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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  May 16, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> israeli police attack the procession for a palestinian that died after being injured by israeli forces last month. thuis, after charges united condemn israeli police for attacking mourners at the funeral of the al jazeera journalists. -- al jazeera journalist. ♪ hello. also coming up on the program,
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after two months under siege, a number of ukrainian soldiers are evacuated from the steelworks. and we have results from lebanon's election, with unexpected wins for new anti-establishment candidates. ♪ tensions are running high and occupied east jerusalem after the killing of the al jazeera journalist last week, setting off one of the largest displays of palestinian support in a generation. dozens of people have been injured after israeli police fought with mourners at the funeral of a palestinian man who died on saturday after being wounded by israeli forces when they stormed the mosque compound last month. the violence comes as condemnation grows over the attack on the journalists's funeral procession on friday. the most senior procedure
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of the holy land has called it a violation of human rights. we have reports now from occupied east jerusalem. reporter: three words, condemnation, disrespect, disproportionate. at a news conference at st. joseph church hospital, it is leaders and clergy that condemned the israeli police for friday's attack. accusing them of disrespecting the hospital grounds. and finally saying, it was of this proportionate use of force -- a disproportionate use of force. >> it was disrespecting the church, the health institute, disrespecting the memory of the deceased, and forcing them almost to drop the coffin. reporter: authorities released previously unseen security camera footage of israeli police entering the hospital. they said there was absolutely no reason for this to have
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happened. the general director says all concerned parties are now discussing what to do next. >> we are now discussing with catholic church leaders and the owners of the hospital, st. joseph. about the next legal action to be taken. reporter: israeli police said they were acting on the instructions of the family. something her brother, the family's representative, denies. >> absolutely not. the israeli police called me to the police station to know what exact route we were taking. they said no slogans, no chanting during the funeral. i stressed this is not only my funeral. not for my family only. but a national funeral. everybody will participate. i can't tell you the exact number of people who will participate.
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i told him the funeral will be in st. joseph hospital. reporter: church authorities in the hospital are now weighing up their legal options. israeli police say they will investigate the incident that took place here on friday. the israeli army say they are investigating the death.
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>> they fought with the palestinians during the holy month of ramadan. he had been arrested at the time. his family was not sure what happened to him since the last few weeks. then his body was released earlier on monday. as soon as he was released, we see the funeral procession happen. it was during that time that the security forces came in and clashed with the palestinian mourners. this is something we have been seeing happening a lot lately, just as had happened just a few days ago, with the death of our colleague, al jazeera -- our al jazeera colleague. >> a special service has been held for her, where her family
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is originally from, and the church of the nativity, where christians believe jesus christ was born, a measure of how respected she was. mourners also gathered outside the church to pay their respects. a symbolic funeral has been held in gaza by those who were not allowed to go to her funeral on friday. reporter: the palestinian liberation organization has arranged this symbolic funeral with this university, one of the oldest and biggest universities in the gaza strip. this symbolic funeral is because gaza is the only area in occupied territory that was not allowed to go to her funeral, because of the siege. these young generations here in gaza have formed their own symbolic funeral to show their tribute -- to pay tribute in
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their loyalty -- to pay tribute and show their loyalty to her. >> we were not able to return funeral. that is why in the gaza strip, we had to do this symbolic funeral and owner of the spirit of the martyr. reporter: these young generations have been following her all through her life, and now and today and throughout all these events that have been held in the gaza strip for her, they say and they confirmed that shareen shall long remain in their memories. ♪ ♪ >> to ukraine now. buses of the -- buses have been carrying individuals from the steelworks who have been stuck there for weeks. some carried on stretchers.
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russia had reached a deal with ukraine for wounded soldiers to be evacuated from the plant. the defense minister says the exchange -- spoke on the exchange but says no more details were provided. >> there was always a risk for the units. the main thing is to realize all the risks. is there a plan b? are you fully committed to that plan? which must also preserve the life and health of personnel. maybe because of that the war is arts but not science. this is the highest level of overseeing troops. all the more so, when a decision is endorsed by the highest command. glory to ukraine. >> we have more on the evacuation from the steelworks in odessa, in southern ukraine. reporter: we just heard now from
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the deputy defense minister, here in ukraine. she said that 53 of the evacuees, the wounded ones, were dropped at -- were taken, rather, to hospital, in a town along the azov sea. in pro-russian separatists controlled areas. another 211 were taken to another town, next to donietsk. also in a separate asteria. -- also in a separatist area. they say there will be further negotiation and an exchange between those who have been evacuated and she did not give more details. we are presuming possibly russian soldiers who were held prisoners by the ukrainians. we don't have any more details of that. we did hear from one of our
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sources, that there is among them a number of soldiers and members of the azov regimen who have decided to surrender. they say that number is 36. but again i'm putting a copy out there because we have not heard any official -- a caveat there because we have not heard any official announcement. we have heard from other senior officials here that these were very tough negotiations. >> ukraine is saying russian shelling has killed 20 civilians. for weeks, russian forces have been trying to seize the city. the ukrainian special forces have blown up one target in an effort to slow their advance. here is one of the blessed. it is an important site in donbass territory.
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ukrainian soldiers defending kharkiv say they have reached the border with russia after driving invading forces back. to the defense ministry shared this video celebrations. the video has not been independently verified. kharkiv cave is the second biggest city in ukraine. it's based have a daily shelling by russian artillery. -- heavy daily shelling by russian artillery. they say they are now focusing on the donbas region for their -- donbas region further south. here is more on this. reporter: ukrainians have managed to push back the russian forces were made a tactical retreat or they made a tactical retreat. they cannot breathe fresh air, the cafes are opening -- they can now breathe fresh air, the cafes are opening up. on this park you can see children playing. this is not something you could see a month ago.
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benito secretary-general has stated he feels -- the nato secretary-general has stated he feels that ukrainians can win this war and pressure is on -- and that russia is not achieving its strategic objectives. the ukrainians are putting up a defense in the east of the country. at least here, the battle seems to have been won. people are returning to the city. there is some semblance of normality here in ukraine's second largest city. >> turkey's president is saying he will not approve sweden and finland joining nato, telling foreign minister is not to [indiscernible] to convince him. the nordic countries have been accused of being guesthouses for terrorist organizations. have just confirmed they will
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join finland in the formal application for nato membership, ending 200 years of neutrality. you are watching al jazeera. still ahead -- would look at sri lanka, the new prime minister saying the country has one day of petrol left. and tough times ahead. also -- reporter: i'm rob reynolds in northern california, with the alarming number of american women -- of native american women who have gone missing in this region and what tribal leaders are trying to do about it. ♪ meteorologist: the rain has stopped falling in queensland. thankfully it was not as bad as it could have been. a definite feel of winter further south. this wind is coming up from the cold waters. which means you have a high of
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15 in melbourne. some showers and snow on the tops there. scattered showers in australia, in parts of the south as well. new zealand will see the rain goes -- the rain goes through. this time of the year, we expect to see lorraine rains rather fade away from a good part of the area. they are doing just that. there are still some storms around. that is the picture in northern sumatra. he will say sumatra doesn't have many showers now. the concentration is further north, with the monsoon turning to cambium. there are showers in eastern borneo and further west. west pappy o. all over the philippines. if you follow the winds, the strongest of them g o up to where the rain is with particularly heavy bouts in the northeast of india yet again.
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♪ ♪ >> witness fear. witness bravery. witness freedom. witness slavery. witness people. witness power. witness a lifetime. witness an hour. witness man. witness beasts. witness prejudice. witness peace. witness love. witness war. witness the world. witness next door. witness life. witness on al jazeera. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. the main story is now. at least 52 people have been injured in not -- in a funeral. the man who was injured last month died on saturday. this comes after new security camera footage was released, showing is really forces of storming the hospital where the body of the under zero was being kept. churches have united to condemn is really police were attacking mourners at her funeral. and buses have left the besieged steelworks plant in ukraine, carrying more than 60 ukrainian fighters who have been trapped for weeks. russia announced earlier it had reached a deal with ukraine for wounded soldiers to be evacuated from the plant. now to lebanon. allies are likely to lose their majority in the country's parliament in what could be a
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blow to the group. many voters sought to punish the entrenched political establishment for leading to the country's economic disaster. one group has made huge gains. analysts say a divided parliament could lead to more deadlocks. we have this update from the lebanese capital, the root -- be i therut. reporter: sunday's parliamentary election. so far it is still not clear whether any single grouping, alliance, or party will have the majority in parliament. but actually, it's not even clear if any party or grouping will have a majority in parliament. what we do know from the luminary results is that the
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hezbollah alliance, the pro-iranian group and its allies, will be stripped from their parliamentary majority. so this will be a major blow for this alliance. this ruling alliance. they lost seats. the allies lost seats to newcomers. candidates representing the so-called changed forces, candidates that are not allied with any of the mainly sectarian political parties in the country. this is really a first in lebanon's postwar politics. at least 10 newcomers are going to take seats in the 128 member legislature. maybe they will not be able to bring about significant change. but this meaningful number in one way or another make some kingmakers. because this new parliament seems to be very fractured. this is what is looking like. a very fractured parliament.
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may be one grouping holding a majority. a deeply divided cabinet. which is going to make govern ing this country even more difficult. appointing a new perm minister who was going to form a government and then presidential elections in october. this is a country known for political bickering. if these different factions don't come together, you are going to have a political vacuum. it could not come at a worse time for a country which has all but collapsed. an economy which has all but collapsed and a state which has all but collapsed. all the while there is tension in the streets. the army, the security forces deployed in many neighborhoods. supporters from the different political parties. have been security incidents and skirmishes and altercations. many lebanese fear the new parliament, which is supposed to bring change, possibly a new beginning, to leave lebanon on
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the road -- to lead lebanon on the road of recovery, and said it could divide this country even further. >> commercial threats to take off from yemen has landed in jordan, another step in bringing peace to the arab world . patients living hospital treatment were among dozens of passengers flyin, allowing some place to leave as part of the first nationwide cease-fire deal is 2016. you and brokered the two month agreement -- the un brokered the two month agreement. the airport was closed for years because of airstrikes due to the saudi lead, edition -- the saudi-led coalition. the airport is a lifeline for the country. >> bear in mind [indiscernible] for six years now. it was also one of the main things that had to be settled during this two-month truce. obviously, now that we have
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the first flick today, now we are hearing that another flight could happen as soon as next wednesday. is definitely another -- it is definitely another positive step. it is progress for us. it means you many can -- yemeni can go in and out. it means we can get quicker and cheaper goods into yemen. it is definitely a positive day for yemeni. >> officers attempted a coup last week, but they have not provided any details after the army announced it was pulling out of the regional alliance, fighting groups in the region. military rulers blamed it on the lack of progress. we are joined from the car -- from dakar. have you been able to learn anything about this allegation
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of a coup by western backed officers? reporter: the announcement came in the form of a televised announcement, read out, a statement read out one of the members of the mali military junta. he said there were western backed officers. but also soldiers, that were arrested on the night of may 11 to may 12. they are under custody. but there's currently in the statement what they say is a manhunt to find accomplices were people that may be involved in that foiled coup attempt. there are checkpoints around the capital, by marco -- bamaco, greater vigilance at the area. of countries under sanctions. imposed by ecoas and regional institutions.
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so the borders are closed off. it is interesting this announcement was made just five days after the event took place. the event took when the secretary-general, antonio guterres, was visiting the region. he was in niger when he said he was worried where the situation in mali was, saying, urging the military junta to head over pwoer -- head over power is quickly as possible. mali has just announced just yesterday that it was removing themselves from the regional body, the g5, made up of regional armies in the region. another blow. mali being further isolated from the rest of the world and international bodies. take a look at this report. reporter: mali says it no longer
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wants to be part of a losing force. 5000 soldiers from burkina faso and others are in the g5. form five years ago to combat -- form to five years ago to combat isil and are ki -- and al qaeda. he was due to take care of the force in february. >> the opposition of some member states to molly's presidency is linked to maneuvers by a state outside the region, aiming desperately to isolate mali. reporter: the government accuses france of excluding it. once friends, now foes, the 5000 french troops deployed almost 10 years ago to protect the government from a toxic or pulling out -- from attacks are pulling out. leaders of the junta hired russian mercenaries for their protection. the junta is refusing to hand
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over power to civilian rule for another two years. as a result, neighboring countries have imposed sanctions on the landlocked country, ceiling its borders and halting trade. >> prices have exploded. food is much more expensive. basic necessities have become unaffordable because of the embargo. if this continues, we will not be able to survive. this is unsustainable. reporter: state coffers are becoming empty with just enough to pay civil servants for a few months. they have offered to mediate between the junta and regional leaders. while there are warnings of the debilitating effect mali's troubles are having on the rest of the region, threatened by armed groups. growing increasingly isolated with russian mercenaries remaining to deal with the country on the brink. al jazeera. >> we go to sri lanka now. the prime minister singh his
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countries down to its last day of petrol. individuals have been queuing for hours. some people have had to physically push their vehicles themselves. sri lanka is embroiled in an economic crisis that has caused weeks of protests. the prime minister warned of tough times ahead in his address. >> the next couple of months will be the most difficult ones of our lives. we must prepare ourselves to make some sacrifices and face the challenges of this period. have no desire to hide the truth and light of the public. this is the truth of the situation. >> the murder of indigenous women is 10 times the national average in the u.s. the fbi is saying in 2020 alone,
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more than 5200 were reported missing. rob reynolds brings us this story now of how one tribal community in california has responded, when one of their own disappeared. reporter: tribal and local police and volunteers are preparing to search a vast area of northern california wilderness for a missing native woman. 33-year-old emily r., a mother of two, was last seen near this village on the native american reservation in october. >> the community has determined to get -- is determined to get an answer. what the answer may be i don't know. but an answer will bring closure. reporter: emily was a promising student and an expert traditional dancer. george was a close friend. >> she had a sparkle and a smile. i gravitated towards her. i thought the world of her. reporter: as she grew older, she suffered from mental health problems and. . substance abuse.
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in this impoverished tribal community, it was difficult to get her the help she needed. according to the fbi, 5295 indigenous women were reported missing nationwide in 2020. native american women are 10 times more likely to be murdered than any other ethnicity. more than one half of all native women have experienced rape or other sexual abuse. george is working to assemble a database of the missing and murdered women. >> we are disproportionately experiencing violence across our life course. for indigenous people it is often going back to the settler colonialism. reporter: indigenous women are preyed upon because tribal police are often underfunded and underequipped. overlapping police jurisdictions make criminals think they can literally get away with murder, since this tribal judge -- says this tribal judge. >> it is somebody who is killing
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who knows this no harm, no foul because they are not going to be pursued. and in fact they are not. reporter: the tribe wants funding for investigators and equipment to conduct searches.
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