democrats that have spoken up for a 9/11-style commission and can't understand why so many house republicans refuse to do the same. >> there's been some reporting in "the new york times" that there are about half a dozen house republicans making appearances with and have associations with the militia groups that since the
1:31 pm
impeachment trial been charged and i think 300 cases to expect to 500 cases. do you think they're afraid some associations might be revealed? >> certainly a possibility that they are worried in that regard. i think that the president highlighting yesterday the threat of domestic terrorism is a really important step for him to take and to convey to the american people the seriousness of that threat and something that the congress is taking seriously and as you know from the many guests on the program that serb on the armed services committee and intelligence committee and others that have jurisdiction something we take serious and i believe justice department is taking serious as well. >> christopher wray testified now through two presidents who see it very differently, the same clarity about the nature of the threat. i thought it was remarkable that
1:32 pm
with the scorched earth that president biden inherited from his predecessor that he could wind through all that he'd done with needles in arm and the relief package, all that he proposed and the infrastructure plan and the family plan and the challenges on the other side of the aisle to land on such an optimistic note. i wonder if i could get your assessment of the speech and where things stand. >> yeah. i completely agree. i had attended president trump's state of the union and the differences were palpable why the president offered a hopeful vision for the future of our country and working together and outlined in great detail all of the work we have done in the last 100 days with respected to the american rescue plan and the way it's helped america get back on track and the plans proposed
1:33 pm
to rebuild the middle class in the united states. i was just struck by the tone, the way in which he delivered the speech and it was powerful and i expect he'll have the success getting the legislative priorities through the congress in the next 100 days as he has in the last 100 days. >> are you as optimistic about gun control? >> you know, i have to be. and i say that with a heavy pause because obviously i share the cynicism and the skepticism, the frustration of so many americans watching year after year as the congress is incapable of mustering the political will necessary to get this done, i represent a community in boulder, colorado, devastated by senseless mass shootings and so i believe that now is the time. i think to have a president of the united states offer that clarion call he did yesterday evening speaking truth to power,
1:34 pm
imploring congress to take up an assault weapons ban, closing loopholes and so much more i thought is particularly powerful and i hope it resonates with the members of congress who attended the speech last night. >> yeah. he really laid it out. majorities of lawful gun owners are also behind a lot of those reforms. first time i heard a president be so blunt about what even gun owners are behind. congressman neguse, it is a real pleasure to talk to you. please come back early and often. you are always welcome here up next for us, probably a few hours from donald trump saying i never heard of rudy giuliani. hardly know the guy. the very latest in the raid that swooped up rudy giuliani, next. . and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain,
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federal investigators searched the home and the office of rudy giuliani's part of an investigation into his time as president trump's attorney, the dealings with ukraine. were you aware of that raid before it happened? >> i give my word i was not. i made a pledge i would not interfere in any way, order or try to stop any investigation the justice department had umpd way. i learned about that last night when the rest of the world learned about it. my word. i had no idea this was under way. >> a return to a norm.
1:39 pm
nice change of pace, isn't it? a president that believes an independent department of justice after four years of the opposite. in fact with the twitter account confiscated the guy biden replaced had to call into fox business this morning. this is what he said about the personal lawyer and the raid of apartment and businesses. >> you know, rudy giuliani is a great patriot. he does these things. he just loves this country and they raid his apartment. it's like so unfair and such a double -- it's like a double standard. like i don't think anybody's ever seen before. it's very, very unfair jruedy is a patriot who loves this country and i don't know what they're looking for, what they're doing. >> joining our conversation legal analyst and former u.s. attorney joyce vance. yamiche is back, as well. joyce, i think that covering trump for four years is just most akin to that seinfeld
1:40 pm
episode of the opposites. everything they say the opposite is true and this projection around the people around trump who i think a good baker's dozen charged with felonies and what do you make of the raid yesterday and where it could lead and whether we could learn more about donald trump? >> it confirms what was widely believed after events in ukraine that there is a legitimate basis for investigating rudy giuliani. that doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be charged. it means that there's probable cause to believe that he had in his possession either evidence of committing crimes or fruits of committing crimes or something he used to commit the crimes and we know that federal agencies seized the electronic devices. 20 years we seized the written
1:41 pm
phone books and the cell phones because there's the record of crimes contained. it is premature to specify crimes or whether we believe he will be indicted but you have to believe it's reviewed at the highest levels of doj before prosecutors and agents approached a federal agent to sign off on the search warrant because of the severity of charging and proceeding in a case like this. >> well, joyce, it was known for years that rudy giuliani has under investigation. we didn't know too much about it but it was known and it was reported yesterday by "the new york times" that investigators wanted to go to a judge to get the warrant that was executed yesterday and they were blocked by the barr justice department. what questions does that raise for you, particularly given the nature of the investigation? whether he was acting as a
1:42 pm
foreign agent, seems like a hard one to quash at the highest levels of the justice department. >> it really does. we don't know for certain that anything is wrong here but bill barr is not someone who deserves any sort of an observance or belief that he engages credibly and fairly as attorney general. the track record is to the contrary. it is possible when prosecutors from the southern district of new york originally sought this search warrant that someone believed they lacked probable cause. i think that bears investigation. that's something that will have to come to light whether there's a political effort to keep the investigation from moving forward. what's clear is that at this point there's probable cause and means to believe that currently in mr. giuliani's possession evidence, instruments, fruits of the crime were in his possession because search warrants rely on
1:43 pm
the notion of freshness that the evidence of investigators seek is currently in the possession of the person whose home they wish to search so this is troubling given what we know of barr's track record. it's i think impossible to say right now that something that was improper happened. it is equally difficult to dismiss that suggestion out of hand. >> victoria toensing's home was reportedly -- she was searched, as well. the intersengs of victoria and rudy giuliani is all around this ukrainian oligarch circle funneling disinformation into the american political universe. and the target of a lot of that -- all that disinformation is the biden family so to hear the president say to craig melvin i learned about it when you did, we only asked because of the last four years but what
1:44 pm
do you make of the new restored barrier between a white house and a justice department? >> well, it was one of the biggest campaign promises that joe biden made, president biden made. he said he wanted to restore the democracy and the soul of america and wanted to put back up the traditional barriers that exist between the presidency and the department of justice. we had seen former president trump use the department of justice almost like a personal attorney and in bill barr saying these are the people that need to be investigated. you also had rudy giuliani saying very openly i'm working with the trump administration and he was working with some agencies, talking about digging up information about joe biden and hunter biden. rudy giuliani was very open about that in conversations with me and other reporters. now i think you see joe biden saying, look, we don't want any part of that. if they investigate rudy
1:45 pm
giuliani they can do that and don't tell me and he said he did not know and exactly the change in some ways that the american people voted for and they don't want to have the two things, the presidency and the department of justice, at all working together and supposed to be independent and the way that american democracy worked and thrived. >> let me play for you michael cohen on rudy giuliani and donald trump. >> first of all, you have to understand. there really is no relationship. nor has there ever been between rudy and donald. prior to donald being president rudy didn't like donald and donald didn't like rudy. do i think he'll give up donald in a heart beat? absolutely. >> so michael cohen spent time in jail. at the end of his association with donald trump. this is another associate of donald trump but perhaps the trumpiest of all rudy giuliani was traveling the country.
1:46 pm
i think he caught covid at the time peddling the big lie behind the story we started the hour with. and i wonder what you make of this enduring question because so many people in the trump circle and the justice system that rudy now will be questioning and wondering whether or not he flips on the president as michael cohen's construct there. >> it's a big question. the first big question is how much trouble legally is rudy giuliani really in. second question is how's he going to possibly try to get out of that legal trouble if it means talking about his dealings with the president, the things that aren't covered by attorney/client privilege it means dealing out other names close to president trump that might be a role. remember though i think it is important to say there's so many people around president trump who have been in jail or now charged, right? a cadre of people. you probably run out of space on the screen of all the people now
1:47 pm
that have been associated with president trump who got federal charges but then the other thing we have to remember is that president trump has in his actions shown that if someone is loyal to him the moment that he feels like that person needs to be thrown overboard he'll do just that so we in covering president trump got to know he likes you and then the minute he feels like the own personal benefits him to throw you overboard he does that. saw him fire so many people and throw them overboard when it is beneficial for him. if you're rudy giuliani you take in the information how loyal president trump has been in the past. >> we'll keep watching. joyce and yamiche, thank you for making sense of the latest headlines on this bizarre story. forget tim scott's gop rebuttal. we found the real republican response to president biden and we'll play it for you next.
1:48 pm
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he wants control of your life. he's going to control how much meat you can eat. can you imagine that? >> no, he's not. but that's all republicans seem to have these days. that was the leader of the republican party in the house just minutes after president biden's historic address to congress wrapped up, repeating a lie that even fox news walked
1:52 pm
back that biden would limit meat. with polls showing approval of biden's speech last night at 85%, leaving 71% feeling more optimistic about the country's direction, it's no wonder this is the gop's top leader he makes on tv. let's bring in msnbc political analyst mark gay and mat visor is here. it would be silly if it was a fleeting thing but it's clearly the play book to take disinformation and pedal it on their ally outlets and rely on the facts that the lies will maybe cover up for the lack of policy contrast, does that seem to be what they're doing? >> i kept thinking about barack obama's tan suit, i think it was tan suit and kind of the noncontroversy around that -- >> yes. >> -- because the reality is
1:53 pm
that president biden has been kind of boring, boring the republicans to death as the joke goes. it's going really well. and msh more importantly it's not only going well for joe biden, but it's going better for the country at this point. he's down to business and it's working. what's strange, though, is that 20 years ago or 10 years ago we would all be watching the same thing at the same time, but now folks are engaging through the prism of whatever social media or news outlet where they get their information from, and so you're seeing it through this lens of right wing media, it's almost funny but it's disturbing, of course, because we know where it led and almost led this country, which is to donald trump and almost into the abyss of authoritarianism, which is what the president said last night, i thought that was well said. the question here is, how do we
1:54 pm
bring folks back to reality? to the same speech so that we can get direct access, instead of through the prism of all of this nonsense. i don't have an answer for that, it's an existential question but we need people to be sitting in the same tier. >> matt, i worked in the white house press operation when, you know, this network and fox and cnn basically covered the same stories with obviously very different takes on it. we're so many eons away from that but what was interesting about president biden's speech last night is that he speaks to republicans as though he's unaware or unbothered by that. even when he got to gun control, he said, i don't want to be confrontational with you guys but a bunch of americans are behind these reforms, including lawful gun owners. he has no snark him in, he presents no ill will to a party
1:55 pm
that is -- maybe it benefits him. his agenda polls through the roof, almost 10, 20 points higher than his solid approval rating at 53%. so take me inside what the white house's thinking is about the state of today's gop. >> what's interesting, nicole is the white house is going to have kevin mccarthy, making these false claims about biden wanting to restrict meat consumption, kevin mccarthy will be at the white house on may 12th. biden is kind of extending a hand to the leadership of both parties, and he was pretty open last night about wanting to meet them. and wanting to -- willing to listen to their ideas, which he also did early in his presidency. but there was more of an emergency situation i think that this white house felt around the coronavirus package. it's a little bit different now. there's still an urgency to pass
1:56 pm
some of the next agenda items but there's a little bit potential more give and take i think with republicans. but the party is so fractured right now, and kind of in different places, talking about dr. seuss or mr. potato head, or two months ago when biden criticized ending mask man dates as knee an tre that will thinking. so it's in this weird place where the debate is not on the substance of what he's proposing, and the substance is huge and big and remaking a large swath of the economy and the tax structure. there are big things he's proposing and so far we don't have an actual debate on the substance of those things. we have debates over things that are not true or are sort of distractions from what should be kind of a major debate over what
1:57 pm
biden is trying to usher in. and absent that major debate you can imagine that the white house feels pretty good because they can push the things that they want to push without having a strong republican party pushing against it. >> yeah, i think they're laughing all the way to when they see these poll comes out, but there are agenda ideas that are clearly supported by democratic and republican americans and just sort of leaving out the congressional piece. it is never boring, if someone comes down and looks at this conversation we'll be mortified, thank you for having this conversation with me, though. the next hour of "deadline: white house" starts after a quick break. don't go anywhere we're just getting started. don't go anywhere we're just getting started. but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock. when you buy this plant at walmart, they can buy more plants from metrolina greenhouses
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2:00 pm
as we gather here tonight, the image of a violent mob assaulting this capital, desecraing our democracy remain vivid in our minds.
2:01 pm
lives were put at risk, many of your lives, lives were lost. extraordinary courage was summoned. the insurrection was an existential crisis, a test on whether our democracy could survive, and it did. but the struggle is far from over. >> hi, again, everyone. it's 5:00 in the east. president biden reflecting last night on that grave day in american history that took place not yet four months ago in the very building where he delivered that address. the president sending a clear message, the extremism in this country is far from over the fight ahead can only be moved forward by identifying the enemy. >> we have to remain vigilant against the threats to the united states wherever they come from. al qaeda and ice are in syria, yemen, africa and the middle east and beyond.
2:02 pm
we won't ignore what our intelligence agencies determined to be the most lethal threat to the homeland today, white supremacy, terrorism. we're not going to ignore that either. >> refreshing to hear the word of a president who listens to the findings of his own intelligence agency. his words holding more significance as more horrors come to light. previous video of rioters attacking brian sicknick with chemical spray. you see him indicated by the blue arrow. immediately falling back as the crowd attempts to push back from the barricades. we know that officer sicknick died of natural causes but the medical examiner said, quote, all that transpired play a role in his condition. you can see the horrific attack under scoring the threat, one that predates january 6th was
2:03 pm
emboldened by it and just after it continues. yesterday we saw the conviction of brendon hunt "the washington post" wrote although he did not participate in the riot his case is believed to be the first in connection charged with it to go to trial. in the january 8 video he called for followers to return to washington on inauguration day with weapons. and that foiled plot to kidnap michigan governor last year, we're learning there were plans to blow up a bridge near when you say whitmer's home. they allegedly looked for the optimal spot to mount an explosive charge underneath so they could blow up the bridge to stall police trying to reach whitmer's home.
2:04 pm
now daniel harris faces new charges, including conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and federal firearm violations. the mission from this administration to take on the growing threat of domestic extremism is where we start this hour with our favorite reporters and friends. jake sherman is here, an msnbc contributor. also joining us eugene daniels, white house reporter, also an msnbc contributor. and our friend, donny deutsch is here. i want to start with you, jake. and this cross pressuring. from your reporting the insurrection hangs over the capital, over democrats and republicans like a distungsal sort of elephant in the room in a breakup. but president biden went in there and sought to speak truth to the whole room. how did that go over? >> it's a complicated question, nicole.
2:05 pm
i don't think that republicans were dispositively moved by anything he said. there are a few who -- i'll give you an example, nicole. liz cheney gave a fist bump to joe biden as pretty much everybody in the room did who was close to him. donald trump jr. has already started attacking her on twitter for that. the reality is, there's two different things going on. there is the idea that -- there's not much policy overlap right now between republicans and democrats. that's a function of a lot of things that could take up an entire political science class. then there's just the other side of the coin, which is the niceties, the human interaction between republicans and democrats is even perilous because of a wing of the party that just doesn't allow for that. doesn't allow for that kind of behavior. so, you know, i hate to -- that
2:06 pm
dark message, nicole, but that's kind of where we are. >> well, where there is dark there is light because i think the sun of the deep platform, disgraced ex-president doesn't bother liz cheney. i want to play you liz cheney, i think this is with you jake. >> yep. >> anybody who wants to get in that race and who wants to do it on the basis of debating me about whether or not president trump should have been impeached i'll have that debate every day of the week. >> when liz cheney says i'll have that debate every day of the week, she means game on. i think it's a healthy thing. if the son of the ex-president wants to attack her on social media, i bet my life that liz cheney couldn't give a hoot. we may have a debate about republicans and republicans about donald trump's role in inciting the insurrection and may flush out some of what jake is describing. >> jake is right. the conversation with liz cheney
2:07 pm
is emblematic of what's happening in the republican party. liz cheney is not scared of being primaried. she's not worried about that, because her calculations has not only been political, right, she talked about recently as a congress, a country we have to deal with january 6th in a real way, or it will happen again, she's given that warning. i think i said this to you before is that she seems kind of lonely on the side of donald trump shouldn't be -- or shouldn't, at least, lead the republican party. so i'm not exactly sure how she gets more people onto her side because it doesn't seem like there's a huge influx, especially of leadership in the republican party and on capitol hill rushing over there and saying that donald trump shouldn't be a part of that. they are still struggling with how to keep trumpism, right keep the trump voter, keep the
2:08 pm
politics of contempt not so much on policy, overpowering people to jake's point but at the same time kind of figuring out what to do with a former president who is more involved than any other former president in the electoral politics and wants to be more involved than any other one that we've seen. i think it's not easy at all, and especially with january 6th as a part of that conversation, we're always going to have a conversation in the republican party about what donald trump meant and what he was going to be doing. but when you add what happened on january 6th, it adds a scarier, more sinister aspect to things because like president biden said, that white supremacy and that terrorism is something his administration is going to have to deal with in a serious way and it's also not new at all. >> jake it was your great interview with her. liz cheney is, i have said this before, she's no susan collins, she's moderate on nothing.
2:09 pm
but her orientation is around national security and threats to the homeland. and her sort of political faith is around the splendor and the majesty of a democracy. so i don't think liz cheney, you just interviewed her, you tell me, i don't think she cares at all if her efforts to defend democracy she ruffles every last feather of kevin mccarthy and everybody else. >> true. this interview was conducted at the republican retreat earlier this week in orlando, florida. i interviewed mccarthy, steve scalise and liz cheney. the entire leadership level of the team and most of the conversation was actually about policy, right about foreign policy, which as you know nicole, she spent a lifetime dealing with, worked in the state department in the bush administration when her father was vice president, so she has experience in that realm, we talked about china and things of that nature.
2:10 pm
and at the, as a throw away question not throw away but i couldn't get away without asking a question, by the way you have a primary challenge, obviously you're running you think you're going to win. she said, yeah, i think i'm going to win. and she brought up trump, i didn't. she brought him up without even me having to introduce him into the conversation. i know from conversation i had with people in her orbit for a while i would say that she is not bowing away or backing down from her opposition to trump. it's fundamental. it's become fundamental to who she is as a politician. by the way, nicole, that doesn't mean she's not going to pay for that in her leadership position. she represents a conference, 200 -- 190-something other republicans who are very much for trump. so i'm not sure there's a
2:11 pm
constituency for her politics, whether you think it's right or wrong, so we'll see how that pans up. she brought up trump, i didn't. a rare situation in which a republican member of congress brings up trump in a bad light without being prompted by a reporter. >> donny, part of the reason i think -- i spoke to a republican, not liz cheney, who plans to make a run for the post trump mantle, probably run for president, and they're able to read the cross tabs of a couple polls that came out, one is john bolton's poll that shows him losing his grip on the base. it may be that liz cheney and this other person can read a poll faster and better than other republicans who are marching along like zombies. he's losing his grip on the party, challenging an election result that was certified by republican after republican
2:12 pm
governors and secretaries of state. he doesn't look like a leader, he looks weak. i know the loyalty is there among kevin mccarthy and others, but there are people taking the off-ramp right now. >> another set of numbers, an msnbc news poll came out and 50% of republicans their main allegiance is to the party versus 44% to trump over party. i want to say that again, we say on air how trump controls the party and 76% would vote for him, of course, a blank piece of paper there. but liz cheney is ahead of the curve. to weave all the stories of today together, as we look at the success so far of joe biden, the acceptance in the polls of his programs if we look at the insurrection, the populist not buying the big lie that the republicans are still going back to with this nonsense in arizona and you look at those numbers that i talked about, if you go forward 12 months, his grip on
2:13 pm
the party is going to loosen more. his latest approval rating, 32%. when he was in office, he was hovering, 42, 43. three months later it's dropped ten points. donald trump i believe in the future as the democrats get more and more wind in their backs, i think his grip loosens, i do. the problem with politicians most can only take snapshots of today and can't look at tomorrow. >> that's true. i want to show all of you an interview that george stephanopoulos did with vice president kamala harris this morning. let's watch. >> senator tim scott said last night that america is not a racist country, do you agree with that? what do you make of his warning about fighting discrimination with more discrimination? >> i believe we need -- first of all, no. i don't think america is a racist country but we have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today.
2:14 pm
i applaud the president for having the ability and the courage, frankly, to speak the truth about it. he spoke what we know from the intelligence community, one of the greatest threats to our national security is domestic terrorism manifested by white supremacists. these are issues we must confront. it does not help to heal our country, to unify aus us as a people, i by not acknowledging that. >> i want to play a clip of christopher wray saying the same thing. >> racially motivated racism specifically the sort that advocates for the superiority of the white race. it's the biggest chunk of our racially motivated violent extremism cases for sure and it's the biggest chunk of our domestic terrorism portfolio overall.
2:15 pm
>> eugene, first to you on the vice president's comments there, no america is not a racist nation but she appreciates a president who can speak about its racist past. an artful response to tim scott and turning right to the biggest threat, which is corroborated and reinforced by every head of a security agency. >> no, absolutely. because the thing that is lost a lot of the time or maybe not put into the conversation, often by republicans, about race and racism is that the question of whether a human is racist is one thing. the things that vice president harris and a lot of advocates and activists are talking about is institutional racism and then white supremacy. those are not the same as if you are racist, you called me black. that's not the same. i think that's a nuance that we lose often in politics and online when people are engaging in these conversations. but that is what this
2:16 pm
administration, how they view it. they're not saying that every single white person is a racist, but when you have a conversation with a subset of white people talking about white supremacy, bring up institutional racism, privilege, they take it as you calling them racists, saying they have privilege, they're the reason there's racism in the country and the original sin of all things dealing with race in this country. i think the conversation is almost difficult to have -- what senator scott said about this isn't a racist country but he also talked about racist things that happened to him, perpetuated by liberals on line calling him names i won't repeat but he talked about his interactions with police officers to his republican colleagues explaining to them how black people feel. the two things are in conflict, it's in conflict to say how much you dealt with racism as a sitting senator in this country and then that this country it
2:17 pm
doesn't have institutional racism. i'm not sure how you square those. they don't -- that's not a square that they seem to be interested in squaring at all, if that made sense. >> yeah. just to pull this thread a little more taughtly, donny, white supremacy is a domestic terrorism threat and you don't see any republicans who want to be president rushing to iowa to give that speech. can you just articulate for me -- i mean, i don't know that republicans have been absent from a security debate in this country in sort of the modern political era. >> yeah. i brought my numbers today, nicole. 67% of all terrorist attacks in this country last year were related to the extreme white supremacist type groups. two years into trump's presidency there was a poll, one in ten americans think that
2:18 pm
having neo-nazi or white supremacist views are acceptable, this is not soft racism. this is the guys with the pitch forks. and 17% of trump -- strong trump supporters think neo-nazi and white supremacist views are acceptable. in answering your question why are the democrats not -- guess what, out of those 25 million americans, a lot of americans are voting in the primary. it's painfully, and sickeningly and cowardly of them, but that's the answer. this is a real problem. i get frightened as the country moves forward with a progressive agenda that we're going to see horrific attacks. i don't think it's an if, it's a wen and i think it's sad and tragic. >> this conversation will be continued on many days, because this is the new landscape and represents seismic shifts in the
2:19 pm
two partis' abilities to accept the findings of the intelligence community. jake good to see you, i'm glad we got to play your interview with liz cheney. and donny deutsch, thank you. you don't have to bring your numbers, just bring you, but i appreciate the numbers they were spot on. eugene is sticking with us a little bit longer. when we return, how democrats are counting on results while republicans are left trying to fight the culture wars. plus, new york's mayor said the city plans to reopen fully on july 1st with coronavirus cases going down around the country and optimism on the rise is the pandemic's end truly in sight? on the 100th day of his presidency, president joe biden returns to the state that gave him his senate majority, georgia now embroiled in a battle over voting rights. "deadline: white house" continues after a quick break. don't go anywhere. continues after a quick break.
2:20 pm
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2:23 pm
i also hope congress can get to my desk the equality act to protect lgbtq americans. all transgender americans watching at home, especially young people, i want you to know your president has your back. >> it wasn't a big or a long section of the speech last night, but shoutouts like that, positive affirmations like that from the most powerful person in the world, the president of the united states, can mean the world. it was an emotional moment, a powerful moment last night during president biden's address, a speech that was
2:24 pm
largely dedicated to laying out a bold and ambitious policy agenda. it obviously drew criticism from republicans who in recent weeks have been more focused on fake stories about books and hamburgers than actual policy differences. joining our conversation is democratic congressman sean patrick maloney of new york, a chairman of the congressional democratic campaign committee. were you surprised that this transformation policy agenda, this massive investment, just changed every american's experience with their government, met with stories that even fox news has to recant and admit that aren't real about hamburgers and books. >> i don't know what to tell you, even the republican lies are getting dumber. they used to lie about climate change, at least it was something important now they lie about hamburgers. what are we doing? the president is talking about jobs and good health care.
2:25 pm
he's talking about good government and, you know, more importantly delivering. you know, there, right now, are 160 million americans who received a quarter trillion dollars in direct assistance. we're talking about child care, we're talking about lowering people's health care premiums, kitchen table issues for moms and dads out there. the infrastructure plan, 90% of the jobs, you don't need a college degree. these are the real issues facing american families. as the political guy right now, i'm pretty happy we're delivering and they're trying to divide. we're going to fix, they're going to fight. i'm happy with that comparison. >> well, do you -- i mean, i keep waiting for them to like have their meeting and organize themselves. i kind of wake up every day and i make my calls and i wonder what is behind the obvious flailing, and i wonder if it's the popularity of the proposals.
2:26 pm
i mean, president biden has been very strategic in spending almost more time and energy making sure that the packages and the plans are more popular than he is as president. do you think they're boxed out of the policy debates or do you think they're disinterested in them? >> i think the republican party has run out of ideas and they have no interest in governing. they have this idea that being in the opposition is about attacking the other side and getting back to power instead of competing with ideas. so i think this has been coming for a long time, nicole. i think this party, some time ago, set a course towards destruction when it gave up on governing and started to tear down the idea and got interested only in power. we see them relying on racist voting laws in the south or voter suppression efforts or gerrymandering to try to stitch together a majority even though they lost the last election in the house by almost 5 million votes so they're trying to trick
2:27 pm
their way to power. but they forgot a plan, what's in their heart about what they're going to do when they get in office. so i think that what you're seeing is you're seeing the death of a party that has chosen a path that is about nothing and they have nothing left to talk about. and they've been able to gridlock, to lower people's confidence in the ability in any of us in government to do anything. here you have a president with a democratic majority delivering for the american people and against that contrast, they look pretty silly. >> i want to ask you about the search warrants executed on rudy giuliani's home and offices and i want to ask you if there were questions you had after the first impeachment and in your role in the intelligence community that could be answered or could at least have some intersections with the criminal investigation to whether rudy giuliani violated rules, whether he was unregistered as a foreign
2:28 pm
agent? >> you know, i think the best thing i can say about this is nothing. i'm going to take the president's lead on this and let the professionals at the justice department, free from political influence do their work. because that's the best thing we can do for america in this context is make sure that nobody in politics is touching anybody in law enforcement or at the justice department. obviously after the intelligence committee hearings there were so many questions raised about the role of the president, his advisers, obviously people like rudy giuliani. and i can tell you that many of us are heartened it's getting a good hard look and if there was wrong doing there should be accountability. other than that i'm going to leave it to the justice department, which is in the hands, thank god, of independent professionals. >> you should know and if you don't know, then you're lucky you're not spending as much time as i am on conservative media. the other side is taking the opposite approach and projecting on this justice department the kind of politics that the last
2:29 pm
team wore proudly on their chest. but i will take your pass and try another one. president biden went into the chamber that reporters and folks like yourself have been pretty frank with us saying that the insurrection is like this elephant in the room, it hangs over all of you, the fact that there's no independent commission akin to the 9/11 commission, you have liz cheney saying that is absolutely necessary and the focus should be on 1/6, you have reporting about half a dozen republicans with associations with the militia groups, and many charges brought against the proud boys. president biden went there with his directness and made clear that white supremacy is the number one domestic terrorism threat. how did that go over? >> i can tell you personally it meant a lot. it meant a lot. by the way, on your last point, the reason the republicans think
2:30 pm
that president biden would politicize the justice department is because thieves think all men steal. but on this point, on this point, and this president doesn't. but on this point -- can i tell you something. i felt last night was a moment of healing for some of us. it's through the doors that were being shattered, broken out by violent protesters, i was basically in the same seat last night as i was on january 6th, just about 20 feet from the rear doors and watching the president stroll through, confidently, calmly, the victor of a peaceful election, the peaceful transfer of power in the united states meant a lot. and then to hear him make that reference to transgender americans who have never, i think, been recognized that way, that means a lot to people who have been shut out their whole lives and to know he would say candidly and honestly what the truth is, that january 6th was a sack religious defilement of our
2:31 pm
sacred democratic spaces. there will be a commission i believe, that's being worked on by the speaker, and we do need answers. but the best thing, even while we wait for those answers is to see our democracy functioning and delivering to the american people and that's what it felt like last night and even with a smaller crowd, it felt pretty good. >> and it felt like he was trying to pull republicans back onto the side of democracy, for no other reason to show the autocrats that we may have our debates but we're not going to let the autocrats have their way and see our democracy weakened. do you think that had any impact on any of those republicans? >> you know, i don't know. look, i think these things happen over time slowly, and they generally aren't led by the people in those seats. they're led by the voters. so the best thing that can
2:32 pm
happen is that until that republican party gets responsible, until they get, you know, their feet back on the ground, they shouldn't be allowed to govern. they should be kept out of authority. but these new democratic majorities, we're not perfect, we don't have all the the answers we welcome them if they have ideas. we're going to focus on governing and delivering, that's why health care and child care, good government and good jobs are the basics this president is focussing on. we'll let the republicans sort themselves out. i think right now it's going to be awhile before they come back to reality and start acting responsibly again. and until then, they should not be trusted with power. >> i think can you let liz cheney take them on, she said she's happy to debate them every day. congressman sean patrick maloney thank you for spending time with us on all of this. we're grateful.
2:33 pm
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theatres, full strength. vaccination is winning this race, going away. 6.3 million vaccinations, covid's plummeting, we have the confidence we can pull all these pieces together and get life back really in many ways to where it was. >> that was new york city mayor bill de blasio offering a good dose of hope and more incentives to continue doing the hard work needed to beat the coronavirus. the mayor's announcement a dramatic sign of progress and confidence for a city that was utterly devastated about one year ago and ultimately became one of the first symbols and warnings about how deadly and how heartbreaking this year of pandemic would be for our country. this year it feels different, new cases in the city dropped to about 1500 daily. that trend is happening nationwide, too. vaccinations have plateaued and
2:38 pm
more than 45% of adults in this country have yet to receive even one dose, it's the perfect time to bring into our conversation lori garrett, health policy analyst and journalist. you and i have had so many conversations about what experts like yourself didn't take into consideration and that's sort of the american political climate, the polarization of our politics and how it might affect safety protocols like mask wearing, social distancing and now vaccines. and i wonder, i've been dying to talk to you about your thoughts on this stubborn block that maybe combines anti-vaxxers and vaccine hesitant, vaccine scared americans. >> yes. you know it's a moment for us, because a substantial percentage, a little over a third of the population has been fully vaccinated and can step outside without a mask on, which i did for the first time, it
2:39 pm
felt fantastic. but we still have a majority of the population that is either trying to get by with just one dose of what should be a two dose regiment or isn't choosing vaccination at all. and it does break down politically. it does breakdown racially. it is a bizarre split. we find that the group least likely to accept vaccination are republican, white evangelical males. and the good news is, what seems to be the case in the african-american and latinx communities has been breaking down and we see a real surge in acceptance of vaccination in both of those populations which is fantastic. but we still have a long ways to go. we can't tap dance and celebrate yet, except privately in virtual
2:40 pm
reality. and i think there are things to consider and to be a little worried about and the big one is india. we have to have our eyes on what's going on in both india and brazil. this surge in india has taken everybody by surprise. indian scientific experts and authorities all over the world thought that in the first wave, which was realively, comparatively mild in india, that they had to actually already infected half the population of the major cities, particularly deli and nationwide one out of five indians had been exposed, and therefore, the majority or at least half the society had anti-bodies and this horrible thing that we're witnessing, this complete overwhelming of all hospital facilities of all oxygen supplies, drug supplies, health care workers, all of this was
2:41 pm
supposedly never going to happen. and instead, we see, you know, a devastation unlike anything so far seen in the rest of the world. and the question is, why? why is this happening? there are great debates going on. it's relevant to us assessing our risk and our situation. we need to pay attention very carefully to what's happening in india. one key theory is that it has to do with this unique variant that has emerged in india called the v.1.167. sorry cumbersome names. >> it's a double variant. >> double variant which escapes the immune system and is super hyper transmissible. it has now shown up in israel where they have identified 41 cases, five of them school children, and at least 17 of them have no connection to any of the rest of them and have not
2:42 pm
travelled at all. which implies it's pretty pervasive in some communities in israel. and the key point is, all of them had either been vaccinated or were children in vaccinated households. so that's a warning sign. that's a concern. we are awaiting further tests to figure out can this variant escape vaccination. the pfizer company says they feel confident that their vaccine can stand up to it, but, of course, pfizer is the vaccine used in israel. so, you know, we have to all celebrate, feel joyous, if you're fully vaccinated you can go outside in the park, take a hike or a bike ride without your mask on and feel the breeze on your face for the first time in months. that's a joy. but we're not out of the woods yet. >> let me ask you if the world community should be treating india like the four-alarm fire
2:43 pm
that it is on a humanitarian level and potentially on the disease level. should we be doing more? should we be surging all of our vaccine supply there? >> both india and brazil present the world community with a really big conundrum. because in both cases we've seen these surges. we've seen overwhelmed hospitals. we've seen variant strains emerge that then infect the rest of the world. but also in both cases very flawed national leadership with a lot of concern about the populous sentiments and the inability to sort of be a good team player on the global stage. in the case of india, it's even more acute because the majority of all vaccines on planet earth are manufactured in india. even companies like pfizer make their vaccines in india.
2:44 pm
and the indian government has been threatening to nationalize supplies. in other words, not allow them to be exported and keep them for their own people. that poses an interesting dilemma. should the world respond with a shrug or get really upset about this and insist india must release them, despite the terrible situation that they're in. >> you always make us think. thank you for spending some time with us today. to be continued. when we return, president biden with a victory lap and a sales pitch in the state that made his presidency, a state now at the center of the fight over voting rights. that is next.
2:45 pm
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its' innovation, organic ingredients, and fermentation. fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done. president joe biden celebrating his 100th day in office by returning to one of the states that made it all possible. president biden is in georgia today and set to hold a drive in rally in just a few moments where he plans to push all of his accomplishments since taking over in january, along with his americans family plan announced last night during his joint address to congress. president biden also met with former president jimmy carter and his wife earlier in the day, after president carter was not able to attend biden's inauguration due to the pandemic. the president's trip is also in the shadow of an ongoing war about voting rights in the state of georgia, which was reignited
2:49 pm
last night when republican senator tim scott called georgia's new voting restriction bill main stream. let's bring in to our conversationry sill la thompson in atlanta. what's on the minds of voters there today? >> reporter: i have to tell you, nicole, most of the voters that i've spoken to here today and i've spoken to more than a dozen didn't watch joe biden's address last night. so the fact that he is going to be here hosting that car -- that drive-in rally is really an opportunity for him to speak directly to the voters in the state who, as you mentioned, were crucial in his win in november but, of course, this does come on the heels of the new more restrictive voting laws that have been passed here and within days of those laws
2:50 pm
passing we saw businesses and large events pulling out of the state, prominent businesses speaking out in opposition to the laws, but i had an opportunity to speak to small business owners who are very worried about whether that type of behavior will continue and what it means for owners who were worried about whether that type of behavior will continue and what it will mean for businesses that aren't just headquartered here but whether it is their sole operation. i spoke with a caterer here who tells me that she thinks that -- she understands the need for a boycott and that at this point it may be bigger than georgia this moment. take a listen to what she said. >> everyone's eyes are on georgia because the other states that will follow are florida. we have a couple other midwest earn states. texas is one of them as well that is looking to to the same thing or if they have not already done it. >> and so it is kind of like georgia maybe needs to be the
2:51 pm
example? >> we definitely need to be the example. >> but, nicole, this isn't as simple as that for many of the workers that businesses like hers employ. i also spoke with a hospitality worker who has been out of work since march of 2020. she is very concerned about what it mean for her if those businesses leave the state. nicole? >> what are they wanting to hear from their president in this speech? do they want an update on the vaccines? do they want an update on the new proposals for families? what do they have questions and ongoing concerns about? >> one of the things that i heard from the voters i heard to today in talking about biden's overall agenda was how he's going to pay for a lot of the things that he is proposing. you know, folks i spoke to said community college for everyone sounds like a great idea. jobs are certainly very important to people here. but they're not exactly sold on
2:52 pm
the idea that this is only going to impact those, the super rich, and those are the only folks who will be asked to pay for this and will see tax increases. they do believe it will impact everyone and some people say they're okay with that. they're okay with paying a little more to reap those benefits. other folks aren't sure. he has more messaging to do if he wants to sell that to the voters in georgia. >> always wonderful to get to see your reporting on the ground. we're really grateful. thanks for spending some time with us. when we return, as we do every day, we will remember lives well-lived. ber lives well-lived
2:53 pm
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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during these extraordinary times. "the beat" with ari melber starts right now. hi, ari. >> welcome to "the beat." i am ari melber. president biden in georgia right outside of atlanta. this is his 100th day in office. and we are waiting a rally after that big and ambitious speech to congress last night. we're keeping an eye on this. we have special guests and we will dip in and listen to him live. we begin, though, with the
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