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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  April 10, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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my friend lindsay riser is in for alex witt. hey, lindsay. >> hey, tiffany. thank you. >> i'm looking forward to your show today. i understand you have a big interview. >> we do. we have a lot going on. the latest on capitol hill with representative matt gaetz and the latest on the funeral arrangement for prince philip. all of that and more. >> looking forward to it. thanks, lindsay. ♪♪ ♪♪ good day from msnbc world headquarters in new york. it's noon in the east, 9:00 out west. this is alex witt reports. i'm lindsay riser. alex is off. breaking news this hour. new information on the funeral memorials for prince philip as the commonwealth mourns his death and condolences pour in from all over the world today for queen elizabeth's husband of more than 70 years. just a short time ago a traditional 41-gun salute for the prince. covering the reagan developments for us, msnbc's correspondent
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kelly cobiella and raf sanchez. palace officials released new information on these funeral arrangements. what have you learned? >>. >> lindsay, that's right. palace officials have just confirmed prince philip's funeral will take place next saturday, april 17 here at windsor castle. those same palace officials confirming prince harry will attend his grandfather's funeral. he is flying in from california and in a week today we will see him standing alongside his father, prince william, his father, prince charles and the queen. for the first sometime since that explosive interview. meghan will not be attending the funeral and she is pregnant with the couple's second child and the doctors have advised her against traveling.
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prince harry will be at the funeral. meghan will not. we are learning just how scaled back this funeral is going to be in line with britain's covid guidelines. the entire funeral will take place behind castle walls. the public will not be able to attend and the palace is urging members of the public don't gather outside. you won't be able to see anything. only 30 guests will be allowed inside st. george's chapel for the funeral service itself. palace officials say it will take place in line with covid guidelines. that may mean the queen and other royals wearing masks as they lay prince philip to rest. the funeral will take place at 3:00 p.m. and there will be a national moment of silence and we are learning prince philip and original to the end. his coffin will be carried in a specially modified land rover that he himself had a hand in designing before his death. so later in the week we are
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expecting to learn more about details like eulogies, music and things like that. so still more to come. lindsay? >> raf, the entire world was waiting to hear what the duke and duchess of sussex would, in fact, do. these new, late-breaking details that we are learning that prince harry will be there at his grandfather's memorial. right now, what is the quick reaction? just minutes ago, we are getting this development and what is the reaction so far and what is the significance of this? >> i think people are pleased to hear that prince harry will be there to attend the funeral of a man who was a major influence in his life. you know, prince philip walked alongside a very young prince harry and prince william behind their own mother's princess diana's coffin and it's a feeling that it's appropriate that prince harry will be back here, despite all of the tensions that we've seen with the royal family over the last few months. i think people feel it's
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appropriate to pay final respects to his grandfather the duke of edinboro. lindsay? >> let's go to nbc's kelly cobiella outside buckingham palace where thousands of people have gathered to pay their respects even though the royal family is saying please keep a distance because of the pandemic. what are people telling you? also, what are we hearing from the royal family? >> lindsay, this is a nation in mourning and it is also a family in mourning. over the past 24 hours or so, the queen's children have been rallying around her. prince charles visited windsor castle yesterday. we saw prince edward and his wife sophie the counties of essix as they left, and sophie spoke to reporters saying the queen has been amazing. sophie, who we have it say,
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looked emotional with tears in her eyes. this was a difficult moment and they were incredibly close to prince philip. of course, he was on in years and a lot of this was expected at some point, but still, this is a tough time for them. it is also a tough time for the nation. you've seen the crowds behind me at buckingham palace and people are coming to windsor castle, as well and despite the pleas from the palace to stay away and to abide by government rules regarding social distancing. people really felt that this man was a part of their lives for so many years. he was a part of public service for decades. take a listen to what some of what people had to say. >> i brought yellow roses for friendship because i think that's what he exhibited to everyone who came into his world. he was an admirable man. >> i think he'll be remembered as a public servant, an inspiration and you know, i
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think of him and the queen and a wonderful love story that they had for 73 years of marriage. >> what a loyal guy. i mean, the guy had a top career in the royal navy, and he gave it up to be the number two to his wife. nice guy. i always liked him. prince philip was a decorated world war ii veteran. he spent 14 years in the navy before giving up his own career in order to serve his wife, the queen and we're not just seeing people here at buckingham palace and at windsor castle and there are tributes still coming in around the world and tributes here and it's saturday and it's a sports day and game day, football game, soccer games and rugby games around the country, players, coaches, observing a moment of silence for this man who many in this country considered the country's father, the country's grandfather. lindsay? >> kelly, so behind you, it's
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5:06 p.m. local time where you are and you can see people straggling behind you even though there are these pandemic warnings in europe and cases continuing to increase, but on a given saturday evening right now, are you seeing a larger crowd than you normally would for people paying their respects? >> oh, most definitely. this is not what lockdown london would look like on a typical saturday. i was noting yesterday, actually, as i was out here that it almost felt like pre-pandemic tourist london. there were that many people gathered here at buckingham palace and it was for one reason only. it was because of this feeling of grief for prince philip and maybe -- i think some people may have been surprised by just the reaction to his death. again, a lot of people felt that this was coming close because of his recent hospitalization and because of his age, 99 years old and just two months shy of his 100th birthday, but still, his
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death has struck a cord with a lot of people and yeah, you can see it in the crowd size. this is not typical of what we've been seeing in the days prior to his death. >> excellent perspective there as our royal expert put it to me, nobody really remembers life without prince philip in it because he is 99, but now we're all living that. kelly cobiella, thank you. of course, our coverage is going to continue. we are getting late-breaking details of what we can expect and be sure to stick withmsnbc reports and we'll be covering the funeral as well. congressman matt gaetz on the defense as the federal probe against the florida lawmaker intensifies and gaetz who is now under investigation by the house ethics committee is once again denying these allegations calling them a smear. >> i'm built for the battle and i'm not going anywhere. when you see the anonymous sources and insiders forecasting
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my demise, know this. they aren't really coming for me. they're coming for you. >> it comes as other prominent republicans are flocking to palm beach, florida, for an rnc retreat and looming large former president donald trump, tonight trump allies and donors are set to meet behind the gold-plated doors of mar-a-lago to discuss the gop's future and hear from the former president. meanwhile, in minneapolis, new and stark details emerging on what precisely caused george floyd's death after hearing from medical witnesses. the medical examiner, dr. andrew baker said while fentanyl and heart disease contributed to floyd's death, police restraint was the main cause. coming up, i'll talk to a forensic doctor on what this means for the case. >> first, we head back to washington after signing a slew of executive orders this week,
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president biden is shifting his focus back to infrastructure. the president will be meeting on bipartisan members of congress as he tries to sell his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. more on matt gaetz and new response on him with the federal probe as criminal allegations intensifies. ali vitale, what is matt gaetz saying about these accusations? >> he is back on his home turf and in front of a friendly crowd about an hour from where i am just outside of miami for an event last night and it was the first time we've heard from him and even though he's mired scandal it's clear congressman gaetz said he's not backing down. >> and i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: florida congressman matt gaetz defiant and doubling down in the face of allegations that he was involved in sex trafficking and that he had sex with a 17-year-old girl. >> i won't be extorted by a former doj officials and the
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crooks he is working with. the truth will prevail. >> headlining an event for a pro-trump women's group. >> take the words of margaret thatcher to heart. if you want something said, get a man. if you want something done, hire a woman. >> gaetz, speaking the same day the house ethics committee announced it had opened an investigation into his actions not just on sex trafficking, but also over allegations he showed nude images on the house floor and misused campaign funds. the congressman's heavily pro-woman message comes after a gaetz associate, joel greenberg was arraigned on an array of charges this week, including sex trafficking of a minor which drew the fed's attention to gaetz. federal prosecutors and greenberg's attorney telling the judge they expect a plea and not to go to trial. >> i'm sure matt gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today. >> gaetz, a close ally of former president donald trump, has hired attorneys and outside perk
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r firm to manage the scandal. gaetz will fight back against the unfounded allegations. gaetz has not been charged with any crime and has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. still, calls for him to leave congress including from republican adam kinzinger who said gaetz needs to resign. while gaetz deploys the trump playbook doubling down in the face of scandal, republican allies have been hard to find. female staffers in gaetz's office said they never witnessed a hint of improp righty, however, the statement did not include their names. trump has been subdued offering only a reminder of gaetz's denials. gaetz taking it as a clear sign of support, blasting out a fund-raising email asking supporters to help trump and i fight back against another media hoax. >> and, lindsay, it's not just that congressman gaetz is taking a page in the trump playbook in the way he's mounting this
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public defense of himself and his legal defense team has hallmarks of donald trump, as well. one of the lawyers is someone representing the trump organization in ongoing civil and criminal investigations in the state of new york as well as one of the outside spokespeople who have been added to this team. she's a former apprentice contestant, not just a similar trump defense from the former president time and time again in the face of scandal, but this trump ally now bringing in some of those same people who have been in trump's orbit as the former president defends him, although in a more subdued way than we're used to hearing from trump. ali vitale, thanks for the latest on that. >> i'll be speaking with former congresswoman katie hill whom gaetz defended, but she's calling him out for invoking her name in his defendant. let's turn to monica alba in d.c. this week has been busy. the president invoking actions, what are some he's putting
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place? >> when it comes to gun reform and gun safety, lindsay, this is something candidate joe biden pledged to do on his first day in office and that is not what happened after he was elected because the coronavirus pandemic worsened so intensely over those last few months before he took office, of course, and so instead in the midst of the first 100 days, this was something that he wanted to propose as common sense gun control in his own words, but it was in the wake of those mass shootings in colorado, georgia, and california that the biden white house felt more urgency to act and this is what the president himself concedes is not an issue that will be solved overnight and that is why he has asked his justice department and his attorney general to take a look at rules that would help to eliminate what's known as ghost guns. these are weapons that don't have serial numbers. they're untraceable and they're very concerned about the prolive ragsz of those and they're also asking the doj to take a look at putting forth other model
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language on things like ret flag laws and it those who are seeking a weapon to raise the alarm there so they can get access to that kind of a weapon. this is a wide approach and not just dealing with mass shootings the president said in the rose garden this week and they're trying to tackle gun violence prevention within communities. this is a difficult issue on capitol hill and they're stalled in the senate and earlier today, we had democratic congressman jim clyburn talking to our own ali velshi about why he sees a need to be so pressing right now. >> it is determined that 90% of all gun purchases are approved within seconds, but another 97% are within a three-day period. 3% for outside of the three-day
9:16 am
period and what we found is in that 3%, a lot of people, a vast majority of that 3% are people who get the guns who are not deserving of having them, who are not qualified to have them and many of them go out and commit murders like this gentleman did in charleston. >> president biden has really urged congress and lawmakers to try to come together and work on something in a bipartisan fashion. they will see if that's possible on a parallel track, but as you know, lindsay, the president has put his capital behind the infrastructure and jobs plan and something like the issue of gun safety and gun reform likely will take a lot longer than that. the other piece of this is that the president did put forward his nominee to lead the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, but in the last few years he's been working for a gun control group and some are concerned about putting someone
9:17 am
like that in a permanent position and there hasn't been anyone in that role, and he faces an uphill climb on capitol hill. >> thanks for getting us up to speed at the white house. >> two weeks after the derek chauvin trial. what testimony has had the most impact? coming up, we ask a forensic pathologist. that's next. a forensic pathologist. that's next. kraft. for the win win. clara didn't believe gain scent beads could make her sheets smell amazing days later. boy was she surprised! and the more nights that go by, the more surprised she gets. her husband is surprised too. gain scent beads antibacterial or moisturizing body wash? definitely moisturizer! antibacterial can i have both? new dove care & protect body wash eliminates 99% of bacteria and moisturizes for hours two for one!
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new details today in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. court is in recess until monday, but many jurors are spending the weekend mulling over the most contentious issue in this case. precisely what caused george floyd's death on may 25th last year? testimony from current and former hennepin county medical examiners closed out the second week of the trial and are dominating the headlines. the star of this week's hearings, this autopsy report from pathologist andrew balker, the prosecution addressing
9:22 am
head-on the presence of narcotics in floyd's system. megan fitzgerald joins us from minneapolis. megan, what can you tell us? >> lindsay, we know the prosecution early on in the trial established the fact that george floyd suffered from an opioid addiction and the day that he died he took drug, but the question was did he die from drugs? was that the cause? and the chief medical examiner from hennepin county and several experts testified it did not and that the actions of law enforcement officers is what caused his death. i want you to hear the testimony from this week. >> in my opinion the law enforcement subdural restraint is just more than what mr. floyd can take because of the heart conditions. mr. floyd's use of fentanyl did not cause the sur dural restraint. >> do you have an opinion to a reasonable degree of medical
9:23 am
certainty, that mr. floyd wouldn't have died that night would he been -- >> there is no evidence he would have died that night except for the actions of law enforcement. >> that's certainly damning testimony from the defense who is trying to convince the jury that george floyd died of an overdose and the pre-existing conditions and not the knee that was on his neck for 9:29. we know the prosecution is getting ready to rest their case as early as next week and then, of course, the defense will call its first witness. lindsay? >> megan fitzgerald, still a lot to look to in this trial. joining me now is paul butler, former federal prosecutor and board certified forensic pathologist dr. pria banerji. thank you for being with us. first to you, the autopsy cites
9:24 am
floyd's heart condition as a factor in his death and we just heard megan say and we heard testimony there from the medical examiners say it was not the cause. how do you think that will play among jurors? >> the autopsy says the cause of floyd's death was failure of his heart and lungs. it does not use the word asphyxia which is the prosecution's theory. so far all of the medical experts except dr. baker also say asphyxia. the defense is trying to exploit this to tell the jury if these well-qualified experts can't agree, that's reasonable doubt, but mr. -- or dr. baker's testimony didn't give the defense much to work with. he reinforced what all of the other medical experts said that but for his encounter with chauvin, george floyd would not have died on memorial day 2020 and that's why his report lists floyd's death as a homicide. >> dr. banerji can you pick up
9:25 am
on that and tell me the difference between what dr. baker was say which is failure of heart and lungs and asphyxia was not on the official death certificate and what the former medical examiner who trained him said it was, in fact, asphyxia? >> so, i'd like to think of asphyxia as a very broad category and given this complex interaction with police, i actually -- i should step back and say i agree with them both, you know, and the thing that dr. baker didn't use was this one word, asphyxia, but he was much more descriptive in his cause of death and that subdual restraint compression of the neck, that all contributed to an asphyxial restraint and that's when i look at that cause of death that's how i interpret it.
9:26 am
it's like picking and choosing words and what you're getting at would mr. floyd have died other than with this police interaction and the answer is no. >> on the second week of the prosecution's case brought out a detailed and painstaking breakdown of george floyd's final moments and here's lung specialist dr. martin tobin. >> on the right image you see his knuckle against the tire, and to most people this doesn't look terribly significant, but to a physiologist this is extraordinarily significant because this tells you that he has used up his resources and he is now literally trying to breathe with his fingers and knuckles. >> you can see his eyes, he's conscious and then you see that he isn't. that's the moment the life goes out of his body. >> i'll put this question to
9:27 am
both of you. paul, first you and then dr. banerjee, is this critical for the jury to know exactly the moment that george floyd died? >> the testimony was very graphic, and in a way designed to sear an impression into each juror's mind and it almost paints a picture of torture so the prosecutors will use this testimony to try to get chauvin convicted of murder rather than manslaughter. they want to persuade jurors that floyd's death was not based on chauvin's negligence, but rather chauvin's criminal intent do harm to mr. floyd. >> dr. banerjee? >> yeah. so determining time of death in our field is an essential component which we usually don't have such a detailed account of. you know, given that we can really see mr. floyd's actions and reactions and really hone down on it, i think dr. tobin,
9:28 am
you know, answers a critical question and that that's why we can tie it back to the subdual restraint and compression as dr. baker said. to me, this is the nail in the coffin, if you will. this is the utmost important testimony to really pin the actions of officer chauvin leading to mr. floyd's death. >> let's listen to dr. tobin's assessment of the pressure that derek chauvin applied to floyd's body. >> the toe of his boot is no longer touching the ground. this means that all of his body weight is being directed down at mr. floyd's neck. it's like the left side is in a vise. it's totally being pushed in, squeezed in from each side from the street at the bottom and then from the way that the handcuffs are manipulated and it
9:29 am
was almost to the effect as if a surgeon had gone in to remove the lung. >> dr. banerjee, can you break down those comments? >> that's the mechanism. if we want to attribute his death to officer chauvin's reaction, we have to explain what the physiologic disturbances are and why it would limit his breathing and it's that pressure of a grown man on his torso, his neck and pushing against the hard ground that limits mr. floyd's breathing and so this, to me, again was a very simple, but clear explanation of the actions and how they contributory cause mr. floyd's death. >> and paul, the last question to you, of course, it is very difficult for everybody to be listening to this trial, and we have to remember that george floyd's family is in the courtroom. they're listening. they're paying close attention and one of his family members told one of our camera crews,
9:30 am
how many experts do we need to hear from, at some point i'm paraphrasing here, enough is enough. why is it important to hear not just from one medical examiner, but from multiple experts. >> the defense does not have to prove anything in this case. all they have to do is poke holes in the prosecution's case in order to create reasonable doubt. the defense is based on the idea that officer chauvin literally did not kill mr. floyd, that mr. floyd died of pre-existing medical conditions and a drug overdose. so the prosecution has to present as many witnesses as the judge will allow in order to persuade the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that it's officer chauvin who is responsible criminally for mr. floyd's death. >> paul butler. dr. priia banerjee, thank you for your time. >> need to know that donald
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minus the traditional markups. ♪♪ a volcano has rumbled back to life on the caribbean island of st. vincent. the second of three eruptions so far spewed ash 50,000 feet into the air. geologists expect more eruptions, possibly even bigger one, too. at least 15,000 people have been evacuated and it is the volcano's first eruption since 1979. as republican donors flock to palm beach this weekend to discuss the future of the gop and what role the former president will play in it, new reporting from "the washington post" suggests it is still very much donald trump's party, writing all republican roads lead to mar-a-lago. joining me right now to discuss
9:34 am
zerlina maxwell and kurt bardella from the house oversight committee. hello to both of you. zerlina, donors are discussing the future of the party and doing so with the candidate who lost. is it a good strategy to go all in on trump in 2022 and 2024? >> no, it's definitely not a smart strategy mainly because of the point that you mentioned. they lost by 7 million votes. so if you go backwards, if you go back to donald trump, sure, he received 74 million votes and that's a lot of people, but it's not enough, and so you see the response from the republican party on the state level, the state parties are passing bills and laws that suppress the voters that potentially made up a lot of that 7 million margin that donald trump lost by because they believe that the election was rigged and stolen from donald trump which, as we
9:35 am
know now, is a lie. additionally, i think republicans are a little bit in disarray because they don't have a policy platform and they're not going to talk with donald trump, and they're going there to praise him and do the thing that they used to do at the cabinet meetings where they say something complimentary about donald trump and that is going to hurt them in the long term. in the short term, can they suppress enough votes to pull out certain congressional races and in states that are closer? sure, but that's not a long-term strategy. so they're in between a rock and a hard place. >> kurt, a new gallup poll shows more republicans than democrats. 49% of adults say they're independent with democratic leanings throughout the first quarter of this year so far. so, kurt, what do you attribute this to, and what does that mean
9:36 am
for your former party? >> well, i think that it shows that in a party that is building its entire foundation on white nationalists and outwardly racist rhetoric policies that that is something that overall the american people reject. this is not a country that by and large, wants to be for an overtly white nationalist platform or political party. and so this is the problem that the republican party has in the long run and this is where zerlina is right, where in the short run it might pick up a few seats here and there and we may be the minority, and the u.s. census bureau estimates that more people of color will outnumber white people in this country. that means the path the republican party is on is a permanent path toward electoral failure and this is why they're bending over backward trying to rig the game before it's played. when the plain field is level, when everyone can vote and participate in our process they
9:37 am
lose. that's why they're doing everything they can to try to suppress communities of color from voting. >> per zerlina's comment that really, they don't have, for example, an infrastructure plan currently, what do you see as agenda items that they could be talking about? is it saying culture wars seem to be getting headlines for us and a fanatic base? we'll stick with that. >> well, it tells you so much that they're spending all their energy talking about things like dr. seuss and boycotting baseball or coca-cola, and not talking about the things that there is overwhelming support from american people on, things like infrastructure, things like covid relief and vaccines. they've taken a position and a posture where it's no on everything from gun reform to environmental reform to clean energy, to technology -- technological development, to democracy and voting to balancing the scales of oppression in this country and they're against everything and
9:38 am
ultimately, you cannot build a party that can be successful when all that you do is say no and the other party gets to claim victory after victory and demonstrate to the american people things that they're doing every day that make their lives better. >> zerlina, congressman matt gaetz spoke to a pro-trump group describing himself as a champion of women all while under federal investigation for sex trafficking and there was a statement from the women in his office supporting him and it wasn't signed by any of them. what do you make of that? >> well, we have to put a stop to this entire practice of if you're accused of sexual misconduct or misbehavior as a man that you get all of the women that you know that you have not abused to sign a letter or some sort of statement saying he's a really nice guy. that's not how this works. you have to look at what the women are saying that he is alleged to have engaged in inappropriate conduct with and in this case, we're not talking
9:39 am
about, you know, a joke at the office. we are talking about something really serious, and i think we need to hone in on the fact that as much as this story has salacious details and talk of sugar daddies, what we are talking about in this case with matt gaetz, he is under investigation for human trafficking of a minor across state lines. that is a very serious charge. this investigation appears to be unfolding any he has a lot of trouble coming up soon if the reports are true that joel greenberg, according to his attorney, is planning to make a deal, and i think that the more we learn about this case, the more we're going to be disturbed by the details coming out because we're talking about something that is very serious. it's not a laughing matter in any way, shape or form. >> gaetz has denied very serious allegations. he hasn't been charged yet and the allegations are ongoing. let's listen to what some of what gaetz said yesterday.
9:40 am
>> after the russia hoax and the knockoff ukraine impeachment sequel and an election that was stolen as a consequence of illegal, last-minute changes to the rules. folks have sort of gotten to know that i'll take on the establishment of both parties and i wouldn't have it any other way. i won't be intimidated by the media and i won't be extorted by former doj officials and the crooks he is working with. the truth will prevail. >> some of what he says there is pretty familiar hearing words of hoax, kurt. he's digging his heels in. he's refusing to resign. is this a new page in the playbook here, the new strategy is just deny, deny, deny? >> well, it seems more like back to the future here. he's taking what has been the donald trump playbook for the last four years and trying to adopt it himself. i think the problem is there's going to be evidence, there's going to be testimony and
9:41 am
irrefutable facts coming out here and the pressure now is on the rest of his republican colleagues. how much longer will they let matt sit on the committee. how much comfortable are they comfortable having matt gaetz with credible accusations coming forward here and have him have this position in ko conference in a caucus. how comfortable are they inviting him to participate in florida in the longer that this goes on, the more information that comes out, the worse and worse it looks for his republican colleagues right now by letting him participate and letting him sit on the judiciary committee and they are enabling someone that they know is guilty of bad conduct. >> kurt bardella, thank you so much for joining us and zerlina maxwell. make sure to catch "zerlina" at 6:00 eastern on the peacock leaning channel, the choice. president biden's executive orders on gun control are not enough, but they appear to be
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enough to inspire some people to take serious action. we'll tell you about that next. we'll tell you about that next and it's a long flight too. once we get there, we will need... buttercup! ♪
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there is no letup in the outcry over georgia's new voting law today. protesters gathered outside the augusta national golf club on this third day of the legendary masters golf tournament. black church leaders in georgia had called for a boycott of the masters. the protest was billed as stop
9:46 am
jim crow 2.0 because of the new law's voting restrictions. this afternoon there's new reaction to president biden's executive actions to combat gun violence in america. the move comes after a year in which firearms sales skyrocketed and biden's proposals could cause yet another spike. nbc's scott cohn joins me from a gun range in san jose, california. scott, usually, when we hear potential rumblings of new executive orders we do typically see people rushing out to the stores. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. that is certainly happening and this is where you will find a lot of gun owners on a saturday at the range. the reaction for the biden orders and proposals, some of it is about what you'd expect, but there also are slivers of common ground. we spoke with the national shooting sports foundation, lesser known than the nra, but that's the industry's main trade group. for example, they say they are not necessarily opposed to strengthening the national
9:47 am
background check system and as far as the president's particular actions that were announced this week, we can go through those. they're concerned about the restrictions on so-called ghost gun, the guns that are made by parts and the idea of putting serial numbers on them saying that could infringe on hobbyists who have been building guns this way for decades, if not longer and not necessarily practical because the whole process of machining these guns tends to obliterate those serial numbers. as far as stabilizing gun braces like the one used in the semiautomatic pistol in the shooting in boulder, colorado, last month. they say that those products are already very popular and that's not likely to change the trajectory of mass shootings. as far as red flag laws, they say they are not necessarily opposed to that as long as the due process provisions are strong enough. they are also concerned, though, about the provisions regarding the bureau tobacco and firearms.
9:48 am
they are concerned of politicizing that agency. one thing we do know and we mentioned this a moment ago is that people are buying guns and ammunition in a huge way. take a look at the statistics for the latest background check statistics for the fbi. in just the first three months of this year, we're running at twice the rate that we were running at all of 2019. industry experts say it has to do with certainly with the pandemic, with the civil unrest from last summer, and now the prospect of more gun regulations and the national shooting sports foundation says that this is likely continue now with the products that the president has targeted. >> undoubtedly, the president's comments this week are going to drive sales and certain categories and no question that people will seek to purchase 80%
9:49 am
and so-called ghost guns before they're outlawed or banned and ar pistols with arm braces which are already very popular. i'm sure they're going to go up, as well. >> by the way, the nsf does not have a problem with that, not just because they're the industry trade group, but they believe more guns in the hands of people makes this society safer. >> thank you for your reporting today. the calls for a 9/11-style commission to investigate the capitol attack have been ongoing since that dark day, but now there is a new bipartisan push to accomplish that. i'll speak to somebody who signed on to that effort next. and in an emergency, they need a network that puts them first. that connects them to technology, to each other, and to other agencies. that's why at&t built firstnet with and for first responders
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♪ ♪ ♪ at this hour an ambitious approach to get people vaccinated, it began at 5:00
9:52 am
p.m. for appointments and walk-ins. >> i think it is really important because we are bringing the vaccine to folks in the community, in a community that some people aren't as comfortable yet. >> the more people get vaccinated to get life back to normal. >> by the time the vax-a-thon ends at 5:00, they hope to vaccinate 100 people. since the capitol riot the urgency is growing to investigate the attack. 140 former military and national security of elected officials on both sides of the aisle are calling on congress to create a bipartisan 9/11-style commission to investigate the january 6th insurrection. joining me now is one of the people who signed on to that letter, former florida congressman carlos carbello and making me jealous not once, but twice today as we spoke earlier
9:53 am
this morning. good to see you again. what compelled you to sign this letter? did you and your colleagues think that nothing would happen until you took a stand? >> well, lindsay, it's just that everything gets politicized these days and -- look, after 9/11 our leaders at the time decided we're going to set politics aside. we're going to find the truth and we're going to learn, as a country and as the country's leaders from this horrible tragedy. well, the 6th of january is right up there 9/11, if not worse because we were attacked by american citizens. it was an act of domestic terrorism and not foreign terrorism. so we should take the same approach and we should take all of the politics out of it. focus on the facts, figure out what went wrong and figure out what led to the 6th of january and we have a pretty good ideal ready, but have a sober, serious
9:54 am
report that the american people and its leaders can learn from. that's what this situation merits. it should be treated at least as seriously and as solemnly as our leaders treated 9/11. >> the 9/11 commission got bipartisan acceptance and all of the reforms were signed into law and in this current climate is it broadly accepted to have a bipartisan consensus when it comes to the facts in this case? >> i think it would be difficult, but at the very least, we need to try and at the very least the american people need to see which members of congress are willing to contribute to speak the truth, to observe the facts and recognize them. we have to go through this process, if we don't go through this process and if we try to forget what happened on the 6th of january it will likely happen again. we've been very blessed that we
9:55 am
took 9/11 so seriously that we've never seen, thank god, another attack like that against our homeland. again, that should be our same approach when it comes to the 6th of january. it has to be a never again mentality and if we're going to achieve that never again, we have to find the truth and accept it on a bay partisan, non-partisan basis. >> in his former book, former republican house speaker john boehner is ripping into former president biden for his role in the capitol riot. in an excerpt obtained by "the new york times," he incited that bloody insurrection from nothing else for selfish reasons for an election he lost the previous november. do you wish he'd spoken up a little sooner? >> well, always -- we tend to see people after they leave office being a bit more candid and a bit more honest.
9:56 am
john boehner, to his credit, has been pretty outspoken and certainly in the wake of the 6th of january we needed more voices and more republicans speaking up saying what donald trump is doing is wrong. the lie that he's propagating is dangerous. so, look, better late than never, but we need people to step up at the right time, when they're needed and by the way, that time is still now. we still need to fix this democracy. we still need to figure out what's wrong in our country, and i welcome former speaker boehner's candor, his honesty and we need more from many others. >> i have to ask you something a guest in the show said in response to your fellow floridian congressman matt gaetz, he's reporting for the first time since the reports of the doj, that he had sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl and paid her for traveling with him. he has not been charged with a
9:57 am
crime, but just a few minutes ago, kurt bardella said how much longer can his colleagues tolerate that he's sitting on the judiciary committee, the very committee that overlooks the justice department department investigating him? your thoughts? >> well, look, certainly matt gaetz deserves due process like every american does whether they're in congress or not. however, there is precedent that while numbers are under doj investigation they are removed from committees. it happened in the senate just a few years ago with the democratic senator who was under investigation had to leave his post on a committee, and certainly, if we don't get any clarity here soon, either congressman gaetz should agree to step down or house republican leaders should do the right thing and say, hey, at least while this investigation is ongoing give him the serious happens of the charges, we'll ask you to sit on the sidelines. if you're exxon rated, of course, you'll be welcomed back
9:58 am
and that would be the prudent thing to do. >> congressman, they so much. it seems like a bold move from president biden, a commission to expand the prospects of the supreme court. an expert on the high court will tell us what the chances of it happening and his answer might surprise you. new reports from britain with new information as we get it on the plans to honor prince philip. i'm draymond green with my subway sub with tender steak and melty cheese. my sub is gonna dunk all over your sub. excuse me? my sub has bacon. choose better be better and now save when you order in the app. subway eat fresh. but not jayson's sub. we started with computers. we didn't stop at computers. we didn't stop at storage or cloud.
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