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tv   Craig Melvin Reports  MSNBC  March 31, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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does mr. floyd make his way to the tobacco counter to make a purchase with you? >> yes >> we will see that coming up in a minute or two.
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mr. martin, let me pause this right here for the record, it's 7:44:36 we see you standing at the cashier area seem to be speaking with mr. floyd, correct >> correct >> were you able to understand the conversation with him at that point >> yes >> so let's keep rolling then, please
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now let's stop here. for the record, it's 7:44:49 where are you now with mr. floyd? >> in the tobacco section of the store. >> did you, in fact, sell him something there? >> i did. >> do you recall what it was that you sold? >> a pack of cigarettes. >> saw you reach to your left. is that where the cigarettes are stored >> yes. >> so had he already told you at that point what he wanted? >> yes >> you didn't have any difficulty understanding what he wanted to buy from you >> no. >> then did you complete that transaction? >> yes >> after that, what did mr. floyd do >> he then went back outside to his vehicle. >> all right so we will let this run then to its end.
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now, freeze it here. i'm sorry, i said i was going to let it run we saw you holding something up. can you describe -- again, for the record, this is 7:45:10. describe for the jurors what you were doing there. >> i was holding up the $20 bill that i just received >> is that something you always do or something about this >> no. when i saw the bill, i noticed it had a blue pigment to it, kind of how a $100 bill will have i found that odd so i assumed that it was fake. >> mr. floyd is still there, correct? >> yes >> and you completed the transaction? >> yes >> all right and then upon doing that, did he leave the store? >> yes >> so now let's let that run, please
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so after you looked at the bill -- he didn't leave immediately though, did he >> no. >> all right so that is the end of exhibit 29 i believe the time there is 7:45:51. correct? well, let me -- you saw that on the time stamp on there? >> correct. >> so we could look at other video to determine if that time is correct but that's the time he left the
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store on this video? >> yes >> all right after he left, did you look at the bill again >> i did >> all right at the time that you were working on may 25th of 2020, what was the store policy about cashiers accepting $20 bills >> the policy was if you took a counterfeit bill, you have to pay for it out of your money or your paycheck. >> gives you an incentive to be careful about what you take? >> yes >> all right did you think that bill might not be legitimate? >> i did >> what did you decide to do >> i took it anyway and i was planning to just put it on my tab until i second guessed myself and as you can see in the video, you kept examining it and then i eventually told my manager. >> all right when you told your manager, what happened next? what were you told to do
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>> he told us to go out to the vehicle and to ask him to come inside to discuss what just happened >> when you say vehicle, what are you referring to >> the car or the suv, i think, that george floyd was in. >> how did you know that >> i could see it from where i was standing in tobacco from the store. >> we know from the video that those windows we could see where that bus was, that's actually chicago, correct >> yes. >> 38th runs along the back side of the store >> yes. >> is there a way to look then out onto 38th from the store >> yes >> what i'mquestioning is, how did you know he was in that vehicle? >> i watched him walk to it. >> pretty good way to know >> yes. >> so you saw him go out to that vehicle after he made this purchase >> yes >> all right and so your manager -- what were
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your instructions? >> just to go out to the vehicle and ask him to come inside to talk to the manager. >> did you, in fact, do that >> yes >> all right when you went out there -- well, let me ask you this. how many times did you go out there? >> twice. >> so let's talk about the first time that you went out there did you go by yourself or with some other people? >> the first time i went with one other person >> all right and you are aware that there is a security video on the restaurant across the street, correct? >> yes >> that's the dragon wok >> yes. >> prior to coming to court, we showed you security video that captured you and other employees going out to the vehicle, correct? >> yes >> and that also shows -- we also used some of the footage from inside the store to show
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when you guys leave the store to go out there, is that correct? >> yes >> and having reviewed that video, does it fairly and accurately depict the times that you and other employees went out to the suv about the bill? >> yes >> all right we are going to offer exhibit 31 >> any objection >> no objection. >> and again, mr. martin -- >> we're going to hold on. let's take a quick stretch break. why don't we take five minutes >> hello we are in continuing coverage of the derek chauvin murder trial good to see all of you we're going to get back to it as soon as they come back wasn't to go to our legal panel. this is day three of testimony very different than what we saw yesterday, which was so compelling witness after witness after witness, many of them young
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women, many of them minors at the time, describing in greatly emotional detail the final minutes of george floyd's life but today, what we are hearing from this store clerk, who was at the time 18 years old, christopher martin, very normal day for him behind the counter working inside that store. the prosecution showing this never before seen surveillance video of floyd inside this store before his confrontation with derek chauvin. of course, before that, yesterday, we heard from firefighter genevieve hansen she was expected, many of us thought, to be on the witness stand this morning after an emotional day of testimony when she told the court she was actually stopped from giving medical assistance to george floyd when she arrived on the scene. this morning, we didn't hear anything from her. we went straight to the testimony of christopher martin. the defense, not re-cross
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examining her. i want to go to our legal panel. paul butler is here, an msnbc legal analyst. he is the author of "chokehold pl policing black men." paul, let me start with the obvious question why do you think that the firefighter, the emt who was so powerful yesterday was not brought back today >> you know, at the end of the cross examination, the defense was kind of floundering. they established that she's not an expert on police use of force practices. she was combative. she was giving them a hard time. we can be sure that the prosecutors had a discussion with her last night telling her to chill out again, with witnesses for the prosecution of a murder trial, their sense is that the defense
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attorney is trying to help a murderer go free so often, they are combative but that doesn't look good in front of the jury, especially if the witness is reprimanded i think probably the prosecution and the defense were happy not to have her back although, at the end of the day, she was a very effective witness for the prosecution. >> yeah. we saw that cross but no recross today which is what some of us thought we might see jeffrey, something different today. you have this young man, goes to school, works, he says, five days a week, behind the counter, selling cigarettes, a day that seemed like any other. it's kind of jarring in one way, because it's the last minutes of the life and it would be a moment that changed everyone's life. they couldn't possibly know it, jeffrey. on the other hand, it's kind of
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the work a day stuff that has to be introduced at trial why is this video important? >> i think it continues to humanize george floyd. i think for the last few days, they have done an incredible job of having emotional testimony, pulling the jury toward him. i think this continues this continues in the last few moments before he interacts with the police it shows him to be a person like the rest of us i think that's -- the prosecution is doing a very effective job. >> we will try to get your audio fixed. in the meantime, paul butler, one of the first questions was about -- are we back in trial? i'm sorry. i don't think so paul butler, one of the
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questions that was first -- was about the demeanor that they saw of george floyd. christopher martin said, it appeared he was high but he was able to hold a conversation with him. he was talking to him about whether he was in sports, that kind of thing. why do you think they started there? >> it's a great strategic move on the part of the prosecution we know the defense is going to say that floyd was high on drugs and that's one reason that the force used against him by chauvin was reasonable and also they are saying that a drug overdose is why floyd died, not because of what chauvin did. as a lawyer, when there are facts that hurt your case, you want to be the one to tell the jury those facts you can put them in context and so it doesn't look like you are hiding information from the jury so what we are seeing of mr.
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floyd at this store, he is not violent. he looks like a normal person just buying cigarettes this will take away some of the steam from the defense that floyd was just wild because he was so high on drugs that it took three officers to subdue him. >> as we wait for trial to start back up, our legal panel will stick with us. let's go to shaquille brewster who has been in minneapolis and has the latest from outside the courthouse shaq, this is something we have never seen before. this video is new. as paul butler pointed out, it seemed like a normal day after buying the cigarettes, we saw george floyd hung around for a little while tell us about what we know about what's happening in the courtroom and about this witness. >> reporter: we haven't gotten notes from inside the courtroom. that should come any minute now. you mentioned this video that we have, the surveillance video
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from inside cup foods where the police received a call from george floyd allegedly passing the counterfeit $20 bill this is the first time we are seeing this surveillance video one thing as we watch this trial, we notice, we know there's a lot of video that facebook video. we saw surveillance video from outside in the past couple of months we know there's lots of body camera video you are getting a sense, there's other video we don't know about, we didn't know about in the past the prosecution announced some of that monday now we see video from inside this gives us a clearer view of what was going on with george floyd before he encountered pl police it will be interesting to see how the prosecution uses that. >> no one inside the store looks at this as something out of the ordinary, anything of great alarm. we see him holding up the bill he describes how if he didn't catch a counterfeit bill it would come out of his way.
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we were expecting derek chauvin's trial to resume any minute now while we wait, i want to bring back gabe gutierrez who is monitoring from outside the courthouse this is a building block every prosecutor knows how to do this, to put together a case piece by piece by piece. for you as someone following this throughout from the very beginning, what gaps were filled by the video we saw this morning? >> reporter: yesterday was about the emotional witness testimony from the bystanders. now we are starting to delve
8:21 am
deeper into the time line that led to the final moments of george floyd's life. looking at that surveillance video, never publically seen before, and hearing the account from the cashier who took that fake $20 bill, i thought it was extremely interesting to see him look at the $20 bill, explain why he at first was going to take the bill and then he explained that it was the policy of the cup foods that if it was fake, it would have to come out of his paycheck. he second guessed himself, went outside to go chase after george floyd. it was interesting when the story first broke, one of the first people i spoke with on the ground here in minneapolis was the owner of the cup foods at the time, if you remember, the store itself was getting some backlash from the community by calling 911 and that among some members of the community, they were upset that 911 was called in the first place over a
8:22 am
counterfeit bill that may eventually have led to george floyd's death the owner at the time was adamant it was not the attention of the store to call the police and get floyd into trouble for the first time as we look at that video, we see those moments that we didn't know about before as shaq mentioned earlier, this is the case that has had so much video out there. and yet, we are still seeing new accounts, new surveillance video. looking at it, it was interesting to see george floyd fumbling around for some of the money as he was waiting to go pay for the pack of cigarettes you saw him shimmying or dancing, so to speak and then christopher martin, the cashier, said at one point he appeared high but that he had a conversation with him. as paul suggested a little earlier, this does seem that the prosecution is trying to humanize george floyd saying that he wasn't threatening it should be interesting to see
8:23 am
in the next few minutes whether the prosecution perhaps plays any surveillance video from the dragon wok store across the street it seems that they are trying to build that time line after yesterday's very emotional testimony. >> yeah. it's fascinating paul butler, the two aspects of this that we are seeing in a period of hours, the great emotion yesterday versus sort of a tic that we saw yesterday, you could not help but feel the emotion of young women, one a teenager, another a young firefighter, talking about the guilt they have felt over the last ten months, feeling that they should have done more to help george floyd could they have intervened in some way the tears that were shed by almost every single person that
8:24 am
took the stand the weight of that versus the facts, essentially, as it's laid out in terms of what happened at what time, who said what, as opposed to the emotion of it, how do juries typically weigh those things >> they get bored. you have jurors who go to sleep when complicated evidence is being introduced, which takes a long legalistic procedure. somebody nudges them to wake them up. then you have those dramatic moments like yesterday where two witnesses called mr. floyd a murderer i think part of what's going on today is cup foods is a package store, a bodega they call it in new york city. it's in a part of minneapolis that's gentrifying the defense will present a community as a high crime, violent neighborhood we have seen them claim the officers were distracted by the
8:25 am
bystanders who the defense is claiming were this angry mob the prosecution has effectively presented these people as concerned citizens trying to intervene to prevent chauvin from killing mr. floyd the fact that the video is boring is good for the prosecution. nothing looks particularly dangerous or scary it's the store floyd is a customer. it's normalizing the victim in this case. it's humanizing him. and the community. >> one of the folks you talk about is genevieve hansen. the firefighter/emt who says she lives in the neighborhood. she's familiar with it when she saw there was a commotion, she decided to go over and see what was going on i want to play this tense moment while the defense was cross examining her yesterday. >> would you describe other people's demeanors as upset or angry? >> i don't know if you have seen
8:26 am
anybody be killed, but it's upsetting. >> i was going to object, your honor, as argumentative. i will ask you to answer my questions as i ask them to you >> your job is to answer them. >> i was finishing my answer >> i will determine when your answer is done >> okay. >> do not argue with the court do not argue with counsel. answer the questions do not volunteer information that's not requested >> if you were prosecuting this case and this was your witness, what would go through your mind in that moment >> i would be concerned that she's going to say something or do something that's going to take me off track, because so far, as i mentioned earlier, the prosecutors have done an amazing job of getting the emotional testimony, pulling the jury toward george floyd. as we have said earlier, humanizing him i think she started to move in a
8:27 am
different direction. getting her off the stand and not bringing her back was a good tactical move. >> shaq, i want to talk about the jurors as you said, you haven't heard anything from inside the courtroom unless it's happened in the last three or four minutes since we spoke to you from the couple of journalists who are in there and able to observe the jurors let's set a baseline, if we can, about their level of engagement yesterday, some of the notable things that happened as we are seeing by the folks inside that courtroom. >> reporter: throughout this trial, we have been hearing about how engaged they have been how they have been taking notes. sometimes cross referencing notes as different witnesses are testifying we did just get a report from inside the courtroom i'm going to look down and read. i want to be careful with some of the language in here. we know that at the beginning of martin's testimony, the jury was taking notes it seems like toward the end, they were mostly just listening and looking at the witness,
8:28 am
looking at the prosecutor ask the questions. there was something that this pool reporter -- this is one of the two reporters in the room -- noted at the end, saying that one of the jurors closest to the wall stood up and waved her hand and gestured toward the door at the end of the testimony there the reporter suspects it could be she was looking ill or feeling ill. that was the demeanor of what happened and what this juror did toward the end of the testimony. the judge called that five-minute break and that turned into a regular morning break. we will see what happens the courtroom is still in recess right now. that's just one of the notes we are getting from inside the courtroom. very limited view. these reporters go in the courtroom, they type up their notes, rush out and send them to us we will wait to see what more we get as we wait for trial to resume >> paul, we don't know what happened we don't want to take part in wild speculation the observation from a reporter inside that room is that she
8:29 am
seemed to be signaling, maybe gesturing toward the door. maybe she wasn't feeling well. what might happen now? >> this is a concern there are two alternate jurors, which is two few for a four-week trial during a pandemic. if two jurors aren't able to serve, then these two alternates come on. if there's another juror who has an emergency, which means she's not able to serve, we have a mistrial i think the judge was limited because of the space requirements during the pandemic there are a limited number of people who could actually be in the courtroom. the prosecution wanted to hold the trial after the pandemic had lessened the judge wouldn't allow it. i think everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that if no more than two jurors have to be ex excused, that would be a way to have the trial go forward. if something happens and more
8:30 am
than two jurors get excused, we have a mistrial. >> we will keep our eye on that as we are in morning break i want to go back to gabe gutierrez. have you a chance to see or talk to any family members this morning or since testimony yesterday? >> reporter: according to the family attorney, one of george floyd's cousins is inside the courtroom. as you were mentioning, because of covid, only one member from each -- from can chhauvin's famr floyd's family are allowed inside we have seen many of the family members going to an overflow room each day. i was able to speak -- i ran into george floyd's brother yesterday. i asked him what he thought of all of this as the trial was unfolding. i had been in conversation with him asking him about how the family feels about the video, all of these videos, especially
8:31 am
the viral video, the one that really started all this, how they feel about that being played over and over again, not just being played in its entirety but then pausing and rewatching it and analyzing it he told me late yesterday that that has been hard it has been extremely hard on the family to have to see this over and over again. while many americans say perhaps this video should not be broadcast over and over again, just to replay this man's death, the family feels that it's extremely important for the world to not forget this and to understand what really happened here it has been an extremely difficult couple of days for george floyd's family. the brother has spent time in the courtroom. haven't had a chance to speak with him after this morning's testimony, after, of course, it's still underway. but again, we are still waiting potentially new surveillance video, more new surveillance video that will begin to fill
8:32 am
the gaps of what happened before officers arrived on the scene. >> gabe, thank you just judging by social media, so many people who had seen that video. it had been many, many months. shaken seeing it again during the trial. we will take another break they are in this extended morning break, suddenly going to break. we're not sure 100% why. we are keeping our eye on the minneapolis courtroom where we expect the derek chauvin trial to get back underway soon. we will be right back after this short message. we are hoping things will pick up by q3. yeah...uh... doug? [ding] never settle with power e*trade. it has easy-to-use tools and some of the lowest prices.
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we are keeping our eye on the courtroom in minneapolis where we are waiting for the derek chauvin trial to resume. they are in a break. it was supposed to be five minutes. it has clearly gone on longer. we must be around 20 minutes now. we don't have any specifics on what the holdup is although, there was an indication from folks inside the courtroom that a juror may have been feeling ill let me go back to nbc's shaquille brewster in minneapolis for us correct me if i'm wrong, shaq, it's a tricky business to read a jury or what they are thinking
8:37 am
or what they may be signaling. everyone in that courtroom, except for the person testifying and the lawyer questioning, has masks on, correct, including the jury, so it makes it more difficult to parse what exactly is going on? what do we know? >> reporter: that's right. let's talk about the coronavirus restrictions i believe paul butler was referencing that a little earlier. inside that courtroom, it's a socially distance courtroom. you see the plexiglas throughout between the legal teams and judge and witness. masks are on regularly you have everyone wearing a mask, even the judge wearing a mask the exception is when the witness is testifying and one of the attorneys is speaking and presenting a making their case we know that the jury panel, it's 14 jurors here, the jury panel, they are sitting socially distant. one note about the reason why it's 14 jurors there's two alternates there sometimes in this county, you have a jury panel of 16.
8:38 am
14 was the maximum that was allowed. the most space they were able to have in the courtroom. you have two alternates in this case you have the limitations on the family of derek chauvin, the family of george floyd they have one seat then there's limitations for the legal team and for the reporters in the room. the coronavirus has been front in mind for this judge, for the prosecution, for the defense i believe it was as recently as january, you had a motion from the defense asking for this trial to be continued, delayed you had many motions throughout -- before this trial started. one of the motions specifically cited the pandemic and asked that this trial be delayed and postponed to june. they cited vaccines and vaccinations being more widely available and the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak i want to be clear i'm not suggesting that's what's happening now. we don't know what's going on in the courtroom right now. i gjust wanted to put that context what we are seeing and
8:39 am
as we have the delay in the case one other point i think is notable. i have been circling back to some people i have been in contact with since back in may, since in june during the protests of how they are responding and watching the trial, how they are reacting to the people these are people at protests out the streets in the days and weeks after george floyd's death. there's mixed emotions on it some people say that they have been watching every minute, they have been glued to the screen. others say they have been too busy and they are too traumatized to watch the trial day in and day out i think if there's one common thread, there's a deep sense of skepticism here from the people i talked to, among the protesters, demonstrators, there's a deep sense of skepticism as they watch this trial. they say, yes, they appreciate the witnesses. they appreciated donald williams, who is from the area, that george floyd was killed, who was one of the most vocal bystanders in the video that was
8:40 am
played in the courtroom yesterday. they appreciate his testimony and the passion. they are sensitive to the witnesses that testified yesterday. there is that deep sense of skepticism of the result of the trial. they just don't believe that they will get a verdict that they want, that they spent weeks and days protesting for back in the spring that is a sense that you get on the ground as you talk to people it's something that hasn't shifted. that's a question i keep putting to them, has it shifted as you hear from these witnesses, as you hear the emotional testimony? they say, they are not letting themselves get their hopes up. they are watching, hoping for what they want, which is a conviction as of this point, there is that deep sense of skepticism that they will get one. >> because so many people have had those kinds of hopes dashed in the past. gabe gutierrez, again, i know you have been in close contact with the family. it strikes me as i listen to shaq that for a lot of people, even those who are active in the
8:41 am
black lives matter protests that followed the death of george floyd, there has been a lull people stepped away from it, got back to their lives, whether it was coronavirus or the presidential election. but for the family of george floyd, this is what they have to live with every single day what more can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, actually, in a few short moments ago while we were on break, we saw two members of george floyd's family walk not far from me on their way back to the courtroom. his brother and nephew certainly, we asked if they would like to speak. they said they need to get back. we hear from one of the pool reporters inside the courthouse, reaction from george floyd's cousin who was in the courtroom today. she was asked for her reaction to what the testimony yesterday was. she said, i'm pessimistic -- excuse me. it's cold out here pessimistically optimistic it will be the outcome that we want and i will only say we will put
8:42 am
the decisions in the hantd handf someone else if it were me, it would be a done deal. we believe justice will be served that's something we are hearing over and over again from george floyd's family you mentioned how this movement has come yesterday, when we heard the testimony from that young bystander who shot that video that went viral around the world, it got me thinking of really how far we have come from may of last year you mentioned after that breonna taylor's story louisville, kentucky, got renewed interest it's something that we keep hearing from george floyd's family, that this is about something larger than george floyd. this is something, as you said, that they have to live with every single day i spoke with roxie washington, the mother of george floyd's daughter she said this means more than
8:43 am
just george floyd. i will send it back to you >> thanks. let's go back and maybe we will find out what the delay was about. let's listen >> yes, your honor mr. martin, what i'm going to do now is start playing exhibit 31. just like the previous video, at some points we will stop and i will ask you some questions about it all right? >> okay. >> for the record, this is starting at about 7:55, and, i think, 46 seconds roughly on the time stamp on the video, correct?
8:44 am
i'm going to pause it right here because the first part that we watched showed you and somebody walking out of the store, correct? >> yes >> and that portion of the video is from the security camera inside the store, correct? >> yes. >> and the person that you were walking out with -- you don't have to give us his name -- is a co-worker? >> yes >> now we are looking at a separate camera angle from outside the store, correct >> yes >> and this time stamp, obviously, different than the previous one because this shows 20:19:12, correct? >> correct. >> do you recognize what area is depicted in this video as we are looking at it right now? >> this is 38th street on the side of cup foods. >> if you can, use the stylus,
8:45 am
point out the door of cup foods and 38th and chicago that's the door, correct >> correct >> which street is 38th, just so we're clear? okay chicago then is the other street depicted, right? >> correct >> is the counter where you sell the tobacco products visible in this image >> correct >> where is that so for the record, you have drawn a small line sort of in the window on the side of cup foods, right >> correct. >> when you told the jurors you were able to look out and see where mr. floyd went, did you look that window to look out and see that >> correct. >> so then let's -- your honor, if you could clear the screen, please thank you. then we will roll this video for
8:46 am
a little bit can you tell the jurors then when you crossed the road and went to this vehicle, obviously, the video shows you approaching the passenger side, correct >> correct. >> why did you approach the passenger side >> i didn't want to stand on the driver's seat side, because that's where george was, but because there was traffic going on. >> why didn't you want to go on the side where mr. floyd was
8:47 am
>> it was about the oncoming traffic. >> it wasn't about mr. floyd it was about the traffic >> yes. >> we see you here behind your co-worker. tell us about then, did you have a conversation with the occupants of the car >> sort of i notified them that they needed to come back into the store and that the bill was fake and that my boss wanted to talk to them to george, actually, sorry, not to both of them, just to george. >> when you approached the car from the passenger side, did you see how many people were in the car? >> three >> where were the three people in the car >> george was if then the drives seat his friend was in the passenger seat there was a woman in the back seat in the middle or possibly on the right back, behind the passenger. >> had you seen any of those individuals before that day? >> no. >> had you seen them in the store earlier? >> just the male
8:48 am
>> when you had this conversation at the vehicle, who were you talking to? >> the person that george was with. >> the guy in the passenger -- the front -- >> correct. >> and did you make any observations at that time of mr. floyd? >> correct >> what did you seeregarding mr. floyd? >> he just seemed like he didn't want this to happen. he was kind of like, why is this happening sort of thing. >> did he seem awake >> yes >> and did he talk to you at all? >> not really. he just kind of shook his head >> the passenger in the front passenger seat, did he talk to you at all >> correct >> i want you to tell us what he said but the end result, did they agree to come into the store >> no. >> when you were there at the vehicle, who did you do most of the talking to
8:49 am
>> the person in the passenger seat >> did you think that you were talking loud enough for the other people in the vehicle to hear you >> correct >> so then after that conversation, what did you do after that >> i went back inside with my co-worker. >> when you got back inside the store, what did you do >> i told my manager that he did not want to come into the store. >> all right and did you get some further direction then from your manager? >> correct >> and what was that >> go back outside again and tell him to come inside the store so we can talk to him. >> try it again, in other words? >> correct. >> for that second trip, did you go with some different other co-workers >> correct. >> so what i'm going to do now is start exhibit 31 up again we will watch that process okay
8:50 am
>> i am going to stop exhibit 31
8:51 am
briefly because the image changed. correct? >> correct >> this image is the inside of cup foods again. >> correct >> this is when you come in and have the conversation with your manager. >> correct >> if we can stop here for a moment the time stamp reflects 7:57:56, you walked offscreen, correct? >> correct >> what was going on >> i think that was the conversation i had with my manager that he did not want to come inside. i offered to pay, but he said
8:52 am
just tell him to come back inside >> so did you tell your manager you would pay the 20 >> i believe so. >> we saw you go out with another employee, correct? >> correct >> he did not come back into the store. >> no, he left >> when you were told by the manager to go out saekdecond ti did you take some other co-workers with you? >> yes >> who was that? >> i'm not sure. >> let's run exhibit 31 again.
8:53 am
>> let's pause the video right here if we could for the record we are back outside again. >> correct >> the record should reflect that we paused at 20:21:43 so we see two other individuals coming out before you, correct and there appears to be a woman in a black jacket. was she a cou-worker at the tim? >> yes >> she worked there longer than you, correct >> and the other is in a t-shirt? >> correct >> is he related to the owners of the store >> correct >> you had to jog to keep up with them, right
8:54 am
>> correct >> let's run 31 again. let's pause here for a moment the record should reflect we are at 20:22:15. initially went up to the driver's side. you are standing behind the suv, correct? >> correct >> eventually they went around to the passenger side. were you able to hear the
8:55 am
conversation the guy in the white t-shirt was having >> at that time i was not. >> let's run the video some more let's pause here 20:22:21 you walked up to the passenger side of the suv, correct >> correct >> at this point were you able tohear the conversations that the individual with the white t-shirt was having with the occupant >> correct >> were you able to hear what the occupants of the vehicle were saying? >> correct >> would you describe for the jurors what occurred during this period of time >> the second time i went out, the person in the passenger seat was doing most of the talking. we were telling him just come inside we just wanted to talk to george the person in the passenger seat was it was not me.
8:56 am
he said that was not me. he tried to use a fake bill so i ripped it. >> you say the passenger seat, you are talking about the front passenger seat >> correct >> at that time did you have any interaction with mr. floyd directly >> i do not recall >> let's run exhibit 31 a little bit. i am going to pause it here real quickly. for the record it's 20:22:34 we saw the individual in the white t-shirt bend over and pick something up what was happening there >> he was picking up the fake bill that the individual in the passenger seat was trying to use. >> was that the bill that was torn in half >> correct
8:57 am
>> let's keep running 31
8:58 am
please i am going to ask to pause it right here, please the time stamp reflects 20:23:25 it appears the two of you were walking away from the suv, correct? >> correct >> in the preceding moments you were talking to some occupants of the vehicle >> correct >> did you have any conversation with mr. floyd or just the front seat passenger >> just the front seat passenger. >> were you able to see in floyd during that interaction? >> yes >> what did you see? >> he was shaking his head like why is this happening to me, i don't want this to happen sort of thing >> so he appeared to be awake? >> correct >> what was the end result of that conversation? >> they did not -- george did not choose to come into the
8:59 am
floor. >> the passenger >> correct >> let's watch exhibit 31 run here, please >> so the end of that video shows you and another individual entering back into the store, correct? >> correct >> when you got back into the store what did you do about your trip over to the vehicle >> we told our manager he still refused to come into the store >> do you know what the manager decided to do about that >> he instructed one of my
9:00 am
coworkers to call the police >> did you know if that happened >> correct >> somebody did call the police? >> correct >> was it you who called the police >> no. >> was it another co-worker? >> correct >> did you ask a co-worker to make a call? >> no. >> were you present when he made the call >> correct >> so you were there next to him or something >> correct >> so at some point did the police respond to the store? >> correct when they responded, did you see the officers actually come into the store? >> i do not recall >> did they deal with you when they came in the store >> no. >> who did they deal with? >> they talked to my manager >> you were not involved i


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