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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 31, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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coworkers to call the police >> did you know if that happened >> correct >> somebody did call the police? >> correct >> was it you who called the police >> no. >> was it another co-worker? >> correct >> did you ask a co-worker to make a call? >> no. >> were you present when he made the call >> correct >> so you were there next to him or something >> correct >> so at some point did the police respond to the store? >> correct when they responded, did you see the officers actually come into the store? >> i do not recall >> did they deal with you when they came in the store >> no. >> who did they deal with? >> they talked to my manager >> you were not involved in the
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conversation at all? >> no. >> what did you do >> still working cashier >> just went about your business >> correct >> as you did that, as you continued working, did you notice a commotion out in front of the store >> correct >> do you recall what it was that first drew your attention >> i just saw a few people at first, and then the crowd grew larger pretty soon the store was empty so there was no one i needed to help so i went outside to see what was happening. >> where was the crowd >> right where the bus stop is on chicago or a little to the left. >> i spoke over you. >> just ten paces to the left of the bus stop >> so the bus stop as you are looking out from the store >> correct
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>> so did you in fact decide to go out and look into what the crowd was gathering for? >> correct >> when you went out there, what did you see? >> i saw people yelling and screaming. i saw derek with his knee on george's neck on the ground. >> i want to back you up just a little bit you say derek, you mean mr. chauvin? >> correct >> did you know who that person was at the time? >> no. >> so you have just learned his name since then? >> correct >> was that person wearing a police uniform >> correct >> where did you see that individual >> on top of george floyd. you didn't -- well, other than seeing mr. floyd that day, you did not know him before that >> correct did you recognize him as the person who had been in the store
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earlier? >> correct the person you were trying to talk to in the suv >> correct did you see any other officers in the area? >> i think his name is officer thao >> where was he? >> in front of the crowd telling them to stand back >> do you remember how many people were in the crowd >> probably about several. >> what did you see the officer on mr. floyd what was the relation? what was happening there >> george was motionless, limp, and chauvin seemed very -- he was in aresting state. he rested his knee on his neck
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>> what did you do >> i called my mom first and told her not to come downstairs. and then i started recording >> did you keep that recording >> no. >> why not >> later on i deleted it because when they picked george up off the ground they went straight on minneapolis rather than chicago. it would have been straight on chicago to go to the hospital so that made me know he had -- >> so you knew he had died >> correct >> i am not sure why you deleted the video. >> i just didn't want to show no one. >> so after you called your mom, what did you do after that
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>> i was recording until one of my co-workers was pushed by an officer. >> so what's -- what had you see him do before? >> he was yelling at the officer like the other people were doing, asking them to check his pulse, if he's breathing, if he's okay kind of thing. >> did he leave the sidewalk >> correct >> how far >> i do not recall >> do you know how old he was that day, the could worker >> i do not. >> was he older or younger >> younger >> so a teenager after he got pushed did you see
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what happened to him >> yes my other co-worker wrapped him up and took him inside >> removed him from the scene? >> correct >> prior to coming into court did we show you security visitor from cup foods that shows that area >> correct >> that area while you were out there? >> correct >> did that appear to depict truly and accurately the time during which you were out there during this incident >> correct >> your honor, i would offer what we've marked as exhibit 33. >> 33 is received. >> i am going to start showing you exhibit 33 we may pause this like we had done with the other videos
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i am going to pause it right here for a moment. do you recognize this scene? >> correct >> this is you in the foreground, right? >> correct >> what were you doing right at that moment? >> that was when i was calling my mom to tell her not to come down the stairs. >> if she were to come down the stairs -- this was where you were living, correct >> correct >> was the door she would have come out have been on this scene? >> correct >> where would that door be? >> right here. >> so if she came down, she would have come to the scene >> correct >> you talked about a co-worker who came out who was younger than you he is he in a white t-shirt? >> correct >> we will continue to run exhibit 33, please
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>> i am going to pause it right here, please for the record this is 8:28:34 can you describe for the jurors what you are doing >> recording the scene >> you walked further over towards the scene? >> correct >> really by the door where your mom would have come out had she come >> correct >> the individual in the white t-shirt, he stepped off the curb into the street here, correct? >> correct >> let's continue to run exhibit 33, please if you pause right there at 8:28:41. is that the moment you are talking about where your co-worker got questioned >> correct >> did you see at all anywhere where he touched the police officer? >> no. >> so you are now standing around behind that group of
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people, correct? >> correct >> did you know anybody in that crowd? >> my two co-workers >> if you could put a line or a dot where your two co-workers are. both of those are individuals who went out during the second trip to the suv, correct >> correct >> did you know any of the other people in the crowd at the time? >> not at the time >> did you know miss -- >> i think. >> you know alyssa >> correct >> do you see where she is >> correct >> how did you know her?
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>> i knew her from school. >> let's continue the exhibit. can you describe for the jurors what we are seeing in that segment of the video >> grabbed a co-worker and brought him back inside. i was yelling chill out, chill out. >> so when his co-workers came to get the young man in the white t-shirt he went with him back into the store? >> correct >> and you were following him? >> correct >> so let's continue to run exhibit 33 then. >> i want to pause here for a moment please. for the record 08:29:04. what were you doing at this
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point? >> i think i was just kind of emotional. i was standing there at the curb and i was like they are not going to help him. this is what we have to deal with >> so you had a conversation with another person standing there? >> correct >> when you walked up there, we saw just before we stopped it, a young girl in a grown shirt -- green shirt. >> correct >> did you see her in the store earlier? >> correct >> did you know who she was? >> no. >> do you remember being the cashier in the sctore when she was there earlier? >> correct >> can we continue to run exhibit 33, please
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>> i am going to pause here for a moment the record should reflect 08:29:55 you had your hands on your head. what was going through your mind >> disbelief and guilt >> why guilt >> if i had just not took the
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bill, this could have been avoided. >> we saw another individual pushed by an officer, correct? >> correct >> what did you try to do after that >> i just tried to calm him down, tell him to stand back >> let's continue running 33 then who are you talking to there >> my mom. >> so that takes us to the end of exhibit 33. you were going back into the store. >> correct >> did you just continue to work your shift
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>> correct. did you thin to wor foods? >> no. >> why not >> i didn't feel safe. >> i have no further questions
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>> good morning, sir >> good morning. >> thank you for being here today. you testified you are currently 20 years old >> 19. >> i am sorry, i didn't hear that at the time you were both living and working at cup foods in the apartments above, you were both living and working there. >> correct >> you testified you had worked there for about a month and a half or two before this incident >> four months >> you would agree that you have
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made a few statements in connection with this case? >> correct >> you were first interviewed by the burrow of criminal intervention last year >> correct >> you had another meeting as of march 12 with the prosecutors and others >> correct >> you understand that those statements were recorded >> correct >> and you understand that we have been provided with transcripts. >> correct >> have you had an opportunity to review your statements prior to coming into court >> yes >> and you had an opportunity to review your transcript >> correct >> so i just want to walk through again. we have now watched a few videos from both inside the store, outside the store from a
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neighboring business agreed >> correct >> you had an opportunity to address some things that happened inside the store, outside the store throughout the whole incident, correct? >> correct >> so you were working -- you said your shift started about 3:00 p.m. that day >> correct >> and this incident was ultimately around 7:30 or 8:00 >> correct >> the video, when we were watching the first video, you and your co-workers seemed to get along quite well, talking, laughing, having fun, interacting with customers, things like that >> correct the store is kind of a one stop store. you can do a lot of things in the store. you have got a deli, cell phone service and repair, snacks and a
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separate tobacco area. >> correct >> in the store where we see you behind the counter, is there an entrance for employees into the tobacco area that you go through? >> could you ask the question again, please? >> so i understand when a customer comes in to cup foods there, are two doors they can go to. one on the right-hand side is the tobacco shop and on the left-hand side is the convenience store or general store. >> correct >> the tobacco shop is separate because you have to be a certain age to go in >> correct >> you have to be 21 18 >> to buy? >> to go in.
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>> i am not sure people can go in >> is there partition or glass that inside the store separates the tobacco area from the convenience store? >> correct >> where you stand, do you have to walk out through the convenience store door and go into the tobacco store door or is there aseparate entrance to get into the tobacco store portion. >> from where? >> from the tobacco store. >> you can just walk in. you don't have to go all of the way around >> i may not have been articulating that well, sorry. >> my fault. >> you observed a person you later learned was george floyd come in to the store >> correct
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>> you ultimately assisted him in the store >> correct >> he was in the store and the person you observed in the front passenger seat was also in the store? >> correct >> he had on a pair of sweat pants and white shirt? >> correct >> i believe you said he also attempted to use a count counterfeit bill >> correct >> did that happen before or after? >> before. >> so when he handed you that bill you knew that was a fraud >> correct >> you immediately said i am not taking this bill >> correct >> you knew the store policy at that time. >> correct >> the store policy meaning that
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if you took a counterfeit bill that was your responsibility and would get deducted from your paycheck >> correct >> you had a store tab where you could buy merchandise yourself where it would get deducted from your salary? >> correct >> that interaction with that other individual, was it earlier in the day, a few minutes before you interacted with mr. floyd? >> earlier in the day. >> so both mr. floyd and that individual had both been in the store earlier that day >> correct >> was that an hour or two hours? >> i do not recall >> but you remembered him when he came back in the store later in the afternoon >> correct >> you remembered he was the guy who tried to hand you a
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counterfeit bill from earlier. >> correct >> can't changed his clothes or anything >> i don't think so. >> so when he and mr. floyd came back in the store you observed them walking around the store. you were helping other customers and talking to coworkers, you didn't pay attention to what mr. floyd was doing at all times while he was in the store. >> correct >> now that you have had a chance to see the video, you get to see some of his interactions and things >> correct >> there were other customers in the store, it was pretty busy? >> correct >> the manager you talked to, did you notice that he had what appeared to be a pistol? >> correct >> do you know him to carry a firearm at the store
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>> correct >> when you watched the video, did you see mr. floyd do some little dance at one point? >> no. into >> we will come back you didn't observe that when he was in the store >> no. >> if it is on the video, it would be on the video. >> correct >> at some point mr. floyd appeared to purchase some food as well, that being a banana >> correct >> did you sell him a banana >> i do not recall >> when he handed you that $20 you testified that you immediately knew it was a fake >> correct much. >> did it appear to be the same type of fake or maybe even the same counterfeit bill that you had refused earlierin the day?
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>> it appeared to be similar >> you held it up and looked at it through the light >> correct >> what were you looking for >> that's a good question. ne i have no idea >> but you immediately recognized it as a counterfeit bill some bills have metal or a stripe through it. >> i will be honest i don't know what i was looking for, but i just knew it was fake. >> based on the color? >> color and pigment >> you had had a pleasant interaction with mr. floyd >> correct >> you were asking him about sports and things. >> correct >> you formed the opinion that mr. floyd was under the influence of something >> correct >> you based that on i think you
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said a delay in his speech and response >> correct >> so unlike the conversation we may be having right now that's rapid, if you asked him a question, there would be a more slow or delayed response >> correct >> i believe you indicated he was having trouble with certain words. >> correct he was trying to form the words. >> so he was delayed in the speech >> correct >> you were present when your co-worker called 911 >> correct >> do you recall him telling 911 that he appeared to be under the influence? >> correct >> you had also had by the time 911 was called, you had two
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other interactions with mr. floyd outside of the car >> correct >> so you made the decision after mr. floyd handed you this counterfeit $20, that you weren't going to call him out on it like you did with the earlier one. >> correct >> was that in part because you felt like he was under the influence? >> partially partially, the other person that was in, it seemed like he was trying to scheme i thought george didn't know it was a fake bill so i thought i would be doing him a favor >> trying to help him out. could you have -- i am just asking generally could you have let it go and tole cold
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told your manager later, put it on my tab. but you made the decision to show your manager the bill and go out to the car. >> correct >> when you went out to the car the first time with your co-worker, you had a relatively short conversation >> correct >> you went to the passenger side of the vehicle and the person in the red pants and white t-shirt, that was the same person that prioleau tried to pass the fake $20? >> correct >> you were encouraging them to come into the store? >> correct >> come in, we have to deal with this >> correct >> you specifically told him that he had used a counterfeit bill >> correct
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>> and that they needed to come in and pay for the cigarettes -- >> or talk to my manager >> or talk to the manager. how would you describe the general tenor of that conversation what i mean by that, was it pleasant or more aggressive? >> it was pleasant wasn't aggressive. just annoying. >> just your first attempt to come in, gauys, we have to deal with it. >> correct >> and you were trying to be polite >> correct >> you said during the first conversation mr. floyd was not really speaking to you >> correct >> putting his hands up and putting his head back and things of that nature >> correct
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>> you went back into the store and talked to your manager again and said they were not agreeable to coming into the store >> correct >> the second time you left the store you were following the other co-workers, agreed >> correct >> you would agree the video showed the three of you almost run out of the store >> correct >> you wanted to get them before they drove away. or why did you run the second time >> correct sna s s >> so they didn't drive away or some other reason? >> correct >> in terms of the second exchange, the cou-worker went t the driver's side and you stayed back a little bit. then you were brought back up to
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the vehicle and you heard the conversation and heard the conversation being said both by the passenger of the vehicle as well as your co-worker >> correct >> you indicated that the passenger pulled out the other $20. >> picked it up off the ground >> why was it on the ground? >> because he threw it on the ground >> was the bill that mr. floyd used still in the floor? >> correct sna so this other $20 he threw it on the ground >> correct >> your co-worker picked it up and who ripped it? >> the person in the back seat >> did your co-worker hand it back to him? >> the person that was talking handed it to him and he handed
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it back and that person ripped it up and threw it on the ground. >> the conversation was mainly with the passenger >> correct >> there was a female in the back seat? >> correct >> was she engaged in the conversation >> no. >> so mr. floyd wasn't part of the conversation you don't remember him saying anything >> i would say i do not recall >> but, again, you described his behavior as shaking his head, putting his hands up, putting his head back, things of that nature sna correct. >> the second conversation was the demeanor or the tenor of that conversation more heated? >> yes >> and there was an outright refusal by either mr. floyd or
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his passenger to come back into the store. >> correct >> and it was based on that conversation that you decided to -- or it was decided by your manager to call 911. >> again, you were present and heard the 911 call >> correct >> when they were asking you about approaching the vehicle, do you recall describing it as a hot block? >> correct >> what did that mean. the situation that happened. >> do you recall describing your conversation and the words that
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mr. floyd was having trouble saying. >> correct >> do you remember now today what mr. floyd was having trouble saying >> no. >> would that have been baseball do you remember saying that? would it fresh your -- >> i do not recall >> would it refresh your recollection to review a transcript of your statement >> absolutely.
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>> i apologize i can't find it right now. we may come back to that do you recall describing some other behaviors of mr. floyd while he was in the store? >> correct >> what was that >> he was doing a couple of stretches, like a lunge. >> stepping forward like this? >> more of a side lunge. >> like that >> yes >> for the record i am standing feet together and stretching over to the side with one leg. >> correct >> putting his arms in front of him. and based on your conversations of his behavior, his speech patterns, that's what caused you to form the impression he was under the influence? >> correct
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>> now you ultimately met with the prosecution team on march 12th in preparation for your testimony? >> correct that's when you were able to view some of the videos that we have watched here today? >> correct >> again, you understood that they were agents of law enforcement there at that time >> correct >> do you recall telling them that you don't think mr. floyd could comprehend the conversation >> with mr. floyd? >> yes >> i don't recall, but if it's
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on the transcript, that's what i said >> you said after that phone call to the police you didn't see the police come into the store initially. >> and you had some -- you just went back to work, right >> correct >> dealing with customers, goofing off with your co-workers, just average day, right? >> correct >> but at some point you noticed there was a commotion outside and you decided to go back outside and see what was going on, right? >> correct >> you said the first thing you did was call your mom to tell her not to come downstairs >> yes >> then you walked over and
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started recording? >> correct >> then after you did some recording you saw your co-worker appear to be pushed by the police officer, right? >> correct >> and you got your co-worker and brought him back inside -- >> i did not >> your other co-workers went back inside? >> correct >> you stayed outside -- or it appeared you walked back to the door and walked back out >> correct >> you described that the crowd was yelling and screaming. >> correct >> at one point you tried to stop someone -- >> hold him back >> >> hold him back >> correct >> that individual appeared to be pretty angry? >> correct >> you held him back because you didn't want him to be involved >> not angry, but he was just
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pushed so he was defending himself. and you said to him stcalm down and stand back >> yes >> i have no further questions >> any redirect? >> prior to working at cup foods were you sent to training and how to ida fake bill
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>> no. >> just learning from experience >> correct >> when you did interact with mr. floyd in the store, what was his demeanor like? >> he seemed very friendly approachable talkative. he seemed to be having an average day, just living his life but he did seem high >> during the second trip out to the vehicle it was your co-worker who did the majority of the talking to mr. floyd and the passenger? >> correct >> so mr. nelson asked you to agree if that was a more heated conversation was it you who made it more heated or your co-worker >> my co-worker. >> mr. nelson asked you if there
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was outright refusal to come back in the store. were those the words or mr. nelson's words >> mr. nelson's words. >> so mr. floyd did not say i am not coming back in the store >> correct >> but to be fair, they did not come back into the store >> correct >> you were asked about the stretches mr. floyd was doing in the store and mr. nelson demonstrated for us. that was a pretty accurate demonstration of what you saw? >> correct >> during that mr. floyd did not fall down? >> no. >> did he lose his balance at all? >> no. >> when he indicated he wanted to buy some cigarettes, you both had to go to the cigarette counter. >> correct >> did he say he wanted to buy
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some cigarettes? >> yes >> did he tell you what brand he wanted >> i don't recall. >> you grabbed a pack. >> correct >> and he provided money and took the change. >> correct >> so you were able to complete that transaction you didn't have to guess what cigarettes he wanted >> correct >> i have nothing further, your honor. >> any recross >> sorry
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thank you. you were asked a couple of questions about the counterfeit bill >> correct >> do you get a lot of counterfeit bills in that store? >> no. >> has it happened before? >> correct >> i believe you were previously asked about good counterfeits and bad counterfeits in your statements with police >> i do not recall >> have you seen some bills that are better counterfeits than other bills? >> i don't think so, not personally, no >> but you understood immediately this was a counterfeit bill >> correct >> nothing further >> sir, you are excused. good day i am andrea mitchell in washington they have been interviewing the witness christopher martin who was working behind the counter
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at cup foods as we continue our coverage of the derek chauvin trial in minnesota this is the third day of proceedings. the next witness is about to come in. while they bring that witness in, let me just recap. we saw george floyd walking inside the store before he was apprehended by police. this is the first time the video has been made public christopher martin was has been testifying about selling mr. floyd a pack of cigarettes and had a conversation about what sports he had played. i am joined now by shaq in minneapolis. i think the next witness is seated let's listen in. >> could you take your mask down we are going to test out how the
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microphone picks you up by having you spell your full name. christopher, velfrey >> it sounds like it will work fine >> good morning mr. velfrey. zboo >> good morning. >> how old are you >> 45. >> tell us the general area you live >> south minneapolis >> may 25th of 2020 is where i lived? no >> is that where you lived on that day >> yeah, in south minneapolis. >> how long had you lived in south minneapolis. >> about three years
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>> are you familiar with the area of 38th and chicago >> yes >> is there a store at the corner of 38th and chicago >> yes >> at least on may 25th there was. is there also a restaurant there? >> yes >> what was the restaurant what w >> what was the name of it >> yes >> i don't know to tell you the truth. >> did you go to the area of 38th and chicago to get some food from one of those restaurants? >> cup foods >> you went to cup foods >> there is a restaurant across the street i thought you were talking about that >> i was so you went in the late afternoon or evening >> correct
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>> did you drive there >> yes >> where did you park? on the corner of 38th and chicago facing -- >> i am going to put up something we have had admitted as exhibit 1 that should come up on the screen in front of you do you see that photograph >> right >> do you recognize what is depicted there 38th and chicago intersection. >> you should have in front of you a style lus like this, mayb different color. i would ask you to show where you drove up and parked that day? >> parked right there. >> when you parked there, do you recall seeing a vehicle in front of it? >> yes, sir. >> do you recall what kind of vehicle it was
9:48 am
>> mercedes-benz >> do you recall what color it was? >> not offhand >> what style? >> like a hatchback, a sports truck. >> when you pulled up there and parked, did you see something that drew your attention >> not right offhand shortly after, yes two officers why coming across the street i noticed them coming and they approached the vehicle in front of me. one officer drew a handgun and opened the door and pointed the gun at whoever was in the driver's seat. >> so at that point in time had you gotten your food already or not yet? >> no, sir >> so you were sitting in your car and see these officers pull
9:49 am
up -- or walk up >> right >> after that what happened next >> it startled me. from where i am from, when you see -- >> don't talk about past experience >> it startled me when i seen the officer raise his gun, i started recording. >> that's what i wanted to ask you. at some point you started recording. >> right >> that was because of what you saw. >> right >> so when you were parked there you started making a recording, correct? >> correct >> at some point you stopped the recording. >> correct >> why did you stop the recording at that point in time? >> because i heard more sirens pulling up and i didn't want to be trapped between the whole
9:50 am
commotion ofwhat was going on. i didn't know exactly what was going on, but i just didn't want to be in the middle of the commotion going on so i moved across the street. >> so you moved your car >> yes, sir. >> friar coming did we show you copy of that video >> yes, sir. >> and did that video truly and accurately represent what you were seeing on your recording? >> yes, sir. >> we've marked that as exhibit 35 and your honor, i would offer exhibit 35 at this point >> 35 is received. >> all right, we're going to play that video for you now and we'll ask you some questions about it either during or after, okay >> okay.
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>> now, when you were making that recording, do you recall if your window was down on your -- >> yeah. yes, sir >> so we were able to hear some of it on the video were you able to hear any better sitting there in person than the video? >> i vaguely heard most of it. >> what were you kind of hearing? >> i heard him asking him to let me see your hand he's saying, please, something about, i've been shot or something before, please tell --
9:53 am
something like that. and at that time, that's when i heard the sirens pulling up and they're pulling in, and that's when i went to back up and turn around >> okay. so i'm going to go back now to exhibit 1. i'll put that up again and again, if you would take the stylus and just kind of show the jurors where you went when you moved your vehicle >> backed up moved the vehicle there. >> so for the record, you're showing that you moved from the dragon wok side of 38th to the cup foods side of 38th >> correct, sir. >> and when you got over there, what did you do? >> i continued to record >> and were you -- well, you started recording again, correct? >> right >> and when you were recording, did you have somebody in the car with you >> yes my fiancee -- well, she was in the car -- or in the cup foods getting food, so by the time i
9:54 am
turned around, she came out and got in the car >> so during that recording, some conversations between you and her were also recorded >> yes, sir. >> and so did you start recording then at that point >> yes, sir. >> all right >> and prior to coming into court, did you also have a chance to review that video? >> yes, sir. >> and it appears to be a true and accurate copy of the actual video you made >> most definitely >> now i will tell you that we have deleted the audio from this video. >> yes, sir. >> the conversation that you and your fiancee had is not important, it's the video. >> right >> and so we have marked that as exhibit 36, and we would offer it at this time. >> any objection >> no, your honor. >> 36 is received. >> all right so now we'll show exhibit 36
9:55 am
>> now, i would like to pause it right here, please and there's no time stamp on the video, so we will do our best to describe it -- oh, there is a time stamp on the video. this will be at approximately 26 seconds. do you see that? >> mm-hmm. >> all right and what you're seeing here, obviously, there are two officers, well, there are now
9:56 am
three officers on the scene, correct? >> correct >> and the original two officers are in this view and one of the officers is with the individual sitting on the ground, correct >> correct >> the individual sitting on the ground, do you recall seeing him from when you were parked behind the mercedes before >> correct >> where was that individual when you were parked behind the individual >> he was in the driver seat >> so that's the same individual that in the prior video had been removed from the driver's seat >> correct >> and did you see while you were moving the car how those two officers and that individual went from the mercedes in the prior video to where they are now? >> correct >> how did that happen >> they brung him out, walked him over to the sidewalk, set him down, one officer then went over to the other people that
9:57 am
was in the vehicle and started asking him questions >> and then the other officer had the driver sit on the ground there where we see him now >> correct >> so we'll continue to play exhibit 36, please
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>> so exhibit 36 has ended and you stopped filming at that moment >> yes, sir. >> and why did you stop recording that >> slightly still kind of scared, nervous, that one of the officers kept staring at me, like, why i was recording? and then i wanted to record again and i was like, i really don't want any problem, so i stopped recording. >> at that point, did you think that this incident with this
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individual and the officers was over >> swla. i seen -- when i stopped recording, i drove towards the recording, as they crossed over with george, the two officers that came in the first place, they went to walk him across the street, then when we went to turn to go back home, we seen them placing them in the police car, so that's all i seen, and i kept on driving. i thought he was detained and it was over so i kept on going home >> you referred to george. >> yes >> who do you mean by that >> i felt that george was detained >> okay, but when you use the name "george," this individual who was removed from the suv, the mercedes, did you know that gentlemen? >> no, not at all. >> have you subsequent to this learned who that was >> yes, sir. >> was that george floyd >> yes, sir. >> so you saw them moving mr. floyd after you stopped recording? >> yes, sir. >> i'll put exhibit 1 back up.
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>> please. >> and if you would again, show the jurors where you saw them, well, if you would, just put an "x" on here where you were parked when you made that second video, do you know what i mean try again? okay and if you would, show the videos where you saw them walking mr. floyd after you stopped recording. >> and walking him this way. >> and so at some point, you started up your car and drove off out of the area. >> correct >> and can you show the jurors where you drove when you did that and so the record should reflect you turned from 38th street to go what would be southbound on chicago?


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