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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 17, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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and of ukrainian soldiers hold up into a massive steel mill. moscow says there will be given medical treatment. ukrainians have been trapped for weeks. sweden's prime minister announces finland will apply to join nato on wednesday. the u.s. president pays his respects to the victims of a
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racist rampage. >> hate will not prevail on white supremacy will not have the last word -- and white supremacy will not have the last word. >> meeting the families of the 10 victims shot dead on saturday. dw's take on the big screen act bring -- screen's offerings. the cans festival is back. ♪ welcome to the program. 260 of the ukrainian soldiers held up inside of the massive still works in mariupol have surrendered. it was russia in full control of the key city. russia has taken hundreds of
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ukrainian fighters, some wounded two territory held by its forces. the comment says they will be treated in accordance of international agreements. >> the russian defense ministry says these pictures show mariupol fighters undergoing inspection before being evacuated. a large convoy of surrendered ukrainian soldiers was escorted by pro-russian armed forces. dozens of troops are wounded and have been taken to a hospital in nazareth russia control -- in a russian control town in the east. others were transferred north in russian-backed separatist territory. several hundred ukrainian soldiers could be inside the plant. kyiv says they want to get them out alive but negotiations remain delicate. many ukrainians are skeptical about russia's budget to treat soldiers in line with international norms -- promised
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to treat soldiers in line with international norms. >> we do not know how they will be treated. we do know. but we have already seen in bucha and other towns -- what we have already seen in bucha and other towns. >> mariupol lies in ruins. they managed to fight against russian forces for much longer than expected. >> all of these guys changed the course of the war. they gave ukraine has a possibility to prove on the battlefield at we have a strong arm >>kraine says their mission at the steel plant is complete. the defenders accomplished what they set out to do. nonetheless, the city's laws and evacuation of its people is a major symbolic blow for ukraine. one that came at a heavy price for both sides.
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>> dw is in ukraine's second biggest city close to the country's border with russia. he brought me the latest on the soldiers taken out of the still works. -- steel works. >> as you mentioned, we do actually not know how they are treated. we heard that they are being questioned. the question is what is going to happen. there should be prisoners, exchanged for russian prisoners of war. listening to what we hear from moscow about them, people demanding the death penalty for them. in a court of justice. debating whether to call it a terrorist group. we cannot be sure.
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>> members of the russian parliament today, accusing the fighters of being right wing extremist. is there truth to the allegation? >> the as of battalion -- azoth battalion wasormed by separatists and informed these separatist groups and armed has separatist groups and the dundas and door port in the reason. the battion was set up by the right wing groups to protect or fight against these separatists. it was incorporated into the ukrainian military, the ukrainian national guard under the ministry of the interior. most of these original founders left the battalion and it became more something like an elite troop.
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it never completely bash at the symbols of the beginning stage but most of these right wing people left or were later driven out when they -- the ministry has taken control. i lost you, i think. yes. >> let us talk about the situation in the east. russian troops are pulled back from kharkiv. what is the latest on the fighting in the region? >> russian troops have pulled back. they were driven away from the city almost until the border. we have been hearing that they are withdrawing or have already withdrawn in some places. the city is called. we have been out today.
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people are on the street, some people do not seem to trust this. shops are barricaded. it is very empty. eerily empty. it is hard, many houses are bombed. you can see how planes flew over certain streets dropping a bomb here and here. clusters of damaged buildings. the city is just a few days that the city has been able to breathe a bit more freely and you still feel it is not back to normal. >> sweden and finland are moving closer to joining nato. the governments of both countries support the move and public opinion has shifted in favor since russia invaded ukraine.
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finland's signed the application on tuesday. following overwhelming parliamentary approval. both countries are seeking swift decisions but they need the support of the 30 current member nations. turkey is the only matter -- member opposed. this is the director of foreign policy for european reform. it would stop finland and norway's succession? >> if turkey sticks to the objections they will because, members have to be approved unanimously by all of the existing members. i think what we are in, this bargaining process where the president is looking for some concessions from sweden and
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finland and perhaps from the united states on issues that matter to him. in return for that, he will gracefully concede to sweden and finland to join. what he is arguing is that sweden and finland harbor members of the bkk which is regarded as a terrorist organization. i do not know if that is true not. i suspect sweden and finland would argue at they do not harbor terrorists. there will be some discussion over whether or not a particular criminal or people whohould not be there. he is also arguing that they have imposed a ban on the export of weapons to turkey after turkey invaded syria a few years ago. i think as nato members it would be difficult for them to matain a ban on exports to turkey. i suspect in some way, we will
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get around these obstacles. >> despite some of the belligerent rhetoric, russia does seem relaxed about this now. vladimir putin says he does not have a problem with the nato growth. is that we would expect from russia under the circumstances -- what we would expect from russia under the circumstances? >> russia was talking about taking what it described as military measures which are moving more troops closer to the border. i suspect with the state in the war in ukraine it realizes it does not have more troops to move. the new redline is nato infrastructure.
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sweden has made clear does not expect to have permanent nato bases or run foreign forces on their territory in peacetime. finland is more careful about what is says and what conditions in might impose. i do not think nato is in the business of building a big base in either country. >> swedish membership took everybody by surprise. do you think there are other surprises lurking among the 30 members? >> the one everyone is looking for is hungary. not so much becsef anything in particular to nato, but because in the european union sweden and finland have been quite tough on hungary's record on human rights and the rule of law. it would not surprise me if
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hungary decided to discover some reason to object to swedish and finnish succession nat it is designed to extract concessions from them. >> that is very clear. than you. >> thank you. >> away from the war, and look at today's other stories. lebanon, allies have lost their majorities. the results show a polarized parliament. divided between you and andy hezbollah -- between anti and pro hezbollah individuals. >> withdrawing from the city due to the safety of civilians.
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two rival administrations are vying for power after the end of the civil war years ago. u.s. troops are to return to somalia to help authorities find the militant group. president biden approved their redeployment in 2020 by his predecessor. the newly elected psident has promised to look -- work closely with foreign partners. best buy is in buffalo in new york state were a government shot dead 10 people on saturday -- where a gunman shot dead 10 people on saturday. the suspect is an 18-year-old with white supremacist sympathies. he attacked a grocery store in an african-american neighborhood and 11 of the 13 people struck by gunfire are black. the premises -- the
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president spoke out against white supremacy rhetoric. >> hate will not prevail. white supremacy will not have the last word. what happened here is simple and straightforward, terrorism. domestic terrorism. >> dw's washington bureau chief is in buffalo and she spoke to me about the president being moved by the shooting. >> i have only seen two presidents tear up, one was obama after the sandy hook shooting and today president biden when he spoke about one victim who got shot in the supermarket behind me. he was there to buy a birthday cake. that was an emotional speech, a powerful speech as well. he started with remembering each
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of the 10 victims. it really personal words, talk a little bit about their personal life and then he directly became political by saying that the shooter was an terrorist who followed a racist conspiracy theory. and called it directly domestic terrorism what happened here. on the one hand, emotional, personal. also a really strong political message. >> what is known of the suspect? >> we know that the 18-year-old drove about 200 or so miles to come to this very area in buffalo, a black area. a came here because he wanted to kill black americans -- he came here because he wanted to kill black americans. it was likely he would find them
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in the supermarket behind me. when he was 17 years old, before he graduated, he told people he was planning on doing a mass shooting. he got some help from psychologists and then when he finished school he felt off of the radar -- fell off of the radar. he got a gun when he was 16 and he loved guns. he was doing well in school but was a loner. >> this has focused attention on the rise of white supremacy in the u.s.. something known as the replacement theory? >> it is something that president biden referred to because when white supremacists and neo-nazis marched into charles ville, virginia and were shouting we will replace you, meaning all nonwhite americans. that was the reason why president biden ran for president.
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he wanted to fight this ideology. basically, it is in support of white male heterosexual culture. it is interesting to understand the political context here. republicans use this idea to blame democrats. they bring in migrants to get reelected or to keep their power. saying that this country is only here for white americans, not for americans in other skin colors. this is a highly polical issue. >> thank you for that. thank you. women in spain suffering from painful. periods may find relief. medical leave during administration if they have proof from a doctor. spain would become the first european country to offer this.
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it is part of a broader range of measures proposed by the socialist coalition government aimed at improving women's rights. >> in spain, periods are becoming less taboo and less painful for women in the workforce. the government has proposed a new law allowing workers to take as many days as needed to recover from severe menstrual pain everyonth. >> no more going to work in pain , no more taking pills before arriving andaving to hide the fact we are in pain and cannot function. all of those women who need it will be able to use paid leave to deal with periods that cause pain. >> it would pay for recovery time, employers. not workers, who sometimes use apology allowances or take
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unpaid leave to cope. spanish doctors estimate that extreme period pain affects run a third of women. campaigns hope this bill will be the first step for workers suffering from underresearched conditions like endometriosis. >> we do not want this to be five days at home and go back to work as if nothing ever happened. what we are asking for is for this to be a first step towards investing in research and finding a cure to the. period -- to the period pain for many women. >> if spain passes the bill it would do in a handful of mostly agent countries that already offer a menstrual leave law. it will be a european first. not all trade union support it and some believe it will not help women in the workplace.
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>> this is damaging for women when you consider the opportunities that they could have. >> i think some people take mr. lee without being in terrible pain. this law will really need to be better policed. >> spanish lawmakers have to vote on the bill and it is unclear if the government coalition will get enough support to pass it. >> germany's interior ministry has raised a rainbow flag to mark the international day against by phobia. raising awareness of lgbtq rights violations. raising the fight at the federal buildings to mark pride marches or lgbt events. they wanted to show a solidarity with people affected by discrimination and exclusion.
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now to the french riviera where the 75th cannes film festival has opened after a scaled back event last year. the first time since the pandemic at the festival is being held without any restrictions. even kisses on the red carpet are allowed. adrian kennedy has the envious job of watching some of the films. >> the film festival returns to relative normality after two years of covid pandemic disruption. it is taking off, looking to be top done again. covid also put brakes on the release of top gun, maverick which will have its international launch. >> what is that? ♪ >> it is one of life's mysteries
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sir. >> after the 1986 original, tom cruise's resurrection of the famous fighter pilot is symbolic of the festival's own resurgence. >> good morning aviators. >> another eagerly awaited film is from david kronenberg. after a hiatus, he dusted off a 20-year-old script for his new film crimes of the future. >> you know what it is? >> i do not like what is happening with the body. what is happening with my body. >> a star-studded cast as a performance artist showcasing the metamorphosis of his own organs. >> never before seen. >> elvis.
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>> ♪ >> story austin butler as the king of rock 'n' roll and tom hanks as his manager is a rock through the good, bad, and ugly of american culture. elvis pretrade in the director's own words as the original superhero. -- portrayed in the director's own words, as the original superhero. >> as a cornucopia of cultural goodness -- the cornucopia of cultural goodness. after so many cancellations and disruptions, there must be an atmosphere? >> the energy is back.
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no masks, restrictions, it is feeling like normal. the film industry is welcoming this with open arms because they are feeling like they can actually get a bit of momentum again for traditional cinema. >> tell us about the lineup. >> one of the best in 50 years, one of the best in years with 50 titles. a lot to choose from because there was a ton of great work that was done and there was a huge backlog of great films. we saw the film there and the good dose of hollywood glitz. 22 films in competition and new work from a swedish director, assault -- eight south korean director. also another one by the iranian-
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israeli director. it is not the usual fare we are not used to. he was fed up with the typical poetic metaphorical pieces that come out of his country. he wants to show something real. he has brought us a serial killer film set in tehran. the out of competition films also have their moments. the opening film is a zombie comedy by a french director. it caused a bit of an issue because the original title was zed and then the ukrainian institute complained about that. it has become a symbol of the russian invasion and used by prominent supporters. amazingly, the director went to
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work and changed the name of the film. it is called final cut. >> how much is the war in ukraine casting a shadow over this event? >> it is present. they were not going to invite a russian delegation. they said they would not issue a blanket ban on russian pieces. the high-profile director is actually represented. the only russian film there and it is in competition. it is a period drama. the film market will be posting eight ukraine day at the end -- a ukraine day at the end of the day. do feature some -- that is to feature some films and give them
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a bit of a lift. >> a pleasure. more than 260 ukrainian fighters have left the besieged steel plant mariupol. they have been taken to territory held by russian forces and receiving medical treatment. russia is in full control of the port city. more world news of the top of the hour. i will be back in a moment and taking you through the story about those troops surrendering in mariupol. 20 then, by by -- join me then. goodbye. ♪
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mark: welcome to live from paris, world news and analysis from "france 24." macron tells zelinski french arms will increase in coming days. as concern mounts for the remaining ukrainian soldiers in mariupol. there are still many left inside the steel plant in grim conditions, with nowhere to go. the u.k. government threatens to tear up and rewrite its own protocol on northern


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