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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 13, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. from the #1 doctr recommended bran. ensure. always stay you. >> hello, everyone. live on a sunday morning at the root cafe in lookwood, ohio. key tuesday primary state and we are less than 48 hours to the start of voting. many people here will be among those voting. new polls and new reaction to report to you including from the gop front-runner about whether
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he is responsible for the rash of violence at his rallies and whether he will pay for the legal fees of the 78-year-old man sucker punched a protester this week. >> when they punch, it's okay. when my people punch back because they have to out of self defense, they say isn't that terrible. i will see what was behind this. it was a strange event. from what i heard, there was a lot of taunting and a certain finger was placed in the air. i don't condone the violence and what he did. >> so it's possible you could help him with legal fees if this man needs it? >> i have instructed my people to look into it. trump's rivals and what their take is on who is responsible for the escalating violence. >> he turned the most important
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election into a circus. into a complete fiasco and a carnival. >> protesters are behaving abusively and wrong, but at the end of the day, responsibility starts at the top and it is not beneficial when you have the presidential candidate like donald trump punch that guy in the face. >> do you think i will wallow in the mud with donald trump. i'm interested in appealing to his voters. >> and there is this. this morning trump tweeting out what many interpreted as a threat towards bernie sanders and his supporters saying does bernie sanders want his supporters to show up at his rallies. senator sanders responded to allegations that his supporters of part of what we are seeing play out. here's what he said. >> we should take mr. trump's words with a grain of salt. this man cannot stop lie being
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anything. to call me a communist is a lie. to talk about our organization or campaign disrupting his meeting is a lie. there were thousands of people and some were supporters of mine. our campaign had nothing to do with disrupting his meeting. >> all of this reaction comes of course two days before the next super sides races in five key states. look at the new numbers out. a new "wall street journal" poll shows where each candidate stands in three of them. trump holdings a 2-1 advantage over marco rubio in the state of florida 43-22 followed by ted cruz and john kasich with 9%. in illinois trump is at 34% and cruz has 25% followed boy the governor of the state, john kasich and rubio.
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look at ohio where we are. kasich leads in his home state, beating trump by six points. cruz is in 30 and rubio last. voters in the buckeye state said they would choose kasich over clinton in a general election. that's the biggest of any candidate. governor kasich picked up his biggest endorsement yet. house speaker john boehner. on the democratic side, the poll shows this. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders in all three of these super tuesday states. in florida she has a 27-point lead. in ohio by 20 points. in illinois a narrow lead of six points. going into tuesday's election, clinton has 1,198 delegates to sanders's 572 after winning the caucus and picking up more
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delegates. on the republican side, trump leads by 84 delegates. that's the closest since the race started. cruz won the wyoming race yesterday and rubio juan the washington, d.c. caucus picking up ten. as for senator rubio, he continues through his home state of florida and he could actually come in third place when you look at how close the race is in the poll. the republicans and the democrats keeping an eye on the state. 99 delegates at stake. you have that number memorize and it's a winner take all. 246 delegates will be divided between clinton and sanders. we are all over the trail this sunday morning and it is busy. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in florida. tony is near cincinnati. we begin with halle jackson. i have been following your tweets and you are at the trump
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rally in blomington, illinois. what are you seeing today and what has been the reaction against trump's assertion that it's bernie sanders and his supporters who are behind what we have seen play out in the last two days? >> a couple of points. he just pulled up in his plane maybe five minutes ago and walked out to loud clears. this crowd has been fired up. almost anticipating before he came out. we saw protests even before the rally began. by our count, have left at their own accord and most escorted out. sing them out. you talked about the bernie sanders thing this morning. before donald trump took the stage, that tweet was referenced. better be careful, bernie
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sanders. crowd responded and huh that response here. people in this very friendly approach, remember where we are. we are in central illinois which is further south than chicago. more conservative. less diverse. people here really -- you can hear them cheering. they feel that struchl delivering. they are excited to hear him talk. they are anxious about coming here given the protests on friday. we are hearing protests break out now. we have folks over to my right who are getting escorted out. the protests begin and the supporters begin to cheer to try to drown them out where the protests are happening. trump will sometimes comment on that and i'm not sure if he will now. he is rrchss protesters now. saying we have fun. remember that trump is
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referencing the media coverage from this morning and he is talking about pushing for arrests to stop the craziness as he says. >> that's what we heard from him yesterday as well saying he is ready to press charges against protesters. we will continue to allow you to monitor the developments as there is another day of protest at another donald trump rally. let's go to the democratic race. the new poll shows clinton leading 20 points. kristen, just like the states we followed, you see the ads with bernie sanders and he is trying to hit hard on the trade agreements hoping that even though the polls show he is down 20 points, we could have another surprise. what's the focus for secretary clinton with two days to go? >> that's the big concern for
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the clinton campaign. they acknowledged that the the ads and his message is resonating. we have seen clinton sharpen her message when it comes to trade and manufacturing. those are the themes that senator sanders has been hitting that helped him to have the surprise win in michigan. yesterday secretary clinton emphasizing her plans to enhance and improve the manufacturing sector and called for stiffer trade restrictions for automakers. they are criticizing her and a lot of folks here they think nafta is responsible for job losses here in this region. take a listen to what senator sander his it say earlier. >> when millions of workers have lost jobs in this country because of disastrous trade policies when we see a race to the bottom where wages are going
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down in many parts of the country, you bet i am going to make that a major bone of contention and a disagreement that hillary clinton and i have. >> i want to look at the poll numbers in addition to the poll thaw mention the. let's look at florida and illinois. secretary clinton up in florida. ohio as you mentioned is up by 20 points and illinois, take a look at what happens there. she is up, but only to 45%. when i talked to officials within the campaign, this race could be a lot tighter. both of these candidates are chris kosz crossing ohio and focusing on states like north carolina. chelsea clinton there and they spent a lot of time in illinois. if senator sanders were to win
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the states in the midwest, they could still win the delegate race on tuesday if she wins florida and if she wins north carolina. senator sanders has a strong showing as you know. he will get more momentum and that translates into more money. this race goes through the convention. cameron? >> it's interesting to see this morning, the headline of donald trump focusing heavily on bernie sanders. when you look at the general election, it shows bernie sandy sanders beating donald trump. it is interesting that trump continue this is line of attack of the communist bernie sanders. bernie sanders supporters are behind this and in a way dismissing hillary clinton with words that she doesn't have the
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enthusiasm. >> so interesting because we have seen donald trump taking aim at senator sanders. for a while he was not talking about him. there has clearly been a shift in that narrative. we have been tracking what you have been talking about. the fact that you have donald trump trying to blame those protests on senator sanders. sanders pushing back very aggressively including in an interview with al sharpton, calling donald trump a pathological liar saying his supporters are not at the root of these rallies and these protests. important to note though that katie did interview one protester who was at a trump event who was a sanders supporter who said he was there to protest peacefully. he was there with a few other sanders supporter. that was fuelling that line by donald trump and this will
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escalate throughout the day. tamron? >> thank you very much. let me bring in colleen marshall, the coanchor of our affiliate in ohio. thank you very much for joining us. we know that the governor was endorsed by the dispatch this morning on "meet the press." the governor this of state kept his line of a peaceful message. he can unite. from the voters that you have spoken with, they are moving towards a victory. how are they reacting to these violent protests at donald trump's rallies. >> the people i talked to, a lot of in the republican water and they are shocked that they are allowed to continue and it has been going on for so long and at the level it appears to be heading. when it is making his numbers here for john kasich here
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solidify. the numbers have been very close. what we are hearing from republicans is the late deciders, the last minute people who had not made up their mind. it is believed they could be because of what they are seeing. >> we know that they are heavily focusing on the 400,000 jobs that he brought to the state since becoming governor. he is also pointing to the recovery of a town or a state that hit very hard. many of the industries that they depended on in the past. donald trump is pushing back on that say it not for his words, the governor hitting oil. that the situation would be far more pleek. what is the primary concern and what are the people when they look at jobs really looking for here? >> well, the governor is right when he said that 400,000 jobs
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have been added since he took office. the reality is he took office at the time when the nation and certainly ohio was in the midst of a recession. the jobs were down at that time. as the recovery took place and some democrats would give pop credit for that and as the recovery took place, a lot of jobs return to the state of ohio. we heard donald trump talking about they struck oil there and there has been fracking in the state particularly in the southeast and the eastern part of the state, but that's not where the bulk of the jobs have come from. those jobs have come in the industries that have resurged. if you look at the auto. >>s industries and the northwestern parts of the straight, we have got an auto plant in marysville north of columbus. that expanded over the last few years during the kasich administration. the manufacturing jobs are not tied to the fracking or the oil
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industries. there is a little bit of that, but not to the percentage of the jobs that john kasich can lay claim to. >> many comparisons between michigan and ohio and despite what the polling shows, perhaps senator sanders could pull an upset. what are you seeing with po theashl he couldton the world with a victory in ohio? >> everyone here was as shocked as everyone around the country when sanders once. it was deemed to be a 20-point lead for hillary clinton. hillary clinton has a big lead and it is expected that will hold through tuesday. this is sometimes they call it clinton country. bill clinton has been popular and hillary clinton beat barack obama in 2008. she had a resounding victory in the state and she is not taking ohio for granted. her husband was in the state this week campaigning heavily.
9:17 am
she will be here tonight in columbus for what is known as a legacy dinner for the ohio party. both she and bernie sanders will be speaking to party leaders at a sold out dinner hooer in downtown columbus and the two of them have a town hall forum. clinton supporters are counting on her to do well. bernie sanders supporters are saying this could be another michigan for him. no one is taking anything for granted because as you know, the polls are not holding up this year. >> they have not been. great pleasure having you on this morning. thank you. >> thanks. >> still ahead as we mentioned, sanders and trump calling each other liars today. more on that and the claim from donald trump that the man who stormed the stage in dayton, ohio was tied to isis. what he said to chuck todd when pressed on that claim. also, what happened when donald
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>> the senator is hoping he can
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pull a repeat as he did in michigan where his campaign got new life to focus on trade. senator sanders repeated that message. >> i knew that nafta would be a disaster and later that trade relations with china was going to be a disaster. i have opposed all of these agreements. hillary clinton supported all of them. that is a major difference in terms of our views on economics. i want corporate america to invest in this country and not in china. apparently she has a different point of view. >> joining me now is the democratic party. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thanks for having me, tamron. >> let's talk about this message on trade. bernie sanders believes he has focused on trade.
9:23 am
that is also the line that donald trump believes he has an advantage over governor kasich. it's the general election matchup that he can hit on as well. americans are losing jobs to china, but how does this play out right now in the present form in this primary between senator sanders and hillary clinton. >> it's an important issue in ohio. we have seen a lot of jobs leave not just in the last couple of years, but decades with trade and jobs going overseas and towns being hauled out. both are going to have to explain how they deal with that and how they deal with the jobs here. if there trade deals, it's going to be a critical issue. when i hear donald trump talk about it, i think it plays to his advantage. >> how is what donald trump is saying about trade and the impact on the workers different than what bernie sanders is saying? >> i would say that people like
9:24 am
john kasich and rob portman have a history of clearly being for all the free trade deals and i think there is a frustration not just in parts of ohio, but many places. both of them are vulnerable. if donald trump is pushing hard on that, that's something voters will listen to. i think both have more nuanced positions on trade where they are talking about being concerned about the impacts and they are both concerned about tpp and fast track and work hard to keep good jobs in ohio. i think they have a clear argument than folks like rob portman and john kasich. >> isn't it an argument that chuck todd asked if he is attempting to hold secretary clinton responsible for votes that she didn't have and trying to tie her to her husband's
9:25 am
legacy on trade deals. >> i am not going to try to referee. they very their arguments and they are putting them out there. they had their arguments. i will let each go forward and defend, but both are saying they have been in ohio for the last week and it has been great to see them. they are saying they understand the negative and how much trade has cost a lot of our communities and they are looking for ways to help them to dole with the pressures. request the numbers now they can defeat. they have them in the maris poll. they would defeat donald trump. given the violence that some of these rallies have, are you worried at all that perhaps the
9:26 am
democratic party may be overconfident on what appears to be a flawed front-runner on the gop side. >> we are working very hard every day as a party in ohio and around the country. other parties get our ground game going and get motivated to turn up the vote. i are not surprised they are ahead. with the rhetoric and the new wave of violence which is troubling, a lot of republicans and independents will reject in november, but we will take nothing for granted. we got the vote out and we will do the same this year. we will work hard and obviously some of the message and some of the tone, we think if we do our job we will unite not just democrats, but they are against the kinds of things he is talking about. >> the chair of the democratic party, thank you very much for your time on this sunday
9:27 am
morning. >> the chair of the republican party is taking the unusual step of endorsing one candidate and going after another. coming up, i will talk with him after a quick break. why are you all here? to learn, right? so you can get a good job and you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors, you'll harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (cheering) this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
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and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next. you praise the secret service and ties to isis it turned out to be a hoax. did you go over the top on that. where did you get evidence? >> no, no. if you look on the internet at the clips -- >> it turned out to be a hoax. somebody made that up. >> well i don't know what they made up. all i can do is play what's there. >> that was donald trump earlier on "meet the press." we are back live from the root cafe in lakewood, ohio, mr. chairman, thank you very
9:31 am
much for joining me. >> great to be here. >> as i pointed out, you made the unusual step of endorsing a candidate. you endorsed governor john kasich. when you hear donald trump this morning say that he told a crowd of thousands of people essentially an internet hoax, what do you make of the front-runner in your party at this point? >> at this point i think tuesday when john kasich carries ohio we can start to change the direction of this race. it's unusual step, but we have an unusual set of circumstances. a governor who created 415,000 private sector jobs and bring us out of the ditch that he inherited from ted strickland when he was the governor and balance the federal budget when he was in congress. he has gotten it done at the state level and in washington and we are pleased and proud to be supportive of governor kasich who will win on tuesday.
9:32 am
>> he is ahead, but even this morning on "meet the press," it seemed that the governor struggled to explain the math of how he will get to 1237. the percentage of votes that he would need to acquire after ohio by the math seems to put you on fantasy island when you say he can acquire that number of 1237. it is in fact -- the more acceptable arrangement of a contested convention. >> i don't know what puntit and political observer has been right up to this point who could have seen this coming. look at the polls that showed bernie sanders losing by 20 points in michigan and he comes back and wins that state. all kinds of scenarios are possible. as our governor points out, only half the delegates have been awarded so far. so there is a long way to go in this process. we will see where we are when we
9:33 am
get to cleveland. the pain moint is we change the whole tone of this race when john kasich wins ohio. the pivotal swing state where we know he could beat and will beat hillary clinton in the fall. we never sent a republican to the white house without winning ohio. john kasich gives us the best chance to do this. he gives a narrower field when he wins here. >> going back to the front-runner. donald trump had the rally in cleveland and said that there were 29,000 people there. he said the same thing similarly on "meet the press" this morning. the fire marshal out of cleveland told can wkyc there were 7,000 people there. he asserted that bernie sanders is a liar. when you look at the exaggeration of the number of people at the rally. when you look at the claim that isis was involved or somehow
9:34 am
possibly related to the man storming the stage, would you describe the gop front-runner as a liar? >> i will tell you, there has been no republican official in the country who has been more outspoken from donald trump's message than i have. it has been for many months. not just something i had here. it felt lonely out there for many months. i am glad a lot of folks are coming to the cause now. we understand that he would not be the best candidate for the general election. he doesn't represent the republican party in so many ways. he is not winning a majority of republican votes out there. as the field continues to narrow, i think it's going to narrow by one more on the republican side on tuesday. marco rubio won't carry his home state on the same day john kasich does. we get a chance to maybe pick someone else and get a look at another candidate. john kasich e mergings from the field and we give him a nice
9:35 am
kick start when he wins here. >> we will see what happens on tuesday. chairman of the ohio republican party. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, tamron. thank you. >> just days to go before the florida primary, rubio is trailing. donald trump is mentioning his home state. what can rubio do to put together a possible victory on tuesday and if he doesn't, is he out of the race? we will check on his campaign, next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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9:39 am
the latest "washington post" poll out this morning has him trailing. 43-22%. let's go to gabe gutierrez in the villages where rubio is set to speak later this afternoon. this morning on cnn, the senator expressed fear that someone can be killed with the climate right now in some of these rallies. he seemed exhausted and kpas rated and he is down significantly at this state. where does he get his hope? >> you are right. the senator spoke this morning and said he is concerned that someone could lose their life in one of these rallies. he is down significantly in a new round of polling down 21 points in that "wall street journal" poll. he and his campaign have seen they are discounting the polls and don't think they are correct. they point to other polls several days ago that had him
9:40 am
down in the single digits as well as internal polling they looked at. they continue to maintain that the polls are wrong and they think they can still win here on tuesday. it is a very uphill slog as you mentioned. he has a rally here at the villages. he is meeting with volunteers at the orlando area and he has a strong of appearances tomorrow before ending up in miami on tuesday. as you said he is very concerned. he keeps pushing back on this culture of the donald trump rallies and tried to make the case that the republican party might be defined by this violence. if he is the nominee. this despite a pledge earlier this week or last week that he would support the nominee in that debate. >> thank you very much, gabe. he covered trump's rally in
9:41 am
cleveland. let's talk about the fact that donald trump said and claims that these outbursts will help him. we know late deciders seem to be siding with john kasich. what numbers and information do we have as to whether or not this helps or hurts? >> this is coming from his gut and what he is picking up on the ground. at these rallies, people are excited when the protesters interrupt. it's part of the reason they come. it's the entire spectacle of why they are turning out. trump loves the protesters and loves that they are coming out here. it brings enthusiasm and gets people excite and gets a huge amount of attention. that has been the whole story. donald trump said or has done something outrageous. it only helped him along the way. >> when you look at the people, most of them have made their minds up. our early polling weeks ago showed that the people who
9:42 am
support donald trump were the most loyal and least likely to change their mind. percentage-wise, he is not getting the majority of the republican vote in these primaries and caucuses. >> right. if you add up his opponents, you end up with a path to see how you can beat him. it hasn't materialized. we have seen time and time again, everything that looks like it should alienate the republican party, it doesn't. it's possible now that we reached a new level and crossed a line we didn't think we could get to. this will turn people off. we will have to wait and find out on tuesday. >> when you look at the strategy as he struggles in florida, he seemed to be focused on the high ground. you try the insults and he is back to the reset of being the
9:43 am
senator on policy. it seems as if you come to the rally for the theatrics and the energy and the gut of it and not to hear donald trump say how much the wall will cost and how will he get mexico to pay for it. some of the other assertions that he can make happen if he becomes president. >> it's kind of been a dirty secret that few voters care about policy details. they want to be spoken to and a politician that feels like they have their back. that's when people get from donald trump. he is a great showman from his long career before he was ever -- as a reality tv star. that's what he is bringing to the campaign. his supporters, they have this amazing ability to look past anything negative and say it's a lie from the liberal media and say he is winning and doing well. i want to pay attention to the parts i like and ignore the
9:44 am
parts i don't like and they stick with him. >> this incredible few months. thank you very much. donald trump spoke with chuck todd about his role in these recent violent rallies. >> i don't accept responsibility. i do not condone violence in any shape. i will tell you from what i saw the young man stuck his finger up in the air and the other man just had it. ash back cards are, shall we say, unnecessarily complex. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet?
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. two days until super super tuesday. jeffrey johnson is a hillary clinton supporter and also ohio state representative, a john kasich supporter. thank you both for joining us. it seems this morning and for several weeks now, both of your campaigns have had the same enemy. that's donald trump.
9:48 am
jeffrey, when you look at the fact that donald trump is kind of dismissed hillary clinton and laser focused on bernie sanders for the last two days and talked about his supporters being responsible for the arrests and talked about beating bernie sanders. why do you think he is more focused on senator sanders and not secretary clinton? >> it is connected to who he believes that the people are doing the protesting. he has done his share of taking a shot at the secretary of state. i think he believes it's not because there is any belief in my opinion that bernie will overall overtake us. we are too far ahead in the delegate count, but he picked on both of us. secretary clinton has spoken out against him in cleveland as well about how he is creating this environment that is not positive. >> how do you explain the last 48 hours when you look at the
9:49 am
statements from all of the republican rivals and statements from the democratic candidates. all to a letter admonishing donald trump saying that his rhetoric is part of what played into everything that we have seen since chicago. who could have imagined that this man, the highest neg tifs of any candidate is now the front-runner of your party? >> you are seeing it start to have an effect. the nbc poll released this morning governor kasich is up by six points, a turn around from when trump was up. coming in 72 hours before election day, we are seeing governor kasich up. he is running a positive cam page against trump's negativity. you are seeing that have an effect. voters are starting to break. >> he did not focus on florida. and to solidly slow down donald trump, there needed to be a
9:50 am
focus on ohio and florida. kasich said he tried to reach out to marco rubio and was unable to reach him. he could come in third in florida. that's one point separating ted and marco rubio. how does john kasich pull out the victory? >> ohio is everything. to stop donald trump and make sure kasich is our nominee, we have to win ohio. we have every presidential candidate except marco rubio here. in the general election, so goes the nation. >> where does he win after ohio. name the strategy. >> there over 1,000 delegates available. after he defeats donald trump and wins his home state, he can create a strategy to win the other states and start to rack up the delegates. >> explain that to me. what is the strategy and what is different in his message where he is polling in the single digits even though a victory
9:51 am
here is not doing well in florida. he didn't compete in florida. where next? >> in a poll released, he came third nationally. he are starting to see him trend upward and after he wins ohio, it can be a two-man race between him and donald trump and when the american voters see that, they will choose the positivity and the record. >> let me bring you back in on the message regarding jobs. you are a hillary clinton supporter. sanders is not giving up on this. could we see an upset and a michigan as it relates to the african-american vote and the turn out here. >> actually we think sanders will get a significant amount. we expect over 80% will go to hillary clinton. she has been here three times this week. i left her at the church and i was with her yesterday at the church.
9:52 am
they love her because she is speaking to our issues. she is not a johnny come lately. she has been with us for 40 years and speaking to our issues. >> you were talking civil rights. bernie sanders has a civil rights record. to the modern record, not to diminish the civil rights, but of that jobs. >> the issues she talks about losing jobs to out of the country. she talks about wanting to retrain and reentering. it's more than just civil rights. it is about education and jobs. bernie sanders up to this point is a known entity for us. he showed up on the scene. >> what he has tapped into is that concern of what trade agreements have done. the concern that the american worker has been hurt by trade agreements supported by bill clinton and what he said is support from hillary clinton as well. >> secretary clinton made it clear she will penalize any
9:53 am
companies that take away jobs. she is speaking to that. she can't speak about the past, but my candidate is talking about the future when it comes to jobs. we are ready. >> it has been a busy day in ohio to say the least. we'll be right back live in lakewood ohio after a quick break. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at hi mom! hi! every mom is a coach... an artist... sometimes even a zoologist. every mom is a working mom... and it's working moms everywhere who inspired us to work harder.
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9:56 am
that will do it for this edition of msnbc live. thank you so much for joining us on this suspected. up next, my colleague kate snow will take over from miami. she will talk about why florida's i-4 corridor is so critical to tuesday's primary. she is monitoring a john kasich town hall in johnsville, ohio.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
hi, everyone. we are kate snow from bayside market place in florida. one of the key states and it could be make or break for at least one candidate. we will talk about that in a moment. donald trump and bernie sanders crossing party lines to call each other liars. what is causing this latest bid of ugliness. new polls today including florida. is marco rubio making late gains on donald trump or will the front-runner sweep to the nomination and what about bernie sanders. can he pull off a midwest upset. the comparison being made between donald trump and george wallace. we will example that. this is the place for politics.
10:01 am
let's get right to the latest showdown between donald trump and bernie sanders. to claims by trump who accused of kabd r sanders campaign of sending supporters to trump rallies. >> i don't call them protesters. i call them disrupters. a lot of them come from bernie sanders. if he said no he is lying. >> to call me a communist is a lie. to talk about our campaign disrupting his meeting is a lie. >> as donald trump defended the actions of his supporters, his republican rivals appeared on the morning shows with their take on who is to blame. >> he has turned the most important election in a generation into a circus and into a complete fiasco and a carnival.
10:02 am
>> protesters are behaving abusively and wrong. at the end of the day in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top and it is not beneficial when you have a presidential candidate like donald trump telling his supporters punch that guy in the face. >> think i will wallow in the mud with donald trump? are you kidding me in i'm interested in appealing to his voters. >> all of this coming two days before the next super tuesday races in five key states. a new poll shows where each candidate stands in three of the states. trump holds a 2-1 advantage over marco rubio in the home state here in florida. he beats him 43-22 followed by ted cruz and john kasich. trump is at 34% in the new poll. is in second place followed boy kasich and rubio. he does lead in his home state of ohio beating trump by six
10:03 am
points in our latest poll. in is in third place and voters in the buckeye state said they would choose kasich in the general election. he has a 21-point lead, the biggest of any republican canned day. within the last 24 hours, the ohio governor picked up his biggest endorsement yet. john boehner. on the democratic side, the nbc poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders in all three of the super tuesday states. in florida she has a 27-point lead. ohio clinton leads by 20. in illinois, a narrow lead of points going into tuesday's elections. clinton has 1198 to sanders's 572. this after winning the caucus in northern marianna and picking up five more delegates there. on the republican side, trump leads cruz by 84. it's the closest margin since this race began.
10:04 am
cruz picked up nine delegates after he won wyoming and rubio won the washington, d.c. caucus, picking up ten ten delegates there. he continues through his home state of florida which will award the biggest prize on tuesday for republicans and democrats. we are talking about 99 delegates in the state of florida for republicans. 246 delegates divide up between clinton and sanders. we have correspondents covering all angles as they blanket five states on tuesday. along of the i-4 corridor. you had a chance to talk to people there. what are you hearing. >> we talked about the moments too from the trump rally. trump just left and got in an
10:05 am
suv. it's raining outside and it's loud here. we spoke with people before the event, during, and after. it is marked by protests. they ripped up a trump sign sitting on somebody's shoulders. they came up and talked about his history coming over as a
10:06 am
legal immigrant and said that is why he supported donald trump. he talked about the energy and the tone of the events here and overall i think i characterize it as fired up. people prior to the event were really anticipating trump coming out and they were responsive to him and they were very much a friendly crowd and not the type of large scale organized protest that we have seen in other locations. an interesting rally for trump and he has more today with a couple of others this afternoon and evening. as we look ahead to super tuesday, trump asking people for their vote. he knows that he needs to win here, do well in ohio and florida and north carolina too. kate? >> we are taking a look at the trump plane pulling out behind you. off to his second stop of the day before he ends here in florida later on tonight. halle jackson, thanks so much. new accusations over protests and clashes at the political
10:07 am
rallies. he canceled an event on friday in chicago after citing security concerns. trump today took to the sunday talk shows and social media to blame bernie sanders for the unrest at his events. he wrote bernie sanders is lying when he said his disruptors are not told to go to my events. be careful, bernie or my supporters will go to yours. sanders was asked by al sharpton whether it was his fans who disrupted the trump rally friday in chicago. >> we have nothing to do with that protest. what does concern me, al, is that a lot of the language coming from donald trump himself is almost condoning violence. what you are seeing is trump kind of provoking violence in his supporters. i hope he makes it very clear that in the united states of america people can attend
10:08 am
rallies. people can protest and not be afraid. >> joining me now is a sanders supporter who did attend the trump rally in chicago on friday. he is a civil rights activist in chicago. nice to see you and thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about what donald trump is saying today. talking about bernie sanders supporters being the ones who are behind all these protests. you do support bernie sanders, right? >> i do and yes. >> you wrote on your page everyone get your tickets to this when you heard donald trump was coming to the university of illinois. get your tickets. we are all going in. #shut it down. be clear. were you trying to organize bernie sanders supporters or trying to organize -- >> this had nothing -- >> how did it come? >> this had nothing to do with
10:09 am
senator sanders's campaign. we have been doing this for four months. after the mcdonald case and the video released, we have been doing shutdowns downtown against anita alvarez. we have been doing this in chicago as protesting against politicians and protesting for something we believe in. this had nothing to do with senator sanders and the campaign had no idea i was going to be attending or any of his supporters would be attending. >> donald trump said you and other protesters are limning his first amendment rights. here's what he said this morning on cnn talking about the idea that his followers ought to go to sanders events. take a listen and we will talk. >> my people have said we ought to go to his rallies. when these people come into mine, everybody thinks i'm a bad guy. if my people went to one of his rallies, they would say this is a terrible thing and be arrest
10:10 am
and all sorts of things would happen. >> i guess my question at this point on a sunday afternoon is how do we deescalate what's going on right now? do you see it continuing to escalate? >> this is the culture that donald trump created for himself. he is allowing people to punch people at rallies, tell them that he is going to pay their legal fees. we are protesting against the character of a man that we do not want to be president. he is a mean girl if you saw the movie. he criticizes people because of their differences. this is not the type of man we want to be president. if you are going against bernie sanders who is just a man with certain views that you may disagree with, how are you going to protest that. he didn't go against race or women or muslim or hispanics. he is trying to run for president for all people. that's what all of the
10:11 am
candidates are doing. we are protesting this man because of the character and culture he is bringing had to his rallies. we are not standing for that in chicago. >> talk about the reaction to everything you have been doing in the past three days. you wrote on facebook this morning, good morning, i'm getting death threats this morning. must be a good day for the racist folks. i hope you guys are doing great. hug someone andle t them you love them. death threats? >> yes. i have been getting death threats since the trump rally. it's something that came with the territory. they have been calling me n words and saying they have confederate flags. they are bombarding since the trump rally. i'm ago with it because i see the type of people that donald trump brings in.
10:12 am
that is the culture he created. this is chicago and something we have been doing as a people. i encourage everyone else in other cities they should stand up as well. this is something we do and stand up against politicians and hope it can bring a change around the country. >> we talked to trump supporters and had halle jack on from in illinois. we are talking to those supporters, are you generalizing when you say they fit a certain type when you talk about the confederate flag? that seems to be not everyone who goes to a trump rally. >> i'm glad you mentioned that and i'm sorry for that. i am not generalizing. he has certain supporters that
10:13 am
are racist. he does have supporters that have sent me death threats and called me the n word. all of his supporters are because they went to the rally and i had honest conversations with people. they said why they supported trump over bernie sanders and they used to be bernie sanders fans. we were not trying to suppress the first amendment right. he could have came and spoke. we would be there to listen and express our first amendment right. we both have it. this is america and i believe in the first amendment right. as far as his supporters, he does have supporters that just believe in his policies that do not think he is a racist, but they should look more into him. >> jamaal green, an organizer in chicago. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> joining me now, nick is a political reporter at the "new york times" and here in miami, senior political reporter at politico. nice to have both of you with us
10:14 am
this morning. there is so much to talk about. i don't know where to begin. we are in a climate that feels different than anything i have covered in the past. >> the donald trump phenomenon is changing politics right now. i kind of think of the origin of his campaign with the tea party movement which brought in conservatives and angry frustrated conservatives and that split into two. ted is taken over the conservative wing and donald trump is taking over the angry part. >> there is a really interesting piece this morning in the "new york times" written by your colleagues. they write mr. trump's campaign is driven by a deep yearning. sometimes obscured by his bluster and bragging, a desire to be taken seriously. they track it back to a day when president obama was speaking to the white house correspondent's
10:15 am
dinner and making jokes and said things about trump and the birther movement. that was the moment when trump decided that he wanted to run for president. >> it's a certain amount of wounded pride at the bottom of this campaign and a desire to be taken seriously. what's interesting about that is that republican party leaders actually indulged in it. they saw his endorsement and accepted his money and there was a recognition that he represented some people that he had a constituency and that constituentsy is threatening to swallow the rest of the party. >> let me switch gears if i can. we are talking about trump all the time. ted cruz getting lost in the coverage and he is still out there running for president and saying that he is going to be the last guy standing. you were part of a piece writing about how strategic they were right now about where they go. what they do. they have got it down to an algo
10:16 am
rhythm trying to target voters. we have five states voting on tuesday and two get most of the attention. florida where we are, winner take all and ohio. the others are not winner take all. it's by 1 gregzal districts. what is trying to do is pick off the districts he thinks he can pick up. he may not win in ohio and florida, but if they knockout rubio, he wants to keep it close. he thinks he can catch him. >> what are about the war of words going back to bernie sanders and donald trump this morning? i want to play one more clip from bernie sanders on cnn state of the union this morning. >> we take mr. trump's words with a grain of salt. as almost everybody knows this man cannot stop lying about anything. to call me a communist is a lie. to talk about our organization
10:17 am
or campaign disrupting his meeting is a lie. people in america know that we cannot have a president like trump who insults mek cans and women and insults muslims and insults veterans and john mccain. people are catching on to donald trump and that's why he is getting reckless. >> having talked to a lot of trump supporters, i wonder if that will matter or make them like donald trump more than bernie sanders. >> sanders is probably helpful to trump and probably vice-versa. there is no evidence that the sanders campaign organized the rallies. what you have is some sanders supporters were among those organizing as well as groups that have been supportive of move on. they did try to organize and get involved at the trump rallies. it is a different thing than his campaign. actually organizing.
10:18 am
what's the point? they are liberal protesters who are offended by trump who are going to the rallies and trying to disrupt them. >> nick with the "new york times" and shane with politico. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. ted is in north carolina and ohio. as we say, still insisting that tuesday night will be big for him and down to a two-man race. we will talk to a cruz supporter coming up next. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. feel like this. look like this. feel like this.
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10:22 am
trains volunteers here in south florida. i talked to her outside a polling station in hollywood, florida where they have early voting. she has been sitting in that lawn chair every day since encouraging trump to go up by 21 points. in the poll out today for florida, senator marco rubio in second place and ted cruz in third. let's bring in ted cruz supporter and miami-dade vice chair with us. we mentioned the polling here. we want to play what ted cruz had to say about donald trump. >> i think if donald trump is a nominee it's a disaster for republicans and conservatives and a disaster for the country. if donald is the nom 23450e, it makes it more likely that hillary clinton wins the general.
10:23 am
>> in trying to stop donald trump, he seems to have given up on florida. pulled the ads out and not coming here. meantime he is in north carolina and other states. what's the strategy to take down trump? >> you didn't mention polls. there is a new poll that shows ted is in second place in florida. he is two points ahead of marco rubio. i was here on this show and we were behind 16 points. >> do you dispute the idea that he has given up? >> he was in florida wednesday. and on friday, we have a large ground game. very active. ten offices in florida and come by the office here in miami and i will show you. >> i will. >> we is not going to win here. would you concede that? >> we will do well in florida and we want to win. the story of florida is as we progress in the race.
10:24 am
this will be a two-man race. there is two candidates to have a path to 1237. that's donald trump and ted cruz. if you want to beat donald trump and agree he is a disaster for the republican party, we beat hillary clinton on a one on one. it's time to get behind ted cruz. he has no path to the nomination. >> let's show the numbers. he needs 1,237 delegates marco rubio won 66 and john kasich is at 63. how do you get there. they had a great night and still a lot of math. >> they were about 90 points. you are right. they are not there yet. they are catching up and had a great week.
10:25 am
they finished. >> we are neck and neck in illinois with donald trump. now i think it's time for the republican party to unite and take out donald trump. >> thank you very much for being with us of. appreciate it. in a moment, the battle for ohio between clinton and sanders. they say sanders say long shot to win, but can he pull off a midwest upset? when you wanna put allergies
10:26 am
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10:29 am
contrast from health care to trade. they are far apart. kristen welker is in cleveland. kristen? >> good afternoon. the democratic race is becoming increasingly competitive particularly in the wake of senator sanders's win in michigan. both candidates while stumping here in ohio were unified briefly in a condemn nation of the violent protests in chicago and throughout the weekend. really place the blame at the feet of donald trump. they were responsible for spoking the flame that led to what they saw. donald trump getting into the framing while pointing the finger right back at bernie sanders. he said supporters are the ones who are creating the violent protests. sanders pushing back aggressively and take a listen to what he had to say. >> to talk about our organization and campaign
10:30 am
disrupting his meeting is a lie. were there people as i understand it some of them were supporters of mine and certainly, absolutely we had nothing to do with disrupting his meeting. >> so kate, while we watch that story line, we are watching the democratic race closely and getting a new snapshot this morning. the latest "wall street journal" poll shows secretary clinton and senator sanders when look at the three states, florida, ohio and illinois, clinton has a big lead. ohio she leads by 20 points. the race gets tighter. 55 to 45%. i have been talking to officials. they think on election day, this race could be a lot tighter and could be like we saw in michigan. both candidates aggressively stumping in all of these areas. secretary clinton and senator sanders putting the focus on
10:31 am
ohio and will attend a big rally at ohio state and they will scare off in a town hall. secretary clinton has been emphasizing themes of trade and manufacturing. a whole lot more in the wake of sanders's win. that is what is resonating with voters here. even if senator sanders wins, if she wins florida and north carolina she could come up on top in terms of delegates and increase the lead on tuesday. still senator sanders has a strong showing. that's where it might go all the way to the convention. >> christen welker. thanks so much. why is florida's i-4 corridor so critical. who are the people along there who could cast decisive votes in the battle for florida. we we will take you there to find out. plus all of the remaining candidates, who do hispanics
10:32 am
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10:35 am
salad. >> two days before a crucial primary in florida, msnbc is live this hour from bayside market place in the heart of miami right on the biscayne bay. it's a gorgeous sunday here. don't be jealous. donald trump will be here this evening and first he is making his way from illinois to ohio today. tony is following the campaign and joins me now from westchester ohio where trump will hold a rally soon. you went into angry clashes yesterday. what is the atmosphere like where you are now? >> good afternoon,icate. we are moments away from the rally beginning. the energy level is up. outside in the rain people who got there before dawn are making their way in braving the weather.
10:36 am
the mood has been hopeful more optimistic and peaceful than before in earlier rallies than yesterday or the day before. we have seen a trend towards altercations. we have seen a moment when protesters arrived dump trump, trump is a racist and a bigot and they walked over to the protesters and directed them with a counter protest and set off car alarms to drown out their chance. two men with a large sign that said the silent majority is missed made their way through a marked off area. there was a menna assing gesture and elbows thrown. we are seeing a troubling pattern and things escalate closer to the event and after. if that slash is in store for today. >> now let's turn to the i-4 corridor that cuts the state of florida in half from daytona beach on the east through
10:37 am
orlando and over to tampa on the gulf coast. it's home to a rising number of undecided puerto rican voters and crucial for any candidate vying for the candidates. we have been out talking to voters and what have you learn and what are they saying about marco rubio and the other candidates. puerto rican residents. that's up for them and a community organizer and spoke to us not only about the general election, but the primary two days away and the disappointment that so many have for the florida senator. take a listen. >> there have been multiple meetings in the past two years with marco rubio. we haven't been able to get his
10:38 am
support for chapter nine and i mean people don't trust him anymore. we wonder what side is he on, you know? >> chapter nine is of course a shield that would allow puerto rico to clear that massive debt that is currently dealing with, but when you look at the numbers, 700,000 residents here now in the state of florida, a new voting block. when we get past the primary, there is great disdain amongst the community with donald trump that he sent them on their way and they won't vote in the republican primary. some will vote in the democratic primary and concentrating on the general election. i asked who they would support and he said hillary clinton and she has a track record of helping the island of puerto rico. we are talking about families that are split. half are living here in florida and the other half in puerto rico. this is a huge issue in the state of florida and the history
10:39 am
of the united states elections. we look at the year 2000. if it's close, that could be up for grabs and could be the deciding factor in this state. kate? >> up at the i-4 corridor. thanks so much. let's pick up where you left off. nearly 15% of all voters total here are latino voters. about 40% are democrats and about a quarter of latino voters are republicans. the largest chunk live this this area. miami-dade county. joining me here on the set is executive vice president and the nation's multilingual and communications consulting and from 2010 to 2012, represented part of miami-dade county. that was defeated in the 2012 reelection and in 2014, you left the party and became a democrat.
10:40 am
you left the republican party why? >> when i was in the house, i was on the school board here too. i was an elected member for many, many years. as a republican. on the school board, it's nonpartisan. we don't get into a lot of bickering. i was able to vote was i felt what in the best interest of my community. i get to the house and that was the next best thing to nazi germany. you have to follow what the republican speak are says. they brought in an arizona bill and said would you support this and i said absolutely not. you are asking me to turn on my. my parents were immigrants. i can't do that. among other things. there were many bills. >> you felt like the treatment or the attitude of the republican party towards latinos was what? what adjective would you use? >> florida is divided into north and south. south florida is pretty much the
10:41 am
only place where there republican latinos. hispanics. they like to call themselves here. northern florida is most of the republicans. not latino and not minorities. there was definitely differential treatment between the latinos and the non-latino republicans. the choice committees were given to the non-latinos and the chairmanships. then came the redistricting and they decided to pit mooi me against one of my own since it was time that they could get rid of me. i was an outspoken latina who voted a lot with the democrats. >> let's talk now and we have two more days until voting. when you think about what hispanic voters might do, everyone assumes they are not going to go for donald trump, but trump will win the state on the republican side and hillary
10:42 am
clinton looks far ahead. where do you see things? >> kate, if you look at what the polling says here in florida, there was an ethnic divide amongst republican floridians that will be voting on tuesday. you look at hispanic republicans, they have an overwhelmingly negative view. marco rubio is winning by 30 points over donald trump. he is only managing to get about 19%. rubio has nearly 50%. ted cruz has 21%. 70% plus of hispanics in florida, republican are voting against donald trump. on the democratic side, a different story. overwhelming support for hillary clinton. why does it matter and why is it important? florida in the general election will play a huge role. what is the vote that has been deciding florida in the general election? it's not the cav african-american vote. barack obama wins florida in
10:43 am
2008 on the strength of the strong support from hispanic voters, a shift from 2004 and 2000 when hispanic voters went for george w. bush. >> there was a real change this this state. would you agree? >> i would agree 100%. absolutely. not just across the state, but in dade county. a growing number of democrats. i med with the party chair and said why are you a republican? i could not answer it. i couldn't state the reasons why i was willing to follow the republican party so i changed over. >> you look at what will happen in 2016. you have this massive puerto rican vote or population that is coming over and al gore loses or wins depending on your interpretation of what happened in 2000. that was closer because he got strong puerto rican vote. we added about 400,000 voters in that 16 years. >> 4,000 or 5,000 a day?
10:44 am
>> and they are anticipating another 100,000 more between now and november. you think 527 votes can do it, you think about a couple hundred thousand. >> you think about what donald trump will do if he is the nominee and how that plays in the state of florida. >> i'm hoping she is going to just annihilate him. >> thank you so much for being here. along with fernando, thank you so much. appreciate it. in a moment from the skirmishesa at trump rallies, up next, a snapshot of the front pages from tuesday's primary states. at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot. (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield...
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10:48 am
page to the disruption at a trump rally in the city last night. "the chicago tribune's" front page story claims that friday's front page trump rally reflects the extremes of the political landscape. they size up marco rubio here in a peace called rise and stall. drama and division is the big headline in the enquirer by trump and the kasich campaign there. it is provocative comparison. how can donald trump be compared to george wallace circa 1968. that conversation coming up next. does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
10:49 am
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10:52 am
one. here is alabama governor george wallace in 1968. >> you fellows don't vote over here. you don't even vote. you don't even vote. well, let's talk about the issues. well, get them on television, will you? got them on television. now you are on television, fellows. you are on television. now you are on television. well, i was fighting before you was born. >> let's bring in republican strategist adam goodman and msnbc national correspondent and anchor joy reed. this morning "washington post" writes it again, brought up many times now, but gop political
10:53 am
consultant writes that trump's rhetoric is almost verbatum what george wallace was saying in the 1968 presidential campaign. what he is saying is really hateful. what did democratic party do with wallace? they rejected him. >> i wrote a piece looking at the parallels between george wallace and donald trump. he was the governor of alabama when he broke from the democratic party he was saying to blue collar white voters you have been sneered at by the establishment. they are rejecting your ethics and getting over the country to black radicals and to welfare cheats and i'm going to restore make the country great again, make it yours again. it is basically the same message with the same sort of fervor in
10:54 am
the way he delivers his message. it is very similar. >> we have a quote from your article. you wrote that he kmis rated saying both major parties looked down their nose at you for a long time. they call us red necks the republicans and democrats. we are going to show there are red necks in this country. i guess the question is are we -- is that where we are right now or is it a segment of the trump voters? >> i think a lot of the country has been shocked at some of the pictures. the rallies. we went from made for tv rallies competing against paid for tv attack ads. now we are getting to our larger question which is a referendum on the meaning of the first amendment. you are hearing voices of that. >> this is what donald trump keeps saying is i have the right to speak and you can't disrupt
10:55 am
me. >> we as a nation have to reach deep and get a read on how we feel about this in a campaign that suddenly i think has changed overnight. >> it does feel like it has changed in terms of the people we are talking to and what they are willing to say. i want to play a sound byte of tony talking to a trump supporter. >> take a minute and listen to what donald trump is saying because maybe even attend a rally not as a protester but actually as a person attending a rally and listen to what he is saying. i have never heard him say any negative comments about anybody. >> some of the things trump says maybe i don't agree with to be honest with you, but in the big scheme of things trump is a smart guy who knows what he is
10:56 am
doing. >> so essentially that man said that obama has been in charge and he is not our president. i couldn't hear his exact words. >> the thing is if you go back and look at the wallace campaign, george wallace ran as somebody who said he was a friend of black people. he lost an election and came back as this sort of racially provocative fly. people hear he says what is on his mind and what people are thinking, he is real and authentic. he doesn't bow to the establishment. you are not 100% sure what his views are but he is willing to take advantage of white voter resentment. >> the movement that he has begun, it is a movement whether we like it or not and what is going on it is a movement just like sanders.
10:57 am
both are pressing against on the outside. both are saying we need to have a referendum. both seem to be getting traction. donald trump is going to have to stand on his feet and clarify where he is and what it means. >> thanks so much. we are out of time for this hour. up next "meet the press." guests donald trump, ted cruz, governor john kasich. chuck will have latest poll numbers. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®.
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a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? this sunday, fear, loathing and now violence on the trump campaign trail. days before make or break primaries on separation tuesday, trump's opponents blame him. >> when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence. >> and openly worry what will happen if he's the nominee. >> i still at this moment continue to support the republican nominee, getting harder every day. >> while president obama blames the republican party for trump's rise. >> how can you be shocked?


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