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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  April 3, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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get self protection for $10 a month. a very good day to you from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome. we'll begin with the big headlines from the ongoing chauvin trial? today the newspapers tell it all. the most senior police officer in the minneapolis p.d. saying the use of force in this case was totally unnecessary and uncalled for. let's go right now to the report from megan fitzgerald. >> reporter: in a powerful end to an emotional week of testimony a potential blow to the defense. >> have you ever in all the years working for the minneapolis police department been trained to kneel on the
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neck of someone handcuffed behind the back in a prone position? >> no, i haven't. >> reporter: prosecutors questioning minneapolis police department's longest serving member about the 9:29 officer chauvin placed his knee on george floyd's neck. >> what is your view of that use of force during that time period? >> totally unnecessary. >> reporter: the defense countered. >> generally speaking, in a fight for your life, you as an officer are allowed to use whatever force is reasonable and necessary. correct? >> yes. >> reporter: during a week of gripping testimony, young bystanders said they watched helplessly as floyd pled for his life. one was just 17. >> it's been nights. i stayed up. apologizing and -- and apologizing to george floyd for
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not doing more. >> reporter: george floyd's girlfriend taking the witness stand saying they both suffered from opioid addiction and admitting that floyd overdoses in march of 2020. >> it is a classic story of how many people get addicted to opioids. >> reporter: the defense using that admission to try to prove their case that floyd died from the drugs in his system, not the knee on his neck. >> that was megan fitzgerald reporting from minneapolis. i want to bring in tara brown, george floyd's first cousin and director of the george floyd foundation. i know that you were at the courthouse for most of the week. what is your response to this remarkable and often so emotional testimony this week? >> well, you're right. it was very emotional week.
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and i realize that we did hear some powerful testimony, and especially from lieutenant zimmerman who pointed out that the use of force that chauvin used was totally unnecessary. it was deadly force. >> i want to play for everyone. let's listen to lieutenant zimmerman talking to your point. >> pulling him down to the ground face down, and putting your knee on a neck for that amount of time is just uncalled for. i saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger if that's what they felt. >> it is extraordinary to have a police officer testifying against a police officer in any case, right? but when you heard that how did
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you feel? >> it just -- it confirmed for me what we have been saying since the beginning. what we have already known. we know what we saw. and for me it just confirmed that we have been saying and that everybody else saw what we saw. this was unnecessary force. it was unnecessary use of force against george who was not resisting. wasn't a threat to anyone at any time. >> yeah. this video of the police officer approaching him in the car with guns drawn. let's get your reaction to the witnesses. let's take a listen. >> it's been nights i stayed up apologizing and apologizing to george floyd for not doing more. >> i was sad. >> i believe i witnessed a
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murder. >> totally distressed. >> were you frustrated? >> yes. >> i feel helpless. i don't have a mama either. i just -- >> disbelief. and guilt. >> okay. why guilt? >> if i would have just not tooken the bill this could have been avoided. >> listen to that. you hear them expressing helplessness, guilt, regret. i sat at home watching a lot of this trial and was reduced to tears a number of times. it was so difficult. if you could say something to any of these people given the expressions of regret and remorse, what would you say? >> my heart goes out to them. many times while i was watching
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their testimonies i was brought to tears. i can see that -- the impact of having been there to witness what they had to witness is going to have a lifelong effect on most of them and knowing the pain i feel, my heart breaks for them and grateful that they are brave enough to step up and do what they did. because had it not been for them a lot of what we're seeing today wouldn't -- we wouldn't be where we are. >> how do you think the trial is going so far and how do you think the country is interpreting everything? >> i think that so far it's going the way that i would expect it to go.
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i'm really surprised, though, that we had the testimony from, like, for instance, the paramedics who confirmed what they thought when they arrived on the scene that george was already deceased. so there's some very powerful testimony that kind of confirms that we all believe that we saw and i think the world saw the same thing. hopefully we're going to get the outcome that we're waiting for. that we're hoping for. >> we will continue to wait with you and watch very carefully how this goes. thank you for talking with me. i can't imagine the week you have had but i appreciate you a lot. let's go to meghan fitzgerald in minneapolis. we played your report but what lies ahead? do you know whom the prosecution is calling this week?
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>> reporter: exactly. so yes. the prosecution will continue to call witnesses and we know that among them will be the chief of police for the minneapolis police department and the medical examiner that did the initial autopsy on george floyd and so we know that this is also likely to be another very emotional week as this chief medical examiner will go through his findings. and so, i want do go back to something because in that exchange that you had moments ago talking about the trauma and the regret and the emotion, it's worth noting that in the middle of last week in the morning just as court was starting one of the jurors had to get the attention of the court needing a break. what we later found out is she was having a stress-related reaction and the juror said she was losing sleep. so certainly a glimpse into the
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jurors dealing with this. >> thank you for that. let's go to breaking news in washington. new questions this weekend over security at the capitol following another deadly attack. let's go to vaughn hilliard joining us from capitol hill. how does this incident factor soo the discussion of security there at the capitol? >> reporter: it's clear that the capitol building here is still a target. what sort of measures are taken here to fortify the capitol building? not necessarily in terms of fencing but security apparatus in which members of congress and staff and capitol police force feel like this is protected grounds having the resources, the staffing capabilities. general honore has called for more than 850 personnel to be
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hired for the capitol police force here and that is where this conversation has gone with lawmakers. i want you to listen to part of your own conversation from this last hour with congressman moulton because i think it reflected on where the lawmakers see this balance in terms of having a secure area with a fortified barrier yet at the same time wanting to ensure this is open grounds here. >> we can get to a point where the capitol can be safe and the fence is not required. we often guarded targets against much greater threats in iraq with less physical protection but that's because we were active duty united states marines. we have got to get the capitol police the training and resources to get to that place and eventually the fence will come down but let's not politicize it in the meantime. >> reporter: there's a $2
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billion supplemental funding bill that congress and lawmakers including congressman moulton are discussing. we should note yesterday's attack, again, a lot of questions outstanding as to what led this individual identified the suspect as noah green and led him here to the capitol. he apparently lived a good amount of time in virginia and indiana and questions as the police departments continue their investigation. >> yep. i know you'll bring us the answers as they come. thank you. now breaking news, we have learned within the last half hour a record 4 million doses administered yesterday according to white house, the first time that 4 million shots given in a single day. also another first, an average of 3 million doses were given out each day in the past week. 101 million americans have
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gotten at least one dose of a covid vaccine. now the alarming numbers because cases are increasing in 27 states. only 11 states are maintaining a plateau in new cases. the biggest surge coming in michigan with cases there spiking 114% over the last 14 days. the tsa says yesterday was the busiest travel day since march of last year why more than 1.5 million people passed through u.s. airports on friday. and new cdc guidance is putting cruise ships closer to setting sail from u.s. ports. the plan lays out testing and case reporting protocols and clears ships to begin trial voyages and unclear when passengers can officially return on board. and the green light to americans to travel again saying the risk is low if vaccinated. let's go right now to nbc's scott cohn outside of san francisco international airport for us.
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scott, i bet you've been talking to folks. what is the reaction? >> reporter: it is not like they were waiting for the new cdc guidance. here at sfo where traffic was down 80% from pre-pandemic levels we have seen surges of traffic here? as you mentioned the tsa is saying nationwide we are definitely seeing travelers come back in a big way. they say more than 1.5 million people were screened at tsa check points just yesterday why that's the highest level since march 12th just before the shutdowns began and advising people to get to the airport early and almost back as it was in the before times. here's the new cdc guidance. this is for fully vaccinated travelers, meaning if you are two weeks after getting the second pfizer or moderna shot or your single j&j dose, no test anymore needed for domestic travel unless local rules
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require it. you should get tested three to five days after international travel. no longer quarantine. for everyone else when's not fully vaccinated they still are discouraging nonessential travel, want you to be tested 72 hours before the trip and quarantine after you get back and continue to wear a mask and social distancing and the like. there is still a mandate in airports and on planes to wear your mask and travelers taking off for the holiday weekend say they're fine with that. >> it is a good safety measure but i think that as the -- as more and more people are vaccinated it's less and less important and the concern i'd have is when do you cut it off
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and decide it is no loner necessary to have those in place? >> stay away from people. >> i'm vaccinated and i think it's going to be okay. i'll see the children. >> reporter: so definitely a lot of that going on. in this holiday weekend. and it really does seem to point the way toward a post-pandemic travel boom but remember, we are not post-pandemic yets. >> we haven't but going online and check travel prices for this summer. up and up. there's bombshell new details of congressman matt gaetz. that's next. versus the other guys. ♪♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier.
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new reaction on capitol hill
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as republican congressman gaetz resists calls to resin amid a reported sex trafficking probe. "the new york times" reports the doj is investigating whether gaetz recruiting women. text messaging and receipts though nbc news has not viewed the messages or receipts. the justice department is looking into a sexual relationship with a minor and paid for her to travel with him. let's go to amanda golden on capitol hill with the latest on. i'm curious of response from lawmakers. have you heard some? >> reporter: it's a bit of mixed reaction here but it's been noticeably quiet from republicans here. from congressal lawmakers who are of the same party with congressman matt gaetz and a select few comes to the defense including marjorie taylor greene as well as congressman jim
10:21 am
jordan who has been tied up in a sexual misconduct situation accused and has denied of ignoring a doctor that treated student athletes when he was previously a wrestling coach and some figures coming to did defense not party leadership and there's a very strong statement of denial coming out from congressman gaetz to the allegations as the investigations are ongoing. a statement says matt gaetz has never paid for sex. he refutes all the disgusting allegations completely. he has never, ever been on such websites whatsoever. alex, with this history around gaetz of the previous comments and behaviors this is coming when there's also not that added support of party leadership and my colleague actually caught up with house minority leader mccarthy earlier this week to get his reaction to the ongoing
10:22 am
investigation. >> doj has not told me anything. if a member of my conference getsen dieted they will be removed from a committee. he said this is not true and we have a newspaper report that says something else. i didn't know about it. yes i'm surprised and haven't spoke to mr. gaetz but i will. >> reporter: if these claims are founded he would be removed from committees and something that nancy pelosi said if the claims are found to be correct to be removed from judiciary committee. the one other added component is that just in the last few days nbc news reported that the communication director resigned and according to an individual who's familiar said that the reason was over principle and all of this is unfolding we will be bringing you the latest. >> i appreciate that. joining me right now is one
10:23 am
of the journalists who broke this story. michael schmidt. take us into the details of what you know about the scope of this investigation. >> i think to understand this investigation you have to sort of understand where it started and where it may have come from. and that is the federal authorities for many months if not more than a year have been looking at a local tax collector in florida in seminole county, florida, northeast of orlando, and this tax collector joel greenberg is indicted on an array of corruption charges, all sorts of things that he was doing as this elected tax collector and basically trying to take money, create fake i.d.s in the position, a range of different run of the mill corruption but in the course of this investigation in which the
10:24 am
authorities have come to understand that greenberg was soliciting women from websites in which women were being paid for sex and he was doing this with gaetz. he was bringing women in and the women were being paid by him and gaetz and having sex with them. and that is sort of at the center of the investigation. to sort of better understand the legal implications and significant problems here for gaetz and greenberg is that the authorities are looking at their ties to a 17-year-old girl. if the government is able to prove that you had a relationship with someone under the age of 18 who you were paying for sex it comes with a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison and that's a huge sentence. and to give us a sense of what the government has on this issue greenberg is indicted for sex
10:25 am
trafficking of a minor of the 17-year-old girl. the authorities are looking at gaetz's relationship with the same girl. whether gaetz broke the same law with that girl. so that is the extent of the investigation here and a 10-year mandatory minimum is a significant, significant legal problem and it remains to be seen what the government will do with gaetz on this issue. >> that's huge. i want to make the point that greenberg has declared the innocence and pled not guilty for this indictment but let's talk about some details. there's payment receipts from cash app and apple pay and nbc news did not verify these but what details did those messages and receipts show? >> it showed how these two men
10:26 am
were frequently paying women for sex. it shows how they were doing it so openly. through cash applications that not only can easily be traced if the authorities get a subpoena from the cash applications or the phones or if screen shots are taken on the other side. if someone sends you money it pops up on the screen and you can take a screen shot of it so there's a significantly easy way to capture that. and sort of the -- at the heart of this investigation is the leverage that the government has on greenberg. greenberg hired a prominent florida defense attorney to defend him in this case and the government has indicted him on nearly three dozen charges ranging from the sex trafficking to the corruption.
10:27 am
he currently sits in jail because he has violated his parole. so the government really, really focusing in on him and developing a significant amount of leverage only him. >> do we no if mr. greenberg -- the content of anything that he has spoken with investigators about or through the attorneys? does he -- do we know if he's implicated matt gaetz in this or silence relative to that? >> no. we know that this week the federal authorities came back and indicted greenberg again on some other corruption charges trying to steal covid money, doing some shady dealings with cryptocurrency, this lawyer dee kleined to comment about this publicly and declined to talk about what is going on with his client. ofly a lot of accusations being
10:28 am
thrown around about him but the client currently sits in jail and in the early 30s. he thought he was an up and coming florida republican politician and now finds himself in the midst of a federal invest with a significant ten call that reaches up to the house of representatives in washington. >> do you know how close the invest is getting to matt gaetz? is there an indication of arresting him in the near future? >> we know that gaetz is under investigation, being looked at for the ties to the 17-year-old girl. and we know -- this is particularly important, in the judicial law enforcement atmosphere coming out of in the trump administration that hangs over washington, we know that this investigation started under attorney general william barr and that barr allowed the invest to move forward. most justice departments under
10:29 am
most presidencies that is not a significant of a member of the same party investigated but with donald trump there were enormous questions in the presidency whether he was meddling in the justice department's work, whether justice was something that was blind that followed the facts or something that donald trump wanted. there were certainly many curious examples under bill barr. matte gaetz was a closest ally if not the greatest ally on capitol hill. embracing donald trump's most out landish claims about a range of things and supporting the president no matter what. it was matt gaetz that went out to campaign against representative cheney after she voted to impeach donald trump. so gaetz being one of the most loyal things, now this is an investigation that started under barr that is still going today and will be in the lap of
10:30 am
merrick garland some point here. >> donald trump has remained 100% silent on this thus far. thank you for the reporting. baseball calls out georgia. will moving the all-star game change the minds of republican lawmakers? it's so busted, you can't use this part of the screen. definitely cracked every phone i've owned. (vo) you broke your phone. so verizon broke the rules. for the first time ever, new and current customers can trade in their old and damaged phones for up to $1,000 off our best 5g phones. my phone is old, very old. (vo) old, cracked, water damaged-- doesn't matter. i'm ready for something new. (vo) now, trade up to the 5g network
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breaking news. governor kemp is slamming major league baseball for pulling the all-star game out of atlanta. what did you hear from the governor in the last hour? >> reporter: hey, alex. we heard georgia governor brian kemp here essentially doubling down on this piece of legislation that he signed into law just a little over a week ago at this point. that putts a lot of these restrictive voting measures in
10:35 am
place, limits the number of ballot boxes available in the state and decreases the time to request absentee ballots and what you heard in that presser is that this republican talking point that they're trying to argue that this bill actually expands voting rights and protects voting rights. it is something that he repeated again and again saying that the move by major league baseball to move the all-star out of the atlanta area in reaction to the bill he says is them basically just cushing to the radical left, to leaders like stacey abrams and president biden. take a listen. >> today major league baseball caved to fear and lies from the liberal activists. they ignored the facts of our new integrity law and the consequences on our local community. georgians and all americans should know what this decision
10:36 am
means. it means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business, your game or event in your hometown. >> reporter: so you hear there that term cancel culture again from the republican leaders saying that the radical left people are trying to take away things like sports. he made a little bit of a joke saying what are they going to do if the atlanta braves make it into the world series? how will they move forward and folks signed on to the bill that was then passed last week but you hear the very stark contrast between what democrats are saying, talking about how restrictive this bill can be for poor communities and access to the ballot box compared to what
10:37 am
the republicans are saying pushing the points to make the argument that it expands voting rights. >> i think there are voters there in georgia thinking, hey, cancel culture on the ability to vote properly. thank you so much. joining me martin luther king iii, good to see you again. so glad for you to join me here on a holiday weekend. pretty strong language from georgia's governor. what's your view of mlb pulling the all-star game from atlanta? >> i think that is the kind of thing to expect to see when you actually create legislation that restricts or reduces the potential for people to vote opposed to expanding. this -- you know, the governor said, also, there were no issues with the election on january 5th or in november when the presidential election took place. but all of a sudden we have to
10:38 am
put restrictions in place that limit the ability for people to vote and then you may even say if people happen to give individuals water for standing in line for long periods of time that that's illegal. there's something draconian and seriously wrong with what we are seeing. >> yeah. i think there's a lot that agree with that and including two black executives who called on companies to directly oppose the new georgia laws and some americans like american airlines, dell, delta, coca-cola put out statements for the first time i might add. do you think that public pressure played a role here. how much does it help after the law has passed? >> well, what i do not know or feel is that the governor clearly he is putting more -- you know, basically putting his foot down more and more so not
10:39 am
yielding to pressure but ultimately if economics come into play and more and more companies decide to pull out of georgia and companies that maybe were coming here decide not to, to relocate here to create jobs then the governor and the legislature has to rethink the position. i don't see we're at that point now. i think what the national baseball league pulling out for the all-star game is one step. i think with corporate leaders speaking out i think that's all very positive. this is the kind of pressure that elected officials need to have to receive but again you should be expanding in my judgment. he said there were no issues and others in charge said no issues so why then change the rules? >> it is a rhetorical question but to your point about the economic downfall of this if
10:40 am
companies pull out somewhat from georgia, that would be on brian kemp and the legislature, right? there are those like stacey abrams saying let's not act too rashly and economically but the reality is that if it happens who would be to blame for it? would it be the democrats? would it be the corporations that have said we can't stand for this? or those that put the laws into place in the first place? >> i believe it's those who put the laws in place in the first place. the legislature, the republican-led legislature. and not corporations, not corporations responding to the public. generally elected officials do but ofly the narrative is this is a radical, you know, left wing ploy to keep people from voting? that's a ploy? that's radical? no. my father gave his life. april 4th tomorrow is the 53rd
10:41 am
anniversary of his death. he would have been 92 years old and he gave his life along with so many others and along with jimmy lee jackson and others, john lewis marched over the bridge and with josea williams and beaten and sad that we have this discussion. we'll be vigilant. >> it is a very somber day and glad you brought up the anniversary of your father's tragic death and your sister joined voices with stacey abrams in kind of trying to quell the immediate reaction to things but i bring up you, your sister. what goes through your mind on a day like tomorrow. it can't be easy ever even if it's 53 years later. >> it is never easy but what i try to focus on is, yes, there's
10:42 am
so much more work to be done but a lot of young people that are engaged and inspires me and i think my father would be so grateful to see young activists who are demonstrating, tragically in the midst of the trial of george floyd and yet george floyd was the catalyst that calls the demonstrations to occur. i would say 89% of those who are nonviolent protests but the young people is what we're excited about to see them engaging meaning no matter what legislatures do ultimately they have to deal with the young people and will become voters. >> who comes to mind is the georgia state representative, yes, elected but looking at park cannon there who spoke out for the fist time this week since being arrested for knocking on the door as governor kemp was signing that law. let's take a listen to what she said. >> signing into law the most
10:43 am
comprehensive voter suppression bill in the country is a far more serious crime. >> look, she is now facing criminal charges, some compared the case to the capitol rioters. what do you make of how she is treated? >> it makes no sense, irrational. she is in the governor's office for numerous signings and for this one going to be able to report back to the caucus she gets arrested? really? something is wrong with the concept of democracy when it comes to something like this happening. i think voters and many others come forward and not accept this kind of insane treatment. >> well, martin luther king iii, i will liberate you right now from the conversation because you are so busy today.
10:44 am
here's a reminder as i thank you, you will be on "politics nation," park cannon as well. a big show today. 5:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. very glad to see you. one state is leading the nation in new covid cases, the infection rate and the positivity rates of what's now done about it and we'll take you there.
10:45 am
10:46 am
new reports show the u.s. may be at the beginning of a fourth covid wave as infections rise but the worst state is michigan with the highest number of new cases and highest positivity rate. unfortunately we have to go there to michigan right now. royal oak. i'm so glad you are bundled up and masked up given what i said about michigan. what are officials saying about the spike and what are they doing about it?
10:47 am
>> reporter: yeah. alex, michigan unfortunately breaking the records for covid right now and not looking good and the doctors that i spoke with out here say they believe there's several factors at play. this hospital that we're at north of detroit seen a 400% increase in cases, people coming in, had to switch over the beds to covid beds once again and saying that this is reflective of the state? doctors are concerned because they don't know -- spike going to be. just this past week they recorded a record number of cases, 6,300 in a single day and not hit that number since december 4th. doctor that i spoke to leads the covid intensive unit at this hospital and thinks in addition to several factors one of the big ones to look at is the uk variant and how fast it spreads. >> about 40% of those patients right now are coming back
10:48 am
positive for the b-117 variant and we know that one's more contagious and could be causing a spike in the cases that we see. it is a race against the clock because we still have all those population measures in place, masking, limited capacity so i think the best thing to do is to get those shots out because i think that's probably the off ramp from this cycle of lockdowns and surges. >> reporter: you heard a little bit about him talking about the state's vaccine policies and their strategy here which i'm going to get into but first something he mentioned about the masking, even though that's happening in much of the state you can see the thumb region is in the purple. that is where the worst cases are and where doctors say there tends to be less masking and social distancing. and they believe that's also one of the reasons for the spike in cases right now. add to the fact that the tsa
10:49 am
recorded a record number of travelers and spring breakers on friday. and you're seeing the record breakers in michigan. the state's main goal here is to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible. >> thank you so much from royal oak. the experiment in baltimore that's led to a drop in crime and how it's changing law enforcement in the city, we'll talk about it. , but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need. ♪
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10:52 am
changes permanent. joining me right now, baltimore city state's attorney, marilyn mosby. it's good to see you again. it was your idea, right, to implement this new policy? >> it is really good to see you as well, alex. >> well, i'm glad to have you here, because this is really good news, right? your idea to implement the policy. you said that over the last 12 months, violent crime is down 20%. property crime, down 36%. 80% fewer arrests for drug possession. when you look at these numbers, and all those down arrows, are you surprised or did you expect this? oh, goodness. i think we've just lost that great interview we hoped to have with marilyn mosby. you know what we're going to do, everyone? we'll take a quick break. try to get her back on the other side. can you hear me now? do you want me to ask the question again? i'll be happy to do that. but basically, all these numbers, everything going down
10:53 am
in terms of arrests, fewer arrests for drug possession, violent crimes down, property crime down. i mean, it's good news for you. what's been your reaction to all this? okay. we're not going to go for the three strikes and you're out policy. we're just going to take a break and see if we can fix this. meantime, we're going to talk about protecting the people's house, the new attack outside the capitol raises more questions about security, so the question is, are the permanent barriers there? the answer, i'm going to speak with congressman ted lieu coming up and we'll try to get marilyn mosby back as well from baltimore. rilyn mosby back as well from baltimore. if you love it, spoon it. introducing colliders. your favorite candy flavors twisted, chopped or layered into a dessert that's made to spoon. new colliders desserts. find them near the refrigerated pudding. [♪♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. find them near the try boost glucose control.
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well, everyone, they say that the third time is the charm, so we're going to try once again to speak with baltimore city state's attorney marilyn mosby. okay, i think we've got you. i set everybody up and said twice about how great the news is from your city in terms of the drop in crime and the fact that i know you were really the spear head behind all this. what's been your reaction to all this? well -- >> so, i guess -- and i'm trying to hear from you. i think it's a bad connection, but the one thing i can say is that, you know, i'm not necessarily attributing the decline in crime to these policies, but clearly, that data suggests that there's no public safety value and never really
10:58 am
was any sort of public safety value in prosecuting these low-level offenses. not only is it counterproductive to the limited resources that we have in law enforcement where, in my city, we're solving one out of five homicide cases a year. we can utilize those resources and reallocate those resources, but these low-level offenses are discriminately enforced against poor black and brown people and we're seeing that, right, even today, and with the latest derek chauvin trial. and this happens all too often. we have responded and allowed the police to respond to every social ill of society, so the announcement was not just that we're not prosecuting these low-level offenses that have nothing to public safety but we're actually treating behavioral health issues such as homelessness, substance use disorder, and sex work as a behavioral health issues that they are. >> all right. marilyn mosby, unfortunately, we're having some hiccups, i'm sure you're as frustrated as i am and my control booth and everybody watching because we
10:59 am
all appreciate you. so come see me again soon. thank you. it's very good to see you at least this time. so everyone, we're going to start next hour just a little bit early here with a very good day to all of you from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome, everyone, to alex witt reports. here's what's happening. breaking news from capitol hill. new details emerging after a man drove a car into a security barricade. it happened at the capitol complex just yesterday, killing a capitol police officer and injuring another. we have some new reaction from my conversation with seth moulton today who says the capitol is clearly a constant target now. >> i'm a united states marine veteran. this is exactly what i expected in baghdad. we were prepared to defend democracy against attacks, running cars into checkpoints was an almost daily occurrence in that country. but i never imagined it as a lawmaker here in washington, d.c. so, we have vigilant but much more than that, we have to get to the root cause of this
11:00 am
violence. and that means that lawmakers need to come together. democrats and republicans and put politics aside. also new today, georgia cover brian kemp blasting the mlb for pulling the 2021 all-star game out of atlanta due to georgia's new restrictive voting law. >> yesterday, major league baseball caved to fear and lies from liberal activists. they ignored the facts of our new election integrity law, and they ignored the consequences of their decision on our local community. in the middle of a pandemic, major league baseball put the wishes of stacey abrams and joe biden ahead of the economic wellbeing of hard-working georgians. and after a week of emotional testimony in the derek chauvin trial last hour, george floyd's cousin telling me what it's like sitting in that courtroom as those firsthand wbs witnesses relive the


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