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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  April 23, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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for the coffee who came up to me and said, we watch msnbc all the time at our house. we like your program, but mostly we like the thing at the end of the show where you talk to lawrence. that's what we like most of all on all of msnbc. "way too early" with kasie hunt is up next. i never imagined that i would be standing here and the roles completely reversed, my son should be burying me, my son had a smile that was worth a million. when he walked in the room, he lit up the room. he was a brother, a jokester, he was loved by so many. he's going to be so missed. >> as mourners gather to remember the young father who was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop, lawmakers on capitol hill take a key step toward police reform. the question is, how soon before we see some type of legislation?
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plus, health experts are expected to meet today to discuss the future of the johnson & johnson vaccine. the recommended pause has been in effect for the past ten days. the question is, will it soon be lifted? and the historic mars helicopter lifts off for a higher, longer second flight. the question this morning, what's new on the red planet? it's way too early for this. good morning, and welcome to "way too early," from earth day to mars day, today, i'm kasie hunt on this friday, april 23rd, it is friday, we will start with the news, hundreds of mourners filled a minneapolis church yesterday for the funeral of daunte wright, the 20-year-old black man fatally shot by police earlier this month during a traffic stop. during the emotional two hour service, civil rights leaders, family members and lawmakers all came together to pay their final respects amid calls for justice
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and police reform. reverend al sharpton delivered the eulogy. >> i was talking to one of the relatives, and i said, well, why are they, what are they trying to justify? they said, they said they saw some air fresheners in the back of the car. where we come today, as the air fresheners for minnesota. we are trying to get the stench of police brutality out of the atmosphere. we're trying to get the stench of racism out of the atmosphere. we're trying to get the stench of racial profiling out of the atmosphere. we come to minnesota as air fresheners, because your air is too onerous for us to breathe. we can't breathe in your stinkin 'air no more. as i talk closer to the family, they said that while the real
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reason they stopped was because his tags had expired. well, i come to minnesota to tell you your tags have expired. your tags of racism have expired. it's time to renew and get some new tags. tags of righteousness. tags of fairness. tags of treating everybody the same way. tags of no justice, no peace. >> and former brooklyn center police officer kim potter is charged with manslaughter in connection with daunte wright's death, potter says she mistook her gun for her taser when she shot wright. let's go now to police reform. democratic congressman karen bass says she was waiting for the blessing of house leadership to enter into formal
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negotiations with republican senator tim scott. yesterday, the congresswoman received that word. >> she has our full support. she is fair, she wants to get it done, i trust karen bass's knowledge of the subject, but also her knowledge of the ramifications it would have on the people that we're trying to protect, which is everybody in our country. including our law enforcement officers. so i trust her to keep on the table what can be accomplished. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who has already praised senator scott's efforts will be next to sign off on formal negotiations. congresswoman bass says she and the south carolina republicans have been looking at documents and exploring areas of compromise. senator scott said earlier this week that a deal may be reached within the next two weeks. a little bit of reason for optimism on the hill. and republican leaders have
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selected senator tim scott to deliver the party's rebuttal to president biden's address to the joint session of congress next week. senate minority leader mitch mock comfortable says quote nobody is communicating why far left policies fail working americans. kevin mccarthy says no member of congress epitomizes the essence of today's republican party more than senator scott. the south carolina republican was appointed, he was re-elected to a full term in 2016. and senator scott is the only black american to have served in both chambers of congress. wow. he said in a statement, quote, i look forward to having an honest conversation with the american people, and sharing republicans' optimistic vision for expanding opportunity and ex powering working families. nancy pelosi said yesterday she is offering concessions to republicans on the makeup and
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subpoena power for a potential commission to investigate the january 6th attack on the capitol. in an attempt to reach agreement with gop leaders to create the commission, she said in her weekly news conference, she's willing to make the panel evenly split between republicans and democrats and to issue subpoenas based on a joint decision by the chair and vase chair or after a majority vote. she added this. >> we still don't know where they will be on scope. if we can come to agreement on the first two, why would they object to the scope, which is to find the truth of what happened on january 6th. our purpose is to find that. it's not about into investigating one thing or another that they may want to draw into this. but i'm optimistic. >> spokesman for house minority leader kevin mccarthy and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell
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says the two have not received a proposal from pelosi with these changes. mccarthy added at the weekly press conference that the commission is quote still a long way away. the original proposal for the commission would have given democrats seven appointments while republicans would have had four. democrats would have had power to issue subpoenas unilaterally. joining us now the co-founder of punch bowl news, anna palmer. thanks for joining us. let's start with this january 6th commission, because this has been something that has gotten caught up in partisan politics even though every member of congress was attacked when those people breached the walls during the insurrection on january 6th. what's your sense of where republicans are in terms of being willing to move forward with this? pelosi, speaker pelosi clearly wanted to see this as a concession to them, that she's trying to make this more bipartisan. they seem a little skeptical. >> i think the speaker is trying to force their hand, right? she is making some significant
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concessions in terms of the size, in terms of the makeup as you say, also the subpoena power. but we spoke to a gop source last night who said that so far, they have not heard still from the speaker, no formal proposal, more of this kind of publicly putting things out there to the press, and seeing how it plays. but mccarthy and mcconnell did meet and their staff have been talking about it. so i think there seems to be more movement on this than there was a few weeks ago where it seemed as if the commission might not ever get off the ground. >> do you think we're seeing any sort of legitimate change? we saw the anti-asian hate crimes bill actually move through. we're having what seems like real conversations about police reform, the potential for a compromise, maybe movement on this commission, maybe not, is there a sense that things are starting to creep back toward what some version of normal?
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it's been honestly a little surprising after four years or so of watching things kind of float out into the ether and then explode essentially. >> yes, we have an item actually in this morning's punch bowl news, a.m. newsletter about, this, this kind of idea that bipartisanship seems be making headway at least the democrats and republicans talking to each other in a way that we didn't see in the last four years under the trump administration. not only in those areas that you mentioned which are key in terms of police reform but also china policy. in terms of infrastructure. you're starting to see republicans and democrats come together, put together different proposals. the real question is, does this actually turn into something? that, we don't know. but to your point, i think it is really smart, which is yes, there is a different sense in the building that all of a sudden you have the ability for republicans and democrats to at least try to come together on some of these big issues. >> well, we shall see.
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punch bowl news anna palmer, thanks for being up early with us. we appreciate it. still ahead the pause of the use of the johnson & johnson coronavirus vaccine could soon be lifted but has the white house already written off the shot after a string of problems? plus president biden calls for new action on climate change and lays out his goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. those stories and much more when we come back. e back tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks?
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welcome back. the sports world is mourning the sudden loss of a talented young basketball player. terrence clark who played guard for the university of kentucky this past season died yesterday after a car accident in los angeles. police say clark was speeding when he ran a red light and hit a car traveling the opposite direction. while he tried to make a left turn at the intersection. clarke's vehicle then ran into a pole and struck a wall. he was later pronounced dead at
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the hospital. the university confirmed the news of his death last night but hit especially hard in his native town of boston who was highly ranked coming out of high school and chose kentucky over powerhouse schools like duke,ld systemic racism while raising her fist on a pan american games podium says the restriction won't stop her. she accused the ioc of being hypocrites who continue to
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silence athletes for capital gain and encourage all athletes to stand in their power and do what they feel is right. the u.s. olympic and paralympic committee in december called on the ioc to end the ban of peaceful protests and said it wouldn't punish its own athletes for doing so. multiple advocates for athletes rights including two independent international organizations and a group representing german athletes pledge to support and protect athletes who plan to spite the rule which prohibits raising a fist or kneeling for the national anthem. the ioc says slogans bicycle black lives matter will not be allowed on athlete apparel at olympic venues, however it did approve the words peace, respect, solidarity, inclusion and equality, on t-shirts. the ioc said it will clarify what punishments athletes could face if they do protest. the games begin july 23rd. meanwhile, a second pro golfer is opting out of olympic competition. adam scott won't be in tokyo this summer after his manager said the timing of the games
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don't fit into his schedule. the australian opted out of the 2016 games in brazil. it follows the same decision last month by world number one dustin johnson who says he wants to remain focused on the pga tour. let's turn now to major league baseball and the start of another three-game series between nl west heavy weights in southern california, let's pick it up in the bottom of the eighth, the dodgers trailing the padres by a run. with the bases loaded. >> and this is to second. second to one. on to first. they got him. nicely done. >> wow, that dazzling double play, on a grounder to second base gets san diego out of a jam and they hang on to beat los angeles 3-2. very nice. and finally, we've got another tragedy involving snacks in the stands. this time in cincinnati. where one fan not only lost his souvenir for his son but also his plate of nachos and a shoe while taking a tumble.
2:17 am
ouch. going after a homerun ball hit in the seats in center field. not all bad, though. the relief pitcher, the wife lucas sims' wife connected with the nacho man through twitter and promised an autographed baseball and free nachos. hope everybody is doing all right after that incident. bill, please tell me it's going to get warmer. >> it will get warmer but it may getter for you, too. let's get into this next big storm that's coming. we're going to watch a severe weather threat beginning later today and continue into saturday and then a soaking rain up the east coast on sunday. here's today's threat area. if you live in areas that are in the bright orange color there, the shreveport, alexandria, lake charles, you could have some tornadoes and that is a lot of large hail and pictures all over social media later today. watch out dallas to waco and heading to houston.
2:18 am
saturday, the severe weather threat shifts to the southeast including birmingham, montgomery, all of the florida panhandle, atlanta, and eventually wind damage threat to areas of south carolina, and even a portion there of north carolina. so here's today's forecast, it's a cold morning, on the eastern seaboard, but this afternoon, it warms up nicely. into the 60s. even for boston. mid 60s in dc. and then the weekend forecast, there's the severe weather threat in the southeast saturday. kind of a gloomy rainy day in the ohio valley. that rain will be on the northeast on sunday. especially the first half of the day. you may get lucky with better weather sunday afternoon. excuse me, sunday afternoon. so sunday morning, that's your indoor time. get all of your chores done then. >> goods to know. bill karins, have a wonderful week, thank you so much. see you on monday. still ahead here, jailed opposition leader alexi navalny is weighing in on a wave of arrests this week after thousands of protesters hit the streets calling for his freedom. we're back in a moment. for his . we're back in a moment stay restless with the icon that does the same.
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welcome back. president biden yesterday made a bold pledge to cut carbon emissions by half in nine years, by 2030. >> when people talk about climate, i think jobs. that's why i proposed a huge investment in american infrastructure and american innovation. by maintaining those investments, and putting these people to work, the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half, in half, by the end of this decade. we really have no choice. we have to get this done. >> that pledge, part of the administration's new commitment to the paris climate agreement was made during a virtual two-day climate summit in an effort to urge global corporation on climate change. let's go to russia where opposition leader alexey navalny says he is filled with proud and hope after learning about the protest demanding his freedom this week.
2:23 am
in an instagram post, the imprisoned navalny called his supporters the salvation of russia for protesting across the country on wednesday. the protests seemed to have an impact according to a top aide for navalny. he says as soon as they were announced, the putin critic was moved from a prison hospital to a civilian hospital. navalny has seen his health decline amid a four-week hunger strike over lack of proper medical care. now that he is getting public medical help, his doctors are urging him to end the strike immediately. meanwhile, russia has ordered its troops to withdraw from the ukraine border, after recent military activities sparked concerns that came all the way to washington. kremlin officials say troops will return to their permanent bases by may 1st. although some weapons and armored vehicles will stay. this comes after a massive military buildup in recent week, and the imposing of new russian sanctions by president biden. russian president vladimir putin seemed to respond to the new sanctions wednesday, issuing a warning about crossing russia's red line during his annual state of the nation address.
2:24 am
still ahead here, republicans unveiled their counter proposal to president biden's infrastructure plan, but what do democrats and the white house think. former gop congressman barbara comstock will join me for that discussion. why are you awake? email us at or drop me a tweet and we will read up the answers coming up later on in the show. later on in e show laque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™ with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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welcome back to "way too early," just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, i'm kasie hunt. federal health authorities are scheduled to meet today to decide whether to use the johnson & johnson vaccine after finding only a limited number of additional cases of a rare blood clotting disorder among recipients. the cdc advisory group is leaning to lifting the pause and could start vaccines this weekend. it is similar to the european rollout which earlier this week with no restrictions saying with a warning that the benefits outweighed the risk. use of the vaccine was initially halted after six women after seven million vaccine resippents developed blood clots. the vaccine could be affected if a flood of blood clot reports come in but that seems unlikely. despite the pause of the j&j
2:29 am
vaccine, the white house seems to have written off the shot. and they are frustrated with the production issues and have concluded it can't be counted on. and several setbacks including a contractor mix-up that ruined 15 million doses revealing serious safety and hygiene concerns as well as the rare blood clot disorder. according to two people with direct knowledge of the situation, if testing of the vaccine reveals more contamination, it could take j&j four months to replace doses at other facilities. joining us now washington correspondent for "the new york times," cheryl stolberg, good morning, shea so much for getting up early to be with us. >> good morning. >> and you're looking at vaccine hesitancy, and how that could potentially be the problem that we're facing, coming up here next, this j&j news, obviously plays into that. what have you been focusing on here? >> so i've been focusing on the
2:30 am
next phase of the vaccine campaign. you know, roughly half the nation of adults have had the first half of the coronavirus vaccine and the low-hanging fruit has been picked my sources are telling me and officials will have to figure outs how are they going to get the rest of the americans to take the vaccine. and it's going to take a lot of hard work. kind of like a ground game, like election day. where you're going to see people even some neighborhoods going door to door, health officials, and underserved neighborhoods, asking people, have you been vaccinated, are you willing to be vaccinated? >> so how does the johnson & johnson vaccine, i mean part of the reason why this is so concerning, and part of why that report that the white house has got all of these doubts about it is, troublesome, is this is a shot that is easier to use, in those kinds of situations, because it's one and done. you don't have to get those people to come back anywhere, you don't have to do a follow-up
2:31 am
appointment, you can store it at these lower temperatures. i mean how does what's happening with j&j play into this next phase of our vaccine rollout? >> so you're absolutely right. it's going to make it a lot harder. i talked to the health commissioner in maine earlier this week, who said that the pause is depressing their vaccination numbers. these were the vaccines that would be used to reach homeless people, people in prison, the one and done is really attractive. and some people like the idea of one and done. people who don't like to take shots. and you also have to remember that this is the vaccine that was going to go to the world. and that is super important. because it's inexpensive. it's easy to administer. and if everybody isn't vaccinated around the world, it's like nobody in fact is vaccinated. >> yeah, we've clearly seen that sort of exploding in other
2:32 am
places, india is one concerning area and none of us of course as you point out are safe, if we can't figure out how to wipe this out across the globe. "the new york times," thank you very much for getting up early with us. we appreciate you being here. hope to see you again soon. still ahead here, nasa reaches new heights on mars, ahead of a totally different mission to the international space station this morning. "way too early" back in a moment. "way too early" back in moment
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all right, time now for something totally different. you can only get better by practicing and that is exactly what the ingenuity helicopter is doing, yesterday it took the red planet sky for a second time flying for 52 seconds and going higher than the first flight. nasa's jet propulsion lab said
2:36 am
go big or big home. capturing this image with the black and white navigation camera. it also reached new milestones of a higher altitude, a longer hover and lateral flying. it comes as an expected space-x launch just a short time from now will send astronauts to relieve the crew at the international space station. i am so excited about this. love that it is happening here on "way too early". there's also this, unrelated. maya rudolph wants to get her ragtag brides maids back together, in an interview with "entertainment tonight" she said she would be down for a brides maids sequel which should be called old ladies. turning ten, and rudolph says the favorite scene was the elaborate paris-themed bridal showers in which she and the character get into a fight. fans have been vying for a brides made reunion for years now, but film's director has said in the past, it's unlikely. i would be first in line to see
2:37 am
a reunion of this crew. former republican congressman barbara comstock is our next guest. way too early is coming right back. guest way too early is coming right back i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth,
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♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth. welcome back. the latest number from the labor department show the u.s. jobs market recovery accelerated its pace last week. well below estimates. first time claims for unemployment insurance marked a new low for the pandemic era, totaling 547,000. still, about 8 million fewer americans are at work than were at work before the pandemic. and president biden is set to unveil a new $1.5 trillion family recovery bill, according to two sources familiar with the discussions. the white house says the president will outline his new american families plan during
2:41 am
the speech to congress on wednesday. the bill will focus on expanding child care, paid leave, after covid-19 vaccinations, universal pre-k, and extend can the child tax credit. sources say the white house is considering tax hikes on the wealthiest americans to help pay for the plan. republicans meanwhile have a $568 billion counter proposal for an infrastructure package. one that republican senator of west virginia calls the quote most robust plan we have ever pushed forward as republicans. nbc news reports the calls for $299 billion for roads and bridges more than $60 billion for broadband infrastructure and public transit systems, 35 billion for drinking and wastewater and 44 billion for airports as well as 20 billion for rail systems. it also sets aside a collective 45 billion for ports, water storage and safety items. the plan calls for the tax cuts passed under former president donald trump to be kept intact until repurposed unpect federal funding passed as part of
2:42 am
covid-19 relief packages for infrastructure spending. the white house press secretary jen perform saki says it plans to look at the details of the proposal and discuss it with staff in the coming days. joining us now former republican congresswoman barbara comstock of virginia. thanks for getting up early with us. and for someone who has experienced and particularly a swing district in virginia, you have seen how the political party and the republican party and the political terrain has changed back and forth over the last couple of years. what do you make of the infrastructure proposal that the biden team has put forward, and the fact that republicans clearly felt like they needed to at least be on the record and say actually we have a plan and we're not actually saying no? >> well, i think that's one area where you usually have been able to have some bipartisan agreement. so when you have somebody out there who is, i think, a great leader, and you know, a strong woman, out there, i think there's some help for, hope for
2:43 am
some compromise because infrastructure things aren't red or blue. every district in the country has something, whether it's bridges or roads or transit so this is an area where people have usually been able to come together. always a challenge to figure out how to pay for it. but it usually can get cobbled together, because it's certainly needed. >> for sure. and so part of what i wanted to have you on this morning, i know you spoke with the "new york times" magazine for a piece about your former colleague liz cheney and that piece details how several male gop lawmakers harshly criticized cheney during a conference meeting over her decision to vote to impeach president trump. several of these comments were, i'm going to say, they were decidedly sexist and sparked outrage among republican men and women in washington and one comment was particular folks, pennsylvania congressman mike kelly reportedly said you look
2:44 am
up in the stands and you see your girlfriend on the opposition side, that's one hell of a tough thing to swallow. a female colleague yelled in response, she's not your girlfriend. but the comment quickly spread among female gop circles. other comments include congressman ralph norman, insisting that cheney has a quote defiant attitude and john ruther ford chastising cheney for not being a quote team player. the conference meeting went so far to have several members requesting cheney apologize to which the congresswoman responded, i cannot do that. there's also a quote from jeff duncan that stuck out to me where she did not display humility. take us behind the scenes and what do you make of the comments that people had to say about liz cheney after she stood up and quite frankly what so many of them were unwilling to do, which was to criticize and take it, take the criticism, from former president trump. >> well, first of all, i was so
2:45 am
proud of my friend liz cheney, when she did stand up. you know, even before january 6th, and saying, you know, in attacking the lies about the election. and then of course, after in supporting impeachment. which i did also. and also, other brave colleagues who did that, and obviously incurred the wrath of donald trump. but i would like to point out that those men that you quoted, and i did hear about that in realtime, were in the minority. and people like matt gaetz and those other people that you quoted who were attacking liz ended up losing very badly that day. they had gone into that boat, claiming they had a majority of members, and liz won strongly with two-thirds approval. so i think they get a lot more attention than they should, because they represent a minority within the party. unfortunately, they're allowed, a misogynistic minority and
2:46 am
they're an embarrassment to the party as are some of the women they promoted, such as marjorie greene, and i serve on two boards to get women elected and we decidedly didn't endorse her and opposed her. so this is a minority of republicans, but it is disturbing, and that's why i spoke up, both at the time and since. because i think people like liz cheney, you know, and adam kinsinger, jamie herrera butler, those are the people who represent the future of the party and i think this trump cult will die out. >> all right, former congresswoman barbara comstock, thanks very much for being here. we appreciate your perspective. we'd love to have you back down the line. thank you. >> thank you. this is very exciting. i'm thrilled to be able to cover this on "way too early," breaking news from kennedy space center in cape canaveral, the
2:47 am
elon musk space-x, launched two astronauts to the international space station. liftoff is scheduled for 5:49. that is three minutes from now. in this good weather. this is the third-ever flight for space-x and the second flight for the crew dragon capsule. the journey is expected to take a day, with astronauts docking at the space station early tomorrow morning. and joining us now is nbc news correspondent tom costello, who covers aviation for us. tom, you cover so many things for us, i've always been so jealous that you cover space launches. it's possible i was awarded the best, the most enthusiastic camper at space camp. what do we know about the launch and what do we know since you've been down there? >> this is yet another spectacular launch we expect coming up at ash 5:49 eastern time and you'll for give me we are listening to mission control
2:48 am
on a speaker to make sure we are not missing anything. they are about to retract the arm out to the dragon space capsule. as you mentioned, four astronauts on board. two americans. a european astronaut, by the way, the first time a european astronaut has taken off from u.s. soil in ten years. and then a japanese astronaut. all of them are veterans. but interestingly, in the case of megan mccarther, she is the pilot on board, not the commander but the pilot and her husband is bob benken, he was in the first space-x launch a year ago and guess what, she is sitting in the exact same seat, in the exact same space capsule, because space-x is reusing space capsules as well as rockets and that is all part of the space-x mode, as you know, they are trying to reuse the technology, because it makes it all much more cost-effective. so she is about to ride in the exact seat her husband was in a year ago. she talked to us about experiencing, watching from the
2:49 am
ground a year ago, with her son, and holding her heart, as she watched space-x rocket, with bob benken going up in may of last year and she said i wasn't thinking about myself, i was thinking about him, and thinking please, please, please make it all work well and now the roles are reversal, bob benken is on the ground and she is about to take off. we are in the final countdown. here we go. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> let's listen to the countdown. >> three, two, one. >> ignition. and liftoff. endeavor launches once again. four astronauts from three countries now making their way to the one and only international space station. down range. nine engines on the first stage. 1.7 million pounds of thrust. hearing good calls for the performance so far.
2:50 am
>> 30 second into the second rotational, crew mission on board dragon falcon 9. falcon 9 will be slowing down the nine engines shortly here to brace preparation -- in preparation for maximum dynamic pressure. and there's that callout for the throttle down. maximum dynamic pressure, max "q" is the largest structural load that the vehicle sees throughout accent, so throttling down does help us pass -- throttling down helps us pass through this period, which should be coming here shortly. there's that callout that we have just passed through max "q". >> one bravo. >> copy, one bravo. >> all right, one bravo is the second abort mode on the first stage. first stage continues to fire for 2 minutes and 35 seconds,
2:51 am
1 1/2 minutes into today's flight. falcon 9 now traveling at more than 15 -- >> tom, what are we seeing here? >> reporter: this is still a critical moment of flight here. until they are actually inserted into the orbit, that should happen at 5:57 a.m., we are still very much in a wait-and-see mode. we want to watch closely for main engine cutoff. >> about 30 more seconds of the first stage firing to bring our four astronauts into orbit. >> from here, coming up, in about 20-some seconds, we're going to have three major milestones. we'll have shutdown of the nine merlin engines, we're beginning to throttle them down. we will then get stage -- >> tom -- >> and then we will get -- >> are we looking at a camera that's on the rocket? >> -- and the -- >> yeah, you've got multiple
2:52 am
cameras there, kasie, coming from the rocket, looking as we look now for main engine cutoff on the first stage. it will drop away, and that's the critical point here. >> there it goes. cheering. >> and we have ignition of the second stage. you can see the green flash of that t-teb fluid. the expansion nozzle on the second stage merlin vacuum glowing that bright red that we like to see. good performance on the second stage so far. >> and on the left side of your screen, we saw the exhaust of the second stage engine, streaming past the first stage is as the grid fins are coming out. >> tom, who are we listening to
2:53 am
hear? is this the space-x team that's narrating this for us? >> reporter: yeah, you're listening to the space-x and nasa mission control that are giving us the voice of talking us through everything that's happening here. they will now hit the orbit insertion. in other words, they will insert into orbit at 5:57 a.m. eastern time. at 5:58:32, that incredible moment we have been known to watch space-x for, as they land the rocket back on the drone ship out on the atlantic ocean, something that only space-x has pulled off so far. they are now well on their way into space safely. 17,000 miles per hour. these engines generating 1.7 million pounds of thrust. the merlin engines using liquid oxygen and kerosene. again, a unique space-x mixture for their rockets.
2:54 am
>> we will be hearing check-ins with some of the ground stations as it passes over, throughout the six minutes of the second stage firing. >> now, kasie, interestingly here, what's important to note, as they fly up the east coast of the united states, there are multiple abort zones, if you will. if they had to abort, they would abort in various abort zones. and those are called nominal trajectory -- that means everything's going well. abort stage 2a is a particular location off the east coast they could abort to. all the way up to abort echo. but at this point, everything is going exactly as planned. >> love to see it. >> the first stage has reached ep ji and is now beginning to descend from a height. in a few minutes, we'll get the
2:55 am
entry burn of the second stage. >> so he's saying their enter burn of the first stage. haas the rocket that's going to land back on that carrier nah you were mentioning? >> reporter: exactly. you've got good ears there, kasie. that's exactly right. the first stage is going to come back down and land in the atlantic ocean on a drone ship. that is, as we've said, the signature move that space-x invented and has perfected. 5:58 a.m., 5:58:32 is when that should land on the drone ship. keeping in mind that they are reusing a rocket already on this mission and a space capsule already. so the whole mode, the whole mission, the whole way of working at space-x is to reuse these parts and now reusing them on this mission. >> it's remarkable. and tom, they are heading for
2:56 am
the international space station. can you walk us through the overall profile of this mission. what they're going up to accomplish. >> i will. let's keep our eyes on this, because i think we'll all want to watch that landing on the drone ship. they're going to dock at the international space station tomorrow morning at about 5:10 a.m. interestingly here, that will bring to 11 the number of people on the space station right now. that's the most that have been on station for years. nominal trajectory. that's all great. now here's the problem, it's a minor complication. they've got three toilets now for all 11 astronauts. they don't have enough beds. so as a result, two astronauts, and maybe three. >> oh, no! >> it's a complication. two astronauts, maybe three will have to literally get into a sleeping bag and tether themselves to a wall for just about a week or so, until four astronauts that arrived last
2:57 am
november, until they come down, probably next week. we're expecting them to reenter next wednesday. it's going to be a little crowded up there. the good news is, they did just add that third toilet. so they have three commodes for 11 people, not quite enough beds. but as the nasa chief said to me yesterday, we've got another dimension here, and that is, you can float anywhere in the station. >> i was going to say, you don't have to worry about having a comfy mattress if you're just hanging out in zero gravity. that's amazing. >> you know, i talked to an astronaut just a couple of days ago -- sorry. >> go ahead. >> i was saying, i talked to an astronaut a couple of days ago who said it was the best sleep she ever had. she said, literally, floating in space -- i thought maybe it would be uncomfortable, because you're not literally putting your head down. she said, it was the best sleep she's ever had. she loved it. >> that's -- it's just amazing.
2:58 am
i -- i am so in awe of the people who have learned how to do this, had a chance to do this. put everything on the line for it to give us a chance to explore all of this. tom, we're certain to see the picture on the left side of our screens change a little bit. is that where we're going to see this rocket drop back into the atmosphere or what are we looking at there. and we just lost that feed. >> i believe so, but we don't control that feed. it's going to come back. don't worry. they've got multiple cameras here. eventually, we should see the first stage landing out on that drone ship out there in the atlantic ocean. launch escape system disarmed. that's all good news. everything is working just as planned. and nominal orbit insertion. that means they have now hit the orbit 17,000 miles per hour. that's perfect, that's exactly what they wanted to accomplish. you've got the cheers from
2:59 am
space-x mission control. and i think we're about to get the landing coming up. >> first, i still love you. loss of signal. tom costello, thank you so much. that was so much fun. please don't go anywhere. "morning joe" wants to keep talking to you about this. >> five, four, three, two, one, zero. mission and liftoff! god speed "endeavor" and crew 2. >> copy, one, alpha. >> liftoff. we are following breaking news from cape canaveral, florida, where elon musk-owned spacex launched four astronauts to the international space station just moments ago. we're going to go back live to tom costello, who is covering the launch. also this morning, health experts are expected to meet today to discuss the future of
3:00 am
the johnson & johnson vaccine. we'll get the latest on that. we'll also speak with reverend al sharpton, who gave the eulogy yesterday in the funeral of the young father who was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop. and the senate overwhelming covid-19 hate crimes act yesterday, in a 94-1 vote. so who is the lone "no" vote, you asked? this guy. we'll talk about what might be wrong with republican senator josh hawley. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it's friday, april 23rd. joe has the morning off. we'll go back now to covering this launch. willie, there's so much going on here. this is really exciting. >> it is. it's an exciting morning. it just lifted off. let's go straight to tom costello who covers aviation among many other things for us. tom, it doesn't matter how many times we see it, there is a thrill to watch one


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