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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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i don't think he will really reconsider. i don't think he probably can at this point, other people will and you're find out at the polls whether or not the other people are right. you he is really on a course that has to stay. >> joined by msnbc hallie jackson, katy tur, and robert costa. i have to talk to, let's see, hallie jackson right now. what is the cruz team thinking when they put out the word, the statement by sanford that trump is a truther, that he somehow has been charging that bush was involved in 9/11. bush was never a truther.
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what is this statement all about? >> that's coming from mark sanford here. while he is endorsing ted cruz, i'm not sure that's something you're seeing out in the cruz campaign. it's not a line of attack that ted cruz has pursued. he has pursued a lot of them. this hasn't been one in particular. sanford talks about not just his concern with a potential trump candidacy, but also, why he is for ted cruz and why he is is backing him up. >> this was dirty -- hallie, this looks look a dirty trick in politics. nobody, trump, whatever you say about his position, on the iraq war, why would anybody construe the fact that what trump has said in any way makes him a truther, one of those nuts out there that somehow believes george w. bush blew up the trade center. he has never been part of that. there is a statement saying that he did. >> it seems to speak to how much there are some of the republican party who do not want to see
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trump succeed and move on out of a state like south carolina. >> okay, i guess to them, the ends justifies the means, even though it's totally dishonest. have you ever heard trump, you're the best reporter covering him. have you ever heard him say that george w. bush had a hand in 9/11, called the truthers? >> no. we've never heard him say anything remotely close to that. he said that george w. bush may have lied with wmds in iraq on saturday, he has backed away from that quite a bit on the campaign trail for the last few days. i'm told by those within the campaign -- go ahead, chris. >> i can't hear you. we have a sound problem here, katy. all i'm hearing is the hall. >> can you hear me now? chris, chris. we've never -- we've never heard -- >> we've never heard donald
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trump comery r remotely close hg attacks on the world trade center. the closest we've heard him say he lied about the wmts, and that he might have -- should have been impeached, last saturday at the debaited. we haven't heard him saying anything close that is he somehow involved in the towers coming down. he has backed away from the george w. bush attacks. he hasn't gone after him so hard. i'm told within the campaign he was told to back off, since george w. bush is so popular here in south carolina. i'm also told that the -- >> that's hard to get through that. that's not a directed mike. it's not your fougault. here is what donald trump said about 9/11 in his exchange with jeb bush during the last debate. >> well, donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security
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apparatus to keep us safe. i'm proud of what he did. he has had the gall to -- >> the world trade center came down. >> to go after my brother. >> well, there you have it. let me ask you about this question. what is the cruz campaign up to here? they are moving close. this is getting very close. he may overtake him down there. what is their latest gamut going to be between now and next week? ? hallie jackson? can you hear me? >> hey, chris. you're talking about -- yeah, absolutely. the strategy between now and next week, how they plan to take down donald trump. >> right. >> they're looking to tighten up the margin, what we saw in the nbc marist poll, not leading by as much as he was several weeks ago. the cruz campaign does have pressure on them to perform here, they've been talking about south carolina for a while and the south in general as they
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lood look ahead to the primary states. we got an e-mail from sanford's team, which indicates that he is referring to those comments that donald trump made on the debate on saturday in greenville. so that's a little bit of clarification, i guess, from mark sanford. >> wait. what does that -- wait a minute. that doesn't answer the question. >> yeah. >> are they accusing trump of saying, are they saying trump ever said that george w. bush was blowing up the world trade center? did they ever say that? did trump ever say that. >> right. >> i don't believe so. all they're saying is sanford's comments refer to the debate saturday in greenville. >> we just watched it. >> that just is -- no, i know. >> they're not on sound ground here. this is not fair politics. the "wall street journal" poll, the marist poll, tightening in south carolina right now. trump leads cruz by five points, 28-23, which isn't much.
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rubio in the game at 15. cruz now has a substantial 20 point lead in the state among those who describe themselves as very conservative. could it be, hallie, we're watching this whole fight with sanford playing a role in this because he has endorsed him and his accusation that trump somehow called president george w. bush involved with 9/11 somehow, which is ludicrous. is this all to get to the really red hots, the total hawks, people who totally believe in the bush argument during 9/11, and totally bought into the iraq war? >> so you're asking if it is sort of red meat at this point. when you look at this, south carolina, a big military state, bush country, frankly. so a risky strategy to come out as trump has done and attacked george w. bush here when you're seeing the bush family, the whole patriarch, hoping to turn the tied for him, because you're seeing bush up a little bit from
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where he was just a few weeks ago. >> well, it sounds right. everything you just said, hallie, that fits with who why he would put out the charge that trump is crazy, making ludicrous charges, well to the left of michael moore, saying george bush, the president of the united states, had something to do with blowing up the world trade center, which is the most outrageous accusation i've ever heard, even in this campaign. thank you. coming up, it's big casino here in las vegas. the bernie people looking very strong. he'll ride into south carolina. if hillary clinton wins, she may be able to start pulling away where she thought she would be pulling away, here. but tonight, new questions about an issue that has dogged her campaign, her trust worthiness. now here the place for politics. i know how it is.
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we've got new poll numbers in the race in michigan, a big state which votes on march 8th. pack of republicans behind donald trump, back at 15, ten back. marco rubio back at 10, ben carson at 9, jeb bush, last. kasich has to win in michigan to get the presidency. by the way, 21% undecided in that big state. we'll be right back. seeing dou? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t.
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a few people speculated that my head was with one candidate, and my heart with the other. that was not the case at all. my heart has always been with hillary clinton. >> well, it's getting big time. that's south carolina
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congressman james clyburn, a hero to the civil rights movement. all the big fights in south carolina. he endorsed hillary clinton, a week ut from his state's primary. he did it, and he said he did it. he did it today because the clinton people pushed him to have an impact down here for tomorrow in the caucuses here because they would like to win here. any way, last night at nbc's town hall, hillary slammed bernie, her comments were met with boos. people don't like it. let's watch. >> senator sanders wasn't really a democratic until he decided to run for president. he doesn't even know what the -- you know, last two democratic presidents did. you know what, well, it's true. you know it's true. >> well, the claps were up front, but critical of her husband's record of president. >> i happened to think bill
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clinton did a pretty good job as president. let's be clear. i think the trade agreements through and a hanafta, it was p through by president clinton. i fought very hard against the deregulation of wall street. wall street butt bi wall street put billions of dollars, large investment companies could be merged today. i thought it was a bad idea. that was parts of what the clinton administration was pushing. in terms of so-called welfare reform, that legislation ended up increasing extreme poverty in america for the poorest children in the country. >> bill clinton punched back while campaign anything reno today. let's hear it. >> i met a lot of passion in his primary, and it's fine with me. hillary's opponent jumped all over me, talked about how bad i've been for african-americans
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and poor people. well, let me just say this. that campaign has been remarkably fact free. and a lot of the numbers don't add up. >> joining me right now is congressman clyburn from columbia, south carolina. here in las vegas, campaign manager, jeff weaver, eugene robson, all three gentlemen with me now. congressman clyburn, i heard you say that one of the reasons you endorsed today and didn't wait until after the primary in south carolina next week is you want to help hillary clinton out here tomorrow in nevada. >> well, first of all, thanks for having me, chris. yes, on yesterday, i talked with several friends out in las vegas to ask how things were going, and they said to me at the time, they wanted to know what i was going to do. i said that i am planning on
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endorsing hillary clinton the first of next week. a few of them thought that i should do it sooner. as you know, many people in las vegas and other places are people that i've campaigned with and among for a long, long time. and so i thought that i would go ahead and step it up and announce today, if they thought it might be helpful. >> what do you think is the difference to who becomes president of the united states, democratic in 2017, the future here, the next four years, what is the central difference between bernie sanders and hillary clinton to you, and why you picked hillary clinton? >> i think it's experience and know how. let's be sure of one thing. i know both of these candidates, i've been in congress, this is my 24th year. i've worked with both of them. i don't have a problem with bernie sanders at all. i just believe, when you look at the two of them, compare their
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resumes, their experiences, their preparation for the future of this country, i just think that there is -- it's not even close between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. she is by far on paper the best by experience, the better and i just believe that she would be exactly what our country needs going forward. >> let's go back. let me go, i've got to go to jeff. you've been great to come on the show a number of times. >> glad to be here. >> tell me about this experience here. is experience just a rap sheet today, i mean having hillary being first lady of arkansas, six terms i think. >> right. >> all the years as first lady of the united states, elected united states from new york state, and then of course, secretary of state. an amazing position of experience. nobody could match that kind of experience. what does bernie have over that, senator sanders. >> this is what bernie sanders has.
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consistency and reliability. frontlines of the fight for economic justice, racial justice all throughout his political career. what he does not do is throw people under the bus when it's politically expedient. whether it was in '94 when first lady called youth super predators to push a terrible crime bill or using coded language in 1996 to pass welfare reform, throwing gay people under the bus with goma. he stands tall with people even when the fight is not popular. >> in political terms, you're saying president clinton and his wife were trimmers, they were not really helping black people but pretending to. that's strong. >> when the going getting tough, when there was triangulated that was necessary, they did. >> where was bernie sanders. >> he was not try ang lating what do you mean the frontlines.
4:21 pm
he is probably a good guy. >> probably? >> i don't know him. consistent believes. but he wasn't on the frontlines. look him up in the -- people didn't even think about him until a year ago. >> i worked with him for 30 years in the house. i know what he is like in the house. >> okay, he was on the frontlines. let me go back to jim. mr. clyburn, respond to that. >> well -- >> was he on the frontlines involving race in this country? >> well, i don't know when that could have been. i understand his activity in chicago back to doing the housing strikes, i remember all of that. but let me say this. when hillary clinton came out of law school, she came straight here to south carolina as a young lawyer, helping young african-americans who were being put in jail with adult prisoners. she fought that issue. she left here, went to alabama,
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and worked on segregated issues in alabama. she ran a legal aid program back in arkansas. this wasn't in preparation to run for president. this was in a fulfillment of who and what she is. so i think that when you look at the resume, go all the way from that time all the way to being first lady of arkansas to working for the children defense fund, she was the first one to go out on the point for universal access to health care. and when she failed, she failed back and she got s chip, the state children's health insurance plan. these are the kinds of things in her resume that i think bodes well for the future of the country and the future of the democratic party. so i'm not disparaging mr. sanders at all. i just believe that the resume
4:23 pm
of mrs. clinton is far superior to his. >> let me go to jeff and i want to go to jean. let's go over this with scott pelley. this is not going to help secretary clinton about this discussion, which was going to be the topic of the debate. trustworthiness. >> you talk about leveling with the american people, have you always told the truth? i've always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. >> well, no. >> you always tried to. i mean, jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say have i ever, i don't believe i ever have. >> gene robinson, let me go to jeff, first of all. what do you make of that? you're laughing? >> she has never lied. have you ever lied, chris. >> well, i may have, but i think tell the truth. but i would say it, yeah. but yeah, i do tell the truth.
4:24 pm
but about hillary clinton is more important in this discussion. tell me, what do you think of that answer. would bernie sanders say that, i always tell the truth. >> of course, he does, that's what people love about him. >> is that going to bug her in this campaign. >> it could certainly in a republican attack ad, perhaps. i mean, you know, it is a tough question, tricky question, have you ever lied. the correct answer might be something like i will never lie to the american people. something short, something definitive, and something that doesn't translate into an attack sound bite. but you know, just to back up one second. you just heard jim clyburn give a very compelling, civil rights case for hillary clinton, arguably better than she does, and arguably better than bill clinton does. i think her margin in south carolina could be better maybe if bill clinton stayed out in
4:25 pm
nevada or someplace and jim clyburn gave the spiel that he just gave to you. it was very impressive. >> yeah, i i've never heard anybody put it so hard. i realize everybody follows american politics, bill clinton was a southern democratic who ran a conservative state and found ways to use issues that kept him from looking too liberal. when we covered him in 1992 campaign, we kept going to police academies, okay, i am a southern white guy. but on the issues of affirmative action, he stuck with his position. remember affirmative action, you make him sound like a bad guy on civil rights. do you mean to say that? >> no, what i am meaning to say is there have been occasions with the crime bill and welfare reform bill and other times when people who were not as popular as they might have been, he, you know, used an opportunity to try ang late. >> i think he -- i'm with you. i agree. i think he signed the welfare
4:26 pm
bill in 1996, so that he could get reelected. >> of course. >> i know. you make him sound like some vagabond. >> gene knows all this stuff and jim clyburn knows everything we're talking about here. gene, you know all this stuff. congressman clyburn, thank you so much. up next, justice antoni scalia returns to the supreme court for one final time. i don't know if the president, the public pay their respects. question about the president being at the funeral. this is "hardball," the place for politics. old you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors,
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ask your dermatologist about otezla today. iher life's work has been about breaking barriers.age. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. some better ceremony at the u.s. court today as americans paid respect for two supreme court justice, antoni scalia who died this weekend. his sixth child, actually father, roman catholic priest
4:30 pm
offered a prayer. >> may the peace of god which is beyond all understanding keep your hearts in minds and the knowledge of love of god and of his son, jesus christ. may all mighty god bless you, the father and the son, and the holy spirit. >> well, president obama and first lady michelle obama came to the supreme court and paid their respects as well. actually, he is not coming to the funeral tomorrow. the issue around town here. justice correspondent pete williams. let's clear that up. what would you call that? snub is right or what. i mean, i don't know. a big deal to be an associate justice of the supreme court and the president of the united states is sort of, not just head of government, but head of state. he has that ceremonial role. >> well, the vice-president will
4:31 pm
be there tomorrow. we've looked back at the records. some presidents have gone to the funerals of justices, some have not. there is no clear pattern here. but let me tell you who is coming to this building today. more than 4,000 people, since the supreme court opened its doors today to the public at 10:00. people have been lined up and i'm just talking to the folks right near the camera now. they've been in line two and a half hours and the line, the supreme court building is directly across from the u.s. capitol and the line is first street. the line goes three more blocks to 4th street and wraps around the other side of the building opposite from me. it was going to stay opened until 8:00. now they say they'll stay open until 9:00. i suppose there is a possibility they'll have foig you are out what to do for the folks in line. this has been a huge out pouring, looking today at members of the washington, d.c., court appeals that's just down
4:32 pm
at the foot ofk capitol hill here, two members of the d.c. court of appeals, on which justice scalia served before he came here. potential nominees. they didn't just come up here on their own. they chame up with other member of the d.c. court of appeals. >> what do you make of the fact that the president was walking around the white house with a binder, apparently doing his homework already on selection? >> was seen doing that is a euphemi euphemism. they want people to see that he is serious about it, doing his homework, look at the potential nominees, to keep the message out there that he does fully intend to nominate somebody up here. although as you know, harry reid said yesterday, i guess in an interview with, wasn't it, it could be up to three weeks? aren't you glad i'm telling you what he told you last night. >> you're coming back to me with
4:33 pm
the news. any ways, yeah, he said two to three weeks. it sounded like three weeks. what was your -- 30 seconds or a minute. what was your meeting with him. whenever we have different -- we all have different views of the constitution. what was it like? what was he like? >> he was a funny guy. he was gregarious, a great sense of humor, one of his sons, christopher, has a really touching piece in the "washington post" online today, saying what it was like to grow up with justice scalia, dinner table conversations were started out serious, but their dad always used to crack them up. he talks at one point about wanting to get out of mowing the lawn because he had a track meet. okay, i'll mow the lawn, but i think a supreme court justice has something better to do. >> well, maybe not sometimes. i like guys who mow their own lawns. i think the country likes those guys. live coverage of funeral coverage beginning at 10:00 se eastern time.
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amazing eulogies. amazing eulogies. we'll be right
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i'm milissa rehberger, here is what is happening. the u.s. conducted a series of air strikes in libya, killing more than 30 fighters. prosecutors asking apple to comply with a court order unlocking an iphone used by. the government want as master key capable of opening hundreds of millions of locks. back to "hardball." welcome back to "hardball," live from las vegas. republican primary in south carolina could be a defining
4:38 pm
moment. there will be big winners and losers. anything could happen with the caucuses. polls show a tight race with bernie sanders gaining and hillary clinton trying to hang on. jim clyburn coming in to help her. can bernie sanders close the gap among minority voters out here. he told bet news that hillary clinton is embracing barack obama in order to win black votes. is that an attack? that's what we do in politics. >> hillary clinton was trying to embrace the president as closely as she possibly can. everything the president does is wonderful, she loves the president, he loves her and all that stuff. we know what that's about, win support from the african-american support, where the president is popular. i have enormous respect for the president. he is a friend. i think he has done a great job in many respects. you know what, like any other human being, he is wrong on certain issues. >> well, charlie, editor of the cook report, brilliant guy, sue
4:39 pm
lau, robert lang, brookings mountain west. what is that? >> a branch of the brookings institute. >> we love it out here. >> i was going to say that. >> it will get worst here. okay, use your long headness, and tell me who will win here saturday? >> who knows. is that what you had me on for. >> no, for missouri are than th -- more than that. the trajectory? >> yeah, at this point, he has just closed, i'm not sure he has passed. the that's the vibe on the street. >> charlie knows i try to pick winners, thursday, the numbers, the trends, you go with them. >> i think polling -- >> it's friday. >> polling a caucuses is absurd, particularly one with a low turn out. this isn't like iowa where it's small. this is really, really small. polls mean nothing. my assumption is, number one. >> why do we have caucuses?
4:40 pm
>> you got me. >> okay. >> i mean, it's a process designed to keep turnout low. >> that's right. >> and just club members can -- >> cuts down on the number of voting days for the requirements for photo i.d.s, you have to go to a darn meeting people don't like meetings. they would rather watch television. >> you have to vote while your wife watches your vote. >> the republican caucus is tuesday, and you do have to show i.d. >> how do they make it secret? >> well, you fill out your ballot, put it in the box and you can leave. you don't are to caucus. we've changed the rules a little bit. you don't have to sit down and talk to your neighbors. you have to be a registered republican. >> tell me about nevada, i know we're in clark county, vegas, where most people come to visit, reno, drive through, that's what they see, is this state, is this
4:41 pm
representative of the state, we're at, the strip, in vegas. >> no. >>. more traditional state. >> imagine phoenix, half of phoenix without the casinos. it's more diverse than people realize, more representative of america. it's the first big urban state that votes and the biggest metro, other than us, greenville, south carolina. so this is the first big top 50 u.s. metro in the mix. >> biggest little city in the world, reno. >> which is 116th. >> charlie, you're the expert, what kind of reflection for what we're looking at? >> my assumption is this. caucuses benefit idea logs, or people with passion. bernie should win all the 15 caucus states. ale do well. >> isn't that obama did? >> yeah.
4:42 pm
and bernie will do well in new england. typically smaller states, minnesota, washington state, colorado, iowa. and new england, other than massachusetts. can bernie sanders win non-new england primaries, where half the vote is minority. and until, i mean, i -- i can't see him doing that that well. >> hillary clinton last time i remember, won all the big states except illinois. she wept the country in new york, new jersey, pennsylvania. >> but she got minority votes. >> oh, that's it? so that's minority votes and the big states? >> yes. >> so what do you they will them, you're the republican out here, conservative republican i would say, knowing all these years. >> for you to say that. >> i don't want to kill you. >> do they feel the bern out here? people are talkative, tourists. >> they have their buttons on. they say i'm for bernie, my
4:43 pm
husband is, my wife is not. >> i'm feeling it with younger people, with college people. >> couldn't it be the smartest poll in the world. what do young people have to worry about, thirst fair experience with canpitalism is tuition. but what i do have a huge damn debt. and bernie sanders comes -- he'll get rid of it, low interest, you're not going to have, like a good school like berkeley or michigan, a hell of an offer. >> i teach at u nl v, they're all feeling the bern, trust me. they're doing their hair up like him. >> is it every group. >> that's what is interesting about it. it may be -- >> what does cross ethic mean. >> i'm after rutgers newark,
4:44 pm
most of it is bernie, even the minority. >> foreign-born, remember, this is the state that has the most voters who are voter eligible, born in another state. more california born than neff da. >> what does that tell you about nevada. >> kind of an extension of the west coast, mixed, hard to predict, transient in a way. we're in new york, new york, easterners than nevada as well. >> you know, people are pretty happy. it's a happy place. the weather is about -- >> unless the house is under water. >> you mean financially. >> yeah. >> the weather is just like, in israel, the perfect high 60s all the time. >> round table staying with us, and on the other side of the country, it's just as hot in south carolina. i don't know about the politics back there. it was going to get dirty and
4:45 pm
outrageous and it's both now. can he fend off these outrageous charges. now they accuse himming before a truther, a little weird back in the palmetto state. this is "hardball," the place for politics.
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p.m., as democratic caucuses held. a lot going on saturday afternoon. then at 6:00, i'll join brian williams and rachel maddow. a doubleheader tomorrow politically. all starts at 2:00 eastern. eel we'll be up early and we'll be right back. you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? try align for a non-stop,ive sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day.
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the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. we have losers like this carl rowe guy. what a loser. he spends all this money on races, he loses all of them. we have such losers in this republican party.
4:50 pm
we have to go to a different system you're never going to have a president, you're never going to have a president. >> that's donald trump. that is donald trump today, talking on carl rove and othern the republican camp. he's made certain words infamous like loser and huge. got a good round table. charlie, sue and robert. it's nasty down there. why do they think it's okay to be nasty? i'm talking about voters. they don't seem to mind it. >> it's a direct place. it's not subtle. >> okay, john mccain had a legitimate daughter with an african-american daughter. it wasn't his adopted daughter from south asia and his wife is a druggie. this stuff is dirty. >> the world isn't iowa and new hampshire. >> they put up with a lot of stuff and thought it was funny and began to think politics
4:51 pm
matter? i'm being mean here. >> he is. >> i it will you what, looks great. looks great. mind's sharp as a whip. >> good for him. he got through it all. i'm not sure your state is better for it. >> do you watch this fight. look at what happened at john mccain. he was a good candidate. he appealed to the middle. trashed him. just destroyed the guy. terrible, personal things. >> that's what's going on in our primary. how do you recover from that if you become the nominee? >> i think this guy, cruz is a tough player. he does things like this little push polls and spreading rumors that carson's out of race and spreading rumors that tray gowdy will endorse him. finally somebody finds out it's a lie. >> it's tough but you can't curse.
4:52 pm
the good news for donald trump, when you get to nevada, you can curse. >> he's cursed everywhere. >> he's tried to restrain. >> let's look at this poll. a tightening race in south carolina. trump leads still. this is tight, 28%. he's down eight points from last month. cruz is five behind trump. followed by rubio and bush at 13. >> that's one poll. the other polls show -- >> it's our poll. >> i know it's your poll. >> it's a very good poll. >> i don't think it's as close as that. >> what about the pope fight. anybody catholic here? i guess just you and me. i thought it was going to go completely against the pope, for the pope. stay in your lane the new phrase now. >> he shouldn't be talking about politics. >> they all agreed on that.
4:53 pm
all the candidates. >> a lot of cafeteria catholics out there. they pick and choose -- >> immigration not the goal. >> you render unto caesar. >> how about the picture of the vatican wall i'm seeing now. >> what are the swiss guards for, to watch the wall. >> the private polls that we're hearing about are pretty close to the marist poll. trump is below 30 in most of the private polling we're seeing. this will be more tightly bunched up. it's cruz country, isn't it. >> cruz has won the conservative bracket. huckabee's gone. santorum is gone. >> what's he nuzzling up to carson for? >> when dr. carson wakes up
4:54 pm
he'll be gone too. >> is he going to throw his bouquet? >> when these people endorse each other, i don't think it makes any difference. >> i think it makes a little difference. >> that was the best state to do it. it was the lower share of catholics. >> we look good out here. i don't think people should be sitting on chairs out here. thank you. what a supreme group. when we return let me finish with a book and an author and a movie that spoke to so many of us. customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t.
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4:58 pm
let me finish with a book and a author that spoke to many of us. i'm talking about "to kill a mockingbird." out comes for all the that follow the fond marriage of story and experience. loving young scout who tells us this story respectful, carrying for the defendant played by brock peters. a nickname for the ages. my own life experience was going to chapel hill in the '60s and getting to know southern liberals.
4:59 pm
i like them. they were liberals in the most basic american sense. they with opposed to racial prejudice, which at that time were less than handle of years in the past a atticus finch was like that. he was a decent gentleman of the old school. understanding of what he called the code, the demarcation of life between white and black society. i don't think i'll ever forget the scene in that movie when the people watching the trial from up the the balcony, they stood up when atticus finch stood by to show their respect. the admiration for the one white character to stand up for justice, which meant standing up for them. it happened in a movie. before that in a book and before that in a mind and heart of a southern lady who died this morning in monroeville, alabama. that's hardball for now. "all in" with chris hayes starts now.
5:00 pm
big crowds, big names and the voice of god. >> together a stronger country. >> tonight the democratic fight for nevada closes with a furry. >> his opponent jumped all over me last night. >> bill clinton has been on the campaign trail making nasty comments about me. >> are you for invadining iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. >> he stays on offense even as his numbers begin to slip. >> i think you ought to boycott apple. >> can trump hold on? can the cruz versus rubio immigration fight get any nastier and can third place once again be the new first place in south carolina? >> marco rubio, will you raise your hand. >> when "all in" starts right


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