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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  April 2, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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as always, thank you for watching "the beat, i will be back with you on monday at 6:00 p.m. eastern. you can always find me on ari melber on any social media pages. "the reid out" starts next. >> good evening, everyone. we start with another frightening dat at the u.s. capitol. flags at half-staff for the second time this year. one capitol police officer is injured and another is dead after they were struck by a car on the north side. the driver and suspect 25-year-old noah green got out of the car with a knife in his hand. police say green who is from indiana but most recently lived in virginia was shot after failing to respond to verbal
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commands. the suspect was then taken to the hospital where he died. we still don't know the motive. congress was not in session at the time and very few people were around. acting capitol police chief released a statement on the passing of officer billy evans. he was a member of the united states capitol police for 18 years and was a member of the capitol's division first responders union. a police recession took his body past the capitol to the medical examiners office late this afternoon. the injured officer is in a stable, non-life threatening condition. president biden said jill and i were heartbroken to learn of the violent attack on the security checkpoint on the u.s. capitol
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grounds. we send our heart felt condolences to officer evans family and everyone grieving his loss. we know what a difficult time this has been for the capitol. the incident prompted a huge security response with a helicopter landing on the east front of the capitol and national guard troops descending on the scene. the troops have been part of an increased security presence since the insurrection on january 6th where 140 officers were injured and one died. before this year only two other capitol police officers have ever been attacked and killed in the line of duty. both were killed by a mentally i'll gunman back in 1998. in a press conference, the acting capitol police chief stressed "what a hard year it has been for the capitol police." please keep the united states capitol police family in your
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thoughts and prayers at this time. it is an extremely difficult and challenging year for us, but we will get through this and we appreciate the community support. >> let's go to vaughn hilliard at the capitol. what can you tell us, what's the latest? >> good evening, joy. this is the scene here behind us. the car has since been towed here from just outside of the capitol. i have to tell you when we're talking about law enforcement, how tough of a year, this has been for capitol police, not just officer brian sicknick but also officer jared smith who committed suicide in the days after the attack. and another officer who also committed suicide after january 6th. now they talk about losing
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officer billy evans. for the capitol police this is their community. this is the people they come to see every single day. this is the capitol grounds, the staff, the members of congress that they come here to protect every day. billy evans lost his life. at the hands of this individual that to our understanding is from indiana, most recently lived in virginia. ben collins reported that he had recent posts touting his connection in the nation of islam. they have said they're a hate organization and muslims have vehemently rejected this. we're going to get to what lead
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in individual to go to this barrier here two weeks after constitution avenue opened backed up. i spoke to a lieutenant general that was tapped by speaker pelosi to make an assessment after january 6th about what security measures should be built up around here. he said all of the assessments should be put into practice based off again, the events here today. that calls namely for the hiring of more than 850 capitol police personnel saying they are under staffed, inadequately trained, and they said billy evans did his job today, but i just passed by dozens of them this evening and they're still at work tonight. they will be overnight and into
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the days ahead. they say they need the back up and funding resources. >> yeah, i'm sure the capitol police are having the trauma. it has been quite a year. joining me is benny thompson, chairman of the homeland security committee. congressman i want to go to you first. based quickly on your perch, what do you make of that. the capitol police are very well funded. they have about 2300 sworn officers. is the issue the need for more personnel? or is the issue the need, in your view, for more permanent infrastructure? we have seen it breached by a lynch mob and now we're seeing vulnerability to an attack by the capitol. >> two things, there is also a
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need to get the line of authority between the dc government and the department of defense. so we have to coordinate that and it is difficult when you don't have a plan to spell it out. i think the actions of january 6th and what was unfortunate today we have to put that together. we have honorees to fund it. we just cannot be in a movement, we cannot move back from it. we have to secure the capitol. >> and malcolm, just from a computer point of view it is a public space. it is meant to be accessed by the public, but at the same time we know now that there are a great number of vulnerabilities. do you think it is, in a sense,
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almost too complicated? because it is not a statement are there limits to what the dc leadership can do and there has to be so much coordination for any response. >> there are certainly limits for dc, but the real issue is in the hands of the capital police. that site where the incident occurred, just a few weeks ago that was not accessible. it was pushed all of the way down to new jersey avenue and there was jersey barrier run ins that a speeding car could not get through. so by raising that profile it gave whoever decided he would carry out an incident a slightly easier path way. we don't know what intent of
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this driver was today. he had some motivation to have himself killed, and he did want to injury people in a place that was very high profile. so this is going to give us another reevaluation as to how we allow pedestrians and vehicles to come around the entry control points. there will have to be a commission on this eventually to determine the entire parameter of how we're going to defend this facility. >> i'm glad you brought that up, malcolm. there is a lot of pressure coming particularly from republicans, but some democrats voiced some concern about it, too, to reopen the capitol and make it more of a welcoming public space. let me play for you senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> there is no serious threats against the capitol. i think we're way overreacting to the current need. i'm extremely uncomfortable with the fact that my constituents
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can't come because of all of the razor wire. >> and marjorie taylor green tweeted welcome to fort pelosi. here is a piece of the ad run by colorado congresswoman laura bobart. >> it's time to cut the crap and remember this is the people's house. >> with that flourish of a gun sound at the end. congressman that feels entirely premature because obviously as malcolm just explained there is still a lot of security issues. >> there is no question about it, and what you see there is a classic politic response to a
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minority party. we have to secure the capitol. the capitol at this point is not secure. we can't guarantee that visitors who come or members of congress to that point, cannot be adequately protected so we have to do what we have to do. it's unfortunate that my republican colleagues and others are choosing to politicize security in our nation's capitol. surely everyone would want visitors to visit the capitol, but if we can't guarantee their safety then we should not allow thaw to occur. >> malcolm, how do you feel about the security force being reinstated? >> i have done security assessments all around the world including some big arab
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capitals, kabul, and baghdad. it has to look like kabul for awhile. the insurrection and the attack on the capitol gave our enemies a baseline on how to attack the capitol. and we have to create a system of entry control points that allow visitors to come in to feel safe and to be safe. what you don't want to do is have the gates all come down and have someone carry out a vehicle driving attack where you know you just drive through the parking lot and injury people there from an iowa high school. we need to make the entire campus secure. >> it would seem so obvious, but unfortunately it's political. we'll have you back on to talk about your lawsuit. obviously the instigation of january 6th, but there are security lapses there that still need be dealt with at the
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capitol. thank you both, be well. up next, the matt gaetz scandal getting more sorted. allegations of paid for sex, booze, drugs, and child trafficking is all there. a florida lawmaker joins me on the very strange phone message she got from gaetz and his indicted pal. plus a dramatic week of testimony comes to an end as george floyd's family seeks justice for his death. some of the most damming testimony came from georgia police. and serious consequences to their voter suppression laws as major league baseball pulls their major legal all-star baseball game out of their state. baseball game out of their state.
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. new reporting on the investigation of congressman matt gaetz is so lured it's hard to believe he still holds a position of public trust. people close to the federal probe said that the investigators are scrutinizing his involvement with multiple women. they were procured by joel greenberg who is now facing nearly three dozen criminal charges. the times reports that greenberg recruited the women through websites that connect people that go on dates in exchange for gifts, fine dining, and allowances. greenberg introduced the women to mr. gaetz who also had sex with them. it also details how they would
4:19 pm
pay the women noting that the women were giving section formamts. his lawyer says he has never paid for sex. this comes on top of the news that they're probing whether or not he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl. now two people with the investigation told the times that the sex trafficking kountt count involve the same girl. they link gaetz closer to greenberg that denies the charges against him. they helped lead investigation eres to gates. additionally they acquired a strange voice mail.
4:20 pm
it is a message they left for anna escomani. my dear, anna, this is your favorite tax collector. i'm up in the panhandle with your favorite u.s. congressman mr. gaete. we were just chatting about you -- >> we think you're the future of the democratic party in florida. >> i know you're the future of it. so there's no thinking involved. anyway, if you get this and you feel like chatting, give me a shout back. >> the representative is now calling on congressman gaetz to resign. i must start with you on this weird rather creepy voice mail. what did you take that to be?
4:21 pm
>> think? >> we didn't have that type of relationship to expect a phone call and i was more surprised to will be to the voice mail, so for me, it seemed like they wanted to try to get closer to me, try to have a chummy conversation with me, which i do draw the line between personal and professional, especially when it comes to elected officials. >> i feel like this whole thing, like i need a shower. i'm sorry to have to ask you this, but did you get the sense, you're a democrat, right? was this a romantic outreach in the college sophomore level? what did you think they wanted for you. >> yeah, it's uncomfortable but
4:22 pm
i think it is a important question. we're constantly object objecty objectified. your lovely qualities, that was cringe worthy for me. >> my last question on this line and thenly move on, i promise. do you worry in light of what we have now learned about matt gaetz and mr. greenberg and things like allegations from cnn that gaetz would show off pictures of fellow lawmakers of nude women that he claimed he slept with. it was a point of pride, and also that mr. greenberg was trafficking women and attempting
4:23 pm
to get them have sex with him and maybe the congressman for money. when you look back on it do you worry they were trying to lure you into something alone those lines? the trafficking world lines? >> i think it is a very valid question and a very valid concern. these are signs of trying to groom people to do what you want to do. when i look back at my engagement in the past three or four years with mr. greenberg, i always try to keep a distance between us but there was a lot of pushy and corrosive behavior. it is so important that women, especially women in politics, to share their stories. for me this is just another day of being a woman in politics. >> cynthia we're having trouble with her shot and we're going to try to get her back.
4:24 pm
i would normally never ask this question, how old are you? >> i'm a young but feeling very old 30-year-old. >> right, okay, i just wanted -- i'm checking that because of the line of reasoning around what they were doing. did you at any point suspect that mr. greenberg was engaged in any kind of legal activity? did you ever expect that he was engaged in any kind of illegal activity? did you ever suspect that? >> a great question. i first interacted with him because he posted a comment on his facebook page that were islamaphobic in nature. so he was called out, they invited me to join the space, and he attacked me on twitter threatening me politically and
4:25 pm
then turned around and apologized and was seeking a sort of support from me. it was a very, just a difficult dynamic, and trying to maintain professionalism and kindness and also realizing this person is all over the place and i think the rest speaks to the fact that he was engaged in pretty ridiculous behavior and i don't think any of us could have expected it to be this bad. >> i read that you were trying to deal with it so you were not thrown in as the b word. cynthia we have you back, walk us through, this is gross and you're a sex crimes prosecutor. just looking at it from your prosecutorial eye. does it appear to you that mr. gaetz might have been a customer of whatever mr. greenberg was
4:26 pm
doing? where would you start if you were investigating this case? >> i think where it is going is that, my guess, is that they're trying to get greenberg to flip on gates. there is a temptation for us to enjoy the demise of gaetz because he is so creepy and miserable and inoff rabble in is a criminal investigation, not a sex scandal in the classic dca. it may be sex trafficking, pornography charges, cam pay finance charges, he has a very serious problem that i'm guessing will begin with his friend. >> in some cases mr. gates asked
4:27 pm
women to help find william that would have sex with him and his friends. some took ecstasy before having sex including mr. gaetz. two people familiar with the encounters said. is that what you mean. that is gross but is that also trafficking? >> it is certainly a drug crime, a schedule one drug. if they're going across state crimes for the purpose of prostitution it's a different crime. if he is using campaign money to pay for it, it is a different crime. so there is a whole postof crimes. i guess it doesn't really surprise me that you have to take drugs to have sex with matt gaetz.
4:28 pm
>> text messages may have led the feds to matt gaetz. they showed that he accompanied joel greenberg on suspicious nighttime visit to an officer. and i guess i'll have to ask you this again, back to another uncomfortable question, have you ever gotten an odd text from mr. gaetz or mr. greenberg, and have they have asked you to offer what you know to investigators? >> i have spoke ton many colleagues and trying to get more people to share their stories about him when he was a state house respective. i met gaetz on the floor once
4:29 pm
and he said my friend joel greenberg talks about you all of the time. it seems like the investigators are doing an excellent job and i told everyone that if you have not engaged in this you need to speak out because we will find you anyways. don't be afraid, come forward, yeah? >> yeah, that, and there is also the question of in f he is showing naked pictures of girls and women, what is he doing on these important committees in congress and why are the family vas doing something so that he is not in charge of anything. >> yeah, marjorie taylor, that's
4:30 pm
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the first week of the murder trial for minneapolis police officer derek chauvin has ended for the week. it turned to the more technical elements of the case hearing from first responders owning in on his cull -- culpability. >> as we started to hear yesterday from chauvin former
4:35 pm
shift supervisor, that was not the case and that continued today with the homicide unit, the most experienced police officer in the department who called his use of force unnecessary and uncalled for. >> have you ever in all of the years you have been working with the minneapolis police department been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who is handcuffed behind their back in a prone position? >> no, i haven't. >> if you, as an officer, according to the training, you handcuff someone behind the back, what's your responsibility to that person from that moment on. >> that person is yours and your responsibility. his safety is jr. responsibility. >> as part of your training, in the minneapolis police department policies, is there a
4:36 pm
need to provide medical intervention when necessary? >> absolutely. >> mark, i thought tide's system was devastating. let me play one more piece that i thought was the line of the day in is the level of force associated with placing your knee on someone's neck. >> what level of force might that be? >> that would be the top tier, the deadly force. >> why? >> because of the fact that if your knee is on a person's neck that can kill them. >> mark, the defense attempted to in the start of the trial to portray what he did as part of
4:37 pm
his training. what say you? is there anything that says you ought to ram your knee in the back of someone's neck while they're prone for nine minutes, plus. >> absolutely not. not in training and not in common sense. the people that people that supervise them, they set policy and they're trying to disassociate themselves completely from the conduct of derek chauvin and reject his actions to make sure there is no conversation moving forward when he is in jail, in prison, and all of the record about reforming police in a particular way and reimagining police. their priority right now is defending the integrity of their department and their profession, and they're willing to be honest
4:38 pm
about how unlawful his actions were. >> he was one of 14 police officers that wrote a letter to condemn his actions. it it said that he took an oath to protect. and the defense may have tried to make hay of that, but paul this case to me is rolling the wrong way for derek chauvin. i have never seen a case that seemed stronger for the prosecution of a police officer. you have over officers damming what he did. they're not playing ball. they tried to use something, we have to fight for our lives defense and this is from my producers, here is the defense attorney trying that.
4:39 pm
>> you would agree that in a fight for your life, generally speaking, in a fight for your life you as an officer are allowed to use whatever force is reasonable and necessary, correct? >> yes. and that can involve improveization, agreed? >> correct. >> based on your review of the body cams did you see any need for him to improvise by putting his knee on mr. floyd for 9:29? >> no, i did not. >> we heard testimony that the man was dead. how are you fighting for life against a dead man. what do you make of the way things went today and the way it went so far. >> he tried to make the point that he was still a threat even though he was in handcuffs, on his stomach, and even though he
4:40 pm
had no pulse. he still might wake up and attack chauvin? i think that argument will not be persuasive to the jury. i think in a way it insults the intelligence of the jury. these police officer witness vs. two purposes. first the jury is hearing from police professionals that derek chauvin is a bad cop that used excessive force. and they are sending a message of support. we're not trying to say all cops are bad, we just need you to sense one rotten officer to jail. >> do you think very quickly, paul, the fact that chau vierks n was fired will come in? >> no, the judge already ordered that the jury can know that he is not a member of the police department any more, but they
4:41 pm
cannot be told he was fired. >> thank you both, have a wonderful weekend. still ahead, major vetter suppression in florida. major league baseball knocking one out of the park about the atlanta all-star games. stay with us. nta all-star games stay with us i enjoy drawing, painting. every morning we do our exercises before we get into our routine. - as you get older, things just don't work as well as they used to. we saw a commercial for prevagen and we wondered if that might be a good solution. i noticed clarity. my memory was better. you really ought to try it. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. vo: calling all builders, all welders, and roofers. engineers and electricians. calling all brick masons and boiler makers. steel workers and steam fitters your country is calling you to rebuild america.
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major league baseball announced today they will no longer hold this year's all-star became and baseball draft in atlanta georgia. they say they fundamentally support voting rights and oppose restrictions to the ballot box. brian kemp called it a knee jerk response to cancel culture. i'm pretty sure you just did the same thing with the legislation you just signed that is a knee
4:46 pm
jerk reaction to your voters. stacey abrams issued her own statement saying i'm disappointed that the mlb is relocating the all-star game but i commend them for speaking out. i urge others in positions of tloip do so as well. they reprimanded. this is a trend that has been repeated in legislatures across the country. they passed legislation that would impose adductional restrictions and allowingllow
4:47 pm
activist poll watchers to be able to film voters getting assistance. some are making the same mission takes that delta did. they were out quick i will be statements publicly opposing the bill. joining me now is tiffany bill. one of our favorite duos on the television. i have to start with you, tiffany. i'm struck by major league baseball's strong statement here being like we're yanking the game, but also the corporate reaction so quick in texas. you didn't have american airlines waiting around they're like we oppose the bill in advance.
4:48 pm
that is the influence of activists in georgia that cast a wide net of influence from georgia and texas all across the bible belt. this voter suppression is limited not just to the southern states, but it is happening everywhere. so i applaud the people throughout who are taking it to the street, but the bottom line is here, joy, that you laid out this is why it is so important to regulate it across the country. and we need to be focused on saving black voters. i think as long as we lead that up to republican controlled state legislatures we'll continue to see this type of
4:49 pm
draconian and egregious action taken against us. >> the republicans are in self preservation mode trying to use this at a moment to yell against the culture. but they are reporting that they are getting texts, and that it just helps governor kemp with the allegations against the right. and i'll be honest, they have not real platform. what do you think the political fallout of this will be in georgia and elsewhere? >> so it depends on a place. they are they are selling out
4:50 pm
the statement to joe biden and everything well as that. i think they will get primary, i think he will repair. i think the windmills and thinks it's going to help him. the national implications, it's going to trickle down depending on the state. georgia is a state that has a growing population, international businesses and the eyes of the entire world on them, so delta and coca-cola, and bank of -- they don't want this. they don't need this hassle. they're going to pay attention. that's not texas and that's not louisiana and that's not michigan, states that may not have international businesses located there, and quite frankly, states where republicans are like we don't care. we'd rather starve than allow black and brown people to vote. that's the issue that we're facing. so i think that you're going to see some changes in georgia. at some point they're going to pull back some part of this, they're going to maybe expand some semblance of voting rights one way or another. the real issue as tiffany
4:51 pm
mentioned, the real issue is going to be there's going to have to be a federal floor set for voting. the issue is that state legislatures can move a lot faster than the courts can, and even if this were to be overturned, and even if a court were to get rid of it, they will try something else next august to put themselves back in the position to be able to suppress anybody else who might vote them out of office. >> the lesson here i feel like, dr. king toward the end was saying we may want to boycott coca-cola, and said that the black dollar should not go where our votes are not welcome and where we're not able to be employed. it does seem like activists have taken a really strong step here toward issuing some correction and making businesses pay for it because there's no boycott of georgia. this is telling these corporate big companies you better use your influence with these politicians and they give money to people in texas, too. they give money to people in michigan, too, republicans get money all over the country from
4:52 pm
these big corporations. >> they fund a lot of these gop efforts and a lot of these gop candidates, and so we know power concedes nothing without demand. as long as we are waiting around for people to just find their conscience, we've seen that's not going to happen. that's precisely the type of work that it takes. you have to find that pressure point and push and keep pushing. and i know there are a lot of people at home wondering, well, what can i do, you know, i keep seeing these things happen. i mean, look, there are people who live in republican-led districts that were only elected because of voter suppression. it is a lie. here's another part of the big lie that half the country is aligned politically, morally or ethically with the republican party. that's not true. it just looks that way because they have employed these types of draconian tactics since the beginning of time, since we've always had voting to begin with. and it's just amazing, joy, that we are still here fighting this exact same thing. this weekend is the anniversary of when we lost dr. martin
4:53 pm
luther king, and the things that he fought for and his children and children's children are still here fighting for these same rights. it's exhausting. as we go through this, as we watch, you know, yet another trial of a black man gunned down and still fighting voting rights. it feels like time is a flat circle, and it's enraging. as james baldwin said, if you have any level of consciousness it's to be enraged this week. >> yeah. >> he did kind of make a good point. >> jason johnson, you know, the thing that does seem to be obvious is just as these corporations are going to have to take action. they do fear the boycott, right? you're seeing them have to get on the right side of history, but i don't see where brian kemp comes out of this on top, nor the republicans in the state legislature. this is just going to make the stacey abrams and the latasha browns work harder to get rid of all of them, and then they will be like kelly loeffler, former
4:54 pm
elected officials. >> yeah, and that's the thing, joy. what this is always so critical, i interviewed latasha for this for my podcast this week, you have to understand also that atlanta is growing by about a thousand people in the metro area every week, and new people coming into the state are like what the heck. we're interested in this. we're not trying to fight over trans issues and voter rights and everything like that. the republicans are fighting a losing demographic battle in this state when they try to keep people from voting. it's not going to help brian kemp. it's had not going to help the secretary of state. it's not going to help the party as a whole. at the end of the day, what does anybody know? the vendors and the fans and everybody else right now in the city of atlanta is like we just lost a baseball game because you guys were trying to make us stay in line. that doesn't help anyone. i want to mention this also about not helping.
4:55 pm
now they appear to be on the wrong side of history just like brian kemp. >> very quick turn, i'm going to give this final one to tiffany cross. you win this round, ladies get to close it out. just a different turn, john boehner is talking. i don't know if you're going to talk about this this weekend on the cross connection, but here's a quote in his new book he describes ted cruz this way. there is nothing more dangerous than a reckless expletive, you guys can guess what it is who thinks he's smarter than anybody else. ladies and gentlemen, meet senator ted cruz. does anybody like ted cruz that you've been able to discern as you've been covering his political career? is there anyone -- and i do include his daughters in that. does anyone at this point like this guy? >> joy, please allow me to confirm these vicious rumors. ted cruz has yet to identify a friend, an ally, an associate,
4:56 pm
anybody who has anything remotely polite to say about him. he is the boil on democracy. he is the thorn in everybody's side. he is the embarrassment to the state of texas, and like you said, even his own family doesn't like him, which we can tell because he threw them under the bus when he went -- >> he blamed his daughters. >> yeah, he blamed his kids. he's terrible, but the big question is, texas, what are you all going to do about it? we don't want to deal with your problems. >> come on, texas, come on texas. >> come through and give us somebody else. i think the castro brothers might be free for something. >> tiffany cross -- if there's ever a scandal about people paying for people to be pair friend, we know it's not going to be matt gaetz -- it might be him too, but it will be ted cruz. you can watch tiffany's show the cross connection right here on msnbc, and they will continue their banter on tiffany's show, which will be great. we'll be right back.
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that's tonight's "reid out." stay tuned for the latest on the attack on capitol hill that killed a capitol police officer. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. >> tonight on "all in" a police officer is killed in an attack outside the capitol. major league baseball steps up to the plate against georgia's voter restriction law, and new reporting that looks even worse for congressman matt gaetz. tonight as the florida lawmakers denies paying for sex,


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