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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  April 1, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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does get indicted for child sex trafficking that will be enough to remove him. i thought it sounded wrong when he said it turns out he cleaned it up late this afternoon i'm glad to hear it. that's going historically, infrastructure had been a bipartisan undertaking. many times led by republicans. it was abraham lincoln who built the transcontinental railroad. dwight eisenhower, republican, interstate highway system. i could go on. and i don't think you'll find a republican today in the house or senate, maybe i'm wrong, who doesn't think we have to improve our infrastructure they know china and other countries are eating our lunch so there's no reason why it can't be bipartisan again. the divisions of the moment shouldn't stop us from doing the right thing for the future
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>> president biden visits the steel city to unveil his massive jobs and infrastructure plan but republicans are already pushing back the question is, will the president be able to get a bipartisan deal, the bipartisan deal he wants? a dramatic day three of testimony in the trial of the former police officer accused of killing george floyd as a juror becomes ill and a witness breaks down on the stand. the question is, what will day four bring and new york is now the 16th state to legalize recreational marijuana. the new law takes effect immediately. the question is, how long before the legal buying and selling begins it's "way too early" for this. good morning and welcome to "way too early" on this thursday, april 1st. april fools' day be careful out there i'm kasie hunt.
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we'll start with this breaking news. officials say four people, including a child, were killed in a mass shooting at a business complex in orange, california, yesterday evening. two others are listed in critical condition, including a fifth victim and the suspect who suffered a gunshot wound, although it's unclear how that happened police are now working to determine a motive and say the investigation would include multiple agencies. this, of course, follows the massacre last week when ten people were killed as a gunman opened fire at a boulder, colorado, grocery store. a week before that, eight people, including six women of asian descent, were killed in three atlanta-area spas. always so incredibly discouraging to start out, again, with what is a horrific normal in america. and as congress debates what to do about this epidemic of gun violence, new polling shows
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overwhelming support for certain reforms. according to a new politico poll, 85% of registered voters support background checks on all gun sales, compared to 11% who oppose them. when it comes to background checks at gun shows and private sales, 79% support that reform 13% are against it and 64% say they support a ban on assault-style weapons, 27% oppose 64% of americans cofounder of "punch bowl news," john resnahan. here we are again talking about another mass shooting. here we are again having the conversation about gun reform in congress and you and i have talked about this as recently as last week when you pointed out rightly that this happens, then nothing happens in congress. what is the biden administration going to try to do about this? >> they're teeing up some
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executive orders on this issue in fact, the president yesterday in support of his infrastructure plan talked about we're going to spend $5 billion on community violence centers they're teeing up executive orders, i want to call ghost guns, that's one thing, it's like a homemade kit you can buy, you assemble a gun they're going to try and see if they can register those or get a background check on those. there's other -- they're pushing -- some democrats in congress want to push president biden to take executive action on what the gun -- the type of gun used in the boulder shooting, it's called an assault pistol, which is assault rifle but it's a pistol. they want to change the way those are registered but in terms of background checks, this is the big issue. it's the huge issue. you know, there's not a lot of movement chris murphy from connecticut, been working on this for a while, he's talking to a lot of
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republicans. right now, i don't see how they could pass a background check bill that included private transactions i just don't think that will go through congress >> yeah, no. and we've been talking about that, that background check piece of gun reform, was kind of the smallest piece of the original legislation that they started out with after newtown and here we are how many years later and they can't even get that one piece done. you mentioned infrastructure i want to fill everyonein on what we heard from president joe biden yesterday, then we'll talk a little more about it president biden unveiled his much anticipated $2 trillion infrastructure plan, speaking from a carpenter's trainiing facility in pittsburgh yesterday. his plan aims to rebuild roads, expand access to clean water and broadband, invest in care for the elderly. >> i'm proposing a plan for the nation that rewards work, not
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just rewards wealth. it's not a plan that tinkers around the edges it's a once in a generation investment in america. unlike anything we've seen or done since we built the interstate highway system and the space race decades ago in fact, it's the largest american jobs investment since world war ii it's big, yes. it's bold, yes and we can get it done i'm convinced if we act now, in 50 years people are going to look back and say, this was the moment that america won the future it's a basic question. can democracy still deliver for their people can they get a majority? i believe we can i believe we must. >> this plan would spread out over an eight-year period and
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raise the corporate tax rate for 15 years from 21% to 28% it does not at this point include an increase in capital gains taxes. biden has already reached out to top lawmaker on this the hill, including senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, before he unveiled this package. and while mcconnell indicated he doesn't support the, quote, trojan horse bill as it is, house speaker nancy pelosi hopes to pass the massive legislative initiative by july 4th that, of course, under her narrow, narrow, narrow house majority, bres so what are the hurdles for biden here because as much as they are still kind of giving lip service to the idea that this could be bipartisan, it certainly is clear to me there's no way that that's going to happen if you disagree, i'd be fascinated to hear your take on it but it does seem like they're going to have some challenges keeping all the democrats on board in the house, and that there may be some serious pressure points for the administration, body from the
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progressive left and moderates in the caucus. >> yeah, i agree with you. if there's one thing republicans can agree on, it's they don't like taxes and this bill would raise taxes. so republicans may not agree on anything else, but they're against that i do -- again, you have a very good point there's going to be -- on the left you have progressives like aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez, they don't think it's big enough, they don't think $2.5 trillion is enough, they want to spend more moderates like stephanie murphy of florida who's on possibly a statewide run. they think it's too much money, concerned about the raising corporate taxes in a pandemic, you know, the economy's still fragile. i think you'll have other democrats who have their own pet issues there's a bunch of democrats, tom swazee of new york, bill
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pascal of new jersey, say they're not going to vote for any tax bill unless they bring back the date minimum tax relief they got rid of, republicans got rid of in 2017 democrats, like you note, you only have a four-vote margin in the house, tied in the senate. you can't lose anyone. you have to get joe manchin and kyrsten sinema -- like squeezing a balloon, you push it in one place, it's going to pop out another. they've got a lot of work to do. >> it's an interesting metaphor, i've never thought about congress that way but it works john bresnahan, thank you, especially today, we appreciate it. the latest in the investigation of possible sex trafficking by republican congressman matt gaetz "the new york times" was the first to report federal
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investigators are looking into whether gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and whether he paid for her to travel with him across state lines. when asked about the allegations tuesday night the congressman said he did nothing wrong and claimed it was part of an effort to extort him and his family law enforcement officials tell nbc news that the sex trafficking investigation into congressman gaetz and the extortion allegations made by gaetz are actually two separate investigations now this yesterday in the trial of derek chauvin, the bystander who told george floyd to comply with police broke down on the stand while testifying during video replay of floyd calling for his mother shortly before his death. >> do you need a minute?
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i know this is difficult can you just explain sort of what you're feeling in this moment >> i can -- i feel -- helpless i don't have a moment either they just end him. >> charles mcmillian, the state's 11th witness, confronted then officer chauvin after the accident, saying he should have taken his knee off floyd's neck. chauvin is heard on body cam video defending himself. >> that's one person's opinion. >> no, no -- >> i've got to control this guy, he's a sizable guy. >> i thought he couldn't get any -- >> looked like he was coughing out something. >> earlier in the day, prosecutors played security camera footage of floyd inside
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the cup foods buying cigarettes with the allegedly counterfeit 20-dollar bill and circled the face of christopher martin, the 19-year-old clerk who made the sale prosecutors showed martin outside among the crowd of bystanders with hands on his head, appearing distressed, and asked for his thoughts at the time >> i saw you standing there with your hands on your head for a while, correct >> correct. >> what was going through your mind during that time period >> disbelief and guilt. >> why guilt >> if i would have just not tooken the bill, this could have been avoided >> the prosecution also introduced body cam footage of floyd's arrest from chauvin and the officers with him that day floyd could be heard pleading not to be shot as he's taken from his car and he's later seen being seated by police to await the arrival of additional officers, including chauvin. livestreaming of the trial resumes today at 9:30 central time
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still ahead, shipments of johnson & johnson's coronavirus vaccines get delayed after a mix-up at one u.s. factory. as major league baseball gets under way today, yes, president biden is criticizing, oh dear, the texas rangers' plan to allow full-capacity crowds. you can understand why those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. facing leaks takes strength. so here's to the strong, who trust in our performance and comfortable long-lasting protection.
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the texas rangers say there will not be any attendance restrictions in their stadium this season. that means it could be filled to capacity, mr. president. 40,000 people with masks required, except when actively eating and drinking. what are your thoughts on the rangers' decision? >> well, that's a decision they've made i think it's a mistake they should listen to dr. fauci and the scientists and the experts. and -- but i think it's not responsible. >> welcome back.
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that was president joe biden on the eve of opening day of major league baseball criticizing the decision by the texas rangers to open their stadium with no attendance limits. the rangers are going to have a full house for monday's home opener while the 29 other major league teams will host fans at reduced capacity to begin the season the president also said he would back a decision to move the mlb all-star game out of atlanta in response to new legislation that tightens voting laws in georgia. >> i think today's professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports and it's just not right this is jim crow on steroids, what they're doing in georgia. >> so for the first time since 1968, all 30 major league teams will take the field on opening day. the slate of 15 games begins in the a.l. east with the new york
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yankees hosting the toronto blue jays this afternoon, and concludes with three west coast games starting just after 10:00 p.m. eastern baseball is back meanwhile, both the men's and women's ncaa basketball tournaments are down to the final four the men's tournament, according to the "washington post," generates more than $800 million every year and it accounts for more than 70% of the ncaa's annual revenue the question is, does it come at the expense of student athletes? the supreme court weighed in on the business of college sports for the first time in nearly four decades yesterday hearing more than 90 minutes of arguments in a dispute over rules limiting college athletes' education-related compensation it comes after a federal appeals court ruled last year limits on benefits like computers and scholarships violate anti-trust laws justices expressioned concern with the ncaa's limits on benefits for student athletes but several said they worried giving schools more authority to
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regulate those rules could undermine the amateur nature of college sports. >> i start from the idea that the anti-trust laws should not be a cover for exploitation of the student athletes so that is a concern, overarching concern, here. >> schools that are naturally competitors as to athletes have all gotten together in organization, an organization that has undisputed market power, and they use that power to fix athletic salaries at extremely low levels >> you say that what's distinctive about your product is that your players are not paid and that was true 100 years ago. but they are paid. they get lower admission standards, they get tuition, room, and board, other things, and that's a form of pay. >> i worry about judges getting into the business of deciding how amateur sports should be run. >> it's like a game of jenga
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you've got this nice, solid bloc that protects the product schools want to provide. you pull out one log, another, everything's fine. another, another all of a sudden the whole thing comes crashing down. >> so while a case is not directly involved, the hot-button issue of whether student athletes should be paid, the outcome could determine how much authority the ncaa will have in restricting potential payments in the future let's be real, is this really amateur sports anymore at this level? finally, the los angeles county sheriff says detectives have determined what caused tiger woods to crash his suv in february but they wouldn't release details yesterday, citing unspecified privacy concerns police previously called the incident, quote, purely an accident and said there was no evidence of impairment the golfer is recovering after the single-car rollover crash left him with serious injuries requiring surge. amid calls for economic
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quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette i understand that they have public companies and they have boards that are pressuring them, but that doesn't change the truth and the fact that this bill expands voting access, especially on the weekends in georgia. it uses a voter i.d. which is free for absentee ballot with mail that will speed up the process. it requires county elections officials to continuously tabulate - >> governor -- >> to get everybody counted. it's a secure, accessible, fairway to do it >> that was georgia governor brian kemp defending the state's new voting law amid pushback from powerful corporations those georgia businesses are speaking out against the restrictive voting measures. coca-cola ceo james quincy called the legislation, quote,
2:25 am
wrong, unacceptable, and a step backward delta airlines ceo ed bastian wrote in a memo to employees, the entire rationale for this bill was based on a lie, that there was widespread voter fraud in georgia in the 2020 elections. this is simply not true. unfortunately that excuse is being used in states across the nation that are attempting to pass similar legislation to restrict voting rights the statements come as activists threaten to boycott atlanta-based companies saying they didn't do enough to stop the law from being passed. as we just played governor kemp is pushing back saying republicans had worked with delta when crafting the bill, and at no point did the airliner raise objections with his office about some of the controversial provisions in a move seen as retaliation, the republican-led statehouse passed an amendment that would repeal a tax break on jet fuel for delta. still ahead, president biden will host his first cabinet meeting today amid a new push to pass his infrastructure plan
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♪ welcome back to "way too early. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. president biden will hold his first cabinet meeting later
2:30 am
today and his new infrastructure plan is expected to be a key topic of discussion. much of the meeting will focus on how the cabinet will work together to implement the plan and how to communicate to the american people for the benefits of working families is how they put it the associated press points out the meeting is going to look very different from those that were held by former president trump. quote, thefull cabinet won't meet in the room that bears its name instead assembling in the more spacious east room to allow for social distancing. all attendees, including the president, will wear masks also, the afternoon meeting will probably not include the over-the-top tributes to the chief executive that came to define cabinet meetings held by president donald trump hm, indeed with the republican party eyeing ways to try and win back the majority in congress, a memo from the chairman of the republican study committee was given to house minority leader kevin mccarthy it was titled "cementing gop as the working-class party.
2:31 am
according to an axios report, the memo was written by indiana congressman jim banks where he argues the gop should fully embrace its transformation into a blue collar party. he addsness president trump's gift didn't come with a receipt. in the memo banks writes, quote, our electoral success in the 2022 midterm elections will be determined by our willingness to embrace our new coalition. house republicans can broaden our electorate, increase voter turnout, and take back the house by enthusiastically rebranding and reorienting as the party of the working class. joining us now, author of "the washington post's" early morning newsletter "power up," jacqueline alemaini. the heart of this memo and the conflict, it's true former president trump seems to have turned out more working-class voters in the 2020 election than republican candidates have in the past, certainly more than
2:32 am
congressional republicans who do the polling and dig into this were expecting they were surprised by that. that's part of why we're learning this lesson here. but the reality is right now, republicans are opposing policies that are aimed at helping working-class americans. namely, a lot of the stuff that's in this infrastructure man. they opposed to a person the covid relief package how do they square what they think they need their politics to be with the policies that they're voting for or voting against? >> that's a great question, kasie, and it's one that republicans are going to have to answer on the campaign trail, which is already starting up again. but as we reported yesterday during conversations we had had with democratic groups who have been pushing for major tax hikes in order to foot the bill for this infrastructure bill, they noted that regardless of what they do as democrats, republicans are going to attack
2:33 am
them as implementing higher taxes, being in favor of tax hikes. whether they actually implement them or not. but that for once, democrats have on their side that there is overwhelming public support for higher taxes biden's campaign pollster has said that that was the most popular economic policy of the 2020 campaign, raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations these are statistics that republicans are going to have to grapple with and they're going to have to explain why their rhetoric and why their support and desire to bring in the coalition of working-class americans doesn't match their policy actions in terms of not supporting the american rescue plan, and most likely not supporting the impending infrastructure legislation that's probably going to get pushed through by the end of the summer. >> so let's talk about this infrastructure plan. because -- and the taxes in particular because you do raise a very
2:34 am
interesting point there. but there is a big difference between raising taxes broadly on what has become -- as our society has become more economically unequal, there are far more people willing to say, yeah, raise taxes on that guy. the business community is officially opposed to the infrastructure plan because of these tax hikes. but they're also at odds on the other side with mitch mcconnell in some ways there have been small signs where the chamber of commerce has picked fights with mitch mcconnell, where i didn't think i would ever see that in my lifetime does that mean that the business community is sort of out there without any allies anymore >> yeah, you know, it remains to be seen. i think that they were potentially hoping, because of -- if you look at the makeup of biden's cabinet and a lot of his senior staffers who have corporate backgrounds, that he might be potentially friendlier. but what we have seen in the last week especially, you know,
2:35 am
that's been echoed by endorsements from major unions and progressive organizations, that biden is coming out in support of ramping up taxes on corporations and the wealthy, reversing the tax cuts of -- to reverse some of the tax cuts of trump's 2017 tax plan, and implement some new ones that he outlined along with the infrastructure plan that he unveiled yesterday that being said, you know, you're not going to see biden cozy up with wall street in any way, and you have pressure from these unions, afl-cio, americans for tax fairness, already putting additional pressure on biden to go even harder on raising taxes because it is popular in terms of consensus from the american public put if you look at, as you noted, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, he's drawn a red line saying, republicans can't get behind something that raises taxes like this
2:36 am
putting basically -- making it so that this infrastructure plan is a nonstarter for republicans to support >> "the washington post," jackie alimeny, thank you as always. still ahead, new york state's totally different position on legal cannabis to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means... grabbing a hold of what matters.
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2:40 am
and older to have up to 3 ounces of cannabis or 24 grams of a concentrated form on them at any one time smoking the drug is permitted in the same public spaces smoking tobacco is allowed, though localities can enact their own restrictions oh, boy. people with prior marijuana-related criminal records will have their records expunged dispensaries won't be able to open until late 2022, and residents will eventually be allowed to have up to six mature plants in their home huh. the recreational marijuana market is expected to generate $300 million a year in tax revenue with a 13% total tax, 9% state tax, and 4% local. 40% of the tax revenue will be directed toward communities that were disproportionately affected by past drug laws. want to use your pandemic gardening skills, new yorkers? have at it meanwhile, the minor league baseball team, the chattanooga lookouts, have their mascot, louis the lookout, back a day
2:41 am
after he was reported stolen, oh no the team reported a break-in at at&t field tuesday, where the mascot, as well as hundreds of dollars in merchandise and equipment, were stolen an employee spotted the costume near the team's stadium. after being mascot mapped, louis the lookout has been returned home safe. the loveable lookout would like to thank the chattanooga friends and the chattanooga police department for their support and assistance play ball. plas rooms have had a different look over the past year, but i don't think we've seen anything quite like this. burlington high school in vermont has moved into an old macy's department store after toxic industrial chemicals, pcbs, were found in their old building the students who had been learningvirtually now ride escalators enjoying the store's furnishings like the bright red carpet the moral michael kors area is
2:42 am
the cafeteria, the china department is the library. books displayed on lit shelves the district has leased the building for 3 1/2 years while they work on renovations to the old-school one student described it as "weird but cool at the same time." i'm going to go with cool. now for some news from across the pond. the late princess diana will be honored with one of the united kingdom's famous blue plaques to mark what would have been her 60th birthday this year. blue plaques are historical markers in public places commemorating a historical figure or event. there are over 900 throughout the uk lady diana and six other womens are to be celebrated with plaques in 2021. diana was chosen for the profound impact she made in her short life the location of her plaque will be revealed at a later date. still ahead here, contaminated dotes halt shipments of johnson & johnson's
2:43 am
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welcome back the director of the cdc, rochelle walensky, is again warning americans not to let their guard down as coronavirus case numbers continue to rise in some areas of the country. during a white house briefing walensky said recent data shows the seven-day average for new cases is just under 62,000 per day, a nearly 12% spike from the previous seven-day period. >> this is a critical moment in our fight against the pandemic as we see increases in cases we can't afford to let our guard down we are so close, so very close to getting back to the everyday activities we all miss so much but we're not quite there yet. >> we are so close u.s. shipments of the johnson & johnson vaccine have come to a halt after human error
2:47 am
reportedly caused 15 million doses to be contaminated at a baltimore manufacturing plant. the company confirms one batch, quote, did not meet quality standards after "the new york times" broke the story last night. according to the "times," workers accidentally mixed together ingredients from the johnson & johnson and astrazeneca vaccines, which are both being made in the same factory. the delay will not affect any doses currently being delivered and used nationwide, since those were produced in the netherlands. joining us, infectious diseases physician and medical director of the special pathogens unit at the boston university school of medicine, dr. nah ichlid bedelia thank you for getting up early with us. i saw that you tweeted about cases rising across the globe and in need for a global, unified effort to end the pandemic why do you think we need that, and also, could you briefly address this johnson & johnson
2:48 am
issue? because this is a vaccine that could potentially be a key part of that. and i'm sure that there are some americans out there who are nervous, seeing these headlines. should they be >> yeah, so kasie, good morn recognize johnson & johnson they're now going to take tighter control of emergent bio solutions work being done around the vaccines, and i think that's important. my understanding is that the current projections from president biden in terms of all adults being able to get vaccinated if they wanted to by may still hold but they've been, in terms of the exact delivery dates of the johnson & johnson, i think it's going to be harder to sort of assess as a country, trying to make up for this potential delay. it's also good to know novavax, another vaccine distributor, might be submitting their data at some point in april you may remember they had international trials that were very promising so another thing that might be on our horizon is there may be other producers, including
2:49 am
novavax, as well as astrazeneca. oh, and to your point about the -- >> yeah, please, go ahead. >> to your point about the need for a global governance and equity, listen, for the very reasons that we're rushing to vaccinate everybody here, i think it's equally important for us to try to get a global vaccine equity because if we only vaccinated people here, you might see the virus continue to mutate in other parts of the world since we're globally connected, it would make us vulnerable again. that's one of the reasons why we need that effort >> so the other piece of news we saw yesterday that frankly seemed so incredibly promising to me as a parent, pfizer said that their vaccine is 100% effective for kids between the ages of 12 and 15. what does that mean for getting kids back into the classroom in the fall and the timeline for getting younger kids vaccinated? >> yeah, so fepfizer started th
2:50 am
trial in october and it's really promising. the safety signal looks great. the antibodies are amazing the kids look great. it's 100% effective so far the fda is now going to take a look at that data probably over the next month or so after it's submitted. it's submitted. the hope is that it's another way to protect kids. i think if all the adults around them are already vaccinated and the classrooms have those mitigation measures, you've already made the scenario safe, but having this extra step allows kids to be able to go back to school and return to normalcy, sports, interactions, in other aspects and by vaccinating kids, we get closer to herd immunity faster because even if all the adults are vaccinated, we don't want the virus continue to transmitting among kids, for the same reasons we talked about in terms of getting the whole world vaccinated this is another way to have parents feel safer, hopefully before -- at some point before the next school year
2:51 am
but also, a way for all of us to get back to normalcy >> all right dr. nahid bhadelia, thank you so much for starting your day off with us. we really appreciate it. and earlier on in the show, we asked all of you, why are you awake? mike writes, i'm up way too early trying night photography of the world-famous washington, d.c. cherry blossoms that is a beautiful photo. and thanks for watching. laural fwtweeted this i'm awake because this little fellow decided to sneak into the house last night that's minorly terrifying. and amanda is very excited for opening day. i'm trying to get some spring cleaning on opening day and saw my oriole birds' opening day stats. oh, dear let's go os. i'm very exciting for opening day. for those of you telling me, go, yankees, i'm sorry, we're not going to read your tweets here kidding. up next, mike memoli joins
2:52 am
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let's don't turn it into a massive effort to raise taxes on businesses and individuals >> that was senate minority leader mitch mcconnell objecting to president biden's new infrastructure bill yesterday. but how is the rest of the republican party reacting? and what about the more progressive side of the democratic party let's ask the authority on all things joe biden, white house correspondent, mike memoli mike, good morning thank you so much for being here let's talk about this -- happy opening day, right i hear you're going to the game
2:56 am
later. i hope the weather holds up for you. let's talk about this infrastructure thing, bill, because the president getting this major speech, but it -- it seems like to me, there is no hope that they are going to get republican support for what they've laid out here. and instead, they seem to be more focused on problems that they could have with their left flank in the house i mean nancy pelosi can only lose two votes, three depending on how the elections play out. how are they trying to thread this needle? >> there's trouble on multiple fronts, especially if you look at members of the new jersey congressional delegation, others that are raising concerns on the democratic side about not supporting any tax reforms, changes of any kind, unless they bring back that state and local deduction, such an important tax break for my family, friends, those in new jersey and other states in the northeast with high, local property taxes as well but listen, anytime -- and the biden administration was fully aware of this, you talk about any form of tax increase, even a tax increase on corporations
2:57 am
that brings it back to even still lower where it was for most of the 20th century, you're really risking republican support. it was also interesting to see, as republicans were criticizing this as sort of a trojan horse for the green new deal, there were some groups on the left, progressive forces saying they didn't do enough here on climate. but the white house' messaging is going to boil down to two things one is, this is essential for american competitiveness you really heard the president yesterday leaning into china eating our lunch, as he put it that this is something that is absolutely essential and also, the popularity of this the initial polling on this yesterday was is that these tax increases actually make the bill more popular, if you make it clear that the only people here seeing tax increases are the wealthy and corporations and so, the biden administration is actually giving more time for this the timeline on the hill is a little bit longer than it was for the rescue plan. and i think they want to make it politically uncomfortable, for certainly for republicans to oppose it and do everything they can to keep their own left flank
2:58 am
onboard. >> so, mike, the left -- the said left flank has basically said, this bill isn't enough doesn't go far enough. we need more but the price tag is a pretty blaring headline i feel like i can see that the campaign ads kind of write themselves is the biden administration concerned at all about that part of it, or are they confident that the polling will hold and at the end of the day people will say, okay, we want to do this >> yeah, both parties have been talking about infrastructure we famously have been talking about infrastructure week for years now. so the view of the biden administration is that there's, of course, difficult questions about how to pay for it. and that's going to be the channel back to mitch mcconnell. remember what we heard from the president as he was making the case for the rescue plan, what of the $1.9 billion would you take away? would you take away the vaccination blueprint? would you take away the increased testing, the support for local governments? and i think that's going to be the argument back to republicans. what here, as our colleague
2:59 am
vaughn hillyard was pointing out with bridges all across the country that are classified in need of repair, what project in your district would you oppose if it would be supported by this, clean water, all the different components of it when you have a bill this bill that there are certainly enough proposals in it that you can sell as relevant in districts and states that i think that they're confident that they can do, but of course that opens the risk to being seen as nothing but a giant pork project we'll see where the midterm landscape is by this time next year, if this is what we're still talking about, even. >> yeah, no, so much can change. mike, let's talk about one of the most important stories today. baseball president biden did weigh in on the rangers having a full stadium, but here in washington, the nats are going to have 5,000 fans they took press through, a tour of the safetymeasures. what are you hearing about how it's going to go at the stadium later on today and how the nats are going to do this year? >> not as good as the yankees, you know, i'm always hoping as
3:00 am
originally a yankees fan for a yankees/nats world series, but this year, i think the yankees are much more likely to get there than the home team here in d.c. >> all right nbc's mike memoli, thank you so much for getting up early with us and all i have to say in response to mr. memoli and also to all of you is, let's go, os thank you for getting up way too early with us on this thursday morning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now has got the exact right message and is being responded -- the response is fabulous around the country. >> deeply honored and i want to thank you for your commitment to the american workers >> my hat's off to you for taking that stand and for sending a clear message around the world. >> it's a privilege to serve >> i can't thank you enough for the privilege that you've given me and the leadership that you've shown >> i'm thrilled to have a chance to help you live up to your campaign promises. >> thank you for getting this country moving >> optimism from small businesses is higher than it's been in about 16 years w


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