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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  April 28, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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following breaking news. federal investigators have executed search warrants at the manhattan apartment and office of rudy giuliani. we know the feds have been investigating giuliani's dealings in ukraine, specifically whether he broke any lobbying laws while serving as donald trump's personal attorney. but this search, which requires probable cause and approval from a judge, marks a major escalation in that investigation. giuliani has denied doing anything improper. joining me now is msnbc news correspondent robert allen who was outside giuliani's apartment, nbc news national security and internal correspondent ken delaney and correspondent pete alexander and former federal prosecutor and leading contributor, alex
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ainsley. ken dilanian, what do we know about this investigation? >> they appear to have seized his electronic devices. as you said, this marks a major escalation in a long-running federal investigation of the former mayor of new york city and president trump's personal lawyer, because it means that the fbi and the justice department convinced a judge that there was probable cause to believe that a crime had been committed and that evidence of that crime could be found at these locations. now, giuliani's lawyer has been saying that this was what he called legal thuggery, because he said his client had offered to talk to the justice department and provide them documents. we have not been able to reach rudy giuliani or his lawyer, robert costello, but the backdrop of this, katy, is a long-run investigation that started from -- if you remember those two characters, those soviet-born men, lev parnov and
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igor freeman, pardon me, but we're working with rudy giuliani to dig up information about biden's son in ukraine, and they're looking at who may have been paying him at the same time he was doing that. they have said publicly that there was a russian disinformation operation that came from vladimir putin in russian intelligence, and some of that information found its way to rudy giuliani through some of these ukranian characters. this goes way beyond whatever crimes rudy giuliani may have committed on lobbying or taxes or banking. he was in the middle of a foreign disinformation operation to interfere with our election. whether or not he's ultimately charged with that, that's an important thing to remember here, katy. >> ken, this is such a long time coming. we were talking about this back in 2019 during the first impeachment -- or during 2020 during the first impeachment of donald trump, and 2019, frankly.
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do we have any reason to believe that rudy giuliani saw this coming? the man knows how this office works. he used to lead it. >> of course. that's absolutely a concern. chuck rosenberg said that's why you would prefer to issue search warrants as quickly as possible, because targets of investigations can delete records. but it's a lot harder to delete things from devices than most people realize. things are stored in the cloud, and it's possible the fbi already knows what they're seeking and they're just going for the devices to sort of confirm and get another copy of the documents. e-mails are sent to other recipients, they are backed up on the cloud. the fbi has the ability to gather up all that information. but it's absolutely a concern. there was a delay here. our colleague tom winter has reported that the fbi had been seeking the search warrant for a long time and it wasn't granted.
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i've seen things out there that they were concerned in the fall that it was too close to the election. they didn't want to take consequential action that could affect an election. but the bottom line here is a judge obviously approved this warrant, and the investigation is going forward in a new phase, katy. >> cynthia, the fact he used to be part of this office, how complicated does that make the investigation? does it throw a wrench into things? >> not so much as the fact that he's a lawyer is what really throws the wrench. because all those documents have to be cleared that they aren't attorney-client privilege. and that's his assertion, that he was working for trump and that it's all attorney-client privilege. so somehow there has to be two teams looking at all these documents, what we might call a clean team and a dirty team. the clean team has to go through them first and make sure there is no attorney-client before the actual set of prosecutors can look at the documents. that's going to be the hardest part about going through this. but i completely agree with ken,
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i think it may very well be that the fbi has most of these documents. not only have people maybe given it to them, they may have it because in the prosecution of the campaign violence prosecution, evan igor, there is some evidence that one of them is cooperating. they certainly need to in order to reduce their sentence or reduce their culpability. they may have given them documents already. there is a lot of cleaning to do in making sure that everything is exactly on the up and up. but the good news here is that career prosecutors are back in charge of the justice department. what we understand from the reporting is career prosecutors approved this before the election, political prosecutors and barr's justice department said, no, it's too close to the election. after that prosecutors said, yes, this should be done, and
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still the trump department denied them a warrant to the judge. it's good news for justice everywhere. >> cynthia, what parallels can we draw from what we already saw happen to michael cohen, the other personal attorney of donald trump's, who experienced a raid by the fbi and then ended up being sentenced and served time? >> remember when there were first some questions about giuliani, and it looked like he was being looked at, trump distanced himself a bit, and then when it looked like it was under control, suddenly they were buddy-buddy again. i would say the biggest parallel is that anybody who does anything for trump never gets his loyalty. certainly michael cohen didn't. my guess is giuliani will not get it, either. >> speaking of donald trump and
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peter alexander, what can you tell us about the current relationship between donald trump and rudy giuliani? wasn't he just in mar-a-lago? >> the true terms of their relationship came in february after a democratic congressman sued donald trump and rudy giuliani and the proud boys and the oath keepers for their role in the january 6th siege on the capitol, and at that time we heard from jason miller, an advisor to the former president, saying that giuliani is no longer representing mr. trump in any legal matters. how their personal relationship is at this point, we really don't know beyond the reports, obviously, of visits that have taken place in recent months. you remember it was on january 6 where rudy giuliani was among those making this call. i think his language at the time was we will have a trial by combat, is what he said to the mass of trump supporters who gathered not far from the white house before ultimately marching to the capitol where the
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insurrection we witnessed across this country took place. and beyond that, what was striking is that giuliani insisted later that, oh, of course he was talking about the "game of thrones," that he wasn't stirring up the crowd in any way. that was his pushback. you'll remember, he was his personal attorney in both impeachments. he really was very open about the role he was playing throughout the campaign in working with ukraine to try to dig up dirt on then-candidate, now president joe biden, and throughout the entire process of trying to undermine the results of the election, rudy giuliani was really at the fore, even when many of the presidents, fiercely loyal advisors to that point, backed off. rudy giuliani continued in places like pennsylvania and arizona, effectively to the very end. >> one of the last allies standing. we also have a little bit of new reporting from shep smith, our colleague at cnbc. he says a trusted source close to rudy giuliani who had a
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direct conversation with him minutes ago shares this. the fbi agents not affiliated in any way with the investigation at hand were escorted to giuliani's apartment by his doorman. they presented to giuliani the warrant and requested all electronic devices. giuliani turned over one cell phone, one ipad and one laptop and nothing else. the agents were at the apartment for approximately 45 minutes. they chatted. the conversation was cordial. they couldn't have been nicer. ron allen, you are standing outside of the apartment right now. have you seen anyone go in or out? >> reporter: we've seen a lot of people go in and out, but we have not seen rudy giuliani go in or out. all these things have caught this neighborhood by surprise. a lot of people know he's here, but a lot of them were saying they haven't seen him in a while, a week ago or so, so apparently he's keeping a low
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profile. and what you described of the details was apparent discreet. we talked to that doorman who escorted the agents upstairs. most people in the building said they didn't really hear anything and they weren't disturbed in any way when this happened early in the morning. giuliani's office on park avenue is just a few blocks away in that direction, and apparently the same thing happened there. the reaction of many people here are not surprised this is happening, and frankly, some people are very glad it's happening. you may know that mr. giuliani and president trump are not very popular these days in new york city. it's been a long time since giuliani was america's mayor and all that here. so people are reacting to the news with surprise, and, frankly, some are very glad to do so this process is moving forward under a new justice department. katy? >> ken, reporters who have had interactions with rudy giuliani will know that he has had multiple different cell phones, potentially multiple different
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devices. any number of us have changed devices the past couple years as technology gets updated. how much more complicated does that make it for the fbi as they try to go through the communications that rudy giuliani has been connected to or in the middle of for the past few years? >> it makes it much more complicated, katy, you're right. to cynthia's point, it's doubly complicated because u a clean team going through it as well to sniff out what could be attorney-client privileged information. there is another dimension here, which is a lot of people use encrypted apps on their phones, which may or may not be accessible to the fbi. there are things they don't have access to, but they're running into that in any investigation today, and they find ways to work around it. particularly if they have cooperating witnesses who have done business with mr. giuliani,
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that's going to be a big factor in the fbi's favor, katy. >> cynthia, i'm out of time but i do want to ask you one question. what connection could this make for donald trump? what could this mean for donald trump in terms of his legal exposure, without guessing? what's the realm of possibility? >> it would be easy to get over your skis on that one. i think we'll have to see what we find are the information in there from trump to giuliani, if there is any that's not attorney-client privilege. but trump is famous for not using e-mail and for not texting. so i don't want to get over my skis. we'll just have to wait and see. >> yeah. we will see. smart move. cynthia alksne, ron allen, ken delanian and peter alexander, thank you. we are just hours away from
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the president's speech to a joint session of congress. coming up, jen psaki joins me with what to expect. biden wants free preschool paid for with tax hikes on the rich. are voters okay with that? in a moment, breaking news out of north carolina where a judge has ruled on whether the public will be able to see the body cam footage of the shooting of andrew brown jr. w brown jr with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪ (vo) ideas exist inside you,
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in just a few hours, president biden will mark his 100 days of his presidency to congress along with the eyes of the entire nation at home. the president will be laying out his ambitious legislative agenda including a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal and a
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$1.8 trillion american families plan. he tries to push his bill through the senate in a bipartisan vote. joining me now, jake sherman. jake, i want to get to all of this, but first i want to get your thoughts on the breaking news we're following, rudy giuliani. take it away. >> i imagine it would be smart, frankly, if republicans would use this opportunity to kind of confront some of mr. giuliani's bizarre behavior over the years and some of the instances he's been involved in. i don't imagine that will happen, katy. i assume that most republicans, almost every house republican, i don't know. the senate will be voting in an hour, and i'll let you know what they say. the house republicans will say almost definitely they believe this is a continuation of a corrupt and uneven justice department and some sort of deep state, which is complete garbage and complete nonsense, but
11:18 am
that's what we've heard out of them for many years and that's what i assume we'll continue to hear. senate republicans will say they either didn't see it or will otherwise ignore it, but i'll let you know in an hour what happened to that. >> we have played this game before. okay, so we have jen psaki coming up. you wrote in "punch bowl" today that there is no chance any republicans are going to go for what the president is proposing if they involve any tax increases. obviously the white house focused a lot on joe manchin and trying to get him on board. is the best path for the white house, according to the lay of the land in congress right now, to try and do this with manchin through reconciliation, or is there some room somewhere to make one of these deals, both of these deals actually bipartisan? >> so let me unpack. there's a lot there, katy. let me get to all of these things. number one, i know the white house really wants bipartisanship when it comes to
11:19 am
the infrastructure portion of this. that's their most likely area. i still think that's relatively unlikely. they see the corporate tax hike, which would pay for the infrastructure portion of this, as not only a pay-for, but if you asked jen psaki, i imagine she would say it's good policy, it's good politics for them because the american people believe that corporations don't pay their taxes. that may be so, but the american people aren't voting directly on this package. bipartisanship as defined when legislaing is when members of both parties vote yes on a piece of legislation, not when it has support from republicans in some part of the country. i understand we live in a representative democracy but you need to get republicans on board on capitol hill if you want to call it a package bipartisan. i don't think the american families plan stands a chance of becoming law as currently constructed, and it's just a proposal. i think that the tax increases in that are going to be really difficult for republicans to swallow. i think there is a way for an
11:20 am
infrastructure package to get through. it's going to have to increase taxes a lot less than it does right now, according to republicans i talked to, and it's probably going to have to be a lot less ambitious than it is right now on the price tag. $2 trillion is not pass, according to republicans i talk to. they think they need to get it through on a party line basis. that's their decision, but that's the lay of the land as i see it right now. >> jake sherman, thank you very much. appreciate it. joining me now is democratic congresswoman rosa delorio of connecticut. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. i want to get your reaction to what jake laid out as the state of play. >> thank you very much, katy. i'm delighted to be with you, and i first and foremost have to say that, really, this is a
11:21 am
very, very bold plan of the president, between the american rescue plan, the jobs plan and now the families plan is really transformative and it is historic in nature. and the opportunities that it will provide for working families, for middle class families and for poor families as well. it has really reversed the trajectory of the giveaways that have gone to the richest .1 of 1% in this nation for such a long time. the fact is that, yes, we will raise taxes on the wealthiest people, understanding that the 2017 tax package was a giveaway to the richest .1 of 1% of people in this country. we're looking at really sweeping -- sweeping investments, and whether it is
11:22 am
in child care, whether it is looking at preschool, again, child care, higher education, nutrition. all of these efforts that bring to bear on what has been and still is the biggest health and economic crisis that we face in this country. yes, we will work with our colleagues on the other side of the aisle. happy to try to do that. i think the need is there. but we'll try to move forward with bipartisan support, but if you can't get bipartisan support, then you move forward to try to get what needs to be done done. it's hard for me to believe there was nothing in the american rescue package that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle believed would help their constituents. not them personally, but to help their constituents. people are facing unbelievable -- unbelievable --
11:23 am
economic and health concerns. so it's an exciting prospect going forward. >> this white house and the democrats are very adamant that this is what the country needs. and when you're talking about something like paid family leave, i will note that the united states is virtually alone around the world for not having paid family leave, either for a mother or for a father or for both. virtually alone, especially in any comparable country. given the importance that democrats are putting on it, given the polling that shows that a lot of this stuff is supported broadly by the american public, what would be your advice to the senate? is it to get rid of the filibuster, or is it to try to push it through reconciliation. there are only a limited number of things you can do with that. >> but, you know, i think these packages will unfold, and there is a demand for paid family medical leave, as you pointed out, katy, and i've been working
11:24 am
on paid family leave for -- you know, a decade, more than that. it is especially now, if you take a look at what's happened to people, never more important than we have paid family leave. in fact, we are one of the only industrialized countries without it. we will make sure we have that 12 weeks of paid leave for families, for the care of a loved one or your own health or the birth of a child, all of these efforts. so my point is to you that, yes, you know, there have to be some considerations, but let's look at what the architecture for the future is about in getting people to have economic security in this country. and it's not just democrats that need the economic security, the people in this country need to do that, so my hope is that we
11:25 am
will find willing partners on the other side of the aisle. you know, it will come to some -- >> let me interject because -- let me ask this, because a lot of republicans have their own plans on paid family leave. there are millions of people out there who need that assistance right now. the republicans have a different way of paying for it. there is one proposal that says we'll take from social security, we'll borrow from the future. there is another proposal that says we'll borrow from the child tax credit. is there a way, given the immediate need for it for many families, is there a way for democrats and republicans to come together and give concessions in order to get it to folks faster because they need it, frankly? >> you know, the paid family leave program, and i've authored it in the house and senator gillibrand in the senate. the way it's been constructed
11:26 am
and talked about over the years, which has had broad support. i understand what you're saying about other plans, but you've pointed out the pitfalls. you can't take it from social security, you're not going to take it from a child tax credit, but what you can do is to do what we propose in the paid family and medical leave, and that is you have buy-in from employers and employees. this has worked in california, in new jersey, in several other states. my state of connecticut where they have put into practice and they came to the compromise around it and moved forward for paid family leave. yes, we can. but let's not put people at risk in other areas by trying to do this. there is a way to compromise on it, and we move forward to try to do it. let's make sure that i, as an employee, pay in, my employer pays in, and that way it's very similar to social security in that sense, and people are happy
11:27 am
with the social security system of both employer and employee paying into the project, and no one would want to disturb what we are doing there. i'm hopeful that we will get to, in this plan, a permanent child tax credit. i'm not hopeful, i believe we will get there. the president is for permanent, but the goals there are to make paid family and medical leave 12 weeks at two-thirds of a person's salary and a child tax credit that is permanent, which will lift more than one-half of children out of poverty in this country. it helps working families, poor families, middle class families, and it is historic. both of these programs would be historic. >> it helps all families, and it helps all babies, and it helps society. >> yes. >> i could keep going on with you on this topic. it's something i feel very strongly about. connecticut congressman rosa delorio, thank you so much.
11:28 am
i'm sorry we're out of time. next up, jen psaki speaks to me about congress. and breaking news out of north carolina where a judge has ruled whether the public will be able to see the body cam footage of the shooting of andrew brown jr. stay with us. stay with us our past for power, we can harness the energy of the tiny electron. we can create new ways to connect. rethinking how we communicate to be more inclusive than ever. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change. faster. vmware. welcome change.
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today a judge in north carolina ruled against showing the public the body cam of the death of andrew brown jr., and it will be redacted for the family. all of this news comes as we got new video showing the moments before brown was shot five times by deputies serving an arrest warrant on drug charges. it was released by the city through the elizabeth police department which was not involved in last week's shooting. first aired by nbc affiliate wavy, it appears to show deputies in tactical gear in the back of a pickup arriving at brown's home. the video freezes the moment
11:32 am
deputies begin firing. joining me now is correspondent katy beck who is in elizabeth city and prosecutor paul butler. katy, i imagine there is a lot of frustration over this ruling. >> yeah, obviously, the family of brown are very upset about the ruling and feels it unfair not to have the media to have access immediately to all the footage. what they did get out of today's hearing, as you said, katy, within ten days they will be able to review -- not take with them, it's a disclosure, not a release -- but they will be able to view all four body cams and one in-car recording of what happened that day. so within ten days, they are promised at least that opportunity. the judge did also say on the media ruling while he was rejecting release of that video, he did say in 30 to 45 days, he's going to review this matter, and if there is still an ongoing investigation, perhaps weigh it or delay it again, but the district attorney today said
11:33 am
that in 30 days, he expects this investigation will be wrapping up and that he will be able to release the video to the public. so i think on some level, people are feeling some relief that there is a chance for the public to see all of this video in about a month's time. but there is really, at this point, no way to know. >> paul, explain the legal reasoning for me. >> katy, in north carolina, they be be released, which means they can allow family members to see the video but they can't keep it. there has to be a court order for the video to be released. judges have a lot of discretion. they can just release part of it or they can blur out parts. this judge says that he's concerned that releasing the video would compromise the
11:34 am
investigation. it's actually quite rare that a video hinders an investigation. that's a common excuse that police departments use when they don't want the public to see what the police did. >> paul butler, catie beck, thank you both for that story. still ahead, jacob soboroff checks in with an asylum-seeking family he met back in 2017. are they any closer to a path to citizenship. the feds searching rudy giuliani's new york city apartment. the latest reaction from the white house after the break. the white house after the break. see, visible is wireless with no surprise fees, legit unlimited data, powered by verizon for as little as $25 a month. but when you bring a friend every month, you get every month for $5. so i'm bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me. bam, 12 months of $5 wireless.
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11:38 am
first follow-up to new york to d.c. to ukraine and back to the feds' raiding of trump's former attorney, rudy giuliani. sources familiar with the investigation tell nbc news that fbi agents executed search warrants and seized electronic devices at both locations. and a few people have covered it more in-depth, like chief correspondent kristen welker. kristen, i know you have been in touch with rudy giuliani quite a bit over the years. he's usually pretty good at getting back to you. have you heard anything today? >> i haven't heard anything today, katy. we do know that some of our team have reached out to folks who are close to him. they say that that search lasted for about 45 minutes and that both sides were quite cordial and cooperative. but, again, we have not heard from rudy giuliani himself, and i'm trying, and if i get any reaction, i'll get that to you as soon as possible.
11:39 am
but just to put this into context, this is really striking. this is one of former president trump's closest advisors and closest legal advisors. he was part of the team in the first impeachment, and then during the reelection campaign, rudy giuliani was quite vocal about the fact that he was doing work in ukraine to essentially try to dig up stuff on the bidens. he talked about that quite openly. there was no secret in that. and so this is clearly at the root of part of what investigators are looking to find, but just to underscore how close and long of an advisor he has been to former president trump, katy, he was there after the election trying to argue that the election falsely had been stolen. he was on the front lines of that fight even after so many of the former president's allies and legal allies had abandoned him. you saw rudy giuliani really out on an island on his own, very
11:40 am
few people joining him in making that false case which he made all across the country. so i think it really underscores the fact that this was someone who was not going to abandon the president even in the toughest of times, even standing by him, of course, during that second impeachment trial, although he was not a part of the legal team defending the former president during those proceedings. so this undoubtedly is going to shake trump world. katy, you've done, of course, more reporting on trump world than any of us, so you know that this is a world that is entangled and that this type of news will be unwelcome. so far, though, no response from the former president or his team. >> you know, i think you've done a lot more on it than i have at this point given those four years in the white house. i have a question, though, a distinction with rudy giuliani. and just to note he might not be returning your calls because his phone devices were taken away. that was what took me so long to
11:41 am
get ahold of michael cohen during the raid on him. when you're looking at rudy giuliani, was he attackically his lawyer? was he on a retainer or was he a pr guy, a fixer? that distinction, i would think, would be pretty critical when he is trying to argue attorney-client privilege. >> i think that's a really important point. for the longest time he described himself as the president's personal attorney, and then recently, in kind of the final months of president trump's presidency, jason miller made it quite clear that he was no longer representing the president officially. and so i think that those lines were always very murky, katy, and that's undoubtedly one of the things investigators are going to be delving into, as they search not only through his personal and business dealings but as they try to get to the bottom of exactly what was happening in ukraine.
11:42 am
>> so rudy giuliani has just tweeted from his account, or at least somebody has from his account, tune in at 3:00 p.m. eastern for a live statement from rudy giuliani. that's wabc radio. we'll hear from him then. kristen welker, thank you for joining us. joining me now is the white house press secretary jen psaki. jen, thank you so much for joining us. a lot of folks are looking forward to the president's speech tonight. i know you guys are looking forward to the president's speech tonight marking a little bit early, one day early, the 100 days in office. what do you expect to get out of it in terms of cooperation in congress? >> well, what the president hopes to do tonight is talk a little bit about where we've come from over the last 100 days, some of the progress that's been made. more than 200 million shots in the arms of americans. 85% of the country received checks for up to $1400. getting people back to work, and of course getting the pandemic
11:43 am
under control, but also give an update on the work he sees ahead. and part of what he's going to talk about tonight is a bold proposal, the american families plan, and he thinks that has a lot of pieces in it that people in the country, democrats, republicans, independents, will really get excited about. universal child care, universal pre-k, getting more funding and support for community college. these are things we should all get excited about, so he's hopeful that actually his agenda can be a driving force for bringing people together in congress. >> so these are very popular. the disagreement is how to pay for them. is there any consideration being given to get individual bills negotiated with republicans so they don't have to pass through reconciliation? >> absolutely, there are lots of paths forward, katy. some of that could be smaller bills. the bills could look slightly different. we're very much open for business to hear ideas, talk about -- exchange ideas, see
11:44 am
what people are proposing from both sides of the aisle. there was a counterproposal early this week or last week, i should say. we're talking at a staff level with members, with committee staff, and i expect the president will invite members down here to the white house next week or soon after that to have a discussion about the path forward. but, absolutely, there is lots of paths forward, lots of ways to get this done. could be smaller packages, a range of options on the table. >> let's talk about paid family leave, because there are some out there who are worried that this is not enough of a priority for this administration. they wanted to see it in the covid relief package, for instance, or they say ten years to get there is just too long, or they say they're worried it's one of the things that will end up on the cutting room floor. can you ensure or can you give any calm to those who are worried it's not going to get done with this administration, and are especially worried,
11:45 am
given how broadly popular it is and how there are some republicans who support it who have their own ideas of how to pay for it? >> of course it's popular. i'm a mom, you're a mom. moms should get 12 weeks paid leave across the country no matter where they work. there is a transition in, as you referenced, katy, getting 12 weeks of paid leave mandated throughout the country. that's what the president proposed. he would not have proposed this if he wanted it to drop off or he thought it would drop off or something he thought congress wouldn't move on. there are republicans who may not like parts of it. we'll have to have a discussion and that's how things get passed into law. but the fact he's talking about this before 100 days in office, just under the wire, tells you this is a priority for the president and absolutely something he wants to get done. >> i do want to give a shoutout to the dads throughout who will
11:46 am
say it's necessary for them as well. >> dads, too. >> the moms, the dads or the partners, whoever is there to help in the first weeks and months. i had jake sherman on a while ago and he knows congress better than any reporter. he says anything with a tax hike the republicans aren't going to get on board with. is there consideration being given to changing that? i mean, are you willing to negotiate on the tax hike for the very rich? >> well, look, the way people should see this is the president is making a proposal, an historic investment in education and child care, something that will help women and men, as you said, help the next generation of people who are going to be leading our work force across the country. he thinks we should propose a way to pay for it. his proposal would bring the tax rate back to what it was during george w. bush's presidency and it would only impact 1% of americans. and on capitol gains, just over a million dollars, people who are making over a million dollars through that.
11:47 am
that's how he's proposed it, that it can be on the backs of the very, very highest income americans. if there is an alternative way to pay for it, we're open to hearing that. but he won't support, he won't sign something where it would raise taxes on people making under $400,000 a year. there are limited options. he's proposed what he thinks is the best path forward to pay for it. >> finally, i have to get your thoughts on rudy giuliani. there are those out there who will suspect the timing of this. it's being done under this administration, done under merrick garland as attorney general. they might accuse this administration of political targeting. >> well, first, i can assure you that what is new or may feel different in this administration is that the justice department is independent. the president made that clear when he announced the nomination of merrick garland, and the attorney general made clear in his hearing that he would not have taken the job unless he could operate in an independent manner. people should know that, and i
11:48 am
assure you our focus here is on the address tonight, on announcing the american familie department. certainly i did not know. >> jen psaki. jen, thank you so much for joining us. i appreciate it. i hope to see you back again soon. >> thank you. stay with msnbc for special coverage of president biden's prime time address. the speech will begin tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up next, she is a citizen, her parents are not. jacob soboroff talks to one family that fears the latest debate over the border could impact their chance at citizenship. citizenship. hello? hi mommy, i won a medal. that's amazing! ♪ going back to the place we love ♪ i got in! ♪ with endless summer nights ♪ he's walking! ♪ comes alive ♪
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president joe biden is expected to renew his call for immigration reform in tonight's speech before congress. "the washington post" says he will introduce proposals that could have bipartisan support like pathway to citizenship for immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. it's a challenge for this new administration. there has been an influx of asylum seekers at the southern border since biden's inauguration, driven by a big surge in unaccompanied minors. joining me now from los angeles, nbc news correspondent jacob soboroff. what have you got? >> reporter: you mentioned that large increase in unaccompanied minor children arriving at the southern border. really it's the politics around that, using these children as a football. not based on reality or facts on
11:53 am
the ground at all that might complicate things for the president's path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. that's what one family told me. listen to this. in march of 2017 i went to the church where the los angeles diocese was training immigrants how not to get deported by i.c.e. there, i met anna who was there because her parents were undocumented. you're 13. why did you show up here? >> my mom and dad have always been here for me and they're literally the world to me, and i wouldn't like to imagine a world without them. >> reporter: three days after meeting anna, she invited me back to meet her undocumented mom and sisters. they pointed out a suspected i.c.e. checkpoint. >> it's like two street lights from here. >> reporter: up that way? >> yeah. >> reporter: this month april of 2021, i went back to visit anna and her mom to see how their
11:54 am
family is doing four years later. this is your graduation photo? >> yeah. >> reporter: with a new president. >> last time i was with you was four years and a month ago. >> four years and a month ago, yeah. >> reporter: you were 13. >> and in eighth grade. >> reporter: yeah. and had braces. >> and 5'2". >> reporter: you were 13. and donald trump had just become the president. >> yeah. >> oh! >> reporter: do you feel safer today than you did back then when i first met you guys? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: definitely? >> yeah. >> reporter: this year began with a lot of hope after president biden in the first day in office vowed to support a pathway to citizenship for america's 11 million undocumented residents. then came the political controversy over a record increase in unaccompanied minors seeking asylum at the border immediately after president biden took office. are you worried what's happening there, which is so different
11:55 am
from the situation you're in, that it might affect your chance at citizenship? >> we think that now maybe it will affect her chances of getting citizenship because biden is going to be probably focusing on the problems at the border instead of focusing on those who have been here, situated for a long time, inside of the united states. >> reporter: and now you think the current controversy might distract from helping people who have lived here for years, if not decades, just like you? >> yeah. >> i think. yeah. >> yeah. >> reporter: from the house we walked to where anna's dad, an auto mechanic, runs a repair shop. like her mom, he has been in america for decades and worries that the controversy over undocumented kids could change his chances at a path to citizenship. >> reporter: you worry about the
11:56 am
day your family could be separated from each other. >> because his hands look like that, mine can look like this. >> reporter: that's amazing. katy, it was cool to be there at that moment with anna and her family. she's graduating high school. i first got to meet her for years ago at the beginning of the trump administration. the president has changed by bu the issue they face has not. their family is still at risk of separation. not like the cruel separations of donald trump's presidency, but one that could happen because her parents are undocumented and she and her sisters are not. and they worry that the controversy, largely political of what's happening around the border today will put comprehensive immigration reform, which would cover their family, in jeopardy. >> these issues are not one administration only. they will span multiple administrations until congress comes together to figure out a solution. jacob soboroff, thank you so
11:57 am
much. catch more of jacob's interview on "meet the press" reports coming to america streaming tomorrow on 8:00 p.m. and on demand starting friday on peacock. that is going to do it for me today. if you're going out and you're vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask. if you're not vaccinated, wear a mask. if you're not vaccinated, go get vaccinated! meantime, ayman mohyeldin has our coverage next live from washington, d.c. washington, d.c. a continuous g, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or...
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