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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  April 26, 2021 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hi there, everyone. 4:00 in the east. conspiracy theorists peddling the same big lie that inspired the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol planted the plag in arizona this week to keep the lie alive recounting the recounted votes in arizona is the latest circus act for trump supporters in arizona where a questionable florida firm is in charge of the audit of the november presidential election count. from today's "the new york times" reporting on this, quote, almost half a year after the election mr. trump lost the promised audit has been a snipe hunt for skull dug ri. there's death threats for the
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elected official just the civil war in the gop is a hot one since november with the mccain family and republican governor smeared in the process. the ceremonial audit is conducted by a firm called cyber ninjas. quote the head of florida based firm that republican senators hired to oversee the audit has embraced trump's baseless theories of election theft and suggestioned that mr. trump won arizona by 200,000 votes why the faux audit will be broadcast on one america new just the pro-trump news organization that's under fire for peddling trump's big lie blurring all lines of a trump news channel. one america started a fund-raiser to finance the spectacle. and according to "the new york times" has been named a nonpartisan observer to quote keep the audit on the straight
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and narrow. here on planet earth it's important to remember that barr, mcconnell and christie said there was no fraud, no systematic fraud to have a chance to altder the result. in fact, three reviews of the arizona vote and none of those vote counts turned up any fraud. but hand recount of all 2.1 million votes in mare copa county is under way. the disgraced ex-president is laser focused on the effort in pandering to trump voters in arizona. in a series of statements delivered by carrier pigeon or whatever platform he uses he demanded that the republican governor use state police to protect the vote count. in the state of arizona the secretary of state had this to say. quote my concern grows deeper by the hour. it is clear that no one involved in this process knows what they are doing and making it up as
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they go along and not like belief in the big lie wasn't behind the latest domestic threat warning. a warning issued shortly after the insurrection warned of potential violence from specifically people who believed trump's election lie. and to putt into perspective how wacky's arizona's audit is there's this, other state legislatures looked into bogus claims of election fraud but the arizona audit is in a league of its own. arizona is ground zero for the dangerous lie behind the deadly insurrection is where we start. vaughn hillyard is live in phoenix for us today. also msnbc political andist former senator claire kak caskill is back. and now the co-director of
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republican accountability project and frank figlusi. vaughn, i will get to you in a second. i want to start with frank. the story is on the front page of "the new york times" and not the first thing i read but i was horrified. most of the people that bended to this demand for i think what is a fourth recount of the recounted recounted votes were threatened. their lives were threatened, the children and spouses were threatened and homes under 24-hour police protection and i wonder where this is where we are that the extremists demand audits where none is needed. >> this is audit by intimidation. county sheriffs parked them in front of houses because they have been threatened if they did not comply. but let's make this clear. we've audited to death here in
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arizona. we have had three reviews. there have been numerous court challenges. this isn't about proving the lie. it is about perpetuating the lie. there's a big difference. i look at this as a security challenge. and it's getting more and more dangerous because a cult what this is akin to what trump is doing with the base a kultd doesn't survive by proving the lie but it simply has to perpetuate it and keep the lie alive so what you will see here is this privately mysterious audit in the dark. we're blind to it. no one knows what the procedures will be. don't be surprised if this firm which is far from independent comes out and says, you know, we are not sure. there were problems with something and vibrations in the
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voting machines may have caused this or that. it's got to be enough to keep the lie alive and gets people violence, thinking democracy's at stake here. someone's cheating us in the vote and got to act out and what do cults do when confronted with the truth? burn the compound down. that's essentially what's left here in arizona. they're burning themselves down with extremism. >> elizabeth, put on the counter extremism hat and help us process this. the 16 republicans in the arizona state senate reflect that party's lurch to the right. november's elections ousted the senate's two more moderate republicans replacing one with a democrat and a republican who claims lifetime membership in the oath keepers. another self proclaimed oath keeper, state representative
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proposed in january to give the legislature the power to reject presidential election results and choose new electors. he has become a vocal backer of the audit. now that is -- two questions for you. that is what was donald trump was asking people to do. asking state election officials to ignore the will of the people and appoint his supporters in the legislatures to reject the will of the people and the vote. so that's how close he came to being successful in arizona. but my second question is about out and proud oath keepers. it is my understanding that many of them are under scrutiny for potential conspiracy in the insurrection on the capitol. >> let's start with the oes keepers. the challenge that we have in -- while private militias which is what the oath keepers are are
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illegal in all 50 states. what's illegal about them is conducting law enforcement activity. under the first amendment you have the freedom of association so to belong the group because we don't have a domestic terrorism law on the books to allow us to designate a group as a terrorist organization these members of state legislatures can actually belong to the oath keepers and nothing illegal. if they were a part of the insurrection on january 6 that is a crime. so we need to look at that. i would strongly suggest that anybody that is in the local politics there to take a look at their association with the oath keepers and draw a connection to that violent extremism when they run for office and address it through that mechanism but right now we are somewhat ham strung that the way that the laws are written you could belong to this
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group that has shown signs and willingness to conduct acts of violent extremism and association is allowed but whether they take personal action that would then commit a crime so that's part one. but i just want to foot stomp what frank was drawing the connection to and how you opened this drawing the connection from the big lie to the violence. whatever comes out of this audit i think we are willing to bet it will either outright suggest there's fraud or continue to lay the ground work for people to think it's plausible to believe in the big lie. that big lie led to death and injury on january 6 and continuing to promote a willingness for political violence in our country. the university of chicago did a poll in march and found that 4% of americans, that's about 10 million people, think that violence is justified because of
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the big lie. just too many people in the country willing to take up arms. we need to de-escalate the tension and by conducting this audit it is doing the opinion sit and more fuel on the fire and we are going to have big problems on the hands in the coming months. >> claire mccaskill, i don't think much of the current leaders of the republican party not because i disagree with everything they believe but mcconnell and mccarthy in awol in terms of rooting out extremism in the ranks and this is an extension of that. i thought of john mccain all day after i read this story and jeff flake and if he had been stronger and aggressor to fight trump and trumpism we wouldn't be at this place. this is what frank and elizabeth have described. this is i'm sure a national focal point for extremists that believe the big lie.
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what do we do? >> can you imagine what john mccain would be doing right now? >> no. >> i mean -- >> i cannot. >> he would be losing it is what he would be doing and let me just say gently to all of my friends that are with you today. let's not call this an audit. i'm a former auditor and audits done in the public sphere have to be done according to yellow book standards. it is a very strict protocol and there is assumption that the data underlined in an audit is all public data. this is not an audit. this is a political operation. pure and simple. the fact that they're asking to do it in secret, in secret tells you all you need to know. they don't want to do it -- it is public data. they want to do it in secret and i think frank is being optimistic. i think they'll come out and say
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that donald trump won arizona. these are nutballs! these are not normal people. oan as a nonpartisan objective observer. what kind of joke is this? so it's not an audit. it is in furtherance of the big lie and that's all you need to know about this nonsense. >> to that end vaughn hillyard, i want to throw to your reporting. they have an opportunity to not do it in secret. i were in florida. there were reporters everywhere ballots were being counted. let me play your interview of trying to get in and witnessing this spectacle. >> reporter: hi, sir. how are you doing? >> i'm not authorized to speak to the press. >> reporter: are you with the aud it?
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>> not -- >> reporter: they said we could talk to you about getting in as journalists. >> you are journalists? >> reporter: with nbc news. there's an audit ongoing. >> there's a media area. for media. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> it is -- we're going to go and double check that our friend got to that media area. it is marked with the cones. got to be in that area and not the building. >> reporter: so we are not allowed to go inside and actually watch the audit go on? >> you're authorized that you're media? >> reporter: being outside is -- with all due respect -- >> not authorized to speak to the media. >> reporter: other outlets have already left and i think there's reason to be concerned. if i could oan with rights to -- >> we told him where to go. >> reporter: it's a parking lot. if i could with all due respect. >> come in to the media area. >> that's it. >> reporter: so journalists are
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not aware. it is fraud. we're wondering what those signs of fraud. >> you are allowed in the media area. >> reporter: that's the parking lot, sir. >> vaughn, you have my admiration forever already but even more so after that. just tell me what's going on right now and just confirm for me there's three recounts already why this is a fourth spectacle and not an audit at all. >> reporter: yeah. there was one in maricopa county and the republican led board of supervisors said 100% factualing ra sy. that's the republican-led board of supervisor just the chair of that board of supervisors was in fact at the president trump's rally in the days leading up to
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the election. and i think that when we were talking about extremism, i got to go back if i could to last summer at a fourth of july parade in prescott, arizona and a congressman was there and he was taking a picture with two oath keepers and a proud boys member and at the time you shake your head and then you recall in the nights after the election november paul gosard there in a crowd saying they wanted a recount and got it but now this is gone beyond just a crowd or a congressman. this was the arizona state legislature which legally got a subpoena to take 2.1 million ballots, there is not a single local journalist in the coliseum with those 2.1 million ballots. maricopa county makes up 60% of the arizona electorate and i read that oan headline.
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that's the one outlet if we may that's allowed inside with the cameras or in there to monitor and a new headline up here this afternoon. arizona audit, officials finding signs of fraud. if you read it says officials said evidence of fraud is already started to show. this is what one republican consultant i talked to this afternoon who continues to try to get republicans elected said they knew it would not go well and it is errors that led to what's now i think as claire called it here a political event here in phoenix. >> well, there's so much to unpack. frank, mr. gosard, a proud associate of the oath keepers whose members are as elizabeth said the association is a right and many of the members are under scrutiny for the most serious of charges in the
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insurrection. i want to come back to the letter of the terrorism warning that is in place in this country today through april 30th at least. information suggests that some ideologically motivated violent extremists with the objection of governmental authority and the presidential transition as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence. so is this count in and of itself fall into that category, something that quote could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence? >> there's a real danger here that this is going to infuse new energy into already kind of deranged thinking and violent extremist ideology. no question of that. really at this point the only thing that can really get to the bottom of this is investigation into who's funding this audit,
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who these people are, this so-called audit as claire is encouraging us to not call it an audit and lawsuits for things like oan and cyber ninja that expose who they are. if violence results from this, they should understand that there is legal liability if you're perpetuating a lie that feeds into violence. the lawyers better be getting on the phone right now wondering if they will go down for liability if violence occurs because they are perpetuating a fraud. >> let me again put this back on the declassified intelligence that we are aware of. this is from a report delivered to president biden just at the beginning of -- march 1st. intelligence community assesses an extremists motivated bay
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range of ideologies and galvanized in the u.s. pose an elevated threat. newer socio political developments such as narratives of fraud in the recent general election, the impact of the violent breach of the u.s. capitol, conditions related to covid, and conspiracy theories promoting violence will almost certainly spur some dves to try to engage in violence this year. this seems to check all those boxes. it is a development that is wrapped around the narrative of fraud. how is there no one sort of within the ranks of republican interested in -- that is the part of the question i still can't answer unless they're in support of things that may lead to violence. >> it seems to me that the -- my republican friends that serve in
1:20 pm
the united states senate and republican governors and most important republican attorneys general across the country that this would be the time for them to stand up with a unified voice and say, fine. play your game. but do it in public. let us watch. let us see what you're doing. let us see your work. let us see what is going on. because the dangerous combination here is extremists with a patina of legitimacy. it is not real. they have sheriffs around the building. so don't -- i'm not even asking that much. i'm not asking for republicans to say there was no fraud and not asking them to say that president trump was a bad president but to come together and say if anybody plays games with the election result the work must be done in truly
1:21 pm
different media present rather than a joke media outlet that is just a mega phone for donald trump. >> i want to bring this back, vaughn, to donald trump. i'm not going to putt these up but he is stir the pot this week, talking about arizona governor today. i wroted some calling him a worst governor in america, the second worst republican governor in america. what is the tie to him? do you have any reporting on the ground that suggest they're doing this for him? >> reporter: governor doocy just in washington, d.c. last week. governor's term is up here at the end of 2022 and the end of a potential political career in arizona. if he wants to run for the senate he has to take on mark kelly and serious questions
1:22 pm
whether mark kelly here is beatable and that's why you have seen doug doocy court the rnc and try to find his way within the republican party. but he was the one that certified the election results and tried to walk that tightrope and a concern for not only the governor and the chair of rga and republicans in the senate. i was in sun city yesterday and a 13-point swing in those 65 and older in arizona and maricopa county swung by 5 percentage points and dealing with a party that's changed particularly in the greater phoenix area. >> vaughn, elizabeth, frank, thank you so much. claire is sticking around. the vaccine success story that president biden is expected to tout on wednesday night as the rate of vaccinations in the u.s. begins to slow. and america seeks to aid those suffering in india
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president biden is two days away from the first address to a joint session of congress with remarkable progress to tout on the vaccine front. when he won the election no
1:27 pm
vaccines had been approved for use in the u.s. and no americans thus had been vaccinated. now three vaccines and 139 million americans have received at least one shot. the ongoing challenge for the biden white house now is vaccine hesitancy at home and the devastating spread of covid abroad. "the new york times" reports that millions of americans are not getting the second dose of the covid-19 vaccines. more than 5 million people or nearly 8% of those with a first dose have missed the second dose according to the most recent data from the cdc. the administration insist the number is relatively small. as the scope of devastation and human suffering in india is just beginning to come into focus the biden administration sees a leadership role for the u.s. in terms of surging vaccines and aid to other hot spots as an urgent priority.
1:28 pm
the u.s. announcing today to share 60 million doses of the astrazeneca vaccine to countries in need. joining us is medical contributor and global health policy expert dr. ben gupta. first the bit of reporting that 8% of the vaccinated folks skipped the second shot. does that worry you? >> good afternoon. it absolutely does because we don't know the long term impacts of protection duration with one shot. so that's where we have to double down on messaging. i'll say i love what krogers is doing. they're providing paid time off if you get both doses but zero dollars to get one dose. get the full 80 to $100 i believe it is with two doses and show documentation of that. i think we need more incentives.
1:29 pm
>> i want to ask you about something you have been talking about on this show for many, many, many, many months and it is young people getting really, really sick with covid. this reporting in "the new york times." michigan's covid wards are filling up with young patients. it is now younger and middle-aged adults who are taking up the michigan hospital beds. a 37-year-old on a ventilator after giving birth. a 41-year-old father. we're so beat down said an intensive care nurse. quote every time we get a call or every time we hear another 40-year-old that we don't have a circuit for it is just like, you know, we can't save them all. are you surprised that we are here? that we have a vaccine available to all adults in this country and every state and in this
1:30 pm
hospital at least in michigan they don't have enough life saving equipment, circuits, for everyone that needs them. >> i'm not because here's a few things i see talking to people across the country. scarcity and vulnerability drove messaging to those 65 and older and scarcity. supply was limited why that's a motivating factor and now a supply glut and younger people think the risk/benefit is fundamentally different. i have been seeing this. the uncertainty of covid with younger people rngs probability wise won't be on a ventilator but i have seen individuals with strokes. a full body paralysis. leading into story telling and the unpredictn't of the virus to young people vital and i would say i was just talking to a
1:31 pm
group of football players earlier, the seattle seahawks, asking on well does the vaccine have long term impacts? what about safety and pregnancy? we have to engage with these questions up front and i don't know how we get to herd immunity unless we normalize the framework of certification. we are doing it in colleges. some organizations. we are in a global crisis. the carrot and stick of you get the vaccine and you'll be able to participate in travel, restaurants. because that's frankly easier for small businesses to adhere to. they need to let go of the mitigation efforts and need to be able to transition to a paradigm to check the verification status to get 100 percent capacity in the indoor
1:32 pm
dining or whether it's a hotel. >> claire, that is the next front of all of this. i don't know how the right got so far ahead on creating such a political connotation around the conversation about vaccine passports but down here on planet earth just about every college to announce a back to school policy for the fall have a policy that includes proof of vaccination. pre-covid anyone with a -- parents have been turning in vaccine records for children since the beginning of time and things to do to travel to different places. how is that debate so corrupted so early? >> i don't know but it's bad. i live in a state that is -- the state legislature is dominated by trumpers and they are busy making it illegal for a business
1:33 pm
to require a passport of vaccine. and you're right. this is nothing new. i remember having to show my children's shots before they could go to school. >> right. >> i remember having to get shots as a united states senator before i could travel to certain countries. this is not -- the fact that they first politicized masks and people died and now they're politicizing the appropriate way to encourage people to get vaccines which will cost lives. there's a lot of things. i always am so in admiration of dr. gupta because he always has good information but he never goes further than the data, than what he can prove. and so, sometimes he doesn't know for sure. but one thing that's very clear
1:34 pm
from dr. gupta and every other medical professional in this country. two things. the vaccine is safe and works. it's time to use the mega phone to repeat those two truisms over and over again. i don't think we can say them often enough. >> you're right. you make me think we should be doing more and have that blunt conversation every day. i can't let you go without talking about the tragedy that's unfolding before the eyes in india. doctor, the president has been trying to surge resources and vaccines there. but the suffering is happening right now today and yesterday and i'm sure tomorrow. what is sort of a best-case scenario for our ability and the global community's ability to help india? >> i think with the administration did was a start but to the point people are dying with a lack of oxygen and
1:35 pm
raw materials for vaccines, diagnostics won't mitigate loss of life. i'm a member of the u.s. air force critical care air transport team and many teams in the country and vital in setting up mobile icu triage and care on the fly in austere environments. we should deploy them. we are not utilizing this capability. we sustain it and should deploy it. i'd be going so i know. we need more oxygen canisters physically going to india. regional, singapore, donated tens of thousands of oxygen canisters to delhi and the western part of the country. we need more of that. lastly, antibodies are developed
1:36 pm
by regeneron. early data. this is a worldwide crisis and love to see a conversation with health regulatory bodies in india whether to potentially start to trial those therapies there and then vaccines that's the wave of the future for maybe a 2022 booster. there's phase one data that's compelling. potentially again. think outside the box here to what can we surge to the indian people quickly enough? we don't have this vaccines for india and the rest of the world. that's the bottom line by the enof 2021 and will continue to be a crisis. >> i hope your phone rings for more advice and i know they do watch you. thank you so much for spending sometime with us. claire is sticking around. when we come back, as republicans beat themselves up for who can be most loyal to the former guy democrats are finding
1:37 pm
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you need to reimagine the entire thing. we need to invest in the businesses so they can create more jobs for even more workers. we need to step up our training in science and technology so the clean energy jobs come to ohio today. i'm tim ryan. i'm running for senate and i
1:41 pm
can't wait to get ohio working again. >> as expected in the increasingly republican leaning state of ohio democratic congressman tim ryan entered the race today for rob portman's seat, the first democrat to join a pool of republican contenders fighting to appear the most loyal to the disgraced ex-president. one of them for example businessman bernie moreno that called trump a lunatic and maniac has stacked the campaign with trump loyalists. all of this more evidence that democrats hope candidates like tim ryan clear the path reinforced by the republicans are making on trump. joining our conversation ceo anna palmer and claire mccaskill is still here. anna, i know the history of midterms and worked in a white house that defied the history in
1:42 pm
2002 and depends. we don't know what we don't know about how voters see the country in a crisis as '02 but the history aside, what does this senate race looking like to you? >> it's super interesting because as you noted you have the republican field going as far right as possible. they can't bear hug donald trump enough and some candidates that considered the republican party going into that race have -- that were more in the business stream opted against it. i think that mr. ryan is going to be a definite viable candidate, can raise a lot of money with a national name and he has the ability to speak to this rust belt and very comfortable. look at what he was wearing, a hoodie. that's not the typical attire that you are seeing members of congress running for senate wear. >> he's also, claire, really
1:43 pm
protected the ability to present himself to voters there as someone who has sort of cut his own independence swath in the democratic party. that will help him running for portman's seat. >> yeah. he's got the right profile and frankly his brand is perfect and i don't mean that but it's fake why it is not a marketing ploy. it is who he is. i have copied tim ryan many times because he always talks about the people that take a shower after work rather than the people that take a shower before work. and those are the people that have drifted from the democratic party and that is his sweet spot. that is his zone. by the way, i think the democrats will do something we never used to do and maybe have a clear primary for him. i think that's possible. it is a cast of thousands on the republican side. you have a billionaire, a tech
1:44 pm
billionaire writing a $10 million check to a guy that will supposedly look out for the little guy and that's not a candidate that you all have talked about. that's not josh mandell and not the former chairman of the iowa republican party so they will have one to watch, a primary to watch on the republican side and then there will be casualties and ohio is on the map next year. >> i want to ask you because you have had your eye on this person since the sort of vp stakes were in the news and that's val demings who was cryptic. she made big headlines. we covered the exchange with jim jordan last week. she is extraordinarily sort of singular in her ability to take on republican bs as a former
1:45 pm
police chief and law enforcement official herself and does not play the game. she does not let them get away with the lies on the issues and a compelling sort of public figure. >> yeah. 27 years on a police force why worked up from a law enforcement officer to running the police department in a southern town in florida. and a motorcycle riding 27-year cop who happens to also be a black woman. and that doesn't discount that he is intelligent, strong, passionate, articulate. i told her the other day i am big in her fan club and hope she decides quickly and i hope everybody gets out of her way. >> you know, anna palmer, that seems to be what would happen on the democratic side. she is a national figure, a force to be reckoned with, seems
1:46 pm
like someone to really threaten the republicans in the state. >> yeah. absolutely. she has all of the ingredients that you need when you look at that statewide race. she has a national profile. she is very well versed in a lot of issues facing this country, economy, policing. she can speak to that in a way that i think is fairly compelling to voters. of course florida is a very conservative state. you look at where the party at the local level is and in terms of power and the governor right now. i do think she is going to have to work extremely hard if she wants to try to -- be successful there but democrats would see her to be one of the most viable options that they have in that state. >> anna, thank you for joining us on some of these headlines. up next, republicans trying to manufacture a fight over a
1:47 pm
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1:51 pm
included a cherry picked extreme example they found from a university of michigan study of meat consumption. they said biden's plan could go back to cutting four pounds a year. cut 90% of red meat from diet. one burger a month. imaginary, imagined in the daily mail. before long, conservative lawmakers elected officials and pundits circulating the false graphic on social media. and went even further than that. watch. >> no burgers july 4th. no steaks on the barbie. i am sure middle america is going to love that. can you grill those brussel sprouts? so get ready. you can throw back a plant based beer with your grilled brussel sprouts and wave your american flag. call it july 4th green.
1:52 pm
>> joining the conversation, political reporter and contributor. i have to start with claire mccaskill. what is in your cake dome? >> as your loyal viewers know, i typically bake for my grandchildren on weekends and usually display on mondays my latest baked goods. in a tribute to the absolute stupidity of larry kudlow, fox news and all those people that worship at their altar, i thought it was time to put a pot roast under the came dome. what you see is one big hunk of beef. it is silly, but that's how silly these people are. i mean, the notion that the president will tell people how many hamburgers to eat is beyond dumb. i gave you claire's pot roast under the cake dome in honor of their stupid lie.
1:53 pm
>> it is a stupid thing, nick. but we're covering it because it is an easily accessible example of the fact that they've got -- if they wanted to be serious, there are policy debates to be had with joe biden, but truth is he has in the first 100 days been nothing short of transformative at a policy level. they reimagine childhood poverty, food insecurity, instead of coming at it with a conservative version of protecting the most vulnerable, they're doing stupid stuff. the political tell is that they've got nothing. >> i had the same thought u nicolle, as i watched those segments. any number of reasons to criticize the climate plan or argue against it starting with the cost, but that's not it. this is about that biden is coming for your hamburgers. i want to show viewers,
1:54 pm
hamburgers are safe for now as far as we know. the biden climate plan, in fact, it is not detailed yet, we're not sure what it will propose. the fact they go for the hamburg letter act, they suggested after four years of watching republicans do tax cuts and overspend and build the deficit, that is not as effective. we have a classic lie which is a tiny speck of truth from all the way over there that ends up all the way over here as biden is going to take away your hamburgers. that's what they've got. >> claire, to give some on fox credit, i want to tell viewers that john roberts who is a fox news anchor, on whose show that graphic aired, gently acknowledged the network coverage of biden forcing
1:55 pm
americans to east less red meat wasn't accurate. he said friday we told you about a study from university of michigan to give perspective on biden's climate change goals. found that cutting back how much red meat people eat would have drastic impact on gas emissions. the script incorrectly said it was part of biden's deal for climate change. that's not the case. so a rare and i have to say admirable correction from a fox news anchor. the damage is done. you've got people doing a fake audit in arizona from a lie told last november. how long will it take to correct the meat lie told friday and repeated all weekend. >> yeah. >> look, it travels the world. >> sorry, claire, you go first. >> i mean, good on john roberts, but this reminds me of all their quiet apologies at 5:00 on
1:56 pm
friday afternoon about what they said about the dominion voting systems. you know, this isn't going to work. this party, here's the bottom line, nicolle, you can take this to the bank. there's nothing they're for. they don't have anything they're for. all they are is trying to cherry pick culture wars like, you know, we're going to do away with your hamburger, you can't have a steak, we're going to try to focus on culture wars and being against everything joe biden is for. they stand for nothing. and i don't think that's viable for a political party long term. >> nick, the last word is yours. >> look, fox is a big outlet, very influential, good for all of us to correct errors after we make them. the fact is this spread, has gone far. the governor of texas is parroting it, it shows you that if you spread this kind of stuff, it can get all the way around the world before the
1:57 pm
truth gets its shoes on. >> claire, i hope you're cooking that tonight since it is warmed to room temperature. >> yes, it is. >> are you? >> it is going in the insta pot as soon as i'm off the air. >> go cook. thank you for spending the hour with us. nick, thank you for spending time with us on this ridiculous but important story. "deadly white house" next hour. don't go anywhere. we're just getting started. wher. we're just getting started yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done. tonight, i'll be eating a pork banh mi
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2:00 pm
the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. >> he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action for president trump. >> hi again, everyone. it is 5:00 in the east. one week after the capitol insurrection, hearing that
2:01 pm
comment there, one of trump's strongest allies, minority leader kevin mccarthy gave some a sliver of hope that the trump takeover of house republicans might be epic. kevin mccarthy could prove us wrong, for the hang mike pence and noose erected for that, nine days after joe biden took office, mccarthy was down at mar-a-lago kissing trump's ring. even more dangerous, mccarthy's attempt to rewrite what happened the day of the insurrection. here he is yesterday responding to chris wallace about his phone call with trump on 1-6, showing an about face from comments on the house floor. >> when i talked to president trump, i was the first person to contact him when the riot was going on and he didn't see it. he ended the call saying he would put something out to be sure it stopped.
2:02 pm
that's what he did. >> quite a lot later. i am asking did he say to you, some people are more concerned about the election than you are? >> listen, my conversations with the president are my conversations with the president. i engaged in the idea of making sure we stop what's going on inside the capitol at that moment in time. the president said he would help. >> in the video, the president said we love you to the insurrectionists. mccarthy's weakness and penchant putting loyalty to trump over everything else, accountability and the truth are on full display, detailed in a piece in "new york times" about him. the times reports, quote, as the end of the trump presidency devolved into turmoil and violence, mccarthy faced a dilemma, one that bedevilled his party nearly five years. should he cut trump loose as many republicans were urging or keep trying to make it work with annoused president that is the
2:03 pm
motivating force inside the gop. he chose the latter, not for the first time. his extravagant efforts to ingratiate himself with trump earn him reputation for being a lap dog. his defense of his role and perpetuating the big lie, a falsehood we already know has serious, sometimes deadly consequences, more from the great times reporting. pressed whether he regretted working to overturn president biden's 2020 victory, mccarthy took the position that he did no such thing. we voted not to certify two states, referring to arizona and pennsylvania, who's slates of votes republicans challenged, despite no proof of fraud that would alter the final tallies. even if the republicans' challenge was successful, mr. mccarthy argues that the electoral votes would not be enough to tip the nationwide vote away from mr. biden, and joe biden would be in the white house now, he says.
2:04 pm
that narrative undermined by trump himself who views the election as stolen from him, it was not, of course, and felt stopping the congressional counting of electoral votes january 6th was his chance to get it back. here we are, four months after the insurrection, and his lap dogs are defending trump's actions, still choosing him to be their future, the future of the republican party, and still, still to this day repeating the big lie. like we're seeing now in arizona, state senate republicans are running a faux audit of ballots in maricopa county that have been counted three times. the gop doubling and tripling down on dangerous and deadly big lie. we start this hour with some of our favorite reporters. charlie sykes is here, and sam stein, and former rnc chairman, you know i am coming to you first, michael steele. all three msnbc political
2:05 pm
contributors. michael steele, great piece of reporting on mccarthy. i am coming to you first. this refusal that we know two new facts. we know that the domestic violence extremism threat intel chiefs and fbi director testified to in the last few weeks, the people that threaten us believe in the big lie. not everyone that believes the big lie threatens us, but a big chunk of people that represent domestic violence extremist threats believe the big lie. they're choosing donald trump. donald trump didn't choose any of them. you could take or leave any of them. this affirmative selection of him to be their leader, they have to boost him up. he doesn't have a platform on which to communicate. they're propping him up to continue to lead them. why go out of their way to perpetuate that dysfunctional
2:06 pm
relationship that now distributes to a domestic violence extremism threat in the country? >> because where do you go? where else during at this point? for normal people, yeah, you would go somewhere else, you would back away from it. kevin mccarthy has been given opportunity after opportunity to set a different course, to raise a different narrative. but the reality, he wants to be speaker of the house, this is the path to take to get there, if the moment should come, donald trump is not going to be there for kevin mccarthy because donald trump will find somebody else more legitimately trumpian than the speaker of the house. these folks put themselves out there for someone that doesn't care about them, would not put himself out there for them, so they find themselves in this weird space where they
2:07 pm
perpetuate lies, they try to change the narratives, tell us we don't see what we see or hear what we hear all because they think on the other side of this their objectives, personal and political objectives will be realized. fact of the matter, it is not. american people, this is the guy wants to be speaker of the house. now the census numbers are coming out, we are seeing where demographics are shifting, we recognize the future could very well reveal a kevin mccarthy type or trump type of speaker of the house. what it tells me is we as citizens have to reengage, we have to get into this differently than we have because the people who are now calling the shots at least in one party do not have our best interest at heart in the long term and those of us inside and outside that party have to try to change that course and that's the reality. it goes back to what you and claire talked about last hour.
2:08 pm
call the thing what it is, be prepared to fight that thing. you can't pretend otherwise. >> charlie, i guess it matters because kevin mccarthy can't be trusted to believe in what kevin mccarthy said on the floor of the house chamber. it is not my view of what a leader in the party should say after a sitting president in cites a deadly insurrection as liz cheney clearly in today's context bravely said he did. it is kevin mccarthy sitting there yesterday without the spine or the whatever to own up to his own past diagnosis of what happened on 1-6, and the audacity to walk away from his own public statements is mind bending. where do you go when kevin mccarthy is now sort of contradicting kevin mccarthy on 1-6. >> well, kevin mccarthy is gas lighting as he is trying to engage in historical revisionism. you see the cowardess.
2:09 pm
he is not a leader, we don't see leaders, they are followers, and they're following the base and following donald trump's lead. and i don't want to be misunderstood here, but i have a sense we moved beyond this all being about trump. trump still is an imminent threat to american democracy, no question about it, but i think what's happened is that trumpian mentality, conspiracy theories metastasized in the republican party, so they may look like they're still calling the shots but they're following something that they can't control and they don't fully understand. i think you've done a great job connecting the dots. look what's happening in arizona where you have this absolutely bizarre artificial audit which appears to be designed to advance the big lie. that seems to be a grass roots thing, being egged on by donald trump who as usual would like to send in the national guard, he
2:10 pm
has a fetish having guns around, people trying to steal elections, but you are actually now seeing a larger and larger portion of the republican base who think in terms of these conspiracy theories, who are open to these kinds of ideas and who expect this. so you have, again, it is largely about donald trump, but it is also almost moving past donald trump because donald trump left in his wake this weird stew of false information, incredulousness, and people like kevin mccarthy that don't have moral integrity or backbone to speak against it. >> i totally agree with you. this is the conversation that needs to be had. we covered this incorrectly. fear of trump was the excuse for
2:11 pm
all of mitch mcconnell and rob portman and kevin mccarthy, weenies that looked the other way when they said do you believe this outrageous thing that donald trump tweeted today and our frame was they must be afraid of our cameras because they're scared of trump. we were wrong. they are trump. and you are right. this story is no longer about trump. it is what trump revealed the republicans to be. i dare say my old boss was putting it nicely when he said the republicans stand for isolationism, protectionism, nativism, and i will add one more, flag rant racism. and extremism if you look at the intersection between the ideology that represents the greatest domestic violent extremism threat analyze he refused to knock down when chris wallace gave him multiple chances to do yesterday. >> they have been playing with matches for four years, dousing
2:12 pm
kerosene on democracy. now there's -- they're not leading the campaign against it. there was a brief spasm of independence by kevin mccarthy where it looked like he saw where things were going, was going to speak against it, but it didn't last long because again they created something that they can't stop. whether or not donald trump continues to pull strings or whether he comes back in 2024, this is the new reality. this is the real threat that in fact a lot of us thought or were hoping the republican party might get better after trump left, but david brooks is right that rather than healing itself or having the fever break, what you're seeing in the republican party is a party that's getting crazier and getting worse even after donald trump has left office. and it's almost as if since he has been removed from the
2:13 pm
equation, there are no guardrails to the crazy that he set off. it is kind of like toying with the analogy, the sourcerer's apprentice, you create so many of these clones out there, and suddenly you realize where is it going to go. kevin mccarthy is not going to stand up against it and i don't know that donald trump is going to stand up against it. not that he would want to. >> nicolle? >> yes. >> charlie made me think of another analogy. like in "the exorcist" and you have the possessed, the person possessed on the bed, rising, and the exorcists come in and they look at them and say i'm good. i'm good. >> like i'll stay here. that's right. sam, a question about liz cheney. it is not on liz cheney or the democratic party to fix this. there's no example of extremism
2:14 pm
anywhere being really effectively fixed just by outside forces. it always needs a partner on the inside. my question is who is that going to be? >> i don't have a cinematic reference to offer you. i don't think it will be liz cheney. at this point in 2009, the tea party movement was not thriving but on its way to thriving. they had held a bunch of tax day protests across the country, they were joined by top republican leaders at those protests, i believe, our esteemed guest michael steele may have gone to one of those. there's a reason no such movement is happening now. part of it is there hasn't been appetite to do any form of autopsy. the other thing is it is a cult personality. by that i mean the base, movement, much of the republican
2:15 pm
infrastructure and lawmakers are waiting to see what trump will do, talk queues from trump. saw that with nikki haley saying she wouldn't run for president if trump dipped his toes in the ring. this is what happens when a party is based on personality and whatever is dominating the news ecosystem that day versus one that's based on some ideology in the case of the tea party, it was about getting rid of regulation, government bailouts and so forth. liz cheney doesn't take that from donald trump. john bolton commissioned a poll to make the case that trump was in weakened position. polls show he slipped in terms of his approval. but if you look underneath the poll, something like 48% of people that would vote in a republican primary would back trump. next closest candidate was 9%. it is just a replay of 2016, only worse for republicans that don't like trump.
2:16 pm
starts out in a more vulnerable position. >> and i guess i don't think it is what it was when he took over the party. i never accepted that he took it hostage because republican voters ran into his arms willingly. i guess the difference is qanon, there were more votes, not talking about qanon as it exists on social media, just talking actual elected officials that had to put names and votes down, more votes for margery taylor green, qanon, than liz cheney. more went on the record for the q lady than liz cheney. that's not something you can sort of work with. that's post trump lunacy. >> there's a couple of things. do people like liz cheney and others in the party say we need to work within the party, drag
2:17 pm
it towards us, do they step out of the party, try to do that. and what do you do about incentive structures. margery taylor green, she raised an incredible amount on grass roots donors in the past quarter, couple million. incredible incentive structures to say things that allow you to ricochet across the internet, grab eyeballs, raise money off it. there's a host of structural things the republican party has to grapple with, in addition to ideological ones. from the end of election to now, we have not seen a concerted effort made by republicans to have that type of autopsy. autopsies are silly in some respects, but at least you grapple with difficult questions. republican party lost the presidency, lost the house, lost the senate, and have not asked whether the formula they used in 2020 was the right formula. >> because they don't admit they lost. charlie, it is circular.
2:18 pm
talking to three-year-olds. i only voted to overturn two states whose voted wouldn't overthrow the democratically elected president. the reason there's autopsy is they haven't declared the patient dead and they still go to mar-a-lago to lie to him about being alive. the lie hasn't stopped. they couldn't possibly contemplate an autopsy. >> when you have 70% or so republicans still believe that the presidential election was not legitimate, you see what the alternative reality is. kevin mccarthy is gaslighting is extraordinary on that. he signed on to that amicas brief for the bogus texas lawsuit that would have overturned the presidential election. he wants it both ways. he wanted to perpetuate the big lie, now trying to pretend he wasn't part of it. yeah. this is a party that actually doesn't, is not prepared to come
2:19 pm
to grips with the fact it lost, and picked up seats in the house and are feeling good about it, feeling good about their position in the state legislature. they see no reason to push back. here we have more and more extreme voices raised, sam's point of incentive structure for crazy can't be overemphasized, nuttier you are, more reckless, more money from grass roots, that's a huge political reality. you have a party that's not willing to look in the mirror. also, you have politicians out there, united states senators talking about replacement theory, racist replacement theory. bizarre sorts of playing footsy with white supremacists means. there's no push back from other republicans. back in 2016, it didn't work, but donald trump said racist things, people issued
2:20 pm
statements, pushed back, said this is not who we are. we're not even seeing that now. >> michael steele, last word on that. so true. >> to pick up where charlie left off, the reason for that is there were no consequences for donald trump, so the reality for a lot of folks is if i step outside of trump and trumpism, i get consequences, right? but if i'm in line with consequences, regardless whether charlie sykes or michael steele scream at me as republicans, i don't care, and we really don't care about the mainstream media screaming at us. it only matters whether or not there's retribution within our ranks, meaning what happened to liz cheney being censured and other members that voted for impeachment being censured. back to incentive structures, they are as we say in my neighborhood, a little messed up. the reality of it is we
2:21 pm
disincentivize governance and disincentivize leadership and the constitution and democracy and in sent advise the trump crazy and the narrative that november last year, donald trump won the election, and it was stolen from him. that's what kevin mccarthy signed on to. that's what kevin mccarthy believes politically, and that's what you saw him say, heard him say on tv this weekend. >> it is a disgrace and tragedy. hopefully doesn't lead to more violence. the intelligence agencies worry it might. charlie sykes, sam stein, thank you so much. important conversation. michael steele is sticking around. when we return, as president biden nears the 100 day mark, republicans haven't figured out how to come up with an attack against him that lands, not just
2:22 pm
because the president and his policies remain popular in polls. department of justice making good on a promise to promote racial equality under the law. the attorney general merrick garland launching civil investigation into the police in louisville, kentucky after the deadly shooting of breonna taylor. we have that story. and after a year of living with the pandemic, how to address the very real challenges facing all of us as we inch closer to life after lockdown. re-entry. "deadline white house" continues after a quick break. don't go anywhere. after a quick break. don't go anywhere. for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. keeping your oyster business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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2:25 pm
i believe history will look
2:26 pm
back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are. and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. core values of this nation, our standing in the world, our very democracy, everything that made america america is at stake. that's why today i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> that was now president biden announce ago run for president two years ago this week, staking his entire candidacy on the simple idea of restoring american democracy and bringing back normalcy and decency. that pitch helped propel him to a decisive win in november. now as he heads into the final
2:27 pm
week of the first 100 days as president, there are signs that americans are by and large happy with the choice they made. new nbc news poll shows 53% approve of biden's job as president. he gets the highest marks for the way he handled the pandemic. 69% approve. from the poll, 55 to 34% respondents believe biden returned the country to more typical way past presidents governed the country. joining the conversation, phil rucker, "the washington post" correspondent and political analyst, michael steele is with us. i want to read the poll from "new york" magazine. it is always harder to fight against a nice person, usually people sort of give him benefit of the doubt, grum beld john cornyn. he mocked his successor as feeble joe biden. i believe donald trump has come up with insults for inanimate
2:28 pm
objects and still can't get anything together to stick to president joe biden. >> that's right, nicolle. it has been a problem for two years for donald trump and the republican party to figure out how to demonize joe biden. everything they tried hasn't worked. what we have seen in the first 100 days of the biden presidency, republicans in congress trying to oppose his agenda, trying to block his legislation from getting through, and they're not finding the same support in the country that they might hope to have. biden is not as polarizing across the country as he is on capitol hill. the polling you cited as well as poll over the weekend from "the washington post" showed a number of republicans support the way biden is handling his job as president, in particular on the pandemic and in particular on the economy as signs of the economy improving grow. they also support key parts of his legislative agenda,
2:29 pm
including raising corporate tax rate. that's a real dilemma for republicans that want to block this with some ferocity, and aren't finding passion among voters in the country. >> meanwhile, michael steele, president biden has been nothing short of transformational. the covid relief package has the potential to do transformational things around childhood poverty, food insecurity. it is a bill that majority of republicans support, infrastructure plan has majority republican support, little pieces of covid relief have republican support, numbers for safe schools, numbers for vaccination distribution. it is not just a failure to come up with a smear name, it is failure to come up with alternate vision for the country
2:30 pm
to get it back on its feet. >> that's a key part of this discussion and how do you, you know, parry against what biden has done. create a counter narrative for republicans now. that counter narrative is now in the demagoguery around social issues, the demagoguery around socialism, this fear of others, perpetuate which began during donald trump, going back to the last conversation, how they sort of picked up these particular pieces and tried to reuse them. the problem is the country know this man. they have an association, associated idea of him, what they think and feel and like what he is doing. that's reflected in the polling. i think the challenge is going to come, particularly as he goes into part two of his
2:31 pm
infrastructure, is trying to decide how much of this can i really get to from a political standpoint, create momentum going into next year, not give republicans the added tool of just going on and haranguing about spending too much money because truth be told, americans are concerned about that part of it, but they're giving the president the benefit of the doubt. i think he has an opportunity to sort of sandwich republicans further into a corner if he approaches his infrastructure bill strategically, to your point, about republicans out across the country already buying into what he is offering them. he has to do it strategically. >> they seem to be very aware. phil, you and your colleagues reported on this, very aware of the clock. they're aware of the potential for changed picture in two years. the push is around doing what
2:32 pm
they believe they need to do, what they plan to do, rolling it out in a way that maintains majority support, bipartisan support in the country. i wonder what your sort of insights are into how they plan to use the speech wednesday night. first, it will look different. there will be vice president harris behind president biden, speaker pelosi behind him, two women over each shoulder of an american president, so there's some things that will look different but it will feel different. this will be a scaled down speech, scaled down crowd, very humble president compared to what we had the last four years. >> that's exactly right, nicolle. and the look, the two women behind the president, historic. never seen that in this country before. that will be interesting to watch. look, the biden team knows it is a huge opportunity for president biden. the interesting thing to watch since january 20th when he came into office, biden has not only tried to put out the fires and
2:33 pm
the fires are huge, the pandemic, right, but he's methodical day after day tried to pursue what is an activist agenda. he is trying to do big, fundamental changes to the economy and fairness in this country and equality and expanding programs and child care, family care and so on. he wants to be in the history books like fdr during the new deal. he pursued this quietly without a ton of fanfare. the speech this week is his opportunity to knit it together, frame it around a narrative that can connect with the american people, to explain why two different infrastructure packages are essential not only to solving immediate problems but to creating a better country for their children and grandchildren decades down the line. >> and i know they view it that way in terms of national security and sort of competitive posture with china. we'll see if he makes those
2:34 pm
points. thank you both so much for spending time with us. when we return, merrick garland using the power of the justice department. that delicious scramble was microwaved? get outta here. everybody's a skeptic. wright brothers? more like, yeah right, brothers! get outta here! it's not crazy. it's a scramble. just crack an egg.
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today, the justice department is opening a civil
2:38 pm
investigation into the louisville jefferson county metro government and the louisville metro police department to determine whether lmpd engages in a pattern or practice of violations of the constitution or federal law. the investigation will assess whether lmpd engages in pattern or practice of using unreasonable force, including with respect to people involved in peaceful, expressive activities. >> that was attorney general merrick garland hours ago, announcing the dodge is now investigating the police practices of the louisville metropolitan police department after the death of breonna taylor who was killed in her own home during a no knock warrant. today's announcement comes after garland announced a similar investigation last week into the minneapolis police department to investigate their methods after george floyd was killed when
2:39 pm
derek chauvin knelt on his neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds. it shows a complete reversal from the justice department during the trump years which scaled back oversight of law enforcement nationally during its tenure. bring in civil rights attorney, former prosecutor david henderson. so this i read called a patterns and practices investigation. what does that mean? >> well, nicolle, it means what's going to happen, the justice department is going to take a look at whether or not there are systemic problems in louisville that are contributing to deaths like we saw happened to breonna taylor, and the reason this is important, we saw a historic verdict from the derek chauvin trial for murder of george floyd, and it is natural to want to think that's going to change things. and the verdict is meaningful in terms of getting justice for the floyd family. doesn't make sure a death like that doesn't occur again. typically what the police department says is this was an isolated incident, same with
2:40 pm
breonna taylor's death. whether it is one bad apple or another, everything goes back to normal, but it is not true. these are the worst representations of systemic problems and that's what the investigation will help uncover. >> and once this commences, here is what the attorney general explains happens next. garland said if violations are found, the department aims to work with the city and police department to arrive at a set of mutually agreeable steps they can take to correct and prevent unlawful patterns or practices. if an agreement can't be reached, the justice department has authority to bring a civil lawsuit, seeking injunctive relief to address violations. is there a pattern, what usually happens? does a police department usually work with the department or is there usually some sort of settlement? >> well, there's normally a settlement, nicolle. let me say this. i don't think it happens often
2:41 pm
enough to predict with confidence what the outcome will be. it is part of the function and process and function of who is behind the driver's seat. i don't know that we've seen this type of commitment to reforming police in a while. what i expect to happen is that the investigation wouldn't be happening if the justice department wasn't already expecting it to uncover practicing that need to change. i think once it has full profile of what those things are, it will work with the department, it will be the department's best interest to agree to enforce some changes. that's what's likely to happen. something that's important to keep in mind, we have been talking about police reform, talking about proposals how to reform the police. these normally come from police departments. thus far, we haven't seen anything that would actually save lives, keep people safer. louisville is a perfect example. they said they would stop executing no knock warrants after breonna taylor's death, claimed they weren't executing a no knock warrant when she was killed. nothing about the reforms would
2:42 pm
lead to her still being alive or other people surviving encounters like that with the police, all the more reason for the federal government to come in, do an investigation, make recommendations on what needs to be changed to keep people safer. >> we will stay on this story. david henderson, thank you for spending time with us today on it. when we return, it is going to be a challenge for every one of us. how to make sense of some of the trauma, abrupt changes from the last year as we move closer to returning to a new normal. we try to get advice and answers about that from a real expert nengs. next. next good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean.
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we're expecting president biden to announce new outdoor mask guidelines for those fully vaccinated. today, 54% of all adults received at least one dose.
2:46 pm
signs of hope as we move to the end, hopefully, of the deadly, draining pandemic that left so many of us alone, stuck behind our screens. we recognized lives well lived as a place to mourn those that died together. the next guest is missing an important step. empathy, approach to re-entry doesn't seek to brush under the rug everything we have been through, our kids have been through, and all we have lost. joining us now, the professor of social studies, science and technology program at mit, author of a memoir, the empathy diaries which i read. reached out to you like a twitter stalker. i was so moved by it. i really want to start the conversation with you. i hope you'll be part of it about how we talk about re-entry. talked about it as going back to
2:47 pm
normal, we should be happy about it. turns out it will be more complicated than that, you think. >> yes, very much. >> i think the desire for the return is natural because we have been in lockdown. really, that's not how true mourning happens. mourning is a good thing. mourning is when you take stock of what you've lost and nicolle, what you have been doing for america by talking about lives well lived is part of the process. you knew instinctively brushing things under the rug, even when you had a president that wanted to, that that wasn't right. it is talking about what we've lost. taking stock of that, with friends and family, people you go to school with and work with, making that part of the collective experience.
2:48 pm
that doesn't happen quickly, doesn't happen the day that somebody says masks off, doesn't happen the day you get a second shot, it really is a process and americans don't like this that we have to embark on together and learn to listen to each other. that's why i think that empathy, listening to each other as we embark on this process is the most important thing. glass half full, glass half empty what we learned about advances of technology, what we have been able to pull off. let me read from what you wrote in "time" magazine. we can both admire remote eve sees, we both used technology with greater invention, missed each other more. we are in a position to be wary of pundits that try to sell us on the end of the office or
2:49 pm
solution of online education. we're in position to choose the mix of virtual and face to face encounters for different jobs. what does that look like? >> well, what that looks like i did a study at the beginning of the pandemic, parents were really excited about all kinds of learning solutions for computers where their kids would be monitored and would use a lot of artificial intelligence to do very efficient things on the screen. now after this parents are saying get my child a person. i want a person for my child. that's because we've had time to immerse ourselves and reflect on how grateful we are to it, but also that it isn't the same as being there. and we are oddly having to be in
2:50 pm
better position to know what we missed. i am not a polyanna about the experience, but we can come at it with a type of wisdom that we didn't have before. it is not unusual that times of betwix and between, are times of a reset. i think that would be the best use of the time to think of it as a time for reset where we start to put people first also where we look at our country in a different way, reset the way we look at our country because we have been as though voyagers in our country, we have been able to see things we weren't willing to see before and we've just watched them on the screen
2:51 pm
and we haven't been able to avoid them as a country. and i think that's an extraordinary moment. >> and some people have written a lot about the pandemic as one of the factors in the large numbers of support behind the black lives matter movement and racial reckoning that we were all home, couldn't miss derek chauvin's knee on george floyd's neck. it is part of an important conversation i hope you'll have about re-entry. i have re-entry angst. nice to know that's normal, too. i am such a fan of what you write. grateful you had time to start the conversation with us. >> i am grateful for your taking the time to talk about those lives that matter. >> thank you so much. on that note, when we come back as every day, we remember lives well lived. thank you. day, we remember liv well lived thank you.
2:52 pm
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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during these extraordinary times. we're grateful. the beat is next. hi, nicolle. welcome to the beat. alicia menendez in for ari melber. arizona republicans actively pushing the big lie with a bizarre election faux audit. emotions running high in north carolina after the police shooting of andrew brown. we begin with landmark probe from the biden doj, broader shift in governance in biden's first 100 days on everything from spending and covid to policing. today, attorney general merrick garland announcing a civil rights investigation into the louisville police department 1


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