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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  April 28, 2021 1:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. it is 4:00 in new york. breaking news today, the federal investigation into trump loyer rudy giuliani. who was according to news reports under serious consideration for a pardon in the final days of the trump presidency and who may today wish he had a do-over on that topic because federal investigators today executed a search warrant at the upper east side apartment of giuliani in a move described by "the new york times" who broke the story as quote stepping up a criminal investigation into his dealings in ukraine. and that's according to three people with knowledge of the investigation. the times adding this context, quote, the federal authorities have largely focused on whether mr. giuliani illegally lobbied the trump administration in 2019 on behalf of ukrainian officials who at the time helping him search for damaging information on trump's political rivals.
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including mr. biden who's then a leading contending for the democratic presidential nomination. among the devices seized is cell phone and ipad and a laptop according to new reporting from shep smith over at cnbc. the warrant was approved eight days after the bipartisan vote to confirm deputy attorney general monaco and represents an about face in terms of justice department's posture toward pursuing investigations into potential crimes committed by trump allies. from today's "the new york times" reporting, quote under mr. trump senior political appointees in the justice department repeatedly sought to block such a warrant, "the new york times" reportsed, slowing the investigation as it was gaining momentum last year. after merrick garland was confirmed as attorney general the department lifted the objection to the search. donald trump was impeached for
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actions for essentially extorting an american ally at risk of russian military aggression. trump's impeachment linked to earths of course to dirty up joe biden and his son and just in the last hour "the new york times" has broken an additional detail. rudy giuliani was not the only trump associate whose home was raided today. they write this. quote fbi agents on wednesday mourning also executed a search warrant at the washington-area home of victoria toensing a lawyer close to mr. giuliani who had dealings with several you krahnians to find damaging information about the bidens and she represented firtash a ukrainian oligarch under indictment in the u.s. it is important to remember she was once in contention to join donald trump's legal team in the mueller investigation with her hubby joe dajenava and not hired due to conflicts of interest but
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advisers to the ex-president. the breaking news on more trump associates ensnared in a developing federal investigation is where we start. mike schmidt is here. he joins us by phone. also joining us former fbi agent pete strzok is here and daniel goldman. a former u.s. assistant attorney. let's take the pieces apart. one by one. because there's a lot i want to ask you about. first the raid on rudy giuliani's home. >> so this raid is very noteworthy because of the flip flop sort to speak by the justice department. but this is really the financial side of the impeachment inquiry
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which was the political side. and we were aware of some of these financial shenanigans going on with giuliani and toensing and well beyond anything that we were focused on. and the southern district however has been focused on it and dovetails with the case against other just the interesting news is we heard about giuliani search warrants but this is the search warrant of victoria toensing is particularly noteworthy because there was a retainer agreement between her and corrupt ukrainian officials to pay toensing to effectively do what giuliani was trying to do related to ukraine which was to essentially dig up dirt on joe biden. so i think it's all coming to a
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head now and we're seeing the final steps of a financial investigation that is the sort of parallel track to the political investigation that we did as part of the impeachment inquiry. >> and there are other players who we're refreshing our collective memory and bill barr. i want to read this "the new york times" report that senior justice department officials had not green lit investigators' efforts to get this warrant. ly sa monaco is confirmed for eight days and merrick garland longer. what does that say about what perhaps was being squashed at the highest levels of the justice department? >> there was reporting several months ago that email swarpts were squashed by bill barr
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ostensibly because of the 60-day rule which you probably remember barr frowned upon in the public testimony. but even after that, after the election bill barr tried to squash it. so now we have a new administration who's going by the book and if there's evidence of a crime and you go through all the proper protocols given that giuliani is an attorney then you get a search warrant. i don't think this is the first search warrant that the southern district would have obtained in this case. my guess is that they already have obtained an email swarpt for giuliani's emails which is what was reported earlier. they couch used the fruits of that search warrant as probable cause to get into the apartment and the office but it is likely, we would know about this unless it was reported, it is quite
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likely they got emails from the service providers of giuliani's email accounts already. >> pete strzok, it seems possible that they also because lev parnis is participating. let's play part of him describing the close collaboration with the players we have talked about. let's watch. >> do you know if mr. giuliani was ever in contact with mr. barr about the fact to get ukraine to announce the investigations into joe biden? >> absolutely. >> mr. barr knew about that? >> had to have known everything. it is impossible. >> did rudy giuliani tell you? >> not only rudy giuliani. victoria and joe, all best friends. barr was, attorney general barr was basically on the team. >> one more time.
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united states office in manhattan and the fbi had sought for months to secure search warrants for mr. giuliani's phones and electronic devices. under mr. trump apoen tees in the justice department repeatedly sought to block such a warrant. what do you think the fbi agents were trying to learn and where do you think the investigation had taken them? >> i think the investigation took them to the point where they needed to see as best they could the original communications between rudy giuliani and others. typically dan's absolutely right. you build up from the ground and obviouses subpoenas for financial records. i agree it's likely there's search warrants for email providers and go along with attorneys to use the least intrusive means. but the fact of the matter is what the search warrants show is that a judge found that there's probable cause there's everyday of a crime at the locations and my understanding from the
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reporting just recently is that was his home, his office at a separate location and then at least for toensing's phone and camp made an idea they were looking for communications between her and tom solomon who worked for "the hill" so it tells me that the investigators at the point and actually last summer were at the point where they were ready to get this information, had probable cause to get this information and had to sit and wait for a year until they were able to get it. >> mike, maybe you can pull some of these enduring questions of the final year of barr tenure after doj and when he sought to fire the trump appointee jeff burrman and got trump to do it. it's a messy departure but if you take the moving pieces and
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take this speed with which the fbi was able to go to a judge and get this search warrant, what does that indicate about the phase of the investigation into rudy? >> i think there's been a sense for sometime we hadn't haeshd a lot about trump related investigations. there was the election. there was the questions about the election. and then there was the installation of a new attorney general. and as you pointed out eight lays ago lisa monaco is confirmed as the deputy attorney general and now you see this movement here. a very significant and aggressive overt move that would have to go to the top of the justice department to move forward. the problem that barr created for himself is whatever intentions were related to this investigation because of his public posture and how far he went to do trump's bidding whether on the mueller investigation or other issues
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raises the questions of hourn decisions made in regards to giuliani? barr was willing to do it on the mueller investigation then why did the search warrant take so long to move ahead? that sort of is noteworthy and my guess is we'll see more here coming forward just as the justice department sort of ramps back up in a full staff in an administration that investigations were not dealt with last year. the thing i find noteworthy is victoria toensing is married to joe dagenava and a person that pushed the false claims about the election. he was out there making the false assertions about the election based on -- to the point that chris krebs sued him and he publicly apologized to him. that's how far he went.
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he went so far in what he tried to do that he's had to apologize publicly as part of a lawsuit. so the web of this and the extension of this world, they had their hands in a range of different things they were doing for trump. >> mike, i just want to push you on toensing's ties to bill barr because i believe there's "times" reporting earlier knowing that rudy giuliani is under scrutiny potentially for justice department that she was inside doj repping the clients and still sort of an attorney in good standing with the attorney general. can you just flesh out for us the intersection between the raid on toensing's home and rudy giuliani's home and what we know they were collaborating on? >> we know that there had been a meeting that they had with barr some point about the ukraine issue and obviously if they were working for trump or affiliated
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with trump that opens doors at the justice department. rudy giuliani said he was giving information to the fbi and the justice department about things that he was learning relating to joe biden's son. these are things that they were very openly talking about, about how they were sort of trying to help the justice department or coordinate with them or whatever it was. certainly creating a perception that the president's lawyer was working with the justice department when he essentially said that but this is a team of folks that dates back to working with trump to 2018 to coming on in the middle of the mueller investigation where giuliani comes on and starts to throw outlandish claims at the wall about mueller and despite he says things that are not try and exaggerated they were able to begin the undermining of
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mueller's credibility with the public and lay the groundwork for trump's eventual ability to say that he had been cleared and all the other sort of false claims he made about mueller so she moves around and talking to trump in that period of time and when mueller was over the efforts and energies of that group turned to the ukraine matter and then as recently as the end of last year and the beginning of this year giuliani and dagenava main players in the election hoax. he spoke on january 6. >> spoke about combat, a word used by police officer in an interview what he encounters from trump supporters. i want to remind everyone because i reread this today with new -- reads differently. dan, this is the transcript from the call that put everything in
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motion with zelensky. he says, i will personally tell you to mr. trump that one of my assistants spoke with mr. giuliani recently and hoping to travel to ukraine and will meet once he comes to ukraine. this is trump? he is a highly respected man. he was the mayor of new york city, a great mayor, and i would like him to call you. i will ask him to call you along with the attorney general jruedy very much knows what's happening and he is very capable guy. you could speak with him that would be great. it rings differently now, dan goldman, and i wonder again, the attorney general is in all these transcripts at the very beginning and the room where it all appears to have happened. >> yes. there was some reporting that in connection to the representation of firtash that they had a meeting with bill barr in the
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spring of 2019. he is an indicted ukrainian oligarch indicted in the chicago u.s. attorney's office and fighting extradition so there's a close knit community there but bill barr, it kind of escaped a lot of attention but when you now start to see rudy giuliani and bill barr mentioned by trump and put it into perspective there was certainly the political effort to big up dirt on joe biden to help donald trump win the election. but there's now also this -- there was always this financial investigation and that's what we're now starting to see come to the fore as the southern district drills down on it. one thing to note and i've gotten a lot of questions about this, giuliani had to know this was in the air given the reporting of several months ago that barr was stonewalling this
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search warrant. but one thing to keep in mind is that there is something called a preservation order or a preservation letter where the prosecutors can send to email service providers to essentially freeze someone's account and prevent them from deleting it. i suspect what they're really trying to get from the search today are the phones and the computers to see if there's communications on encrypted apps which are very hard to get via search warrant. and sometimes they are deleted or automatically deleted or deleted by the individuals but sometimes they're not and oftentimes if you search a phone you can recognize recommend previously deleted information. pete would know more about that but that is something that i think they're likely trying to hone in on is what kind of encrypted conversations did thesing a or thes have with officials of ukraine. >> pete if you would sort of
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narrow the focus on what they would be looking for to prove that crimes had been committed. if that's what they were looking for. >> absolutely. what i've seen from his attorney statements is this is crimes of vie lags of the foreign registration act. so your phones and things like that have any number of pieces of evidence that might be valuable bl whether that's communications, encrypted that reside on the phone that you can't get through other means and really important today was a surprise but the fact of a search warrant coming was not so what investigators can do particularly with outside information and go in and see that he deleted information, if after it came up after last summer establish he went through and wiped a significant portion of the phone that's a tremendous piece of evidence which goes to intent that shows he had something there, aware he was
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under investigation and deleted it so being able to know what used to exist and no longer exists is a window into what somebody was thinking and why they might have gotten rid of it. we don't know what the investigation will find but typically computer devices particularly in the hands of someone like rudy giuliani not tech savvy, dialing reporters and the senators or congressmen and not very potentially savvy in what he does with the electronics and suspect there's evidence on the devices that will be useful for investigators and prosecutors. >> i can attest that. i was a resip yept of a friendly call from rudy giuliani and was intended for another cable host. i want to come back to all of the carnage. i hate to quote trump but the impeachment inquiry and the
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testimony of all of the career public servants whose careers altered i don't think it's fair to say the reputations were destroyed permanently but they came out as honorable patriots but the careers were altered by rudy giuliani's conduct in the region and i understand there's a narrow examination of whether he was acting as a foreign agent. he was clearly peddling foreign disinformation to an american audience but i want to play some of the witness testimony from the impeachment inquiry. let's watch. >> secretary perry, ambassador volker and i worked with mr. rudy giuliani on ukraine matters at the express direction of the president of the united states. president trump directed us to quote talk with rudy. >> my recollection is that ambassador sondland stated damn it, rudy, every time hi gets
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involved he "f"s it up. >> what about as a hand grenade. >> the investigations promoting, the story line, the narrative was going to backfire. i think it has backfired. >> my question is, rudy is now apparently based on the reporting in some pretty dire criminal exposure. there was no pardon for him at theened of the trump presidency. do you have any doubt that the shots being called by donald trump? could rudy become another man fort, flynn-like figure who committed crimes on behalf of a president who so far has evaded all accountability? >> yeah. it's everything that trump touches, you know, turns to mush. and those around trump and there just are more and more who are coming across the criminal
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justice system. but you have to remember, the only reason that rudy giuliani got any attention from ukrainian officials was because of his connection and relationship to donald trump. that to giuliani was not only powerful and political currency but financial currency and could leverage that connection for his benefit. the money coming from the retainer agreements he said he turned down. i would be curious to know whether he turned it down or whether he referred it to victoria and joe and he got a cut coming back which is a common and typical way for people to try to corruptly obtain money without their fingertips on it. there's no option of a pardon for him. donald trump is no longer
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president so the others ride off with their pardons from trump but giuliani has no protection and clearly narrowing in on him seriously. >> we talk to congressman schiff after this so thank you for starting us off. we'll talk about it here. thanks to all three for starting us off. someone who knows just how sbi cattily tied to the ukraine rudy giuliani really is. congressman adam schiff will be our guest. and we are a few hours away from president biden's first address to a joint session of congress as the opposition party with an assist from conservative media desperately attempting and
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failing to beat him back throwing everything from beef, books and dr. seuss his way. plus some advice from a former republican to democrats hoping to capitalize on the popularity of president biden's agenda. focus on the suburbs and make the gop own the insurrection. all that and more when we continue after a quick break. don't go anywhere. where. [doorbell rings] thanks, baby. yeah, we 'bout to get spicy for this virtual date. spicy like them pajama pants. hey, the camera is staying up here. this is not the second date. what's the #1 retinol brand hey, the camera is staying up here. used most by dermatologists? tah-dah, it's neutrogena® with derm-proven retinol,
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i do not understand mr. giuliani's motives for attacking me or offer an opinion on whether he believed the allegations he spread about me. he should have known the claims were suspect, coming as they
1:28 pm
reportedly did from individuals with questionable motives and with reason to believe their ambitions would be stymied by our anti-corruption policy. >> the important question of the time of that testimony, the question asked there in the first impeachment of donald trump, the question worth revisiting today. did rudy giuliani commit a crime when he coordinated to remove the ambassador? in truth he is a known commodity to the u.s. intelligence community for that scandal and ohs since, a player in both impeachments of donald trump and following the call for a quote trial by combat. the night before the day of the january 6 insurrection. joining our conversation is adam schiff of california, he led that first impeachment trial of the former president. you don't auchblg get to
1:29 pm
differentiate between impeachments of a one-term president and we knew we had the chance to talk to you before we knew that rudy giuliani's home would be searched and here to talk about bigger and better things but first your reaction to that raid. >> i guess what's disturbing to me is if there's probable cause to believe there's evidence of a crime at the giuliani's business or home last year and bill barr's justice department wouldn't do anything about it, it's another indication of politicization at the top of the justice department. we know that other decisions on sentencing, for example, with roger stone, or even dismissing whole cases against mike flynn made on the basis of politics by bill barr and this appears to be yet another example but i'm delighted to see that under the new leadership of that department decisions will once again be made equally under the
1:30 pm
law. everyone will be treated the same under the law. no one will be given a pass or pursued by political reasons and i think garland has the right background for that approach. >> i had the same sort of thoughts and pulled this tarl from june 2020. attorney general barr said saturday that president trump had fired the top federal prosecutor in norng ending an unprecedented standoff between barr and berman. we never really learned why and this was botched why the standoff because barr tried to fire himself and got trump to do it for him in an odd inverse of that working relationship but do you have questions of what might have been quashed under barr in terms of other investigations? >> certainly. the concern at the time was that
1:31 pm
berman was dispatched to cripple the investigations going on in his office and i think tried to replace his number two and the way that that ended up getting resolved is number two took over the office at least for a period of time but there are questions about that and the investigations that the barr justice department fast tracked and indicate, for example, the invest into him was put on a fast track by the inspector general so that he could be sanctioned before his pension fully vested. those kind of things bring the department under ill repute and no doubt merrick garland has a lot of cleaning up to do. >> i want to ask you about the work on the intelligence committee. is it different now that the intel chiefs testified to the tragic new reality that the
1:32 pm
gravest threats to the country are domestic violent extremists and currently under the threat warning we know about radicalized by the big lie still repeated by donald trump i believe six times since last week and some covid restrictions where he was also a leading and rater with tweets of liberate michigan and liberate virginia? >> it does affect the work of our committee. i think all of the domestic agencies with a portfolio with domestic trifl have to prioritize it like fbi and dhs. we have responsibility of joe seeing the intelligence component of that and doing an investigation last year of intelligence at dhs where one was alleging that instructions were being given essentially to downplay the seriousness of the domestic terror committed by white nationalists and hype the threat of antifa and saw that
1:33 pm
from bill barr and others in the leadership of the last administration. but we just had a hearing on this subject. and i can tell you one of the ongoing challenges is a lot of the republican members didn't think that our committee or the intelligence agencies even those like the fbi and dhs with responsibility here should be looking at this and that's quite remarkable. you know, if we were looking at the threat of islamic terror the threat from within there would be no reservation about that among my gop colleagues but they were very uncomfortable clearly with the fbi and dhs looking at the problem of white nationalism and domestic terror. >> i was a member of the republican party in goodwin standing after 9/11 and i can't fathom the republicans having that hear no evil, see no evil do nothing about the ooefrl response to 9/11. you are right.
1:34 pm
if the -- when the threat was foreign terrorism there was not enough that they could do, no measure too aggressive. my question is, can you protect this country with one of the two major political parties refusing to recognize the threat? >> i have to hope that there's enough common ground. look. i have concerns to make sure that the agencies like fbi and dhs aren't just trolling the internet and make sure we don't do anything to curb first amendment rights and many democrats like myself that share those concerns. at the same time we ought to be able to find common ground that the predominant terrorism threat facing the country right now is a domestic threat and the predominant part of that domestic threat is white national threat and that has international, transnational links and can't ignore that
1:35 pm
because of a political sensitivity that some of the folks are the trump base. so i hope we can find common ground and need to make sure we protect the country. >> president biden has found a way to redefine bipartisanship to mean that which is supported by republicans, americans and democratic americans and covid relief package maintained high approval ratings with all americans. seems to be a model they may deploy. what are you hoping to hear from him tonight? >> i think that is exactly the right strategy and reveals just what a break there is between the republican leadership in congress and republican mayors, republican governors and just ordinary republican citizens because so much of what was in the rescue plan is very popular among many republicans in the country and likewise with the
1:36 pm
infrastructure package. so i think he should do more of the same, continue to reach out to republicans in congress but if they're unwilling, if they adoptd the attitude that the primary goal to make him a fail yush even if it hurts the country then the president has to go his own way and appeal to democrats and republicans at large in the country. i expect tonight we'll hear about the successes in fighting the pandemic, the acceleration of the vaccine rollout and sound an alarm that other countries around the world experience surges. if we're not sufficiently vaccinated and develop the herd immunity that we need we could have other waes in this country. so we're awfully close to putting the worst of this behind us but we can't let up and i think that will be a central
1:37 pm
part of his message. >> it is a pleasure to spend time with you today. we are grateful. >> thank you. when we come back, president biden riding high ahead of the first address to congress tonight prepared to seize on a series of policies that as we were discussing overwhelming majorities of americans want. leaving republicans floundering. our panel joins us next. finding new routes to reach your customers, and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about. it's what the united states postal service has always been about. so as your business changes, we're changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide. same day shipping across town. returns right from the doorstep, and deliveries seven days a week. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. itthis couple was onld a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip.
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president biden prepares to take to the podium tonight to a joint session of congress. the first of his presidency buoyed by high marks for his actions as scatter shot attempts from the right to mire him in weerld culture wars ended with a whimper and in most cases a retraction. today a veteran reporter announced a resignation after a false story that the biden administration gifting children books written by vice president kamala harris and a scandal of false lies that joe biden was somehow going to start limiting the number of hamburgers people could eat and a tirade of carlson we mentioned yesterday telling his millions of viewers inciting them to call law enforcement on any neighbors wearing masks outside on their
1:42 pm
children. latest attempt to sow discord over covid restrictions but the rant before joe biden said they didn't need to wear masks outside anymore anywhere but at large events. all that was just this week. i think it's only wednesday. the frenzy from the right to distract from the hard work going on inside the administration is both the backdrop to and the result of what we're going to see tonight from president biden. steady leadership buoyed by policies targeting the suffering out americans. tonight his joint session address the president is expected to announce a policy that would fulfill campaign promises to american workers, students and families. a $1.8 trillion package aimed at expanding access to education and child care, paid leave, free community college and universal
1:43 pm
pre-k. a poll out showing that the overwhelming majority of americans nearly two thirds support it. let's bring into the conversation my friend and colleague joy reid. we will reunite in the studio with our colleague rachel maddow. looking forward to that. alsz joining us is ashley parker white house bureau chief at post and author of the reporting on this white house and tim miller for the bull work. author of a piece of reporting of his own. joy, what do you want to hear tonight from the president? >> i loved your setup because i'm sort of amazed at and i guess i should have known this because he's been in politics since like 1973 how effective joe biden is as a poll siran. quietly steadily proposing positive things. i want to see how he'll dig in
1:44 pm
on the things that cause alarm like policing reform. will he get specific on what he wants to see there? will he talk about voting rights? if you can't get the people to have the right to vote and jump through the hoops they can't vote what's the point? so interested the see how specific that he gets on that. and then to hear how aggressive he'll be. you talked about another $1.8 trillion bill. how many will he put out there? it's a smaller crowd but see the response in the room to that. >> he seems to have selected for the first sort of opening acts the things that have over 60% public support. >> yeah. >> so whatever it is, i think there's sort of -- from the beginning -- i think they're in on the joke. we might be boring. you don't have to pay attention to us.
1:45 pm
meanwhile quite transformational and there's a quote from yang saying the magic of joe biden is everything he does becomes the new reasonable. does that sort of -- that can't be lost on progressives. >> he is like lbj without the cursing. right? he understands government and i think what he's done is -- i've heard people say he ended the regan era saying what is government? government is not this theoretical conversation that we will have about dr. seuss and cancel culture. government is stuff you can see. it is a check in the bank account. it is a bridge that's now fixed. it's a road that doesn't have a pothole in it. he is almost like a mayor saying i'm going to give you government you can see and touch, that you can see in the account, that you can see in the children's lives why if your kids can get into day care. that's a thing that's real in the real life so he's getting us
1:46 pm
back to the conversation about what government is supposed to be and how it can work when it's run by somebody that knows what they're doing. >> ashley, you put this together and in the proper historical frame and the white house cheefr of staff to play along. take us through the new reporting. >> basically i like just about everyone sought to assess biden's first 100 days looking specifically at his leadership and a couple themes emerged. one was that andrew yang quote that i'm kind of obsessed with and will see tonight. >> me, too. >> biden has been incredibly so far at least bold and ambitious and progressive in the actions in policies and comes from it from a moderate place of tone and temperament and institutional knowledge of the senate that so far he managed to please both sides of a pretty diverse caucus. i think we'll see that in the speech tonight. another thing that he came in and did is redefined
1:47 pm
bipartisanship to mean something, a policy popular across the country with voters, local officials and doesn't require as we have seen by his definition a single republican vote in washington and the final thing i looked at was biden on a campaign trail early on talked about himself as a transitional figure, he talked about people wanting results not revolution, speaking to wealthy donors and said somewhere along the way to put it in shorthand he began to view himself as fdr or as a transformational president and key theme seems to be coronavirus and the backdrop of that crisis but the concurrent crisis and of course racial and equity crisis and gave him liberty it seems to go bigger and bolder and operate with more
1:48 pm
urgency. >> tim, we got a transcript from a backgrounder that the president did with reporters and he says this. i got to figure out if there's a party to deal with about the republican party. is there a party to deal with on the other side? >> i don't know. i think probably not. i think it's hard to get to ten votes for anything in the senate but a few people that will deal with him from time to time. but i think the fox machine will really get stirred up any time anything gets close to ten votes which is what you would need to have a real bipartisan bill passed the senate. maybe a small package but none of the big ticket proposals he is talking about tonight. there's a consultant that confirmed andly's reporting which is they don't know the response to this. he said ten years ago it is debt. get out the debt clock.
1:49 pm
talk about the irresponsible spending. but after the trump years, the base voters don't care anymore. >> that's right. >> there's no credibility to make that argument so i think that's why you're seeing the arguments to point out in the intro about kind of silliness of the book and that nature but i do think that they're not certain how to push back on this big, bold economic agenda because they don't think -- they think a good portion of the voters like it and they're right about that. >> another line is man and moment and will talk about that on the other side of a break. stay with us. n't stop at comput. we didn't stop at storage or cloud. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety. and help make a hospital come to you, instead of you going to it.
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there's an app? -[ chuckles ] beth. -save money with progressive. [ tires screech ] well, that came out of nowhere. we're back with joy, ashley and tim. joy, ashley also writes about this collision of man and moment. obviously the president isn't doing all these transformational things in a vacuum. what do you make of the country he inherited. >> it's difficult, right? biden comes in, he's got this historic vice president, they're working together in a seamless way, that is sort of noncontroversial, but these are the worst of times in a lot of ways. i don't know if you feel this way, but the violence we are seeing in terms of the policing, the attempts to just sort of almost violently seize voting rights, it's all -- it's odd to have such a calm presence in the
1:54 pm
middle of that kin of storm, but if there's anyone to be the right guy in this moment, it is the senior citizen white guy, who is a true working-class white man, who can relate to that group of people and speak to them in their own language, and who has this historic vice president, but who is so nonthreatening, you know, hopefully he did make a change, but it's a really, really rough time to be president of the united states. >> i have a feeling, tim, that things are worse than we thought it was, that trump is literally removed from the stage. i don't know how he communicates now, but he's gone and they're acting worse. i want to read something you wrote today, tim -- this is how democrats win elections. make the gop own the insurrection and the bigoted conspiratorial bigotry in the suburbs. be relentless about it. that's the whole ball game. republicans are betting that working-class whites only care
1:55 pm
about the culture war, and don't actually give a capp about populist economics. elaborate. >> the short of it is this -- that while the republicans are saying they're making a big pivot to being a working-class party, they're leaving themselves one major vulnerability, that the democrats have to take advantage of. that is, that they don't care about working-class economics. they're still stuck in the tea party days, and the chamber of commerce days for others. and so if the democrats can make them own that, with working-class white, hispanics, they can, i think claw back a certain percentage of the trump coalition, now that trump is faxing press releases from
1:56 pm
mar-a-lago. >> ashley, any surprises tonight? >> we'll have to see, but i think the way it looks, right, both all the security surrounding it and all of the sparseness because of the social distancing and covid precautions will be so fundamentally different and a reminder of why perhaps biden was elected. of course, it's not a surprise, but i think everyone will be watching for that image of speaker pelosi and vice president harris behind president biden, which will be a historic first. >> it will be a historic first that joy and i get to covert together along with our colleagues. thanks for making time for us today. i'm grateful. joy, ashley, tim miller, thank you for joining us. the next hour of "deadline: white house" starts after a quick break. don't go anywhere. we're just getting started. don't go anywhere. we're just getting started >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust.
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to mr. bolton's's attention, the smear campaign, and then he then in the course of that discussion said that rudy giuliani was a hand grenade that would blow everyone up. >> did you understand what he meant by that? >> i did, actually. what did he mean? >> obviously what mr. giuliani was saying was explosive in any case he was frequently on television making incendiary remarks about everyone involved in this, and he was clearly pushing forward issues and ideas that, you know, would probably come back to haunt us. in fact, i think that's whether we are today. hi, everyone.
2:01 pm
this morning new york city, as fib agents raideded home and office of rudy giuliani, ceasing his phone and electronics devices. today's development signaling a major turning point in the investigation by the southern district of new york, which is looking into giuliani's dealing with the ukrainians. "new york times" first to break the story, quote, the ferred authorities have largely focused on whether giuliani illegally lobbied on behalf of ukrainian oligarchs. victoria tensing, who was close to giuliani and had several dealings, had her home searched by federal authorities as well this morning. attempt to obtain search warrants have been underway for months, according to "new york
2:02 pm
times." they report that investigators had been met with pushback when trying to secure it previously. under mr. trump, senior political appointees and the justice department repeatedly sought to block sump sump a warrant. as merrick garland was confirmed, the justice department lifted its objection to the search, raising all sorts of questions about attorney general bill barr's involvement, heavy-handed involvement. we do know last year that barr pressured jeffrey berman to step down. berman refused, and then was fired by donald trump. we have more questions than answers at this hour. that's where we begin with some of our favorite friends and reporters.
2:03 pm
lucky for us, all three msnbc contributors are here with ugh frank, i start with you today. we should make perfectly clear that justice department doesn't give a warrant. the justice department gives permission to investigators to go to a judge to seek a warrant. is that right? can you explain that process of what you need to convention a judge to say yes? >> i think the process is really important for your listeners to understand. why? i'm sure that any minute in and out we're going to start hearing claims of witch-hunt and deep state within the justice department. people need to understand that a u.s. magistrate or federal judge had to sign off. here's what the fbi and prosecutors had to convince that judge of. it's two parts. first, that there's a crime that's occurred with federal jurisdiction, and secondly, this is important, that the evidence of that crime is in this place
2:04 pm
we wish to search. that has to be fresh information. that could be something that's a years old or even usually six months old. it's got to be updated that those devices, the records, the electronic stuff, they're right here. we know they're right here. so you led off correctly. there has been indication that for months, maybe as far back as december, the southern district of new york was petitioning the doj in washington to go ahead with the search. for whatever reason, timing or whatever, miraculously it took a new attorney general and new deputy attorney general for a sign-off. because it has lawyers, it goes to a special unit that says, okay, what is the process here? fbi agents who serve that search warrant can't have anything to do with the substantive investigation. why? now they're going to start laying eyes on potential attorney-client privileged
2:05 pm
information. they serve as a filter team. there's lots of process, lots of steps here, and it all played out this morning. >> what are they looking for, frank? >> they're looking for evidence of a crime. piecing toe what we know is going on, and now piecing together the fact that victoria tungsen was searched, and rudy giuliani was searched, what do we know that's public information? there's ukraine in this mix. there's potentially that foreign money was paid to them. we know foreign money was paid too them. for what? you mentioned it in your opener. let's find some dirt on joe biden. this will go beyond the foreign agent case. this isn't just a lobbyist who forgot to file paperwork. this open pandora's box about the potential of foreign money
2:06 pm
coming into the 2016 campaign, to dig up dirt on joe biden, and potentially hunter biden. let's not forget who does victoria tungsen represent? dimitri, a oligarch close to vladimir putin. >> i desperately want to turn to chuck and bill barr. you hope this railroad tracka question. frank is the only panelist with fbi experience. i'm going to stay with you for one more here. with the criminal -- the crimes in the criminal investigation aside for a moment, we now have a justice department who has lifted an objection from the previous management at doj to pursuing information that may have at its roots foreign money,
2:07 pm
that may be coming from vladimir putin, that was explicitly to smear joe biden at the very, very beginning every the presidential campaign. what are the national security implications of what this investigation unearths? >> yeah, the answers are going to start coming hopefully now, answers that everybody has been looking for. it's going to be slow and methodical. it's complicated by the fact these are lawyers, and lawyers for the president, but look, i'm assured and encouraged today that the process is continuing, that someone is trying to get to the truth. the so-called no collusion hearing you'll keep hearing, that the mueller report found no collusion, which i disagree with. i think they're headed in that direction. if indeed foreign money is flowing through surrogates into the 2016 campaign, that's where this could be headed.
2:08 pm
>> now, chuck rosenberg, i feel like these comments may land like body blows about the department you revere and served in, but bill barr's public facing behavior, who meddled in the stone and flynn cases in a manner that so repelled career justice department -- what was he doing behind the scenes? what questions do you have, based on today's report? >> yeah, one obvious question is whether prosecutors in the southern district of new york, nicolle, were really being interfered with at a political level in a political way from the leadership of the department of justice, right? you mentioned flynn and stone. i think those are really important analogs. when big barr interfered in those cases, we heard loud and
2:09 pm
clear from the men and women in the field about what was happening, and why it was unacceptable. we haven't quite heard that out of the southern district of new york. we know there was some, i guess, hostility between the former u.s. attorney jeffrey berman, who has a very good reputation and the political leadership of the department, but no recent ig nations, letters, filings that indicated that the southern district of new york prosecution team felt that its case was being mishandled or politically manipulated. so a really important question for me is, why the delay? was it nefarious? or non-nefarious? did it have to do with accrues probable cause, the legal threshold you need to go in that frank so ably described? or was it something else? i think that's the important question. sitting here right now, i don't
2:10 pm
know the answer to it. >> let me stay with you on bill barr's intersection. donald trump told president zelensky of ukraine to coordinate with rudy giuliani and bill barr, not just rudy, bill barr. bill barr acknowledged an intake process to vet the information. barr had a process set up for the united states department of justice to intake information that was coming through rudy from ukrainian oligarchs with ties to putin. what is wrong with that? start at the beginning, chuck. >> start at the beginning and go for the next several hours, nicolle. what's wrong with it is that rudy giuliani was probably the
2:11 pm
singlemost uninformed and unreliable source of information imaginable. as we see this play out now, he was a conduit of information for russian intelligence, which is absolutely astonishing. if you just stop there, russian intelligence was influencing the information that rudy giuliani was feeding to the justice department to try to seek dirt on a political opponent of the president of the united states. so, maybe bill barr, and i'm done with giving him the benefit of the doubt, was trying to move giuliani out of the way and set up a separate channel for all the nonsense he was funneling to the department of justice, or maybe they were taking this stuff seriously and thought that giuliani needed a voice and had to have a means to relay russian intelligence to prosecutors, who, by the way, thank goodness, as far as we knew, never acted on it. all of this is really muddled
2:12 pm
right now. it's a big black box, we only see little, little pieces of it. but again, to frank's point, today was a big day, an important day. whatever was holding up that investigation is gone, and prosecutors in the southern district of new york, the career folks, the men and women in the field were allowed to move forward with their fbi counterparts. it will take a long time. attorney searches are complicated. the fbi and the prosecutors need a filter team or clean team to review this stuff, but it's moving forward. that's the singlemost important thing for your viewers from today. it's going forward. >> so when bill barr set up that -- i don't want to get any of this wrong -- intake team, to intake all of rudy giuliani's material, here's what was publicly known about rudy's involvement with the ukrainians. here's what he copped on cnn, asking ukraine to do. >> did you ask the ukraine to investigate joe biden? >> no.
2:13 pm
actually i didn't. i scud the ukraine to investigate the allegations there was interference in the election of 2016 by the ukrainians for the benefit of hillary clinton for which there is already -- >> you never asked anything about hunter biden other joe biden. >> the only thing about joe biden was to get to the bottom of how luzenko dismissed the case -- >> so you did ask them to look into joe biden? >> of course i did. >> you just said you didn't. >> so he knew that rudy giuliani had copped on television to asking the ukrainians to investigate joe biden. bill barr had every reason to know what ukraine was doing. the justice department leadership that didn't let this fbi investigation go to a judge and see if they had enough reason for a judge to grant a search want, knew exactly what rudy giuliani was doing. >> to the extent that anyone
2:14 pm
knew exactly what rudy giuliani was doing, bill barr should have known. that man, rudy giuliani, is the gift that keeps on giving from an evidentiary standpoint. you mark that clip that you just played as exhibit 1. in a trial for failing to register as a foreign agent, and importantly it is not just an administrative indicate. we sauce it play out in an impeachment hearing. so, yes, you're right, bill barr knew or should have known exactly what rudy giuliani was doing, because he told chris cuomo what he was doing on national television. was that intake setup to put it aside or were they taking it
2:15 pm
seriously? i hope it's not the second thing. i hope it's the first thing. i still don't know the answer to it. >> jason johnson, i said this week that our frame on republicans under trump wass was all wrong. we thought they ran from our cameras after he tweeted misreprehensible because they were afraid of a mean tweet s we thought he was there to maybe split the difference, right? to be a trumpy attorney general. that is so wrong. he was in bed with the victoria tungsens. he was on the receiving end of a phone call from john bolden. we don't know what he does when john bolton called him. these are like tarantulas in a bowel story, we don't know
2:16 pm
who -- what questions do you have about bill barr's leadership at a time when -- to dirty up joe biden? >> look, i always thought he was corrupt. look, if this was a mob movie, this is the montage at the end where you see the cops breaking into an italian restaurant in a hotel in a bar, and they're starting to take people out and people are screaming and yelling. this is the net closing down. the question is going to be whether or not our current justice department is willing to go all the way up the chain to bill barr. he was intimately involved in this entire process. he couldn't not be. if he tries to claim he didn't -- i didn't steal the 101 dalmatians, well, then why do you have all these leashes around? you clearly know what rudy
2:17 pm
giuliani is the doing abroad, if you set up a intake process. my question is, when did you set up the process? how much information did you take in during the vetting process? and how much coverage did you provide for rudy giuliani when other fbi or nsa agent may have been looking into what he was doing? it goes to the larger issue with this administration, which is how far up are we going to go? does joe biden say, look, we'll handle the preexisting investigations, or is he going to say we're going to root out the corruption and treason of this previous administration. it goes to rudy giuliani, to bill barr, to many other people in that administration all the way up to donald trump hiding out in mar-a-lago. >> my next question is, they took his phone records. i'm sure there's phone calls with donald trump. do you think this justice department has to make a decision about whether they look at donald trump? not just in the context of
2:18 pm
incitement of the insurrection, but part of the operation to sort of launder foreign russian disinformation about the bidens? >> i think that decision was already made, nicolle. you can't not think about the end boss. the question will be, how much will do they have? will they stop when they get to ivanka or jared, or -- this isn't about healing. this isn't about going forward. if you allow these people to get away with what they did, they will simply do it again through other means. i think they already know the end ru89 of this. it's a question of whether merrick garland, president biden and vice president harris saying we're going all the way with this.
2:19 pm
when we return, heroining painful words from a d.c. police officer who describes what he endured, and it was nearly word for word what donald trump and rudy giuliani called on their supporters to do to them. that's next. plus in his first 100 days in office, president biden is get high marks for returning san ity we have new and outrageous examples. and the president said to portray his families plan and helped millions out of economic hardship. "deadline: white house" continues after a quick break. don't go anywhere. break. don't go anywhere. very moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. magenta? is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. magenta! (crying) magenta!
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individuals who were trying to kill me to accomplish, you know s. their goal. i observed the most savage hand-to-hand combat of my entire life. that was officer michael finone, describing in detail his experience a january 6th, an experience nearly word for word that trump and his allies called on his supporters to carry out. the officer was dragged down the steps of the capitol by the
2:24 pm
nextists, beaten and struck by a stun gun. he suffered a heart attack that day. >> it's been very difficult seeing elected officials, and other individuals, kind of whitewash the events of that day or downplay what happened. some of the terminology that was used, like hugs and kisses, you know, very fine people, ver different from what i experienced and what my co-workers experienced on the 6th. of course he's talking about ron johnson, who describes the insurrectionists as festive, and donald trump said it posed zero threat and they were, quote, hugging and kissing the police. donald trump's big lie about the election led to the insurrection
2:25 pm
law enforcement officials paid the price in bodily harm, all of which have become the enduring policy positions of the post-election gop, and part of -- tonight president biden will step into the capitol to deliver his first address to congress. his's doing so at the very same moment that his predecessor has chosen to escalate the menace, from politico -- in five written statements from friday to tuesday, trump has sought to reignite his frenzied claim, assailing state officials, praising others seek to go re-litigate the results. joining us is matthew dowd, and frank figliuzzi is still here. matt, this split screen of a. who has overwhelming support,
2:26 pm
and this increasingly unhinged party on the other side just leaves you wondering what the end game is or what the bottom looks like? >> we thought the bottom was donald trump. we discovered there was more silt and soot below donald trump, which is the base of the republican party. i've said all along donald trump doesn't cause the republican party to become what they were. they became what they were, and donald trump was the result of it, of what they are. i think, you know, what is incredibly amazing for me, i thought for one brief shining moment we could all agree that insurrection at the capitol is bad, defending the constitution is good, but it seems at this point in time there's an element of american society, which what republicans like kevin mccarthy, ted cruz, and the nut from georgia and the nut from colorado, are are responding to.
2:27 pm
they're responding to a constituency in america, because we're so polarized, because jurisdictions are so divided, because things are jerry mandered, because things don't flow in a way that the mid extreme voter can really fundamentally participate in a general election. they're instigated by those voters. so the cleanup on aisle six or whatever, was not the crazy janitor. it's like the customers that are throwing cans around the store. still throwing cans around the store. the other thing, nicolle, i will say is i find it amazing how republicans pick and choose what law enforcement they think they back. they don't seem to back the capitol police, but they back somebody like derek chauvin. they don't back the fbi, which they think is part of the deep state, which obviously that will be even more inflamed after today, after the fbi is really
2:28 pm
doing their job, but they seem to only back police forces doing their bidding in a certain jurisdiction. so it is, in my view -- we are at an even more important point than we were at four years ago, because we could wipe the slate clean of donald trump and he can end up in florida or new jersey, wherever he will end up in, but there are millions of voters who consume and repeat, complete crazy conspiracies and lies. that is the cleanup in america that i think joe biden is having the most struggle with. >> you know, frank, i watched this interview, it's about nine minutes long. it's really hard to watch. he talks about his view on politics once every four years, like the olympics, he pays attention. he's not a political figure. this is a victim of the trump supporters who went to overthrow the democratic process of
2:29 pm
certifying a vote. what do you do with a post-fact, fact immune population of a segment. >> so, first, you and i have talked a bit before about de-radicalization, counter-extremism, how that happens. we've talked about how one of the greatest components is repeated exposure to truth and reality. this is required watching. i challenge anyone who is out there, who says my folks aren't violent, this is a sham, this was antifa, we're pro-police here, i challenge you to watch this, have the intestinal fortitude to sit down, play this for nine minutes, and come back and tell me domestic extremism isn't violent, isn't capable of extreme violence. this should also be required
2:30 pm
watching at police academies throughout the united states, as police chiefs wrestle with the issue of internal extremism, how to counter it. this will set new recruits straight. played at roll call, at every shift change, so this cops for trump rally they attended is actually a sham when it comes to being pro-police. >> that might peel off some, right? people still open to facts, but matt dowd, your point about where all the heat is, also abandons the idea that the party can be led. to me that scares me. this idea that no one who wants to be in good standing has any interest in leading it. they simply want to react to the lowest common denominator of
2:31 pm
social media fire that heats it up. joe biden said in some remarks as a backgrounder before his speech, we need another party in this country, whatever you call them. how do you reach them? >> well, i completely am on board with frank in the idea that we should be speaking facts and we should be speaking truth. it's going to basically have no impact on this group of voters, because if somebody -- you can't break an emotional connection with irrational argument anywhere. you can't do it. it's just impact. it's impossible in your personal life. it's impossible in life that if somebody has an emotional attachment, which is what this is, you can't break it with a rational argument. the only way i see out of this morass, and a republican party for the first time in history -- we used to have minor parties and groups, but not dominant
2:32 pm
parts of the legacy party. we have a legacy party now completely dominated by this group of folks. so, to me, the only way we get through this is it's going to happen after election after election, it's going to have to reject it. in 2020 -- i mean, i counsel everybody to look under the ballot, below joe biden who got 81 million ballots, republicans did very well. until the republicans, who are elected officials who will lead, who don't have spines, but may go with the wins, until they suffer overwhelming losses in an election, it hasn't happened yet, i think we'll be living with this for a long while. i live in rural texas. i speak facts and truth to trump voters all the time, some of
2:33 pm
whom aren't completely aligned and they'll listen, but the ones who repeat these conspiracy theories, and the ones who constantly communicate this crazy stuff, they ignore it. they completely ignore it, so until the elections put an end to it, i think we're going to be living with this for a while. that's why i think joe biden, who by all standards has done a fabulous job in the first 100 days. the only thing he hasn't done, which i think is impossible, to unite congress in washington, d.c. the only way out is a series of election losses that the republicans will have to suffer in multiple elections. >> that's ominous, daunting. matthew is sticking around. frank, thank you. your contributions are so important every day. we're grateful to have spent time with you. when we return, it might be president biden's most
2:34 pm
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2:38 pm
will auction a slot off to play in this tournament. you have lunch, you have breakfast with president trump, you get a photo. you play at his golf course in florida. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> that's what breaking up for lindsey graham looks like. now raffling off a game of golf with the disgraced ex-president. graham's embrace of it is disgraced conspiracy theory peddling ex-president another sorry sign of the state of the right in america. as we reported on tuesday, the media guy urging people to call the cops on parents who have their kids in masks. the party still pushing is the party of the big lie. a louisiana lawmakers who made this baffling comment while pushing a bill in schools.
2:39 pm
>> if you're having a discussion on whatever the case may be on slavery, you can talk about everything dealing with slavery, the good, the bad, the ugly -- >> there's no good to slavery, though. >> well, then -- you got that right. he wanted teachers to teach the good part of slavery. there's no good part. in the other corner, in the other party, the other side, the president, joe biden, who is marking his first 100 days with high approval ratings, and major accomplishments, our next guest argues that president biden's biggest accomplishment is he's brought sanity back to the white house. for four years we lived in a constant state of anxiety. we went through multiple news cycles every day, followed by the off the wall presidential
2:40 pm
claims, overtaken by the recap of whatever he had just seen on fox news. it was brutalizing. biden ended the stream of lunacy. eugene robinson joins us, the author of that piece. i guess what worries me, what matthew just pointed out, the right is so crazy, that in the other days you might have had some partnerships, it seems next to impossible now. >> says, basically. matthew is absolutely right. joe biden, short of being some sort of literal magician, cannot wave a magic wand and make the right not crazy anymore. those clips from lindsey graham, it took him three nanoseconds to go crawling back to
2:41 pm
donald trump, and trump and graham and the rest of the sycophants are playing to a crowd that believes in an alternate vision of reality. as matthew said, it's going to peak repeated, overwhelming repeat of the republican before the party reforms, changes itself and morphing into something once again reasonable. that's a long-term project. in the short term, it is an absolute good thing that the white house is no longer insane, that we have, you know, daily briefings that are fact based rather than fix fiction based. we don't have crazy tweets. this president doesn't do that. this president governs and speaks like a normal president. he's restored the dignity and
2:42 pm
sanity to the office. i think that's a significant accomplishment. >> it is. i mean, math matthew, but he has to say this tonight. this is an excerpt we got from president biden's prepared remarks to tonight's address. we have to prove democracy still works, that our government still works and can deliver for the people. in the first 100 days we have acted to restore the faith in our democracy to deliver. we're vac nating the nations. we're creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, delivering real results, opening the doors of opportunity, guarantees fairness and justice. this may be an unpopular thing to say, but i worked on george bush's inauguration address, and it was about democracy abroad. i'm not suggesting it as a policy worth defending, but it was an idea that the president thought to anchor he inaugural
2:43 pm
address around. this president now is running a -- governing a country that needs to be reminded that we have to prove democracy still works. i guess the sanity has been restored, but the scorched earth remains, the sort of terrain that president biden has to govern on. it's fascinating to me. i think he's exactly right. i think he needs to go a step further and say our democracy is broken, and i'm trying to repair it. let me tell you who is responsible for its brokenness. i mean, he is in a positive place on his job approval ratings. he's done an awesome job on the vaccine and on the roll-out, trying to fix covid. the stock market had its greatest growth in the first 100 days of any president in 60 years. jobs are coming back. all of that stuff is happening simultaneously, but much of it
2:44 pm
doesn't matter. as you were -- as eugene was talking and as you were reading from his piece today, i rewatched some of the "game of thrones." i would counsel anybody who watched it before donald trump and then rewatch it now. they all thought once the mad king was dead everything was going to be fine, but the mad king was just the beginning of the crazy, just the beginning of the underlying corruption and awfulness that existed, and what we saw you will fond in the "game of thrones" people of integrity stood up, many of which were killed in the course of this, but it all unfolded. one person's loss or one person being gone was not going to fix a systemic problem. i think joe biden, who has been very good about this, trying to tell the true to the american public, i think has to say that as of today, as of right now, our democracy is broken.
2:45 pm
he should point out like the fact that we have an unbelievable crazy platform in fox news, and part of the problem -- i'm going to speak some truth not to you, nicolle, but maybe to other people on other networks or other platforms, we have to stop treating this like it's some game where the opposition on each seat is the same, that there's some equal value on each side, that we're going to listen to kevin mccarthy and listen to nancy pelosi and therefore we did our job. we'll interview ted cruz and interview a sane united states senator, and we've done our jobs. there is no thing today where you can say in any media platform that you interview an insane, irresponsible person, and interview a sane, responsible person and equate the two at all. i think, obviously as voters and people we have to be active, do all the things we can do, and i
2:46 pm
think we should great laid joe biden on his first 100 days, but us in the media have to stop presentic this as if there are two equal partners in politics that we have to talk to. we don't. you don't talk to craze people. you don't talk to crazy people. we have to stop getting into a place where we equal the sides and discuss it as if it's some fun game that both players are equally responsible. >> i think that's absolutely right. i think the truth of the republican party is really painful, you have one party that's now given safe harbor to the qanon lady, and refused to call an attack on the country what it really is. i welcome all those points here on this show. thank you both so much for your time today. when we return, there's going to be another bold policy proposal tonight from president biden, and white house senior adviser anita dunn will be here to preview it.
2:47 pm
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here's another excerpt from the president's speech just released sales pitch. quote, 100 days since i took the oath of office, lifted my hand off our family bible and inherited a nation in crisis. the worst pandemic in a century. the worst economic crisis since the great depression. the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. now after just 100 days, i can report to the nation america is on the move again. turning pearl into possibility, crisis into opportunity, setback into strength. an administration official says president biden will cast the plan as bold, but practical,
2:51 pm
following his $2 trillion proposal for infrastructure and jobs. joining us is anita dunn. i know these days are hectic, so thanks for walking out there and spending some time with us. >> i was thinking how fun it is to talk to someone who knows how these days feel like, yes. >> i asked this morning are you doing a backgrounder for the press? because i remember the press would all come in and we would act like the speech was all done. so is your speech locked down? do you know everything that's in it? >> you know, the speech is never locked down until it gets delivered. you know that as well as anyone. but i do think that, you know, we have a good idea of what the president wants to say tonight. and we did a very covid version of the backgrounders that you did with president bush and that we have all done in the past, which was, you know, seven
2:52 pm
socially distanced people that got served no food. but we're briefed or had a conversation with the president. so that is what it looks like at the white house these days, nicole. >> what is the pace behind the scenes? there is a frantic effort to vaccinate the country, which looks so far to be on a good and successful path. but there is this really resistant pocket. turns out to be mostly republican trump supporters. what is -- what is sort of the recalibration of just that single effort where so much has gone into vaccinating the country? >> it's a great question. we always knew that there would be a point in late spring where the vaccine story would go from people who were frantically finding a place to get access to
2:53 pm
it to people who were more hesitant about it, who had concerns about it or who just don't think they could get sick. that happens to be younger people in the country. it's not just the conservative trump supporters. it is also young people who of course think they're invincible and other people. what we have seen since the program started, since president biden took office 99 days or so and we started to get the vaccines into people's arms is that the longer the program goes and the more people that get vaccinated, the more people with concerns or hesitant about it decide they want to get the vaccination. and that is the trajectory we're on, and that is what we think is going to keep happening. of course we're doing a lot of education. people have concerns. they have concerns about the way the vaccine was developed obviously. they want to have questions answered. what we have found are that the best messengers when it comes to the vaccine are people who have
2:54 pm
already gotten the vaccination and see what they can go now. for instance, we, as of yesterday, can go without masks when we're outdoors. and if we have been vaccinated and we're encouraged to do that. that is a wonderful piece of freedom that people are getting back from this pandemic. as we go through the spring and early summer and the president is going to address this more fulsomely next week, you know, there are things we can start doing again. i think that is a strong incentive for people. but really the more people who get the vaccine, the more the people who haven't gotten the vaccine feel comfortable doing it, and that is what we have seen since january. >> i want to ask you about the policy process, another big popular proposal in tonight's plan. and i'd like you to tell us a little more about it. so the messaging around this, this is sort of your expertise is now focussed on also
2:55 pm
explaining to the public how you're going to pay for all of these proposals which really do have a lot of support, not just among democrats but among republicans in the country as well. >> you know, they do. as the president likes to say, he has a unifying agenda. since he wanted to unify the country, having a unifying agenda, one that is supported by people across the political spectrum is a good first step. you know, nicole, the president tonight is going to be very direct with the american people, that there are people in this country who have done extremely well and there are people in this country who particularly during the pandemic, but even before the pandemic were working harder but weren't getting ahead, that the opportunities weren't there as much for them. it is one of the reasons why he has proposed both his jobs plan, which is a once in a generation investment in american jobs and tonight will propose his american families plan, which is a once in a generation investment in our children and
2:56 pm
our families, both of which geared towards making us more competitive in the global economy, but to creating good jobs for people. how do you pay for it? basically, you ask the people who are at the very top of the pyramid here and the corporations that have benefitted so much and many of whom are not paying taxes. 50 of the most profitable corporations in this country paid no federal income taxes last year. you ask them to do their fair share. the president would be the first to say he doesn't want to punish people, and he's not punishing people, but he is asking them to do their fair share and not to have all of the tax burden falling on working people of this country, the middle class, the poor that realistically he feels have been taxed enough. so it is a question of asking those who have done so well, those who have over the last year while much of america was suffering actually increase
2:57 pm
their wealth to ask them to pay a little more. and that is what the president is going to say to the country tonight. and that's what he's asking these people to do. >> he did that and he was part of the team who so far has guaranteed this president's agenda is overwhelmingly popular with all corners all across the ideological spectrum of this country. i know very well how busy these days are. i'm really grateful to get to talk to you. thank you for spending time with us tonight. >> thank you, nicole. thank you so much. >> we will be right back. ll be k e libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪ ♪ ♪
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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during these extraordinary times. i will be back two hours from now as we get ready for president biden's address to congress. "the beat" starts right now. >> thanks, nicole. we will be watching. reporting breaking news on rudy giuliani. rudy giuliani just saw his home and office raided early this morning by the feds. a major escalation in a criminal probe of the prominent trump lawyer by the legal office he used to lead as a prosecutor. this is a major story. we're going to walk you through what it means tonight right now. it is definitely bad news for giuliani. and it may prove to be bad news for donald trump. now we're learning a lot about what giuliani faces. the feds executed a lawful search warrant, which means a judge determined they have reason to believe that giuliani has evidence of a crime.


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