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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  April 2, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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if it's friday, massive new jobs numbers are out as the biden administration continues its push for an extension and expensive new infrastructure plan. another witness in the derek chauvin murder trial criticizes the use of force against floyd. the cdc released new air travel guidance for vaccinated
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americans amid concerns that the easter holiday could make the case surge worse. ♪♪ welcome to friday. it's "meet the press daily." i'm chuck todd. it's a jobs report friday. we learned this morning that a whopping 916,000 new jobs were created in march. it's more than most economists expected. it lowers the unemployment rate to 6%. gains in leisure and hospitality not surprisingly led the way with the food services industry alone adding 176,000 jobs. a lot of states reopened in march. this proves it. this could be the start of a late pandemic hiring boom thanks to mass vaccinations, the covid relief packages, more schools reopening and, of course, the restrictions on businesses being lifted. that could just be the beginning with the cdc today giving the
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green light for eventually vaccinated americans to travel if they follow mitigation tactics like massing in public and avoiding crowds. public health officials and president biden continue to warn against lifting restrictions too soon as covid cases continue to rise. folks, while today's jobs new is extraordinarily positive, all those jobs gained in march are only a drop in the bucket in the covid-19 recovery. we have nearly 10 million americans out of work, including more than 4 million who have stopped looking. they are classified as long-term unemployed. they are not a part of the report. you have 3 million leisure and hospitality jobs missing. if we had 13 months of a million jobs or a little less like today at this pace, it would take -- that's what it would take to close this 10 million job gap. it would take a little over a year. for president biden, that's where his sweeping $2 trillion
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infrastructure plan perhaps comes in. the president said his proposal would create nearly double the jobs needed to close the gap and would focus on building the economy beyond the pandemic. >> as we get the economy back on its feet, we need to do the hard work of building back better for good -- not just for a while, but for good. not just short-term, but for good. independent analysis shows that if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs, good jobs, blue collar jobs, jobs that pay well. >> that is president biden's vision. as our own leigh ann caldwell put it, the road is bumpy. president biden is willing to do what it takes to get something passed. >> when congress comes back after this easter break, i'm
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going to begin meeting with democrats, republicans about this plan. they all have their ideas about what it will take, what they like and what they don't like. that's a good thing. that's the american way, debate is welcome. compromise is inevitable. changes in my plan are certain. but inaction is not an option. >> we have monica alba, leigh ann caldwell on capitol hill and our senior business correspondent stephanie ruhle. monica, let me start with you. president biden -- the jobs reports on the one hand, it's good news. the white house wants to tout good news. on the other hand, i guess the question i have is, if the economy is recovering at a robust pace, how concerned is the white house that they will lose some urgency to get this big infrastructure bill passed? >> that's exactly the push and
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pull we are seeing. it's not just a question of infrastructure. it's the question of while the president is happy to see the gains, that he does attribute in part to the american rescue plan, that covid relief bill, he says he is just nervous that those hard fought gains can be reversed in a matter of weeks or months if people don't continue to really be careful when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. that is sort of the overarching message. the moment the president wrapped up the remarks, we heard from the covid relief team here at the white house. they offered a briefing where even dr. walensky was asked, are you still feeling this impending doom that she referenced earlier in the week, because, again, they are telling people, if you are fully vaccinated, you can travel with a low risk. there's this reopening theme. at the same time, these doctors and the president are saying, please, this is not the time to relax. there's all these things to look forward to in july if vaccinations continue on pace.
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that's also the timeframe for this infrastructure plan. the white house is hoping this can get done. you will see these negotiations with the president and these republicans in the oval office. a very different tone. you have the president here saying changes are all but assured to this $2.25 trillion package. we didn't see any changes to his original $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. that passed as he proposed it. he is signaling, that's not the case with infrastructure. it does touch so many entities and federal agencies. there are sure to be tweaks. he is open to doing it. he is saying, inaction is an option. something has to get done. democrats will have to explore whether they can go it alone on the front like they did with the last one. >> monica, the president identified his five cabinet secretaries that he says are charged with essentially selling the plan. it's pete buttigieg at transportation, hud, labor and
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commerce. i'm curious, is their job to sell it publically or to be the sales people on capitol hill? if it's on capitol hill, there's really only one person there with any capitol hill experience. >> these five cabinet secretaries were told, here is your homework assignment. it's both. you will try to sell it to the public and to constituents and to voters, which is something the president thinks republican voters are actually going to be the ones who are going to stress to their own lawmakers and representation that infrastructure is something they would like to see happen. also, he has told them, you are going to be responsible for having meetings with lawmakers of both parties. we know that pete buttigieg has been doing that. he has been having conversations behind the scenes and that he will continue to engage them. he has given them a tall order. he said, we want you to go out and have conversations on both fronts. then record back to me and then you will see the president doing
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this in a more public facing role in the coming weeks. >> do we have the speech to a joint session of congress happening at the end of this month that's infrastructure? >> the expectation is that that is where they will hopefully tout progress they believe on infrastructure. that's where you will see the president lay out the next phase, which they are calling the american families plan. that would be if they are able to get the first part hammered out. as leigh ann knows, it's a bumpy road ahead. >> that brings us to leigh ann, nice transition there. the big news of today is finding out what are the exit ramps that congressional democrats have in trying to pass this bill? the biggest one being, can they do reconciliation sooner than the end of the calendar year? we're supposed to find out today. what do we know? >> we could find out today.
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senate democratic leader chuck schumer asked the senate parliamentarian -- back talk being about the parliamentarian -- if there's a possibility they could use reconciliation again this year by -- not getting to -- revising the fiscal year 2021 budget process. gives them an opportunity -- another way to -- another option, an avenue to pass this. they know they have reconciliation bills available to them down the road. they want another one. they want a third that could potentially give them three before the midterm elections. even if they decide to go down this road of reconciliation, meaning they don't need republicans to back it, they still have to get their entire party on board. there's slim majorities in the house and the senate. they don't have that yet. not only are progressives wanting a bigger bill,
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representative alexandria cortez wants more. it's going to get more difficult after this. there's the moderates, some want a bipartisan approach. some of them want to make sure republicans are on board. others want additional taxes. this is going to be complicated. even if they decide not to work with republicans, chuck. >> i want to go to the republican route. it's not about whether democrats are choosing to work with republicans. it's about whether republicans decide to work with democrats. if they are going to live in an own the libs environment, is there any incentive for republicans to work with the biden folks on anything, let
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alone infrastructure? >> right. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell seems to be using the same playbook he used in 2009 when president obama was in office. that was just to oppose everything. that seems to be what he is doing now as well. you saw unified opposition to the covid -- the american rescue plan. you are starting to see that unified opposition at this point in this -- in the first initial responses to this infrastructure bill. mcconnell said yesterday that there's no way that anyone in his conference is going to support what biden has laid out. part of that is because what biden does is he unravels so much of former president trump and the republicans' signature achievements, the tax cuts. they don't want to do that. they're not going to support much that has any of these tax increases in it, especially on corporations. there is not a lot of incentive
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for republicans at this point. the bet is that they are making politically. >> if there's not, that means the veto power is in the hands of some -- perhaps some small group of democrats. maybe it's progressives. maybe it's the threat that we are hearing from a handful of northeastern lawmakers on this salt tax break that some democrats in new jersey and new york in particular are looking for. nancy pelosi says she's in favor of it. the biden administration doesn't look like they are. it's essentially a tax break for the wealthier folks. >> that's right. i was a little surprised at the administration were downplaying that suggestion. senator schumer is also supportive. you have coastal democrats who really want this included in this bill. there's no indication that it's going to be included.
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pelosi said she wanted it. she also didn't draw the line on it either. it's an interesting development. something that democrats -- these coastal democrats have been pushing for for the last few years in these various bills that have passed. they haven't gotten it yet. >> i will be curious to see how emphatic chuck schumer is considering where aoc and he is mindful where his left flank is in new york politics has been on this. leigh ann caldwell, thank you. let'sinfrastructure bill could mean. stephanie ruhle, we will have two or three more like it over the next two or three months as we reopen, as more states reopen and we see what's coming here. is this a recovery we will see last longer than that without this infrastructure bill? >> well, let's put the infrastructure bill second. this jobs report is regood for the economy. it also helps republicans in
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arguing against wanting to support the infrastructure bill. that's going to make it hard for president biden to thread this needle. remember, they argued against the american rescue plan being as wide ranging as it was. when you think about why are we having jobs come back, it's basically because the economy is reopening, widespread vaccinations. where are the 900,000 jobs? in leisure, hospitality, restaurant, bars, education. republicans are going to make the argument, we could have done the american rescue plan but we didn't need to be given the american people this much support because you will see -- i know it's unpopular to talk about it. we are hearing about it. a lot of small businesses, lower wage industries, are having a hard time finding workers. we could end up, even though there are 8 million people on unemployment, with a labor shortage. people still have childcare issues. they still have reasons they are not going back to work.
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we also aren't yet offering visas. immigrants take seasonal jobs. look where demand is, travel. you have travel destinations looking to hire seasonal workers. they can't. in part, because lots of people in the last year, from the service industry, took the new in-demand jobs. those are in warehouses, which are paying $15, $16 an hour and they offer health care. that's tricky. as far as infrastructure, in theory, everybody says, yes, we want infrastructure. are democrats really going to get republicans on board? unlikely. if they do it on their own, there are a lot of industries that are going to do really well. if they do, a number of economists think we could be creating millions more jobs. if you think traditional, construction, roads, potholes, bridges. you have the traditional caterpillar, john deere. electric vehicles. the biden administration is looking to add charging stations, 500,000.
10:16 am
we have 100,000. they could be giving tax breaks to us if we buy american made electric vehicles. think about improving the grid. clean water, broadband, the electric grid. what that's going to do for all of those types of industries, that's a boom for all sorts of businesses. the issue is a lot of the businesses are whining they don't want taxes to go up. >> i was going to say, that's what i'm curious about. for instance, there are -- you look at this infrastructure plan. different companies see potential wins for them. tesla we know in theory, more charging stations, very helpful. our parent company not happy with the rural broadband ideas in the infrastructure, but smaller competitors to our parent company do like some of the things. i am curious, could we see corporate america splinter on it? some saying we should pay our
10:17 am
share and that helpful to the biden folks? >> without a doubt. if you are in any building or construction business, this is a huge boom for you. you love it. if you are in the service industry, for example, you don't like a general tax increase because you are not going to get an immediate win. it's not a surprise. are you surprised the business roundtable would put out that general threat that we always get? if you raise taxes, these businesses could go away. the biden administration is not looking to take us back above 30%. they are say, let's find a way in the middle. you are looking at the home builders association, they like this. but they don't want more power to the worker. it's no surprise that every specific industry is going to be in their own corner. look at this. you have a jobs number like this, infrastructure bill, all of this means more money into the economy. it's going to help these businesses. >> that's the bottom line. there's a lot of green when you look at your stock market app right now as well today. i have a feeling both things
10:18 am
have something to do with that. thank you all for getting us started. you can catch stephanie's reporting every morning on her show. it's a great time slot. i endorse that time slot, 9:00 a.m. eastern weekdays on msnbc. we will dig into those brand-new travel guidelines from the cdc about vaccinated people. first, the latest in the derek chauvin murder trial as we heard from more members of the minneapolis police force today. ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ karma-karma-karma- karma-karma chameleon ♪ ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ you come and go-o-o ♪ ♪ loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams ♪ ♪ red, gold -- ♪ [ tires screech ] [ crickets chirping ] for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. ♪ karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon... ♪
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welcome back. we have breaking news right now. the u.s. capitol complex is on lockdown due to an external threat. let me bring in pete williams. pete, what do we know? >> this is a bit preliminary, chuck. subject to change. our understanding is this was an
10:22 am
incident at the north barrier of the capitol on independence avenue. that would be the lower part of capitol hill as you approach the capitol from downtown. independence avenue, what we are told is that a car was trying to get through a checkpoint and didn't stop and just kept going. that much seems pretty clear. what we are trying to confirm is reports the officers on the scene fired at the car. we have been told by a couple of law enforcement agencies that shots were fired. our understanding is that the officers on the scene fired at the car. that's as much as we know at this point. whether the car was stopped, who the driver was, whether the driver shot at the officers, all questions to be answered. this just happened within the last maybe 20 minutes or so. we are getting sketchy information at this point. the capitol police were there on the scene.
10:23 am
federal law enforcement is responding as well. we are still waiting for a better word on exactly what happened. as far as we know, no officers were hit by gunfire. i just don't know for sure whether -- what the situation is. a car tried to run a barricade. >> i don't mean to check your tense. do we assume it's over? >> as far as i know, it is. i don't know that the car -- my understanding is the car didn't get very far. i just don't know. i think it's pretty well over. we are still waiting to get better information from people who are just now arriving at the scene. >> this would -- the barriers there -- full disclosure, you and i have to go through them, where our offices are. they have been moving this security perimeter closer to the capitol. the perimeter is not as big as
10:24 am
it was two weeks ago. >> before all the fences went up, as you so well know, if cars were going to drive even past the capitol on the two main streets that go on either side, on the east and west side of the capitol, independence and constitution avenues, as the traffic approaches the capitol from any direction, large vehicles have to be diverted. if they keep trying to go, they are diverted by police. security arrangements since the basically the capitol siege have been fences that have moved the security barrier out. there are some places where you can't get near the capitol, you can't drive toward the capitol without going through these checkpoints. our understanding is this happened at one of those, the north barricade on the capitol on the independence avenue side. >> we think they were trying to turn into the complex? this is not going -- staying on independence avenue, but trying to turn into that entrance that's on independence avenue?
10:25 am
>> or at least past -- i think this is the picture from the scene here. >> we do have pictures. >> this is the foot of capitol hill. you are basically -- the camera angle is from -- it looks like it's from the capitol looking down the hill toward downtown. >> towars independence. >> let me pass it to you for a second and check something. >> you should do that. that appears to be looking towards independence avenue. it's the one on the side there. it looks like it appears to be the camera on the side there. for those -- that's the house side of the capitol. that would be where the speaker's office is, on that part of the building. if we are looking where i think we are looking right now. we are trying to get more -- there's the vehicle that clearly got stopped by -- as you can see, they have these barriers that they lift up.
10:26 am
it was stopped -- it appears that car was stopped by one the barriers. we are going to stay on top of the story. we will bring you developments as we have them. we don't have a lot yet. it does look like the situation is now in the okay let's see what happened phase rather than active phase. we will take a quick break. if we have more, we will bring it to you. if not, we will go dig deeper into the derek chauvin's murder case. let's sneak in a break and we will be right back. a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪
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welcome back. we are continuing to monitor the situation outside the u.s. capitol, the complex on lock. >> dale: -- lockdown. at least one person has been shot. we showed you the picture of the car that hit one security barrier. let's bring in the founder of punch bowl news, jake sherrman. he is in the capitol. one of the first to acknowledge publically what was going on. what more have you learned? >> we got an alert. ran over to the windows. it looked -- a helicopter -- u.s. park police helicopter landed on the east front of the capitol. a video i tweeted out. you know this well. we don't see that very often. >> my gosh, yeah. inauguration days are about it, usually. >> yeah, that's it.
10:31 am
so where i'm standing is actually a rest room. it has a good view of the east front of the capitol. that's the supreme court right there, in front of us. allegedly where this car rammed the barrier is just a little bit to the left, looking at that photo. that's what we know at this point. it seems as if there was a car that tried -- according to capitol police, ram the barricade. i said someone was shot. i have not confirmed that. i have been trying to -- i have been trying to figure out everything i can about what's going on here. i will say this. to paint the scene here. it's empty in the capitol today. the house is out of session. the senate is out of session. most staff are not here. it's good friday. this is not a very busy day. i will say, i was here on january 6th, obviously, completely different scale of an
10:32 am
incident. d.c. police, park police and that helicopter all responded within seconds. what appears to be within seconds. >> jake, you are in the capitol every day. describe over the last two weeks how the perimeter has shrunk, if you will. full disclosure, in order to get to our bureau, when you go down constitution avenue, you can't, for a while, you couldn't get past sixth street. then it became third and first. they have been moving the perimeter. where are we right now? >> that's a good question. the outer dismantled. you can never drive close to the capitol. that's been that way since september 11th. you can drive on constitution and independent. you can drive up and down those. you can get to the garages that
10:33 am
lead into the capitol, which is good, because that's where a lot of staff and reporters park. the police presence is very notable. there are still national guard, not nearly as many. i don't want to say security has receded, but it has in a significant way in the last several weeks. >> do we know if this car -- the barrier was raised to stop it from coming in or this car just went at the barrier to see what would happen? >> those are always raised. those are the barriers -- 99% sure, just looking at these, these are the barriers that lead right into the capitol driveway, which are always up. interestingly enough, chuck, those barriers are all over capitol hill on independence and constitution, the two roads that are on either side of the capitol. they were raised on january 6th.
10:34 am
we don't -- we have no idea what this guy was trying or who he was up to. those are -- i think he has gotten to the outer ring of a secure zone. thank god was stopped. >> you confirmed what i thought. those barriers are up. they are only lowered if you are getting a motorcade in, usually it's either a member of leadership or maybe someone from the executive branch. >> yeah. maintenance people who are working in the building. that's a place where you stop. dogs will search your car. it takes a lot to get past that barrier, in other words. those barriers are always up. >> i got jim cavanaugh. we turn to his expertise when it comes to profiling folks and what goes into the mind of these lone wolf folks here. this is the official tweet
10:35 am
warning of the incident from the u.s. capitol police. as you can see, they are responding to the north barrier. they rammed a vehicle into two officers. both officers are injured. all three have been transported to the hospital. jim, in some ways, this incident actually feels very familiar to me when you think about incidents in washington, d.c., subtract january 6th, september 11th. these have actually been the incidents that capitol please -- police have to deal with, an angry person thinking they will come and -- they have had ramming incidents before, an exchange of gunfire before with one incident that i remember with a car not too long ago. i'm sure you are asked this all the time. this seems like not the smartest
10:36 am
time to try to attack the capitol since it's so well secured. >> exactly. i totally agree, this is more of a typical type of attack you see at the capitol and the white house. they are magnets for the disgruntled and disaffected and violent people who seem to want to do something about something for some twisted reason. when we lock at january 6th, the insurrection by the false patriots and they went back to their homes all over the country and the fbi has been rounding them up, when you assess that, we're not going to have that same kind of thing again. that's why i think, chuck, you and i talk and you said that fence was really the line. what these guys were going to do, probably still may do in the year ahead, is a lone wolf style attack somewhere, someplace against the government, a member of congress or something.
10:37 am
we don't know who this fellow is. he could be just a disgruntled guy. he is mad about something. he is not getting through and doesn't do it when the house is full. it doesn't matter to him. he is attacking the symbol of democracy. >> i got pete williams back. he has some additional new updates for us. what can you tell us? >> the best understanding we have right now -- this is all very fluid -- is that the two capitol police officers who were injured were struck by the car. it's not clear whether they were struck by the car as it went past them or whether the car pinned them in between the car and the barrier. one person, we're told, the injuries are critical. those two officers were evacuated to the hospital as well as understanding the driver. at least three people involved,
10:38 am
there's casualties. we still are trying to get the word on what happened with the driver here, whether this was -- it's way too early to say what this could be. it could be a number of things. it could be someone who did this intentionally or it wouldn't be the first time in washington with all the barriers around town, there's a drunk driver that keeps going and is not in perfect control of the car. we can't speculate about what was going on with the driver. our understanding is at least three casualties. >> casualties. right. they're all in the hospital. pete, considering what the u.s. capitol police went through on january 6th, the number of deaths -- the death at that incident, death by suicide, this, i mean, look, we're still learning more, but you can't help but just hurt for the us capitol police officers right now. this feels like it's never been a tougher job than right now. >> yes, absolutely right.
10:39 am
nearly 140 -- 139 officers from both the u.s. capitol olice and metro police were injured. it's been a time of really difficult time, low morale for the capitol police. it's a tough job. >> it really is. let me bring in kasie hunt, who i think is now -- has some additional perspective for us here. again, thank goodness it's an empty capitol. we don't know a lot yet about the nature of the -- of this person that did what they did here. i just go back to -- i'm just aching for the capitol police. this is another devastating development for them. >> check, i was going to say, i want to pick up where pete left off on this. the idea that there are two more capitol police officers who have been injured here since the beginning of the year is just
10:40 am
another incredibly difficult blow for a force that has just been stretched to the absolute breaking point. officers working straight through weekends, extra overtime hours. they are undermanned. they are not getting time off. they have been through something incredibly traumatic that's very, very difficult. people who were targeting them, explicitly. one member of their force, of course, buried, laid to rest after he lay in honor at the capitol building. that's very, very difficult news. to pick up -- the one thing that reassures me in looking at this scene is that what you are seeing is ambulances on the scene. you are not seeing people scrambling around. pete was reporting that law enforcement seems to suggest that the incident itself has concluded. that at least compared to what we have -- the memory that we have of january 6th, where that wasn't the case. we assumed everything was going to be fine. it kept going for hours. that's clearly not the situation
10:41 am
happening here. to pete's point, there have been incidents like this in the d.c. area and the capitol, including a woman who was driving in the area, she started to flee police for reasons entirely non-political, completely unrelated to the capitol itself. she, of course, died in the incident. i remember standing outside on streets and covering that. you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time so to speak. speculation about motive here very premature, if you will. this is a barricade. i have not seen anything this close to the capitol in terms of a barricade entry situation or attempted entry, i should say, since i covered it. i walk in there every day, most members of congress often cross that street. they will walk -- they drive their cars right up to where that car was gone through the barricade. they will park there. you would see any number of senators on a normal business
10:42 am
day in congress. i think that's why so important to underscore, they are out of town for the next couple of weeks for the easter holiday. that threat diminished to members of congress, thankfully, unfortunately, of course, just this terrible news that two more members of the capitol police have been injured, perhaps one, according to pete williams, critically. >> by appearances, hurt in the line of duty successfully doing their job. successfully protect the capitol. successfully keeping this dangerous person from inflicting harm among others outside of the capitol police force. >> chuck -- >> they were doing their job. >> they were doing their job. i just want to point out, too, that if they were, in fact, struck by this car, it means they threw themselves in front of it. there's not a person that stands
10:43 am
in front of the barricade, between the barricade and the road. there's a guard stand in the middle where they watch traffic and they -- if they know who is coming through, they can push a button inside that lets the barricade down. if they were struck by this car, that puts them having thrown their own bodies in front of it to try and protect the building that they serve. >> there's definitely a lot there. let me bring in tom winter who has more new information for us. tom, what more can you add? >> a couple of things. i think it's becoming clear in pete's reporting and what we are starting to hear in law enforcement circles, it was intentional. i don't want to get too far ahead. we do know from a spokesperson with the washington, d.c. fire and ems is that one person was shot in this incident, possibly a second. that person has been taken to
10:44 am
the hospital. the shooting victim's -- the two police officers were injured. that's what we know so far. trying to nail down reports of anybody else shot. a chaotic scene like this it could have been a bystander as well. trying to get information on that. the barriers that you are seeing are quite effective at stopping a vehicle. the question is whether or not something then occurred outside of the vehicle that could have led to this being escalated. that's something we are trying to get our hands around at this point and being cautious to only relay information that we have confirmed and that we are certain about. the barricades, quite effective at stopping vehicles. that's why they are there, to stop a potential ramming attack. obviously, one person shot as a result of this incident. three people taken to the hospital. >> you seem to indicate that we think it's the suspect who was
10:45 am
shot. we don't know that for sure? >> that's correct. the indications are pointing the suspect was shot. not 100% confirmed at this point. >> jim, you have heard a little bit more information. this is how you build your profile. take all this information that you learned. what do you think we are dealing with here? >> you know, it's leaning toward -- it's not at the stage of absolute yet. but it's leaning toward, as we analyze it, that it may be a purposeful attack, like tom's reporting. there's shots fired. we have to go back and look at what has been the threat matrix on the u.s. capitol. it has been the insurrectionists. this could be anybody. could be international people wanted to attack. it could be a disgruntled individual. it could be tied to the insurrectionists.
10:46 am
there were a lot of threats to the capitol police over the shooting of ashley babbot. she was shot. it was ruled justifiable. that doesn't mean it's justifiable to the insurrectionists. they all claim it's murder by the capitol police. don't rule out -- i'm not ruling it in. but don't rule it out that this could have been a person that was attacking capitol police because of what's happened. we don't really know. it seems very -- almost suicidal attack, almost just don't care the outcome. it doesn't look like -- from what we can see. >> police talk about, suicide by police, standoff or something, that's some -- >> yeah.
10:47 am
>> some crazed people do that. >> i have had them, suicide by cop. they want you to kill them. that can get slowed down a lot of times. but it's hard to slow it down when they are slamming a car into you and jumping out. sometimes we can slow those down and police can get behind cover and maybe we can save the guy's life. sometimes you have to kill them, because they just advance on you. we don't know what this is. the main thing that tom entered in his reporting that added to pete's reporting was, shots fired. gunshots fired. sometimes law enforcement shoots to stop the car. it doesn't mean the other person had a gun. sometimes law enforcement shoots to stop a car that's trying to kill them, run them over. could be that. >> that happened with the incident kasie hunt was talking about. keep standing by. i want to go to our capitol hill
10:48 am
producer on the phone with us outside, watching everything right now. julie, what can you share with us that our camera is not showing? >> chuck, i basically did a circle around the perimeter of the capitol. i started on the house side. the cops were confused. they didn't know what was going on. there's mixed messages. i told them i was press and i have the badge. they told me to keep going. i asked if it's an active shooter situation. we know there's -- the suspect appears to be taken into custody. the officer told me they don't know. there is an increased presence of officers, even on the opposite side. i am actually a street away from where the situation is taking place. it's chaotic. there's pedestrians mixed with officers and national guard and the police cars here. i can see down the block there's just a very heavy presence of ambulance. there's police walking in right
10:49 am
now. various different cops with different insignia on them. it's pretty chaotic. nobody knows what's going on out here. one national guardsman told me i couldn't enter after telling me i could. they are trying to clear the area. like i said, there's a lot of confusion right now. people don't know what's happening. >> julie, i'm glad you brought up the national guard. it's a reminder, the national guard has been there since january 6th. what is the national guard presence on a daily basis right now at the capitol? >> obviously, covering the capitol, we have seen the national guard presence decrease in the last few weeks. a lot were sent home. we barely saw them, just bits and pieces around the capitol in the last few weeks. right now, i watched them come out of some of the office
10:50 am
buildings here fully armed with all their gear. this is the most i have seen. i'm looking at about three dozen with shields, national guardsmen, coming towards me right now with weapons, like i said, with now with weapons, with batons, with all the head gear. i haven't seen this many national guard in the last few weeks until right now. i actually saw them dom out from where they were stationed inside the building sort of in a row trying to secure the area around me right now. right now i'm actually watching a pretty sizeable amount of national guard troops with shields, with all of their equipment in tow that we haven't seen in the last few weeks since the barricade started to come down, chuck. >> i have to tell you, it's quite the change from three months ago. andrea mitchell is with me right now. andrea, we were going to discuss something else. i'm glad to have you here. we are almost three months --
10:51 am
we're four days short of three months from january 6, and think about how long it took to get help. and all of a sudden, there is julie describing this incident not an hour old. granted, national guard is already there. quite the difference of sort of the security response on this one. >> absolutely. and as we know, the former head of the national guard who testified so forcefully is now the head of the capitol police, the first african-american to have that post, 20 or plus veteran of the national guard in d.c. he testified how long it took him, how he had put the troops on the armory and was ready to load them on buses. did load them on buses and said they could be there in 18 minutes. but because of the delay the pentagon caused, he was answering to them. now he's not answering to them. i'm struck by my colleague jake sherman reporting from the
10:52 am
building right near the balcony. great big windows and the balcony i always did my stand-ups from when i was a congressional correspondent. you're looking out over that incident that took place, and he saw the park police helicopter very quickly landing on the east front of the capitol. the only other time we've seen a helicopter landing on the east front of the capitol is marine one to take the outgoing president, and then it would no longer be marine one, to take the outgoing president during the transfer of power. that's where all you viewers would see the military at the parade, really, when the inauguration is over. how unusual it is looking out toward the supreme court. they were there very quickly, and as i'm following the twitter of u.s. capitol police, they are totally on it. and pete is now reporting along with tom winter that it appears that a knife was brandished.
10:53 am
you probably have more on that right now. >> i was just going to say, we're about to bring in tom winter, andrea. so let's bring in tom winter who has additional information we've been able to confirm. tom, what can we confirm and report? >> reporter: that's right, chuck. so three senior law enforcement officials briefed on this investigation an incident so far to mysel and colleague pete williams, that after ramming the barrier that you're seeing on the left side of your screen, the suspect then exited the vehicle and had a knife. he was then shot by police, so that's one individual that's been shot by police and has been transported to the hospital. as far as motive or who this gentleman is or their background, that's information we're waiting to receive at this point and get confirmed. we do know, as i kind of indicated to you moments ago, that this would be a criminal act, it appears that way after a
10:54 am
suspect rams a barricade and gets out with a knife. the officials that have been briefed on this so far, it's preliminary information to myself, jonathan dietz and pete williams. >> because the trunk is open on that car, we can't see the license plate. do we at least know what state that car is registered in? >> unfortunately, that's something we don't have, because just as you said, that vehicle's trunk is in a position where we can't quite get a great picture of it just yet. not surprising to me that they would immediately try to get access to the trunk if it was something that opened as a result of that crash. you see the front hood of the car, quite crumpled and damaged, the windshield damaged as well. it looks like the airbag also went off. but yes, we don't have an
10:55 am
identification of where that vehicle may have been coming from or where it's been plated. >> gotcha. my colleague jonathan allen, nbc news colleague, is on the ground outside and on the phone. john, what are you seeing? what can you add? >> reporter: first of all, you've got a perimeter around the capitol. you see a lot of folks with weapons and camouflage in addition to your normal capitol police presence. i saw an atf police officer. i spoke to one capitol policeman who confirmed some of the details you've just been hearing and also said to me, we've been attacked. >> "we've been attacked." if you're a member of the u.s. capitol police, you have to feel more under siege today than -- it's been a rough -- we are almost at the three-month anniversary of january 6, john. >> reporter: that is lost on no one. there has been bulked-up security around the capitol after january 6.
10:56 am
some of that was taken down in the ensuing weeks, but we've continued to see members of the military national guard around here relatively frequently. but the presence right now is unlike any i've seen in the last couple weeks, hearing, in addition to that, choppers overhead, ambulance and police cars ripping through the streets of washington, d.c. >> let me go back to jim cavanaugh. jim, again, reminding people of your professional life. a profiler trying to figure out what drives these crazed people to act the way they act. we're getting more information information, brandishing of a knife. we now have a better idea of when the shots were fired. what does all that tell you? >> my profile, i was a commander, a negotiator. >> my apologies. >> criminal behavior was our daily bread, violent criminal behavior in atf. that's who we dealt with. we could be dealing with a
10:57 am
suicide here like we talked earlier, just a person who wanted a suicide by cop. they know there is always police at the barricades, and that could have been the extent of it. they didn't necessarily -- in that scenario not even wanting to attack the capitol but just have police in a position to shoot them. you see that at a police station or police precinct or headquarters. or you could have a variety of motives of people wanting to attack the capitol. if it is, not a very well-thought-out attack against the capitol, crashing a barricade and pulling out a knife, and, of course, the possibility that officers were also struck by the vehicle and then he came out with a knife. so, again, like we talked earlier, could it be an attack on the capitol police? just to close with that thought, chuck, thank you so much for saying those kind words about the capitol police, and kasie hunt as well, pete.
10:58 am
this is a great force. i've worked with the capitol police. they're detectives. in atf we hired a lot of their detectives. they're a great, great police force. people don't understand, it's not just a capitol building on the grounds, they protect the members of congress throughout their united states travels, even worldwide, they protect the members and the leadership constantly, and they patrol the 40 blocks around the capitol complex, which are city streets. and, you know, they make routine police arrests. they're like a small urban force. they're a facilities force. they really have a lot on their plate. they're not just inside when you see them on tv. at night they're patrolling the streets around there, they're arresting people for assault -- >> i lived in capitol hill for a while. the capitol police are also the beat. >> right, they're beat cops, too. >> they're on the neighborhood beat. jim, one more thing i want to ask you about, because you understand these jurisdictions.
10:59 am
we heard our producer say she saw atf officials, she's seen national guard. the amount of different law enforcement agencies that would respond to an incident at the capitol, that doesn't surprise you, does it? >> no, it's all hands on deck. atf was responding to the insurrection, they responded to the insurrection on the 6th. you know, they were there on the hill with pipe bombs, the fbi was there. they all worked together. to the effect that anybody was held back in a sense, that was for the reviews. it's crazy, in my view. they shouldn't even have to ask for permission, we were just going to go. the park police with their helicopter, which is often aloft, because of the spread-out jurisdiction of u.s. park police up jfw parkway, they can respond
11:00 am
quickly. they might have needed to transport a wounded offer or -- wounded officer or get some equipment there, and that's probably why they went in. >> jim, thank you for that. i'm going to hand the baton over to katy tur. >> yeah, chuck, i just want to update everybody on what the unfolding scene is there at the capitol in case you are just tuning in at the top of this hour. there is breaking news, as you can see, from washington. capitol hill is on lockdown after a car -- you're seeing it right there -- ran into two capitol hill police officers and into a barricade in front of the capitol. both officers are injured, and the suspect is in custody. the suspect has been shot as well after exiting the car and brandishing a knife. this


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