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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  April 3, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> thank you. hey, a very good day to you from msnbc world headquarters here in new york high noon here in the east. 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to the first edition of "alex witt reports." we begin with breaking news with new details and reaction today after a man drove a car into a security barricade at the capitol complex friday killing a capitol police officer and injuring one more. an investigation into the motives of the suspect who was killed after jumping out of that car with a knife. a live report from capitol hill in a moment. also new today, any moment now we're expecting to hear from georgia governor kemp. kemp will be addressing that major curveball coming from the mlb pulling the 2020 all-star game out of atlanta due to georgia's new restrictive voting
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law, the latest corporation to denounce the limits on voting access. a big headline, new revelations from the first week of the devek chauvin trial including the most senior minneapolis officer testifying that the actions were totally unnecessary. >> down to the ground, face down, and putting your knee on a neck for that amount of time, is just uncalled for. >> it comes on the heels of emotional and come pegging testimony from george floyd's loved ones and firsthand witnesses speaking out for the tooirs. a closer look at the legal impact of one officer testifying against another. also for you, 1:00 p.m., a "the new york times" reporter who broke matt gaetz story, the inquiry is reportedly focusing
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on cash paid to women. also, the cousin of george floyd has been at the courthouse for first days of testimony and you will hear how the family is reliving the nightmare. later martin luther king 3 after the new georgia law. the breaking news from capitol hill. let's go to vaughn hilliard there for us. what more do we know about this attack at the capitol? what kind of new questions it's raising about security? >> reporter: there's conversations among lawmakers now about what will this perimeter here around the capitol look like going forward. we just talked two weekends ago when that outer layer of fencing began to come down. the barrier where traffic opened up here on constitution avenue. because of that opening of constitution avenue that's where you saw the scene take place yesterday afternoon. you can see that one layer of fencing remains where yesterday that individual, that suspect,
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noah green, drove the car through before running into a barrier and striking two officers, one billy evans who passed away after a 18-year career with the capitol police force. listen to part of a conversation with lieutenant general honore on msnbc earlier today. he was tapped by nancy pelosi after the january 6th insurrection to conduct a review about what security efforts for long-term changes need to take place here on the capitol complex grounds in order to prevent not only attack on january 6 but other potential violent acts here on the grounds. >> focus we need to make sure the police have need to take care of one another and to reinforce the fact that the capitol is a target. the threat is 24/7 against the capitol.
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and that's what congress need to adjust their minds to that it can happen any day, any time, 24/7. >> reporter: there's acknowledgement among lawmakers over the last 24 hours even those that wanted to bring down this barrier initially that clearly the capitol is a target from domestic extremists high and what does this perimeter look like going taurd? you have an officer, two officers that did their job. they protected the capitol and staff and any members of congress on the grounds. at the same time an officer lost his life as a result. alex? >> it is almost more than we can all take. thank you. joining is massachusetts congressman seth moulton. welcome to you. glad to have you back to the show. i'm curious what went through your mind hearing about that
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attack. are you concerned the capitol is now a constant tar it? >> it clearly is a constant target. i'm a united states marine veteran. this is what i expected in baghdad. we were prepared to defend democracy against attacks, running cars into check points was an almost daily occurrence in that country but i never imagined it has a lawmaker here in washington d.c. so we have to be vigilant and get to the root cause of this violence and that means that lawmakers need to come together. democrats and republicans and put politics aside including the politics of this fence and do the right thing to make sure that americans, lawmakers, every american is safe to practice democracy in washington, d.c. >> i wish that was something to fix overnight but it is not so does the fencing need to stay up? does congress need to
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accelerated that $2 billion package to boost security in your offices as a result of all this? >> you asked me this on your show a few weeks ago. it was at a time republicans were saying that democrats are overreacting with this fence. and i said, no, i said the capitol police asked for the fence. by the way, i said i hate the fence and want to see it come down, too. i don't want to come down until it's safe. we need to improve security around the capitol and we can get to a point, i'm confident, speaking as a marine veteran, we can get to a point where the capitol is safe and the fence is not required but often guarded targets against much greater threats in iraq with less physical protection but that's because we were active duty united states marine. let's not politicize it in the
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meantime which is what republicans have been trying to do. >> keep in mind you want to make it safe for any american to come and visit the seat of democracy in this nation or come and see you. it's for all the americans that this place needs to be made safe. let's talk about the president's infrastructure plan. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says the plan is not even close to enough. take a listen to this. >> what we think is the actual investment that can create tens of millions of good, union jobs in this country, that can shore up the health care, the infrastructure, the housing and doing it in a way that draws down our carbon emissions to help us get in line with the ipcc standards we are talking about realistically $10 trillion over 10 years. >> that's a lot of money. what's your reaction to that? >> i'm not sure how she backs up
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the math but i think that we need to invest a lot and it's got to be smart investment. i've been focused on making sure to take the generational opportunity to invest in infrastructure and don't squander it investinginging in the last generation's infrastructure why if we just build more highway lanes, even if we have electric charging stations then you know what? americans may have new electric cars but sitting in traffic. and that's why i'm a strong advocate for high-speed rail which is a 21st century investment. it will change the way we get around america and knit together communities that don't have good connections to the airport or highway system that exist from the 1950s. >> i wanted to get to that the last time we spoke and we didn't have time. the bill you introduced cost $205 billion. right now the allotment of
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president biden offers $80 billion. how much can you get done with $80 billion? will you be pressing for more rail money? >> i will be pressing for more and for real high-speed rail money and this is something where we'll get some republicans to agree. we don't want to be investing in just more amtrak trains but what the rest of the world has to get around the country faster, more freedom. gives americans more choice. just imagine taking a high-speed train chicago to atlanta. most americans wouldn't imagine doing that trip by rail and that's less than beijing and shanghai and they built the most popular high-speed rail line in the world. but just not chicago and atlanta but nashville, indianapolis, all these cities in between that have been left out of this next generation economy.
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that's why high-speed rail is so significant. yes, i'll be fighting for more but we'll take what we can get and be a start. >> i got to say having traveled orr in europe that's a wonderful high-speed rail from city to city and see the country that way so i applaud those efforts. let's talk about what senator mcconnell is saying about the plan generally. >> as much as we would like to address infrastructure, it is not going to get sun port from our side because i think what the economy -- the last thing the economy needs right now is a big whopping tax increase on all the productive sections of our economy. >> with that no support approach from republicans is this plan going to have to get passed through reconciliation? are you prepared for what would come next which was potential republicans say in 2020, oh look, tax hikes?
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>> look. we'll do what it takes because that's why the american people elected us to get things done versus being obstructionists like the republicans but pick apart what mcconnell just said. president biden made it clear that there will be no tax cuts on anyone making less than $400,000. mitch mcconnell just said raising taxes on all the productive sections of the economy. basically what he is saying is if you make less than $400,000 you're not productive. that's the message from republicans that only the rich deserve tax breaks, only the biggest corporations should continue paying nothing in taxes every year. president biden is on the side of the american people and simply saying everyone's going to pay their fair share and that's how we pay for infrastructure. >> let me ask you about your republican colleague matt gaetz and a report saying that the doj is looking into whether he and a
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local florida politician got involved with a cash for sex arrangement with "the new york times" citing receipts that they have viewed. nbc has not viewed them but gaetz denied the allegations whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her to travel with him. gaetz's office said he never paid for sex and calling the allegations totally false. what do you make of this? how much will it impact the work in congress and do you think he can keep his job under this cloud? >> first, this is absolutely despicable and the allegations are disgusting. it doesn't surprise me one bit that he denies them because this is donald trump's biggest supporter in congress to deflect and deny. try to change the story, change people's attention from what's
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actually going on here. and look at who's defending matt gaetz. marjorie taylor greene, jim jordan. this is also not forget the hypocrisy here. this is the wing of the republican party that's always lording christian values over all the rest of us and matte gaetz is having one hell of an easter weekend here. these are serious allegations and if proven he doesn't just need to be removed from congress or a committee. he needs to go to prison. he shouldn't serve on the prison library committee let alone the house judiciary committee. this is disgusting. will it impact his work? he is not a very productive member of congress in the first place. he just tries to go around supporting donald trump but he needs to go. that's pretty clear to me. >> regarding the justice committee there, we're going to
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talk to ted lu about that. we'll have him later on in the show. thank you so much, congressman seth moulton. >> thank you. breaking news right now. the governor of georgia is holding a news conference on major league baseball's decision to pull the all-star out of the state that's congressman drew ferguson there speaking but let's go to atlanta for us. you're monitoring this but in general what are you hearing about what brian kemp is saying? >> reporter: we just heard kemp give remarks minutes ago and not different than what he's been saying since mlb decided to move this all-star game out of atlanta. they haven't decided a new location but comes in a backlash after the georgia republicans and governor brian kerp there signed into law in the last week an extremely restrictive voting measure that really does tamp
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down on access to the ballot, to the voting booth and will have very detrimental impacts for folks to cast the ballot in the future and right now we have seen big companies like delta, like coca-cola now mlb speaking out and saying that they don't support this law that has just been passed and what we have seen from republicans in the aftermath is attacking mlb, these corporations saying that they have been corrupted by stacey abrams and joe biden and the radical left, the term that's tossed around that we have heard from republicans a lot later is cancel culture. they feel like they're being canceled, the views are canceled. something that kemp said a minute ago was that mlb, delta and coca-cola may be scared of abrams, biden and the left but i am not and i will not be backing down from this fight. so you don't really see any change from republicans here just in the last week. there's been backlash not only from the companies but the
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financial impacts. we are already reeling from a covid economy. the pandemic has had a lot of impact on businesses here and the fact that mlb is moving the all-star out city has impacts and something that republicans are going to have to face moving forward and something that democratings in the state have commented on already. just this morning atlanta major keisha lance bottoms telling our own ali velshi that republicans can turn around this legislation. >> it's not too late for the legislature to go back and reconsider this. they are out of session. but the governor certainly can call a special session, have them reconsider this, make tweaks to it so that it is truly a bill that expands access to the right to vote. i think this is just the first of many dominos that will fall in this state and we will all
9:17 am
suffer because of it. >> reporter: alex, you hear there keisha lance bottoms saying that the state will likely suffer from some of the financial consequences and then of course the electoral consequence if people don't have access to the ballot. >> right now we see brian kemp taking questions. >> voter i.d. requirement in georgia which you can get a free one if you don't have one. we have been doing that since the mid-2000s. for in-person early voting where prior to this election 97% of the people, 95% of the people voted that way. instead of using an arbitrary signature match problematic, took forever and driving the local election officials crazy with a 351% increase in absentee ballots. they are not complaining -- well, some of them have complained about drop boxes like
9:18 am
we're taking something away. for people that don't know and have not read the bill like joe biden, we've never had drop boxes in our legislation in decades. in georgia. we do now for the first time ever codified in the law. they were used last election because of an emergency order by the state election board. not by the members of the general assembly standing behind me. we have done that this year. we are requiring the local election officials to do continuous counting so you don't have breaks and have -- >> all right. we'll monitor this but one thing to note about five masks i count that in that tight packed group. just saying. the powerful testimony that delivered a potentially big blow to the defense and the impact of all the video evidence.
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emotional testimony, new video dominating the first week of the murder trial of derek chauvin, the former police officer charged in the killing of george floyd. some of the witnesses that took the stand wept openly describing the interactions with chauvin last year allowing them to show video of what took place that day. this is floyd, you see him there inside cup foods, that's the store where employees thought he may have used a counterfeit $20 bill and this is what happened after. surveillance and body cam video showing the aggressive response. police approaching floyd's vehicle with guns drawn as floyd begged them not to shoot. prosecutors played this view from across the view of the 9:23 restraint and showed body camera video of bystanders pleading with chauvin to show compassion.
9:24 am
>> get him off the ground, bro. get him off the ground. you being a bum right now. >> and then we heard chauvin's point of view. take a listen. >> we got a force, control this guy because he's a sizable guy. >> yeah. >> looks like -- >> get in the car. >> on something. >> nbc's megan fitzgerald joining me now from minneapolis. understatement to say it's been quite a week but some of the most surprising testimony seemed to have come from police officers. >> reporter: alex, you are absolutely right. on friday jurors heard from the most senior lieutenant at the police department and testified in that video where we see derek chauvin's neon the neck of george floyd saying the use of force was totally unnecessary and went on to provide some context saying that officers are trained yearly in use of force and that what happened in that
9:25 am
video is not anything that they're taught. listen to the exchange between the prosecution and zimmerman. >> have you ever in all the years you have been working for the minneapolis police department been trained to kneel on the neck someone who is handcuffed behind their back in a prone position? >> no, i haven't. >> is that -- if that were done is that considered force? >> absolutely. >> what level of force might that be? >> that would be the top tier. the deadly force. >> why? >> because of the fact that if your knee is on a person's neck that can kill them. >> reporter: keep in mind lieutenant zimmerman is one of two high-ranking officials there at the police department that testified that derek chauvin should have stopped the use of force the moment george floyd
9:26 am
stopped resisting. this week the prosecution will continue to call witnesses. we expect to hear from the chief of the minneapolis police department, alex. >> we will see if he concurs with that of those two high-ranking officers already said. thank you for that. joining me former prosecutor george butler. and shawna lloyd, managing attorney of the cochran firm orlando. welcome to you both. i'm curious our assessment of the prosecution so far and how they're using video in this case. >> the prosecution has presented a strong case with compelling eyewitnesses. but, alex, the star witness is the video. in the last two minutes, mr. floyd's body is not moving. paramedics testified he was probably already gone at that point. chauvin knew that floyd had no
9:27 am
pulse and still chauvin did not lift his knee. so prosecutors seem well on the way to proving that chauvin is a murderer but so important to remember we have not heard the defense case and they don't have to prove anything. all they have to do is poke holes in the prosecution case to create reasonable doubt. the verdict has to be unanimous. if they're successful with one juror chauvin is not convicted. >> yeah. give me a sense of how the defense combats all of the impressions, all of the video facts, if you will, that have been generated by this kind of evidence. the shear length of the restraint and the way chauvin ignored pleas for compassion. >> the defense is really going to stand on the fact that chauvin was following training first and foremost -- >> but was he? was he? hasn't that been brought into
9:28 am
question? the training. when we heard as was reported and i'm watching your coverage this week, those two officers said, no. too much. he went way beyond the limits of protocol. so is that something they can use in their defense saying, yeah, this is the training, do this? >> they're going to have to rely on that. i understand that the other side will poke holes in that but you have to put on a defense that states this is what he was trained to do, assessing a threat that was he believed within the crowd that could have turned aggressive or violent and mr. floyd could have been aggressive if he comes to. they'll focus on the drug use in the system because as he mentioned before it is reasonable doubt. they need one juror to say it
9:29 am
may have been the drugs and you have created reasonable doubt. especially when you need a unanimous verdict. >> there was another powerful moment in testimony from an emt let's watch this together. >> when i arrived on scene, it was police squad, an individual playing down, three officers on the individual. i walked up to the individual, noticed he wasn't moving. didn't see any chest rise or fall. he was in handcuffs at the time. in lay terms i thought he was dead. i looked for my partner and told him i think he's dead 'want to move this out of here. >> okay. >> i will begin care in the back. this is a human being and i was trying to give him a second chance at life. >> give me a sense of your reaction to that testimony as a prosecutor. how important was it to get this in? >> it was key. we had a series of police
9:30 am
calling the police and many law enforcement professionals, emts, firefighters testifying against this cop. they don't want to be associated or have their work associated with this bad cop. and so i think part of it is emotional and part of it is helping to establish what the prosecution must prove, excessive force. we have heard police professionals say that chauvin crossed the line. he used deadly force in the same way as if he had taken out a gun and shot mr. floyd when he pressed his knee on mr. floyd's neck. that's deadly force and it was totally uncalled for in the words of lieutenant zimmerman. >> let's look at how the defense reacted to this. here it is. >> some people were swearing.
9:31 am
>> absolutely. >> and would you describe other people's demeanors as upset or angry? it's fair to say that you grew angrier? you were angry? >> no. you can't paint me as being angry. >> okay. so then except for that last one is this angry mob theory, can that be an effective strategy? does the video support that? >> i think that by them focusing the defense on this angry mob they may have made a misstep because the video doesn't necessarily show aggression. there's a little bit of a difference of what he is alleging for the officers versus what's in the video. >> makes sense. let's now listen to testimony from the two police officers. here's part of that.
9:32 am
>> when mr. floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers they could have ended their restraint. >> once a person is cuffed, the threat level goes down all the way. you know? to they're cuffed. how can they really hurt you? you know? >> was it surprising to hear fellow officers give this kind of evidence? what message does it send to jurors? >> the jury hears from a parade of police officers because they're expert witnesses on the use of force. jurors are often sympathetic to police officers and give them a break understanding they have difficult, tough jobs. but these officers are saying that chauvin crossed the line and prosecutors are sending the message to the jury that you can vote to convict chauvin and still support cops. we're not trying to say that all
9:33 am
police officers are bad. we just need you to send this one rotten cop to jail. >> can i ask you real quickly? when it comes to chauvin's immediate reaction in his own words in a call to the supervisor and said he had to quote hold the guy down. where do you think the defense will go with this? does the video support him? >> i think that he is going to go from the state of mind he felt there's threats and due to him needing medical care he couldn't change what he was going. they allude to that. what takes priority? i think that the priority was the crowd that he perceived to be a threat opposed to focusing on the medical care that george floyd needed at that time. >> okay. thanks for the chat and breaking it down.
9:34 am
appreciate that. matt gaetz says he is not quitting congress but he thinks the republican colleagues have his back. will donald trump back one of his most ardent, loyal supporters? the new reporting straight ahead. touch after touch bacteria in your home never stops. that's why microban 24 doesn't just sanitize and stop. it keeps killing bacteria for 24 hours. spray on hard surfaces to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria initially including the covid-19 virus. once dry microban forms a shield that keeps killing bacteria for 24 hours. touch after touch. don't just sanitize. keep killing bacteria for 24 hours with microban 24
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record numbers of people crossing the border in a new report. more than 18,000 unaccompanied children crossing into the u.s. last month, 60% higher than the record set almost two years ago. the increase comes after the biden administration's new policy of excelling all migrants except minors coming alone. the number of attempted crossings last month reached a 20-year high. new details on the growing calls for florida congressman
9:38 am
gaetz to resign. he's come under fire after reports the justice department is investigating whether he had a sexual relationship with a minor and paid for her to travel with him. "the new york times" citing text messages and receipts is also reporting gaetz allegedly asked women to help recruit others who might be interested in having sex with him and his friends. i want to mike sure you know nbc news has not seen the receipts but we do know gaetz denied all allegations and the invest is ongoing. we are going to talk about this now with adrian elron, kurt bardella and elise jordan. friends, all of you. thank you for joining me. elise, there have calls for matt gaetz to resign. word is he is not the most popular guy in the gop ranks.
9:39 am
>> republicans just don't see why it's worth it to go out on a limb and steak out a claim for matte gaetz one way or the other. they're hoping that this is just going to blow over like so many other scandals have not picked up that much traction. look at what's happening with andrew cuomo in new york and how he seems to for right surviving that and banking on so many scandals if the politician digs in they can survive. this is involving underage women and use of minors and unsavory character who is a -- one of matt gaetz's best friends and what he is charged with in florida and i don't see how it becomes unavailable for matt gaetz. >> i'm sure your thoughts on how
9:40 am
to handle the situations. do republicans have anything to gain by standing we him? >> yeah. they don't. i agree with elise. this is a really bad situation for matt gaetz. the fact you are not seeing republicans come out and defend him or come out and criticize him, condemn him is a big problem. they could drip him of the committee assignments. they could temporarily suspend him in a number of ways from some of the congressional duties but when you're a sitting member of congress under invest by the justice department that's never a good situation to be in and also involving young underage girls is extremely not only grotesque but politically problem at ek for matt gaetz. >> allegedly involvement with one 17-year-old woman, girl. not a woman technically yet,
9:41 am
right? but let me talk about the daily beast report. donald trump is not jumping to gaetz's defense and we haven't heard anything from him on the issue. what do you make of that? we know gaetz to be one of trump's staunchest allies. they were thick as thieves for a while and would having trump come to the defense help him or hurt the case? >> i think that when you have someone like donald trump who has a long history of being accused of sexual harassment coming to women i'm not sure having that guy be your cloak and defender will do a lot for you why the reality about the republican party right now and the lack of reaction we see from republicans it does tell you where the party is at this moment in time. this is a party that the roy moore should be the nominee but accused of preying on underage girls at the local mall and
9:42 am
trump's right hand miller with a storied history of problems with al mony. we have jim jordan who's been at the center of a controversy surrounding the abuse of college male athletes at the place he used to coach or high school athlete just the republican party is littered with these characters who have all of these types of very troubling allegations. it is no surprise to me they're not dumping matt gaetz. because if they had to do that they'd then set the precedent to hold all these other people to. >> regarding jim jordan, let's clarify what i believe to be true is he said he had no knowledge of what was being alleged at the high school. i don't know that he was
9:43 am
involved personally. >> students have said that he knew, that's what i was referencing for clarification. >> let's get to the new "vanity fair" article that says the donald trump's odds of staying out of prison is dwindling. we have the manhattan l.a. subpoenaing the personal bank records of the chief financial officer. two capitol police officers have sued donald trump for physical and emotional injuries they say they suffered in the riot and new york's highest court cleared for some defamation lawsuit against trump to move forward and lawyers can question trump under oath. how nervous should donald trump be about the developments? >> can we include the number 20 in this scale? he should be extremely nervous because one of the reasons why i think he was so disappointed in
9:44 am
losing the lix is because he knew if he was in office for another term he would essentially get immunity from the prosecution. that time is running out. you have the southern district of new york. you have multiple as you mentioned the capitol police officers who are suing him. he's got a lot of legal troubles to deal with and i think a reason why he does have this political action committee which, you know, unfortunately a lot of people suckered into giving money to to essentially be his legal defense fund. if i was him i would be really nervous. >> donald trump gave a speech at a wedding i think at mar-a-lago. let's take a look at that. >> border's not good. the worst anybody's ever seen it and what you see now multi play it times ten, jim. what's happening to the kids, living in squalor. they said 66 million votes sir.
9:45 am
i got 75 million. a lot of things are happening right now. it's an honor to be here. >> well, okay. was this a political event or somebody's wedding? took over the mic. what is your reaction to what you heard there? >> this is the sad fall of a man who's desperate for attention, the limelight, so much so he's crashing other people's weddings and hijacking the microphone to ramble on and say the things he used to say at his famed rallies. it's sad, embarrassing that a former president of this country has -- is literally now demoted to being a wedding crasher effectively. it goes to show if you take away the attention, take away the light and the social media life for the rest of us becomes better and drives him crazy.
9:46 am
everything that he's done is always designed to get attention and cameras and notoriety and fame. and taking that away from him is the greatest consequence to possibly face. >> he has been teasing a potential presidential run in 2024. listen to what he told his daughter-in-law laura trump in an interview this week. >> the other question i want people to know do we have hope there's a possibility to see donald trump run again in 2024? >> you do have hope. that i can tell you. you do have hope. >> is this all about fund raising until the point that he has to say, guess what, i won't run when he is actually pressed to do so? >> donald trump can be the master of the big tease coming to 2024. it really doesn't matter, though, for the party if he actually runs or doesn't run.
9:47 am
his idea is dominating the republican party. look at how much the policy positions of the republicans have shifted to adopt his america first platform. whether he runs is almost irrelevant so far ahead and so much ground is going to be tread before but i do think that it is indisputable he's changed the republican party and for the worst. >> i think you're right on all that. all right. elise, kurt, adrienne, thank you for joining me. it looks like president biden has a big sales job ahead. a new poll shows 45% of americans supporting the infrastructure bill. we'll talk about it next. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. in ensure high protein. try boost® high protein boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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9:50 am
north carolina overnight. seven people were shot, three of them killed. so far no arrests and no known motive. let's go to washington where republicans preparing to fight president biden's new infrastructure plan. it's just one of the many roadblocks for the president. let's go to monica alba in washington at the post for us. welcome. this bill likely needs bipartisan such port to pass. how does the president plan to get republicans on board? >> reporter: this is something that is a gigantic $2.25 trillion package that the president has put forward but unlike the covid relief bill he has said he's open to a ton of changes to this and that he expects a lot of modifications and working with republicans on that but what he unveiled in pittsburgh this week includes more than $600 billion for transportation, repairing roads and bridges and highways. and then a lot of other things that the white house is
9:51 am
basically categorizing as an investment in what they say is human infrastructure, so thinking about things in your own home and upping housing, trying to get more access to broadband internet. they want to think of this as a multifaceted approach to things broken in the country and not repaired by any administration and why the president feels he is positioned to do so and does want bipartisan support unlike the american rescue plan. here's how he positioned the framing yesterday to get gop lawmakers to negotiate face to face. >> when congress comes back after this easter break i'm going to begin meeting with democrats, republicans about this plan. they all have their ideas about what it will take, what they like and don't like. debate is welcome. compromise is inevitable. changes in my plan are certain. but inaction is not an option.
9:52 am
so i think we're going to have a -- i think the republicans voters are going to have a lot to say about whether we get this done. >> reporter: you see the president there predicting things based off what he's seen in polling which is voters strongly want to see something done on infrastructure. so he's betting that eventually constituents will respond at the ballot box if republicans don't get on board with the infrastructure plan we a narrow runway and hoping to see if they can get something done by the fourth of july and not a lot of legislative time before then and why the meetings take place as soon as the coming week. >> can you tell me where things stand on the voting rights bill? >> reporter: because there's such an emphasis on infrastructure and still what's happening with the covid pandemic and everything else in terms of vaccinations, this white house has really said timing is everything.
9:53 am
and even though they want to see that legislation get passed they know this may not be the moment for it. they're trying to work on parallel tracks but this is a president who said let me figure out the order and he wants to see infrastructure next. >> thank you. we'll see you again. will an economic boycott make a difference? i'll ask martin luther king iii in our next hour. i've been telling everyone, the secret to great teeth... is having healthy gums. new crest advanced gum restore... detoxifies below the gum line, and restores by helping heal gums in as little as seven days. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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now to numbers of those returning to work. new york city remains a relative ghost town. a survey shows 10% of manhattan office workers have returned to the workplace and the survey suggests 45% of the office workforce may return by september and evidence that the pandemic changed the workplace forever manhattan employers
9:56 am
expect 56% of employees will work from home at least part time. >> i've been happy, happy, happy! >> yes. >> this is the year. >> right there with you because baseball's back and those fans are pumped but covid anxiety may keep fans home. 66% say they feel comfortable for a ball game but only a third say they feel comfortable attending an indoor event. strong emotional testimony in the derek chauvin trial. i'll speak to a george floyd cousin at the courthouse watching that trial. to take things into our own hands. don't think so? hold my pouch. you can't plan for your period's... what the gush moments. but the right pad can. only always ultra thins have rapiddry technology
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it's easy and affordable to get started. get self protection for $10 a month. a very good day to you from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome. we'll begin with the big headlines from the ongoing chauvin trial? today the newspapers tell it all. the most senior police officer in the minneapolis p.d. saying the use of force in this case was totally unnecessary and uncalled for. let's go right now to the report from megan fitzgerald. >> reporter: in a powerful end to an emotional week of testimony a potential blow to the defense. >> have you ever in all the years working for the minneapolis police department been trained to kneel on the neck


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