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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  April 4, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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good day to all of you from msnbc headquarters in new york. welcome to weekend, alex witt reports. today the biden administration responding to criticism from republicans over those tax hikes to pay for the plan. >> just a few years ago the tax rate for corporate taxes was
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35%. and when donald trump passed his corporate and tax cuts for the wealthy package, he dropped it to a point nobody was even asking for, which was 21%. so, what joe biden is saying, let's put it to a reasonable middle, let's put us in line with other industrial nations, which is 28% and secondly, if you don't like this, then come and tell us how you would pay for it. capitol police officer kenny shaver who was injured in friday's attack, but listen to those cheers as he was released from the hospital. that is so heart-warming to see and hear. now the capitol police union is urging congress to ramp up security after that car rammed into a police barricade, killing an officer. as the attack raises questions over how the u.s. capitol should be secured, republican roy blunt is stressing the need to find a balance between security and
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accessibility. >> secure the capitol, but at the same time, make it as secure as it needs to be but as free as we could possibly make it. it's an important element of who we are. it's an important symbol of who we are. and we need to keep that in mind with every decision we make. i think it would be a mistake for fencing to be a permanent part of the capitol. the message we send is the wrong message. >> but the question remains, what is the solution to that security? tomorrow, this is what you're going to see as we enter the second week of minneapolis police officer derek chauvin's troil in the death of george floyd. dramatic testimony expected from minneapolis chief police, hennepin congress member gave me insight as how the minneapolis community is feeling as the trial unfolds. >> the community is on edge about that. we have seen justice not
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delivered in our community for many years. and i think there is a lot of confidence in attorney general keith ellison and the prosecutors in this case, but we are all eagerly awaiting to see how this trial shakes out. >> we'll have more from minneapolis and the chauvin trial in a minute. first to capitol hill with amanda golden. now that the president has delivered his infrastructure plan, how is it going to take shape in congress? >> reporter: we don't expect to see legislative text for the next few weeks. bipartisan support is typically something you get with infrastructure packages, while democrats are trying to sell this plan, there's already pushback coming from republicans here on capitol hill. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell indicating there's no one in his conference that will support this plan aas it stands right now.
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in my conversations with various republican aides, they said their members would support elements of this plan, particularly some infrastructure funding around restoring roads and bridges. they're on board for that. they're not on board for excess spending for climate change, elder care, things they say are outside the scope of what they should define with an infrastructure package, as well as not wanting to raise that corporate tax rate in order to fund it. this discrepancy into the definition, the very definition of what infrastructure should be is something we continue to hear from members, including this morning on the sunday shows. here's some of what senator sanders and senator wicker said earlier today. >> in so many ways, we are behind many other countries throughout the world in providing for working families and the elderly and their children. and i think now is the time to begin addressing our physical infrastructure and our human infrastructure. >> what the president proposed this week is not an infrastructure bill.
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it's a huge tax increase, for one thing, and it's a tax increase on small businesses. >> reporter: so whether or not the white house is going to actually seek that bipartisan support in reality, there is one outstanding factor here and that's that senate democrats are awaiting a decision from the senate parliamentarian who can make a ruling this week. we expect it some time in the coming days. whether or not senate democrats could go this alone again, use that reconciliation budgetary process to pass this package with a simple majority. just needing that 50 plus one votes, using vice president kamala harris as the tiebreaker for this would allow senate democrats to push this forward if it were to go into law event bely without needing any of those ten republican support -- senators' support to pass this into law. so that ruling could come within the days and that could give senate democrats an additional three times they could use this reconciliation process before the midterms next year, alex.
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>> okay. they are counting them, that's for sure. appreciate it. let's go to minnesota and new details on the trial of derek chauvin. of course, charged in the killing of george floyd. the second week of testimony begins tomorrow. today some are raising new questions and concerns about the evidence that's already been presented. let's go to my colleague megan fitzgerald joining me from outside the hennepin county courthouse. megan, what are you hearing about this? >> reporter: our jonathan capehart spoke earlier today with the brother of george floyd who talked not only about how challenging and difficult this last week of testimony has been for he and his family as they had to relive many of these difficult moments, but he also talked about how they are preparing for what they call this continuation of assassination on their brother's character. i want you to listen to what he had to say. >> when you don't have facts, you have to assassinate his
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character. when they talk about opioid abuse, they need to understand there are tens of thousands of people across america who are self-medicating and they get addicted to things like opioids. i can tell you this. my brother was walking just fine, he was laughing, talking before derek chauvin put an overdose of his knee on his neck for nine minutes. that was sad. we don't want that for any other family across america. >> reporter: what he's getting at is the defense's argument. they are arguing george floyd died because of the drugs in his system and his pre-existing conditions. keep in mind, this week is certainly going to be one to watch because this is when we're going to be hearing from the medical examiner who did the autopsy on george floyd's body. they'll be getting into the science of it all. possibly an opportunity for the defense to counter to because the autopsy shows there was no
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trauma to the neck area. that's an in for them. in a wear move we'll see the chief of police take the witness stand, something we rarely ever see. the chief will likely talk about policy and use of force. >> that's going to be something definitely to stay tuned for. thank you for that from minneapolis. joining me now, california congresswoman karen bass, a member of the house judiciary and foreign affairs committee. so good to see you on easter. thank you for spending part of the holiday with me. i'm appreciative of that. let me ask you your impressions of what you've seen in the chauvin trial so far. >> it's been absolutely gut-wrenching to watch. i was shocked to see so much video. there was the video all of us have lived with over the last year but to see there was so much footage. to me, when i listen to the defense cross-examine the witnesses, it's very clear that their argument is all going to be about bringing up old tropes
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about african-americans that have been around for hundreds of years. big, scary black man. big, scary crowd, even a mob. when you look at it, there were less than ten people there and some of them were children. >> that's my pointed exactly. they talk about the crowd. there were teenagers, children and the like. how effective do you think the defense has been thus far, this pushback? how effective do you think the prosecution has been? do you get a sense in which direction things are going at least? >> of course, i will admit to being biased. i think that the prosecution has been devastating. i think to hear from those two senior officers that they thought it was excessive force, that it was not in policy, that people were not trained to put their knee on someone's neck. anyone with common sense knows that that could lead to a significant injury or death and to hear the paramedics say they already thought he was dead.
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again, to hear the child, the child say that she is awoken at night because she feels she has to apologize. she's haunted by this. the people that were there, especially the young people, will be traumatized for years to come because of what they saw. >> can you imagine. absolutely. your point is well taken. to hear those two officers, senior officers, all saying that it was too much, it was excessive. that's that. wait until we hear what's forthcoming from the chief of police. that will be super interesting to listen to. let me ask you about another thing that's in the news, which is your republican judiciary colleague matt gaetz, the growing questions about his future. we are learning about this justice department investigation, which is focusing on cash payments given to him to recruit for sex. these are from people close to the investigation. also text messages and payment
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receipts have been reviewed by "the new york times" and that's about the article they wrote that's on the screen. msnbc has not reviewed those. the congressman denies the allegations saying he never paid for sex. i spoke with your democratic colleague ted lew who says gaetz should be removed from the judiciary committee, what do you think about it, at least that part? >> i think he should have the honor and dignity to step down. that's what he should do. he should take a leave of absence. short of that, the issues we deal on judiciary, he was the only person that voted against our very bipartisan sex trafficking legislation. it's an issue i've worked on for a very long time. very bipartisan issue. the only member of the house that voted against it. i think it's a little revealing in terms of how he views that issue. so i think if he has any dignity left, he should step down. i've served on the committee
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with him for a number of years. as i have seen him in congress, he basically just showboats to make sure he can get on fox news the same night. it's not going to be a big legislative loss for matt gaetz to step down. >> thanks for that. let's talk about iran. washington and tehran, as you know, they are set to begin indirect talks in vienna about how to go about returning to the iran nuclear deal. how do you feel, congresswoman, about this meeting? do you think they'll break the stalemate? do you think it will lead to direct talks? >> i certainly hope so. you know, there is so much repair of our international standing that has to be done, and the iran deal, of course, is an extremely high priority because we don't want to see iran develop a nuclear weapon. the whole point of the deal was to prevent that. when trump broke the deal, then the iranians have continued along the course that no one wants to see happen.
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so, i am hopeful they are able to make progress and that we can rejoin the iran deal. also, you know, this deal involves several other countries. it's not just about the united states and iran. it's about president five other countries involved as well. >> indeed. with the president looking to congress to pass this $2 trillion jobs and infrastructure plan, i'm curious your initial thoughts on the plan and given there's no stamp of approval, virtually across the republican spectrum, what kind of compromises do you think might need to be undertaken to get this passed in congress and get it to the president's desk? >> well, let me just say that it baffles me to no end that my republican colleagues are not very, very concerned about the crumbling infrastructure. this is the united states, the 21st century. we should have pristine infrastructure in every way. so the idea that people do not have clean water, that we have
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bridges that are falling, and falling in their districts as well. so, i'm very excited about the plan. i think it needs to be as bold as pock have possible and as large as possible. just like the rescue package, this is one in a generation deal that we go this big. and everybody knows what an engine this will be for our economy. >> let me ask my director to put up the nuts and bolts of this infrastructure plan. i want to focus on one. the $300 billion for the electric grids, broadband, water. there's another one we're not reflecting here but it was discussed by republicans saying there's also going to be those electric charging stations and the like throughout the country. and that's what they say they are very much opposed to. is it that we're not seeing where we are in society right now and where we need to go to get ahead before, you know, we are all driving electric cars?
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>> the plan has to accomplish two things at the same time. one, it has to repair a crumbling infrastructure. two, we have to plan and prepare for the future. so, coming from california, electric vehicles are common. we have charging stations. i know that this is not the case around the country, but it needs to be. and they need to understand that oil and gas is not going to go away when we have electric vehicles. i realize part of it is their tie to those two industries. but in our country and in our economy, we have room for multiple industries. >> yeah. you know, you bring up the point you well know i'm an l.a. girl as well. i think that's why i'm somewhat comfortable with this. i'm thinking, why is this not being addressed? let's talk about the voting rights battle in georgia as we watch the state face backlash against the restrictive bills. we are also looking at broader efforts across the country. in the last five weeks, 108 new bills have been introduced in 47
10:16 am
states. so, total 361 potential new restrictive voting bills in this country. what does this surge say to you and what's the best way to stop it? >> i think it says that there's a part of our country that wants to prepare for minority rule. they see the future, they see the demographic shift. they're not going to be able to change it. they're losing voters because of their extreme views so they want to prepare to be in power whether they win elections or not. so the idea in georgia that they can essentially overturn elections, if this was in place before, maybe trump would have been able to find his 11,000 votes or whatever he was after. this is a shame. we have to think about how we are viewed in the world on both issues. on george floyd from a human rights perspective and on democracy in terms of voting. in is the 21st century. we should do everything in our power to make sure everybody can vote and that voting is easy,
10:17 am
it's safe but we're doing the exact opposite. we need to be very clear on what the purpose is. that's why people related it to jim crow because it's about minority rule, whether they should or shouldn't. and just like the voting rights act, we have to pass the george floyd justice and policing act so we don't have to sit through a gut-wrenching trial again. >> california congresswoman karen bass, well said as always. thanks for spending part of the holiday with me. i appreciate it. more worrisome news today about one of the states hardest hit by the pandemic. back in the game. how major league baseball is welcoming fans with covid protocols in place. vid protocols in place [laugh] dad i got a job! i'm moving out. [laugh] dream sequence ending no! in three, no! two, keep packing! one.
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now to some troubling news in the coronavirus pandemic. cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in more than half of the u.s. states. the worst surge, michigan, which
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has recorded its biggest single day increase just yesterday, adding 8,000 new cases. despite rising cases, pennsylvania is pulling back on some of its covid restrictions today. bar service can resume and restaurants can operate now at 75% capacity. researchers at stanford university say a covid variant first found in india has now been reported in northern california. the strain has what researchers call two worrisome mutations that help it better latch onto cells. in europe it's a very different holiday weekend as italy reimposes lockdowns amid the surging cases. in rome, police are doing road checks to make sure people are following the new rules. that nationwide lockdown is meant to last through this easter weekend. some new concern today over the return of baseball and fans in the stands. crowds are pouring into stadiums at this hour for opening weekend. most are limiting capacity, but the texas rangers are allowing full capacity for tomorrow's home opener.
10:23 am
nbc's gary is outside citizens park for the phillies. how serious is this concern, especially when you think fans are going to be happy to be there. they might be cheering, they might be yelling during the game. >>. >> alex, there's already a lot of cheering and yelling going on especially during the starting lineups just announced here. tomorrow for texas, rangers against blue jays, there will be 40,000 people packed into the stands. that's something president joe biden called a mistake. here in philadelphia, it's a little different story. there's about 20% capacity right now. that's about 8,800 people in the stands right now. when fans come into the stadium, it's a very different experience than the last time they were at a baseball game. in terms of seating, it's all pod seating. there's at least three or four feet between any family or group of people sitting in the stands. that's why that 20% capacity is important. there's also mobile food
10:24 am
ordering and mobile ticketing. it's a cashless building right here, no cash transactions at all, whether it's food, retail. that doesn't matter to the fans. fans just want to be here for the game. they were incredibly excited as i talked to them walking in. here's what some of them had to say. >> it's amazing. it's amazing. i've been waiting for this and waiting for this. i'm so happy to be here. >> it was weird seeing the cutouts in stands rather than the fans booing the other team or heckling rivals. it's better to have everyone back in the stands. >> parker, are you excited to go to the game today? >> ya! >> that's awesome. >> what is it like to be back at the stadium? >> it's great. >> especially today. >> my first day and we're celebrating that and another phillies' victory. >> reporter: alex, there have
10:25 am
been 100 million people who received the covid-19 vaccine. officials in pennsylvania tell me they're still worried about events like this, holidays like easter, but folks here are ready for them to play ball. >> that last couple there, a phillies shirt and a braves shirt, that must be some interesting pillow talk. thank you, gary. appreciate it. not what they signed up for. how the trump campaign squeezed more money from supporters than many of them even knew they were donating. pporters than many of them even knew they were donating but the right pad can. only always ultra thins have rapiddry technology and, they absorb 40% faster. the gush happens fast. that's why always absorbs faster. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand?
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new today, florida congressman matt gaetz refusing to step down amid a sex trafficking probe. "the wall street journal" reports when gaetz was asked friday if he would resign, he responded, of course not, but wouldn't comment further. gaetz has denied all allegations. he has want been charged and the investigation is ongoing. joining me now is the justice
10:30 am
reporter for "the wall street journal," sadie german, who wrote that article. welcome to you. let's get into this because you've been following this story from the very beginning. i'm curious about the most shocking thing you've learned about this probe. what is it? >> well, the whole thing is pretty shocking when you step back and look at it. it seems to be a very active investigation. we know the fbi is looking at whether gaetz and another man may have paid cash or gifts for sex for women recruited online in a website sugardaddy, and they are looking at if gaetz had a relationship with a 17-year-old girl and if he paid for her travel in gifts or money or something else of value, which would be a violation of federal sex trafficking laws. so, the whole investigation, obviously, is very shocking and certainly i'm sure there is more to be learned here. >> it's my understanding that conviction on a federal sex
10:31 am
trafficking law of a minor like that would come with a minimum of ten years in prison for that. so, that is really remarkable that that could be potentially what he's facing. i want to know about this investigation in terms of your reporting. it's been ongoing since last year. when do you think it will be complete and do you think it will end in charges against gaetz? >> at this point it's very hard to answer those questions. it appears to still be a very active case and still ongoing. you know, the justice department deals with these kinds of, you know, human trafficking, sex trafficking investigations all the time. but they're not easy cases. they rely on the cooperation of many witnesses and many victims and in this case, this investigation into gaetz spawned out of a look into a different florida official who was friends with him. so, a lot of different moving parts here. i think it's too soon to say what legal culpability he could
10:32 am
face. >> mr. greenberg has pled not guilty to the charges against him, but he could work with investigators, could he not? he could sing, as they say, and spill the beans of what he knows relative to matt gaetz, right? >> he certainly could. there seems to be a deep connection between these two and i'm sure that's something the fbi is hoping for at this point. the investigation has been complicated by this other element, which is gaetz is saying he and his family were extorted, you know, by a former doj official who was trying to get them to pay $25 million to bring this investigation to its close. that's something the fbi is looking at separately and it's unclear how this will complicate this case. >> it's important to note this investigation began under attorney general bill barr, his leadership. if he gets charged, would he be forced to resign? >> that's an interesting question. you know, already you're not seeing a lot of public support
10:33 am
for republicans for gaetz. house minority leader kevin mccarthy said he should be removed from the judiciary committee if the allegations are true. others are contemplating privately who they want to replace him in congress and they don't want this investigation to distract from what they view as an opportunity to retake the house in 2022. if forced to resign or not, his political prospects appear to be dimming. >> from "the wall street journal", katie, thank you for your setup as i continue this conversation. let's remind our viewers that matt gaetz continues to deny all allegations against him. joining me now, msnbc political analyst mehdi hassan on msnbc and peacock. what do you think of this whole matt gaetz situation? >> there's so much, so many allegations and so many stories breaking every day.
10:34 am
not just the central federal investigation which he says he's the subject not the target of of whether he trafficked a 17-year-old girl across state lines, but the wider context of who he is and his relationships with women who how he has carried himself both in office and as a private citizen. we've learned so much this week. stories about, you know, aallegations that he was sharing images of nude women on the floor of the florida house of representatives when he was there, berating women, allegations of drug use. all sorts of awful allegations about this guy who hasn't had much support from his republican colleagues. as i point out, the republican party created the likes of matt gaetz. he exists because the republican party is now a party of, you know, wannabe tv stars and performers and grifters and matt gaetz is a classic example of that. >> wannabe tv stars, isn't he
10:35 am
among the wannabe tv stars, wasn't he shopping himself around to fox, oan, and at this point they said, no, no, no, we're not going to touch you, right? >> fox news said not only have they not had conversations with him, they're not interested in giving him interviews, and you can't blame them when he went on tucker carlson and said he's accused of similar accusations and tried to rope tucker and tucker's wife into some weird alibi or story or excuse for him and his various partners. the whole thing was very bizarre. fox don't want him. the other networks don't want him. i think he'll have bigger issues in the coming months if he can get a job on cable, as you were talking to your previous guest from "the wall street journal." this is serious stuff. this could end up in a jail sentence, several years in prison for this guy who was supposedly a republican rising star. but tells you everything you need to know about the modern gop that matt gaetz was considered a rising star.
10:36 am
>> for sure. congressman seth moulton was on my show yesterday and he was pointing out the hypocrisy and who is taking to gaetz's defense. >> look at who's defending matt gaetz. marjorie taylor greene, jim jordan. that's quite a crowd. it's also not forget the hypocrisy here. this is the wing of the republican party that's always loudering christian values over the rest of us. matt gaetz is having one hell of an easter weekend here. >> i was going to ask you if you agree, but i think i know the answer to that, right? >> yes, we've talked a great deal with the hypocrisy of the white christian evangelical wing of the gop. they didn't just make marjorie taylor greene and matt gaetz their hero but trump, adulterer, ex-casino owner. they made donald trump their king, their leader, their hero.
10:37 am
you have to ask about consistency. if you're matt gaetz and you have jim jordan, who himself was accused of turning a blind eye to sex abuse allegations at a higher state which he worked there and marjorie taylor greene who believes hillary clinton is behind a child trafficking cabal, those are your defenders? yeah, you're in trouble. >> let's pick up on marjorie taylor greene because i would like to show a video she posted. it's receiving backlash. she's working out. she writes, this is my covid protection. what's your reaction to this video and the message it sends, mehdi? >> the message is reckless, it's dangerous. we're seeing spikes across the country. covid has not gone away. but that ridiculousness you're seeing on your tv, marjorie taylor greene is a cross-fit fanatic. we know that. cross-fit have actually distanced themselves from her since her anti-semitic and other crazy remarks came about.
10:38 am
but this idea you can throw weight in the air and that will stop a virus from infecting you is just so dumb that there's not enough words in the english language to describe how dumb it is. she's an epitome of what american politics on the right has become. the republican party, american politics today, alex, is defined not by right versus left or liberal versus conservative or elite versus anti-elite, it's the item and the not dumb. there is far too much dumbness in the modern conservative movement epitomized by marjorie taylor greene about her comments about covid, her recent comments about climate change about people in the ice age wanting to spend their taxes to warm the earth up. this is a woman who knows nothing about anything. governor of south dakota the other day didn't know what infrastructure was. she thought housing and pipes are not part of our infrastructure. so, yes, sadly, the republican party is elevated these people who know very little, next to
10:39 am
nothing about basic facts about the world, let alone public policy. that's dangerous for our country. >> the way you articulate these things i want to laugh but i should cry because it's incredibly dangerous. let me ask you about this new reporting, and this is remarkable, from the "new york times" on how trump steered supporters into unwitting donations. "the times," whose not familiar with this, it reports last september the trump campaign began setting up recurring donations by default for online donors who may not have read through the extremely fine print. these are folks who said, i want to donate some money to the campaign but they didn't understand they were going to be repeatedly charged. how many of us do look at the fine print on things. are you surprised by this trump tactic? >> i'm not surprised by him trying to rip people off because he's a con man and trump supporters have been marks for the con man who sought to exploit them, 70 million marks,
10:40 am
who voted for him twice. it's shocking, some of the stories are shocking. a guy who died from cancer in february who lost 3 grand when he was living on a grand a month, couldn't afford to pay his rent, his bills, spent the last months on this planet trying to get his money back. one guy in there from illinois, a pensioner in his 80s said, i'm still 100% loyal to donald trump even though he got ripped off for thousands of dollars. it's a cult. if you lose thousands of dollars to a guy ripping you off and you still say you're loyal to that person, tells you everything you need to know. this tells you everything about trumpism. we talked about dumbness, dig on theory. what's the third pillar of trumpism? it's about grift. it's about making money, inciting racism and basically celebrating your ignorance. in is all about -- this is what trump's going to do now for the next four years. he's still raising money for his save america pac. he continues this tactic right into december, after the
10:41 am
election, raising money in this way, recurring donations saying, i'm going to fight against the election being stolen and people gave him money and they're still giving him money. he's one of the great con artists in modern american history. >> let me button this up by saying jason miller, his spokesperson said, this reflected only 1% of the donations. let me also point out, they had to return $122.7 million. that is a lot of money and a lot of people are saying, this didn't work, 1% or whatever. all right, he always work for me. watch "the mehdi hasan show" at 7:00 p.m. on weeknights and on peacock. record number of kids crossing into the u.s. by themselves. as they try to keep them safe. ls as they y trto keep them safe.
10:42 am
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10:45 am
port officials are facing oe another mouse challenges right now. caring for unaccompanied children crossing the border and stopping the spread of disinformation that led them there in the first place. a record number of unaccompanied children crossed the border in march. according to preliminary numbers from customs and border protection, more than 18,000 crossed last month, and that
10:46 am
would shatter the previous one-month record of just over 11,000 back in may of 2019. let's go to my colleague cal perry right there in the border city of el paso, texas for us. big welcome on this easter. what is the bigger challenge right now, cal, is it caring for these children or preventing even more children from crossing over? >> reporter: happy easter to you, alex. that's a difficult question. we're trying to look at the root causes of why there are so many unaccompanied minors coming to the border. one is when president trump was elected and the other is when title 42 was enacted. title 42 was a law that donald trump put into effect 18 months ago saying the border patrol has the authority to immediately deport people. let's be clear. the border with mexico is closed. so what's happening is families are choosing this impossible
10:47 am
decision where they send their children alone so they can end up in one of these centers and continue on in the united states. we spoke to dillon corbin who runs the hope center in el paso. >> that incentivizings children crossing on their own. either the family makes the painful decision and tries to cross the border over and over to reunite with the child or the child makes the decision on their own without telling their parents. we've seen painful, heartbreaking stories like that. >> reporter: so, what you are left with now is the biden administration still implementing a policy that president trump put into place. that policy is unfortunately causing a lot of these unaccompanied minors to come across on their own. again, people understand that this border is closed. they hear it as they get close to the border here and then they send their kids alone. what's happening in el paso on the bridge behind me, this is
10:48 am
what they are using to put people back into juarez. two bus loads of folks every day, passing them into the city of juarez. imagine coming thousands of miles, you enter the united states and the very next day you're escorted back into the city of juarez, mexico. it's an incredibly difficult situation along the border. >> yeah. you can't even state how difficult it is and heartbreaking as well. i appreciate the effort. thank you so much, cal perry. broadway returned after going dark more than a year ago, but just for 36 minutes. you're going to hear from players in the theater world, though, who tell us they still face a very long road ahead. seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. (burke) phone it in to 1-800-farmers and you could get all sorts of home policy perks like the claim-free discount. go three years without a claim and get a discount. (neighbor) just by phoning it in?
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giving you a live look at times square. broadway raised its curtains for the first time in more than a
10:52 am
year. some performed for 36 minutes. it's a small step. for many in the world of broadway, there's a long way to go. >> it's something that i don't think anyone will forget whether they made their day brew. >> this woman made a debut in january of last year to have that dream stolen when coronavirus shuttered broadway. >> i was devastated. >> she's one of thousands of art industry workers trying to stay afloat. >> you can develop a routine for so long. still in the back of your mind it's like, i want to work. i need to work. >> some searching for work outside the theater, like this stage manager, who is working these days as a barista. >> i make minimum wage. it doesn't pay my bills. i have my landlord, thankfully,
10:53 am
lowered my rent a bit. still, it's not -- it's not -- my rent is not covered by what i make. >> she worked behind the scenes on "mean girls." it won't be seen on a theater marquis. >> that was a big hit. it became -- the pandemic became endless at that point. it's like, i don't even have a show to go back to. >> she fears it won't be alone. >> i am suspect other shows might close because of the financials of it. i don't know what we're talking about here, coming back. i don't think 100% capacity is back until next year. >> the pandemic was a blow to an industry that contributed $14.7 million to the new york economy.
10:54 am
>> broadway makes more money than all of the sports teams in new york. all of them. >> it created financial peril not only for the performers and workers but for thousands of businesses that support the industry like this woman who runs a costume shop. when the pandemic hit, she lost 100% of her customers and her business was hanging by a thread. >> people took part-time employment. i used some of my loan to pay people part-time checks. i wanted food on the table of my people. >> that struggle resonating with many. >> knowing that performing arts, that live venues would be the first to close and last to open, i was nervous. people in my industry don't have an economic floor under them. immediately, i thought, how -- what is the financial
10:55 am
infrastructure to protect my colleagues. >> he co-founded an organization advocating for federal aid. ♪♪ even as television and film are navigating how to start up safely, the timeline for broadway is up in the air. >> you can't do 50% capacity. it doesn't work out financially. there are shows who can't function on 70% capacity because it depends on how much it costs to run the show. ♪♪ >> we miss broadway. the producers behind reopening the shows are now facing a tough decision. do they wait it out or reopen at limited capacity and still risk the possibility of being forced to close for good? i want to thank one of my producers for putting together that terrific piece. the next potential witness
10:56 am
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at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. a very good day to you from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. happy easter to all of you who are celebrating. week two of the derek chauvin
11:00 am
murder trial kicks off tomorrow. we have new details to report. proceedings are expected to get underway at 10:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow with testimony scheduled to start around 10:30. there will be a lunch break and afternoon session built in. today, we are hearing from george floyd's brother who is speaking out about some of the evidence that emerged during this first week of the trial related to his brother's drug addiction. >> my brother was walking just fine. he was laughing, talking before derek chauvin put an overdose of his knee on his neck for nine minutes. >> meagan fitzgerald is joining me from outside the courthouse. a welcome to you. he is not the only one speaking out about this evidence. right? >> reporter: absolutely not. you know what? when you look at the testimony from last week and how emotional it was, just how many times that 9 minutes and 29 seconds, that video played over and over


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