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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  March 19, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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we are tracking live developments in two big stories right now. president biden and vice president harris about to leave for georgia this hour. we're on the lookout for comments the president may have. a trip transformed by tragedy. tuesday's shootings killed eight. and breaking right now in minneapolis, the judge ruling on key motions in the derek chauvin murder trial. shaquille brewster is outside of
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the courthouse. three big decisions just came down from the judge, what are they and how do they affect the trial? >> these are major decisions. the judge in this trial ruled that he was going to deny a motion from chauvin's attorney to delay the trial. the defense complained about the pretrial publicity and asked the judge to for this relief bill. they say it will just not be able to be avoided. and two he says he doesn't believe anywhere in the state of minnesota that the tension of
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this has not reached. the impact has been too wide spread. this involves an arrest, a prior arrest of george floyd. a year before he died. that involves evidence to be admitted in that. the judge did partially rule with the defense to admit some evidence and some democrat. he says the fact pattern where he is approached in a similar matter, accused of ingesting drugs. he says some of that is. that is the day he died and that is what is leading up to the trooifl they are trying to get
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to get it delayed. >> and we see at the live picture. two jurors yet to be selected. let me go to you and your reaction. a venue change would have been catastrophic. if this trial has been moved out of the minneapolis st. paul twin cities area the likelihood that any minorities would have been on the jury would have been nil. second they have a right to hold them accountable. i think the judge also noted that there is no part of the world that has not been exposed to pretrial publicity.
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moving that would not change the dynamics for the defendant. the strategy is to put george floyd on trial even after he has died. that has been a successful tactic. i hope that this case sends a message that no african-american man is asking to be shot, no woman asking to be raped or child asking to be abused. i think they're aware. he had the power of the state
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behind them. why did he feel that was protoforce in a case involving a $20 counterfeit bill. >> thank you both so much. coming back, we'll see how juror selection wraps up. a trip by the president and the vice president today. in just a couple minutes we expect to see president biden make his way to jooz. what are you hearing about what the president and the vice president will do? >> we just witnessed his motorcade along pennsylvania avenue which is not open to traffic around to the back of the white house where she will join the president.
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i think it has changed. what was going to be a celebratory touch stoun of democratic politics going to atlanta, having a rally to celebrate there is a tone and purpose. and it starts so much of the focus to reflect concerns about violence against asian americans. so he will meet with leaders, they will have a private meeting and the president will make a remark at the anniversary. he lowered flags, he spoke out
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about violence and expecting concern about the ongoing anxieies they field. kwun of the first times in the president's brief tenure where e we will see him make that connection. it is also the first time that the president and vice president are traveling jointly. there is a lot of right muches. they are working to recruit and sign up more voters and mobilize the voters ahead of the elections that brought those two additional democratic senators. >> you also have headlines, a lot of them as the investigation moves forward including the
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comments from the department's spokesperson. he was apologizing for what his spokesperson said. jay baker is a long-time peaker. so the sheriff put out a letter and he essentially said that he was trying to clarify but he said that what baker was trying to do is give insight into what they gleaned from the investigation. they say this is what the suspect told him rather than his own thoughts on what he believed the suspect's mindset was. his words were not intended to disrespect any of the victims, the gravity of the tragedy or or express empathy or sympathy for
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the suspect. so that is one jurisdiction. the other that is handling the other set of shootings is atlanta police. we heard from them yesterday. we talked about a couple hurdles in this case. there was eight victims, of course, eight people killed in total but as of right now we only publicly know the names of four individuals because atlanta police and individuals have not been able to contact their next of kin. they're working with other officials to try to get in contact with some of the loved ones. some of them that live overseas to notify them of what happened. the other piece that we're watching is the suspect himself. he was supposed to appear before a judge, but that appearance was suddenly canceled. we learned that his attorney asked for it to be removed from the calendar so no word yet on when we appear before a judge. >> blayne alexander, a busy day
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for you, you too, kelly o'donnell. we're going to talk with one of the stay lawmakers including an escalating war of words between president biden and vladimir putin. new details on russia's respo response. will the tough talk backfire? and the president considers e keeping troops in afghanistan for another six months. we'll have reporting you will only see here, next. reporting only see here, next. antibacterial can i have both? new dove care & protect body wash eliminates 99% of bacteria and moisturizes for hours two for one! can i keep it? new dove care & protect, zero compromise! i'm still going for what's next. even with higher stroke risk due to... afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,... i want that. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin. and has less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis has both.
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drama on the foreign policy front for president biden. russia is not happy because the president called vladimir putin a killer to which the russian leader said "takes one to know one." now the kremlin is inviting president biden to take part in a live-stream debate which is something they're entertaining.
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second, there is china with the first meetings between the two. they traded insults and set it up for a difficult four years. andrea. rough start out of the gate for china. how does the administration get to a more constructive place? >> they're going to be meeting again today at 1:00 our time. they're in alaska, and that will be the third of the three sessions. i this never seen anything quite like this. in all of the blow ups, even that crazy summit that we covered between reagan and gorbichov there was not a case of them bringing cameras back in and out. there is really aggressive things that china has done.
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in the days leading up to this the u.s. slapped sanctions on china over hong kong and then tony blinken and austin talked about china's aggression and coversion. they come in for what is supposed to be two minutes on either side, and instead the -- you know he did his two minutes and then wow, the top chinese diplomat went on for 17 minutes in mandarin. as some of the people on the sides with the national security advisor jake sullivan and tony blinken, who know mandarin, it was a 17 minute translation. and then dayed about trade, cyber, human rights, and human
7:17 am
rights is always a red flag. and he said these are all threatening to the region. they're not domestic issues. well wham, the issues came right back. what about black lives matter, what about democracy in the u.s.? they hit every button and it went back and president to. as you say an hour and 17 minutes. and not just china, it is happening after the developments between vladimir putin and the president. do you think these two ever end up getting on the same page? >> well, i think it is highly unlikely but there are things they agree on. they agree on the arms control, the missile agreement. a couple things they agree on is getting to work together on iran. they were all part of the group trying to get the iran talks restarted and right now in moscow the special envoy for afghanistan has been meeting to try to have an interim agreement
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on afghanistan at the u.s. suggestion to bring the neighbors in to try to come up with something. they have not been working, but between putin and biden, they go way back. biden warns vladimir putin that he would -- it was proved to be declassified, if it proved publicly, the 2020 elections. and so it was very clear when he sat down he said there would be more action soon. and putin responded that they're not going to entertain a live debate. >> that's a bet that i'm talking right along with you.
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thank you for being with us, and andrew will have more on all of this. president biden's foreign policy challenges and many with ben rhodes at noon eastern. staying international now, u.s. troops may be staying in afghanistan longer than thought. new talks about extending the current may 1st deadline to withdrawal troops. that is the date agreed to and signed. completing the draw down by then is not considered very likely. i want to bring in dan who is posted at the pentagon. every administration seems to have ambitious plans for withdrawal, what are they telling you about the decision? >> this is very difficult. one of the options would keep
7:20 am
troops in afghanistan beyond may 1st for possibly six months and the idea is more time for diplomacy and to try to get the peace process moving which is stalled at the moment between the taliban and the afghan government. and of course biden has a history with this issue as vice president under biden he argued very strongly against putting more troops into afghanistan. he lost that argument, and he is facing a really difficult choice again about if they should pull out all together. >> thank you, we appreciate your work on that story. we have news just in on that border surge down south. the head of homeland security says he is going to el paso. they're going with a bipartisan delegation of senators to take a look at how operations are running and how to get a
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briefing on the children at the corner. the cdc announcing new social distancing rules. we're live at a school in miami with the growing national debate. at president biden gets ready to speak to leaders we're talking with one of the lawmakers that he's meeting with about what he is hoping to hear. that is next. at he is hoping to. that is next - oh. - what's going on? - oh, darn! - let me help. lift and push and push! there... it's up there. hey joshie... wrinkles send the wrong message. help prevent them before they start with downy wrinkleguard.
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eargo neo hifi. act now for this limited time offer. some mixed news when it comes to covid this month. first you have infections back on the rise in more than a dozen states. why? new variants and fewer restrictions. top doctors warning that the surge in europe could be replicated here if americans don't keep up with precautions. a huge milestone reached. less than 60 days from taking office, the u.s. has had ministers 100 million vaccine doses and counting. and a big change in rules this morning going from six feet to three feet. let's go to kerry sanders. how big of a difference would it
7:26 am
make in schools you talk to? >> you ask about the difference in schools. miami-dade has about 340,000 students here. about 17 5,000 returns to school since october. they would like to have more, but they're using that one meter rule already, a w.h.o. standard, but other schools that had people coming back have a problem, they have finite space. you have the kids fix feet apart it is impossible to fit everyone in the classrooms. so they're looking at the possibility of adopting what the w.h.o. has already done and a lot of this is based on a study in massachusetts. and a school. i had a chance to speak to one of the study participants that organized all of this. the conclusion of her study says that lower physical distancing
7:27 am
policies can be adopted in school settings with masking mandates without negatively impacting student or staff safety. >> we ask the question providing that everybody is wearing masks, is six feet as safe as three feet? >> does this mean we can do three feet where we work or used to work in an office? >> our study was narrowly focused on schools, but i think that is an open question. >> so in schools they can control the setting as opposed to officers. making sure everyone is wearing masks. hallways are one direction. no passing each other in the hall ways and they can enforce that three-foot separation because there is a teacher there who says you have to separate. in an office it is very
7:28 am
different. so this, coming through this afternoon, which we believe would happen, that will be specifically to schools. when you look at parts of the country this is a significant move. >> it is a big deal, kerry, thank you. we're watching the white house watching for the president to leave for georgia in about 15 minutes. th the vice president just boarded air force 2. there is asian american communities. one of those state lawmakers margin limb, thank you for being
7:29 am
with us. >> thank you for having me. >> what do you want to hear from the president and the vice president when you meet from them? >> i want to hear that the administration will care about the victims of this particular tragedy, but the rise in anti-asian violence in general that we have seen in this country sims the pandemic started. i want to hear they will care long after the tension has gone away from this particular incident. it's unfortunate it had to take this level. but i want to hear that it will be paid and as far as what i want to tell them is i want to communicate a few things that can be done on that front, for example ensuring that law enforcement and relationships with those in the aapi community which have already been fraught, can somehow be addressed through means of federal financial assistance and whatever methods you have. those tensions need to be repaired and restored in order
7:30 am
to prevent future trageies such as this. >> the fbi director is telling mbr while the motive is under investigation the attack does not appear to be racially motivated. do you agree with that? >> i'm skeptical of that assessment, but i imagine a lot of it could be based on things like sex addiction. it can be sex and gender based as well as race based and as far as the possible racial motivation. if you look at who was killed and the patterns of the perpetrator as well as in general, the state of the country, it is veteran skeptical that we could reach that conclusion so soon. particularly from that level, but more investigation needs to be done at the local level to really conclude that. >> is that a concern you might share with the president today?
7:31 am
>>ly share that concern with the president as well. >> i know that your state just passed a new hate crime law. do you believe, and i know you have been clear that the investigation is still on going, but should your view based on what you know now be applied to the shooter in this case? >> i think it should be applied to the full essex tent possible and based on what i personally know. i think there is a very high legal likelihood that it can and should be applied here. hate crime sentencing is not meant to be preventive in any way, right? it is a smart part of the issue, and i wish it would pay attention to other means. it should be appied to the full essex tent possible. >> so get into the preventive piece of that if you will. you're right this is a
7:32 am
prosecutorial tool. what needs to be done in your state to address the systemic problems to be more preventive? >> i will go back to what can be done to restore the trust among the aapi community. or build the trust even in many ways with a law enforcement and others. about 50% of us more are immigrants and i'm -- but in practice if people are fearful and given the sheriff's spokesperson response that was bungled i think more fear will be instilled in the community. so i think addressing that is what needs to happen. see something say something, but people are not trusting to say something right now. >> have you had a chance to
7:33 am
speak with any families of the victims yet? >> i personally have not spoken to the victims of the family. we felt that was inappropriate for us to reach out. we have been able to send messages to them. messages of support. >> yes, as well as messages of support. ly say that some supreme not been notified. we know that is why some of the names have been released. there is fear that they might go unclaimed. if there isn't assistant provided to the community to law enforcement. >> the fbi releasing chilling new video of the january 6th riots at the capitol. capitol is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's!
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right now we're waiting for a few things. for president biden to depart for georgia, also for nancy pelosi to speak to reporters in the next 20 minutes. coming just after the fbi released new video from the riots. we're going to show the material once, it is violent and disturbing. the if, bi is highlighting the suspects in these videos opening that people can help identify the folks on the screen. christ ray talking about this new footage and more in an interview with npr saying he expects more charges as part of the investigation. also some national conspiracies but we're going to keep digging. kari johnson is with us now.
7:39 am
you made some news with the fbi director, tell us about it. >> they said this is a sprawling national investigation. the fbi has 56 field officers and there are investigations in all but one of those field offices around the country. they're strapped for resources but chris ray says no matter how long it it takes if they have evidence that someone broke the law at the capital that person will like i will be charged. it may not be with a federal crime, it could be a state crime, but he expects more charges to come. existing defends could face more charges based on how the investigation goes. >> you had an idea of a national sprawl of this investigation? >> absolutely it is thorms. it is requiring at a lot of manpower and coming at a time when they face threats from
7:40 am
international terrorists here trying to operate on american soil and overseas. so just as one measure when chris ray came on the job in 2013 he thought that domestic extreme is is a real threat, now he says it doubled to two dozen open investigations and that doesn't count the 200 or so since january 6th. >> there has been criticism about how they handled some of the investigation they had ahead of time. >> we did not have information that puns and hundreds of people were going to breach the
7:41 am
capitol. >> how did you take that response from him? >> he seems to consider the assault on the capital really appalling issue. he says it is up to the fbi and the justice didn't to bring forward anyone that was working on that day. of course we know based on some of the congressional testimony so far that there is plenty of blame to go around. the big question is what the pentagon was up to that day. why it took so long to deploy the national guard. of course the capitol police, but the fbi is not a lot of people are saying they should have done more to sound the alarm. and to the ex-tent that they
7:42 am
tasked people all over the country around and after the election, and the bureau didn't turn up that much. and it is an availability request e for people to request about. >> thank you so much for that, we appreciate it. >> postal investigators say they found no evidence to support claims of pennsylvania voter fraud in the 2020 election. we're talking about malcolm kinyada. m kinyada. you're telling me. but humana helps make it easy. human care gives you tons of ways to talk to your doctor: phone, computer, in person, or tablet. hey jean! hi! this is just a quick follow up. your numbers are looking great. you don't even have to put on shoes. ooo! easy peasy. you like that, huh? mhm. humana. a more human way to healthcare.
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breaking news now. health officials deciding moments ago on something we just talked about. the question of distancing in schools. the cdc is updating the guidance for k through 12 cools to recommend that if everyone is in masks students should keep a distance of three feet in the classroom settings. that is down from six feet before. this is of huge interest to educators and educators as a lot of classrooms are not big enough for a full six feet of social distancing. wem have more coming up but now
7:47 am
we turn to pennsylvania. we are confirming what the justice department and many courts have already found, there is no evidence of mail in ballot fraud. again, officials found there is no evidence that that happened. the state is gearing up for the next election in 2022. the senate has their well known democrats are jumping into the primary who we had on this show and state representative malcolm kenyatta. >> we're risking their families and families in my district. you might laugh, and you might not care, but i care about the people that i serve and i wish
7:48 am
you would act like it. >> he joins me now, malcolm kenyatta, it is good to have you back to the show, this time as a candidate i should say. >> great, let me ask with the first request i asked your opponent. why are you running, why decide to do this? >> the country right now is at a fun mental cross roads, and i have seen it in my own life that folks have to step up to protect and preserve, and expand the promise of america. so many of the foundational documents were rin in philadelphia where i'm from. liberty, justice, and the pursue of happiness nap has not always included everybody. movements rise up to make sure that we expand that promise preponderate we're at a fund memberal -- fundamental cross
7:49 am
roads right now. if people don't stand up we're going to be in a very difficult situation. what happened on january 6th is a stark reminder that there is nothing written on a tablet that says america has to succeed. it succeeds because we step up and make it succeed. >> people call your agenda pretty progressive. the $15 minimum wage. why are you hesitant to call yourself a progressive? >> you know as my aunt would say you can call me whatever you want just don't call me late for dinner. >> what do you call yourself? >> i didn't get into politics to call myself anything. i do not mind being called a progressive. i got into politics to get things done for people. my first job was 12 years old,
7:50 am
washing dishes to help my mom. she rationed her insulin so make sure we had enough what we needed. we moved four or five involved e families in my community who are hurting. i will leave all the titles and labels for everybody else. what i'm interested in doing is getting something done for pennsylvanians who have had a senator for a decade who couldn't care less. pat toomey has had a silver spoon in his mouth so long that all he can taste is metal. he does not understand what folks are suffering with every single day. we have to go in a different direction. >> as you know, i'm a native of pennsylvania. fracking is a big issue there. you talked about previously your support of a moratorium on new fracking. are you concerned, do you have fears that might hurt you in a general election if you make it
7:51 am
there? >> what i have fears about is that pennsylvania won't meet this moment in terms of being ground zero for clean energy jobs. i saw that commercial at the super bowl, will ferrell and celebrities going to norway where they would build batteries for the electric vehicles. we can do that in pittsburgh where i am right now. we can do that in altoona, in scranton. we need to meet the moment and get honest with people. these are good, sustainable union jobs. if we don't produce them here in pennsylvania at a rate that allows us to really own and corner the market on clean energy, other places will. i don't have anything against norway. i don't want norway to get these jobs. i want good, hard working pennsylvanians to have these jobs. point-blank, period. i have been unequivocal on this. i have been clear on this. we know that there's a crisis. nobody argues, i don't think
7:52 am
anybody of good faith, that there's a climate crisis and emergency. this is also a huge opportunity for us to create hundreds of thousands of good paying clean energy jobs. that is where we need to put our focus. >> quickly, you were an early backer of joe biden, early on in the presidential primary. you were a surrogate of his throughout the campaign. have you spoken with president biden since you announced you are running for senate? >> i have talked to folks on his team. when he says things like he said before, they thought i represented the future of the democratic party, that's super kind to say. ultimately, pennsylvanians will decide who the next senator is. i'm somebody who understands in my bones what working people need, because i've been there. i didn't read about it. i didn't have to learn about it. i'm the only person in the race that has those set of experiences. that lived experience, who understands what it looks like
7:53 am
and feels like when government doesn't work. we need that authentic leadership in washington more than ever before. we saw pat toomey caping around for debt collectors at a time where people are strugging like never before. if i'm in the united states senate, pennsylvanians will know that they will have an unequivocal fighter for them, for their jobs, for their families. >> we have to leave it there. state representative malcolm kenyatta, thank you for being on the show. craig melvin is talking to a nurse who lost her husband to covid and she is recovering. why she's going door to door to sign people up for covid vaccinations. the railroad revolution. president biden has big plans to try to expand public transportation on trains. we have that one. >> reporter: if president biden's dream of high speed rail is going to happen, this is where it starts, the central valley of california where
7:54 am
trains may go as much as 200 plus miles per hour. the history of this project sets up a big fight in congress. i have the details coming up. when you buy this plant at walmart, they can buy more plants from metrolina greenhouses so abe and art can grow more plants. so they can hire vilma... and wendy... and me. so, more people can go to work. so, more days can start with kisses. when you buy this plant at walmart.
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7:58 am
high speed rail. construction is in motion on a bullet train in california. give us a sense of the price tag and what you learned. >> reporter: the price tag is big. 80 to $100 billion. for folks who support high speed rail, this is their moment with joe biden in the white house. this behind me is the first section of track in central california over the san joaquin river. they hope by 2025 to test trains that go over $200 mile per hour. would you drive from l.a. to san francisco, six, seven hours, depending on traffic. the train will get you there in two hours and 40 minutes. at the heart of the debate is whether this is the wave of the future of transportation, ecofriendly, job creating, or if it's a multibillion dollar boondoggle. i talked to folks on both sides. >> the federal government played a key role in building the interstate highway system in the
7:59 am
'50s, '60s. we need that commitment to passenger rail. building infrastructure is an investment and putting people to work. these are things we need coming out of the pandemic. >> california's infrastructure is failing. the same jobs we would have here we could put into fixing our water infrastructure, our canal system, our roadways and everything else. >> reporter: backers of high speed rail aren't just fighting critics. in california, they are fighting other states. there are similar projects on the drawing board in florida and texas. there's an audacious plan to go from new york to boston in 100 minutes. a bill has been put in for $205 billion dedicated to high speed rail. has big backing among generation z that shows you what they envision for high speed rail in america, like what we see in asia and europe. it's all going to start very
8:00 am
intensively next week when pete buttigieg goes before that transportation committee in the house and starts to make the arguments for spending this money on high speed rail when a lot of folks think either it's not needed or that money should go elsewhere in transportation. >> chris, thank you very much. thanks for watching this hour of msnbc. we will see you back here monday morning. find us on twitter. up next, a lot more when craig melvin picks up our coverage. a good friday morning to you. craig melvin here. we start with breaking news from the cdc and some major implications for families across this country. for k through 12 students, the cdc now recommends that with universal masking, students should keep a distance of at least three feet in classroom settings. that's a change


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