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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 4, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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invasions. it cannot be silenced by thugs from rooftops. it is universal. it is unmistakable and called freedom. >> we'll have a live report from andrea mitchell traveling with the secretary in kiev. primary colors, voters head to the polls in the lone star state. gubernatorial candidate wendy davis is already looking ahead to november and the third wheel in the race, ted nugent. >> we're all responsible for our actions and he has reflected by associating himself with a person like ted nugent, what his values really are. oscar pistorius breaks down in court during day two in the murder trial of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the victim's mother speaks out about seeing the blade runner face to face for first time in court. >> i wanted to see oscar face to face and that he would know that i was there. and i can't explain to you why
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but that is the reason. good day, i'm chris matthews in for andrea mitchell. describing ukraine's political crisis as a result of a constitutional coup. the president was also asked about putin's statements and said this. >> there is a strong believe that russia aegs action is violating international law. >> andrea mitchell joins me by phone in kiev with the secretary of state. andrea, thank you. you just saw the press conference. what is kerry attempting to do today in this crisis?
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>> he's attempting to shore off the ukrainian people to tell their interim leaders they can pull this together and resist pressure on in terms of rising energy prices and also the threat of military force, that they can resist pressure from vladimir putin. he was strikingly passion nal having had the moving experience of walking by the square where the resistance took place, seeing the barricade still there, seeing the tires and barbed wire and flower for the martl mart martyrs, the heavenly hundred, all men and one woman who died in the sniper fire. it was an emotional day and business of trying to meet with interim leaders and tell them that the united states will stand with them $1 billion in loan guarantees. there has been some softening among the allies. here's you've got kerry and the president saying that vladimir
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putin will be isolated from the world economically and politically by his fans and by having operational control illegally says the united states in crimea. but putin was certainly defiant today taking questions for an hour and showing no sense of reality tomorrow. denying the troops were even in crimea. there's no sign that putin is taking note of this pressure from the united states and some of the other allies. >> it's so interesting to watch you over there with the secretary and you know him pretty well and he knows vladimir putin pretty well and seemed to smirk when he was confronted with the news that just today vladimir putin denied the presence of those troops we know are in there. couple of questions to you. why would putin say they are not his people zsh does that show restraint in itself that they are not willing to admit that they invaded another country? >> the view from u.s. officials
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and those in ukraine is it's more of him trying to mislead the world and deny reality because there's no question those are russian troops. so what the u.s. is trying to do is prevent putin from turning this operational control of crimea into a permanent state of division in ukraine. they are very concerned that unless putin is pushed back, not militarily but pushed back by economic pressure, that this will end up being putin keeping crimea, be russian speaking and russian supporting part of ukraine and ukraine will be divided. this is clearly not working the way the u.s. and allies had hoped but they are having meetings tonight in paris and tomorrow in paris and in rome. you will see sergei lavrov but
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doesn't seem they are backing down. >> it does seem, the ukrainian government and military, russian military out of uniform but there, are trying not to shoot at each other to be blunt. >> i think that's true. i think there were some shots fired today apparently and there are ship movements and worrying facts on the ground. so far it has not been a violent confrontation. kerry was praising ukrainian leaders for showing restraint because the provocation politically and russia could move farther into the rest of the ukraine. so he is urging them to pull themselves together into an interim government that doesn't give putin any pretext that he can point to to try to take control of an entire country. >> let's talk about the president, our president. president obama seems to be
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allowing the russians do have an interest in ukraine in the sense there's a history of the russian people living there, russian speaking people being there, actually russian natives as well. they've got the fleet down there in the black sea. they seem -- he seems to be saying, you do have a case but your methods are out of control here. is he trying to find -- >> that's exactly -- >> trying to find a common ground there? >> that's exactly the point. he's trying to give what they are calling an off ramp to putin. to say we acknowledge your interest. this is where your naval base is and you do have the history here but you don't have the right to invade another country militarily. so he's saying, yes, cruz chef did -- but that doesn't mean you could send thousands of troops and take over the streets of crimea and have de facto control over it. what putin would say is that we,
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the united states are medling in his backyard and this is his area and that it would be like russia trying to go to cuba or go someplace in our hemisphere. the united states is pointing to treaties and the basic reason itself for the naval base in crimea. all of these documents, various organizations, osce, a lot of alphabets but they are basically organizations that russia is part of. not nato but part of the other organizations and that he is a signatory and he, representing russia is a signatuorsignatory. >> have theyish issued what we're going to do to vladimir putin because of this action? >> the threat is not to go to
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the g-8. if they did get the other allies to agree, it might get stepped up to kicking russia out of the g-8. they have to subscribe to views of democracy. so there are certain rules that go into who can be accepted into the g-8 and russia was the last entrance. so it would be returning to the g-7, certainly boycotting sochi. already this is affecting the paralympics supposed to be held in sochi. the u.s. is not sending a delegation and one hopes it won't affect athletes who worked hard for that. ultimately they could block russian banking in europe. but europe is very dependent on russia for natural gas through the pipelines and there's some softening in europe, so it may
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be tough to get the sanctions through the ally. >> i'm glad msnbc can take advantage of your reporting. that's andrea mitchell in kiev with secretary state john kerry. bill neely is in the crimea area. what is going on with the mixing it up between the ukrainian military and the russian -- well russian military in effect, if not in uniform? >> well, it was interesting, chris, when we were getting those verbal warning shots of that extraordinary news conference by vladimir putin saying, well, we might not stop here in crimea, we reserve the right to go into eastern ukraine. here there were literal warning shots from vladimir putin's troops. it was a fairly extraordinary incident at an air base. russian troops had already taken
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over that air base. ukrainian troops this morning decided they wanted to go back in. they formed up as a unit, led by a flag carrying general and they moved forward. when they got to within several hundred yards of the camp, the russians decided to fire warning shots in the air. the ukrainians stopped momentarily, not very long and then moved forward again. there was another volley of warning shots and i counted about four sets of warning shots before the ukrainians eventually got up to a rather startled russian line. i'm not sure the russian commander was terribly happy that in fact his troops had open fire. but there was then this standoff with the ukrainians demanding to get back into their bases to work with the planes. they wanted partly to repair the planes and make sure everything was okay. at the minute the situation is as normal, the ukrainians after
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negotiations then withdrew. the russians are still in control of that air base. but at other bases here, the russians are still on outside trying to get in and the ukrainian army is still on the inside of their own bases resisting. a number of fairly extraordinary standoffs here in crimea. >> let me ask you an instrumental question. how are the russian troops there identifying themselves if not as russian soldiers? >> well, the simple truth of the matter is chris, they are not. they still haven't put their patches on. they are still in -- in camouflage uniforms, most of them still have ski masks over their faces. we've asked them numerous times to identify themselves and there's one unit in particular, a very well armed and well disciplined unit that simply does not speak.
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but we were at another other base yesterday talking to a group of far more relaxed russian soldiers. they were lying on the grass outside a base. chatting to local girls and there's no question that they are russian and most of these troops are from the black sea fleet, based at sevastopol. the ukrainians are alleging there are 16,000 troops in crimea. many, many more have come in from outside. there is no question, however, that they are russian. so far apart from the warning shots, they haven't fired a shot. this isn this isn't hungary '56. they have done this in three days and here in greater numbers than before. >> it's an extraordinary situation of caution, people wearing ski masks on both sides knowing this isn't going to end. and also not putting on the uniform. i see that as a good sign. we'll see it. bill neely, thank you so much.
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vladimir putin denied russia has taken full control of crimea but the images much russian troops on the ground seems to tell a different story. for more on the diplomatic challenges this presents, i'm joined by nicholas burns who served undersecretary of state for political affairs and now a professor at the harvard kennedy school of government. thank you for joining us. how do you read these interesting signs? beginning with the takeover of the presidential palace when the new government took power in kiev, they were still wearing ski masks the people in the presidential bedroom i noticed. then you have this weird situation where the russians don't identify themselves as russians, pulling this sort of harpo marx number refusing to speak. is it a good sign or is it just skull dugry by the russians? how do you read it? >> i'm not sure it's a good sign. those are russian special
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forces, sbets nas in crimea, there may be elements of the black sea as well. maybe putin because he's a kgb wants some form of deniability but there's no question the russian military invaded ukraine. crimea is ukrainian national territory under law. and putin may just want to have us think this is more complex than it really is. i think, chris, the big question, based on the press conference putin gave today, is he going to push north into the big russian ethnic towns in eastern ukraine and go further? if he does that, it will effectively deny ukraine in two then we've got a real crisis in the heart of the europe and united states of europe struggling to put together a cohesive response to this as andrea has reported. >> what are the tools that secretary of state kerry has in
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h quiver right now? can we deny the membership for a period of time? what steps can we take here? >> i think you're beginning to see president obama and secretary kerry put together a plan. it's a diplomatic plan. we're not going to confront russia militarily and we shouldn't. that would be kas strofic during nuclear powers. part one of the plan is drive up the cost to putin. obama will not go. the president will not go to the g-8 summit in sochi in june. i'll bet that meeting is called off. there may be an attempt to expel russia from the g-8. the white house will put together a package of measures that will be in effect sanctions against ukraine. the key question is will europe go along with united states to make it trumly effective? second part of the plan is what you see secretary kerry doing in kiev. can we give short term multibillion support to the
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ukrainian government before their presidential elections and third, what they've also got to do, reassure the nato allies, particularly the smaller allies that used to be part of the soviet union and those members previously of the war saw pact and reaffirm the collective defense of nato, ie., putin needs to know those countries are off limits. those are the three elements of the obama strategy that's developing. >> how about your assessment, the grander question of putin? certainly he has nostalgia for the old order, greater russia but he's no hitler. where would you place him in terms of his aggressiveness? his willingness to go in bringing back the captive nations, wouldn't go that far, would he? is this the limit of where he's going to go with crimea? >> putin is two things, a
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russian nationalist, for the last 14, 15 years, his primary strategic goal is to restore pride too russia and restore strength to russia and have other countries respect russia's role in the world and expand russian influence in their near abroad. he's been intimidating armenia and ukraine and saying, don't join the western group, stay under our orbit. but at the same time, chris, he's a realist. he respects power. that's why it's so important for the united states and for president obama to be a strong leader here. because if we reaffirm security commitment as we must, it's in the treaty to our allies and nato, putin will not attempt any kind of military encouragement to those countries. he preys on the weak. that's why he's in crimea right now. >> thank you so much. ambassador nicholas burns, harvard kennedy school of
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government. another dramatic day in the trial of oscar pistorius known as blade runner, murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the first witness, the neighbor continued her testimony crying as she described the screams she heard. pistorius broke down when hearing that the gunshots left her brain so damaged she would have been unable to scream out. >> this morning steenkamp's mother spoke to the "today" show about coming face to face with her daughter's accused murderer for first time. >> i wanted to see oscar face to face and that he would know that i was there. and i can't explain to you why but that is a reason. it doesn't matter to me what happens to oscar because my daughter is never coming back. my hygienist told me that less tartar means less scraping.
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well, 2014 begins today, five months of primary voting kicks off today in texas with one of the top republicans in the senate, a favorite in the democratic party and another bush family member all on the ballot today giving us plenty of plot lines in the lone star state. ruth marcus, editorial columnist in the "washington post" and chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and manager editor of post never ending river of political information. >> river, yes. >> a river runs through cillizza. >> i'm 38, i don't know if i can get young guy anymore. >> can we pretend to be 38? >> yeah. you don't know who jack benny
9:23 am
was, do you? >> i do. >> texas is the to me seed bank of tea partyism, is it? is it still going to be that going into 2016 when hillary clinton runs probably? >> eventually not. not in 20 -- it's still going to be republican in 2016. i think what we're going to see -- >> i voted for hue bert humphrey in '68. >> some day soon, maybe not 2016 but very well 2020, texas is going to be if not a blue state than a purple state because lessons of demographics are, unless the republican party gets itself right with hispanics, ain't going to keep being -- >> writers of the purple, coming back, yeah. >> not this time, not in 2014. but i think we're also seeing slightly the limits of tea party influence in texas as well. >> will they run?
9:24 am
>> they'll -- they are going to make noises about it like obama made noises about arizona last time around. but that's not going to be -- >> i'll tell you, it's going to be a national leader. i do think they might try kentucky, i think it's a fool -- >> here's what i think -- >> he wants west virginia back. here's what i think they don't, too expensive. too expensive to seriously contest because the media markets -- >> huge. >> a four letter word, coal. >> coal. >> you might as well. >> texas, john cornyn, they could lose easily and that means he's the next majority leader. >> i thin john cornyn, ruth
9:25 am
mentioned this -- >> he didn't run a campaign. >> a lot of people -- steve has not been endorsed any major tea party group. he's other. a guy out there, some of his beliefs. >> can you explain motive, why is he running? >> attention. >> i think attention. >> he basically filed the day of the filing deadline and has raised no money or done anything of merit -- >> don't you think it's weird candidates take long vacations? >> he knocks off lieberman in the primary and goes on vacation in maine and mike dukakis had to go the music festival -- >> real politicians don't take vacations. >> but stockman, this was -- i was going to say it's candidacy, i don't i'm not sure it's that.
9:26 am
he might have been better off in terms of the amount of the vote if he went on vacation the day he filed and never campaigned. >> there's some people who decide they are tired of being in the house. instead of leaving they go for a bigger office. >> harold ford, i thought he ran a serious campaign. he could have held that seat forever in memphis. he decided i don't want to sit in the house forever, i want to try something else. >> wendy davis has a lot of publicity because of her stand on choice and reproductive rights. we know issues are huge, sometimes the dominant issue, texas. wendy davis, texas. >> she's had some stumbles from her magnificent first -- wearing those very attractive sneakers during her filibuster -- >> first time i've heard that combination of words. >> very attractive sneakers. they were pink. >> and most guys don't go to sneakers -- >> if you're -- >> i'm allowed to because i can get away with it. if you're going to hedge your
9:27 am
candidacy on your personal story, make sure you have your personal details exactly accurate. that's a stumble and not her biggest problem. her biggest problem is what we talked about before, the state of texas. it's not going to be ready for a democratic governor, another democratic governor absent if there's a credible republican on the other side. >> 2018 -- >> 2022 is probably democrats best bet if greg abbott -- he's likely to win, 2022 he probably leaves the demographics will be right. george p. bush versus one of the castro brothers. >> you're a geek and crazy but house of representatives is filled with young men and women who have thought this way through for the next 20 years and. >> who's going to quit and run for something else? they've all figured it out. that part of it is like house of cards. chris cillizza and ruth marcus,
9:28 am
i love it. thank you. we'll have more on hardball at 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight. he's a fixture in homes as anchor of nbc's "nightly news", on "late night." he had to answer his toughest critic, believe it or not, a 10-month-old baby. >> uh-oh, it's brian williams. [ crying ] >> you're not appealing to the younger demo. >> it's disturbing. as a father of two, first of all, he's being goated by the dad. we have another video of a golden retriever no matter what is going on in the house, my theme and my voice comes on, right into the den. he is a fantastic viewer. if i can impart one lesson to a
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as the countries heads towards the 2014 midterms they are starting with the texas primary, a look at the role of women's roles in issues around the country. planned parenthood is a public voice in helping democrats win voters, helping candidates out there on the trail. joining me now, cecile richards, president of planned parenthood. it's so great to have you on. why don't we do a conversation about the fundamentals here for once. we sh a show where we talked about the while male, a forgotten demographic but in primary campaigns especially in mid-terms like this year, they all vote apparently and they are 26% of men vote for obama, that's white men. think about this. take away the liberals up north and it's much even lower. it's like one in five. why do white men vote
9:33 am
republican? >> well, if i could answer that, i'd be in a different line of work probably. i think though, look, i think it's important -- you want support from everyone. what we're focused on at planted parenthood, the fact that women voters have been determining elections. they were critical in the presidential election and all of the close races. and particularly with the voting rights restrictions passed, women voters have a tougher time and in offyear election they going to be important. >> when you look at the tough races this year. i'm looking at kay hagen has a tough fight -- i love north carolina, went to grad school. it's moving right for some reason. mark pryor in arkansas, even though it's clinton country it has moved to the right. mary landrieu is a hell of a good politician. >> she is. >> the south is tough starting in kentucky going all way down. we have two chances, michelle
9:34 am
nunn and you've got longer gan grimes in kentucky, they look to be two bright spots right now. >> i think they are. they are both incredibly competitive candidates sean again, those are states where issues for women's health basic rights for women are going to be issues. certainly -- i'm glad you mentioned kay hagen, she's been an incredible champion and great senator for north carolina. these are issues that are going to be important in her race. kentucky for sure and georgia. look, this is -- these are putting races on the map that i think folks thought were probably not going to be competitive. in all of the races again, women voters, when women turn out to vote and they know where the candidates stand, they are determined and particularly in close elections. >> where do the republicans find these crazy people, we call the clown car on "hardball." they seem four or five guys
9:35 am
running and one is say bit screwy on women's issues. are any of them, watching wolf in connecticut but that's a hard grab for the democrats anyway. >> chris, you look at tom corbett running for re-election there in pennsylvania. a guy who when they passed the mandatory ultrasound bill said women could close their eyes. look at tom tellis in north carolina who oversaw a very extreme bill against women's health pass in north carolina. these are folks who i actually think their stands are extreme and they are out of touch with women voters and men voters as well. regardless of offhand comments, if you look at the policies they are too extreme for their states. >> you wonder about the women in those states even thinking if they are very conservative women. it is a secret ballot. they are allowed to vote against the right wing even if the other guy in the family has a different view. i'm serious, only found out recently my mom voted for kennedy and never told my dad.
9:36 am
isn't that interesting? >> that's good. >> the old days people did have a problem. but i think women are coming on. cecile, we root for you, thanks for coming on. senate foreign relations chairman, bob menendez will join us next talking about ukraine. ♪
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u.s. officials have been saying that vladimir putin will be isolated by his actions yet today he seemed defiant, speaking for an hour, taking questions, he said among other things, that russia reserves the right to military means and described events here as an unconstitutional coup. he denied that there were any russian troops in crimea and blamed the crisis on united states interference. >> president putin, who you know, if -- who is insisting against all evidence everywhere
9:40 am
in the world about troops being in crimea that they are not there, that he will step back and listen carefully that we would like to see this deescalated. >> that was andrea mitchell's exchange, of course, with secretary of state john kerry this morning on kiev a couple of hours ago. new jersey senator robert menendez joins me now. senator menendez, jack kennedy, our hero, used to figure out the other side, what they were thinking and churchill, everybody's hero, said russia is an enigma, but you have to understand that they have interests. find out what the interests are and you can figure them out. what do you think putin wants? >> well, first of all, you've got to understand putin's mentality, right? putin loves peter the great. why was peter the great? because he amassed moreland for the russian empire. this is part of what putin sees.
9:41 am
he sees a return of the demise of what was the soviet union and wants to extend its influence territorial and otherwise. crimea important because of the base there and the access it gives the russians to the entire region and to the sea. and but at the end of the day, i think we have to remind president putin of his own remarks six months ago in an op i have ed in the new york times speaking about syria, we have to stop using the language of force and return to the path of civilized diplomatic and political sentiment. that's appropriate now. his own language has been to be reminded. >> how could he grab back ukraine if people of the ukraine and others -- you know better than i hate the russians and whole history of hating them. i went to school with a lot of ukrainians in philadelphia, they don't like the russians. if you had an election in any atmosphere, in ukraine they
9:42 am
would vote against the russian influence. how does he grab a country against its will in 2014? >> well, i don't think at the end of the day they makes the cal cue husband for going for all of ukraine. he's in crimea. the next question is does he look to go into eastern ukraine that has russian sympathies there and may find it more governable as well as desirable in terms of not taking all of ukraine, all of its economic consequences and all of unrest that you clearly state would happen if he would try to do it. at the end of the day he's looking to see what the world is going to respond. this president putin only understands strength. and it is a moment in which we must mean what we say and act upon what we say as what we actually mean. that's why the foreign relations committee working in a bipartisan fashion is not only putting an aid package together to ukraine that would leverage a
9:43 am
billion dollars in loan guarantees and series of other economic assistance but looking at the series of sanctions menu that sends a very clear message of the consequences of continuing to move forward beyond the crimea area and also even in the invasion of crimea. >> would you support strong actions against moscow right now, including removal of the russian federation from consideration for a g-8 membership? >> i think clearly that should be on the table. i think sanctions against high russian authorities that ultimately individual sanctions, both on economically freezing assets and trade -- i mean on visa issues have to be on the table. i think if russia continues down this path, and goes even more aggressively into ukraine stopping the sales, military sales and dual use sales have to be on the table. i think these are the only
9:44 am
actions that putin will understand and you know, just as he did in georgia, which of course was a whole different set of circumstances the ukrainians have given no real challenge to him as with georgia. but he used the same pretext and ended up with -- and i can see that playing out here again unless the west has a very decisive set of actions. >> great having you on. senator bob menendez, thank you so much. >> coming up, we're going to talk about netanyahu's line in the sand with jeffrey goldberg. coming up, the middle east. [ male announcer ] never before. in the history of mankind. has one march. meant. so. much. your quicken loans college basketball bracket picks could change your life...forever. ♪ the quicken loans billion dollar bracket challenge with yahoo sports. pick a perfect bracket.
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i've come here to draw a clear line. you know that i like to draw lines, especially red ones.
9:48 am
but the line i want to draw today is the line between life and death between right and wrong, between the blessings of a brilliant future and the curses of a dark past. >> that was benjamin netanyahu at the aipac conversation in washington where he said he's ready to reach a middle east peace deal. he laid down his bottom line. >> it's time the palestinians stop denying history. [ applause ] just az israel is prepared to recognize a palestinian state, the palestinians must be prepared to recognize a jewish
9:49 am
state. [ applause ] president abass recognized the jewish state. >> joining me is jeffrey goldberg and national correspondent for "the atlantic." i try to look at these things if i were a regular secular israeli and not a peace now guy and i'm not anywhere in the extreme -- >> silent majority. >> somewhere in there and go to israel, the great thing even though i'm not jewish, every argument is on table. this thing about his latest clarity here, the clarity of if you want a deal recognize us, we're jewish, got it? it's a jewish state. >> it's about legitimacy. it's not -- you know, what he's saying, it's all a metaphor for something else. he's saying to the palestinians, i know you recognize that physically we're here but you have to recognize that we -- you have to acknowledge that we actually belong here. we're recognizing that you belong here. palestine is going to be the
9:50 am
nation state of the palestinian people, we need you to say that israel is the jewish -- the state of the nation state of the jews, has less religious tone. we know you to say the jews belong here too. he thinks that's kinds of a guarantee, once they get over that intellectual or emotional hump, they will say, okay, this is not just colonial experiment from the west. these guys are from here too. i don't know how you change people's minds but that's the theory. >> the thing about the '67 war, the soldiers going in from egypt and everywhere else and kill all the men and rape the women -- these wars were exist ent shal. >> but what obama says and what kerry says and israelis say, look, it's -- the palestinians are almost there in terms of
9:51 am
being able to say, you know what, maybe we wish these people weren't here but they are here and we're going to have to deal with it. that's where you're sorting waiting for netanyahu to acknowledge himself. >> if this were hardball i would ask what are the odds under this president and secretary of state? i'm a big fan of kerry's efforts -- >> he doesn't have kind words for obama, but he really praised kerry today. he's carrying this ball up a very steep hill. the chances are slim. that's the safe thing to say. it's probably also the accurate thing to say. but kerry is probably going to get his framework agreement and that means all of the issues then -- >> pretend you're perez, you're going to believe, right? >> he's an optimist. >> just to get to the politics, a lot of people in this country are thinking why is there a problem here? the territories will be roughly
9:52 am
figured out. >> everybody knows what it looks like. >> figure out something about east jerusalem somehow -- i said east germany. >> that's been solved. >> but try to figure it out somehow. is there a dream in the hearts of the moderate that some day there -- somehow the demographics will change and at some point it won't be a jewish state? >> that's what a lot of people keep in their minds. president obama's credit, he says the demographics aren't for you. if you want a haven for jewish people after 2,000 years of unhappiness and want to be the majority, you have to make yourself into the majority. and you can't do that by having all of the west bank as part of your country. >> that's always been the conflict. >> you try to merge the two. >> i've been reading about that since '71 trying to figure the whole map out. every time you go to israel, it's like taking a temperature, feels different every time i've been there.
9:53 am
>> news filled place. >> great country. thank you so much. we'll be right back after this.
9:54 am
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that does it for this edition of quts andrea mitchell reports. rachel maddow will be on with me life about why we went into iraq. stay with us for the next hour and watch ronan farrow and "ronan farrow daily." that's coming up. stick around and watch that. ace retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america.
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10:00 am
and greg abbott and bring you a look at the number one solution you have to proezed so far in this week a's call to action on voting rights. first, our headlines. john kerry has arrived in the ukrainian capital of kiev. >> an emotional wake through the square. >> we will stand with the people of ukraine. >> have had mir putin saying this morning -- >> there is no need for further russian military intervention but the possibility still exists. >> angela merkel told obama she wasn't sure putin was in touch with reality. >> making smart spending cuts and closing tax loopholes that right now only benefit the well off and well connected. >> it is primary day in texas. >> in the last gubernatorial election, the latino turnout was make or break issue. >> the voices in south texas will be the voices if they engage. >> are you


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