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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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cornerstone of global security and in a few weeks we'll be meeting in warsaw for the nato summit and shared values including our commitment to democracy and pleuralism and opportunity for all people in a globalized world. that will continue to unite all of us. and that is the work that brings us here today. the world has returning. it is interconnected. all of you represent that interconnection. many of you are catalyzing it and accelerating it. it promises to bring extraordinary benefits but it also has challenges and it also evokes concerns and fears. so part of why this global entrepreneurship summit has been so close to my heart, something that i've been so committed to is because i believe all of you represent all the up side of ap
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interconnected world, all the optimism and hope and opportunity that interconnected world renpresents. it's also important in these discussions to find ways in which we are expanding and br d broadening the benefits of that interconnection to more and more people. that's what so many of you are doing. we're gathered here at stanford in the heart of silicon valley, which is one of the great hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship not just for america but for the world. this is a place that celebrates our ability as human beings to discover and learn and to build, to question, to remadge gin to create new ways to connect and work with each other, where two guys in a garage, bill hue lit
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and dave packard launched a global country, where student projects became yahoo! and google. those were really good student proje projects. [ laughter ] >> my student prrng projects we as good. it's where entrepreneurs, like so many of you, get an idea and you build a team and you work to turn it into reality and you launch products and companies and entire industries that transform the world. that's the power of entrepreneurship. it's never been more important. in today's world, where our economies have undergone dramatic shifts, where businesses don't stop at bord borders, where technology and automation have transformed virtually every industry and changed how people organize and work, entrepreneurship remains the engine of growth, that ability to turn that idea into a
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reality. a new venture, a small business that creates good paying jobs. it puts rising economies on the path to prosperity and empowers people to tackle our most pre pressing global problems from climate change to poverty. when people can start their own businesses, it helps individuals and families succeed and can make whole communities more prosperous and more secure. it offers a positive path for young people seeking to make something for themselves and empower people previously locked out of the existing social order, women and minorities, others who aren't part of the old boys network. give them a chance to contribute and to lead. it can create a culture where creation an creativity are valued we don't look at the way
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things always have been but say how could things be? why not? let's make something new. the spirit speaks to something deep inside of all of us, no matter who we are, what we look like, where we come from. you look out across this auditorium, you're all from different backgrounds and cultures and races and rideligi, some from teaming cities and other small rural villages. you had that same spark and creative energy to come up with innovative slolutions to old charl challenges. entrepreneurship gives you a chance to have your own dreams and create something bigger than yourself. we live in a world that almost half the world is under the age of 30.
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we have to make sure all of our young people around the world have the tools to start nu ventures in the 21st century and help lift up entire populations. so many of you are already doing this. as i travel around the world, one of the extraordinary things that i have the opportunity to do is to meet young people in every region. and to see the problem-solving and the energy and optimism that they're bringing to everything from how to generate electricity and environmentally sound ways and remote places off the grid right now to how do you employ women in remote areas who all too often have been locked out of opportunity.
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you just see enormous creativity waiting to be tapped. part of our job, part of this summit's job is to make sure that we're putting more tools, more resources into the hands of these folks who are changing the world. and making sure all of you know each other, so that you can share best practices and ideas. and spread the word. now, i know that the daily reality is not always as romantic as all this. turns out that starting your own business is not easy. you have to have access to capital, you have to meet the right people, you have to have mentors who wan guide you as you get your idea off the ground. that can be especially difficult for women and young people and minority and others who haven't had always had access to the same networks and opportunities. you deserve the same chance to succeed as everybody else. we have to make sure everybody
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has fair shot to reach their potential. we can't leave more than half the team on the bench. that's why we've invested so much time and effort to make sure america is helping to empower americans like you. >> we've been listening to pr president obama. addressing the 7th annual global entrepreneurship summit. hi, i'm thomas roberts at msnbc headquarters in new york. one of the major remarks we were waiting for the president is talking, the global entrepreneurship that made the world shrink as to how interconnected we are, there is a stark contrast with the uk voting to leave the eu, a more isolated approach leaving this band of 27 other countries. ramm, rahm, we know the president put out a statement before and spoke
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to prime minister david cameron in support and now david cameron is on his way out the door as well as britain from the eu. >> reporter: he emphasized david cameron and he are committed to an order lly transition. the prime minister will leave in october. he clearly is not committed to isolationism. that is one of the driving factors that led the movement in britain, something president obama talked about again and again, the world is getting smaller and shrinking and a strong evacuaadvocate of techno and innovation and alliances between the united states and europe and asia and the pacific rim. he is a proponent of trade deals done, he says, favor workers and favor higher environmental standards. this is clearly a line we've
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seen drawn in britain and a line that's animating our politics here in 2016. the issue of immigration is also a big factor in all of this as well. the president and other democrats often talked about how donald trump and the republicans are using that issue to drive fear and to ignite fear, similar concerns echoed in the debate about leaving or staying in the eu in britain. the bottom line here is president obama is strongly against what is happening in britain. he's trying to reassure the united states and great britain as well going forward the special relationship will remain in place we've always had with great britain and britain remains in nato and therefore the u.s. british military alliance is still in tact and still some things in tact. never forget when he was in london, president obama said on issues of trade and economics, if britain leaves it will go to the back of the queue, back of
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the line in terms of america's relationship economically. that's still there as well. >> bringing up the economics of all of this, we've been watching all day long, the u.s. markets and ripple effect globally what this has done financially. we want to check in with olivia stearns at the new york stock exchange since the opening bell. it remains a volatile day, olivia and we have been watching the dow go up and down. have we seen the sell-off balance? >> believe it or not, most people say this could have been worse. we are pretty close to session l lows. dow off nearly 500 points. bottom line, traders didn't see this coming and investors don't know what will happen next and those things together are cre e creating a lot of uncertainty a big flashing sell signal for stocks. overnight the carnage in european and asian markets is far worse, a big hit to oil.
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the only thing being bought up is gold and the u.s. dollar. nobody actually knows what the economic consequences of this are really going to be competent they're pretty certain it will be bad for britain. one of the things you have to trying to figure out how britain will try to renegotiate these trade deals and how long it will take. a lot of uncertainty and leading to the fact this now makes it a lot less likely that rates will rise any time soon. that means your mortgage rate will stay lower for longer and the only thing that seems traders are taking for granted. >> just under the wire two hours ago until the closing bell. you're saying there wasn't really the anticipation of this coming. it's almost as if also the politici politicians, with david cameron and the white house not predi predicting that this was a possibility, the will of the british people, to leave the eu. >> that's a little interesting. the polls were neck and neck.
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actually, wall street had really gotten out over its skis. they were pretty certain britain was going to remain in the european union and hence this knee-jerk big sell-off we are seeing today. thomas. >> olivia sterns right there in the heart of it all on the new stock exchange floor. to our colleague, keir simmons joining us from london. we're watching ripple effects go well beyond britain's borders today. what about other countries that could be planning similar referendums to leave the eu. what are you hearing? >> a number of lawmakers across europe have been saying, some as you would expect, they want their countries to have a referendum to leave the european union. why this afternoon you have heard three of europe's top leaders, the leader of the european commission and council and european parliament telling britain the move to leave the european union should happen as
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soon as possible, however pa painful that process may be and there can be no renegotiations of britain's position inside the eu. i don't think any here is thi thinking that will happen anyway, to be honest, given the fact we've seen the prime minister of britain resign, come out and say that this vote was clearly a mandate and had to be acted on. so some are saying that this should be a slow process, that it should be worked out. others think it should happen as quickly as possible to get the uncertainty out of the way because the uncertainty is the first thing that is damaging the markets the way olivia sterns is talking about. >> we know the timeline for cameron is 90 days. what have they talked about, the divorce situation of te timeline for uk from the eu? >> reporter: yeah. it's two years after the parliament behind me here tells the european union that it does
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not to leave. it's not the vote that's enough, an instruction has to be sent and then there's two years to renegotiate. when will that happen? we don't even know that. as you mentioned, the prime minister says he will stay in power until october. there is much talk there will be a general election here to get a new mandate to back the view of the referendum. there could be a delay just for the starting gun to be fired. >> keir simmons, reporting in london for us. thank you. i appreciate it. the political implications here in the u.s. are enormous. on the campaign trail we are following what is happening. kristen welker covering hillary clinton and the trump campaign and katy tur with donald trump in scotland. perception can be everything. is the perception donald trump is in the right place at the right time to use this perception? >> reporter: that seems to be the case. he was planning to be here and
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knew this was coming regardless today. certainly coming as a surprise the country voted to leave the european union. you could say donald trump is now a vote to capitalize that he said they should, saying he believes they should have taken the country back for themselves, praising the brexit vote today. thomas, the campaign to leave the eu had a lot of trumpian elements to it. they were campaigning on trade, a sense of nationalism and campaigning on anti-immigration. these are three things donald trump hits on the campaign trail, almost the cornerstones of his campaign. there are certainly fears right now in this country when it comes to immigrants taking jobs, fears about refugees. it wasn't as easy for refugees to get into the uk like it was in europe. their border is not open in the same way the european border is open. donald trump capitalizing on that very same worry in the
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"us"us united states. obviously not easy for refugees to get in there, concerned about the trojan horse he says repeatedly that could be coming in with refugees and concerned about jobs when it comes to immigration, immigrants coming in and taking american jobs. the sense of nationalism the leaders in the uk were appealing to. it will be better if we're independent, better if the uk is self-reliant and go back to the way things were, that is the message they were tapping into here. that this is same message donald trump is tapping into on the campaign trail. certainly the campaign feels boosted by this vote today. >> gentlemen. the populous tone we're watching play out here. >> kristen, let's talk about hillary clinton's campaign because she obviously relies heavily, a pillar of her strength in the campaign is the foreign policy experience she has, however she misjudged this outcome. what are your sources saying about how to pivot from this in
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her conversations and what does this mean and like the president talking about how the world has shrunk because of technology but we're watching the uk pull away from the eu in an isolationist fashion. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is using this to underscore exactly what you said, the fact that secretary does have all the experience and they are arguing it's a moment that underscores the need for steady leadership contrasting that with donald trump, first to the official statement which was very measured. i'll read you a little bit of what it says from the clinton campaign. this time of uncertainty only underscores the need for calm, steady experienced leadership in the white house. spokesperson bryan fallon earlier today to andrea mitchell. take a listen. >> i think in these moments the public takes the measure of their president or candidates for president in this case and i think the contrast to hillary clinton's reaction to this major development on the world stage versus donald trump's is quite
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stark. >> top clinton official also held a press conference with correspondents earlier today, thomas, in which they continued to expand on that contrast you just heard and tried to argue for that contrast. they took aim at donald trump for praising the volatility in the market saying that could ultimately help his business and remember, donald trump was pr s pressed whether or not he had spoken to his foreign policy advisors and said there was really nothing to talk about and those are a few points the clinton campaign officials say he is not fit to lead in their broader argument. senator sanders still in the race has not we'd ighed in dis t districtly on this brexit vote and said the global economy is not working for everyone the message in stark contrast to the message secretary clinton is trying to get out. and you saw him speaking in a e
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albany that they're still in talks with the clinton campaign and trying to measure out what this party will stand for. he remains in this race and said he will be voting for hillary clinton but a big question mark when he's going to drop out. the first time we will probably hear from secretary clinton on the brexit vote is sunday when she's in indiana speaking to the conference of mayors and monday campaigning with senator warren who helps her energize and mobilize a lot of sanders supporters she will neat in the fall. >> and we know we have elizabeth warren on the short list to be a potential vp. we'll see how this audition goes for them together. on this microsoft pulse question, are you worried about the economic impact of the brexit vote. sticks% say yes and 34% say no. the pulse is live, check it out at
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coming up, we're watching what's happening in west virginia very closely. floodwaters have been ravaging certain cities throughout that state and we expect the governor speaking soon. seven people, including two young children have died in the rising waters and rescue crews working to advocate 500 people still trapped at a shopping mall. an update next. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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the bego where you goith you they have weight
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but are not heavy they teach they inspire and when they happen to you or maybe when you happen to them take these moments for all they're worth only in minnesota this breaking news we've been following out of west virginia and we've been awaiting a live news conference from the governor there that prompted a statewide emergency of 44 of the 55 counties. ho homes, bridges and streets wa washed away because of flash
11:24 am
flooding and seven people and a toddler who died. and morgan joins us with an update. amazing to see traffic is still trying to get around behind you but we can see this incredible sinkhole behind the orange cones. >> reporter: if you see where my hand is, you can see this entire side collapsed and this power line snapped in half. this is why the water is racing by, the same water that collapsed one of the bridges outside charleston that leads to a shopping mall where 500 people are trapped inside. the national guard brought not one but two temporary bridges s to try to get the people out and one was too short and they're trying to rescue all 500. the death toll has steadily
11:25 am
risen. we reported seven people have been killed including a toddler just four years old and another an 8-year-old boy playing in a creek a foot high but the waters going so swiftly they carried him away. meanwhile, those who have not lost loved ones, lost things they appreciate, including running water. a man came here and couldn't find his house, his entire house was gone and plucking his items out of the river and identified him as mountain bike and he said, i'm looking for my roof. and we spoke to two women who said there's no shelters to go because frankly they don't have electricity either. take a listen. >> reporter: it was tragic. i just watched three houses go down the river and crashed. i don't know if anybody was in them. >> we were walking and make sure we have to keep our ears open in case you hear somebody. everybody doesn't know where everybody is.
11:26 am
not everyone's accounted for. >> reporter: thomas, the red cross has set up emergency shelters throughout the state to help the displaced residents who are still looking for food and for water. meanwhile, the governor has declared a state of emergency in 44 of the counties here. he said this is some of the worst flooding in the state's history and expected to hear from him soon. >> looking at that video it is amazing and heartbreaking, people's homes literally floating away and on fire. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine. one thing you have to know, thomas, my grandparents live an hour up the road. i was talking to them today. this is a state people live off the land, wild and wonderful west virginia, as we call it. these are people who there are a lot of miners and farmers here. people are used to working with the land. to see in many ways see the land have a devastating and powerful
11:27 am
effect on their livelihood has been hard, thomas. >> we will update everybody. the governor of west virginia is expected to speak at any minute now. msnbc, morgan there and we will have more information what the governor is able to do for the people about the devastating flooding coming up. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months.
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headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. britain's decision to drop out of the eu may affect part of the world and spread to trans and germany. now with donald trump's rise to the gop, he says it stems from one thing. >> to be honest with you, i think a lot of it has to do with immigration. i also think a lot of it has to do with the fact they wanted to
11:31 am
be independent. they got tired of seeing stupid decisions just like the american people are tired of seeing stupid decisions. >> joining me now is chip, republican straegt and former huckabee campaign manager with us and msnbc mark murray. the numbers arefascinating. 72% of registered voters cast ballots and very close saying they wanted to leave the eu. these folks were fueled by grievance and wanted to go against the status quo. is that why what could happen for donald trump could mirror what we saw in the uk, people want to see something new, go against the status quo? >> i think that's right. what you're reading is what people are feeling on the ground. they're upset and mad and don't like the direction their country is going. they felt like this eu was in charge of their destiny opposed
11:32 am
to the british people. there's a lot of anger out there. as you look at the campaign as they developed, a lot less about facts and a lot more about emotion, especially software immigration and nationalism and populism, very emotional for these voters. 70% turnout is a huge number. i think that's exactly right, fueled by emotion rather than fact sometimes. >> we look at this and think how both donald trump and hillary clinton are trying to score political points based off what we're watching with voters in the uk. we know donald trump had remarks today and talked from scotland. the scottish people voted overwhelmingly to stay within the eu. so that is going to bring up a whole other mess of problems for the uk, if they decide, scotland, to leave the uk. how difficult or visually poor is it for donald trump to be on foreign soil condemning president obama or credit sizing
11:33 am
a sitting president. >> yes. we saw a tale of two different reactions. donald trump on scottish soil and scotland was one of the places that voted overwhelmingly to remain praising the decision to leave and he also was touting his new business golf course resort in scotland and making the argument that a lower and e devd devalued pound can be good for business. otherwise, trying to tap into that anger and saying the same anger that fueled the vote in britain will be fueling his candidacy. we saw hillary clinton just issue a paper statement. her campaign held a conference call later in the day trying to hammer home the point stea steadiness, calmness and experience is the best solution to navigate these now potentially perilous and turbulent times with global markets and the aftermath what
11:34 am
happens with britain and the european union. >> we've been witnessing this steady drop almost the highest drop of 579 on the dow jones. for generations to come we will witness what happens with the uk leaving the eu. cameron is out, leaving within 90 days. there'll be a two year period hearing from keir simmons how the uk can transition out of the eu. what does this mean for generations to come? >> you know, thomas, i actually think it's very uncertain. i do think there are important consequen consequences. one has to do with scotland, scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain. they might decide for a second bid for independence. what happens to northern ireland and what happens to other european union countries like the netherlands or france, some of the right wing leaders in those countries want to have their own independence. a lot of instability and the
11:35 am
future remains uncertain. >> let me ask you to stand by. i want to go to west virginia as we're talking the governor of west virginia will be talking right now about what they're doing to help the people now in a state of emergency in 44 of 55 counts. >> i want to thank the president and speaker for their support during this event. this afternoon i'm joined by several cabinet secretaries and agency heads assisting. dhr secretary boling, and transportation secretary, paul maddox and dmax secretary, joe thornton, james hoyer and homeland security director jimmie jeanette and state health director, dr. gupta. i want to thank you for the work you performed over the last couple of days. i'd also like to give you a quick update where things are right now.
11:36 am
i recently got back from the national guard joint operations center where i was fully briefed on their response and learned more about the devastation. i'm saddened to report at this point, we have confirmed 14 individuals have lost their lives in the storm. our hearts go out to all their families. i had planned to fly around the affected areas myself today but wasn't able to because all state aircrafts are currently being used for rescues. as recently as the past hour we had state helicopters conducting rescue operations in and around. commissioner carpenter, good to see you here. our biggest challenge continues to be high water. initial reports from our local emergency management officials indicate at least six counties have seen extensive structural damage. earlier reports indicate more than 100 homes have been
11:37 am
seriously affected. i can tell you from watching the footage, the damage is widespread and devastating. our focus remains on search and rescue. top priorities are renel, rich wood and white sulfur springs. we have been in contact with our electric companies and know they're working hard to restore power. the latest smats show approximately 66,000 are still without power. latest mats. -- latest estimates. they're working on the ea eastmation it could take some time to have the gas put back n on. forest is working hard to assist with clearing downed trees. the division of highways report
11:38 am
we currently have 60 road closures and that number is expected ed ted to grow. they're working to reconstruct a gravel road on the backside of the shopping plaza to rescue those stranded up at elk view. dhhr is working with healthcare providers to address any needs that they may have. although we don't believe any hospitals have been significa significantly impacted, several nursing homes had been affected and dhhr is working with them to address their residence needs. currently, 200 national guard members are now actively assi assisting in eight counties and i have authorized up to 500 of members of the national guard to come help during this disaster. they are assisting local responders with swift water rescue, search and ex traction efforts and health and welfare checks. the national weather service reports there is still potential for additional rainfall and
11:39 am
they're closely watching potential pop-up showers along i 64. weather has been hindering our aviation missions but the storm seems to be lifting now. those needing immediate assistance please contact your local office of emergency management. if it's an emergency, call 911. currently, at least 17 shelters are open. groups such as the red cross, salvation army and voad have stepped up. we certainly do appreciate their assistance. it's been a long 24 hours and the next 24 hours may not be much easier. but i know that west virginians, as you have always known, will continue to help your friends, families and neighbors, as they begin to clean up and rebuild homes that have been destroyed. donations will continue to be accepted through the american red cross, west virginia voluntary organizations active in disaster or voag group and
11:40 am
many churches and community organizations. amid the tragedies, we have already heard numerous stories of heroic actions for our outstanding rnlgz respondemerg r responders. in ridgewood, the state local police managed to rescue a woman trapped in her car with water rising up to her neck. members of the west virginia national guard and firefighters across the state have risked their own lives to rescue people stranded on rooftops and overflowing rivers. while it appears the active phase of this event will end today or tomorrow, there will be an enormous amount of recovery work. please continue to work together and support each other as west virginian s always do. >> we're listening to governor tomblin give a pretty informative update where they stand now saying the last 24 hours has been very hard and the next 24 might not be much
11:41 am
easier. the update, we were reporting seven deaths, he has confirmed there were at least 14 deaths, search and rescue missions continuing and the state of emergency in place for 44 of 55 counties and from the governor's reporting six different counties have suffered extensive structural damage. 100 homes either been flooded or completely taken away by the ravaging waters. white sulfur springs is one of those areas most affected by this. morgan radford is there. he also made reference to the efforts made at elk view, where a mall is where they're trying to put together a gravel road at the back to get those folks to safety. >> reporter: that's right. the national guard has brought in not one but two bridges to try to get those people out. the first one they brought was too short and noticed there were
11:42 am
mudslides beginning on the side of that hill so it was hard to stabilize to get those people out. one thing i want to go back to what the governor said, inter t interesting to hear him characteriz characterize this as search and rescue. the death toll is 14 and he admitted the next 14 hours may not be easier. this storm system is expected to move to tennessee but we're expecting more flooding tonight and into the weekend. something else struck me particularly interesting, he kept talking about how important it was for west virginians to not only help their families but neighbors and spoke of a woman who was rescued from her car. we spoke to her and she said the same thing. what went through your mind? were you scared? she said, i was scared but knew we would come together as west virginian s do and people would come and help me. >> she was standing here with just her socks on because the last thing she saw was her car lights go under water.
11:43 am
this is a small town. west virginia is a pretty sparsely resided in state and people are coming together to help with that search and rescue effort. we know among those 14 dead, one was a 4-year-old toddler authorities have been searching for and did find his body away from where it was swept away. we also no one was an 8-year-old boy in a foot of water playing in a creek and his parents were there and the water was too strong and carried him away. >> have the officials given any number how many people are missing or unaccounted for presently? >> they haven't said how many are unaccounted for but established 17 shelters and h e hoping people reconvene in those shelt shelters, some established by the red cross and where people are going that lost their power and people who don't have running water. for our crew to use the bathroom, we had to travel 45 minutes to find the next restroom where there was running water. when i was there, there were
11:44 am
about three fast food restaurants in town and every person from hours outside the city traveled in just to use those restrooms and people st k stocking up at the kfc with buckets of chicken to take home to their families and even as i was standing there to get food for our crew, the lights went out. and this is devastation across the state beyond the 44 counties declared state of emergency. >> and we know many are without power and they cut off the gas to folks and we're looking at the horrifying video of homes floating away on fire presumably because of some type of gas rupture because the spark of the house would catch on fire and float away in these floodwaters. >> reporter: thomas, you can see how dangerous it is. look behind me. that's a power line completely snapped in half and it's sitting right above the water.
11:45 am
this is a really dicey area. we spoke to a woman, she actually saw that house, you've already seen the image right now, the house going by in flames and said we saw people in homes being carried away. we don't know of our neighbors, who ae's frankly dead and alived missing. that's the reality people are facing right now. i mentioned earlier, i saw a man walking by. sir, my name is morgan, i'm with nbc, can i speak to you a moment. what are you doing? do you live around here? yeah. i'm look for my house. this man was look for his house. i said, where are your things? he said, i don't know. he was at work and said i only have the things on my body. that's what people are facing in white sulfur springs. >> can i ask you to step away a little bit. one trekced of cars coming in and out. how are folks dealing with the crippled roads there? >> reporter: it's certainly a challenge.
11:46 am
you're seeing them go in one direction because there are two police officers at that junction controlling traffic from becoming a bottleneck. what you can't see is there is traffic for miles and this part of the highway is closed becoming a one lane street and has people frustrated. thomas, people are using this highway simply to reach resources. there's not an area in here with lights or running water. everything shuttered. even a little town center where there's two or three shops and absolutely nothing and now this was a two-lane street but now completely submerged and the effort people are using to reach their families and use the restrooms. >> thank you. the governor confirming at least 14 deaths. we do not have any hard figures on the amount of people missing. the governor did confirm 17
11:47 am
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welcome back, everybody. the sheriff in mississippi s saying they're confident they're closing in on the escaped prison inmate still on the run. people are saying malcolm jamal has ties to the jackson, mississippi area and u.s. marshals are offering a 5,0$5,0 reward leading to information for his capture. they did capture jerome montreal moore last night. moore staged a similar escape from a detention center last year and both prisoners accused of murder. sarah joins us with more from the sheriff's office. i know you just spoke with the sheriff. what new information can you tell us? >> reporter: that's correct. he says he is even more confident a capture is happening soon, given this announcement of the 5,0$5,000 reward by the u.s
11:51 am
marshals. la landfare has been on the run for more than a day now after they used a tool to chip away at the certainty block wall inside their cells and crawled through a hole into the ceiling and catwalk and believed they also scaled a razor wire fence to freedom. moore was caught out yesterday in the open walking with a family member in south jackson and arrested without incident, officials hoping for a similar outcome soon with the remaining esca escapee. >> you have a criminal on the street that should be in my house. he's out, god knows what he's doing or what he's planning on doing. we will find him. we will find him. let's face it, there's only two places they're going, to their momma's house and girlfriend's house. there's not too many places you can go and sit down and have a good meal when you're wanted by the law. >> officials say they were aware of issues in the detention
11:52 am
center and have been working to fix them ever since the sheriff took office six months ago. the escape coincidentally on the same day of the department justice announcement of a settlement with the county requiring the county to provide a variety of services aimed at reducing incarceration specifically among the juvenile population and mental illness. >> that was interesting candor about the sheriff to you about where they anticipate to have their search lead to this suspect, at the mom's house or girlfriend's house. sarah dallof reporting for us. thanks very much. one thing we're watching all day since the opening bell, the markets. right now, the dow jones down by 579 points. we're just about 90 minutes away from the closing bell for this friday. all this happening in the wake of the brexit vote. we're back with more after this.
11:53 am
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with the news of britain's
11:56 am
vote to leave the eu, the question is now whether other countries will follow suit. cal perry is here to find out whether there will be a contagion from this? >> yes. we talk about shades of election and immigration and the crisis, this upset a lot of people le leading up to the vote. very clearly, the refugee crisis playing big part of this. this is a look inside potentially leaving italy, germany and hungary. the reason i am, i will show you recent numbers of asylum se seekers. here are the recent numbers for asylum seekers, we're talking about in this past year. germany, 600,000 people applied for asylum. italy, 85,000 people applied for asylum. compare that to the united kingdom, only 37,000 people applied for asylum.
11:57 am
as we look where the refugees are coming ashore, in green, countries having another referendum or leading their european union, they all have something in common, they all are where refugees are coming ashore. this area right here has seen 157,000 people come ashore in just the past six months. this area here has seen some 55,000 people come ashore. as we look at the big picture, we look at the big picture for europe, clearly immigration is an issue and clearly the global refugee crisis is driving this debate. >> we think about social media, polling indicated the uk would stay within the eu, 52% making the majority they will exit. what's the social media response been and gaging the temperature how people feel about it? >> interesting, people say twitter is a reflection who you went to college with or who you wish you went to college with
11:58 am
and facebook who you actually went to college with. we're seeing a lot of people with regret saying they regret their vote or wished they had voted. as you mentioned, the polling beforehand seemed to indicate the brexit was not going to happen that bremain would happen. and that may be a reason a number of people didn't go out and vote. >> when we think about the u.s. reaction are we seeing people n encouraged by seeing them take the isolationist tone? >> i think more people may take it more seriously seeing we may see this type of campaigning from the republican party. >> thank you. much appreciated for your time. that will wrap up my time on msnbc. i'm thomas roberts, my colleague, kate snow picks things up right now. good afternoon. i'm kate snow. we will be with breaking news this hour. 14 people have died in west
11:59 am
virginia, the governor saying they're trying to rescue people still trapped. morgan joins me now from sulfur springs. what are you seeing? >> reporter: you can see the damage behind me where the entire side of this road has been completely swallowed by the water and you can see where the power lines have been snapped in half and this water still moving very quickly. we expected the storm system will move to tennessee but floods expected to continue tonight and throughout the weekend. we've spoken to people today still without running water and still without electricity, just our crew alone we had to drive 45 minutes to find running water to uses the bathroom and get food and where people all over this area in greenbrier county are going and spoke to people who not only don't have electricity or food and water, but people that lost their homes. i saw one a mile away and introduced myself and asked if he lived in our area and he
12:00 pm
said, yes, i'm trying to find my house and we saw him identify things in the river. he found his mountain bike and said the only thing i haven't found is my roof. we heard the governor describe this as search and rescue mission and the death toll risen to 14 and some of this state's most vulnerable populations have been affected and nursing homes affected and 17 shelters established throughout the state, some by the red sox acro help displaced residents and still 500 people crapped inside a- that are trapped inside a mall. and these floodwaters proved too much and the national guard is coming in trying to establish some sort of temporary bridge to get the people out and doesn't look like they will be able to reach them until tomorrow. >> can you give us a sense for


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