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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  February 1, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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and i am not among them. i wish her all the best life and longevity but i'm grateful for her fortitude. >> caroline randall williams, thank you for joining us tonight. we always appreciate it. >> it's wonderful to be here. thank you for having me. >> thank you. caroline randall williams gets tonight's last word. the "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts now. well, good evening once again. day 13 of the biden administration. in just eight days, former president trump's second impeachment trial will begin. tonight, new york democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez told her story of her version of the january 6th riot from inside her office. we'll have more on that in just a moment. trump has until tomorrow to
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file. as you may know by now, trump lost his entire legal team over the weekend. he has since named two new lawyers just last night. they are david schoen and bruce caster, he's represented mobsters and longtime adviser roger stone. earlier tonight he previewed his trial argument on fox news. >> besides the fact that this process is completely unconstitutional and this is a very, very dangerous road to take with respect to the first amendment, putting at risk any passionate political speaker, which is really against everything we believe in in this country, foundation of the first amendment. but i'm going to tell you, it's the most ill-advised legislative action i've seen in my lifetime. it is tearing the country apart
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at a time when we don't need anything like that. i think president biden missed a great opportunity to be a statesman and to demand that this thing be called off, frankly. this is the political weaponization of the impeachment process. >> meanwhile, the biden white house is ramping up their push for the president's nearly $2 trillion covid relief package. tonight the president met with ten republican senators who proposed a slimmed-down version of the bill. the group, which includes senators susan collins and mitt romney, wants a $618 billion package. their plan would provide $1,000 stimulus checks as opposed to biden's proposal of $1,400. after the two-hour meeting, senator collins walked out of the white house and spoke to reporters. >> it was a very good exchange of views. i wouldn't say that we came
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together on a package tonight. no one expected that in a two-hour meeting. but what we did agree to do is to follow up and talk further at the staff level and amongst ourselves and with the president and vice president. >> earlier today, white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about tonight's meeting. >> he's happy to have a conversation with them. what this meeting is not is a forum for the president to make or accept an offer. so i think that's important to convey to all of you. his view, it remains what was stated in the statement last night but also what he said on friday, which is that the risk is not that it's too big this package, the risk is it's too small. that remains his view and one he'll certainly express today. >> the negotiations over the covid relief bill come as over 122,000 new infections were
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reported just today. and this was the day we also saw nearly 2,500 deaths nationwide. overall, the u.s. has passed 26 million confirmed cases. there are also developments tonight on the effort to oust the qanon congresswoman, marjorie taylor greene, from her committee post in the house. today house democrats introduced a resolution to remove greene from the education and budget committees. house republican leader kevin mccarthy is expected to speak with the congresswoman later this week over her past inflammatory statements. but it's not clear what or if he will take action. today, house majority leader steny hoyer, the speaker's number two read a statement, quote, it is my hope and expectation that republicans will do the right thing and hold representative greene accountable and we will not need to consider this resolution. but we are prepared to do so if
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necessary, presumably the democrats have the votes. over the weekend, greene said she spoke to former president trump and claimed to have his support. today greene said she would be visiting trump in florida soon. but then just tonight, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell released a scathing statement on marjorie taylor greene. it reads in part, quote, loony lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the republican party and our country. somebody who's suggested that perhaps no airplane hit the pentagon on 9/11, that horrifying school shootings were prestaged, and that the clintons crashed jfk jr.'s airplane is not living in reality. the congresswoman had this response for mcconnell. quote, the real cancer for the republican party is weak republicans who only know how to lose gracefully. this is why we are losing our country. so we'll leave that there for now. let's bring in our lead-off guests on this monday night.
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philip rucker, senior washington correspondent for "the washington post," alexey mccann non, and neal katyal, former acting solicitor general during the obama administration who has argued dozens of cases before the u.s. supreme court. i'd like to start, phil, with you over at the white house. are you detecting any real worry about this coming collision? let's face it, we know it's going to get the media oxygen, an impeachment trial in the senate versus debate and negotiations over the stimulus package, the covid relief package that biden wants. >> absolutely, brian. this has been a concern from day one of this new presidency. they've seen the impeachment trial coming. they of course support the senate moving ahead with those accountability measures after the january 6th insurrection. but there's been an effort to try to fast track as many of those senate confirmation
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hearings and votes for biden's cabinet as possible before the impeachment proceedings really get under way. and there had been some hope of getting this covid package threw quickly, and of course was the president's top priority the minute he was sworn in on january 20th. but, you know, legislation is slow and cumbersome and there does not appear to be a deal in the offing right now. we have as you put it a collision course here where likely this covid package is still going to be up in the air as the senate begins the impeachment trial and leaders in that chamber are going to have to try to balance too. >> neil, that's where you come in. apparently the president's legal team is not going to try to relitigate the crazy. the election was stolen at infin nigh item. though we have a reminder for everyone watching, the president's role at that rally that day we'll discuss on the other side.
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>> they rigged an election. they rigged it like they've never rigged an election before. we will not let them silence your voices. we're not going to let it happen. [ cheers ] not going to let it happen. [ chanting ] >> now it is up to congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy, and after this, we're going to walk down -- and i'll be there with you -- we're going to walk down -- we're going to walk down -- anyone you want, but i think right here. we're going to walk down to the capitol. >> and we fight. we fight like hell . if you don't fight like hell u you're not going to have a country anymore. >> so, neil, everything there is a lie. the rigged election, of course, but right down to i'll walk there with you. he went back to the white house instead. so they're not going to relitigate the crazy. they are going to try to
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litigate that this is somehow unconstitutional to try a president now out of office. can you help us out on that? >> absolutely. brian, first, we don't know that they won't litigate the crazy. after all, this weekend it was reported that all five of trump's lawyers left because trump wanted him to litigate the crazy and they refused, like any honorable lawyer. now he has a new legal team. we don't know exactly what that new legal team will be arguing, but it's certainly possible that trump will push them again to argue the big lie and all of that. we do know they are going to also argue that you can't impeach a former president and here i think everyone should keep an eye on mcconnell. not mitch mcconnell, the prominent jurist michael mcconnell: he's made a powerful argument which goes like this. he says, look, it doesn't really matter whether you think a former official can be impeached
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or not. this impeachment trial started with a sitting president. not a former one. and, therefore, he says, it's, quote, unquestionably permissible. look, if a former official can't be barred from future office holding, that would just make them put pressure on all the systems of our government that would go after an official, a lawless official like donald trump, and that would been criminal prosecution because the founders were all about checks and balances and the provision of a remedy, and it just can't be that donald trump, a, can't be impeached for ukraine because they said america should wait for the election, b, he can't be impeached for january 6th because he'll soon be out of office, c, he can't be prosecuted while he's a sitting president, and, d, he can't be actions he took as a sitting president. you add that together, it's just constitutional nonsense. and laced into our constitutional system of separation of powers is the idea
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that people like this have to face the tribunal. you don't get to precipitate a violent attack on government and get to retire in florida peacefully. >> alexey, this brings us to you. let's talk about aoc. after sharing with our viewers some what she did tonight, talking about where she was during the insurrection on 6th january. this was on facebook live. >> so i hide behind my door like this, like i'm here. and the bathroom door starts going like this, like the bathroom door is behind me, rather, front of me. and the door hinges right here, and i hear, where is she? where is she? and this was the moment where i thought everything was over.
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>> got my platform wrong, instagram live, in fact. alexey, what have we learned it important to learn them from her? >> well, thanks for having me, brian. happy black history month. glad to see you guys on the first day of this month. i'm glad that you're showing that clip of what congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez shared on instagram live today because it is one of the most raw and harrowing accounts from a member we've had so far about what they actually experienced during the insurrection at the capitol on january 6th. it's especially important in this moment as republicans are looking at one of their own in congresswoman marjorie taylor greene and considering what to do with somebody who has these conspiracy theories in mind, pushes these violent and dangerous ideas, and now sits in the halls of congress next to someone like congresswoman ocasio-cortez who said she felt like she was going to die that
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day, that she was specifically targeted that day. congresswoman ocasio-cortez said that on monday, two days before the insurrection when she was leaving the capitol, there was a group of pro-trump supporters who were completely surrounding her car and harassing her, making it difficult for her to even get in the car to be able to leave. and that was two days before. and so she's kind of shedding light on this idea that it's not okay if she law enforcement officials to say they weren't aware of the threat presented on january 6th ahead of time because it was clear to her and other members days ahead of time what was really going on and what the really kind of violent and dangerous energy inspired by former president trump and republican allies of his who have pushed these conspiracy theories and these lies. let's not forget dangerous, violent, and specific violence against women like speaker nancy pelosi, congresswoman aoc. we've seen former president trump do this with other women in the democratic president in the past, so it's harrowing to
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hear what happened behinds as we question how something like this could have happened. but the big question, brian, as congresswoman ocasio-cortez is pointing out in this story s whether and how certain members of the capitol police force were involved or aware. i mean, the man who she was describing who broke into her office and was demanding to know where she was didn't even identify himself as a capitol police officer. she talked about how was she supposed to trust someone like that to help her when she knows people are there to attack her and others specifically, and the capitol police officer there to protect her doesn't even identify himself or help her in a way that would seem normal in a situation like that. there are many questions that are left to be revealed, but i think that this is also the last thing i'll say, this is also a preview of what we can expect from the type of trial the democrats want to present in the senate against former president trump. they want it to be emotional. they want to have witnesses that can tell exactly what happened to really show when republicans go on the record and try to acquit former president trump,
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this is what they are acquitting him for, this type of violence that obviously led to death. >> phil rucker, as alexey brilliantly pointed out, that's the backdrop here, and most of the congress still can't believe the effort to quietly sweep insurrection and looting under the rug and quickly forget about it. so it's against that backdrop that joe biden and if you watched his career, having ten republican senators to the oval office was very on brand for this creature of the u.s. senate. joe biden is talking about unity and wants republican crossover voters and our atmosphere remains so toxic. >> that's exactly right, brian. the atmosphere, the toxic atmosphere is only likely to become more toxic as next week gets under way as the trial and
8:16 pm
the evidence is presented to remind people as alexey was talking about of the emotion of january 6th. but also, frankly, as some really pitched partisan battles are under way over rhetoric and congresswoman greene and what to do about her, and you're just seeing a lot of tribal fighting right now in washington at the exact moment when president biden is trying to begin his presidency with gestures of unity. that meeting in the oval office this afternoon that went into the evening as darkness fell on washington was really important symbolically, even if you read the statements that came out of the white house afterwards and from senator collins when she spoke to the cameras, it's very clear that there is not a deal here, that there's not agreement between these ten republicans and president biden about how much money should be spent on covid relief for this package. but nonetheless, there's sort of a good-faith effort on both sides to at least sit down and
8:17 pm
talk with one another and find some areas of agreement and see if they can't over the next several days and weeks come to some sort of a compromise. remember, president trump in his final year of office, i don't believe he spoke to house speaker nancy pelosi at all in that final year, so it's a real departure when you look at how this president is handling the opposition party in congress. >> counselor, back over to you. congresswoman qanon was elected to congress legally. beyond stripping her of her committee assignments, does congress have the power to expel one of their own members? >> they absolutely do. but before talking about that, brian, i want to say a word about aoc tonight. all your viewers should see the whole video. the excerpt doesn't do it justice. it was moving and powerful in ways i can't even begin to
8:18 pm
describe. no disrespect to the house managers who are phenomenal, but, you know, watching that, you think, god, you know, aoc should be a house manager. we get hung up sometimes on having a law directing-degree and stuff like that. what a powerful, brilliant communicator in someone who just encapsulates everything that happened january 6th in just ways that are -- transcend the moment. with respect to the congresswoman, congress has two different mechanisms available to remove her from office and i think they should be used. i don't think stripping her of a committee is enough. it doesn't capture the graffiti -- gravity of the positions she's taken. stripping her from committee, i mean, look, she's not exactly a hard worker or someone who spends her time looking up any facts. so if she's not on a committee, that just gives her more time to spew her loony nonsense. so article i, section 5 of the
8:19 pm
institution says each house can punish members for disorderly behavior and with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member. so that will require a two-thirds vote. there is also a separate possibility under the 14th amendment of excluding someone who has engaged in insurrection or rebellion or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. that may be done with a majority vote, but it would probably require a educational tribunal to evaluate there. we should welcome that and welcome process here. you know, there shouldn't be a rush to judgment, but these statements are concerning in ways that even by the standards of the republican party are concerning. >> alexey, final question to you. what's mccarthy's motivation these days? do you think he's innovated publicly crack down on greene? or do you think he's cool with congresswoman qanon being the brand of the republican party?
8:20 pm
>> we have to look to his colleague in the senate, senator mcconnell, who could have made choice to keep quiet on this situation, especially now that donald trump is gone and not properly the leader of their party anymore. but he came out with that strong and forceful statement that you read earlier and, of course, that's not enough. words and a strong statement is not enough to hold folks in their own party accountable. you have to follow through on those words. but we see how congressman mccarthy is not doing that. he's considering the calculus and the dynamics of his party, what the base wants, what others in congress want. what he can stomach to do to hold her accountable. but i think that's the big question. we're seeing how marjorie taylor greene is going and saying that donald trump has her back, as of that that still matters. maybe she knows something that we don't know right now, but that does still matter, maybe empathy knows that still matters, but that's the big moving forward, is whether and
8:21 pm
how the republican party is going to allow itself to be controlled not just by donald trump, but by these donald trump figures like marjorie taylor greene, like republican state legislators trying to do a number of things that trump and his supporters couldn't do before joe biden was inaugurated. it's on the state level too and the republican party is going to have to decide if they want the this to continue, especially ahead of 2022. >> great point. thank you for making it. couldn't ask for three better guests to start off a new week. phil rucker, alexey mccann non, neil cat all-. coming up, something we don't hear a lot about when we talk about coronavirus. that's the good news. why our doctor on deck is optimistic if america stays vigilant. later, democracy under fire. only this time it's not here.
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you need to get vaccinated when it becomes available, as quickly and as expeditiously as possible throughout the country. and the reason for that is that there is a fact that permeates virology, and that is that viruses cannot mutate if they don't replicate. >> today's massive snowstorm in the northeast stalled vaccination efforts across the region today with the notable exception of a mass vaccination site at fenway park up in boston where the state started vaccinating seniors 75 and over. despite problems with the
8:26 pm
rollout of the vaccines like limited supply, "new york times" is pointing out there's plenty of good news on the vaccine front. david leon heart writes, quote, all vaccines with public results have eliminated covid-19 deaths. they have also drastically reduced hospitalizations. there's no quarreling with that. with us, dr. steven sample, e.r. doc at memorial hospital in jasper, indiana, also happens to be a volunteer clinical faculty member at indiana university school of medicine. doctor, one of the reasons we're always proud to know you is your service to the guard. i'd like to begin there. your international guard unit was deployed post-insurrection to washington. what was that experience like for you? >> good evening, brian. that experience was exactly what i hoped it would be. it would boring, boring, boring. we packed all of our stuff. we went to d.c. and we sat around on our butts for a week and we came back home.
8:27 pm
that is absolutely the best-case scenario that we could have asked for. you know, you know what i do for a living. my unit trains for mass casualties of various types, and absolutely should i have been called to use my skillset, we were going to be having a bad day in d.c. so it came out just the way we hoped. >> while thanking you for your service, i've never been happier to learn it involved something sitting on your butt. now we go to the topic of coronavirus. and i have so many questions for you. situation currently in indiana, is there resistance? are there supply issues? and finally, why aren't we vaccinating teachers if we hope to open schools safely? >> those are all excellent questions. so i just got back from d.c. so i've actually been off work for the last couple of weeks, and i came back to a vastly different situation than i left. when i left, our hospital was
8:28 pm
full between a third and a half of our patients in house were covid. i'm coming back to a wildly different situation. indiana over the last seven days our case average has been 2,100 and change per day. this time last month we were at well over 4,000. so we've cut our average daily cases in the last month in about half. our reproductive time is down. everything is looking very positive right now. so i'm coming back to a good spot. i'm hoping to find a nearly empty house when i go back to work next week. moving on to your next question. i think i missed one. but why aren't we vaccinating teachers. that's a good question. my cousin is a teacher who has some high-risk medical issues and she's asking me the same thing. i don't have a good answer for that, brian. honestly, if i started to speculate, i'm just going to get myself in trouble. i think teachers need to get the vaccines. we'll leave it at that.
8:29 pm
>> okay. and your optimism that we were told about when our producer spoke to you today is because you were gone but a few weeks and came back to a markedly different situation. to what do you owe the fact that all the numbers are heading in a good direction? >> in my opinion, i think we have just finally seen the peak of the back-to-back events of thanksgiving and christmas and new year's. you just watched the spike happen just like we predicted it would and do that those things are over, i think we're starting to just see the natural incline. in virology, there are ups and downs. this is a weird virus anyway. you can watch it regional as it spikes and lulls, but we're in a lull right now. i couldn't be happier. now we're in a race to get shots into people's arms. indiana just opened up vaccines -- vaccine appointments for 65 and under today, which
8:30 pm
i'm super stoked about because that means my folks can line up and get their vaccine right now because we're looking to expand our bubble. i'm ready to hug my mother again and i know she's ready to hug me. >> a lot of people are waiting for the stuff of regular life to come back online. doc, welcome back home. welcome back on the broadcast. thank you so much for coming on and always taking our questions. be well, good luck at work, and thanks for the work you do. coming up for us, what to do with the problem mitch mcconnell calls a cancer on the republican party. that would be the congresswoman from georgia. we'll talk about her next.
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someone someone needs to tell the truth. someone needs to say what history needs to hear. so here i am. the republican party has lost its way. republicans must say enough is enough. it's time to unplug the outrage machine, reject the politics of personality, and cast aside the conspiracy theories and the rage. it's time to turn back from the edge of dancer and return to the ideals that have long been our guiding light. >> just to emphasize, that gentleman is a republican member of congress, adam kinzinger. he's siding with the democrats who want marjorie taylor greene
8:35 pm
removed from her committee assignments. that would be education and budget. house democrats filed that resolution today that would strip the qanon congresswoman of those assignments if minority leader kevin mccarthy doesn't do so himself. this after mitch mcconnell seemingly noticed the damage this was doing to his party and denounced her in a statement. back with us tonight to talk about all of it, tim miller a contributor to the bull work and the former communications director for jed bush. and david plouffe, former obama campaign manager and senior adviser to president obama. also happens to be on the board of directors of the obama foundation. hey, tim, i thought of you when i read this from bill kristol. he writes about tonight's statement by mcconnell, classic mcconnell, at once true and disingenuous, a clever way to please donors while paying no price, avoids taking on trump but tough on a first-termer.
8:36 pm
but most amusing is it's such a knifing of mccarthy. now the only question from the media, will kevin show leadership a la mitch? tim, i guess the question to you is, what will that walking profile encourage kevin mccarthy do, do you think? >> i'm hoping for that jerry maguire clip again. i'm living up to bill's cleverness here at the bulwark. but he sets a high bar and he's exactly right. look, mccarthy is in a horrible position of his own making. it's not as of we could feel bad for kevin mccarthy. he absolutely made his bed here. he's going to have to lie in it. you know, he has a house caucus that the majority of them are more aligned with marjorie taylor greene than with adam kinzinger. you know, i wrote this morning for "rolling stone" about those ten brave republicans that voted for impeachment and what their
8:37 pm
mind-set is, and kinzinger is the most ready to fight, he's the most ready to punch back at the taylor greenes and the lauren boeberts. the others aren't sure. they don't think that's what the caucus is. so this is what mccarthy has to manage if he goes and attacks taylor greene, jim jordan is going to be the minority leader in two minutes. so he's stuck. that's why he met with president trump in mar-a-lago and suck up to him the other day. >> david plouffe, i heard some hand-wringing by democrats over the weekend about not talking too much about mtg, marjorie taylor greene, because it gives her too much oxygen, while others, and especially the weaponized republicans in places like the lincoln project, say no, no, no, make her the face of the republican party. are you kidding? embrace this.
8:38 pm
go whole hog. arguably, we're talking here tonight about aoc. she is a bigger-than-normal figure as a sophomore member of congress because the republicans, in part because, obviously, of her personal story, but also in part, republicans chose to make her or try to make her the face of the democratic party. where do you come down on this? >> well, first of all, brian, i believe that marjorie taylor greene is just at the front of the line. there's going to be dozens more just like her seeking congressional offices and statewide offices. a line of qanon disciples. i agree with tim. that is where most of the house caucus is. they much more side with her than kinzinger. and i think that that's where so much of the energy is in the grassroots right now. and listen, there's a new video that comes out every day. it's newsworthy.
8:39 pm
i think what is newsworthy, she no way is newsworthy, it is not a stretch to say where she is is where the energy of the republican party is today. and i would not hold my breath about kevin mccarthy doing anything about her because he understands where her caucus is, he understands where trump is, he understands where so much of the grassroots energy is. and ultimately, whether she becomes a symbol that actually moves votes in 2022, i'm not sure about that, but i do know that she's going to do is really provide a lot of incentive for people who believes the things she does to seek office. she's not going to be the exception. she may be more the rule as we look at 2022. >> wow. so many more questions. what we're going to do here is have both of these gentlemen stay with us, fit in a break. when we come back, we'll talk about the senate doing two things at once next week. we'll talk about the problem
8:40 pm
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8:43 pm
. so what would you say is more important to the president at this point on this first legislative test? is it going big or going bipartisan? it seems like you can't have both. >> i think the president believes we can and there is historic evidence that it is possible to take a number of paths, including through reconciliation if that's the path that is pursued, and for the vote to be bipartisan. >> jen psaki handling a question from darlene superville of the associated press. the biden administration is facing its first major legislative test trying to pass this bipartisan covid-19 relief bill in the midst of next week's impeachment trial. luckily for us, we have david plouffe and tim miller still with us and standing by.
8:44 pm
david, your first rodeo this is not, nor is this your rookie season in cable news. you know how this works. you know what gets the oxygen. is it going to be debate and proposals surrounding a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package? oh, let me guess. or is it going to be the president's second impeachment trial before the senate? tell me how the biden white house is going to navigate this. >> well, i think they've handled the impeachment question really well, which is, you know, the senate needs to work its way towards procedure. their focus is going to be on this relief package, and that and making sure we're upping both the production of the vaccine, the distribution of the vaccine, the user experience on the back end. but i think there's a lot of questions. that question you just showed, brian, does it have to be big or does it have to be bipartisan? and i think bipartisan is nice
8:45 pm
to have, and i think the president will do all he can to attract republican support. but big is a must-have. i think it's unlikely you get another shot at this. this is your one time to inject as much help into the economy, to state can local, to help schools so kids get back into school. and joe biden and kamala harris and their team knows that. so the notion that somehow they're going to say, you know what, so that we can show we got republican votes, we'll do half of what we think is necessary, so they're going to go as big as is needed right now, and i think they're going to probably keep trying to get republican support. but they're not going to chase it around. you know, i think they're going to be very solid. so that's where the focus needs to be because we're racing against the clock to get schools open. you got summer where kids can't be in after-school or camps. retail and restaurant that's been absolutely clobbered. you got more people that even
8:46 pm
pre-pandemic living without much of a financial lifeline. so the clock is ticking here, and so my guess is you're not going to be talking about this question, brian, 60 days from now. we're going to know very, very soon, the administration will know very, very soon. if there's votes there. they're going to do a big package with mostly democrats. >> tim, as he so often is, neal katyal was right ant aoc's instagram video. it probably should be seen for its emotion and retelling in total, and playing snippets is unfair to the event. but we're going to do it again. here again a portion of what she had to say to her audience. i have a question coming out of it for you. >> i really just felt like, you know, if this is the plan for me, then people will be able to take it from here. >> i felt that if this was the
8:47 pm
journey that my life was taking, that i felt that things were going to be okay. and that, you know, i had fulfilled my purpose. >> so the congresswoman there, tim, was talking about the possibility of dying during the insurrection. she also tonight talked forthrightly about being a victim of sexual assault in the past. i raise this because of the power of witnesses. as you no doubt know, democrats call one witness, we'll bring in the fbi, to which a lot of democrats said, great, they can speak to the level of criminality in the crowd of thousands that surrounded the capitol. where do you come down on witnesses, if they're half as
8:48 pm
compelling as the congresswoman? >> brian, the viewers are going to think we planned this. you read my mind. tomorrow in the bulwark, my article is about calling lindsey graham's bluff, calling witnesses. hopefully the president of the united states should testify, the former president of the united states. i think he should be encouraged to and dared to. i think that this -- watching aoc's video earlier, my rage about january 6th just came up within me again. obviously i felt sympathy for her, but just anger that this was allowed to happen. you can feel as the weeks go by, the emotions getting sanded down as we get into the politics. people should feel angry because what happened was absolutely unacceptable and un-american, and i hope that a senate impeachment trial draws on that emotion and forces the republican senators to look in
8:49 pm
the faces of these victims, to rewatch these videos and to understand what they were complicit in. >> tim miller with the last word in this segment. we'll go ahead and seek out your piece, saying same, gentlemen, i can't thank you enough for being had on. two friends of this broadcast, david plouffe and tim miller. greatly appreciated. coming up for us, the biden administration's first foreign policy challenge has arrived. from the other side of the world. everyone is at risk for enamel loss. when you drink or eat something that's acidic it sucks the minerals out of the tooth's surface. pronamel is formulated to help deliver minerals to the tooth's surface to help reharden and strengthen your enamel.
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. tonight the biden administration facing one of its first major foreign policy challenges. the new president is threatening to renew sanctions on myanmar, the former burma, after this weekend's military takeover of its democratically elected
8:53 pm
government. we get a report on this tonight from our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel. >> reporter: after nearly a decade sharing power with civilians, myanmar's military staged a coup, setting up checkpoints, taking over tv stations which played military propaganda, and detaining civil officials, including their leader. once seen as a champion of democracy, a nobel laureate, tsuchiyu spent nearly 15 years in detention. she was welcomed by president obama. >> the most important thing is national reconciliation and peace. >> reporter: but tsuchiyu had long fallen from grace, accused of staying silent in what's often called the genocide of rohingya's people. tsuchiyu made a deal and in turn lost her credibility because of
8:54 pm
atrocities she refused to recognize. now the military ended that deal and tsuchiyu is back in detention. richard engel, london. coming up, if it's news to us, it must be news to you. we'll explain what we mean. mean when you drive this smooth, you save with allstate the future of auto insurance is here you've never been in better hands allstate i didn't realize how special click or call for a quote today
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tonight, it is a note to our faithful, loyal viewers. if you live somewhere other than the northeast, let me just go ahead and apologize for the entire news media. because the major networks are head headquartered in new york, the simple truth is when it snows here in the northeast, they act like it's a national story. sure, and let me clue you into a trick here, we justify all the attention, we give to it by saying things like, 60 million americans are in the path of this storm, but the truth is, we act like since it's snowing here, everyone must be interested in our snowstorm. now that we've established that and been forthright about it, here are some pictures of our snowstorm today. roughly between one and two feet in the new york metropolitan area on up through new england. on the upside, during this mean season of capitol ransackings,
8:59 pm
toxic, rancid politics, and let's not forget an uncontrollable pandemic, let's remember this. animals and kids thrive during snowstorms and thunderstorms. the washington zoo captured their pandas just being pandas today. skid down that hill on your back like no one is watching even though we're watching. do those barrel rolls down the hill and just generally enjoy the snow. we get to see the biden dogs on a day like this, major and champ, enjoying the fresh snowfall on the south lawn. other dogs took that as their queue and enjoyed every inch of a genuine, swirling blizzard. not a good night for planes, trains or automobiles, but they'll have their day. today every dog had theirs. and that is our broadcast on this monday night. did i mention it's snowing here? thank you so much for being here with us. on behalf of all my colleagues at the networks of nbc news,
9:00 pm
good night. as you can see, i, too, am joining the show from home this evening. that's why the background here looks the way it does. no reason to worry at all. i'm snowed in tonight. like so many people are in the northeast with this gigantic winter storm. the roads where i am are totally impassable tonight. even with four-wheel drive, even with good ground clearance, and so i'm home. better safe than sorry. you may remember that i figured out how to set up my laptop as a makeshift camera from home when i had to broadcast from home because i was in covid


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