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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  April 6, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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study makes is this is criminal violence, not political violence. these aren't going anywhere, because they're putting pressure to bear on standard or traditional conceptions of what this country is or what it's supposed to be. this political violence, lawrences isn't going anywhere. that's the warning that we see. >> professor eddie glaude and professor christina greer, thank you very much for joining us tonight. "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts right now. good evening once again. i'm ali velshi in for brian williams. there is breaking news about trump act lite matt gaetz. now under investigation for possible sex trafficking. tonight "the new york times" reveals gaetz was looking to get a blanket pardon from president
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trump. quote, in the final weeks of president trump's term, he asked the white house for blanket preemptive pardons for himself and unidentified congressional allies for any crimes they may have committed. justice department investigators had begun questioning mr. gaetz's associates about his conduct, including whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old that violated sex trafficking laws. mr. gaetz did not tell white house aides he was under investigation for potential sex trafficking violations when he made the request. aides told mr. trump of the request, though, it's unclear whether mr. gaetz discussed the matter directly with the president. the "times" add the white house quickly rejected gates and a spokesman said gaetz did not question a pardon yet in the
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final weeks of trump presidency, this florida congressman did make this curious suggestion. >> president trump should pardon michael flynn, he should pardon the thanksgiving turkey, he should pardon everyone from himself to his administration officials to joe exotic if you have to, because you see from the radical left a blood lust that will only be quenched if they come after the people who worked so hard to animate the trump administration with the policies, the vigor, the effectiveness that work for the american people, so i think the president ought to wield that power effectively and robustly. >> ironically, the reporting comes as trump and his allies are trying to put distance between trump and matt gaetz and that trump ignore anyone in his
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circumstancele is rushing to defend gaetz. gaetz appears to be fundraising off the controversy an email to supporters he accused the media of, quote, publishing lies to drag me down and trying to drag my dating life into their political attacks. on the pandemic front, the white house is now racing to get as many shots into arm as possible. we're now in the fourth straight week of rising infections as states continue to roll back restrictions on gathering and events. late today president biden announced he's bumping up his deadline by two weeks for states to make all adults in the united states eligible for vaccines. >> we're still in a life and death race against this virus. on march 11th, i announced that i was opening up all vaccination sites to all adults by may 1st. we're moving that date up from may 1st to april 19th nationwide, and every part of this country, every adult over
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the age of 18, 18 or older, will be eligible to be vaccinated. no more confusing rules. no more confusing restrictions. >> right now about half the states allow anyone 16 and up to get a shot. as of tonight, just over 17% of americans or adults have been fully vaccinated. thes is now averaging over 3 million vaccinations a day. just before biden's announcement this afternoon, the governor of california, the state that reported the most cases in the u.s. said it would fully re-open jien 15th, about ten weeks from now. meanwhile there's a growing debate over a potential vaccine passport. today the texas governor greg abbott banned them in his state and a similar mandate came from florida's governor. there's also news concerning fallout from georgia restricting voter access. major league baseball announced
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the all-star game will be play in the denver following it removal over the georgia law. mitch mcconnell, traditionally a big supporter for corporate free speech slammed them for speak out against the law. >> republicans drink coca-cola, too. and we fly and we like baseball. this is a pretty competitive political environment in america, as i just pointed out -- a 50/50 senate. if i were running a major corporation, i'd stay out of politics. i think this is quite stupid to jump in the middle of a highly controversial issue. >> this afternoon the president was asked if the pga masters tournament should also leave georgia. >> i think that's up to the masters. it is reassuring to see that
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for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. there's another side to it, too. the other side to it, too, is when they in fact move out of georgia, the people who need help the most, people who are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most. >> with that let's bring in our leadoff guests on this tuesday night. ashley parker, white house bureau chief for the "the washington post." katie vedder for "the new york times." she has been reporting on the gaetz controversy since "the new york times" first broke the sorry, and my good pretend and partner stephanie ruhle with us, host of the 9:00 a.m. eastern hour of msnbc.
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welcome to all three. katie, let's start with you and the news that matt gaetz may have been sniffing around for a pardon. do you have some sense of what the time line was? was he aware the justice department was looking into his affairs at that point when he asked for the pardon? do you know if they're connected? >> what's so interesting at the time line is we saw bill war last february saying, anything that -- we will take a pause on those and not revisit them, not take any obvious investigative steps until after the election. remember, the election was not officially called for biden until after november. you do not see the fbi taking steps like interviewing witnesses on any of these investigations until after that time, and that is right around the team that matt gaetz starts talking about pardons, these blanket pardons. we don't know how much he knew, and we don't know if the white
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house was informed but we know he felt like this would be a good idea and people in the white house ultimately pushed back saying a preemptive pardon would be going too far. >> who else knew about this? we know the attorney general knew about it. we know donald trump was consulted about the pardon, but do we know how sort of well known this issue around matt gaetz was? >> we don't know how well known the issue around matt gaetz was, but we know by december the fbi started to interview witnesses. so no matter how well known it was, you can assume that as more witnesses were interviewed sort of around the holidays and later and through january that that would have gotten back somehow to people close to matt gaetz if he was paying attention to his own friends and colleagues. >> ashley, let's talk about matt gaetz and his influence. he seemed to be highly flule in the trump circle. he was elected to the house of
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representatives in 2016. he does not seem to have been a stalwart within party ranks. but he was well known on tv. he was out there being pretty trumpian for the last few years. >> that's exactly right. your summation is pretty dead on. matt gaetz is someone who once the trump era started you looked up on cable news and saw him there. who else saw him there was president trump, and that's really how their relationship started. the president calling matt gaetz after some of his tv hits where he was a very vocal defenders, even on some of the controversial issues where the president didn't have. that defenders and that's where the bond really formed. matt gaetz, he writes in his book that he took calls from donald trump and donald trump is someone who is known to pick up his phone much to the chagrin of
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his aides and call at all times, in nightclubs, while in his car, while sleeping and the relationship went from there. gaetz is someone who road maga world for all it was worth. >> stephanie, for those people in washington not thinking about matt gaetz and thinking about this infrastructure bill, the president is working to win over lawmakers on this. there also some response from corporate america. i want to read you this quote from jeff bezos and amazon. he said we support the biden administration's -- both democrats and republicans supported infrastructure in the past, and it's the right time to work together to make this happen. we recognize this investment will require concessions from both sides, both on the specifics of what's included as well as how it gets paid for. we're support event of a rise in the corporate tax rate. what do you make of that warm hug from amazon on this infrastructure deal? >> listen, i mean, i think
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there's some level of a rock on with your bad self, jeff bezos. now how about getting amazon to pay more in taxes. one of the ways the biden administration is looking to pay for this infrastructure plan is to your paint, to raise taxes. we're already hearing pushback from all sorts of the companies, from the business round table. that led janet yell ton push this idea of a global minimum corporate tax rate. where she's saying, let's stop this race to the bottom where companies are looking for headquarters in lower taxed companies in this race to the bottom. however, janet yellen has a lot of respect and influence around the world, but her ability to get other companies -- i'm talking china, russia, or tax havens around the world to raise their corporate tax rate, it's not going to happen. it's a tos at the to hear someone like jeff bezos say this, but we're going to have to have a lot more leaders realize
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this could be a long-term good move for the american people and the economy. can i just say one other thing? >> yeah, go ahead, friend. >> because ashley was mentioning matt gaetz saying he spoke to president trump in many, many places. many matt gaetz's book, he actually said, the president has called me when i was in my car, asleep in the middle of the night, on the office cot, on the throne, in nightclubs and even in the throes of passion, parentheses, yes, i answered. that's what he thinks is appropriate. i just want to leave that one there. >> you mentioned janet yellen. she said the world should embrace a minimum corporate tax rate to avoid a race to the bottom. that's what you were talking about that china and others are not likely to go ahead with
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that. >> of course, ali. think about countries that advertise -- they want to get business saying, we are a tax haven. i understand why janet yellen wants to do this, but her ability to do it is going to be slim to none. >> ashley parker, the president trying to -- the thing he did from the day he was sworn in, he wants to get this pandemic under control. we're averaging 3 million jabs in arms a day. we had 4 million the other day. but he's up against a lot of governors and local municipalities and springtime, and a bunch of vaccinated people and people who are tired of being shut in at home who want to get out there. this is the race against the vaccine, the virus right now. >> it's a very delicate two-step he's doing women saw it again today when he made those remarks. but he's trying to celebrate what he has to celebrate, hitting his goal of hitting 100
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million shots in 100 million days -- far surpassing it. people said it was a low goal but host on track to do 200 million shots by then. that's something to celebrate. he announced today he was moving up by two weeks the eligibility for all american adults to get in line and be eligible to get a shot. he wants to celebrate that. he wants to take credit and he wants to imbue a little hope into the ether to voters in the public something to hope for. at the same time he's warning accurately that now is not the time to relent. there are variants, hesitancy, there are december crepe sis in the arms of people who can and who cannot get shots. you see him trying to do both here, saying we can celebrate soon, maybe the fourth of july in small groups but not quite yet, and we still need to do our part. >> katie, now a bit of a palate
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cleanser since steph any talk about matt gaetz on the throne and in the throes of passion them came out of a probe into an attacks collector, joel greenberg who is in jail and awaiting trial. there's some speculation the feds are putting pressure on him -- he's got 30 plus charges against him right now -- to provide evidence against matt gaetz. what do we know about his situation and what he's up to? >> yeah, the situation is very serious for joel greenberg. the justice department first indicted him last summer. they've subsequently indicted him two more times, this time around accusations he defrauded the covid relief lending programs and he did that while out on bail. if you look at the charges against him, he is facing i believe 12 years mandatory
8:16 pm
minimum years in prison, 10 for the child sex trafficking charge. that is a tremendous amount of pressure on joel greenberg. now all eyes on a status hearing coming up in orlando this thursday. people are wondering what his lawyer is going say, if his lawyer is going to acknowledge the pressure, if he's going say my client is innocent or we're going trial. the judge in the case has already waived restrictions on reporters bringing in electronics because he got so many requests. so this is going to be a very well watched status hearing to see what greenberg will do. >> stephanie, i saw a tweet of yours the other day where you said where american corporations as it relates to georgia and voting rights it's not political opinion as it is risk management. they understand the risk of boycotts and people saying, you need to speak up. they've done this before in north carolina with the
8:17 pm
transgender bathroom ban. they did it in indiana with gay marriages. it's not a weird first that mitch mcconnell is making this seem like. >> not at all. and mitch mcconnell is saying that these companies are being political -- you know, they used to side with republicans. now siding with democrats. ceos aren't siding with any political party. they side with business. they want to make sure their customers are continuing to do business with them, that their employees aren't quitting and if those two things aren't happening, their shareholders will be happy. they don't give a hoot about politics and where america is is not happy with what's happening with voting laws in georgia. but one thing to think about is how boycotts actually work and who they impact, and it's something georgians are thinking about. atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms work major league baseball taking the all-star game out of atlanta, a city that
8:18 pm
has 30 ps of its small businesses owned by african-americans, a city that's 30% african-american, it's going to be a huge short-term blow to the georgia economy to move the all-star game out of the state come july. and so yes, these companies are trying to do positive things for long-term positive social moment, social action changes, and that's a positive, but in the short-term it's going to be economically painful for georgia. >> thank you to the three of you. coming up, the defense has its best day yet at the derek chauvin trial, but is it enough to leave reasonable doubt with a jury? and later, why is one state head and shoulders above everybody else in covid cases? we'll have sk a doctor. "the 11th hour" getting under way on a tuesday night.
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would it be appropriate and within training to hold a subject in that prone restrained position with a knee on the neck and a knee on the back for an extended period a time after the subject stopped offering any resistance. >> no, sir. >> or has lost their pulse? >> no, sir. >> testimony got technical today in the trial of derek chauvin. that man who you heard is in charge of the use of force training at the department. during cross-examination, the defense yet again referred to the crowd that watched the encounter. >> now, in terms of the continuation of use of force, and we're talking about involvement of onlookers, right, the words they use matter, correct? >> yes, sir, they do. >> if they're cheering on and
8:23 pm
saying good job officer, that's one consideration, right? >> correct. >> but if they're saying i'd slap the [ bleep ] out of you or you're a [ bleep ] or you're a chump, would that reasonably tend to rise alarm in a police officer? >> yes, sir. >> if they're saying you're killing him, would the officer take that into account? >> yes, sir. >> nothing further. >> we welcome -- and paul butler a former prosecutor. welcome to both of you. the defense has on a daily basis either made some case of the fact that there were bystanders,
8:24 pm
onlookers who you can here in some of the video tapes, you can see in the video, and the fact that they were very frustrated with the police. as part of their case that that affected the judgment of derek chauvin and the other police officers. what do you make of that argument? >> i think that argument is falling flat. it's ridiculous, and i think it's going to hurt them with the jurors, because what they should be focused on is the squandered defense of causation. that's a stronger argument they can make that makes sense. what these jurors are going to do is look at that video tape. i've got bring up juror 7 who had a mental health crisis, and she was so exhausted from the evidence and videos and different angles that she was watching and just the trauma of it all, the bystanders and what they were testifying to, she needed a break so, imagine with
8:25 pm
the bystanders were feeling. this mob, this angry threatening group of people -- we saw what that looked like on january 6th in our capital is ridiculous. they were words, fine. did they try to hurt the officers? no. they had one officer holding them back. if this was a crazy angry mob, you would have more officers hold them back. the argument is ridiculous. it's going to lose credibility for a defense attorney. that tends to spill over to the actual defendant, so he should just focus on what the stronger argument is and that's causation. >> paul, you know, it is interesting because we can watch this video and see the crowd. at no point do police suggest the crowd is getting out of control, but the defense attorney in your opinion was able to introduce the idea of what was going through derek chauvin's head without having
8:26 pm
derek chauvin testify, the idea that he might have been distracted by the crowd, the idea that at some point his knee was on george floyd's shoulder blade and not his neck and that it was somewhat chaotic. tell me how that works the defense's ability to give you an entree into derek chauvin's head. >> that's right, the defense had its best day since the trial started. they're using police witnesses to get chauvin's story in front of the jury even if chauvin himself never takes the stand. look, a defense attorney is not going to score a knockout punch against an officer who's experienced handling cross-examination, so nelson just wants to get some admissions he can spend for his closing statement.
8:27 pm
they testified chauvin had his unique on his shoulder not neck when they arrived. today officer nicole mckenzie testified it's harder for officers to focus when there's a lot going on around them. it's possible they could steer to jury to manslaughter. but make no mistake, the prosecution is presenting a exceptionally strong case. >> you and paul are used to these cases. on tv you only see the interesting parts of them, but they go on all day, every day. they've got a lot of detail. there's a lot of setup. they establish peep's qualifications and credentials. accord to the pool reporter today, one juror appeared to be sleeping today. is there a fear of these trials becoming too technical for the jury or at least too tedious?
8:28 pm
>> yeah. i mean, yes, so we've heard officer after officer pretty much saying the same things in terms of whether chauvin used excessive force. that can be redundant. when you get into the expertise now, especially when it comes to the medical, that is going to bore a lot of jurors. that's why they tend to cancel them out. they fall back to what they've seen and heard, and that's the video. i've got to go back to the video. when they talk about the bystanders, can we not remember -- derek chauvin's colleague from the department saying what they would have done. this isn't from a reasonable person's perspective, it's a reasonable officer and what they would do under the same circumstances. we heard several officers say i still would have been able to do my job. there was 9 minutes and 29 seconds of this video and not one thing was thrown in the
8:29 pm
direction of the officers. no one tried to lung at them. no one tries to get close other than trying to help george floyd. so the idea that one juror could buy into this, even though what's that the defense wants, one person to have some doubt, i think it's ludicrous and they're losing credibility. but we can't forget, they're grabbing for straws. they have nothing. >> paul, last word to you. >> there have been eight police officer witnesses. that's a lot. yesterday the judge warned that the testimony is getting cumulative. prosecutors have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, but that does not mean the more witnesses the better. it's risky to go on and on. if the jury does not understand now that chauvin did not follow police procedures another witness is not going help them.
8:30 pm
if i was a prosecutor i would edit my witness list. the next will be medical. jurors will like the prosecutors more if they don't present eight witnesses saying the same thing. >> thanks to both of you. it's a complicated trial and you're helping us understand it. we appreciate your time tonight. coming up, we're going dig deep into the gop's battle with corporate america all over letting more americans simply vote. try pantene daily moisture renewal conditioner. its color-safe formula uses smart conditioners to micro-target damage helping to repair hair without weighing it down. try pantene. feel the cool rush of claritin cool mint chewables. powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy, allergy relief plus an immediate cooling sensation for your throat. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear. i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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i think it's a very tough decision for a cororation to make for a group to make, but i respect them when they make that judgment and i support whatever judgment the they make. but the best way to deal with it is for georgia and other states to smarten up. stop it. stop it. >> more from the president today after major league baseball's decision to move from all-star game from georgia to denver. today the atlanta mayor issues an executive order to try to combat sb-202, the atlanta journal reports, the order will enact efforts. earlier on this network, the mayor explained what that means. >> the rules of the game have
8:35 pm
changed and it's so important this people understand the parameters we are now forced to operate in in the state of georgia. we send water bills to thousands of customers, residential and business customers not just in atlanta but in surrounding areas. we are going to educate people on how you can get the i.d. you need to register to vote, what are the new rules on absentee ballots and just provide as much information as we can to help counter what's being done at the state level. >> back with us tonight, former obama campaign manager and senior campaign manager to president obama. he's on the board of directors@obama foundation. good evening to both of you. david, on one hand, atlanta is just one piece of georgia. on the other hand, democrats winning the nine counties around atlanta have been sort of the biggest pickup in terms of
8:36 pm
democrat, votes in georgia. so talk to me about the thing that mayor keisha lance bottoms is trying to do. is this meaningful? is it the beginning of a movement other cities will pick up on or is it a band-aid? >> it's meaningful. everything you can do is going to be helpful. my bigger concern -- and there's so much that's offensive in this language. it's all built on trump's big lie. he's out there saying he we shalled this had been in place before the election so he could have been able to accomplish stealing the election. my biggest concern though, as odious as it is to make it harder to vote, this opens the door to the georgia legislature if they don't like the outcome of an election to overrule state election officials. if this law had been in place prayer to last november, i think there's a real question whether
8:37 pm
joe biden would have carried the state he legitimately won and whether there would have been a runoff. this isn't just about georgia. this is now going to be the standard that republican elected officials think they have to note in other states. and so this is an existential moment. there are some things that have pretty bright lines and i think your democracy is at stake. this isn't just republicans and democrats disagreeing about how we register and how we vote. the entire enterprise now i think is under direct threat. >> tim, the bright line about what corporations can do, mitch mcconnell tried to draw that line today. he sort of said contributions to candidates or pacs you like are fine. talking up about it is not. let's listen to what he had to say. i'd love to get your comments on
8:38 pm
the other side. >> i'm not talking about political contributions. most of them contribute to both sides. they have political action committees. that's fine. it's legal. it's appropriate. i support that. i'm talking about taking a position on a highly incendiary issue like this and punishing a community or a state because you don't like a particular law they passed? i just think it's stupid. >> tim, what do you make of that? >> well, it was marginally better than what he said yesterday, which is the government should go out and punish corporations that speak out. so it's an improvement. this is the thing that's so crazy about all this. none of this is new. corps weighs engaging and making decisions base on what's happening in politics is not something that started yesterday. it's just the republicans are now on the losing side of this for the first time in a while.
8:39 pm
look, corporations move states because they like the lower taxes. they move from california to texas. texas republicans brag about that. they think that's a good thing. corporate ceos speak out on things that matter to them, school choice. coca-cola spoke out on bottling rules. it was going to cost them money. republicans agreed with them. democrats didn't. this is not new. it's just mitch mcconnell and republicans, their feelings are hurt because corporations say, no, you crossed the red line, and now they want corporations to shut up when it's not convenient. >> let's see if he says something different, we can catch up tomorrow. thank you both. coming up, as michigan battles a surge in covid cases getting shots in arms and critical and political, as one e.r. doc there be explain when "the 11th hour" continues. ues.
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we know what it takes to stay safe. it's not a policy problem that we have, it is a compliance problem that we have. it is a mobility issue that we're confronting. it is fatigue that we're confronting and it's variants, frankly. >> a combination of factors being blamed for the alarming surge in covid case as
8:44 pm
hospitalizations increase in michigan. second for the highest uk variant behind florida. as of yesterday, any michiganer over the age of 16 can receive the vaccine and tonight nearly a quarter of all state residents are vaccinated. that's higher than the national average. back with us, rob davidson, an e.r. doctor. what is in your opinion, causing the increase in kisses in michigan to be so much higher than the increase we're seeing across the country? >> i think what governor whitmer said there is spot on. i think variants are part of it, pandemic fatigue, but i also think it's been a year now and the continued politicization of this virus in the state of michigan we have seen throughout this time -- we saw a plot to kidnap the governor and murder her. we saw protest test capitol with
8:45 pm
armed insurgents, conspireing it would seem with our state senate majority leader. the space state house sued our governor to take away powers. we have people suing her because she wants to have student athletes tested for coronavirus, because those seem to be the source of the many of the current outbreaks. it's been a challenge in my area. we have informal polling saying two-thirds don't want to get the vaccine. there's a lot of things at play here. >> dr. davidson, i want to ask you about a michigan state health department report that 246 fully vaccinated people contracted the virus between january and march. these are people that tested positive 14 or more days after the last dose of the vaccine series. what do you make of that? >> yeah, they're still investigating exactly why those people contracted the virus and why i think three of them have
8:46 pm
died. all the people were over 65. was there something about their immune response, about them in particular? they're trying to find that out, but it's concerning. it's a reason that despite what senator rand paul would say, we need to continue to wear our masks until our entire population is vaccinated. until we're protected i don't think any one of us can take solace that we got the shot. >> in los angeles, the la "times" has a headline there's a double mutant coronavirus variant found in california. i didn't know a thing like that can exist. is that common in viruses? how worried are you about that? >> they sound terrible. double mutant. any kind of mutation. the reality is, the more the virus transmits the more it's out there, the more we have a risk of mutations happening and perhaps one of them or a few of them taking off, becoming a dominant strain, more virulent,
8:47 pm
more deadly. that's why we have to get more people vaccinated, wear a mask, have to keep the social distancing growing and we can stop that threat, never get to that point and we can get through the tunnel we all talk about getting to the end of. >> what role are young people being out and about things playing in the spread of the virus right now? >> i know our hospitalizations in the last week and a half tripled, but they're much younger people in general. they're in their 50s. we're seeing many happen among student athletes and their teams. why our governor instituted a testing policy. i have a son who's a student athlete who's going to be tested every week at least. they're driving current number ♪ they're less susceptible to getting severely ill or dying but we need to stop the spread
8:48 pm
again because of the mutations and because we don't want to get more vulnerable people infected and those folks are the ones who get really sick and die. >> dr. rob davidson, good to see you again. thank you, my friend. rob davidson is an e.r. doctor in western michigan. coming up, as the migrants grow at the border the story of one boy underscoring how dire the situation can be. that's when "the 11th hour" continues. ice t, stone cold calling on everyone to turn to cold washing with tide. ♪ this is a cold call! ♪ hello, my name is ice t. can you spare a few seconds to learn about cold water washing with tide? hi my name is steve. did you know washing in cold can save you $100 a year on your energy bill. why wouldn't you turn to cold? it helps the environment. what? because stone cold said so. plus, tide cleans great in cold. ♪ this was a cold call! ♪
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8:52 pm
andrea mitchell has his story. >> reporter: it is heartbreaking to watch, a young boy approaching a u.s. border patrol agent in the middle of the desert, alone and sobbing. can you help me i was coming with a group and they abandoned me and i don't know where they are. >> they left you alone the agent asks? >> they abandoned me adding his parents were not with him and he was afraid of being kidnapped. it is just the latest shocking video of migrant children crossing the border. a smuggler tossing girls over a 14-foot fence and running away. incredibly the two sisters were not injured. part of the record migrant surge. >> we are encountering about 100 children a day here in the el
8:53 pm
paso region that are turning themselves in. >> reporter: severely overcrowded detention facilities where they are packed shoulder to shoulder in a pandemic. tonight the border patrol tells telemundo the boy is safe in one of their facilities. >> thanks to andrea mitchell for that report. coming up, one of the things different around the west wing these days. we will explain when the "the 11th hour" continues. will expl 11th hour" continues
8:54 pm
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the last thing before we go tonight is about the changes
8:58 pm
that happen in washington when a new administration comes to power. there are dogsa the white house again. nobody is suggesting covid could be fought by ingesting disinfectant or ultraviolet light. and it no longer resembles a wwe steel cage match. another thing that changed the number of leaks coming out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. reporters drank lustily from the fire hose of leaks that emanated from the west wing during the last four years. president trump's inexperience and chaotic management style translated into the drip, drip, drip of insider accounts. since then the pipeline has gone dry. one white house reporter called biden's white house effectively a leak-proof operation.
8:59 pm
it is clear the people leaking and the reporters writing about it lived rent-free in the president's head. >> i want the attorney general to be much tougher on the leaks from intelligence agencies which are leaking likely ever had leaked before. >> there is no country in the world that leaks like we do. we have leakers all over this place. >> we have leakers all over the place. that is our broadcast for this tuesday night with our thanks for being with us on behalf of all of my colleagues at the networks of nbc.
9:00 pm
good night. a little bit of breaking news off of the top. the just-posted headline over at the "new york times" right now. "matt gaetz, loyal for years to trump is said to have sought a blanket pardon." that is not the kind of pardon that you need for your blanket. what this means is that he was asking for a pardon for himself for things with which he is not yet charged.


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