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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  April 1, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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you very much for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> conor lamb gets tonight's last word. the "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts now. and good evening once again, day 72 of the biden administration. and there is new bombshell reporting about florida republican congressman and trump acol lite matt gaetz. this week "the new york times" broke the story that the justice department was investigating gaetz for sex trafficking involving a 17-year-old girl. well, tonight the "times" is back on the board with with a new report that, quote, a justice department investigation into representative gaetz and an indicted florida politician is focusing on their involvement with multiple women who were recruited online for sex and received cash payments. investigators believe joel greenberg, the former tax collector and seminole county, florida, who was indicted last
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year on a federal sex trafficking charge and other crimes initially met the women through websites. mr. greenburg introduced the women to mr. gaetz, who also had sex with them. mr. gaetz denied ever paying a woman for sex. one of the reporters on this story, katie benner, standing by to join us in just a moment. meantime to the white house we go where they are bracing for a big fight with republicans and potentially even some of their own democrats over the plan to rebuild the nation's infrastructure and ultimately, perhaps, the nation's economy. the president now has his full cabinet. today it was all hands on deck for the group's first meeting in the east room. it proved big enough at a safe distance. high on the agenda, selling joe biden's $2.2 trillion infrastructure package. the president tapped five of his new cabinet members, transportation secretary pete buttigieg, housing secretary marcia fudge, jennifer granholm
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at energy, gina ray mundo and commerce and marty walsh at labor to spread the word about the plan. >> these cabinet members will represent me in dealing with congress, engage the public in selling the plan, and help work out the details as we refine it and move forward. >> job creation, a big part of all of this as the economy emerges from a crater. over 700,000 americans filed for unemployment benefits this week, an increase over the past two weeks. tonight "the washington post" notes the biden effort to raise corporate taxes to finance this proposal may mean a bill with no republican support. quote, the early disagreements also raise the possibility the democrats may have little choice but to use special legislative maneuvering to advance their economic policy priorities. today with his usual gusto, the
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republican leader killed the possibility of any partisan cooperation. >> that package that they're putting together now, as much as we would like to address infrastructure, is not going to get support from our side. >> president biden had a lot of ambitious goals coming in, especially for his first 100 days. >> we've been friends for a long time. he's a first-rate person. nevertheless, that is bold left-wing administration and i'm going to fight him every step of the way. >> it went on like that. the administration says it's willing to entertain some changes, but it is determined to make the plan a reality. >> we're happy to have a conversation with people less about the price tag and more about the elements that should be in the plan. as the president has said, people have to decide if they're going to deliver or divide.
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and we intend to deliver. >> as all that plays out, the white house facing a growing challenge threatening its massive effort to end this pandemic. we're now in a dangerous race, as we've been saying night after night after vaccinating as many americans as possible and potentially losing ground amid an ominous wave of new cases fueled partly by the emergence of these new variants.
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>> the "times" also reports that the situation is particularly dangerous in michigan which, quote, is in the throws of a coronavirus outbreak that is one of the largest and most larger in the country. infectious levels have exploded in recent weeks in big cities and rural stretches alike. just today, by the way, michigan reported over 7,000 new cases. earlier tonight dr. fauci gave his assessment of where this might be headed. >> it's going to end with the vaccine winning that race. indeed, we're concerned that we plateaued at a high level, an unacceptably high level. the last count was 60,000 new infections in a single day yesterday. at the same time we're vaccinating over 3 million people per day. we can't claim victory prematurely. >> indeed, on the good news side of the ledger, today the u.s. hit a major vaccine milestone, 100 million of our fellow
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citizens have now gotten their first dose at least of the vaccine. pfizer announced its vaccine provides 91% effective protection for at least six months after the second dose. it was 100% effective for cases coming in from south africa, the home of one of the new virulent variants. also, mcclatchy news service reports the cdc may announce as soon as friday new air travel guidelines for people who've been vaccinated. meanwhile, in a sign of normal life returning, let's not forget this was opening day. that is, unless you're a mets or nationals fan. the first game of the season for both teams was postponed after at least three of the washington players tested positive. a lot to talk about tonight. with that, let's bring in our lead-off guests on this thursday night. katie benner, justice department reporter for "the new york times" who, along with michelle schmidt, broke the news on
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congressman gaetz tonight. ashley parker, pulitzer prize winning chief at "the washington post." and paul butter, former federal corruption prosecutor at the department of justice. these days a professor of law at georgetown. good evening and welcome you to all. katie benner, you have no less a task of explaining this story, especially this update to our viewers tonight. do i read it correctly that the allegation is and someone has indeed seen the receipts that young women were paid via cash app and apple pay? >> that's correct. we've seen receipts of payments to two different women by congressman gaetz and his friend, joel greenberg. so what i believe it is the payments would be for something other than sex. the women would say the payments were for sex and they had sexual relations with both men. >> now, how does this all come
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together? this story started out, the initial headline that people might have seen was an investigation into the congressman for allegations of sex trafficking. the congressman countered with an elaborate story about his father wearing a wire, an extortion attempt. now you and mr. schmidt come in tonight with this further detail about what may be the congressman's private life and where it might intertwine with ethics considerations, if not the law. >> so i think we need to separate the extortion allegations from this investigation. i think there's a possibility that two things can be true. you can be both the victim of the crime and you can be both the subject of an investigation into a possible crime. putting aside the extortion for a moment, which is something that began only last month, this is a months-long investigation that began under attorney general barr and the trump administration. people were looking at greenberg
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for a variety of infractions, one of them being that he had sex with a 17-year-old girl. when they executed the search warrant for those possessions, they also found evidence that showed that congressman gaetz was involved, certainly aware, and they continued to dig. it led to congressman gaetz and information about these arrangements initiated by greenburg on websites, and then he would introduce them to the congressman. as a part of those arrangements, they would get sex with these women and the women were paid. the women will say they spoke with the fbi about these encounters, and one of the big issues, the legal liability, is whether or not the congressmen slept with a girl who was 17 at the time. >> professor, over to you. a couple of points.
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everyone's innocent until proven guilty. at the same time, none of this looks good. the congressman is one of the most bombastic members of the house of representatives. the congressman is engaged to be married, but to you, the question becomes, they can't say legal jeopardy on how many fronts that he is facing? >> soliciting sex workers is typically a state, not a federal crime. so if it's just that gaetz solicited people for sex in exchange for money, that's not a crime that federal prosecutors will be interested in. it's a case for the florida district attorney. but, as katie has reported, gaetz has reportedly been investigated before for violating first of all sex trafficking laws in that case involving a 17-year-old. that is a serious federal crime. and there may be a separate investigation of someone who is allegedly trying to extort gaetz
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and his family to make the justice department investigation go away. even if that's true, brian, it doesn't shield gaetz from criminal liability. gaetz could be the perpetrator of one crime and the victim of another, but gaetz really has to be worried about this third investigation of joel greenberg, the florida official and good friend of gaetz who's already been indicted for child sex trafficking. and the reason greenberg is a problem for gaetz is because he's violated his bail. so he's locked up in jail in florida pending his trial. he has a lot of incentive to cooperate in an investigation of gaetz. the feds have probably come calling mr. greenberg in his florida jail cell to see what he knows about gaetz and if he wants to make a deal. >> ashley parker, thanks for your paperworks. while your beat is the white house and not the house, you have been known to cover all of washington with ease.
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so here's the question. what will this mean for gaetz' standing in the house, at least short term? what does it mean for house leadership, kevin mccarthy, and the party overall? >> so gaetz is someone who did not have a ton of allies in congress to begin with, even among republicans. he was, as you pointed out, a bombastic and a very vocal trump ally, so he did have allies in support in that sort of maga world. but what you're seeing now is there's not that many people rushing to his defense. there's very few people, in fact, proactively defending him. you know, this is someone when you mentioned leadership who flew to wyoming to participate in a rally against liz cheney because she had voted to impeach president trump. you saw mccarthy in an awkward situation where he basically said he was not going to strip gaetz of his committee
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assignments yet. he's waiting to see what happens, but he basically said the allegations were very troubling and if any of it proves to be true, gaetz absolutely would be stripped. so it's not the sort of circling of the wagons and vociferous defense you want from members of your own party, and this is at the beginning. it looks like, at least to katie and mike's fantastic reporting that it's going to get worse for gaetz, not better. >> and katie, over to you. other than people refreshing your byline on "the new york times" website, what is supposed to happen next in this case according to your understanding of the investigation? >> i think the investigators are going to continue to try to reach out to as many of the women involved as possible. of course they're grand larceny agent look at other allegations, including the fact that witnesses have told them they used drugs when they would have these sexual encounters because that could complicate legal questions for the congressman.
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i do feel like it's fair, though, as part of this segment to read matt gaetz's entire denial in full. he says matt gaetz never paid for sex. matt gaetz has never ever been on any such websites whatsoever, and matt gaetz cherishes the relationships in his past and looks forward to marrying the love of his life. so i do want to say, he adamantly pushes against the allegations. we just know these are things the fbi has learned. >> thank you indeed for doing that. thank you for adding the context as your "new york times" reporting does as well. professor, if you were acting as the congressman's attorney, what's the advice that you learned in law school? what do you tell him to do or not do, say or not say? >> don't go on tucker carlson and say dumb stuff. he went on tucker carlson and one of the things he said, brian, was that his family
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members were being asked about some kind of scheme about pay to play. that doesn't sound like sex or prostitution. that sounds like some other form of public corruption, and often once the feds start looking at you, they don't stop because they start finding other stuff. so i would tell mr. gaetz he's making the right decision to lawyer up. he needs to stop talking and to let his lawyers handle these extremely serious charges. >> ashley parker, let's talk about your actual beat. let's talk about the biden white house. the first official cabinet meeting, 72 days into his presidency. of course he had been denied the full transition period. it took longer than usual. first meeting was today. it had us borderline whistful
8:16 pm
for some of the cabinet meetings we've witnessed over the past few years. indulge us a review. we'll discuss on the other side. >> i will say that never has there been a president with few exceptions -- in the case of fdr, he had a major depression to handle, who has passed more legislation and done more things that that know we've done. >> the greatest privilege of my life is to serve as vice president to a president who's keeping his word to the american people. >> i want to thank you for your commitment to the american workers. >> i can't thank you enough for the privilege that you've given me and the leadership you've shutdown. >> i want to thank you for getting this country moving again, and also working again. >> on behalf of the entire senior staff around you, mr. president, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing you've given us to serve your agenda. >> ashley parker, talk about the great normalization that is under way and the contrasting style of the new president.
8:17 pm
>> well, what you just showed, it often felt like for former president trump's cabinet meetings, the cost of admission was pledging public fealty to the president and declarations of fawning supplication. that was pre-covid. people are just sitting shockingly close together by today's standards. with president biden, it's the exact opposite. it was very traditional. president biden did not really overtly praise himself. none of the other cabinet members for the part that the press was allowed in to see, which was really only about 2, 2 1/2 minutes, were forced to praise him. and because of coronavirus, this cabinet meeting took place in the east room where they had, as you can see, the space to be socially distanced, which is a covid mitigation protocol that
8:18 pm
this administration takes quite seriously. so yeah, i don't know if it's a return to the future or a return to normality, but it was unlike anything we had seen over the past four years. but very similar to what we might have seen in a previous administration. >> can't thank you our big three enough for rolling with the punches and the breaking news and our coverage tonight. katie benner e ashley parker, we've asked paul butler to stick around for our legal segment. thank you all so much for starting us off. coming up, what we learned from yet another day of powerful testimony in the chauvin trial. and later, one week ago this georgia state lawmaker was arrested for knocking on the governor's door. tonight she has told her side of the story. all of it as the "the 11th hour" is just getting under way on this thursday evening. es. -the answer is no. i can help new homeowners not become their parents. -kee-on-oh... -nope. -co-ee-noah. -no.
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he was what i would call a mama's boy. i could tell from the minute i met him. and what he came back from -- he was standing -- he seemed kind of like a shell of himself. >> testimony today from george floyd's girlfriend, courteney ross, describing floyd's grief after losing his mother. ross also described how they both struggled with opioid addiction. >> we both suffered from chronic pain. we got addicted and tried really hard to break that addiction many times. >> derrick smith, one of the first paramedics responding to the scene testified that when he arrived three officers were on
8:23 pm
top of george floyd. he was also asked about george floyd's condition. >> i did not feel a pulse. >> it means you didn't feel or detect a pulse. >> i did not detect a pulse. >> and what did his condition appear to be to you overall? >> in lay terms, i thought he was dead. >> as i mentioned, the esteemed lawyer paul butler has agreed to stay with us in this segment. how strong a witness was george floyd's girlfriend? let me go ahead and mention this. opioid addiction may have been a showstopper in a trial 30 years ago. in 2021, i don't think it's possible to find an american family, if not with a direct connection, than a tangential connection to this scourge every american has dealt with at some point. >> absolutely right, brian.
8:24 pm
so chauvin's defense is literally that he did not kill george floyd. the claim is that floyd died of a drug overdose and his pre-existing medical conditions. so the testimony of ms. ross allowed the jury first to hear from the prosecution about floyd's struggle with addiction, so when the defense makes a big deal about this, it won't seem like a bad fact that the prosecution was hiding. as you note, ms. ross really put a human face on the opiate addiction struggle that she and mr. floyd shared with many americans, and she also established that floyd had a high to school for drugs, which prosecutors will use to rebut the defense theory that he overdosed. >> i want to play for you a supervising sergeant, which is somewhat redundant, testified today about the use of force. let me play that exchange, paul,
8:25 pm
and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> sir, based on your review of the body-worn camera footage, do you have an opinion as to when the restraint of mr. floyd should've ended in this encounter? >> yes. >> what is it? >> when mr. floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers, they could have ended their restraint. >> that was after he was handcuffed, on the ground, and no longer resistant? >> correct. >> paul, how important was that moment, that exchange from today? >> it was vital for the prosecution. chauvin's use of force after mr. floyd was in handcuffs violated department policy. brian, for two minutes after chauvin knew that floyd did not have a pulse, he kept his knee on mr. floyd's neck. it will be hard for the defense
8:26 pm
to make the case that's reasonable force. the supervisor also testified that chauvin didn't originally tell him that he had put his knee on floyd's neck. and when he did admit it, i didn't say how long. so lawyers calls that consciousness of guilt. finally, he testified that officers are trained that it's dangerous to leave a suspect on his back or stomach for a long time. it can cause what the sergeant called positional asphyxia, that compromises breathing. so prosecutors are going to use that testimony to advance their claim that chauvin's acts were the cause of floyd's death, and also to demonstrate the recklessness that's required to convict chauvin of third-degree murder. >> paul, talk about the video of the death of george floyd as the most powerful witness in this case. i was shocked to learn that some of the jurors seated in this
8:27 pm
case had never seen the video. i guess they had been walking around with the assumption that all adult americans had seen it. i made the point here last night that it gets no less painful or powerful the tenth viewing, god forbid, than it was that first shocking time we saw life draining from a man under the knee of a police officer in the street. they will always have the cudgel of that powerful video in this courtroom at their use, correct? >> yes. so extremely dramatic and powerful eyewitness accounts from people who literally watched and heard mr. floyd narrating his own death. now we're going to hear expert testimony from police officers about use of force protocols and medical and toxicology experts about the cause of death. but, brian, nothing will have the impact of these videos that show officers approaching mr.
8:28 pm
floyd like he's public enemy number one, training their gun on him for what? a $20 bill that mr. floyd probably didn't know was counterfeit? and then literally squeezing the life out of him. in the opening statement the prosecutor told the jurors you can believe your own eyes, and they will have that video, those videos in the room where they deliberate. i think it's really going to be hard to persuade those jurors as the defense will try, that they should not believe their own eyes. >> paul butler, georgetown law school, great to see you, my friend. i hate the reason why. thank you for coming on and taking our questions, as always. coming up for us, activists are planning a boycott for next week. their goal, to force
8:29 pm
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8:33 pm
men under a photo of a plantation, taking away black and brown voters' rights as well as all voters' rights. this is america. and we have to keep on knocking. >> she is georgia state representative park cannon. she spoke out today for the first time since her dramatic arrest last week. this wasn't quite a 1/6 situations. she didn't have bear spray. she didn't beat on police officers with a baseball bat or hockey stick or a flag pole or a fire extinguisher. she was nonetheless dragged from the state capitol after knocking on governor brian kemp's door as he was signing into law some of the strictest voter suppression law in our country. her arm is in a sling. she's facing up to eight years in prison if convicted. just today, the texas state senate passed its own law making
8:34 pm
it harder to vote in texas. with us with more, britney cunningham, former member of president obama's 21st century policing task force. these days, among other things, she hosts the podcast called "undistracted." stewart stevens back with us as well, he's now with the lincoln project. good evening and welcome to you both. brittany, let's begin by listening to bishop reginald jackson of the georgia ame on what's going on in georgia. >> we take note of the fact that yesterday delta airlines and coca-cola made public comments in opposition to sb 202. and while i am pleased with their public comments, let me
8:35 pm
also say that it is a little too late. >> so brittany, it is true. delta, first time out, fumbled the ball. they later corrected and they can have with answer answer that was more right along with coca-cola. the bishop is calling for a boycott. stacey abrams is saying, hold off on that. the question for you is, does it matter to you who gets mad -- people, corporations, preferably both? >> ultimately what matters is democracy is protected and black and brown voters are able to access these inalienable rights that we have so often been promised. what's important to recognize here is that there have been over 250 of these voter suppression laws proposed in state legislatures across at
8:36 pm
least 47 states. so what is happening in georgia is happening across america. and whether it is an accountability pledge like the work that black voters matter is doing, or whether it is a boycott, that is for the folks on the ground in those states to decide. but what is always true no matter where you are is that words are nice, but action is always better. it is frankly amazing to me after the protests of last summer and the demand placed on corporations and companies to stand up, say something, and do something that companies could actually fumble the ball all these months later. so what are we demanding that folks do? well, you can take it from the new georgia project. they've been very clear that corporations need to use the power and influence that they have to push congress to pass the for the people act, to pass the john lewis act, and to fight to make sure that these kinds of laws are not continuously passed in states like missouri and arizona and florida.
8:37 pm
as you said, texas is already unfortunately onto road, so they need to use the power that they have to get this done. >> stewart, our friends in hr departments remind us all the time corporations are people. that established whoever the people is who wrote that first delta press release. i imagine they're going to get to spend more time with their family. it basically came out in support of the law in georgia before the ceo thought better of it. as i said, they've been joined by coke. tonight american airlines out in texas, that's their headquarters, of course, was out with a very forceful criticism of the law there. and here is the question just as predictable as you're guessing. does it take corporations to get the attention of the republicans who days ago seemed totally cool with being branded as the voter suppression party? >> well, look, corporations are
8:38 pm
about money and politics in america is a lot about money. there's a tremendous opportunity here for corporations to be on the right side of history. you know, this whole moment is happening because of a lie that the 2020 election not a legal and fair election. and everything that flows from that is flawed. but georgia law, it should be repealed because its prem is one party lost so they're trying to change the laws -- it just can't be seen as anything but an attempt to make it more difficult for the other guy to win. and it's just -- it can't be anything like that. it's not being done in good faith. corporations have a tremendous moral opportunity here to exert their power. what's going on now is not normal. this isn't -- we have one party now that believes that the 2020 election was not legal, which
8:39 pm
means we don't live in a democracy. this has never happened, not since 1860. >> yeah. i underscore what you just said about it not being normal. that's about all i do know these days. thankfully both of our guests have agreed to stay with us while we fit in a quick break. coming up, the president calls it a once in a generation investment in our country. mitch mcconnell says not one republican will support it. so it's fair to ask, who cares about rebuilding our country? tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪♪ termites. go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it.
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8:43 pm
so what we're looking for is proposals of alternatives. >> the white house hoping to pass joe biden's sweeping infrastructure package by the summer. but mcconnell's public rebuke means the president can't afford to lose any democratic support in the senate. remember, their margin in the house is three. still with us, brittany pack nick cunningham and stewart stevens. explain mcconnell to me and by extension to our audience. the polling is with biden. the polling was with biden on coronavirus and the stimulus package. pollings with biden on raising taxes to pay for this. how many times can mcconnell push the button and be on the wrong side of issues that the biden white house defines as bipartisan as long as public polling supports it? >> look, mitch mcconnell on january 6th had probably the worst day of a majority leader.
8:44 pm
we went it had to be on january 5th majority leader and woke up january 6th minority leader and running from his office. they're on the wrong side here. if you did polling on these tax increases from people who make $400,000 or more it's overwhelmingly popular. the dirty little secret is it's been a long time since they've moved numbers. we kept doing it almost out of nostalgia. but it's -- this is -- this is something that is very popular. i bet it's going to pass and i think it's something that is going to hurt republicans at the ballot box and help democrats. >> brittany, you spent time on the hill. you know how the democratic whips in the house and senate are going to be laying on the pressure. here's the question, though. do you think it's too early to assume that all the people in congress with a "d" after their names are just going to be lock
8:45 pm
step with the white house on this? >> well, i think it's always important to be careful and make sure they dotted every "i" and crossed every "t" especially when it comes to bills like this that can massively make a material impact in people's lives. look, i believe that there should actually be more money for things, but there's some things we cannot overlook and we cannot delay. there's money in here for gun violence prevention, in particular, in black and brown communities. there's money for retrofitting affordable housing. there's money for expanding broadband access, which, if the pandemic taught us nothing else, we need to make sure that houses, especially the young folks in those houses, have access to the internet that can move fast enough for them to keep up with this world. unfortunately, the republicans have continued to prove that they are the party of "no." before the break, both of you shared that this isn't normal, but for people like me, black folks, marginalized folks, women, we can tell you far too
8:46 pm
often this is normal, that republicans continue to obstruct our votes, as we see with the suppression laws, and they continue to obstruct our well-being. this is, unfortunately, par for the course, and i think it's going to be critically important where for the democrats to get bold and stand krajszly because that is what the american public elected them to do. weather it's reexamining a moving that filibuster aside or doing more to whip those votes, we need them to get it done because people are suffering right now. >> stewart, let's get personal for one second and talk about what government can do when it really puts its mind to it. i couldn't help but notice a photo you posted on social media today. it looks like my friend stewart stopped at a gun show and got his vaccine during the visit. good for you. you got your shot. talk about the miracle of science and government that vaccine in your arm represented. >> you know, i had it done in
8:47 pm
vermont. it was extraordinarily efficient. and i have to say there was something almost moving about this collective experience of people being helped by government. a lot of volunteers from the national guard. you know, for too long we have assumed any involvement of government has sort of become a medical trope that medicine is bad. it's never been true. and the falseness of that is just really being highlighted today with the pandemic. where government is helping people save lives across the country. and i think it just shows that the position, again, republicans being the party of no is a bad place to be. at a certain point, you got to be for something that people want. >> wow. i'm glad you posted the photo. i'm glad we asked you about it. i'm happy to hear your answer. very happy we invited the two of you to join us on this thursday
8:48 pm
night. britney pack neck cunningham, stewart stevens, thank you for taking our questions. coming up for us, an update on two little girls, sisters, who have suddenly become the faces of our ongoing border controversy and misery because of what happened to them. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7.
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we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at as the surge of migrants at our southern border continues, over 18,000 unaccompanied kids are in our nation's custody. 5,000 are being held by border patrol. tonight a troubling news story vividly shows the danger children face when they try to enter the united states. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has the story. >> reporter: the images are disturbing and heartbreaking all carpeted on nighttime surveillance video. a smuggler dang allergy young girl over the border fence,
8:52 pm
dropping her 14 feet to the ground then tossing over another child before abandoning them in the desert and running away. >> how did these two little girls survive that drop? >> it is a miracle. >> reporter: the girls are sisters from ecuador, rescued by border patrol. el paso border patrol chief gloria chavez made sure they're uninjured? >> they're happy little girls. the 5-year-old acts like the responsible one, obviously, and is caring for the 3-year-old. >> reporter: their part of that record migrant surge at the border after president biden allowed unaccompanied children to stay in the u.s. >> earlier this week the administration allowing one news crew into this overcrowded border patrol facility in texas. the children packed shoulder to shoulder in the middle of a pandemic. none of them get covid tests unless they show symptoms. most brought over by smugglers like in that video. >> it breaks my heart to see these 3-year-old, 5-year-old children just being treated like
8:53 pm
a commodity by these criminal organizations. >> reporter: border patrol reached their mother in new york and hopes they will be reunited. >> 5-year-old caring for a 3-year-old, an incredible story. our thanks to andrea mitchell for that report. another break for us. coming up, a cure for covid that didn't quite pan out.
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the media said what? [ laughter ] the media said joe biden's president. ha ha ha. [ laughter ] ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha. >> last thing before we go tonight, that is kenneth copeland, die-hard trumper, mega church preach from texas. he got a lot of attention a while back for buying tyler peri's gulfstream jet which he said he needs to get around to his global ministries. then a year ago he took on the coronavirus and it didn't go well. >> in the name of jesus. >> oh, thank you, jesus. >> standing in the office of the prophet of god, i execute
8:58 pm
judgment on you, covid-19. i execute judgment on you, atan, you destroyer, you killer, you get out, you break your power. you get off this nation. i demand judgment on you. i demand -- i demand -- i demand a vaccination to come immediately. >> yes! >> i call you done. i call you doggone. you come down from your place of authority, destroyer. you come down and you crawl on your belly like god commanded you when he put his foot on your head in the garden of eden. you will destroy through
8:59 pm
covid-19 no more. >> no more, no more. >> it -- >> no more. >> -- is finished. >> finished. >> it is over. and the united states of america is healed and well. >> thank you. >> again. >> so reality check, that was roughly a year ago. you know the rest. over half a million dead. please note, shouldn't everyone have an ed mcmahon hype man in their side. since he mentioned god, however, and this being holy season, we hope you don't mind if we say thank god for the vaccines, which actually do save lives each and every day. on that note, that is our broadcast. thanks for being with us. on behalf of all my colleagues at the networks at nbc news, good night.
9:00 pm
april 1st, which is a special day at the "rachel maddow show," because april 1st is the birthday of paul manafort, which, for our country, at least ought to be, perhaps, an annual sort of solemn, civic reminder that the immediate former president of our country had to pardon his campaign chairman and he had to pardon his campaign manager, and he had to pardon his longest-standing political adviser, and he had to pardon his national security advir,


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