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tv   Headliners Legends  MSNBC  August 20, 2011 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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into our business and help quadruple the size of our floor space. and the more we expand, the more space we have for instruments and musicians to come play them. rock n roll will never die. how can the plum card's tre terms get your business booming? booming is putting more music in more people's hands. you are about to become a witness. >> right now! >> crimes caught on tape. from teenage vandalism to thieves who stop at nothing to get the goods, criminals are getting caught in the act on video. sometimes the tape forces authorities to pay taepgs. >> i'm going to get this footage
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and then hopefully something will come of it. >> sometimes it reveals how criminals work. >> they can be in and out of the store in a matter of minutes and have, you know, $50,000 in cash. >> we'll show you how videotape helps fight crime, catch criminals and get them convicted. >> put it in the bag. "captured on camera, crimes caught on tape." with video cameras in police cruisers, news helicopters and in the hands of at least one person in every crowd, there's a greater chance than ever if a crime is committed somehow it will be caught on tape. it's changing the way police hunt criminals and how the legal system prosecutes them. it's turning average citizens into crime stoppers. there are times when this video explosion results in everything from the crime to the chase to the violent conclusion. all play out for the world to see.
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february 9th, 1988, 11:22 a.m., nine ploys are working at this north denver credit union when a man walks up to an 18-year-old teller and pulls the gun. >> he asked me if he could cash a check. i said, yes. he pulled back his jacket and he said, he said give me all your cash. i looked at him like are you serious? but i didn't say anything, i said okay. >> the teller hands over close to $3,000. >> the robbery is over in less than a minute. >> it seemed like it took forever. >> as terrified as she is, the teller runs to the window and manages to get a description of the suspect's car. she immediately calls 89-1-1.
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>> which way did he leave? okay. one white male in his 20's. 5'11". gone a couple minutes now. >> based otn teller's information it only takes the police four minutes to spot the suspect on interstate 70. a high speed pursuit begins and soon moves on to the local streets of north denver. nearby, a cc news helicopter is in the air shooting a story about highway construction. the man behind the camera is a highly decorated vietnam veteran behind if controls. >> got the pictures. seconds later i get the call. chopper four a chase in northwest denver at 50th and sheridan. can you go over there and take a look. >> silva locates the suspect's car and starts taping. the chase has been underway for seven or eight minutes and the
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suspect is already making it clear he does not want to be caught. >> at a come of points in the chase, the patrol cars would come up and be heading the opposite direction trying to block him in. a suspect would act like he was willing to ram them to get away. >> there's a reason for the suspect's desperation. police later identify him as a prison escapee. at the age of 23 he is already a career criminal. with convictions for kidnapping a child and assault and robbery. while serving a life sentence in texas, he hijacked a truck while on work detail and escaped. >> you could tell the driver was very desperate in the actions, in the way he was driving. >> about ten minutes into the chase, a police detective makes a bold move to stop him. what happens next shocks everyone involved. >> i watched the bronco going
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northbound on -- and i see an unmarked white police car pull diagnosely in the street. and stop. >> dr. robert wallace parks his unmarked car so it blocks the road. at the kpax moment he gets out of his car, the bronco hurdles over the hill at more than 80 miles per hour. >> when the suspect came over the hill, i don't think he realized that the closure, the speed, i don't think he knew it was that close. he hesitated in surprise or shock just for a second. that was enough for the suspect to drive right through that police officer to send his body hurdling about 130 something feet and killing him instantly.
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>> we need an ambulance at 48th avenue. >> an officer down here. >> as he speeds away down the hill, the pursuing officers are stopped by the body of the detective they find laying in the street. >> at this point the only people who really know where the suspect is is the channel four helicopter, the pilot and the camera man. >> from the moment mike silva sees detective wallace hit, he knows he is no longer an observe ver. with no one else tracking the suspect, the outcome of this chase is in his hands. >> we were going to follow them. we were not going to let him out of our sight. >> less happen a mile past the site of the crash, the suspect accelerates down the hill towards an intersection. suddenly the chase takes another you been expected turn.
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>> i knew he was going to hit the tree. we circled. i called back to if station and advised them he crashed the vehicle. he's on foot. >> silva knows he must make contact with the police. he can hear the police over his scanner. but he request edge communicate with the tv station. he asked someone there to call 9-1-1 which then contacts the police dispatcher. it's a slow process, but it works. >> the suspect starts running through the neighborhood. he's carrying the briefcase with the money from the robbery. >> as hutchenson becomes increasingly agitated, anyone in his path is in grave danger. zblf just a couple of minutes of running through the backyards with only the helicopter keeping him in sight, the suspect crosses into adams county to the north of denver.
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>> this is an apartment building. he runs into the parking lot. he sees a vehicle leaving. and tries to commander that vehicle. there's a liddy putting her infant in this little blue car. hutchenton targets a car. her 14-month-old son is strapped into a chide seat next to her. >> when we first opened my door, the thing i was thinking is here's he's in my car. is he going to kill me? >> what happens next is a moment of sheer terror. hutchenson points his gun and shoots. >> the door's open. i hear a gunshot. i thought for sure he had shot. >> the bullet he fires passes
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through mary's rear windshield and just missing her baby. now in search of another car he runs into a gully into aer park a block away. >> i bring the helicopter around to the back. you can see him looking up at us. he's very upset. you can see that on his face. and he's fatigued. i'm not really sure what he's going to do about us, but he's thinking about it. >> it is 20 minutes since the credit union robbery. the suspect becoming increasingly desperate points his gun at the news helicopter. the cram ra man takes cover as he and the pilot are looking death in the face. >> he was incredibly upset with me. i took it personally. i did. i'm glad i did. it was personal. after he ran over that police officer. >> this time the gunman does not shoot, but clearly silva is now in grave danger. they are the only thing standing between this armed killer and
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in denver a prison escapee robs a credit union and speeds off. a police pursuit comes to a stunned halt when hutchenson rams a detective and kills him. not only a tv news helicopter is left to track him. the crew is in close communication with police as hutchenson makes his next desperate move. he tries to hijack a truck in this trailer park.
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>> he walks to this elderly gentleman and his granddaughter and he tells him to get away. >> the granddaughter gets away. by the 73-year-old is forced into his truck. >> he said that helicopter is after me. i kept playing with the key. start. i was talking like that. >> as he slowly drives away, the gunman is hiding below the dash board of the truck pointing his gun up at the driver as patrol cars searching the area approach on the narrow street leading out of trailer park, all think see is a man driving around at ten miles per hour. >> it appears the suspect is going to get away. >> the only person who spots him is piemt mike silva hovering overhead. >> the helicopter started climbing up.
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the police cars drive past him. >>ville va tries to let police know the suspect's location. it's taking a minute or two for word to get to the police cars. >> the green pickup, the hostage? >> silva now makes a crucial decision. to make a daring maneuver. >> all these police officers are many this real narrow street with speed bumps they're trying to get turned around. i look over to my left. here's this very busy lunchtime
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traffic. i made a decision what we'll do is go underneath the wires, come up in front of him at a hover. try to keep him slowed down. keep him contained. >>ville ra carefully ma thooufrs his helicopter avoiding these high tension lines. he drops a three-foot hover and swings around in front of the hijacked truck. >> i can see the suspect getting up from the floor. i see the driver, the hostage looking, staring at me looking eye to eye. >> he told me to ram it. that blade was going around, i said oh my god, we're going to get cut in pieces or something's going to happen to us. >> at that point, he levels the gun. the gun's touching the glass.
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i see a police car impales him. he hits the pickup truck broadside. >> an officer rams his car into the front right wheel to have the pickup truck immobilizing it as other offices surround the truck. jim struggles to get his camera out of the helicopter. >> all at the same time you hear police officers freeze, police, drop the gun. don't move. all these kind of things. and for just a moment there, i thought this was over. and much to our shock, he reaches over, grabs the hostage around the neck. we were stunned. >> a dozen officers scream at hitchenson to drop his gun. less than a minute goes by, and
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jim points his camera just in time to capture the deadly conclusion of the standoff. >> the suspect would tush and try to look around. he would do this number. see what happens, the gun, the pistol came away from the hostage's head. >> 13 shots are fired in 14 seconds. and his life of crime comes to a sudden and violent end. though it has been just 22 minutes since the first call to police, it is a day no one involved will forget. a hostage has been saved, an officer has given his life, a violent suspect has been brought down. an investigation headed by the captain determines what the use of deadly force was justified
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and necessary. >> the police officers involved in that shooting gave that suspect every opportunity to surrender, to give up. not move, freeze, whatever. this was an individual that wasn't going to be taken alive. >> since pooilt mike silva's maneuvers to block the truck could have threatened the safety of athletic crew and people on the ground, the faa also investigates the incident. but given the circumstances the faa clears all of silva's extraordinary maneuvers. >> if it wasn't for mike silva, he might have gotten away on this day. it's certainly conceivable that something else could have been killed as a result. in my book, mike silva's a hero. >> i have no regrets about any of this. but afterwards, when you start
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realizing what happened, it's tough. it's still tough today. still ahead, a rampaging mob attacks dozens of women in new york's central park. but few might have been arrested if it hadn't been caught on tape. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? with olay challenge that. regenerist day and night duo. the uv lotion helps protect skin and firms during the day. the cream hydrates to firm at night. gravity doesn't stand a chance. regenerist, from olay.
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it is a hot sunday in june. two million people are watching the annual puerto rican day parade in new york city. when the parade endsing some of the crowd stays on in central park. once a place to be feared, it is now considered one of the safest urban parks in america. but on this sunday, the crimes caught on tape will shock the nation. this video is shot by a
3:24 am
bystander who does not want to be seen on television for fear of retaliation. >> as i'm walking towards the park i see a group of 30, 40 guys, they're spraying water on women that are walking by. >> when he comes across this unrule crowd, he follows them and shoots as dozens attackers moving as a pack begin assaulting women. >> then it escalated to the point where they were trying to fondle them. hitting them. and then it was to the point where they just grabbed them. >> not only are the women fondled, but some have their clothes torn off. a 29-year-old marketing director is roller blading through central park when she is attacked. >> passings through a crowd i would not normally expect to be dragged down on my back and attacked. certainly not sexually
3:25 am
assaulted. >> as the mob descends on her, someone grabs her from behind and pulls her to the ground. >> i was kicking, scratching, biting, anything. my sole goal was to get back on my fee. >> like dozens of other women she is completely overwhelmed by the ferocity of the aek and the unwillingness to have anyone to step in and help her. >> couldn't see the sky above me. people standing on objects chanting and cheering go, go, go. >> it grew with every attack. the mob was grow and grow as grow. >> payton bryant is one of 53 women that come forward. how old could this happen? how could so many people participate in something that is so blatantly wrong? >>. >> there's something very pry pll about this. adrenaline is flowing, test roast roan is flowing and judgment is expended.
3:26 am
>> at that point when the mob was 80 strong, about they felt we can do anything we want to these females and no one will stop us. that waffle pack, mob mentality took in. they didn't care if it was broad daylight, central park. >> and what about the even larger crowd of onlookers. why didn't any of them do something? >> there are two mobs here. one is the mob harling the woman. is other is the collection of bystanders who influence each other as well. >> dr. john darling is a social psychologist who's an expert on bystander apathy. he speculates to the bystanders in central park either didn't take the attacks seriously or were too intimidated by the mob to act. >> this is an emergency. why should i be the one to help? there's so many people who
3:27 am
could. i'm here with my children or perhaps there's a policeman around. anything like that causes me to feel less responsible. even david rivera who was videotaping in the middle of the violent didn't ver veen. >> i was too shocked. i just thought to myself, i'm going to get this footage and then i'm going to do something with it and hopefully something will come of it. >> what's worse, not even the police stepped in after the mob moves on, payton bryant finds a police officer a block away. she says he is simply not interested in her story. >> i went another block down and found another set of police officers on foot who asked me if i wanted to fill out a report. they did not treat it as a crime that was in progress. >> i could look up and look for a policeman. i couldn't see one.
3:28 am
it isn't until this is shown the next day that former mayor orders an investigation. >> part of me that was troubling women came to the police and said we've been attacked or problems are occurring, that they didn't respond the way they should. if that's true, that's very, very troubling. >> the investigation leads to disciplinary proceedings against five officers and three 9-1-1 operators for failing to do their jobs. as a result of the melee, all future parades in new york city will be monitored bring police helicopter, rooftop observation teams and surveillance cameras. >> this is terrible. this can't happen again. >> ultimately 18 men either pled guilty or were convicted in the attacks. but no one might have been caught if david rivera and other bystanders hadn't been in central park that sunday
3:29 am
shooting with their video cameras. still ahead, a texas town is stunned when a convenient store robbery is caught on tape. will four young women pay for their crimes? photo center prints and... two htc sensations from t-mobile. hey dad! hey son! i'm at study hall. that's great, you make me so proud. thanks dad. [ clatter, scream ] what's that? nothing... [ man ] game on! ♪ i gotta go! was that a chicken? [ male announcer ] get everything you need for back to college, like the latest smartphones with video chat starting at $48.88. save money. live better. walmart. starting at $48.88. having the right real estate agent on your side is more important than ever. at, you can find the experts you need, whether you're trying to sell of hoping to buy. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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here's what's happening. fears of a global recession helped wrap up four straight weeks of losses on wall street. in europe more of the same bad news. investigators are expected to continue searching mine shafts in nevada in search of clues of the two yoor disappearance of a missing mom. and lawyers in indiana filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of two victims of the stage collapse there.
3:33 am
more and more video cameras are helping police catch criminals in the act or identify them later for prosecution. but sometimes even though crimings are sought on tape, we still don't know why that happened. even with concrete evidence juries are left to make tough decisions. >> may 30th, 1999, a convenient store camera captures an armed robbery on tape. it is the first in a string of crimes that would shock the houston, texas, suburb, kingwood, texas. the suspect with the gun is a girl and her 17-year-old friends. on august 5th, katey is arced on a trip to the pharmacy with her sister kelly. >> they handcuffed her in the front. i hugged her and she hugged me back. she was crying. she told me that she didn't want
3:34 am
to talk about it. >> but will a jury convict them. will she find that 14 robbers were responsible for what they did. the crime spree will also force katey's family to ask, why did she go wrong? katey did have a difficult upbring. her parented divorced and the family had to go on welfare while her mother ginger, completed her nursing degree. ginger believes the child who suffered the most was katey. >> some days she'd go in her room and she'd sleep all day. she wasn't talking to me. she's just going through a phase. >> that phase seems to pass. by kate's junior year her grades improve and she's accepted into the school's drill and dance team. >> i made it, i'm good enough to be on this team. >> but when the school year
3:35 am
ends, ginger once again feels that katey is having problems. >> i couldn't put my finger on it. katey had new friends i wasn't sure about it. the real trouble begins one sunday night while katey is hanging out with those friends. one begins complaining that she doesn't have enough money. what starts out at a jocking conversation among the girls somehow ends in a plan to rob a store. they head to the stop and drive on loop 494. the clerk is held up at gunpoint. a crime that katey later describes in a videotaped confession to police.
3:36 am
>> over the summer the gang commits five robberies. their take is as much as $800 from one store and as little as $50 from another. they call themselves the queens of armed robbery. they give out stolen cigarettes and brag about the body piercings they get. they use stolen money to buy clothes, snacks ap most troubling drugs. >> they were tired of their ordinary teenage lives. they wanted something more. they wanted the money. they wanted the power. >> both kate and her friend spend six months in jail before going to trial. time and time again the prosecution turn os the videotape of that store robbery. the girls have no previous records and no shots were fired in oi of the crimes. but prosecutors asked the jury to forget that these are teenage
3:37 am
girs and think of the suffering inflicted on the victims. they drive home the fact that this is armed robbery. that people's lives were at risk. >> did you think about your wife and 2-year-old baby? >> yes. >> you decide to grab a gun and go out and stick it in somebody's face and commit some robberies. isn't that right? >> yes, sir. >> during a grueling cross examination the girls appear more like frightened teenagers than violent criminals. but the videotape tells another side of the story. the dunn family hears every detail and struggles to come to terms with the terrible truth about katey. >> katey's my greatest joy and my greatest sorrow. >> in court the girls say that drugs led them to commit the crimes. katey testifies she started doing drugs at age 14. by the time of the robbery she
3:38 am
said she was using more than a bag of cocaine every day. >> it ruined my life. everything i had ever worked for or wanted in my life is gone. >> this is to be ab agonizing case for the jury. will they see the girls as misguided children or hardened criminals. for a day and a half the jurors agonize over their decision. the verdict they finally agree on devastates the girls and their families. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty of aggravated robbery. >> katey and lisa are both sentenced to seven years in prison. katey nearly collapses when the verdict is read. but the judge shows no sympathy and says he would have given the girls 12 years or more. >> despite all the advantages that you had in your homes, schools and neighborhood, you made a choice. and that choice was to be thugs.
3:39 am
spare me your tears. you have reaped the hillary clinton wind. >> the ring leader of the group is sentenced to seven and a half years, a forth girl who played a lesser role in the crime pleads guilty and avoid going to jail. katey and lisa were denied parole in february of 2003. for the dunn family life will never be the same. >> i have people say that to me, my child would never. don't ever say. it could be anybody. even if you love them. even if you're home, everybody. it can be anybody. still ahead, diversion crimes caught on tape. how sophisticated gangs rob stores of thousands of dollars and the employees don't even know it. >> i opened up the safe and the moneybag wasn't there. at that point i hear the door
3:40 am
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discover the fastest most powerful gator yet, at most store robberies are not very sophisticated. thieves use a stolen car to smash a window and grab what they can. or they point a gun in the face of the cashier and run off with the money. but these thieves are very
3:44 am
different. they operate in broad daylight right under the nose of unsuspecting employees and no one would have a clue how they do it if they weren't caught on tape. when it happens at this toledo, ohio, convenient store, the manager is completely talken by surprise. >> i open up the safe, the moneybag wasn't there. at that point i heard the door open i look up, in walked by my boss and my heart sank. >> it's taken a gang of thieves less than three minutes to steal $4,000 from the safe. not only is marla shocked, she's afraid the store owner will blame her. >> i thought he was going to tell me, you're fired. >> marla is a victim of what police call a diversion crime. >> sometimes they can with in and out of the store in a matter of minutes and have $50,000 in
3:45 am
cash. >> in marla's case, her job was saved because of what the tapes revealed. >> as we were watching the videotape, it kind of made me sick to my stomach. >> it was a classic diversion crime that generally takes place in four stages. first, is the diversion. >> the whole objective is to distract the employees in the store so that one or two people can make their way to an office area or where the money is kept. >> watch as the gang casually gathers in marla's store. they look like ordinary people. >> they really didn't stand too much to me. i thought they were regular customers coming in to purchase something. >> three suspects at the front of the counter. >> the thieves almost always distract every employee many the store.
3:46 am
now the kbang has the employees just where they want them with nobody at the service counter for a couple of minutes. >> this is like the farthest away you can be from the register is right here. >> once the employees have been diverted the second stage of the crime takes place, the theft. in marl yast' store the man on the left is block her view of the cash register. while one of the women on the right slips behind the counter. she goes straight for the safe. police say she succeeds in stealing $4,000. but how does she get into the safe? >> it was shut, but it wasn't locked. >> a lot of businesses during the daytime keep their saves on day lock. the safe is not fully locked or partially open to get in and out to make change. >> now, while the thief is working, the third step of the robbery is happening at the same time.
3:47 am
>> she just kept distracting me. anything to keep me from looking back there. >> if marla becomes suspicious and heads back to the couper, another accomplice is positioned here to stop her. in other crimes the gangs are bolder in. the case of this texas pawnshop two rim are in the office to the right. their accomplices barricade the owner by raising their skirts in his face, not only block his way, but his view. watch as the women going for the money leave and the owner rushes right past them. that's the last step. the get away back in to low doe marla is still blocked. the thief with the one leaves first. men marla returns the min is long gone. but diversion crimes done always go smoothly. in this case the owner guesses something's up. the accomplices start yelling to
3:48 am
distract him. one woman grabs him, causing such a rucus that the thief slips out with the money right behind the owner's back. thinking he has foiled the crime, the owner watches them leave. he'll discover later he's still been had. >> they'll scuffle with people to try to get out the door. they'll do ning to get away. >> even if they do get caught, diverse gangs often get a chance to make restitution. since it's almost always a nonviolent crime, they usually get very little or no jail time. that's why the case of the toledo convenient store is unusual. seven suspects have been indicted. one fled the country. but the other six were sentenced to 11 months in prison. as for the store manager, marla, her job is safe, but she's still amazed at how easily she was duped. >> they're smooth.
3:49 am
they're good. you don't even know what's going on. next, victims fight back. criminals videotape their own crimes and a mother must decide whether to turn in her own son when a convenient store robbery is caught on tape. >> the phone started ringing. relatives calling, friends. he's robbing a store. i asked if they were sure. they said, yes. i said how do you know? they said we see his fas and you can tell by his voiz. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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whether they are caught on tape by news cameras, security cameras, or home video, the explosion in videotape has changed the way we identify, catch and convict criminals. wherever crimes are committed there's a greater chance than ever that somewhere it's being recorded for the world to see. in this san diego store, the owner forces the robber's gun aside. pulls his own gun and starts shooting. no one is hit in the shootout and the robbers get away. but the video makes the news that night. the next day the robbers are rkzed when they return to the area looking for a gun they had thrown away. they are arrested and found guilty of attempted murder and
3:54 am
tachted robbery. both are sentenced to more than six years in prison. at times video doesn't catch criminals unaware because it's the criminals themselves who are doing the taping. in kingwood, texas, a middle clagsz suburb of houston, a being of teenagers goes on a rampage of vandalism. they set fires, blow up a mailbox, even throw a mall to have cocktail on a residential street. they videotape each destruct i have act. but that video proves to be their undoing. when they set a booby trap on a bicycle trail, this good samaritan stops to clear the debris and sees the video camera. later some of the boys approach her trying to get it back. she refuses and gives the tape
3:55 am
to the police. eighteens are rounded up. five are released to their parents, but three are charged with crimes including burglary and arson. two are put on probation and one is sent to a youth facility for a year. >>. in this disturbing video a gang of five men beats and robs a passer-by in a rundown neighborhood of washington, d.c. law enforcement officials says the gang videotapes the acts for bragging rights intending to show the tape to friends in new york. they only take a break when someone stops an approaching police car. but even the threat of police doesn't stop them. later one mugger knocks a man unconscious.
3:56 am
later the camera man does a mock interview with the man who threw the punch. >> i would like to meet the man who knocked him out? was it you? i swear yourself a hard hitting [ bleep ]. >> but once again, it is the video shot by the criminals themselves that heeds to their arrest. the bail bondsman looking for one of the machine on an unrelated charge finds the tape in his apartment. after the video is shown epetedly in court. all five men are convicted and receive jail terms ranging from 16 years to life. most often it is video from cameras that helps identify criminals and help solve crimes. in southwest houston a convenient store is robbed. the sake is the small $38 and a rack of lottery tickets. but the video tells a menacing
3:57 am
story. two young rob one of them armed and a sleer who the terrified. even if the video houston police are unable to identify the suspects. so they release the tape to the local news media. that's when deborah brown's life chings forever. >> the phone start ringing. relatives call, friends. di you see louis on tv, he's robbing the stop n go. i asked if they were sure. they said, yes. how do you know it was louissome we see his face and we can tell by his voice. >> the boy with the gun is her only son, 14-year-old louis. she has to make an agonizing decision. i called louis to the room and asked him if he knew anything about being in the stop n go
3:58 am
around 3:00, 4:00 in the morning doing the robbery and he said, yes. i said, okay. well the police are looking for you. to you need to put on your shoes and come and go with me and let's turn you in. >> at the police station, louis immediately confesses. he has never been in trouble with the law before. but the catchy headline of mom turns in 14-year-old son is suddenly big news in houston. lewis is tried around texas law as an dull. he plea bargains and he's sentenced to nine months in a boot camp. but even after his release, his problems with the law don't end. >> when they're put in that adult system they get adult friends. and they're like brotherhood. they don't go away. >> louis' association with these troubled friends leads him into several parole violations. none is serious enough to warrant a charge.
3:59 am
still, a judge sentences louis now 17 to five krers in a state penitentiary. >> the videotaping played over and over again and then later at the twist of the mother being the link that brings the unknown suspect to the police kept the case in the news. he all of a sudden was somebody that was not publicly enemy number one, somebody that people thought of as an adult. >> in the end, louis clemmons paid a heavy price for his crime caught on tape. >> got to go through it the hard way. what's going through is most definitely the hard way. he is lost in a system that only god can see him through. over the course of this hour, we've shown you several examples of victims fighting back against their attackers. we haven't shown you the many instances where victims were killed resisting their


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