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tv   Craig Melvin Reports  MSNBC  April 26, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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those aren't even being rolled out yet in europe let alone synced up with american vaccination records. still a lot to figure out. one european union spokesman saying today this plan still very much in progress. >> raf sanchez live in london. thank you. that does it for us this hour. great to be with you, as always. up next, more with craig melvin picking up our coverage. good monday morning to you. craig melvin here at msnbc headquarters in new york city. we are following moving parts, including an expected major announcement from president biden on the cdc's mask guidance, specifically masks being worn outdoors. it's something officials have been anticipated as more americans continue to get vaccinated. speaking of the president, this week marks his 100th day in
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office. this morning, we are getting a new snapshot of how americans feel about the job he is doing so far. steve kornacki will break down poll numbers. first, we are following two different press conferences this hour with two different families of black men shot by a law enforcement officer in separate incidents. fist, isaiah brown. that family expected to speak any moment now. brown's family says he is fighting for his life after a virginia deputy shot him ten times last week. it is starting right now. let's go to virginia and listen in. >> he was holding a cordless house phone in his hands at the instruction of the 911 operator. he made it totally clear that he did not have a weapon, that he did not have a gun and he was calling assistance from 911. the same deputies had just given him a ride and assisted him for a broken down vehicle just within the past 30 to 45 minutes
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before. they knew exactly who he was. that he was not armed, not dangerous and was just looking for cooperation for a broken down vehicle so it would not be towed. also, as we pointed out, this was clearly a failure of communication between the dispatch and officers that arrived on scene. we are demanding today that all audio be released. selective audio has only been released between the dispatch and the officer -- the dispatch and isaiah brown. we are asking that the audio be released between the dispatch center and the deputies who were responding as well as all audio previous -- that was previously recorded that evening as well as the transcripts of all written communication which were being transported as you could hear the typing on the tape to the monitor in the sheriff's squad car. we will be submitting a formal
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request to the department. also, we are asking that the sheriff not make any further comments about isaiah brown's medical and physical condition. he is not authorized by the family to do so. the information has been put out by the sheriff has been inaccurate and misleading. the sheriff has reported at various times he was only shot once or a few times. he has reported that he was in a non-life-threatening condition. this is not true. he was shot at least ten times. the trauma surgeons at the local hospital in fredericksburg have informed the family there were ten bullets inside isaiah's body. two were removed at the conclusion -- during a second trauma surgery. eight remain in his body. he is on a breathing machine currently. the family, unfortunately, has been informed that he remains in critical, guarded condition.
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the term is that his condition is touch and go. the family appreciates the prayers of the community. we ask they continue to keep coming. we want full transparency in this matter. we want all information to come out. again, isaiah brown was unarmed. it was a cordless phone. he was on that phone with 911. he obeyed all commands. he did everything he was asked to do. the deputies on the other hand made terrible, grave basic policing errors. they did not wait for backup. they did not properly light the situation with the light bar on the vehicle. they did not use the spotlight properly as far as we can tell. they overreacted to the situation. it likely was because of the communication error between dispatch and the officer because there had been discussion of a possible gun in the home, which was locked up.
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isaiah brown had made clear a full 90 seconds or more before the deputies arrived on scene that he was unarmed and did not have a weapon. he removed himself from the home and he was outsidewalking on the street with this cordless phone. in conclusion, this is an incident that should never have happened. isaiah should be caring for elderly patients as he did in home setting capacities. his family is here. we are joined by the naacp, black lives matter and local clergy. the family and the community appreciates their support. at this time, i would like to introduce isaiah brown's sister who will make a brief statement. yolanda brown.
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>> i want to start off, of course, by saying thank you to all the churches, all the organizations, family friends, everybody that has reached out. we appreciate that. we definitely want prayers to continue to come in. everybody asked me how many questions i have. i have many i would like to have answered. how do we feel? i don't really know how to say how we feel. they want me to label this. i'm not going to label this. as a whole right now, this country is divided. it's not one race. it's a lot of minorities that walk in daily fear. it's a fear that nobody should have to feel.
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we don't have any hate in our heart or prejudice towards anyone. neither does any brother. the hearts we have is for everyone. our hearts go out to the families that understand exactly how we feel. we have always cared for them. but it ain't like this when it hit home. again, we just say thank you at this time. >> isaiah brown's mother, jennifer brother. >> my concern at this point is just for my son to hopefully come home alive. that's all i have to say right now. >> at this time, we will take any questions. >> did anyone from the family witness this happen? the video is so unclear what happened. did anybody witness it who can
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say exactly what they saw? >> his brother was at home but did not witness the actual shooting. he has cooperated with the investigating authorities. we are very pleased, of course, the virginia state police has taken over the investigation and the sheriff's office is not investigating themselves, which has happened too many times. we are pleased that a special prosecutor has been appointed. he has given a full statement and will cooperate. because he is a material witness, he will not make a statement today. he is fully cooperating with the investigating authorities. >> did anyone from the brown family meet this officer when they brought isaiah home? was there any interaction? >> there's some additional information that's come out that we are learning about earlier interactions earlier in the evening. information is preliminary at this time. that's part of the reason we are asking and we will be filing freedom of information requests to get that audio as we believe there was even an earlier interaction previously to what was known prior to the breakdown of the vehicle. we anticipate additional
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information that will be forthcoming. >> any sense there was friction? >> not at all. not friction. some information that isaiah was a bit depressed. the family lost a grandmother figure. he was having a difficult situation. bit of mental stress. he needed some assistance. it was not a violent situation. it was not a situation involving friction. this was a situation where the deputies, in fact, did a good deed by giving him a ride to his home because his vehicle was broken down. it should have -- it was just another call for help, because they had assisted him the first time. he didn't know where else to turn. because of misinformation and failure of communication between dispatch and the deputies, as we have seen several times before in this country, that's a key piece of communication for the deputies as well. we understand the job they are doing. we want them to be safe. as yolanda said, we have no hate
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in our hearts. the family does not either. it's important when we dispatch law enforcement out to a scene like this that they have the full information. it was a full 90 seconds before that he said he had no gun and he was unarmed. the cordless phone should have been identified as just that. he was on the line with the 911 on the phone. yes. >> what's your understanding about whether there was a second deputy there? there seems to be -- >> absolutely. that's a good point. thank you for the question. of course, deputies are riding in their squad car in pairs of twos. we wish to point out that to our knowledge, only one deputy discharged his firearm. the other deputy clearly did not perceive nor should he have perceived any thread of imminent bodily injury. there was, he did not discharge his service weapon to the best of our knowledge. which was appropriate. further indication that the deputy that did shoot isaiah brown ten times acted totally negligently and irresponsibly
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and overreacted to the scene. as a result of those failures, isaiah brown is in intensive care. [ inaudible ] the family's response was incredulous. i believe that the sheriff was reporting to the fact that he performed cpr as he is required and trained to do. it's incredible would make that statement that he saved his life by rendering cpr after he shot him ten times. >> isaiah has a breathing apparatus. >> we have been watching and listening to a news conference. this is david haynes. he is the attorney for isaiah brown and his family. we heard from isaiah brown's mother and sister as well. according to his attorney, he is in critical condition. he is in icu. he was shot ten times by the
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deputy. eight bullets, according to his attorney, remain in his body. josh lederman is at the news conference in northeast virginia. as we continue to watch and listen for any additional news, what stood out to you from what we just heard there from the attorney for the family of 32-year-old isaiah brown? >> reporter: we are learning more, craig, about the extent of isaiah brown's injuries. as you heard the lawyer pointing out, law enforcement described this as non-life-threatening injuries. we are learning he has undergone multiple surgeries, had two bullets taken out of his body but another eight still in isaiah brown's body as he recovers on a breathing machine. you hear the lawyers and the family members here pointing out the fact that there were 90 seconds between the time when isaiah brown told the 911 dispatcher he did not, in fact, have a gun and the point when the deputy had the altercation
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and shot him ten times. the lawyer said that was ample time for that information to get from isaiah to the dispatcher and the deputy to know he was not armed to know that lethal force was not necessary. the question perhaps to pose is how would a deputy or a 911 dispatcher who has heard a person making a 911 call say that they do have a gun and then say that they don't have a gun, how does an officer then approach that scene? would they be likely to take the latter word or might she approach thinking there's a possibility that a deadly weapon could be used and that that might inform the way the officer would approach that scene? clearly, the family wanting answers. they want to get to the bottom of the question by having police release the communications that
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took place between the 911 dispatcher and the deputy who arrived on that scene ultimately shooting isaiah brown ten times. >> josh there at the news conference. josh, stand by for me, if you can. let us know in there's additional news that comes from the comments there. i want to turn to carmen best, the retired chief of police for the seattle police department. she's an msnbc law enforcement analyst. to josh's point there, in a situation like that, typically -- i know this varies perfect jurisdiction to jurisdiction. how are deputies trained to handle a situation like that? they arrive on the scene. there's someone who initially may say, i have a weapon, and then they say they don't have a weapon. how are they trained to handle situations like that? >> craig, first let me say, sadly we find ourselves here with another questionable law enforcement shooting. every situation -- i've been in
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policing almost 30 years. potentially, any situation can be one where there's a weapon that comes out, whether expected or unexpectedly. you want to approach with a high level of caution and follow your training. in this case, it sounds like -- all very preliminary -- there may have been miscommunication or lack of communication between the officer and the dispatch. i guess those details will come out soon enough. you always train to use caution when you approach a scene. i did get a chance to see the video. it was very dark. there really -- i don't know if they use their spotlight or not. it seemed like some of the things could have helped with the ability to determine what was in isaiah's hands at the time of the shooting for them to be able to see that. there's still a lot of questions to be answered. i will say this. one of the critical pieces of building legitimacy and trust is that you have to be transparent,
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and get information out as quickly as possible. i think that that would behoove the investigators. >> all audio should be released, transcripts of the recordings. chief, to your point about it being dark, customarily, when deputies arrive on a scene like that, are they supposed to use the spotlights from their cars to light a situation? to the attorney's point, that they didn't call for backup. the deputy never called for backup. is that customary or do we not know enough about the circumstances to determine? >> i think it's too early to tell. all these things are nuanced. i have had to stop people and maybe because of the mental state, i didn't want to put a light on them or shine a light in their face. it depends on what you are dealing with at the time. clearly, you want to be able to at least identify the scene as you approach. the officer -- sounds like two
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officers were there. there was some immediate assistance there. he didn't approach on his own. some of that is very nuanced. we will find out more details as we come along. i imagine to a call like this, they dispatch two officers. that would be common in this case. >> chief carmen best, stand by if you can. i need to turn to kathy park. kathy is in north carolina. kathy is covering the latest on another police shooting, andrew brown, junior, killed there last week as deputies served a warrant for his arrest. his family is going to see the bodycam footage at some point this hour. kathy, what more do we know about that encounter? what can we expect to hear from the family? >> reporter: craig, good morning. there isn't a lot of information that has been released regarding
8:18 am
this shooting, which took place on wednesday morning. that's why family as well as the community want the release of the body camera footage. deputies were serving a service and arrest warrant on drug related charges. things quickly escalated. there are so many questions as to what exactly took place. craig, i can tell you we are on standby because at 11:30, the family is supposed to arrive with attorneys to see this body camera footage. they are hopeful. they are frustrated they had to wait this long. >> he did not deserve what was done to him. we will get justice if it's just for the children or the family and this community. >> reporter: craig, there have been peaceful protests ever since this shooting took place. i can tell you, ever since
8:19 am
wednesday, things have been growing in size as far as the number of people coming out and calling for justice. i spoke with law enforcement in the area. they have barricaded this area in anticipation of what may happen if this body camera footage is released. important to know, here in north carolina, a judge needs to sign off on the release of the footage if it's made public. >> kathy park, josh lederman and chief carmen best, thanks to all of you. we know derek chauvin will be sentenced on june 16th. i talked to keith ellison about the trial. i asked him why he was not convinced initially that the prosecution would win the case. >> if you look at the history, there's ample reason to doubt. look at the rodney king case. didn't that video shock the
8:20 am
world? weren't we convinced based on the 57 blows to that man? more recently, walter scott executed. the state court jury hung and did not convict. that was on video. it took four years for mcdonald's case to come forward and put jason van dyke on trial for the execution of that young man. that was on video. just because there's ample video does not mean you don't have to put on a very robust, thorough, comprehensive case. we actually approached the case as if we didn't have the video. then when we put the video in, it was kind of like icing on the cake. >> while derek chauvin faces up to 40 years in prison, he will likely receive much less. wearing masks outdoors, it sparked a major debate as more folks are getting vaccinated. now nbc news learned president
8:21 am
biden will make an announcement about the cdc guidance. we will have details next. new huddles and new urgency in our race to vaccinate. the number of people getting vaccines is declining. millions are apparently skipping their second dose. what it means for our pandemic fight next. c: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ the bowls are back. applebee's irresist-a-bowls all just $8.99. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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is it safe to go outside without a mask if you are fully vaccinated? what if you haven't gotten your shot yet? these are the questions president biden is set to address in a speech tomorrow where he is expected to announce some new cdc guidance. it comes as the cdc's reporting that 8% of americans have missed their second vaccine dose appointment. shannon pettypiece is at the white house. shannon, what do we know right
8:26 am
now about what the president is set to announce tomorrow? >> reporter: a person familiar with the discussions told nbc news the final guidance are still being hashed out. they don't have any final details yet. we can expect president biden as early as tomorrow when he is expected to give an update on the state of the pandemic to give some new guidelines on mask wearing outdoors. we know dr. fauci over the weekend said that the cdc should be very soon, within a few days, putting out new guidance on what vaccinated people can and can't do. i would note that the cdc guidance on mask wearing outdoors has been a little unclear. unless you are within six feet of someone, like at a rally or a protest, public health officials have said it's safe to wear a mask outdoors and they have encouraged people to do that for activities where you can't wear a mask, like dining outside or vigorous exercise, but there is some significance to announcing a change to this now.
8:27 am
that's president biden's 100 days that we are approaching. we heard the president say multiple times, wear a mask for his first 100 days. we are not anticipating saying that after the 100 days you can put your mask away. maybe some changes to the guidelines and requirements could show the country is moving in the right direction. >> there's a drop in second shots. according to "the new york times," more than 5 million americans who have gotten the first dose have skipped the second shot. what do we know about that? why? what's being done to combat it? >> reporter: good morning. the statement from the cdc was 8% of people who got the first shot are not showing up in the record as having received the second shot. this got their attention because that number doubled from the previous report that they had in march. there's several reasons why this could be happening. there could be an error with people that got their first vaccine in one location and the second in another location. yet, there is reports of
8:28 am
vaccination sites cancelling or rescheduling some appointments because they were out of supply. of course, there's vaccine hesitancy. that could be affecting how people make the decisions, scared of getting the second dose because of the possible side effects, the pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine that scared others. we spoke to doctors who have patients that were scared. they do want to emphasize how important it is to get the second vaccine. there's a reason why there's two vaccines required. what we know is the cdc is now investigating, doing more research to find out exactly what it means and how much of those people are not showing up on the record as having the second shot have really skipped the vaccine. an administration official from the vitamin administration tells nbc that if you look at the numbers, 92% of people coming back for the seconds vaccine is good compared to other multi-dose vaccines like shingles, which is 75% of people return for the second dose.
8:29 am
>> thank you. i want to bring in dr. natalie azar, she's a rheumatologist at nyu. she's an nbc news and msnbc medical contributor. good to see you. what kind of changes on mask guidance do you think we could hear tomorrow? what's likely? >> craig, i think they're just going to really make this common sense. the one thing that concerns me about this is that the whole thing of how will you know if the people next to you are also vaccinated or somebody could be unvaccinated but claim they are vaccinated, that gets a little into murkier ground. i think we are going to hear common sense recommendations. if you were vaccinated and outdoors, even if you are within six feet of other folks, you are reasonably protected. if you take the guidance and move it from inside to outside,
8:30 am
if you can be with an unvaccinated household in your home, you can certainly be with unvaccinated people outside. it will be interesting to see how they actually word it. my concern about this is that people might just take this as throw caution to the wind and suddenly we can all be outside without masks. it will be interesting to see how they word it. >> the skipping your second dose, this seems odd to me. 8%, it seems like a lot of folks are not going back for the second dose. is this as commonplace as apparently some are being led to believe? what can doctors and officials do to convince folks to show up for the second shot? >> again, i do think if you flip it on its head and say 92% are coming back, i think that's good. i think that there's a few different factors here. one is the person factor. they could be -- think they are
8:31 am
protected and a concern because they had side effects from the first shot. of course, there's many, many reports about a pharmacy not having the same brand and issues like that. what we need to do as health care professionals and those of us in the media is to explain to folks why it's so important to get the second shot. it has to do with efficacy as well as coverage of variants as well as durability. you may remember about a month ago, we had information that the pfizer and moderna after one shot were 80% protective. people think, 80% compared to 90% is not a lot. but the devil is in the details. after the second shot, your number of neutralizing antibodies, super important to fight off the virus, they increase by about tenfold. you get this really robust t cell response which we talk about. that's the other arm of the immune system. both of those factors lead into
8:32 am
this idea that you are more covered against variants and you are more likely to have a durable response. remember, two shots were what was studied, not one. we need people to get the second shot. >> stand by. i want to ask you about something else here. i want to turn overseas for a moment. we are learning that fully vaccinated americans may be allowed to visit europe this summer. that's according to the president of the european commission. raf sanchez is in london following this part of the story. raf, what more can you tell us? >> reporter: the president of the european commission telling "the new york times" she wants to see fully vaccinated american tourists back in the european union as early as this summer. that would be the first time that americans have been able to go on vacation in europe in more than a year. people shouldn't be rushing out booking their tickets to paris, berlin, rome just yet. there's still a lot we don't
8:33 am
know about this. we don't know exactly when americans are going to be allowed back in. we don't know exactly what you are going to have to do to prove that you have been vaccinated. the europeans are talking about using these so-called green digital certificates. that would be a digital vaccine passport you would have on your phone to show you have been vaccinated. something similar is already being used in israel. these certificates haven't even been rolled out in europe yet let alone synced up with american vaccination records. one spokesman saying today, this plan still very much a work in progress. i will say the fact that we are even having this conversation is a sign of how things have changed in the u.s. in the last year. last summer, the european union was making clear, americans were not welcome. the u.s. was seen as a global disaster zone in terms of cases, in terms of death.
8:34 am
this year, it's looking like americans may be some of the first people welcomed back in europe because the american vaccination rollout is seen as a real success story. >> our vaccination rates in this country, head and shoulders above every other country on the planet. dr. azar, what say you, this idea fully vaccinated americans can travel to europe perhaps over the next two or three months? >> i think it's a great thing. i think it's a great thing for the u.s. population. as was pointed out just now, the issue is really going to be about how to document your vaccination status. that white card that you get when you get your vaccine is not going to be sufficient. the challenge is going to be, what exactly that is what going to look like. the european union has said that the vaccines that are authorized in europe are the same vaccines that are authorized in the u.s. it makes just logistical sense. it will be great for tourism, for the airline industry and good for all of us to have that
8:35 am
little bit of normality coming back into our lives. >> thanks to both of you on a monday morning. we are closing in on the 100th day of the biden presidency. this morning, we are getting a new snapshot of how voters think he is doing so far. our guy steve kornacki has fired up the big board. we will break down the poll numbers next. xt in for a tasty discount. [ clicks pen] let's roll. hey, check it out. one time i tripped on the sidewalk over here. [ heavy-metal music playing ] -[ snoring ] -and a high of 89 degrees. [ electronic music playing ] ooh! ooh! who just gives away wood? the snapshot app from progressive rewards you for driving safe and driving less. there's an app? -[ chuckles ] beth. -save money with progressive. [ tires screech ] well, that came out of nowhere. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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this week, president biden is rounding out his first 100 days at the white house. set to address a joint session of congress to mark the milestone. he used it as a goalpost for some key promises he made on the pandemic, including 200 million vaccine doses. today we are getting a look at how americans are feeling about the job that he has done so far. nbc's steve kornacki standing by at his big board. steve, tell us, where does the public stand on president biden's performance so far? >> we got numbers we can go through to put this in perspective. this is the approval rating for biden at roughly 100 days.
8:40 am
53% approve, 39% disapprove. number one, if you compare to his immediate predecessor, if you compare biden to donald trump, donald trump in four years as president never, not once, cracked a 50% approval rating. biden over 50%. that's territory trump couldn't reach for four years. compared to the other non-trump modern presidents, this number a tick or two lower than we have seen with most other modern presidents. if we dig deeper, an interesting one. do you have a positive or negative view of biden? this is a personal question, less about job approval. just do you like the guy? do you have a positive view? 50% say they have a positive view of biden. 36% have a negative view. compare him to other things. the democratic party, 39% positive. 41% negative. the republican party, its image significantly underwater, 32/46.
8:41 am
his immediate predecessor, donald trump, the former president, 32% positive. look at that, 55% negative. trump still looming over our politics. you wonder how much that is affecting still the perception of biden and other things in our politics. i thought this was an interesting question. what kind of start do you think biden has gotten off to? great or good? 44% show that. 55% said fair or poor. put this in some perspective. this is a question we have been asking at this exact point for a lot of modern presidencies. look at this same question in donald trump's presidency. the start he got off to, 35% back then were saying it was a great or good start. biden again compared to his immediate predecessor, numbers are stronger for biden. go back to barack obama, 54% said obama got off to a great or
8:42 am
good start. biden in the middle. this is what you see when you look at the historical comparisons. better than trump at this point in terms of public perception but a tick below there, a couple notches below barack obama, what came before trump. if you look at issues, where does biden get his best scores from the public? on the coronavirus. nearly 70% say that he prove of how biden has handled the coronavirus. the worst marks is the border and immigration. 33 approve, nearly 60 disapprove of how the president has been handling that. >> steve kornacki, fascinating look at the numbers and beyond the numbers. thank you so much. i want to turn to peter baker. mr. baker, what do we make of these numbers as we approach president biden's 100th day in office? >> i think one of the things that's interesting is how
8:43 am
polarized our electorate is. the numbers that biden sees right now are pretty close to where he was when he got elected in november. pretty close to that positive biden vote is close to the negative trump vote. the country is close to where we have been really for the last four years. a majority of americans, not by a lot, but a majority of americans don't particularly like trump and prefer somebody else in this case, joe biden. a significant but not a majority still favor or feel strongly about president trump. the needle has not moved. in past president says, you bigger honeymoon affects. all these presidents had a bigger, higher number in their first 100 days when there was more of a good feeling about the new guy, even if he might not be the person we voted for. we americans are sticking to the people come to the dance with. it's very tribal. >> my apologies. we have to get to breaking news
8:44 am
in north carolina. attorneys for the family of andrew brown, junior, are holding a news conference. they viewed the body camera footage. >> apparently, before you all showed up, they just wanted to sweep it under the rug as they have done other brothers and sisters who have been unjustifiably killed by the people who are supposed to protect and serve. it's so very important that we have transparency, because if we don't have transparency, we can never get to accountability. if we never get to accountability, we can never get to healing and trust. so if we want to heal this community, if we want to heal this family, then sheriff wootin, you need to be transparent.
8:45 am
what is it on this video that is so damning that you would risk your career and risk losing your job so the people can't see the video? what is it? that's the question we have to ask ourselves. when we think about what we just saw happen in minneapolis where derek chauvin held criminally liable, guilty, guilty, guilty, for killing george floyd, is that the reason they are trying to hide the video? because they don't want accountability? >> that's what it is. >> that's it. >> it's shocking to attorney sellers and attorney daniels and i and i'm sure y'all, why they keep killing so many unarmed black people. >> because they can. >> who are running away from them. not posing a threat. not posing any violence.
8:46 am
don't we have a right to due process? why do the police get to be the judge, the jury and the executioner? >> come on. >> that's right. >> what we are here for in north carolina, while all america is watching today and all the world will be watching tomorrow is to say, sheriff, you don't need to say no more. just show the video. >> how you doing? i wish we were somewhere else. i wish ben crump wasn't so famous. i wish we had a week where black folk weren't just dying at the hands of law enforcement. >> amen. >> i say often that only in this country can you have the trial
8:47 am
of derek chauvin be interrupted by the death of daunte wright, be interrupted by the death of adam toledo, be interrupted by the death of ma'khia bryant and now we find ourselves here in elizabeth city. i'm tired. >> yes. >> not very often in my legal career do i get the eyes of all of you all. you know what else i'm tired of doing? i'm tired of grieving and crying. i'm tired of seeing the videos, then we protest, then we have a funeral, then we have another shooting, we grieve, we cry, we protest. what i want you all to do today is a little bit different. >> come on. >> tell 'em. >> i want us to destroy the system that keeps putting us in situations like this. >> tell 'em. >> i want us to make sure that in the state of north carolina,
8:48 am
they can no longer hide videos from individuals who need to see it. >> right. >> that means i want each and every one of you all to take out your phones and i want you to google the number of joe manchin. call them and ask them why they are not signed on to the george floyd justice in policing act. >> amen. >> i want you to make sure every united states senator, democrat and republican, passes legislation so we don't have to be in positions like this. >> come on. >> it's good to protest. but i'm tired of that. i'm tired of it being cyclical. i stand next to a young man who joins another club of black people who will not grow up with their fathers. i'm asking you to do something a little bit different today. they want us to go out in the streets and get mad and they want us to chant and march because they know we have to go back home. it's going to happen all over again. it does not make sense that the north carolina state legislature can hide videos like this when
8:49 am
all we know is that sunshine is the best disinfectant. >> amen. >> i just want to see the video this morning. you got me off my schedule. the sheriff told me 11:30 i could see the video. it's past that. i like to stay on a regimen. i ask you to be patient a little bit more, because the truth is going to come forth. while we are out here, i need you to get on the phones. i want you to call joe and kiersten. call every senator and make sure that they are passing policies so these families don't have to be here like this. i'm standing with the mother of eric garner is here. only in black communities do we have mothers of people who lost their children due to gun violence. no other community has a club like that. but we do. today i ask you all to think a little bit differently about lou we are going to break this cycle. we're going to destroy the system and reimagine what it should be so we don't have no
8:50 am
more deaths like this. the first step, mr. sheriff, is do one thing, show us the video. >> we want to have the family address you after they see the video. it is troubling. it is troubling. it's very troubling that we have to go through this just to achieve simple justice. i can't imagine how many of these rowland martin and us have been through, the fact that the taxpayers have paid all this money for the police to be retrofitted with body camera video and then the time that it's most critically needed they won't show it to the public. why did the taxpayers pay the money? bakari is saying -- we should be acting in north carolina that there shouldn't be a judge
8:51 am
decide that we should see the video when we paid our tax dollars to see the video. that's asinine. we have to continue to be strategic. we have to literally vote the people in office who will say we want our children to be able to live out the fulfillment of their destiny that god has for them and not to be shot in the back. i mean, the most cowardly thing in the world is shoot somebody in the back? they don't shoot white men in the back, but it's almost like a cliche where people in the black community whether it's jacob blake in kenosha, where there's laquan mcdonald in chicago, walter scott in south carolina, or oklahoma, they shoot us in the back as if the most dangerous thing in the world to a police officer is a black man running away. they don't shoot these mass
8:52 am
murderers and these young white men who are confirmed mass murderers. i mean, when you think about the parkland school shooting. i mean, they took him alive after he shot up the whole school. you think about the young man who went and shot up the people in the asian spa in atlanta. they took him alive, arthur, and then my lord, not too far from here in bakari's home state this young white boy named dylann roof went and shot up the whole church and literally, they chased him across state lines into north carolina and they not only took him alive, but they took him to burger king to get a burger and a fry, but andrew brown, they shoot him in the back and we're going to see the video to see what they're trying to hide from all of you all because the truth can't hide forever and a lie cannot live
8:53 am
forever. >> i gave you all an assignment and i need you to follow through. i know you're filming, but take it out. i have joe manchin's number right here. it's 202-224-3954. >> 202-224-3954. call his office and tell them we're tired of black folks dying and kyrsten sinema's on. >> say the number once for for joe manchin. 202-224-3954 and kyrsten sinema is 202-224-4521. and just call the office and tell them how you feel. let me turn it over to harry. harry has an update for you. >> all right. so let me be clear, we had this thing set up. when i say we, the family, attorneys, the county attorney
8:54 am
mike cox, 11:30 was the time. it was on the 24th. the only issue we had, like i said before, who was going to see the video? we cleared that issue. cleared it per statute, we cleared it. 10:29 this morning, an hour before the viewing, i get an email, harry, i'm getting ready to do a press release. have you all seen a press release from me? harry, ready to do a press release that the video is having some redactions before. it will not be ready at 11:30. we are working on it as hard as we can, but it takes time. this intent to have it done by today. they had 24 hours. 48 hours, and it still ain't done. they done seen this video since wednesday, april the 21st to make that decision due to redactions. show us -- >> the family should not have to
8:55 am
be subject to any redactions. they should see the video raw. raw. i was told by district attorney -- i was told by the district attorney that the family would see the raw footage and want the redacted version. they're walking back the promises they have made. show the tape. if you ain't got nothing to hide, show the tape. you all know it's very profound. i'll bet you if that video show andrew doing something wrong they would have no problem showing that video. >> it would be on facebook, twitter, instagram -- >> but it only seems to be when the video has the police doing something wrong then they have to redact it and then they don't want to show it. we have to always, when we get a chance to speak truth it power. we can't do it alone, we need all of you speaking truth to power for our children because the other thing that is
8:56 am
profound, this is kalil. kalil is the son of andrew brown jr., now you all may have noticed that they released a warrant saying all kind of things about andrew brown, but they want to redact the face of the police officers that killed andrew brown. now andrew brown didn't kill nobody. the police killed andrew brown, but we're going to protect them and not show their face and not say their names so we can see what their rap sheet is because all they want to do is assassinate the character of his father, and we want to say, no, no. we want to know what the character of the killers. >> say his name. >> andrew brown. >> say his name. >> andrew brown.
8:57 am
>> say his name. >> andrew brown. >> i told you we would need you. >> say his name. >> andrew brown! >> what do you want? you say video. >> what do you want? >> video. >> what do you want? >> video! >> what do you want? >> video! >> when i say what do you want? >> justice! >> what do you want? >> justice! >> what do you want? >> justice! >> what do you want? justice! >> we've been watching and listening to lawyers and family members talk about the andrew brown shooting and this is in elizabeth city, north carolina, kathy parks covering the story, chief carmen best is following,
8:58 am
as well. chief, i want to come to you. there is confusion over this tape. the family was told they would watch the raw footage which is also what we are told, now officials are telling them that they have to redact portions of the tape. why would portions of that tape need to be redacted for the family? >> you know, every jurisdiction has different guidelines around the release of video, how and when and the rules around it. typically, the family or close family will get to see the unredacted video unless there's some, you know, prosecutorial reason as to why they wouldn't, but typically that is done in most jurisdictions. again, this is one of the reason yes we advocate for having national rules and guidelines around these kinds of issues so that you don't get different rules depending on where you
8:59 am
are. it would certain leigh build trust and legitimacy if they would go ahead and show the video. >> kathy park was at that news conference, as well. kathy, have we heard from law enforcement about that decision to redact parts of the video for the family? do we know why? >> reporter: well, craig, listen, we have been out here for a couple of days now and have made many calls to the sheriff's department and they have been unanswered. so there are a lot of questions as to exactly why it has taken this long and that's why there's so much frustration on the ground, but yeah, just a few moments ago it's a little gray as to why they're not able to enter the sheriff's office right now. earlier we were told they were supposed to have a meeting at 11:30 and they were hopeful that they could see the footage because they have a family member here of one of the sons of andrew brown jr. to view the footage and hopefully get more clarity as to what exactly happened, craig. >> 42-year-old father of seven,
9:00 am
andrew park jr. sheriff best, thank you, as well. that's going to do it for me this hour. "andrea mitchell reports" starts now. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> and good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington, at the beginning of a high-stakes, high-performance week for president biden's presidency, with history being made as two women, kamala harris and nancy pelosi will be sitting behind him on the podium. it is also the passing of his first 100 days in office and tomorrow the anticipated new guidance from the cdc that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear masks outdoors. the president and the vice president will be traveling to georgia. that state, of course, delivering their narrow democratic majority in the senate to mark the first 100 days. >> our new nbc news wall street journa


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