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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  September 20, 2020 8:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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she hugged me and she said she was sorry. and i burst into tears. i burst into tears because that, to me, is a true example of humanity. >> two families torn apart by one devastating crime. >> there's a woman, she's shot. she's laying on the floor in the garage. >> a young mom name crystal taylor murdered on her way to work. five months pregnant.
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>> this is breaking me. >> she pretty much gave her whole life just trying to raise me right. >> being a mom was who she was. who would shoot crystie? >> what's going on here? that was our question. >> police zeroed in on the men in her life. one, two, three, of them. >> we're trying to find out who would have the motivation to do this. >> to help find crystal's killer, her anguished sisters would turn amateur detectives. >> i couldn't even sleep. i needed an answer. >> that was my sister. my baby sister. >> the twist that stopped everyone cold, there had been another attack on another pregnant woman. >> she was assaulted and her neck was cut. >> who was targeting moms-to-be? >> and this life or the next, you're going to pay for what you've done wrong. >> i couldn't believe what i was hearing. how does this happen? >> in the mega sprawl of los
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angeles county, the city of hawthorne occupies about 6 square miles. none of them especially glamorous. for decades, local pride centered on the beach boys. they grew up here and quickly left. nowadays, it's tech giants like spacex with headquarters at the local airport, but the heart and soul of hawthorne was and is working families. strivers who stay close and look out for each other. this is a story about one of those families. they faced ups and downs like everyone else and always worked through them together. until one moment. one morning. one bullet came to tear them apart. growing up, sisters crystal, michelle, and monica taylor were always there are if each other. >> we have this tradition of having a family support group.
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>> it was their mother known as momo who set the tone. >> i thought it was the most wonderful family there was. you know, my mom and i were best friends and my little sister were best friends, you know, so i thought life was great. >> i'm the oldest. michelle's the middle. crystie's the baby and she was every bit the baby. she's my mom's baby. >> crystal taylor was the youngest by six years and both older sisters thought momo loved crystie a little extra. spoiled her, too, say michelle and monica. >> they talked every day and she would just immediately start whining as soon as she talked to my mom. she could be, like, being a grown-up. as soon as the phone rings, she went right back to 8-year-old, all the time. >> tia, her niece, remembers crystie as both a home body and a romantic dreamer. >> she wasn't flashy. she wasn't someone, who, like, shopped a lot. she was just a really down to earth, simple, just happy to be at home watching movies. she watched the same movies all
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the time over. she loved love stories. "hope floats," "ever after," "love, jones." >> those are all stories of women who find love in improbable ways and end up happy. >> right. >> is that what she wanted? >> yes. >> i know she wanted love. she wanted a fairytale life. i know she always talked about it but, you know, she was happy with the life that she had. >> the life she had working, being with family, and raising a son who was born the very day she turned 17. >> i went in and she was singing "it never rains in southern california" in labor, like shaking the bed -- ♪ it never rains in like, what is she doing? >> crystal called her little boy javonte against the wishes of the boy's father. >> he came in the room, we were in there, he was like, i wanted his name to be junior. in labor. stop labor. no. crystal told me, well, no, i'm not marrying him, if i get
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married to somebody else, i don't want to have two juniors. >> she already made the decision she was having the baby and not going to be his wife. >> she wasn't going to be his wife. that was crystie. she made a decision, there was no changing in her mind. >> wrapped in the blanket of her big family, crystal knew she and javonte would do just fine. >> we're baby whisperers in a spen sense. >> anybody say that's too young to be having a baby? >> no, we all had babies young. >> we still said it, it would still be said, but it also be followed by you want to finish school, life isn't over, you made your bed harder but you're going to lay it in and we're going to love this baby. >> those were rules set down by momo. >> everyone stafinished school, started a career, and raised their children on their own successfully. >> as javonte crew, crystie grew up. >> she took care of r her baby, brought her launch, she never
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spent any money. if she went to the movies with her son, no, he knew not to ask for snacks. she just wouldn't spend any money. >> money was for important things like javonte's education. >> tashe always talked about dr woods. prom. what she wanted him to do with his life. she took her mojob as a mothe e seriously. >> they were living in separate apartments in the same apartment building in hawthorne. even momo lived there until her health began to failer a moved to texas where her sister-in-law, a nurse, could take care of her. soon came word, momo's in bad shape. come quick. that day was easy to remember. it was september 11th, 2001. they couldn't fly. no one in the u.s. could. so they drove from hawthorne to
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texas. crystie wouldn't leave momo's side the entire time they were there. >> crystie's like, i'm sorry, but i came here just to see mom. she wasn't leaving her room. like, she was just focused on her. >> if she can get next to my mom, she's going to be -- >> and that worked. your mom kind of rallied. >> oh, yeah. >> after two weeks the family drove back to los angeles, arriving in the middle of the night on september 23rd. two days later, this family learned a difficult truth. no matter how much you love and how much you care, sometimes you can't help your loved one when harm is headed their way. >> 911. >> yes, i'd like to report a gunshot. there's a woman, she's shot. she's laying on the floor in the garage. >> soon after, a neighbor of crystie's called tia with some brutal news. >> they just said that she was shot. i remember saying, who would
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shoot crysti? >> uh-huh. coming up -- >> she screamed the most harrowing scream. >> a family in anguish. >> i broke down crying. i just cried myself to sleep that night. >> and the first clues to the mystery. >> her purse was still intact, her clothes appeared to be intact. >> so what was going on here? >> that was our question. >> when with the o"one moment" . "os proof i can fight psoriatic arthritis... ...with humira. proof of less joint pain... ...and clearer skin in psa. humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb,
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911. >> yes, i'd like to report a
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gunshot. there's a woman, she's shot, she's laying on the floor in the garage. >> minutes after a 911 call, the hawthorne police arrived at crystal taylor's apartment building. detective robby williams wasn't far behind. >> i was at my desk and received a call from my patrol units that they had a young lady who was unresponsive and appeared she may have suffered a gunshot wound to the head. >> williams arrived and quickly sized up the scene. >> there was officers already trying to revive her. she's laying down in the lobby area of her apartment complex. that leads from the upper stairs which are the apartment into the garage area. >> and her stuff is sort of scattered around here. >> there was a set of keys in her hand and appears to be the car keys or house keys. just like we would come out of the house, getting ready to go into your car, and her purse was there. then we just started getting into the processing of a crime scene. making sure that we identify as
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many witnesses, if there's also other victims. >> but the only obvious victim was crystal. she'd been shot in the head. paramedics took her to the hospital and detective williams got straight to work finding witnesses. >> because this is early morning, there's kids walking io school, there's people preparing themselves for their day of work. a lot of people were up, a lot of people reported hearing the gunshot. >> a father making breakfast for his kids looked out the kitchen window when he heard a shot. he saw a man running. an 11-year-old girl on the sidewalk in front of the building also heard it and saw a man holding a shiny object. he jumped a fence and ran north. >> anybody actually see the shooting? >> no. and there was no surveillance cameras that captured it, either. >> but the crime scene was talking to detective williams. was she robbed? >> the evidence doesn't support a robbery. her purse was still intact. the amount of time between someone hearing a shot and someone else seeing someone running away from the crime
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scene, didn't necessarily support a robbery. >> was she sexually assaulted? >> no evidence supported that she was sexually lly assaulted. her clothes appear to be intact. >> you go into her apartment. >> yes. >> anything amiss in her apartment? >> no, it didn't appear there was a conflict, no sign of any type of physical confrontation. >> so what's going on here? >> that was our question. >> it was the first of many questions detective williams would have c. crystie's family was gathering at the hospital. later, they'd have questions, too, but right now they were all in shock. >> i got there first. they were, like, go in this room that was off to the side. well, i had already been to the hospital a lot with my mom so i knew that they took the family to a side room so i told them like, no, no, no, i don't want to go in there, i just want to go see about my sister. so then the doctor came out, he told me, he was like, well, she didn't make it.
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>> and i'm driving on the freeway and all of a sudden i just feet like she wasn't here. i hadn't talked to anybody else. i literally started -- i got in the carpool lane and started screaming in the car like no, no, this is not happening. >> the news that they'd lost their baby sister was unbearable. crystal taylor was just 27. >> when i got in, michelle was on the floor and i'm just like, looking at her, i tried to hug her. >> now they had to tell their ailing momo her baby was gone. >> when i had to call my mom to say, somebody killed crystie, she screamed the most harrowing, just, scream, i just knew, this is going to kill momo, too. >> there's nothing worse than burying your kids, i mean -- >> no. especially when you're already so sick. >> so sick. >> i remember when i was talking to my mom, i was like, don't you leave me because i saw her -- i saw my mom just give up and if it wasn't for javonte, mine, i
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she loves all her grandkids. she was fighting to make she would be all right. >> telling crystal's 10-year-old son was harder. >> sat next to him -- >> he crossed his arms like this. >> he just kind of leaned back. >> my poor little mama. >> your mom died. they didn't say how. >> you all kind of shielded javonte from what had happened. >> yes. >> how'd that work? and when he'd say, what happened, what would you tell him? >> he never really asked. he said, i don't have mom anymore. >> i don't have a mom anymore. we we were older and couldn't gasp what had happened to her so why give it to him in detail? he didn't need that then. >> so in one day, his whole world goes away. >> goes away. >> no more mom, no more home, no more life as he knew it. >> nothing. >> he taught himself to just be -- like, not even talk about it. you don't even know javonte's in a room. like, he learned to just -- i don't know, he just shut down. >> even now, javonte seems
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almost numb when talking about the worst day of his life. >> that night i pretty much, i broke down crying. i just cried myself to sleep that night. >> you remember that? >> yes. >> you remember what she looked like. >> yes. >> i heard you can't remember the sound of her voice. >> i cannot remember what she would sound like, no. >> does that bother you? >> a bit. yes. >> this family tragedy would only get worse because crystal taylor wasn't the only one killed by that bullet. coming up -- police drill down in the search for a suspect. >> we tend to focus on relatives or relationship partners. >> the men in crystal's life, one, two, three, of them. >> we're trying to find out who would have the motivation to do this. >> when "one moment" continues. okay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!!
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and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. your cells. trillions of them. that's why centrum contains 24 key nutrients to support your energy. so you can take care of what matters most. and try new centrum minis today. as crystal taylor's family tried to figure out how to cope with her murder, detective robby williams tried to figure out who might have wanted her dead. >> when we start recreating that person's life, we're trying to find out who would have the motivation to do this. and oftentimes, you know, a civilian like she was not involved in any criminal enterprise, we tend to focus on relatives or relationship partners >> the 11-year-old girl who'd seen the shooter running told cops that just before the shot
8:20 pm
rang out, she heard a man and a woman arguing. was that a clue? detective williams learned crystal had a boyfriend named dino. >> just a hardworking guy. was in a relationship with crystal on and off. and this is coming from the family and friends that knew about dino. >> and there was kenneth woods. father of crystal's 10-year-old son, javonte. >> javonte's father has got to be somebody you're going to look at. >> most definitely we did, trying to identify if there was an ongoing conflict. >> kenneth wasn't helping with javonte and there'd been conflict over child support in the past. crystal had obtained a court order requiring kenneth to pay. so, two possible leads and a third surfaced when willaiams went to crystal's office. >> we get to her place of employment, we talk to several young ladies that identified themselves as being her friend, and they're shocked that this has happened.
8:21 pm
>> they told him the day before she was killed crystal received a phone call at work that seemed to upset her. and then they dropped a bombshell. >> that, "a," she was pregnant and, "b," the person that she was pregnant by did not want her to be pregnant any longer. >> you couldn't tell crystal taylor was pregnant when you saw her lying on the ground? >> i couldn't tell. i couldn't tell. >> in fact, she was five months along. her unborn son died when she did. crystal had told friends the father of her child was a guy named derek smyer. so you want to find out where derek is. >> most definitely. we want to find out everything about him right now. >> the detective learned crystal and derek had a quick fling and only lasted a month or so. they'd met at anderson park, which is near their both jobs. by now, it was lunchtime. derek wasn't in his office. so williams drove to the park bringing crystal's work friends
8:22 pm
with him a, and one of them immediately noticed something. >> she points out a car that derek drives. >> his car was easy to spot. it had vanity plates that said, "mywhip." slang for a fancy car. then crystal's friend pointed out derek and detectives brought him in for a talk. >> go ahead and compose yourself. what is your last name, sir? >> smyer. >> first name? >> derek. >> do you have a middle name, derek? >> he freely answered your questions. he didn't ask for an attorney? >> no, he never requested an attorney during our interview time with him. >> when's the last time you saw her at her apartment that you can recall? >> last time was not recent. >> i >> okokay. >> i haven't seen her physically in about, let's see, couple months. >> two months? >> longer than that. >> discounted it, we were within
8:23 pm
and off really quick. >> did derek offer a theory of what might have happened with crystal? >> at some point in the interview he talked about her being involved with other people. >> did she mention this other boyfriend at all? >> she mentioned sometimes he would pop up at her apartment. sometimes she would say -- he's trying to get back with me. at least that's the impression. >> right. >> it might be true. trying to make me -- >> jealous or something. >> i don't know, you know what i mean? people say things. they're not always the truth. you know what i mean? >> did he acknowledge that crystal was pregnant with his child? >> he acknowledged that she was pregnant but came short of acknowledging that the child was his. >> you're the father of her child or she thinks you are? well, anyway -- >> you had a basic description of someone that witnesses saw running from the scene. >> yes. african-american male wearing a dark-colored hoodie with a scarf around hisdkerchief
8:24 pm
around his head. small build. wearing dark clothing with light facial hair. >> that description resembled derek smyer? >> it does. we initially authored a search warrant for r for his house. >> find anything in his house? >> no. >> no murder weapon? >> no murder weapon, no ammunition, no clothing that matched the suspect that was seen running away. >> what about his car? >> we searched that and found no evidence to suggest -- in terms of blood droppings or any type of weapons or anything that would suspect that crystal had been in there recently. >> derek smyer had no criminal record. he had a white-collar office job and he came from a close-knit loving family, said his sister, danielle. >> i really -- i looked up to my brother growing up. i was really quiet in school, but everyone knew who derek smyer was. >> he had your back. >> he had my back and there was no doubt that if anything happened he would there to take care of me. he was four years older than i
8:25 pm
was and so he had the pleasure of getting to middle school and high school before i did. >> so he'd kind of tell you here's what's coming. >> and when i got there, everyone accepted me with open arms because they had already accepted derek. derek was a great guy. >> so when she heard police were interviewing her brother about a murder, she questioned him, herself. >> and i asked derek, what is this? he said, i don't nope so, what happened? he said, i don't know what happened. >> he didn't say he knew anything about crystal taylor's death. >> nothing about crystal taylor's death. >> sounds to me you were pretty si fixated on derek pretty early. >> he was one of our top three. remember, we're looking at her son's father, looking at her love interest on and off guy, dino, and looking at now derek. >> how did javonte's father react when you told him crystal had been murdered. >> his reaction was shocked. >> and dino was devastated,
8:26 pm
police said. more important, both men had alibis. witnesses put them nowhere near crystal's apartment at the time of the murder. the same was true for derek smyer. his neighbors saw him at home at 7:30 not morning. meaning he couldn't have shot crystal. >> doesn't sound like it was enough to hold anybody on at that point. >> no. >> but soon enough, there would be another person police would be looking at. coming up -- >> i came around the corner and it was a guy, he was sitting on the stairs and he startled me a little bit. i kind of got this instinct that said, remember what he looked like. >> sisters turned investigators? >> we've been watching "cold case" and "criminal files" so we thought we were real detectives. >> he wasn't going to get away with killing our sister. >> when "one moment" continues. s thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body,
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ask your doctor about ibrance.
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hello, i'm dara brown. here's what's happening. as tributes pour in for the late justice ruth bader ginsburg the political debate over her successor is just getting started. at the national constitution center in philadelphia joe biden called on the senate to wait until after the election to consider a replacement. and over the weekend president trump said that he will name a woman to succeed ginsburg within days. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is moving ahead with plans for a confirmation hearing. now back to "dateline extra."
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sometimes the things people have to deal with after a loved one is murdered only intensify the agony. there was the bloody mess left at the crime scene. crystal's pastor and a family friend stepped in to clean it so the family wouldn't have to. the sisters were asked to donate crystal's organs. that proved too difficult a question to answer quickly. and there was one more thing. somebody told you you had to name the baby? >> she was already going to name him jeremiah. so we just stuck with it. >> jeremiah taylor wasn't supposed to be born for 20 more weeks. he never got a birth certificate. only a death certificate. then the coroner released his body along with his mother's so their family could say good-bye. >> it was an open casket. i remember i wanted to reach out and touch her. i just kind of sat in the chair looking down at the floor.
8:31 pm
waiting for it to be over. >> in the days after crystie died, everyone in the family spoke with police hoping they could help in some way. any way. michelle had a story about the day before crystie died. as she left with the kids that morning, there was a man in the lobby of their building. >> i came around the corner and it was a guy, he was sitting on the stairs. when i cam around, he startled me a little bit. i stopped to ask him what was he doing there. he told me he was waiting for someone. her apartment building, like, is not that big. everybody pretty much know each other. >> one or the other tan innocents. >> or the other tan innocents. >> tenants. >> when i got to the bottom of the stairs, told him the person he was waiting for, the car, she's not there. he told me, i know, she told me to wait. >> michelle had a bad feeling about him. >> i got this instinct that said, remember about he looked like and froze on what we looked
8:32 pm
like and went on about my business. >> and she warned crystie about the man. >> i called her to tell it there was a strange guy that was on the stairs, just be careful when she came home. >> what about this guy made you scared enough that you thought to call your sister? >> because he didn't belong there. >> and he was just kind of hanging around? >> he looked more street than the people who lived in her apartment complex. >> okay. >> that would be a good way of explaining it. >> so was the man michelle saw on monday the same man witnesses saw on tuesday? running from the scene after the murder? >> what i'd like to do is just know a little bit about -- >> police brought in shavona hall, the 11-year-old schoolgirl who saw the running man. >> did he have anything on his head? >> yeah. >> with her mom at her side, she worked with a forensic artist from the los angeles sheriff's department on a sketch of the suspect. >> what can you tell me about his nose, his eyes, his mouth? >> michelle worked with the same artist.
8:33 pm
does the description of the guy crystal's sister says was waiting on the staircase, does that match the description of the guy people say were running away after the shooting? >> almost identical. >> here's the sketch drawn from both their descriptions. you happy with the final sketch? it looked like the guy? >> oh, yeah. it looked like him. >> but he didn't look like any of the men in crystal taylor's life. not derek. not dino. and not javante's father, kenneth. cop would have to figure out who he was and where to find him. monica and michelle didn't want to wait for that. >> we've been watching "cold case" and crimin"criminal files all that so we thought were were a real detective. >> too much tv can be a dangerous thing. was the dynami the taylor family. the sisters who were going to help crystal raise her son are now helping solve her murder. so sketch in hand, they
8:34 pm
canvassed the neighborhood. you, not the police? >> she became so obsessed. >> it worried me how obsessed she was with -- she would say, he's not going to get away with doing this to my baby sister. >> tia was afraid her mom and aunt were putting their own lives in danger. >> i threatened to tell the police, like, you guys are not supposed to be doing that, like, you guys don't have weapons. what are you going to do -- what are you looking for? then what are you going to do if you find it? >> but there's no arguing with success. michelle and monica's amateur detective work paid off. after showing the sketch around, they got a tip. the guy in the sketch was a gang banger who went by the street name, cstyles. now, the sisters wanted to find him. if you're right, if this is the guy, he's a killer and a gang banger. and you're just going to, what, walk up on him and say -- >> he wasn't going to get away with killing our sister. >> i wanted to be able to tell the police where he was, like,
8:35 pm
let's go get him. >> they didn't find him, but they did tell detective williams who ran the name through a gang database and discovered, unfortunately, there was more than one cstyles. >> there's a cstyles, there's a lil cstyles. >> eventually, williams found a cstyles who'd been on probation at the time of the murder. >> our first goal was to identify the connection between the cstyles and crystal taylor. any gang affiliation, any relatives, was he a boyfriend, ex-boyfriend? the sisters say no. her friends say no. there's no evidence to support that they even knew each other. >> although, maybe they knew each other and she didn't tell anybody. >> exactly. we have to also keep that as a card on the table. okay. so, how can we start proving this out? i start examining where their lines may have crossed. crystal taylor works in carson. she goes to anderson park. oh. there's information that cstyles hangs out at anderson park.
8:36 pm
okay. >> they brought in cstyles. legal name, skyler moore. >> you say to him, what do you have to do with the murder of crystal taylor and he says? >> i don't know her, i did not do this. but he's studying her photo. >> and then cstyles continued to talk. >> he's coming up with an analysis of the person who would have done this. and he refers to the person as this person had a lot of rage, this person had a lot of rage in them to do that. >> as opposed to just saying, i didn't do any murder, i don't know who this is. >> exactly. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> exactly. >> that seemed rather strange, but so did this. there was no obvious reason for cstyles to kill crystal taylor. >> true if you're worried about bei becoming a victim of gang violence you're probably safest in the morning because these guys stay up very late and don't roll out of bed until late
8:37 pm
morning or noon? >> i'm not going to say that that's a fact, but it's more true than not. >> if somebody is up and working at 7:00 or 7:30 in the morning, their paths just wouldn't cross. >> not normally. not a hardcore serious type of person like a cstyle. >> so, was he the man in the parking garage? on that question cstyles wasn't terribly helpful, but then he did something surprising. after staring at crystal's photo and floating theories about her killer, cstyles suddenly confessed to a different murder of a rival gang member. >> i don't do this for a living, but he wasn't even being charged with that and you weren't even asking him about that. >> i didn't even know there was a murder. >> so why would he blurt that out? >> you have to understand cstyles' mentality. cstyles' mentality is that there's nobility in killing the
8:38 pm
enemy. there is no nobility or honor in killing a lady who's pregnant. >> someone who's innocent. >> yes. >> not somebody in the life. >> right. because it goes right in line with building your resume. so if your resume as a gangster is that i go out and i put in work for my gang, including killing, including robbery, well, eventually, you're going to have to prove that, okay, when's the last time you killed somebody, when's the last time you killed a robbery? this was his advertisement by taking claim for, yeah, i shot these guys, i shot this guy, i killed him, but i wouldn't do her. i wouldn't kill her. >> detective williams was convinced cstyles was only copping to the other murder to distance himself from crystal's.
8:39 pm
and then all the witnesses in crystal's murder picked him out of a lineup. two months after crystal taylor's death, skyler moore, aka, cstyles, was charged with murdering her and her unborn baby, jeremiah. justice seemed close at hand. it was not. coming up -- >> i'm looking for this guy day and night. >> then you see hem finally. >> i'm obsessed with him. >> and he's in court right in front of you. face to face with a confessed killer. >> you weren't afraid to testify. >> yes, i was. i was praying and asking god to make her strong enough, but i was really scared. >> when "one moment" continues.
8:40 pm
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8:43 pm
fear that you'll be next. >> i was afraid opening the door in the morning, like, there's a blind spot when i first walk out, like, i'm literally looking out like this every morning. >> you all looking over your shoulders? >> oh, yeah. >> looking over our shoulders, really bad. i was in almost a post traumatic stress syndrome kind of thing, just nervous all the time. >> with skyler moore, aka, cstyles, charged in the murder, there was some sense of relief. >> to know that this guy was off the street was some comfort because he was the one that could show up and kill anybody. >> even so, the sisters were still afraid to face him at the preliminary hearing. >> tough to be in the courtroom and see him? >> oh, yeah. >> we were crying. as soon as we walked through the door in court. we thought, like, i don't know what i'm going to do when i see him, you know, the shooter. >> i'm looking for this guy day and night. >> yeah. >> then you see him finally. >> i'm obsessed with him. yeah. >> he's in court right in front of you. >> he's in court right in front of me and i'm expecting to have this visceral reaction to him and i felt like --
8:44 pm
>> like he had some remorse. i remember we told the detective i was like, he looked like he had some remorse. >> the detective didn't buy it for a minute. >> she was like, no, he's a straight-up killer, he don't have no remorse. >> whatever the taylors saw, that hint of humanity in a cold-blooded killer, cstyles still scared them. >> you weren't afraid to testify. >> yes, i was. >> but you went ahead and did it. >> i went ahead and did it because i was praying and asking god to make us strong enough to be able to do whatever it is we needed to do, but i was really scared. >> michelle testified she saw cstyles at crystal's building the day before the shooting. it was up to other witnesses to place him there the day crystal was killed, and there was several who could. the man making his kids breakfast. a neighbor who saw a man who looked like cstyles around 1:00 that same morning watching the building. another neighbor who actually
8:45 pm
knew cstyles and thought he saw him loitering in the area. except all those witnesses were afraid to testify in open court against a known gang member. all except one, the schoolgirl who may not have known enough to be afraid. >> ms. hall who was a child, essentially, when she saw someone running away from the scene of crystal taylor's murder. she was willing to continue testifying. >> yes, she was. >> but her family was pretty worried. her mother, in particular. >> yes, her mother was really, really concerned about that. >> the d.a. had his own concerns. the testimony of a schoolgirl and the sister of the victim didn't seem enough to convict. and that's about all the evidence they had. police never found any dna, fingerprints, or forensic evidence that linked cstyles to the garage of crystal taylor's apartment. and while they found a .38 caliber bullet lodged in
8:46 pm
crystal's brain, they never found the gun that fired it. let alone link that gun to cstyles or anyone else. if cstyles went to trial and was acquitted, that would be the end of it. and so rather than take that chance, the d.a. dropped the charges. >> the prosecutor said we don't want to try this case now because we don't have the evidence right now and the witnesses are skittish. we want to wait. and you think that's going to be a couple of months >> couple months. >> maybe a year. >> uh-huh. >> instead, many months passed and nothing happened. the nation grew obsessed with the murder of a 27-year-old pregnant woman, but it wasn't crystal taylor. >> laci peterson's case is showing on the news every night and crystie's a same, beautiful young lady, pregnant and there's no coverage. you're offended that everybody is going on with life like the world kept going. just one person's gone and people go to work the next morning, the birds are chirping,
8:47 pm
and it all offends you. it's just weird. >> you're thinking when's our turn? >> yeah. then i'm like, when is our turn? >> momo died six months after her daughter, crystal. her family says the cause was as much heartbreak as heart disease. and all of that took a huge toll on the taylors. >> everyone was hurting so no one really wanted to be around what would bring up that sadness again. and that was us, being together. so we separated for a while. >> and so what had been a big, happy, close, family kind of splintered. >> yeah. >> cstyles was convicted of the gang murder he had admitted to. his sentence, life in prison. and crystal taylor's murder remained officially unsolved. the sisters were sure cstyles had pulled the trigger, but they were sure of something else, too. cstyles had no reason to kill their sister. someone put him up to it.
8:48 pm
and they thought they knew who that someone was. coming up -- >> he did this to crystie, he did this to all of us. >> and he got away with it. >> and he got away with it. >> the chilling clue crystal had given her family. >> you're all kind of beating yourself up for not listening to crystie's warning. >> exactly. >> right. >> i whispered, that's the guy, that's the guy who had crystal taylor killed. >> when "one moment" continues. s i worried about my hep c. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret... ...i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure for all types of hep c. before starting mavyret your doctor will test... ...if you've had hepatitis b which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b, a liver or kidney transplant,... ...other liver problems, hiv-1, or other medical conditions,... ...and all medicines you take. don't take mavyret with atazanavir... ...or rifampin, or if you've had certain liver problems.
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8:51 pm
for the taylor's family, history had been split in two. it was before when they had crystal when life was good and then there is after. >> people treating us like are y'all still talking about that. >> they want you to move on. >> everybody wanted you to move on. >> i can't move on. what life? this is my life. i don't have a life to go back to. >> they could not move forward. they could not go back. they kept going over the last day of crystal's life. rewind that trip when they visited their ill mother in texas. they arrived back to los angeles, saturday and sunday, yet crystal woke up early the next day. >> she insisted going to church. she got up and prayed and cried.
8:52 pm
she was going through shotgomet but did not share it with us. she saw crystal went a different way in the garage which may have saved her life for 24 hours. what they did not learn was much later that crystal was crying on the last day of her life. she didn't say anything. >> she didn't want to worry anyone and hoped that everything would work out >> what was the matter crystal taylor? there it was. a moment. it happened during their car trip back from texas. >> she was on her phone listening to something and put her phone down. she says if anything happens to me, it was derrick. >> derrick myles, the father of
8:53 pm
her unborn child. >> don't worry about him, don't worry about him helping with the baby. >> they thought that was all it was. derrick did not want to help raise the child. now they play that moment over and over. wait, what did he say to you? don't talk to him. >> we are so used to picking up on her and on going. >> she brought it up that she was worried or you didn't hear it or it did not sound bad enough. you are all beating yourselves up for not listening to crystal's warning. it sieounds to me that you haveo be a mind reader to know she was really concerned. the years started to pass and they thought a lot about derrick. they believe he was the only one
8:54 pm
who had something to gain from her death. as they have done stops, michelle and monica now try to find derrick. >> i didn't know derrick's name. >> and we were spelling his name the wrong way. >> if they managed to tail derrick, they would not find the killer. >> he got his bachelor's degree and started his own company. he was doing great. he was always happy and on good spirit and driven. >> he still have that silver mustang convertible with the custom plate. tia spotted the car. >> i felt this was so unfair that it is a nice, sunny day and he's going on with life. it is just like trip me out like
8:55 pm
this guy did this to my family. he did it to christie and momo and michelle. >> and he got away with it. >> even detective robbie william saw derrick one day at the airport. >> my wife and i on our way to a vacation and i looked up and i see derrick walked right past us. william never forgotten crystal taylor. he taken the case file with it. he would always share the family suspicion that derrick was somehow behind crystal's murder. >> i whispered to my wife, that's the guy that killed crystal >> here he is going on vacation
8:56 pm
just like you are having a great time. >> or so it seemed. help was about to come from the last place anyone expected. on the day crystal was murdered, when detective williams saw derrick at anderson park. derrick was not alone. >> there was a group of men sitting near a picnic area talking. >> much later, after c-style was arrested and detective williams got a good look at him, he thought the gang-bangor lo er l familiar. >> if i had only known. >> now a decade later, there was no way to prove who the man in the park might have been.
8:57 pm
>> and crystal did. >> c-style serving for murder and nothing is happening to derrick. >> nothing that's happening to derrick that i can see. i am a believer of karma. you got to pay for what you have done wrong. >> i am guessing you prefer in this life. >> yes. >> maybe it was karma or maybe it was luck. maybe it was good police work. whatever it was on june 15th, 2011, l.a. sheriff deputy, richard lopez and his partner smith found skyler morris in prison. >> that would be crystal taylor's murder. detective smith worked with hawthorne on the case. >> we got three hours still to
8:58 pm
play. let's pull it. >> coming up. we are looking on some cases. conversations with the convict. >> if you tell us something that you remember truthfully, we can corroborate it, we can get you to california. >> is c-style about to come clean when "one moment" continues. e clean when "one moment" continues. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a buildup of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take,
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9:02 pm
crystal taylor was killed september 25th, 2001. ten years later her unsolved murder was still an open case. detectives believe skyler moore, c-style was the person who shot her but they did not have enough evidence to try him and they thought the father of her unborn child may have been involved as well. now detective richard lopez and smith were at a northern california prison sitting right across c-style.
9:03 pm
>> c-styles was staying even less than he did in 2001. detective lopez gave it a try. he questioned a lot of gang members and he knew c-styles had enemies in prison. >> you are tired looking over your back because that's why you are in a hole. >> well, we are looking for some help on some cases. if you tell us something that you remember truthfully remember, we can corroborate it and we can get you out of california. >> to where though? >> arizona, illinois, tennessee. >> detective lopez assured c-styles this was not your typical police investigation. >> so anything you say can't be used against you. we are not trying to put a case on you, we are trying to get the
9:04 pm
truth. >> detective lopez shows c-styles some photos of derrick and crystal. >> you know what's up, okay? it is a good act though. you know and no one is telling the police but everybody does, dude. >> when you are told, stitches get stitches and you don't tell the police. when they break that barrier, they have the tendency to talk and all the things that bothered them when they're in the light begins to come out. >> that's what happened here. >> yep. >> c-styles started to talk. turns out that was him in the park with derrick. he met derrick playing basketball. the same park where derrick met crystal. that was the connection investigators have looked for, between c-styles and derrick.
9:05 pm
back in the summer of 2001, derrick began complaining about a problem named crystal taylor. >> he described derrick being desperate because of this pregnant girl. he said derrick called her gold digger and by getting rid of her that takes care of the problem of child support. >> he said derrick and c-styles worked out a deal. c-styles would pull the trigger and derrick would owe him a favor. >> that's how this works? i thought when you wanted somebody kill you pay money for that. >> everybody glamourizes and
9:06 pm
thinks it that way. >> he want to do this and derrick would be indebted to him. >> c-styles said derrick told him where crystal lived. >> he got to the location and waiting for the victim to come down the stairs, in fact, i believe he ran into her sister the day before. he waits for her and she comes down and he shoots her and he runs outs of the garage area. >> did he call derrick or meet with him? for he believes derrick tried to avoid him. they finally meet in the park. when we interviewed skyler he says at this point he's becoming suspicious of derrick that derrick may tell him so he's going to kill him. >> you are looking at a guy hard gang-banger living that one
9:07 pm
life. what's it for him confessing to another murder? >> he felt bad about this. he wanted to make it right. >> killed a pregnant woman bothered him but not other people. >> didn't seem to. >> police thought they finally had the story about who killed cryst crystal taylor. it was a story they could tell in court, not yet anyway. coming up, that dynamic duo of sister detectives was not done yet. >> we were you know back on the job. >> shifting your focus to derrick. >> my brother is not a perfect man but my brother is an insane man. when "one moment" continues. man. when "one moment" continues. ♪
9:08 pm
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9:10 pm
by 2011, the taylor family, crystal's murder was an ugly
9:11 pm
scar that was never fwoigoing t heal. >> we still wanted answer. >> the phone rang. detective shared the big news of their prison interview with c-styles. >> they said, well, he confessed and that this was derrick that put him up to it. >> mr. styles saw another woman and thought that was christie. >> that was you? >> uh-huh. >> he said he was considered killing you. >> you were that close getting killed. >> yes. detectives still have not figured out how to use c-styles off the record confession to make a case against derrick. >> sisters michelle and monica could not resist going back to prowling the streets looking for clues.
9:12 pm
>> you shifted your focus to derrick. >> we never thought he should get away with it. >> i go back and i found businesses they had. >> they figured out where derrick lived. >> do you regularly drive by his house? >> back on the job, making sure since the case reopens that they have enough evidence this time. >> detective pulled out the old file and read everything, police report, forensic reports and interviews. >> what he read lined up with what c-styles told him. >> description of the place and meeting of the victim easter. >> with all that information,
9:13 pm
lopez decided to take a chance, arrest derrick and apply some pressure and see if he'll crack. so nine years and ten months after taylor's murder, derrick smyles sat in the interview room. >> he would answer questions but before he answers it, he'll give a reason why his answer was this. >> derrick denied everything. lopez thought he was lying but what he was not doing was cracking. >> you are not a likable person. i don't know if anybody is going to believe you and he didn't seem to mind. >> it is possible that derrick was not worried because he was not guilty. during those ten years from 2001 to 2011, what's derrick doing and how is he?
9:14 pm
>> no, he seems like a man who's flo flourishing. derrick's danielle was shocked. >> we played and we were into sports and we have parents that were apart of all of our sport leagues and taken us to summer camps. >> what sports? >> we played everything. derrick loves football and basketball and softball. you name it, we did it. >> derrick was just 16 when tracy got pregnant. it was news their parents was not happy to here. >> we are in shocked, especially my dad.
9:15 pm
>> was derrick excited about the baby? >> he was. i don't think he was excited first but i think he was honestly secondahones honestly scared. what 16 years old would not be scared? towards the end of the pregnancy, he was excited. we were getting prepared. >> derrick's daughter was born and instantly derrick had to be an adult. >> he dropped out of high school so he can get a full-time job. he was still doing what he could to support that baby. >> that changes your life. >> that does. >> and that forced a lot of your options. >> absolutely. derrick was a hardworking guy. in 2002, the year after crystal died, derrick had another daughter with the same woman. >> the most part he was a
9:16 pm
full-time dad. danielle says he was in his children's life danielle insists this father of two would not commission a murder over an unplanned pregnancy if in fact he was the father of crystal's child. >> did derrick tell you he was dating crystal taylor? >> i never heard a crystal taylor before he was actually arrested in 2011. >> did he mention he got a girl pregnant and concerned about that? >> no, he didn't tell me that. >> and there is adam. there is no way her brother hung out with a gang-banger. >> c-styles, ever met him? >> no. >> never heard derrick talked about him. my parents were not into gang violence or any of that nonsense. derrick would not affiliate
9:17 pm
himself with gang members. danielle says her brother had nothing to do with crystal murder and c-styles was a liar. >> he was known as a jailhouse snitch and he harassed and beaten up by people where he's currently housed at. the deal for him is that he gets relocated out of state to a place where nobody knows him. >> he says the cops took the path. >> they had it for derrick from the start. >> my brother is not a perfect man but him being pulled in and harassed by the police and children being taken from him, that's not my brother's fault. my brother is an innocent man. >> and maybe she was right.
9:18 pm
the da says there was not enough evidence to prosecute it. >> we let him go. it was tough letting him go. >> derrick was once a freeman. >> i bet you he thought he would never see us again. >> if that was true, he was wrong. coming up, someone steps forward with a stunning new lead. >> she was assaulted and her neck was cut. >> another attack on a pregnant woman. who could be behind this when "one moment" continues. when "one moment" continues on a formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient
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9:21 pm
go to for risk information and instructions for use. consult your healthcare provider before starting on omnipod. simplify diabetes. simplify life. omnipod. hello, across the country, everyone is paying tribute to justi justice ginsburg. she died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 87. "schitts creek" made the academy award. now back to "dateline extra."
9:22 pm
derek smyer was out of jail. he insisted he was an innocent man, a father of two who had no reason to committed a murder just because he got one pregnant. >> detectives are still investigating. what they heard were more convinced than ever. they spoke with tracy, the mother of derek's children. early on the case, she avoided the cops. now she was eager to tell him what happened in 1998 when she was pregnant with derek's first child. >> she got lured to the back and she was assaulted and her neck was cut. >> by some other person. >> rushed to the hospital and she told us that she was leery because derek never asked to take her to the hospital. he asked her to come to the rear of the alley where it is darker
9:23 pm
and does not have much exit. >> there is the scar from the attack. >> according to tracey, it was just the beginning. >> that was not the last time she was assaulted while she was pregnant. >> tracy told police in 2002, when she was pregnant with their second child, she was attacked again. the assailant tried to kick her in the stop i cmach. >> that person was never caught. >> she believed derek was behind both attacks. she said in both cases, he wanted her to have an abortion. >> after you are pregnant by one guy and you get lured to the back of your apartment building and somebody tries to kill you, why do you helicoptcontinue you relationship? >> you have to understand with
9:24 pm
derek smyer. he's a manipulator of women. >> cops saw a pattern. >> we discovered that derek had been in prison for federal offense. he was scamming money from a bank. >> it happened in 2004, here is derek in this fuzzy bank security photo stealing money from other people's bank accounts. he had a girlfriend who worked at a credit union and he got account numbers from her and used them to move money into accounts he can withdraw. >> the investigators did not find it. >> you heard about derek. >> i was not surprised at who he used as an accomplice. >> his girlfriend. >> yes. >> why were you not surprise?
9:25 pm
>> derek possesses that type of what can you do for me mentality. >> manipulator and self-center and arrogant. >> maybe that's why derek never shy away from talking to cops or why he never asked for a lawyer or maybe he was not guilty. >> definitely he thought he was smarter than we were anyway. what did we have? >> when derek was briefly arrested, derek asked him who he was with at anderson park on the day crystal was murdered. detective thought it was c-styles but there is no way to prove it. under questioning, derek gave them one. >> he said i saw a woman in the backseat. >> the backseat of detective williams' police car. derek said he saw her quite
9:26 pm
clearly. >> the look on her face was she was totally distraught. which gave detective lopez an idea. if he's that close to see she's distraught then she should have a good look of who he's talking to. no one showed a picture of c-styles to her. now they did. that was who derek was talking to in the park. >> that was the missing link. a witness who could correct c-styles to derek smyer. >> one last piece, the da wanted c-styles' interview again. >> this time they make sure what he said could be used in court. >> you have the right to remain silence, do you understand? >> c-styles told the same story with the same details, how he met derek and how derek wanted help with crystal taylor.
9:27 pm
>> you talk about when you are going to kill her? >> i told him asap. police arrested derek smyer for the murder of crystal taylor. a jury though would have other ideas. h would have other ideas. >> coming up, a bomb shell from the defense. did someone else killed crystal? >> witnesses testified to hear the argument. she was confronting the killer. >> was this murder a hit at all? >> this is breaking me. when "when moment" continues. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said? no you were talking about allstate and insurance.
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9:30 pm
it took police ten years to arrest derek smyer for the murder of crystal taylor. it took another five years to bring him into trial. detective robbie williams knew the case was not airtight. >> juries like dna. >> in this case money transfer and the lack of cell phone records and attaching the two defendants together. >> the only thing connecting derek to the murder was the confession of the trigger man, skyler moore, aka, c-styles.
9:31 pm
there is no guarantee the jury will take the word of a gang-banger. so with nervous and anticipation, the taylor family filing in the courthouse. >> facts and your common sense will lead you to one conclusion. crystal taylor died at the hands of scott moore derek smyer. >> he does not want the kids and does not want to pay child support. he found the right man for the job of stopping crystal, his
9:32 pm
basketball buddy, c-styles. >> he's a gang member, he's a killer. mr. smyer knew who to go to when he wanted crystal taylor taken care of. prosecutors show the jour ury t confession test. >> how did you do it? >> shot her. >> when you left the area, did you -- >> they call c-styles to testify. instead of tieing a bow on a case, he wound a grenade and blew it to pieces. c-styles told the jury everything he said on that date was a lie. >> people have false confessions
9:33 pm
all the time. it happens all the time. he says c-styles made up a story the cops wanted to hear. he was hoping to get better treatment in prison. >> he came in and admitted they meet these offers and that's why he did it. >> do you think police rush these judgments here? >> absolutely. they went with my client and excluded others. >> without c-styles confession, there was no evidence linking derek to the murder. >> they are alleging multiple conversations, planning without any proof or where or when or how? there is no e-mails between moore and smyer. there is no text messages and no phone calls. >> the defense portrays derek as a man who loves his children and
9:34 pm
not one two tried to have them murdered. >> it is important when you look at this case that you evaluate his expression on this face. >> not only smyer innocent of taylor's murder but maybe c-styles, too. >> maybe they said this was not a hit after all. several of the witnesses testified in hearing arguments and all of a sudden, the argument ended, there was a pause and a gunshot, it is inconsistent with a hired hit. >> if it is not hit then what happened? defense had a theory, it involves this photo found near her body. >> it is obvious that miss taylor was holding that picture when she got shot. >> smyer was not allowed --
9:35 pm
>> i think she was confronting her killer, the only thing you are going to see is a photograph of your son until you pay child support. >> and you think that was when she was shot. >> absolutely. derek told the jury his client was an innocent man. >> this tragedy will become him if you can't fix a person that's not involved. i am asking for a not guilty verdict on all count. >> crystal's family was worried. >> the wait for a verdict wassing a gowa
9:36 pm
was agonizing. >> i am nervous. i don't want to do this again. i can't do this again. it is not easy. >> then it was a week then one week turned into two. >> i am like i am just praying. i keep praying no matter what i see or hear, i keep praying. everyday the waiting was harder. that was true for derek's family, too. >> i started getting nervous. i was there everyday anxiously waiting so that we can hear that verdict. i see the jurors coming out of there red in the face, almost like they're arguing back there. >> like they had been yelling. >> the jury was in the deliberating room longer than the trial. >> it was the longest deliberations i ever had in any case. >> the longer it goes, the more you think maybe we are going to get a hunch on it. >> yes. >> you always hoped that people
9:37 pm
will see the light and lack of evidence in this case. it is hard to get to that point. >> after 21 days. the jury reassembled in the courtroom. the jury has not been able to reach a verdict. a mistrial. >> this is breaking me. i can't do it. i will pull it back together but today i don't want to do it again. >> coming up, trial number two, this time new evidence and a new witness. >> what would she reveal when "one moment" continues. when "one moment" continues ...or this....
9:38 pm
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9:41 pm
it was like their own nightmare. nearly nine months after the mistrial, crystal family's entered the courthouse wondering if this time justice will finally be served. >> wido you feel any better bei in the second trial than the first? >> i did, we knew what they were going to say. >> we hoped that you know whatever mistakes was made on the first trial, they'll learn and prepare and do better. >> two big differences this time around. first skyler moore, c-styles, was on trial along with derek. derek's jury would not see c-styl c-styles' confession tape. here was a man they told the
9:42 pm
jury who do almost anything to avoid paying child support. >> crystal and her five-month-old unborn son was killed with one gunshot. >> that fit a pattern. >> they called derek's old girlfriend, tracy williamson, who repeated her story with the first time she was pregnant with derek's child. she was attacked by a man she did not know. >> he put a knife on my throat. >> did he cut you with a knife? > >> yes. >> the second attack? >> somebody socked me on the face and somebody stomped me on my stomach and my face >> then derek's own daughter took the stand against him. she told this that derek hated
9:43 pm
being a father. >> he was very rude. he didn't spend much time with me. when he did, it seems like it was kind of for show. he would be a certain way and when those people left, he would go back to his rudeness and kind of monstrous ways. >> prosecutors called her sister, michelle, when she testified in the first trial. >> i was afraid of wait, it was going to get to me mentally the second time. i was afraid for myself. nev michelle took the stand and testified to seeing the alleged gunman c-styles in their apartment complex the day before
9:44 pm
her sister's murder. >> what did you say? >> i told him what was he doing there. >> what did you hear. >> it was like a gunshot, a big noise. >> what occurred? >> prosecutors then had to connect c-styles. >> detective williams told the jury that c-styles was with derek at the park on the day that crystal taylor was ambushed and murdered. >> it was not until you saw him in person that you were able to remember that he resembles the person at the park? >> totally. >> yes. >> as before, crystal's friend
9:45 pm
and co-worker, janet, left no doubt with her testimony. >> as you sit here today, did you see both of those individuals in the park? >> yes. >> janna told the jurors while cryst cryst crystal was excited to have a son, she was afraid so janna told for her via e-mail. >> after you send the e-mail, did you get a phone call? >> it was derek smyer and he was not happy. >> he just didn't want kids. he didn't want her to have a baby. >> did he say anything to you about trying to do something with crystal. >> if i can get her to get rid of the baby. he'll do whatever he can but he does not want to have the baby. >> janna recalled the day before crystal was murdered, derek
9:46 pm
called again. >> could you hear anything with respect to the conversation she was having? >> no. the only thing i heard was before she hung up the phone, she was like whatever because she was crying and got up from her desk. >> did you see where she went? >> bathroom. >> when follow her in the restroom, what was she doing? >> crying. >> first, a photo of derek at in high school team, he did play basketball. police believed derek met skyler moore on the basketball court. the second new piece of evidence was key footage, he was at the
9:47 pm
7-eleven. he lied about where he was back in 2001. >> did he tell you that he went to the 7-eleven? > >> no. >> derek's defense went offense portraying the mother of his two children was a liar. >> have you lied to your family members like your aunt, sister danielle about things about mr. smyer? >> because i don't want you to talk about him. >> have you ever lied? >> all the time. >> tracey williamson was admitted liar and untruthful so you could not believe her. janna saw c-styles and derek together. >> derek's sister said the idea
9:48 pm
that derek met a gang-banger was absurd. >> did he play basketball in high school? >> yes, he did. i played basketball into sophomore year. derek does not play basketball anymore. >> in this court, everything was on the line. that's when derek smyer would never shy away from explaining himself took the stand. >> did you have anything to do with the death of crystal taylor? >> no. the beautiful dad to be. >> does the jury agree? >> it is like time froze. >> when "one moment" continues. s never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis.
9:49 pm
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9:51 pm
it is a calculated risk for the defendant to testify at a trial. derek smyer was willing to take it. prosecutors painted him as a child-hating, cold-blooded killer. >> you recall the birth of your daughter, sid? >> yes, i did. >> what was the date? april 26th, 1998. >> and you were there for the birth, correct? >> of course. >> derek told the jury he was a
9:52 pm
loving and devoted father to his two girls. >> how do you describe your relationship? > >> while they're growing up, strong in my opinion. >> he was adamant he had nothing to do on the attack of tracy. >> did you have her attacked and you wanted her kids killed? >> i was working and invested in the well-being of my daughter. >> derek told the jury he was a good dad with tracy's children. >> were you angry that miss taylor was going to keep this child? >> no, sir. >> was this going to ruin your life? >> no, sir. >> were you worried of child support? >> no, sir. >> why not? >> because i was ready. >> i asked how she was feeling.
9:53 pm
>> why? >> i know before she was having morning sickness. >> derek made sure he let the jurors know that he mark the time to her death. >> how long did you work? >> until about two weeks after we lost crystal. >> crystal's family -- >> it bothered me so much to hear him say that. he never called or cared. >> as for the prosecution theory that he hatched the plot on the basketball court with skyler moore with c-styles to kill crystal taylor, impossible for two reasons. >> did you ever played basketball? >> no, sir. >> prior to this case, have you seen skyler moore in your life? >> no, sir. >> derek had an explanation why she showed up at the 7-eleven?
9:54 pm
>> he said he stopped for cash. my mother asked me to run an errand for her. derek forcefully denied any involvement in crystal's murder. >> did you have anything to do with the death of crystal taylor? >> no, i did not. >> did you have her shot in the head so she could not give birth to your baby? >> no, i did not. >> derek was not done. >> cross-examination. >> why did you ask her to get a paternity test in. >> because i was being responsible, ma'am. >> was responsible putting on a condom? >> did you tell her to get an
9:55 pm
abortion? >> no, not directly. >> in directly you told her to get an abortion. >> yes, ma'am. >> for his talk of losing crystal. the prosecution pointed out he never once tried to consul her family. >> did you send flowers to the family when she died? >> no, ma'am. >> did you send the family a card, a sympathy card when she was murdered? >> all of it was an attempt to show the jury that derek was as con. a criminal, amused by his failed attempt of bank fraud. >> i diplomat get my cut. >> you think that's funny. >> i was hesitant to say that but i want to tell the truth. >> that smile on your face, would you agree saying it all? >> as for derek's story the night before the murder to
9:56 pm
deliver a crock pot. they thought it was a crock of something else. >> you didn't tell detective smith about a trip to your aunt, did you? >> maybe he was confident or smug or a little too familiar with the rules of criminal law. >> mr. smyer, you didn't want another child. if crystal taylor had that baby, you would have had to support two kids in 2001. >> i am sorry, i believe that's compound. >> i don't know which one ises the lawyer. >> he tried to rule the jury with. >> he was impressive. >> that drivers ys you nuts. >> once again, derek's fate was
9:57 pm
in the hands of the jury. >> deliberations took barely more than a day. >> how did derek looks? >> he looks cocky and arrogant. >> we the jury, find the defendant guilty of the crime of murder. >> i got to run out of there because i can't hold an emotion. i wanted to scream by then. oh. i was so happy. i was so happy. more happy than i have ever been in my life. >> across the isle, a different emotion. >> they read that guilty verdict? it is like time froze. i was in shock. how does this happen? >> outside it has courtroom, a gesture from the opposing side caught danielle off guard. >> michelle came up to me in
9:58 pm
that hallway, i didn't shed any tears because i was trying to contain my emotions. she hugged me and she said zeshs sorry. and i bursted in tears. i bursted in tears because that to me is a true example of humanity regardless of what we have gone through. our families have both gone through a lot and we have lost a lot continuing the grieve but i appreciate the humanity that she showed. >> derek smyer was sentenced to life without parole. >> c-styles was convicted in crystal's murder and received two life sentences without parole to be served consecutively. >> crystal's son reconnected
9:59 pm
with his dad but still hurts from the loss of his mom. >> i am always going to miss her. i don't think she wants me to live a life, let it hold you back of everything that has happened. >> she didn't want you miserable. >> easier said than done. >> crystal's family once splintered and now feeling they're coming together again. it is not the same they say as when crystal was with her but it slowly is getting better. they have a plea for other potential crystal taylor there. >> this won't change or save her but somebody knows in a relationship like this tells somebody. it can happen to anybody. >> if you are with somebody that makes you feel threaten, tell someone loudly and now. if you hear someone else, speak up.
10:00 pm
don't let a cry for help go by. y i'm craig melvin. >> and i'm natalie morales. >> and this is "dateline." i called my mom and she didn't answer. i pretty much knew in my heart that something was wrong.h >> a mother vanished. >> i cried myself to sleep. it was awful realizing your worst nightmare had come true. >> a family anguished. >> she's gone. do you have any idea how hard that was? >> now the questions begin in a southern gothic mystery. >> the case is puzzling.


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