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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  January 23, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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that's the hardest part -- i can't help him. >> i'm a mother. i fix stuff. this gave me a hard feeling. i cannot fix this. i can't bring him back. >> he's on the ground in front of his vehicle. something is very wrong. >> it was devastating when they found him. the single dad, so passionate about helping others. >> he was a selfless person. he just wanted to do for
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everybody. >> so dedicated to his bright young daughter, siena. >> they were two peas in a pod. >> she loved being with her dad. >> for police, a puzzle. >> it was such an unusual murder with a victim who seemed to have no enemies. >> then the chilling on-camera clue. >> there's the figure. you see someone wearing a hoodie come out from the dark. >> you're looking at the killer. >> yes, you get the goose bump, hairs on your neck. >> i'm think, what? >> it's mind blowing. >> lies, delusion, betrayal. >> you just don't want to believe that people can be that evil. >> look closely, top left of the screen. a hooded figure walks away from the camera.
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who is it? what are they doing? why are they there? minutes later, a truck walks in. a different person walks out. don fluitt. his trash can is tipped over. >> you look at him, he's fine, healthy and happy picking up his trash can, and then the garage closes. >> that's the end of don fluitt's life basically. >> 911. >> we're at my coworker's house. >> the neighbor's security camera captured these images and left a mystery. >> that was one of those moments with you kind of get the chills and go, i think we know when it happened. now we just got figure out who. >> and why. >> there was just nobody that i could think of that would want to hurt him. >> albuquerque, new mexico. thousand os people come here
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every fall to watch the colorful hot air balloons sail through the desert sky. for other it's a pit stop as they continue ton to santa fe. for others at the new beginnings. what did you throw a dartt map? >> pretty much. >> this is denis fluitt, don's younger brother. born and raise in the california, they grew up close, two of them and two sisters. >> we had to rely on each other. when my parents divorced it was just my mom so there was a lot of home time alone. >> like most, the brothers were competitive. >> they had to outdo each other constantly. what one did, the other did. >> the brothers fluitt had a hard-partying lifestyle until dennis headed east. he ma you are which had. he thought his brother could do the same. >> he was on a dead-end trail. he wasn't doing anything there but drugs and alcohol.
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so i called him, convinced him to come out here. i had a two-bedroom department and a car and stuff. so i told him, whatever you need, come out here. >> would you say your brother changed? >> oh, yeah. you saw a complete change. >> don turned his life around. at 26 he got married, had two kids, but the marriage didn't last. his kids moved to oklahoma with their mom. a daughter tiffany says don never topped being a loving father. >> he had to go out of his way to keep you two this his life. >> oh, and he did. >> albuquerque is a long ways away. >> it is. he made the driving though. >> do you have a tradition? >> going camping, go fishing. it was awesome. >> when don was in his late 30s he decided to pursue a childhood dream to become a firefighter.
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>> do you have any idea where that itch started? >> the man next door was a firefighter. he got don one night to help him put out a fire. he got on a roof. scared me to death, but okay. he's a boy. this was a man that wanted to teach him. that was don's dream. >> dennis joked with him, told him he was too old. that didn't stop don. what it the adrenaline? >> maybe. i just think he cared about people. >> soon don met dennis' neighbor. >> made him happy. she was quirk question like he was. >> she was literally the girl next door. >> yes, literally. >> it wasn't a year before they married and just a little over a year later they had a baby girl together. they named her sienna. >> don's son josh said she seemed to complete her life.
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>> he was above the word. knowing we were so far away, he could have his own child with him every step of the day -- >> sienna was an amazing child. she was bright, brilliant, could teach herself music on a little toy piano. she'd call me and say, nanny, listen. she'd wright songs she was talented, funny. >> as you can see in this home video that christine took, the couple doted on their little girl. you can do it. keep pushing, keep pushing. >> she loved him. they were always doing goofy things. >> they were two peas in a pod. >> she loved her daddy. loved her daddy. >> life was great until don, after eight years as a firefighter lost his job. according to a close friend, christine, who worked the a va tech, had to shoulder most of the bills. the financial strain proved to be too much. when sienna was 4 years old,
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christine filed for divorce. don made sure life still revolved around her little girl. >> he would braid her hair before school. he would design it. for plays she was in they'd go out and get her costumes. he would dress her, do her makeup. he was an amazing father. >> he wanted to make the best life possible for sienna and be the best man he possibly could. >> that's amber, dennis's daughter and don's niece. she says dennis taught sienna to help others. they would go to church on sundays. have spaghetti together. one day they made too much. they decided to find someone and give them dinner. they started calling it spaghetti sunday. they would feed the homeless. >> she's not dragging her feet. >> no, they were in cahoots.
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>> from spaghetti sundays to homemade music videos. >> he wouldn't do anything unless he could do it with her. >> just two weeks before 2019 don's olde sister died of cancer. don and sienna, then 11 years old, took a road trip to california to spend christmas with her. when the festivities were over -- >> i didn't want him to go. >> reporter: don who was now working at an agency that served the developmentally disabled told his mom he had a meeting he could not miss. >> i said all right some went outside with them, hugged and kissed and got everything in the car. >> after an 11-hour drive, they were home at albuquerque. where sienna found a new bicycle under the christmas tree. sienna didn't hear from him.
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she says, i can't get medal of my dad. i said don't worry, he's fine. >> valerie called, texted. no answer. she and a coworker went to don's home. >> i was starting to get anxious. something knew something wasn't right. then we parked in his driveway. >> what did you do? >> we got out, knocked on the door and it gave a little bit. >> so the front door wasn't locked? >> no. i was able to walk in the house. >> valley call out don's name. >> i told my friend, the only way we're going to no whether he's here or not is if his truck's here. so i opened the garage door. and when i opened the garage door, i found my friend. coming up -- what had happened in that garage? >> he's on the ground in front of his vehicle. something's very wrong. >> a clue from the neighbor. >> she has two cameras on her house, and she sees don fluitt's
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truck backing out. >> and another from his ex wife. had someone been in don fluitt's house? >> and he said, it's weird, there's, like, cat hair in my drier, and someone used a pan in my house. >> when "the figure in the garage" continues. e in the garage" continues. (coughing) hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey severe. the real honey you love... plus, the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey severe. strong relief
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it was december 29, 2016. even as the rio grande, a great but gentle river ran through this bedroom community north of downtown albuquerque, valerie torres made a discovery inside don's garage. her friend called 911. >> he's on the ground in front of his vehicle. something's very wrong.
10:14 pm
>> don had been bludgeoned, his throat slit. >> i knew he was gone. there was nothing i could do to happen him. >> she remembered sienna at her mother's house. >> where is he? >> within minutes an officer from the albuquerque p.d. arrived on scene. valerie and her friend were still in tears. his body camera rolled as he walked pass sienna's new bicycle. as night fell, the yellow tape went up. albuquerque police detective matthew kaplan led the investigation. >> everything was in pristine order. the only thing out of order was don fluitt in the garage. >> there was no sign of forced entry. don's cell phone was on the couch. wallet on the counter. police located all kitchen naives and sent them off to the crime lab. they also gather don's finger
10:15 pm
nail clippings. there was immediate blood in the vicinity on the walls, underneath him, on the truck that looked like hand prints. but the detective thought it didn't seem like enough blood given the injuries don sustained. >> that's when we noticed an empty bottle of bleach on the washer and dryer and to youles that were in the washer and drier. >> his team did a test with luminol. the kitchen sink lit up. >> we see a combination with what is blood with a dull glowing and bright glowing, which is bleach. >> the floor lit up. same with the door. kaplan and his team already started going door to door and met don's neighbor next door. >> she tells us she has two cameras on her house. >> she told them she had been
10:16 pm
home the night before when -- >> she hears the garage go up, sees the camera, sees don fluitt's truck backing out and leaving. the time, 7:37 p.m. kaplan had the first data point for time line. he gathered more when he talked to his ex wife at home. she confirmed she dropped see yen ya off at 7:44 p.m. >> he said it's weird, there's cat hair in the drier and someone used a pan in my house. >> christine also told the detective that don sometimes suffered road rage. >> he's had really heated exchanges as a driver before. >> he yelled at some individual. that individual followed don for a while. christine said it scared her. >> so maybe an angry motorist
10:17 pm
followed don home after an argument. or maybe it was someone he knew, someone with access to the house. kaplan spoke to the landlord who had shown up at the scene. he told kaplan don was kind hearted and wondered if his murder had anything to do with his work with homeless people. >> he opened his home. >> don's mom got a call in the middle of the night. detective kaplan was on the line. >> he said, ma'am, i'm sorry, your son is dead. i think i started screaming. >> just 19 days before, she lost her eldest daughter to cancer. 19 years before that, her youngest daughter had also died. and now don. i couldn't get my head around it. it didn't seem real. >> dennis called amber to let her know about her uncle dying.
10:18 pm
>> i just started screaming no. over and over again. my dad was obviously a mess. and the news soon made its way to oklahoma where don's older children were. >> my mom called me, and it was probably midnight, and told me the news, bad news. at first i was just like, you know, this isn't real. this stuff don't happen. you usually see this stuff on tv. >> but he was gone. >> yeah, it was horrible. >> this is an intimate murder. this is a hands-on murder. >> yeah, yeah, very personal. very violent, very personal. yeah. >> who would put a target on your brother of all people? mr. sunday night spaghetti. >> my first thought was terry. i even told the detective that. >> terry white, christine's husband, sienna's stepfather. >> don told me about him. i knew there had been aller communications in the past. >> detective kaplan went to see terry the next day.
10:19 pm
terry, a truck driver, was back from his shift and at home with sienna and christine. >> hi, how are you? >> hi, i'm good. >> sienna and christine left the room. kaplan asked terry about his relationship with don. >> you know, in the beginning i would say it was rocky. >> terry told kaplan that when they went to court over custody of sienna, don seemed to want a confrontation. >> if he could get me in a way where i would yell at him it would make him look good. >> terry said to the detective he mostly avoided don and hadn't had any contact with him in a while. >> we're not going to find any dna, finger prints of yours in his house, near the vehicle, near that area? >> no, i would just not get in the guy's life. it wasn't worth it. because i love that little girl.
10:20 pm
i don't want to make her hate me. >> kaplan asked about the night of the murder. terry said he spent the evening visiting his sister. he said he left at 9:00, stopped at a wendy's for dinner and drove to work, slept in his car until his shift. >> you napped in the parking lot at work? >> terry's sister confirmed his story. so did his boss who said she had security cam video that would show terry at work that night. but then, kaplan received a phone call from the neighbor's video. >> she made a discovery and said, hey, detective, you need to look at 7:41 p.m. coming up, a mysterious figure captured on camera. >> there's someone in a hoodie, and the individual walks off camera towards where don fluitt's door is. >> did you think that surveillance camera had take anne picture of your killer? >> i did.
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january 2017. instead of celebrating the start of a new year, don fluitt's family was making funeral arrangements. his niece made posters with photos of amber. his ex wife pitched in. >> she brought pictures that she had that i added to the boards. she said, could i help you? i said, yeah, let's do this. we had a glass of wine and put the picture boards together. >> sienna did, too. >> she lost her best friend, and she wanted to be a part of it. >> sienna pecked most of the music for the reads and service. >> any memories of what songs? >> we did play one of misfavorite songs, "i can only imagine "by mercy me. >> he was a devout chris man. >> he was, absolutely. there are a bunch of pictures. a huge slide show.
10:25 pm
a huge gathering. he was very loved. >> meanwhile, the murder investigation continued. detective kaplan spoke to don's neighbor, who said she found something on her home security video. >> i started looking at the clip she's talking about, and believe it or not, there's a figure. >> a figure. >> a figure. there's someone in a hoodie walking to don fluitt's trash can. they lay the trash can down on its side. the individual walks towards where don's door would be. don fluitt returns. you see him walk out out of his garage. walks to the trash can, and walks into his garage again. >> at this point, said kaplan, you could so the light from the garage diminish as the garage door closed. and inexplicably the garage shoots back up and you see a series of flashes. >> i'm a hooded figure out. >> yes. >> we went to the scene of the crime to understand how this could happen. >> it's as easy as that, huh?
10:26 pm
>> so where is don? he's in the house now? >> i believe he's in the house. >> there's the series of flashing lights. >> kaplan believed the hooded figure sneaked into the garage. did you think the surveillance camera had take anne image of your killer? >> i did. >> a tantalizing image, but no face to go with it. >> did you see the figure depart? >> never. the garage closes and don's found dead the next morning. >> the detective started to hear about someone else, don's brother, dennis. just days later dennis got the keys to don's house. den's kids wondered what he was up to. >> they thought it was weird. >> taking over his brother's life. >> yes, that was a concern.
10:27 pm
>> kaplan learned dennis and don had a falling out. dennis moved away, but moved back to albuquerque just a couple of months before don's murder. >> it kind of puts up a red flag for me. you're in the process of reconnecting. you had a falling out before. now don's inexplicably murdered. >> can you rule out violence within the family? >> absolutely not. i can't. domestic violence is a huge catalyst for violence, murder, money, love, relationships. >> sounds as though the brothers you're talking about makes your nose twitch a little bit. >> yes. >> tiffany and josh had the shame feeling. >> did you think maybe your uncle, his brother, had something to do with this? >> there was talk of it because of the estranged relationship. you're hurt, you're grieving. you don't know what to think. >> kaplan interviewed dennis who said it all started after their
10:28 pm
father died. >> i got angry with him about that because he took a lot of my dad's stuff. there were disagreements just like what i'm starting to see with my brother's death. >> kaplan learned don lost his job as a firefighter because of a drug test. he asked him about that. >> that's true? >> marijuana. >> i guarantee my brother hasn't touched heavy drugs in 30 years. >> then dennis came up with a name, someone else he thought defense should be looking at. >> it makes me mad. i'm no investigator. i'm no cop. you know, but this guy spends two hours in my brother's house? >> you're talk about the landlord? >> the landlord. dennis said just days after the murder he found him inside don's home. >> he claimed he was feeding the dog. >> don was upset over a hole in
10:29 pm
the ceilinged that not been repaired. but as he questioned him, benny told him he was -- he said he was going to move all of don's stuff over will and set it up. >> did he tell you why he wanted to do that? >> for sienna, don's daughter. >> benny said he didn't troent dennis, not after a background check revealed dennis had a criminal record for assault and disorderly conduct. kaplan knew about dennis's record, but more importantly -- >> i wonder why he had suddenly taken a massive interest in don fluitt's affairs with the condo and cnn. >> when we spoke to dennis, we wondered that, too. coming up -- >> they kept talking about an a strangement between the two of you. >> the brother, the landlord, the stepfather. three possible suspects.
10:30 pm
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cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. hello, i'm dara brown. here's what's happening. this in spite of coronavirus cases climbing to more than 25 million cases nationwide with over 415,000 deaths. florida saw its deadliest day so far. in florida friday with 277 people killed by the virus. statewide, over 25,000 deaths. the nation's fourth highest. this comes days after president joe biden signed ten executive orders aimed at expanding vaccine production. now become to "dateline." to say don fluitt loved the
10:34 pm
christmas season could be putting it mildly. >> he was obsessed. we're talking lights, music. it was everywhere. >> a month after don's murder, his family was still grappling with the fact that he would never see another christmas. no one more than his daughter, sienna. >> he was she doing? >> she was strong. she was just praying about it. she would cry. >> meanwhile, detective kaplan was looking closely at the apparent bad blood between don and his brother dennis. >> they kept talking about an a strangement with the two of you. do you know what they're talking about? >> oh, yes. when my dad passed we came to a agreement about the few assets. don didn't keep the deal and kept one of the trucks we were going sell. >> according to dennis that led
10:35 pm
to radio silence. dennis said he tried to reach out but never heard. >> i knew him better than anybody, and he knew me better than anybody. i made a prom toys him and sienna early on that i was going to do everything to bring justice and protect him. he said if some people found that suspicious, so be it. dennis remained on detective kaplan's lists of potential suspects. >> benny, dennis, terry. these were names i just couldn't eliminate. >> i he kept the heat on all three. kaplan questions the landlord and retained a sample of his dna. he also took another look at terry white. he initially told the detective on the night of the murder he stayed with his sister until 9:00 p.m., then drove to work and took a nap in the parking lotle but when detective kaplan checked the security cam video. you can see terry white pull in,
10:36 pm
immediately get out of his truck and walk to the front door. now there's a discrepancy in his story. >> now there's a -- >> there's enough for us to question his entire alibi. >> again, thank you for coming down. >> no worries. >> detective kaplan asked terry to stop by the situation, go over his time line one more time. and -- >> his story changed. he didn't pull into the parking lot as originally expressed. he went around the corner to a dark area and fell asleep there. then he pulled into the parking lot. >> that wasn't the only discrepancy. remember, in his first interview terry said he only stopped at a wendy's on his way to work. but now -- >> i stop at walmart. >> walmart. now, what's he doing at walmart? >> that was an interesting story. >> i'm going stop and get a new sweatshirt for me for work,
10:37 pm
because my wife bought me one for christmas. i said, i'm not going wear that to work. i'm going to wear this one. >> kaplan asked terry about dennis. he nevada met him but heard of him and heard he moved into don's home. >> now he's become and trying to protect sienna from whatever, and it's making people feel off. >> terry willingly gave a dna sample, and kaplan sent him on his way. two days later, the detective went back to dennis. i took his dna and finger prints. >> dennis was cooperative. he worried about sienna and christine. >> she's a mess. i talked to her on the phone in morning and there was four or five times she started crying. >> he was vocal about his
10:38 pm
suspicions with benny. >> kaplan didn't think dennis was helping himself. >> was he receding as a person of interest for you? >> no, unfortunately not. >> do you have your eye on anyone in particular? >> we can't tell thaw. >> come on, man. oh, that's right, i'm still not cleared as a suspect. >> nobody is. >> as the weeks passed, don's kids began to worry. >> did you think it was going to be cold and not solved that somebody was going to get away with murder here? >> scared me for a lit bit that it was going to be that way. >> but that was about to change. remember, finger nail clippings had been taken. the lab report add a hit -- someone else's dna under don's finger nails. >> i remember just kind of jumping out of my chair. well, whose dna is it? coming up ---that's a bingo moment, huh shh. >> yes.
10:39 pm
>> a final suspect at last. >> we do have a suspect and we do have an arrest warrant. >> yes! >> but can they get to him in time? >> the deputy immediately thinks, oh, no. >> when the figure in the garage continues. rage continues. on a formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the nei to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. i have amd. it is my vision so my plan includes preservision. it's either the assurance of a 165-point certification process. or it isn't. it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either
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one murder, three potential suspects. something had to break the tide. then about 12 weeks into the investigation, the crime lab called with some major news. the foreign dna under don fluitt's finger nails belonged to none other than his ex wife's current husband,er the are i white. that's a bingo moment, huh? >> yes. it all started lining up. terry's strained relationship with don, his shifting time line, his sudden need for a new hoodie. >> the fact that he's amended his second story to include buying a hoodie, what does that tell you? >> in hindsight, a lot. tells me there was probably a
10:43 pm
lot of blood on him and he needed something to wear when he went to work. >> above all, terry's dna where it simply did not belong. >> we're not going to find any dna or finger prints of yours in his house or on his vehicle or anywhere in that area? >> no. >> no? >> mm-hmm. >> okay. so if we did, it would be weird. >> yeah, i would say that would be weird. >> at this point i'm 100% sure that terry is our guy. >> kaplan spoke to don's mom and brother dennis. >> we have a suspect in this case and an arrest warrant. >> who is it? >> it's terry white. >> the case seemed to be solved. but there was a problem -- before kaplan could find terry, he got a call from christine. she said terry was missing. >> you're putting the noose around terry's neck, but you'rele also finding he doesn't
10:44 pm
seem to be around anymore. >> kaplan asked christine to stop by the station. he thought she could have information finding her husband. >> you're having a contentious relationship with christine. >> right. i think at that point her willingness to cooperate with me was gone. >> kaplan got a search warrant for her car and phone, hoping to find clues that might lead him to terry. >> interest enough we find her cell phone in the glove corm partment and next to hit it's a last will and testment. it's terry white's. i found it to be extraordinarily unusual. >> three days after we took the dna. a sheriff's deputy happened on a pickup truck in an arizona rest stop more than 200 miles from albuquerque.
10:45 pm
there's a hose into the cab. looks like somebody as trying to commit suicide. >> terry white, red faced. a little bit out of it. deputy runs his name and realizes he has a warrant for homicide. he's arrested there. >> they made a beilein for arizona to see if they would stop. >> do you want to talk to me today? >> need an attorney. obviously you guys are thinking something, so i got to protect myself. >> terry didn't feel like talking, not to the police any way. but once he was transferred to albuquerque, he did talk to someone. dennis received a facebook message from a woman. she's like, you don't know me, but my boyfriend is in jail with a guy named terry white. i'm thinking, what? i got nervous. i'm like, is something trying to set me up? what's going on here? so i called her to figure out if i'm being juked or not.
10:46 pm
she told me all this stuff. boyfriend's name, roderick white. no relation, of course. rod and terry shared the same last name, the same birthday, and after three days in april 2017, the same jail cell. soon he was in the interview room with detective kaplan. >> from what i understand you want to talk about what terry's confided in you. >> yes. >> carding to rob terry's told him everything. terry told rob that don was a smoker, whose routine was to smoke in the garage, so he waited for don to come out. he said, i got up and he was waiting right there by the door. rod said terry then describe in the gruesome detail what took mace in the garage away from the neighbor's security cam.
10:47 pm
tire thumper. he said as soon as he came out [ bleep ]. he said i hit him so hard i broke tire thumper in three pieces. his story matched the evidence at the crime scene. >> he explains he hits him with the tire thumper. it continues in here. we know this because there's a coat rack that would have been here. there's blood on the coat rack and then we find -- >> the action moved out here? >> moves become out here. s this a very narrow space because the bumper of -- >> he's got a big old truck. >> to about right here. there's bloody hand prints on the truck, hand prints and blood swipes on the wall. so we know that don had fallen on his back this way. he even described how don got terry's dna on him. >> he says i know when it
10:48 pm
happened. when i was leaning down, he reached up and his finger caught the in the of my lip. then rod continue terry hit him so hard, don went down. >> he said i'll give him this, he fought for his life. >> then according to rod, terry finished the job. >> he said i went in the house and got a stake life. he said something about slitting the side of his throat. >> if the knife didn't work, terry told rod he had a backup plan. >> he said there was an ax on the wall of the garage. >> there was no way you would know that if you were there. >> are any of those details were they online, in the newspapers? >> no. >> so the cell mate is telling you a story that exactly matches your evidence, the observations at the scene? >> yes. not only is it matching the evidence, it's filling in some of the gaps. >> the case against terry white
10:49 pm
was starting to look airtight. but rod, the informant wasn't done talking. coming up. >> she's the one that told him, you've got to do this now. you've got to do this for your family. >> she? one more jaw dropping revelation to come. when "the ig the this the garage "continues. "continues in a year of changes. don't take chances on your taxes. be 100% certain with jackson hewitt. we'll get your taxes done right, guaranteed. ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer, as the first hormonal based therapy.
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10:52 pm
informant rod white gave police a play by play of how terry white murdered don fluitt. but just when they thought he they should everything, rod had one more revelation to offer, a big one. >> he told me on several occasions that -- that he did it for her. she was the one always talking
10:53 pm
you got to do this now. you go at to do this for your family. >> according to rod, the she in question was terry's wife, ron's ex, the mother of his darling sienna, christine. rod said and would later testify in court christine was the pram prime mover of the murder plot. >> they had been looking for an opportunity for a while. >> they called don the block clown, and with him off the way, they would have sienna all to themselves. >> of course any dreams of a happily ever after had gone belly up once police zeroed in on terry, but terry had a life insurance policy. >> he has an unusual policy, it has a suicide clause in it. you hold on to it long enough, even with the pseudoit pays out. >> the reasoning would be i terry white, they got me, but i
10:54 pm
could do you, christine, and the girl a final bit of good killing myself. >> and you collect $250,000. >> it's an interesting world, isn't it? >> it's an interesting world. in some twisted and horrible way, i would say terry loves christine and i would say in a twisted way, he loves sienna. but he -- the fact of the matter is he murdered sienna's father. >> rod told the detective terry's suicide attempt in arizona was hi third. according to rod, christine was not thrilled when terry survived. >> well, he called her up on the phone. she said, why the [ bleep ] are you still here? >> the cellmate's tail got even stranger. he said after he was released from jail he met up with christine and told her a story. he said he would ugh smuggle
10:55 pm
pills and give them to terry. >> i said i don't have money. >> rod said he never bought the pills or completed the scheme. >> what would you do with the money? >> i spent it, to be honest with you. [ bleep ]. >> but he said he had a vivid memory of the last time he saw christine. >> she was crying. he said, we all have our dirty little part in us. >> defense had heard enough. a few day's the interview -- >> we arrested her. >> how did the arrest go down? >> it's complicated. she was with sienna. we had to make arrangements to make sure see yaen that had somewhere to go and was safe and taken care of. >> christine was charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy. >> she was upset but resign to what was happening. >> the case was flimsy.
10:56 pm
it rested on the word of a felon. >> it wasn't strong enough to move forward with her. >> the charges against christine were dismissed? >> in june 2018, terry white went on trial, the soul definite. >> the star witness was rod white, back in jail on an unrelated charge. >> he told the jury everything about how terry killed don. but even this career criminal couldn't seem to understand why? >> why do you kill him? was he touching the little girl? he was like, no, no, he wasn't touching her. i said, okay, well, was he beating her. he said, no, he wasn't. well, why did you kill him? he said [ bleep ] just wouldn't go away. >> as a result of his testimony, rob who is a meth addict avoided prison time. he insisted he didn't come forward in hopes of a deal but rather he believes don's murder
10:57 pm
was wrong. >> they killed him because he was a good father. >> took the jury a little over six hours to reach a verdict. >> guilty of the first-degree murder. >> guilty. it was just instantly relief. >> that this man wouldn't be able to walk freely ever, that he wouldn't get to take my dad's life and have his own still. >> i never took my eyes off of him from the time the jury handed the papers. i watched him the whole time. i wanted to see something. a tear, a remorse, a smile. something. nothing. >> in august 2018 terry white was sentenced to 42 years in prison. but for don's family it's not over. >> the puppeteer is still pulling the strings, though. >> who's the puppeteer? >> christine. the puppet is terry. >> she manipulated that man into killing himself. it's one thing to talk somebody
10:58 pm
into murdering somebody for you, but to talk that same person into killing themselves, they got conned, how do you do that? >> christine white did not attend the trial. she declined our request for interview but wrote us a letter saying she and don had no custody battle in 2016 only different school choices in constitution. regarding don's murder, christine wrote, i knew nothing of the events that occurred until i got a phone call of the coworker of don who found him. it was an awful unbelievable thing to hear and even harder to have to tell your child. the prosecutors say the investigation into christine is still open. but they don't know when or if she might be charged. >> we would have to be able to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that she intended all long for terry white to do this and more than that, she actually did something concrete to aid and abet to help the crime be
10:59 pm
committed. >> natalie, can you get there? >> i'm hopeful. i would like to say yes, but if the evidence isn't there we can't charge her. >> anyone who knew him would tell you, don fluitt loved helping people. he loved being a firefighter, helping the homeless, and helping people with disabilities find work. but what he loved most was being sienna's dad, a bond so tight, people stood in awe of it. >> she loved being with her dad. she revelled in it. she loved that man. you know, to this day i think about that void that's in her life. >> terrible loss losing your uncle, but the primary victim here in a way seems to be sienna. >> i would say so. tiffany and josh and myself, too, we got to live our childhood with him. we got to go to him for advice and to share those milestones in
11:00 pm
life with him. what about sienna? my daddy's still here. you know, hers isn't. i'm craig melvin. >> andm i'm natalie morales. >> and this is "dateline." >> i don't know what it is about my mom that has captured the heart of so many people. there's just something to her that people connect with. what was so beautiful about her, it made her a target, too. >> she was the queen of the million-dollar listing, the real estate broker who sealed the deal. >> her customers love her. >> hands downs the most genuine person you ever met. >> she headed out to show a d house that day and never made it >> i'm texting her, i'm calling her.


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