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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  April 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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welcome back, everybody. the issue of race and policing front and center, once again, on this sunday afternoon in this country. it is front and center because of this disturbing new video released showing a family member of the military detained, confronted and pepper sprayed during a virginia traffic stop. >> get out of the car! get out of the car now! what's going on? get out of the car. >> you received an order, obey it. >> i'm honestly scared. >> dude, you should b. back up. >> whoa. hold on. >> get out of the car and get on
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the ground now! >> check your seatbelt and get out of the car. >> it's front and center because tomorrow begins week three of the trool of former police officer derek chauvin in the killing of george floyd. this week, the defense is expected to start their case, based on what we've seen so far, apparently imagining floyd died without the officer's knee on his neck. >> this is how you found mr. floyd died in his residence, no police involve p, no drugs, the only thing you found would be these fact about his heart. what would you conclude would be the cause of death? >> in that very narrow set of circumstances, i would probably conclude the cause of death was heart disease. >> i could by laying by the pool in florida, right, on my stomach in the prone position, not
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inherently dangerous? >> right. >> so we're going to look ahead to the defense case in a moment over the key question mr. derek chauvin, himself, is going to take the stand. i will show this heated interaction between police and army officer leiutenant karen nazario on body camera. he is suing officers for violating his constitutional rights as they drew their guns and pepper sprayed him in the face before knocking him to the ground. >> get out of the car! >> get your hand off me. please relax. >> get out of the car now. >> this is not how you treat a vet. i'm actively serving -- can you please talk to me about what's going on. why am i being treated like this? >> one officer said he was trying to stop a car with tinted windows and no rear license
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plates also saying the driver was alluding police. leiutenant says he was trying to stop in a well-lit area and had a temporary license plate in his window. he was not charged and msnbc has reached out to the officer for comment and have not heard back. we want to bring in our panel, a civil rights attorney of way finder foundation, also a former president of the minneapolis naacp. glen kirschner and a former federal prosecutor and sonia pruitt, former captain at the maryland police department and the black police enterprise. this video, once again, shocking, astounding. i can't think of the word to explain my reaction to this. captain pruitt, i want to start with you and kind of get your raw reaction to what we just watched. >> it's ridiculous. okay. so my first reaction is, if i didn't know that this actually
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had happened, i would have thought it was a "saturday night live" skit or something. look, first of all, a citizen has a complete right to pull over and stop where they feel most comfortable. police officers are actually trained in that, that give them the benefit of the doubt and give them some grace, maybe they don't feel comfortable. maybe it's not a well-lighted area, let them stop somewhere, where they feel safe. that's okay. secondly, when i walk up to the car and do see there is a tag in the window, as far as i'm concerned, stop's over. what else do you want? thirdly, the supreme court has ruled that it is okay to ask people to step out of a car for officer's safety but at no time did these officer ever articulate why they were asking a leiutenant to step out of his vehicle. they treated him like trash. they talked to him like he was not a man period but a man who serves his country. he was in his uniform.
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this was complete and total over policing and abuse of power. >> you know, captain pruitt, it's interesting, because as we take a listen to the exchange, the words, right, we saw the body language, what took place, the pepper spray. even the words, right? you have the leiutenant seemingly trying to deescalate the situation. he, obviously, has training in this manner. he's trying to deescalate. he's got his hands up, outside of the vehicle, and the officer is trying to excite the situation. he's using pepper spray on this leiutenant. at one point, the leiutenant honestly says, i'm scared to get out of this car. and the officer says, you should be. you should be scared to get out of this car. how would you react if this was one of your pd colleagues? >> i'm not sure i can say is that on the air. but you know, there would be a
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come to jesus moment between me and whoever on my shift would do something like this. this was the worst example of a traffic stop. we should use these -- this example in police acad miss everywhere to show new and upcoming police officers what not to do. this was terrible policing tactics. there was no deescalation and then when the man says, hey, listen, i'm afraid to get ut and you say, you should b. okay. they would be headed to internal affairs, the office of professional standards or somewhere. there would be a tongue lashing. hopefully, i could be on the scene to stop it right where it started. >> the lawsuit is claiming up lawful seizure, excessive force. illegal search. baitry, false imprisonment and more. after watching in video, what do you make of that? >> so this is excessive force. this is police misconduct and it
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looks a whole lot like a criminal assault by the police officers. setting aside, yasmin, whether the original traffic stop was legitimate or not. now, there was no hard tag, no license plate displayed on the back of the vehicle. that can be a reason to pull somebody over until we realize he had a temporary paper tag displayed in his rear window. that's the end of the mat right there. what i think -- there were so many things to be upset and angered by in this tape. but when they got out of their cars with guns drawn, even throw though there was no discernible conduct, remember, the reporting was that the leiutenant nazario didn't want to pull over in a dead pitch black stretch of road. so he traveled lest than a mile. it took him about 100 seconds by the counter on the tape. he put his hazard lights on and was driving under the speed limit and the moment he found a
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well-lit gas station, he pulled over and put his hand out the window and he started asking the police officers, what's going on? what's going on? and you know the first thing officer daniel crocker, the one who maced him said, what's going on is you're fixin' to ride the lightning, son. talk about escalation, not deescalation. i'm not even sure what you're fixin' to ride the lightning sun means. people said it references the electric chair. people said it references a taser. anyway you cut it, that was improper abusive escalation while the leiutenant did nothing but comply and deescalate the situation. this is at a minimum police misconduct. >> it looks like a head of a lot from a power trip from these police officers. weigh in on this, he is arguing
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the behavior of these officers is a part of a larger trend. a nationwide trend of law enforcement believing that they can actually operate however they want, even sometimes with deadly abuse of authority. what do you make of this connection? >> well, sadly, what happened to the leiutenant was not unusual in terms of when black bodies and brown bodies are pulled over by law enforcement. it's the reason why nwa, back in the early '90s, came out with a song about the police and they described these types of incidents what we have seen thanks to body camera footage, thanks to the fact that the leiutenant pulled into a well-lit area. that probably saved his life, which is really sad and distressing to think about. so we have never held law enforcement accountable in this country. we have allowed them to abuse people's rights, to use
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excessive force. we have allowed them to kill people so it is no surprise that even with body camera foot arms even with the officer's compliance that these officers felt they were above the law and they have been allowed to dehumanize people like the leiutenant for far too long. >> all right, let's talk about account ability or possible accountability or not and shift gears to derek chauvin, the trial, the anticipation as eb knows is building to see if the former police officer accused of murdering george floyd is called to testify. we got a heart specialist from northwestern medicine set to take the stand tomorrow. the case and the defense is taking center stage as well, to give you all an idea of what to expect. i want to listen to chauvin's defense attorney first, in his own words. >> the evidence will show that when confronted by police, mr. floyd put drugs in his mouth
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in an effort to conceal them from the police. you will see that three minneapolis police officer could not overcome the strength of mr. floyd. mr. chauvin stands 5'9," is 40 pounds. mr. floyd is 6'3," weighs 223 pound. you will learn derek chauvin did exactly what he had been trained to do over the course of his nine-year career. the use of force is not attractive, but it is a necessary component of policing. >> there so many things we need to diving into with that with my panel. nakeem, i want to start before the prosecution rests. they need to finish up and my understanding is for the first time we're actually going to be hearing from a family member of george floyd. what can we expect from this?
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and why do you suspect it's at the tail end of the prosecution's argument? >> well, i would imagine considering the emotional aspects of this case, that the family members of floyd will not only seek to dehumanize him but to talk about the impact of his death on the family, on the nation, on the community at large. i think it's a smart move by the prosecution team to end with emotional testimony just as they began their case in chief in the trial against derek chauvin. >> captain pruitt, let's unpack what we were coming to. we are coming back to you in speaking of the chauvin trial. part of it was the defense that it was the only option that former officer derek chauvin had considering the stature of george floyd compared to the
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stature of derek chauvin. failing to mention the other officers that were actually on the scene. in my view of this, it seems that if the chief of police of the minneapolis police department completely, you know, refuted that claim, saying that what the tactics that show the news were, in fact, not tactics that he should have used. >> yes. so, there were several officers over the course of the week who testified to this. several of chauvin's own fellow officers testified that they felt it was a use of excessive force. the chief was a very credible witness, a leader, very competent. very confident, very sure of himself who fired this man, for what he felt was a total breach of the public trust and -- i listened to the defense talk
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about george floyd having taken drugs. where is the grace for a man who may have an opioid addiction? we don't give him the same grace as a black man as we give other people and make it a public health issue. demonizing him because of whatever weakness he may have and he is a larger stature man. i know plenty of small officers who handle their business on the street with larger people. there were several officers on the scene. there was no excuse. i don't buy the distracted crowd. if i was on the ground and the crowd began animated and i felt in fear, i would get off my knee and calm for back just and i would not put my knee on the neck of a man until he cannot breathe any longer. >> i want to unpack, glen, also another statement we heard from the defense saying that the other significant battle in this trial is going to be what was mr. floyd's actual cause of
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death. he says that the evidence will show that mr. floyd died of cardiac arrhythmia that occurred as a result of hypertension, his coronary disease, the ingestion of methamphetamine and fentanyl, and the adrenaline flowing through his body, no mention, glen in this statement of 9 minutes of the knee being shoved on to george floyd's neck. >> yeah, which makes the defense's assertion a bit comical. he probably should have been more balanced in his argument. but i do think the word adrenaline in important and we're going to hear a lot about adrenaline in the defense case. you know, i will say it was interesting that we got multiple medical experts. we got dr. tobin, who, for a few hours was the nation's professor. really, a remarkable piece of testimony from an expert pulmonologist, who was able pinpoint for the jury are i the moment that george floyd's life left his body and then we all
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watched in horror as derek chauvin even after george floyd was dead continued to press his knee into his neck for another two-plus minutes. we also had dr. thomas, who is the retired hennepin county medical examiner. and she was asked, well, what do you make of dr. andrew baker's findings? dr. baker is the one who actually performed the autopsy. she said, well, i see this as a deprivation of oxygen. i see the death as a product of asphyxiation. interestingly, though, we saw why say that sort of put dr. baker so far down in the batting order. his opinion was less strong. he was the one that actually performed the auchlts he's stuck with cardio pulmonary arrest, which simply means the heart and respiration stopped. he said it was basically during police pressure and neck restraint. but he didn't say he was asphyxiated, he didn't say he
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died of a deprivation of oxygen. i will say even though the prosecution presented a powerful overall case to the jury, there is a little bit of an opportunity for the defense to now bring their expert dr. david fowler and try to make some mischief with dr. baker's findings and conclusion, so this is not yet over. i do think we will see a significant battle waged on the cause of death front. >> so, nakema, last and final, i want to play a portion of the opt statements which givers you a preview of what else to expect in the coming days. >> mr. chauvin used his knee to pin mr. floyd's left shoulder blade and back to the ground and his right knee to pin mr. floyd's left arm to the ground. >> there was also this point in which the opening statement, the defense attorneys essentially layout this scene in which
1:18 pm
chauvin could have been distracted. there is police alarm, people taking video, noises, they're being yelled at and maybe you know there is this idea that chauvin was so distracted he didn't quite understand what was happening with george floyd, that, in fact, george floyd was dying on the ground underneath his knee. does this hold any water? >> it holds absolutely no water. as a 19-year veteran of the minneapolis police department and a trainer within the department, derek chauvin knew full well he was doing. he had been involved in over a dozen excessive force incidents as well as other deadly force incidents as well so he thought he was giving the rookie cops a master class in how to detain and kill a suspect. from my van teenage point, he looked like a slave master who was taking pleasure in having a fugitive slave caught in his trap. it's absolutely unacceptable. it is an abomination what he
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did. he needs to be held accountable under the law. >> all right, thank you, my panel a. great conversation. akema, glen kirshner and captain pruitt, thank you very much. coming up, jonathan jackson is looking back at the testimony, breaking down the most important moments, analyzing competing testimony and previewing what to expect from the defense as they make their case this week. watch this week at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. still ahead, inside the infrastructure plan. we have a lot more ahead as the biden administration pushes for the $2 trillion plan. after the break, we will get a perspective from the economic advisers. stay with us. perspectivfre om the economic advisers stay with us hia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection.
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♪♪ welcome back. president biden plans to meet with a group of bipartisan lawmakers toenl as he tries to push his sweeping infrastructure bill in congress. members said this morning the president is willing to negotiate on the bill, already strongly opposed by republicans. whether the clock is ticking on the real progress that they want to see by memorial day. watch this. >> the president is willing to negotiate what this looks like. he knows his current plan will be changed. that's the nature of compromise. >> we also can't wait too long.
1:24 pm
so he's got an expectation of major progress in congress by memorial day. >> all right. joining me now, a member of the white house council advisers. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. i want to get into the weeds of this thing. talk to me about the infrastructure plan that can benefit americans most right now? >> reporter: well, it's a whole host. it's a big package, a host of ideas and plans to make sure that people can have a better transportation system, to get to and from work and all the places they need to go, by making investments in roads and bridges and real transport and the like. there is also resources to make sure that everyone has access to the things that they need to thrive in this economy. broughtedband, safe drinking water, for example. and there is also investments to make sure that as people have to go to work every day, they know that they're aging or their plans are being well cared for,
1:25 pm
there is a significant investment. any family need that help to make sure their loved one is cared for so they can go to work. so it's a bold plan with a host of different investment, but all that is really targeted at broadening and deepening america's middle class and making sure that america is more competitive. we're making these investments so businesses can thrive so families can thrive. >> okay. so i talked about how the president tomorrow will be meeting with bipartisan legislatures. i want to play a little bit of senator john thune this morning on fox news in talking about whether or not a deal can actually be struck and what that deal could look like. >> if they're interested in roads and bridges and highways and perhaps broadband, there is a deal to be had there. but i think what we ought to be looking at this in terms of is having a, let's do an infrastructure bill. the president wants to do an infrastructure bill. the sort of big bold utopian
1:26 pm
european-style socialism proposal that they've laid out there is something that you try and do another time. >> there is that s-word, heather, that they like to throw around there. nonetheless, it seems as, if especially when you hear from senator john thune that they're not willing to come full throttle on this egg gain for bill. how do you see coming to a bipartisan consensus on this thing? >> reporter: well, certainly, there's conversations going on each and every day, along the senior leadership in the white house across the aisle toing the out exactly how to make this happen. but, you know, the president has been clear about two things. one, he's interested if hearing from folks and finding a path to getting this done. but he's also laid out what he sees as the priority. i think we need to remind ours that this package as proposed is
1:27 pm
popular with the american people, about 73% of americans approve of it, including 57% of republicans. and a part of what they like about it is that it addresses their economic needs. it makes sure that, yes, we have the roads and bridges and that kind of infrastructure, but we also make sure we are making these investments in safe drink water, in helping families get to work. and in making these investments to make sure that we are putting our manufacturing sector and our innovation on the path to winning the future. to making sure that we are making the investment as a nation, that we need to provide the foundation for growth for decades to come. so, you know, there is compromise and then there is, you know, compromises that are unacceptable and i think what we're looking at now is how to get to a place where everyone can come to the table and focus on what really matters to the u.s. economy and what's going to make us more competitive.
1:28 pm
zblmp. >> good luck. thank you. coming up, everybody, bad blood. the former president railed against his own party leaders at a republican fundraising event. can the gop find unity? we break it down for you. also, remembering prince philip. what we can expect ahead as covid will form scaled down services amidst a lockdown in the uk. we'll be right back. lockdown in the uk we'll be right back. nner. ahh, thank you! ready to eat? yes i am! open talenti and raise the jar. to gelato made from scratch. raise the jar to all five layers. raise the jar to the best gelato...
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welcome back, everybody. the republican infighting continues as the former president spent time at his gop last night criticizing members of his own party and continuing to perpetuate that the election was stolen from him. he called mitch mcconnell, a quote, dumb son of a b and a stone cold loser and said that he was quote disappointed when vice president pence affirmed the votes certifying biden's victory as he was
1:33 pm
constitutionally required to do so, despite his boss claiming election fraud. oddly enough in the same speech, he also called for party unity. party unity. that's what he calls for. joining us is michael steel former msnbc analyst, kimberly atkins, co-host of the #sisters podcast and msnbc contributor and democratic pollster and msnbc analyst, welcome. michael steel, michael steel, michael steel, what happened last flight, party unity? >> oh, yeah. >> what do you make of it? what are you hearing? >> well, you slam the party leadership on the one hand and you calm for unity on the other, typical trump. he was in his element. he had 400-plus people in the room. the rnc paid $100,000 to be
1:34 pm
there. there was no skin off his back. it was again a further aculturization of trump in the party and elites. mcconnell could care less at this point about what trump says about him. but it does have a negative downward pressure on the party as a whole. you are trying to set up races going into next year. you've got two big governors races this year in new jersey and virginia. so you've got to begin to focus on how you message to the american people after four years of absolute whacked out crazy. and so, it's a very hard thing to do. but that's just half the situation. the other half is what was the response of the people in the room? how -- who put up with him? did they cheer him on? continue tony dulg in the big lie ignorance of the 2020 election and blew past the effects of that on january 6th?
1:35 pm
so that still has to get played out as more leaks out of that room. we'll get to see exactly how those folks there absorbed what trump was selling, since they paid for it. >> yeah, they certainly did. kimberly, it puts republicans, especially major gop donors in a really awkward position, right? do i go and continue on the path of donald trump or do i continue with a man that is still in washington, d.c., that being mitch mcconnell? and they don't really necessarily even know the power that donald trump still wields and they won't know for some time. like we have talked over and over again on this program and this network about the power that donald trump yields in the republican party. but we don't have any real evidence to back up that claim and an election will be the only thing that does. >> right. 2022, will be the first big test of donald trump's lingering power. listen, what michael said is right.
1:36 pm
what these big money donors in the room, the folks that are footing the bill for many of these elections does matter a lot. it seems from some of the reporting that has been done that the speech, itself, turned a lot of folks in the room off. but they also admitted that lot of their folks. a lot of republicans like that. they like donald trump and what he has to say and he is still at least as of today is wielding a great deal of power. so it does put republicans in an awful position. donald trump is clearly, his motives are clear. he wants to hold onto the power of the party. he sees it as doing it the same way that he had his whole presidency, which is lashing out against anyone who is not completely loyal to him, including frubs republicans. and pushing the deadly insurrection and gob smacked that he was disappointed that mike pence did not decline to certify an election while mike
1:37 pm
pence's life was in danger during this insurrection. that's incredible. but there are people who still believe that. that's why he is still saying it. so republicans are in a position, in a terrible position, where they have to say, either we move forward or we keep donald trump at the helm. so long as we keep him at the helm, we have to keep everything that comes with it, including the big lie. >> i mean, we have video, video has emerged from january 6th of mike pence fleeing the building. 60 seconds away. we have this new audio of mike pence calling on the authorities because he knew his boss wasn't doing that even the president as you mentioned last night, the former president essentially saying it was within his constitutional duty to overturn the election results. that is blatantly false. that is blatantly not true. but that is exactly what these protesters what these insurrectionists, what these rioters were saying to me on january 6th in that they felt as if it was mike pence's duty to
1:38 pm
overturn the election results, pushing the lie that then president trump was saying. >> is is that for me? >> yes. >> that's absolutely right. donald trump is showing he will ally with anybody who is on his side, including the insurrectionists, forever people who spoke out against him like mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell is pushing big lies about election fraud now as republicans try to pass restrictive laws. donald trump is remembering what mitch mcconnell said after that election. from here on in, she an enemy. so donald trump doesn't care that's dividing the party. he wants to get everybody behind him and everybody that speaks out against him. he thinks that's the way to move forward. it's a way for him, fund raise, all of that. but it's destroying the republican party. donald trump really doesn't care. >> i want to refer you from the "new york times". i thought this was incredibly interesting, this quote. it speaks also to what joe biden
1:39 pm
is doing with when it comes to infrastructure and hitting a bipartisan mark here. it resists. it's important the republican party puts donald trump as far into the past as possible said this investor in california who has given million to gop candidates and would annual give to republican lawmakers who voted to impeach mr. trump. hef goes on, if joe biden does not insure major pieces of legislation has bipartisan support, it is he that will bear more support than any republican donors ever could for resurrecting mr. trump's political future and fortune. honestly, it's a quote i don't quite understand, this view point from this individual, because how can joe biden get things through in a bipartisan manner when republicans aren't willing to negotiate? so, in fact, it will only reignite from this guy's standpoint a donald trump power
1:40 pm
play. >> yeah, you think the quote is divorced from political reality. we know right now, because republicans have said so. just like they did when barack obama was elected president. they will not go for a single measure that will sound or be a win for biden and the democrats. so the idea that you know biden is still supposed to forcibly work with this non-existent bipartisanship is madness. you know, what you were saying earlier, the panel as well, i think it's so important to recall. five years ago when donald trump became the nominee of the republican party, many joked it was a hostile takeover of the republican party. except the only person that wasn't joking was donald trump, himself. remember, this was an individual for his entire life has done and run organizations, entities end the brand of hits own name. so when you hand over an organization that doesn't matter how long or how storied it is or made it up over the decades or centuries. when you hand it over to a
1:41 pm
narcissistic personality disorder sociopath, all bad things are going to happen. we also have to remember, whether republicans like it or not, until that new nominee is elected in the sumpter of 2024, donald trump is still the head of the republican party. it's not because he thinks so it's because every single one of the opinion polls of republicans and republican primary voters say without fail, they are in lockstep behind this man in this new incarnation of the trump republican party. if anybody believes that trump wouldn't throw the most loyal republican overboard, why don't you look at what he did to mike pence and mitch mcconnell and will do to matt gaetz once that gets hot. >> i can't help but wonder whether donald trump is trying to remain the republican party or create a whole new party altogether with what we heard yesterday? >> it's not about creating a new
1:42 pm
party, that would require work. he's not about work. so, unless there is something that's already existing that he can slap his name on it and claim he owns it, he is not about creating something new. it's, i mean, look, when you've got a compliant, complicit ill logical group of individuals who you know refuse to put on a platform because they want to wait for your final word or what they should believe, why would i go create something else when i can use these fools over here doing the bidding. that's the battle. you have crews showed up knowing everything they know about what happened in 2020 and on january 6th and they still handed over cash to donald trump. they still sat in a room. i don't care about these reports. they were turned off, they didn't buy. they were there and they applauded and they probably gave an ovacation. what else do you think he's going to do when you give him
1:43 pm
that? why would you do something else when i got that? zblfr. >> now, going to double down on it. thank you, guys. good conversation. a trial of the times, everybody, in the run coming up next. erybody, in the run coming next cheese time. ♪ ♪ yeah, it's time for grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ after we make grilled cheese, ♪ ♪ then we're eating grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ because it's time. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ time for grilled cheese. ♪ ice t, stone cold calling on everyone to turn to cold washing with tide. ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ this is a cold call! ♪ hello, my name is ice t. can you spare a few seconds to learn about cold water washing with tide? hi my name is steve. did you know washing in cold can save you $100 a year on your energy bill. why wouldn't you turn to cold? it helps the environment. what? because stone cold said so. plus, tide cleans great in cold. ♪ this was a cold call! ♪
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welcome back, everybody. as the prosecution is nearing the end of its case in the kaump trial and the defense likely beginning this week, we have all been watching intently hearing heart wrenching devastating testimony recounting the final few minutes in george floyd's life. it is an incredibly emotional trial to watch. the medical expert put it, he was trying to breathe out of his knuckle because he had nothing left. so much is riding on that video,
1:47 pm
racial justice and police brutality spawned protests across this country and hundreds of thousands of people marching in the streets. now as we watch the trial unfold, we can only anticipate what will be coming next depending on the decisions made by the jurors. but whatever is decided, racial injustice, police brutality and racism will still exist. whether chauvin is convicted or inflated. it will exist. accountability helps. but it doesn't change things. things will not change unless we address systemic racism in this country and addressing it will take years, lots of money in the hearts and minds of people that fought one way for a very long time. we think it's different, we change when, in fact, we have not and another george floyd loses his life. and it's because we have not addressed the root of the problem. it's like immigration. we yell from the rooftops, what's happening with our system? why are children held in cages, flooding the borders?
1:48 pm
when, in fact, the answer is in front of us what they are leaving behind is so much worse. yet, we continue to ignore those issues, work in tandem with their governments to make sure they have jobs, home and safety. the same is true for this country. the racism that exists in our healthcare system, the cdc finally declared racism as a public health issue. what are we doing about it? racism, jobs, infrastructure, education, schooling, community engagement, i can go on. it is cyclical, until we invest in those things, there will be another george floyd and breonna taylor and trayvon martin. this is about the long game w. we need to invest in this country for the end game of this country and the people that live in it. we'll be right back. untry and te in it. we'll be right back.
1:49 pm
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then on friday the president will welcome the prime minister of japan. this will be biden's first in-person visit with a foreign leader since taking office. then we get to saturday, prince philip will be laid to rest. i think the question really is what we can anticipate, what we can expect first over the first seven days of mourning followed by saturday and the funeral procession. >> so, details are beginning to dribble out about how the funeral will be conducted. of course, royal funerals are
1:54 pm
planned years and years in advance down to the smallest detail. but the pandemic has put page to all those long-held plans. i think in some ways, though, the funeral that prince philip is going to end up having will be much more to his taste than originally there would have been 800 or 900 people invited to the funeral. now because of the covid regulations in the uk, there will be 30 members of the royal family and close friends. the prime minister, who always would go to a senior royal wedding said earlier this week that he would give us his place so that more members of the royal family can go. there is a period of mourning. the country is in a period of mourning until the day after the funeral. the royal family themselves will then have another week or so of mourning. the queen hasn't been seen yet. but she did celebrate the mass today in private.
1:55 pm
she is a woman of deep and intense faith. but other members of the royal family were seen publicly going to church today, and some of them did comment to the press and the public. >> so there is two major kind of outlying issues with all of this. one is prince harry and meghan markle. and the second is prince andrew. we actually heard from prince andrew earlier today. we played some of that sound. i guess my first question on prince andrew, were you surprised they were allowed to speak out about his father's death, considering the public-faced turmoil that he has been through over the last year and his connection to epstein? >> yes. i think it was very interesting that, as you said, he was allowed perhaps even encouraged to speak out. one of the things to note, though, is that for everything that we think about prince andrew, he is the queen's favorite child. i know that might seem a little surprising. and he will be giving her a lot
1:56 pm
of support in private. as you said, he spoke publicly today about how she is saying that she's contemplative and the gap that's been left by his father and talking about the nation had lost a grandfather of the nation. he will have a different role in the funeral than he would have had was he still a full member of the working member of the royals. >> and we are learning now that prince harry will in fact be traveling to pay tribute to his grandfather. however, meghan markle will not be able to attend because the complications that she has faced in the past because of her pregnancy. daisy mcandrews, thanks for talking to us. that wraps up the hour for me yasmin vossoughian. going to turn it over now to
1:57 pm
reverend al sharpton and "politicsnation" after a quick break. break. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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♪♪ . good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, results versus nonsense. while one of our two major political parties is focused on governing and


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