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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 17, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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mark: welcome to live from paris, world news and analysis from "france 24." macron tells zelinski french arms will increase in coming days. as concern mounts for the remaining ukrainian soldiers in mariupol. there are still many left inside the steel plant in grim conditions, with nowhere to go. the u.k. government threatens to tear up and rewrite its own protocol on northern ireland's
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war with the dup. biden tells americans to reject the poison of white supremacy. he was speaking in buffalo, where white gunmen with extreme right wing views gunned down 10 black people in a supermarket. ♪ mark: thank you very much for being with us. the french president emmanuel macron told his ukrainian counterpart this tuesday that french arms deliveries to ukraine would intensify in coming days. he said that france is ready to respond to additional demands for help. in a phone call with a lot of your zelinski, he said the
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application will be re-examined at a summit in june, to make it easier to integrate ukraine. day 83 of the russian invasion, there still a question mark on the fate of ukrainian soldiers still inside the still works. over 260 were taken out yesterday after brutal siege and bombardment. all are being held as prisoners of war by the russians. saying a prisoner swap will be negotiated. reporter: the resistance in mariupol, after weeks of holding out under relentless russian bombardment, an agreement on a humanitarian corridor was finally reached. 64 fighters had surrendered and were taken to russian control parts of the eastern donetsk region.
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53 were wounded, but receiving medical care. >> thanks to the defenders of mariupol, the enemy was prevented from redeploying some 20,000 troops. that means it's failed to quickly to -- we need to set up an exchange or seizure for their return to the ukrainian controlled area. reporter: the main unit that held out in the steel plant say their men were not among the evacuated. their fears over how the russians will treat them. ukrainian president zelenskyy said kyiv was doing erything to bring the fighters back. >> ukraine keeps our heroes alive. this is our principle. this is delicate, and it takes time. reporter: heroes at home, but in
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russia, they have labeled the regiment nazi criminals and said they should not be part of any prisoner exchange. some have called on them to face the death penalty. mark: the international criminal court this week sent a 42 member team to ukraine to investigate alleged war crimes. the chief prosecutor of the hague-based unit says forensic experts and support staff will be working with the ukrainian authorities. the prosecutor announced an investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity just four days after the february 24 invasion. journalists are at least 20 bodies lying in the streets on april 2. a member of a ukrainian band was greeted by fans, he played the
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tunes of the winning song to those who gathered at the train station. he signed autographs and took pictures with police reservists. in the grand final of the competition, the public voted from home via text message or on the app. there were 40 countries that cast their votes. sweden and finland are pressing on with their bid to join nato, in spite of the objection from nato over there led support for kurdish militants considered terrorists by ankara. 188-8 was the boat. prime ministers from both countries signed for the deal.
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turkey's objections caught the united states off guard, despite relations being strained after washington suspended turkey from the fighter jet program because of the purchase of russian air defense systems. meanwhile, u.s. president biden is meeting with sweden's prime minister at the white house. she was trying to speak to turkeys erdogan, but so far without any success. thank you very much for being with us. was anyone expecting this objection from turkey, or is it something that has come totally out of left field? >> actually, it has come out of the blue. only a month ago, the turkish president had spoken to the finnish president. he did not mention an objection.
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in fact, he had been the champion, not recently, but for decades, including georgia and ukraine. so this is coming as a surprise and it is also a situation in which erdogan first said he doesn't have a positive view on this on friday. later in the week, officials were scrambling to put some solid demand into the president's statement. it does look like turkey man's something in return for changing its position on sweden and finland. there has been some disappointment and complaints aired about swedish support for syrian kurds linked to bkk. but i think this is notust
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about sweden or finland. this is an opportunity for erdogan to air his grievances with nato in general, and with other nato countries. it's just an opportunity for him to claim -- to get the limelight, to be heard, and to also perhaps get something in return for listing the threat of veto. mark: he's not want to change his mind just for the sake of changing his mind. he is clearly up to something. can i ask what you think about sergei lavrov, saying it's not going to make any difference, we've already been taking part in operations for years with nato. >> i think lavrov is speaking with the comfort of knowing that turkey is already objecting.
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russia doesn't have to get out there and cry out about this. russia doesn't consider this to be a problem. it's not something they like, although yes, formally sweden and finland have been part of the transatlantic alliance. is something else to be part of nato proper. but lavrov is always very diplomatic and always very astute in his statements. he has spoken with turkey in mind in the sense that turkey is already objecting to the situation, so russia doesn't have to come out and repeat that. in other words, pressure can be magnanimous and say it is nothing to russia. mark: magnanimous is not a word many people use about russia right now. thank you very much for giving
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us that insight and analysis on the issue. thank you very much indeed. the u.k. says it intends to make changes to the post brexit deal, the northern ireland protocol. the foreign secretary said downing street still wants to talk about a negotiated solution with that you -- with the e.u. it looks like they want to press on and change its own protocol. >> making a u-turn from the very agreement it signed, the u.k. government has announced a new law to alter the northern ireland protocol. >> our preference remains a negotiated solution with thee.u. , and in parallel with the negotiation being introduced, we remain open to further talks, if we can achieve the same outcome
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through negotiated settlement. >> the northern ireland protocol is at the heart of a political analysis in northern ireland. it was introduced as part of the uk's 2019 brexit divorce deal from the european union. after the u.k. left the single market, a border had to be established for goods arriving at the e.u. from non- e.u. countries. northern ireland is the only country sharing a border with the u.k. the border was established in the irish sea, between northern ireland and the rest of britain. the basis of which became the northern ireland protocol, now codified in international law. at the agreement is far from being a fix or a solution. the dup party contends that a
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border across the our receipt undermines ireland's place within the united kingdom, refusing to join sinn fein to form a power-sharing government unless it's concerns are addressed. sinn fein claimed victory in may's legislative elections. downing street criticizes the e.u. for applyinghe protocol rules too rigidly. russell says it will respond strongly, saying it will be a flagrant violation from an international agreement. mark: the peace agreement on the island of ireland. we will watch for developments regarding the northern ireland protocol. next, joe biden is in buffalo, the scene of the latest mass shooting in the united states.
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biden condemned what he called the poison of white supremacy and said the nation must reject the lie of the racist replacement theory espoused by the shooter who murdered 10 black americans. on saturday at a supermarket, he fired at almost exclusively like people and what is being treated as a terror incident. pres. biden: white supremacy is a poison that has been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more. we need to say is clearly and forcefully as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in america. none. [applause] pres. biden: and look, the failure in saying that is
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complicity. silence is complicity. mark: joe biden speaking about the incident in buffalo were 10 people were gunned down by a white supremacist at a supermarket. the shift in political power in lebanon, the final results in the election show no clear majority. hezbollah has maintained his prominent place but it's rifle is expected -- it's rival is expected to weaken its grip on power. here in france, elisabeth borne had an important meeting with her boss on her first day in office. she faces a series of economy related challenges including rising inflation and the transition to a greener economy. can elisabeth borne tackle these? all potential achilles heels for her.
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reporter: on her first full day in the job as new french prime minister, elisabeth borne spent a good few hours here in the palace in talks with president emmanuel macron and no doubt high up on their agenda, the new line above the french government, the team with whom emmanuel macron will hope to start his second term in earnest and pursue his reforms. there is no official name given, no lineup that has been submitted. there is a lot of fevered speculation around here, as you can imagine. there's also no time limit for the new french government to be named. akron took 22 days to unveil -- emmanuel macron took 22 days to unveil the new prime minister, so this is a waiting game too. it is a highly complex political balancing act that they are now looking to perform. they got to try and ally
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politicians from the traditional left and right as well as centrists in french politics, in order to try to maintain their majority in parliament. legislative elections are coming up in less than a month from now. it is very tricky already, just an example of this, elisabeth borne herself has been coming under attack from both sides of the political world here in france. her past as a longtime socialist party member has been providing fodder for right-wing politicians, whereas on the left, the trade unions have set her record in office already as a minister under macron has shown she has been dismantling things. mark: elisabeth borne's first day as prime minister of france. we are watching for altered elements. cranes president made an impromptu appearance by video at the opening of the cannes film festival.
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he was introduced by the mistress of ceremonies. he had everyone hanging on his words, and made references to the film "the great dictator" a charlie chaplin. zielinski himself, a former actor, brought many of the world to near tears from the heart of the ukraine conflict. stay with us for our special program from the cannes film festival, coming up now. ♪ >> hello, thanks for joining us
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show from the 75th cannes film festival. over the next few weeks we will bring the latest from the world's most exciting showcases of cinema. we will start with the opening film, a french zombie comedy called "final cut." >> you've seen it before most people. what is the pitch? >> this is really a love letter to cina, especially those b movies characterized by overacting, gimmicky camera angles and liters of fake lead. the story is about a filmmaker who agrees to do a french remake of a japanese zombie horror movie, despite his misgivings about the script. they have some serious constraints that the japanese impose on them. they have to do it in one 30 minute take, the camera can never stop growing, and that
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gives rise to some physical and of course there is the suspense of, will they or won't they manage it? >> it certainly sounds intriguing. you've been speaking to one of the stars of the film whose husband directed it. ♪ >> i declare at the 75th cannes film festival open. >> "final cut" is a case of film to -- mimicking art. i believe he didn't want you to star in the film originally. how did you get the role? >> he was writing something about a movie, the set of a movie or making a movie, and he brought the script and said, i'm so sorry, but i think you will not be in that movie. i think you are too pretty. i was like, too pretty?
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what does that mean. nobody is too pretty are too ugly or whatever, that's not the point. i don't know, maybe i'm looking for something different. then he had covid and he was in bed for two weeks. it was very hard. he was reading the other script, and i was like, please, i want to send the script to the producer and i want to know what you think about it. so i sat down, my son was next to me and i started reading the script, and i started laughing and laughing. i was bringing him breakfast and lunch in bed, coffee at 4:00 in bed, and i was cleaning everything, every day for one week. and i go to see him, and i said, i read your script, it is really so funny. the movie is going to be so good. i want to be in it. he is like, darling, if you think you can do it, just do it.
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♪ >> this is a parody of filmmaking, and it is very, very funny. but the comedy here is a bit different than what we've seen you do in other movies. how do you achieve that comic tone? >> actors don't do a comic tone, they play the scene, so if the scene is well-written, you read it, and it is already funny. then you have to find the reason and the flow, and that's where michel is a very good director. he does lots of takes and sequence shots. every day we worked for one month, all the actors together and the crew. and then,eah, i mean, at one point we were exactly what
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michel wanted us to be. >> your character, nadia, has some doubts about her legitimacy, about whether she really wants to be an actor, despite her talents. is that something you identify with, the hesitation? >> nadia has her problems. when she asked, she is too much involved and she believes too much what she is doing. so when it comes to doing a zombie movie where she has to kill a zombie, you can imagine that it's kind of dangerous. for me, i always wanted to be an actress. i always worked a lot to achieve my ambition, and i think now after 25 years of doing this job, i don't have a problem with legitimacy. but i alys have stress when i start a movie or when i play, because i really want to do my best. so this is still here, and i
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like it. i like it to feel that way. [screams] >> you are mistress of -- you are mistress of the cannes film festival 10 years ago. you were back the next year to pick up the prize for best actress. if you could name somethi that film lt with you, what would it be? >> so much. he really taught me that acting is not just what you say and how
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you look, it is everything of your body. and really to take the screen, to really just go for it. everything means something, everything you do is important. but do it for reason. >> "final cut" was originally called "z" sort of four -- why was it change, sort of four political reasons? >> z for the russian army is now a sign of victory. it's really hard for the ukrainian people to see a z. the posture is everybody in blood, i'm actually in a yellow and blue band, and z was impossible. ukrainian and -- ukrainian directors wrote to michel and
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told him there was really hard for them to ca z at the opening of this really important film festival. so it was not really a question, we did it, and we were very happy to do it. and "final cut" is a better title. so a strange and really real situation turned into an important statement and also a good thing for the movie, i think. >> thank you very much. ♪ >> the zombie comedy is the opening film at this years cannes film festival. what is the verdict? >> i think this is the perfect way to kickoff the festival. it's lively, it's funny, it reminds us of why we like going to the movies. it gives us this insight into the behind the scenes world of
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filmmaking and artistic compromise a director has to make to get his film made. it brings up the question of competition in the era of streaming, management of star egos, let's say, and also that question of how to reconcile your creative ambitions with having a decent family life. "final cut" is actually a remake of a japanese low-budget zombie horror flick that was made in 20 which was called "one cut of the dead." it was a sleeper hit and a real success. >> "fil cut" is one of more than 100 films that have been selected for this year's cannes film festival. a film were all looking forward to seeing is tom crowe's -- tom cruise in the top gun follow-up. >> there is always a buzz in the air when the stars arrived.
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i'm interested to see what kind of big names in competition will be bringing, a korean filmmaker who made a stunning debut here in 2004 with "old boy." and a very young filmmaker, i'm interested to see his new work. the great thing is really the surprise, going to a film you know nothing about, going to see something by a filmmaker who is completely unknown. the feeling that you might be understanding the next quentin tarantino in one of the screening rooms at cannes. >> do join us over the next two weeks for our daily interviews with some of the many talent here at the festival. you can find out what's going on behind the scenes on our social media accounts, and read more in depth reviews on our website, france thanks for watching, and we will catch you again next time.
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♪ >> 10 years ago the images of the fire that engulfed the medieval church of notre dame in paris made headlines around the world. after the initial shock, thousands of men and women, including architects, scientists, and painters, started working around the clock to restart -- restore the building to its former glory. notre dame revisited, on france 24 and
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05/17/22 05/17/22 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> you think about this phrase replacement theory that he talked about in this manifesto. there are people who are pushing this hatred on these young people, indoctrinating their minds to go out and


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