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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 5, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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allegations the irs targeted conservative groups. lois lerner, former irs director, who's been the target of a number of hearings, continued to plead the fifth today, days after issuing an apology for the scandal. >> my counsel has advised me i have not waived my constitutional rights under the fifth amendment and on his advice, i will decline to answer any question on the subject matter of this hearing. >> so you're not going to tell us who wanted to fix the problem caused by citizens united? >> on the advice of my counsel, i exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that question. >> things exploded after that. chairman issa adjourned the hearing less than 15 minutes after it started, before congressman cummings had a chance to ask a question, leading to what you're about to see. take a look. >> i'm going to -- let me say what i have to say. i've listened to you for the last 15 or 20 minutes. let me say what i have to say.
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i have one procedural -- >> ms. lerner, you're released. >> first, i would like to use my time to make some brief points. for the past year, the central republican accusation -- >> we're adjourned. close it down. [ inaudible ] before a single document -- >> thank you. >> a frustrated congressman cummings continued to speak, even after his mic was turned off. take a look. >> if you will sit down and allow me to ask a question, i am a member of the congress of the united states of america. i am tired of this! we have members over here, each who represent 700,000 people. you cannot just have a one-sided investigation. there is absolutely something wrong with that, and it's absolutely un-american. >> nbc's luke russert is on
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capitol hill. we see a lot, luke, in that, but i have to tell you, this one is pretty unforgettable. >> indeed, tamron. elijah cummings, who you saw there so outraged actually called what happened to him, quote, un-american. look, the house of representatives, the way it's set up, the power structure, the majority party does rule and they do rule on these committees, but it's very unlikely you would see somebody that outraged after a microphone being cut off because their microphone wouldn't be cut off. usually the ranking member has an opportunity to voice the democratic side of something like this. folks say the reason issa cut off the mic because he was angry with lois lerner because she had given a private deposition describing her accusations of the irs, but her counsel said no, she didn't have to, she wanted immunity from prosecution, they were not able to offer her that, so now this goes into, tamron, a situation where house speaker john boehner said earlier today they could
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possibly hold lois lerner in contempt of congress. what that means, obviously, we'll have to see how this plays out, but it gets to what has become a political wedge issue ahead of the 2014 midterms. republicans view the irs scandal as an opportunity to show president obama is overstepping his bounds. democrats say this is a witch hunt, and this is something that republicans want to keep trumed up, especially before november. >> it was on sunday that chairman issa said he'd been notified or told that lois lerner had decided to op her testimony. her attorneys, almost instantly, say that was not the case, that issa had miscategorized or misspoke regarding her intentions on wednesday. another thing that chairman issa said on that program that there had been extensive interviews, and he had new information that would forward these investigations, and we've not seen that. we see this moment focused on
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lois lerner, but this bomb shell or new revelations they've not been disclosed if they exist. >> they have not been disclosed, and the idea supposedly of a spoking gun that would directly tie the obama white house to the irs's actions out of that cincinnati office that pertained to whether or not tea party and conservative groups can qualify to tax exempt status to that point have not been seen. that's why you hear from a lot of democrats on that panel that this is just more, if anything, amounts to personal politics, that this plays well on conservative blogospheres and cable channels, that you can do these types of hearings about the irs, about the imperial presidency, quote, unquote, and this can play well with voters in november. but as far as what happens with lois lerner, her attorney is going to have a press conference later today, she continues to invoke her fifth amendment rights, and the interesting thing about this hearing today, it was a continuation of one that happened last year, where a
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lot of democrats said, look, lois lerner's already testified, you can't bring her back, she's already pled the fifth. but republicans said because she gave an opening statement her fifth amendment rights were not applicable. this is going to be going back and forth and if it plays well politically with the base, why not have a go at it? some republicans are worried that this type of hearing, the focus is drawn away from the economy, which they think is an issue they should be paying more attention to. >> many aftershocks from what we saw there. thank you very much, luke. also developing right now, high level talks aimed at easing the crisis in ukraine are under way. john kerry just met with his russian counterpart, sergey lavrov. secretary kerry said he urged lavrov to engage in direct talks with ukraine. meantime, parallel talks between nato and russia are being held in brussels, belgium. secretary kerry also met in paris today with u.s. allies.
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that meeting included ukraine's new interim foreign minister, who was one of the protesters in kiev. he actually traveled to paris with kerry after kerry's high profile visit to that country's capital yesterday. the meeting concluded with issuing of the statements saying in part, "united states, united kingdom, and ukraine agreed direct talks between ukraine and russia facilitated as needed by members of the international community are crucial to resolving the current situation." meantime, russian troops remain in firm control of ukraine's crimea peninsula, amid lingering fears they will not stop there. jim maceda joins us live from moscow with more on the diplomatic efforts under way. jim, what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, there, tamron, well, that meeting you referred to was indeed brief, kerry did urge lavrov to have direct talks. that seems to be an important theme now, unifying this swirl
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of activity. it was their first face-to-face since the ukraine crisis escalated. that is just one example of this, again, this flurry happening over the past 24 hours, tamron, the chances of avoiding war in ukraine seem to have gotten a boost from vladimir putin's comments. yesterday if you recall, he said he saw no need for the use of force in ukraine, had no desire to annex the crimean peninsula, and really that's a sigh of relief has been resinating in the international financial markets, including here in russia in moscow after historic drops on monday. that's just one example. the perception today, tamron, is that ukraine is spinning now not towards war, but some kind of diplomatic solution. in addition to kerry/lavrov meetings, more importantly, you've made reference to it, the meeting between the new ukrainian and russian governments for the very first time talking at least on a cabinet level today and a russian defense official
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discussing ukraine with nato members in brussels. and tamron, amongst this swirl of activity, you've got russia and the west's end games, which are beginning to emerge. on the one hand, washington and berlin are pushing a plan agreed to by western foreign ministers today in paris that would include international observers, direct talks between moscow and kiev and new elections in may. the russians, on the other hand, want to see a return of viktor yanukovych, they call him the legitimate president, he would have new elections, not in may, but december. there's a big gulf between the two sides, but at least, tamron, they are talking again. back to you. >> absolutely, thank you very much, jim maceda. now let me bring in new york congressman elliiot engel, he's also a member of the congressional ukrainian caucus. sir, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> i know defense secretary chuck hagel was at a house
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hearing this morning giving an update and he said he and general dempsey have been going over in constant contact with fellow ministers at nato, as well as russia and ukraine, saying they are putting together a call today with new ministers of defense for ukraine, so there are a number of branches, if you will, coming from the same tree, but it appears the tone today, as opposed to maybe 24 hours ago, certainly, is more diplomatic than aggressive. >> well, certainly, we have to try to put putin in a mood to back down. i think perhaps putin realizes he might have bitten off more than he can chew. we have to be ready for punitive sanctions and for other things, as well, but what we want to do first, of course, is diffuse the situation. it was very important, in my opinion, that secretary kerry was over in kiev to show the ukrainians that the united states stands by them, and tomorrow besides the hearings in
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the foreign affairs committee, we're hoping to get on the floor about $1 billion worth of loans to ukraine, and i think it's very important for the ukrainians to understand and to know that the west stands with them. we stand by them. we share their aspirations for freedom and democracy, and that in a very strange way, perhaps what putin did is going to backfire on him. >> let me play a bit of what mike rogers, the house intelligence committee chair, your colleague, of course. here's what he said a short time ago on "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. >> right now, putin has set the table for crimea in negotiations the way he would like them to go, and i think that puts us as a disadvantage. you can't have the secretary announcing we're going to do sanctions and the international community is going to support us in the sanctions and have germany come out and say, no.
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>> well, i think we're at a disadvantage just by the fact that russia has invaded and occupied crimea. i think that we have to stand with our allies. if germany or others are reluctant to go forth, we have to push them and cajole them. for me, it seems to be a two-prong battle. yes, we need to have our allies with us in terms of any kind of sanctions, certainly, in terms of loan guarantees and things like that. >> but should the u.s. wait for support from european leaders on sanctions? there appears to be a split between democrats. you have harry reid, for example, arguing that the administration should wait for european support. what's your thought on that, sir? >> no, i think we need to move full steam ahead. i think the way we react to putin now sets the stage for the next 25 years. putin has to understand what he's done is unacceptable. it's not going to be accepted. not going to be business as
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usual. several years ago, the russians invaded georgia and essentially next two parts of georgia, the world came forth with lots of rhetoric, but not much substance. we cannot let that be repeated, because russia will feel empowered to wherever it wants to interfere, intervene, and thinks the west will do nothing. i think we need to be very strong, help the people of ukraine, let them know we want to turn them westward, rather than eastward, that we stand by them and in a way we're going to use this as a way to show ukraine and other countries, by the way, on the cusp like moldova and georgia that we want them to affiliate with the west. i look at this as an opportunity to assert ourselves. we have a lot to sell, democracy and the rule of law. i think there's a lot to sell that the united states and the e.u. have. >> congressman eliot engel, thank you so much for your time. greatly appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. a dramatic day and new
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security concerns in the oscar pistorius trial. a witness now says he is receiving threats and the judge now reportedly has been given new security detail. this as two witnesses are accused of collaborating on their testimony. we're going to take you live to south africa. plus, shocking video of rescuers saving a family after the mini van ended up in the ocean. witnesses say the young children inside that vehicle were screaming for help and police are now investigating exactly what happened there. in calling the race for me tonight, i've become only the second female democratic gubernatorial candidate since ann richards. >> and the showdown in the great state of texas. democrat wendy davis will take on republican greg abbott in the race for governor. our first read team says primary night was a good night for establishment republicans, not
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so much for the tea party. mark murray will join us and we'll get mark's insight on the explosive exchange between elijah cummings and darrell issa that we just witnessed on the hill. join the conversation. what do you think of this moment? we'll play a bit more of what happened during that hearing. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you're watching one of the biggest financial services companies in the country at work. hey. thanks for coming over. hey. [ male announcer ] how did it come to be? yours? ah. not anymore. it's a very short story. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meeting you more than halfway. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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high drama on day three of the oscar pistorius murder trial, with talks of threats against a witness and even the judge. the neighbor who began testimony yesterday was back on the stand, saying he was receiving threats because his phone number was read out in court yesterday. pistorius's attorney meantime tried to discredit that witness,
8:18 am
charles johnson, by saying it's odd how his testimony has changed to align more with his wife, who testified the first two days of this trial. the next witnesses on the stand, an acquaintance of pistorius, a boxer, he testified how pistorius accidently fired a gun at a restaurant just weeks before he killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the man said pistorius asked another friend at the table to take the blame. >> he said, please, take the blame for me. there's too much media hype around me, please, take the game for me. when the restaurant owners came up, deron took the blame. >> joining me from pretoria is ayman mohyeldin. ayman, this incident that happened before reeva steenkamp was killed, what are attorneys or prosecutors trying to do with this witness or present with this witness? >> reporter: well, they are certainly trying to use the
8:19 am
incident to highlight two very important developments. keep in mind that oscar pistorius, along with being charged for murder, is also being charged for an unlawful possession of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon, and unlawful use of ammunition. now their theory, according to at least some, is he was an individual who was around guns, had guns, used guns, so they are using this incident to show just a matter of weeks before he killed reeva steenkamp, he was involved in another shooting incident, this one also in a public place with a lot of people around, a lot of civilians. the intent from the prosecution is to interpret what happened that day as an example of how oscar pistorius involved in these shooting incidents could have been someone with a gun the night of killing reeva steenkamp. the defense is certainly trying to cast doubt on that, trying to cast doubt on the incident being described, again, an accident that oscar apologized for and saying he was extremely uncomfortable with when his friend at the time sitting at
8:20 am
that same table in the restaurant passed oscar the gun under the table when it was discharged into the ground. tamron? ayman, thank you very much. now let me bring in georgetown university law professor. professor, thank you for your time. >> thank you, tamron. >> first, let's start with the questions directed at this friend of oscar pistorius, an acquaintance, who described this incident where this gun was fired off, part of oscar pistorius's defense is that, obviously, this was an accident. he thought there was an intruder. there's no denying he had guns or eyesed guns, even tweeted out pictures here. when you have someone that says he mishandled or maybe was showing off with this gun, that does not, it seem, do anything to prove he was a malicious, angry boyfriend that went in and killed his girlfriend. >> that's right, but he's charged with several other things, too. he's charged with mishandling firearms and also a lesser
8:21 am
included offense in the homicide charge is the prosecution would first love to get him for intentional homicide, but a lesser charge included in that, if the judge doesn't convict him of that, would be what's called culpable homicide, which is negligently using a firearm and killing someone, firing blindly into a door, not knowing who's behind the door. and that could be 15 years. intentional homicide is mandatory life with minimum served of 25 years before parole. so they are also gun charges, independent gun charges against him, mishandling guns, so all of this is relevant, but doesn't prove, as you said, intentional homicide. that will be other evidence in the case. >> and let me play a little bit of some of the testimony today, the defense attorney asking one of the witnesses, why his testimony was so similar to what we heard from his wife in the first two days of this trial. let's play that exchange.
8:22 am
>> it's just too remarkable that there was -- that you did not come and give evidence after your wife, first call someone else, let you and your wife be together, make sure that you patch and the evidence is consistent. >> i can honestly tell you, we did not discuss her evidence, i mean, her testimony. >> whether this is south africa or here in south carolina, we know that defense attorneys will often push witnesses on if their story is credible, what they heard was accurate, and whether they colluded or conspired with another witness to bring out these details. what do you make of this back and forth from the defense attorney? >> this is a standard tactic, both in the united states and there, of defense attorneys or any attorneys to show that the witnesses had planned their story together. that two witnesses correspond exactly to what each other is saying and, therefore, it's probably not true, because it's not in their own natural
8:23 am
language. and the reason this particular testimony is important is because these witnesses say they heard screaming and shouting like a fight between reeva steenkamp and oscar pistorius before the shooting. that would give a motive to oscar for intentionally killing. so this is really big evidence and very important evidence of the prosecution in the intentional murder case. >> and because you specialize in international law here, obviously, the most physical difference we see is the positioning of oscar pistorius, as well as the absence of a jury here, but what are you watching in this case as it relates to the law in south africa that is key perhaps to whatever decision is made? >> well, there's several important pieces of evidence yet to come. this is a war between two stories. it's a rather simple stories, oscar pistorius says that he
8:24 am
thought there was an intruder in there and since it is true there's lots of intruders in south africa and in this city, there's a big background of violence, that makes some degree of sense and that he was just defending himself, but if that were true, then he wouldn't have taken time to put on his legs, his prosthetic legs, to shoot through the door, so there's a big question, did he take time to put on his prosthetic legs, and they will measure the angle and have technical computer evidence about the angle of the shots to see if it was suddenly without putting on his legs, which supports his story of an accident shooting for an intruder or whether he put on his legs. and the other piece of evidence that will be very principle in this case, where did he take the gun from? there is some suggestion he took the gun from her side of the bed, under the bed, and that would tend to suggest he knew she was not in bed and might be in the bathroom, which is contrary to his story, he thought she was in bed. >> thank you so much for your
8:25 am
time. we greatly appreciate it today. >> thank you, tamron. right now, an 18 year old is suing her parents. she claims they kicked her out of the home and will not pay for the rest of her high school, and certainly not her college. her parents say she left on her own. this is a real story. we've got more details, and it's our gut check. and here's a look at what's happening today, wednesday, march 5th. just minutes ago, the president left d.c. for connecticut where he'll speak about the economy and minimum wage. the president will then head to boston for fundraisers. hillary clinton will give a lecture at ucla and accept the highest honest, ucla medal. and benjamin netanyahu will visit silicon valley. we'll be right back. these don't look clean. [ doorbell rings ] the johnsons! stall them. first word... uh...chicken?
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talker. a dispute between a new jersey teenager and her parents is getting tremendous attention across social media, as both sides are set to face off in court. now the 18 year old, she's 18, she's suing her parents for financial support after she says they kicked her out of the house. her parents say she lied in her court filings and took child welfare workers involved in the case. in a pretrial hearing just yesterday, the judge recommended both sides seek counseling and ruled against the teenager's request for immediate financial aid. nbc's stephanie gostz joins me now with more on the circumstances. it's easy to have a reaction one way or another to this, but what are the facts here, stephanie? >> you're absolutely right, it's easy to have that reaction. the facts haven't played out in the courtroom, this was a preliminary hearing and this boils down to a age-old problem of teenagers versus their parents. normally this plays out in the
8:30 am
home, not in front of the judge and tv cameras. the case is still ongoing, the evidence is going to come forward, but for the moment, the parents won a big ruling yesterday. >> she's always going to be your daughter. and they are always going to be your parents. >> the truth laid bare for the family in a new jersey courtroom. 18 year old rachel is suing her parents, shaun and elizabeth, for money they won't give her to finish high school and go to college. the court session was the first time they'd seen each other since october. there were no embraces, not even a hello. at times, rachel's parents wept. their daughter, honor roll student, athlete, and cheerleader left home last year. in a lawsuit, rachel claims she was subjected to severe and excessive verbal and physical abuse by my mother and father. >> these people have not called her. they are not come to see her.
8:31 am
they have not sent a penny to her. >> her parents deny any abuse and say they were just laying down the law for a teenager who was suspended from school, drinking, and dating a boy they really didn't like. >> come home subject to these rules. >> on his facebook page, sean canning, a former police chief, say his daughter's allegations simply never happened. in tuesday's court session, rachel's lawyer argued she needed emergency financial assistance while the case proceeded. the judge did not agree. >> we want to establish a precedent where parents live in constant fear of establishing basic rules of the house. since if they institute a rule that junior doesn't like, junior can move out and move in with another family, he can sue for child support, attorneys fees, car, cell phone, and a few hundred grand in college. >> so rachel canning is actually
8:32 am
living with her best friend's family. they are paying for her living expenses, paying for her legal expenses right now, but in the courtroom yesterday, you really got the clear impression that this judge wants this resolved some place outside of the courtroom. he wants them to get a family counselor, he wants them to sit down and work out their problems. he clearly sided with the parents or with the child, it's not the right venue for this to be happening in was at least the sense the judge gave. >> seems to be at this point where this should be, but nevertheless, that's where it is. what happens next? >> so, it will be a few weeks, the next hearing is in april. they are going to go through a full trial to hear evidence on both sides. there are, you know, conflicting allegations from both the parents and the child, some of them pretty intense. they are going to get a list of witnesses and go forward with the process. i think the judge's hope is that imminent trial will lead to some sort of negotiation. >> quickly, because i know
8:33 am
you've been covering this, in new jersey, is there a legal responsibility a parent has to pay the kid's college? i know she's in high school, which is a part of what she's asking for and there's the case some people have said today on social media, she doesn't have to go to a school where you pay, you can finish out at a public school. set that aside, college responsibility, what's the legality for that? >> her lawyer seems to argue there is some legal precedent in the state of new jersey if an unemancipated, this is key, unemancipated child wants to go to child, that the parents have some responsibility to pay. this will be a huge issue in this trial, whether she's emancipated or unemancipated, whether she chose to leave the house or whether she was kicked out of the house. she still has half a year of high school remaining. there are a lot of very -- >> layered story. >> very uncomfortable issues here. it's a messy case. >> you're a mom, this is like every parents worse nightmare. >> harper is 6 months old.
8:34 am
>> she's not watching "news nation" so she won't know this exists. thank you very much. up next, more on the fireworks that erupted today on capitol hill about an hour ago. >> you cannot just have a one-sided investigation. it is absolutely something wrong with that. >> again, that played out just this morning. democratic congressman elijah cummings battling republican congressman darrell issa during a heated hearing regarding the irs. new comments from issa. mark murray will join us next. m. some brokerage firms are but way too many aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder. isn't that a conflict? search "proprietary mutual funds". yikes!! then go to e*trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e*trade. less for us, more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus visit
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welcome back to midterm primary season is officially in full swing with results now for some key states, texas, of course, painting a clear or unclear picture of how influential the tea party will be this time around and what many refer to as the marquee race, senator john cornyn largely seen as a pillar of the gop establishment, easily beat his seven challengers, including
8:38 am
steve stockman, picking up nearly 60% of the vote. cornyn is easily the favorite to win his third term in office. in the race for top office, wendy davis won the democrat primary, while texas attorney general greg abbott sealed his spot as the gop nominee. >> when i look at you, i know, i know in my heart, that we are going to do this. we are going to do this! i am ready to fight for you and to fight for every hard working texan across this state. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's time that we turn our eyes toward the general election. and the question arises, what direction will be the best direction for the future of the state of texas? >> and joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, we plan to talk about the
8:39 am
politics of texas, our home state, and the impacts nationally, but what happened this morning over the irs and this continued investigation into actions by officials and employees of the irs as it relates to tea party organizations has turned into a life of its own. we have new sound now from chairman issa and congressman cummings following the hearing, which we showed our audience a short time ago. let's play those reactions. >> mr. cummings said that he had questions to ask, instead he began making an opening statement, even after the committee had been adjourned. therefore, the committee stands to adjourn. yes, sir? >> mr. chairman, how much of this is a political play for the republicans in the election? >> none, not a shred of it. >> no, i have not. what we have done, and i applaud my members of my committee, i'm very proud of them, they've come here seeking the truth. we really do -- and i said this
8:40 am
many times, it is very important for us to make sure the government operates properly and operates effectively and efficiently, and all of our members are determined to make that happen. >> mark, mics were turned off, words like "un-american" there, as well. this will likely play some role in the midterm elections, in that it is such an issue that is divided between left and right and how people see this investigation. >> well, it's more indicative of where politics are, particularly on capitol hill, tamron, and i think what we witnessed at that hearing today was a breach of decorum. i've covered many congressional hearings, normally boring affairs, but the way it goes, you normally end up having the chairman, the party that controls congress, then the ranking member goes and the member of congress, they all get their two cents, and the fact you end up having the chairman of the committee essentially cut off the mike of the ranking member is something i have never seen before, and, you know,
8:41 am
darrell issa, the chairman of the committee, was saying that politics hasn't been involved at all during the investigations into the irs, something dating back for a year ago, but if that is the case, i'm not sure cutting off the microphone of the ranking democrat on the committee helps you make this case that this has nothing to do with politics. >> especially in the case of chairman issa that there is new information that will reveal new details in this ongoing investigation, you know, mikes are being cut off, but we still, meaning the media, the public, still have not heard these new bomb shell details that he claims to have. >> well, that's right. and it's also been a big delay as far as this irs investigation goes. as you and i know well, this is a topic that's captivated the washington media for two or three months, starting in june, july, august, we've had so many congressional hearings, so many twists and turns, then it dropped because other things came into the picture, but one of the big reasons, there never
8:42 am
was a clear link that involved president obama and his chief political aides having anything to do with what seemed to be agency screw-ups and screw-ups people working in individual offices. >> thank you very much, mark, and thanks for going with this, since the story was developing and so many people now reacting to it on social media and throughout d.c. and, of course, everywhere else. thank you very much, mark. coming up, "news nation," a woman releases graphic cell phone video of her husband in an altercation with police before he died. >> please. >> calm down, sir. >> we will talk live with the family's attorney and show you more of that cell phone video, what the family says happened and what police are saying. le a] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing.
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welcome back. the family of an oklahoma man who died after an altercation with police is releasing graphic
8:46 am
cell phone video of his arrest taken moments after police restrained him. it all started when a woman hit her 19-year-old daughter in a movie theater parking lot last month in moore, oklahoma. now someone called police and while the mother admits to striking her daughter, she says officers confronted her son, not her. the mother began recording on her cell phone when three moore police officers and two security guards rangled her husband to the ground. you can actually hear her saying the incident is a family matter. >> please. >> calm down, sir. >> this is a parent thing. look how you're treating him. >> about 20 seconds later, she asks why officers put her husband on the ground. >> luis, are you okay?
8:47 am
luis? luis, are you okay? >> he's fine. >> why you came to all this? >> about a minute and a half into the recording, an officer explains what's happening. >> understand that there's a domestic here, someone hit someone. >> yes, i hit my daughter. >> you hit your daughter. >> yes. >> crime was committed, domestic abuse. we came here to investigate it. he refused to give his i.d., he got combative. that's why he got put in this position. >> police report at least their report says that rodriguez stopped breathing in the ambulance, but crews revived him. the report goes on to say he died later at the hospital. the medical examiner says the autopsy report is not finished. we reached out to police for a statement and they pointed us to this website and it says in part, "the three moore police officers involved are currently on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation.
8:48 am
we understand the public's desire for information and we ask for patience, as all of the facts are being investigated and will not be released until they are confirmed by investigators." joining me now, michael kenny, he's been writing about this case. michael, thank you for your time here. there's a lot to cover here, but bottom line, one of the questions is, why did police focus in on the father in this incident, when the mother admits it was an altercation between her and her daughter, do we know why they focused on him? >> well, according to the police report that they released late last week, they had a witness that came to them, they were already on scene for another incident, they had a witness that came to them and told them there was a domestic abuse situation. the two police officers, one of the police officers went and stopped the wife, mary, and asked for the information. once she informed, i think it was officer menard, that she had
8:49 am
struck her daughter, he in his police report said he turned around and saw that her husband, luis, was in a scuffle with the four other officers and security personnel on site. >> as i understand, in addition to this cell phone video, authorities are examining cameras in and around the theater that may also show what happened prior to what we're seeing, the disturbing images from her cell phone. >> yes, but as far as we know, we know there is a video, but the moore police department has not released the video, according to them, what they've been telling me, the video is now in the hands of the oklahoma state bureau of investigation and because it is now with them, they can no longer release that type of information for fear of interfering with their investigation. so we know there is a video, we also believe there may be another video from a witness, but that, once again, is
8:50 am
information they are not releasing. >> michael kinney, thank you very much for your reporting on this and joining us. the family's attorney says they plan to pursue legal action against the police department and the theater where the altercation took place in the parking lot. they're still waiting to see another video, as you heard, taken that night, and the security cameras. police say do not have it anymore. they'll turn it over to the bureau of investigations. meantime, oklahoma naacp is calling for an independent investigation. i'm bringing in the attorney for the family. sir, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> another key part of this investigation is the autopsy and toxicology report. and as i understand it, the family has not received that of yet. what can you tell me? >> at this point, we believe the physical examination of mr. rodriguez has already taken place, but they're waiting on toxicology reports from the laboratory, so the estimates are it could be anywhere between one
8:51 am
and two months before those arrive, and then once those arrive, they'll issue their final report from the medical examiner's office. >> as it stands now, the family does not know the cause of death here? >> alt this point, no, ma'am, we don't. >> what is the key question you and the family would like answered? obviously, as soon as possible. the police there say they have a thorough investigation, no timeline on this. but what is the key question here for you? >> i think the key question and the thing that would put all the speculation to rest is if they would release the surveillance video from the theater. because at this point, we have a subject, report from the police that it took them four days to get together. we have my clients perceptions of what happened that night. it would be very, very easy to come up with an objective document, which would be the surveillance video to know exactly what happened. >> have police said to the family why it took that many officers to restrain
8:52 am
mr. rodriguez? what you see in the video itself? >> no, ma'am, i don't think -- other than that's however many they had. so that's one of my concerns, is that in the video, it's very apparent they are putting the full weight of five grown men on his back. that they're lifting hes legs up and trying to put his hands behind his back. in the first five seconds, if you listen very, very carefully, you hear someone say i can't breathe. and by the time they have him handcuffed, mr. rodriguez is very obviously unconscious. >> we'll continue to follow this story. we appreciate you joining us. obviously, no matter the circumstances, our thoughts and prayers are with that family as that is an unimaginable thing to have happen. and you hear his wife and her great pain in that cell phone video, but police there have pledged a thorough investigation. we will see what that investigation brings. thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you, ma'am. >> we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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time now for gut check. earlier in the show, we told you about the 18-year-old girl suing her parents for financial support. she claims her parents kicked her out of the house and were abusive. her parents dispute the claims and said she voluntarily left because she didn't want to live by their rules. do you side with the parents or the teen? go to i have my mardi gras hat and the beads provided to us by jen yams, the acting producer. enjoy your day. this is ash wednesday. that's "news nation." i'm tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell
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mitchell reports," united front. in paris today, secretary of state john kerry joins forces with our european allies to put the pressure on putin to back down in retreat from crimea. and this hour, kerry meets with his russian counterpart to continue to urge direct talks between russia and ukraine. mother russia, but can the u.s. and europe stop putin's ultimate end game? back stateside, critics on the hill say we should have seen this coming. >> this president does not understand vladimir putin. he does not understand his ambitions. he does not understand that vladimir putin is an old kgb colonel bent on restoration of the soviet of the russian empire.


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