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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  May 14, 2022 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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th you wou want for ur famil on o property with myrandpares, we havthe kalo the brearuit. we also had bananas. several varieties of banas. a little bit of everything. (st music) this rht here, thiss 'olena to uit's 'ola, but that turmeri ght here this o has a bssom and that part thginger fily. sohere's yr brdfruit rht there you can e some othe youn fruits staing in oit. and the i, or ya.. is tt vine tt's eeping uon the te. th're actuly woing withach othe
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(birds chirping) so you can see the diverse planting. so you've got the wauke, the paper mulberry. right here we've g a, the t plants. d we've t the brdfruit. nanas. we had wt was knn as thereadfruibelt, which rafor a go 20 mile it was aleast a lf a milwide. but th with th coffee iustry, a t those tes were tak down. i think e differces th monocroppg is you'vjust gothione crop f acres a acres. when i w growingp d my graparents gointo cofe,
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the wasn what wenow now a coffeborer bu you lose your op or aood rcentage d we belve that uld ssiblyappen tother cro, ssiblyreadfrui th once yoget an iection i d that'she only ing at's grong on ur propey, 's gonnao from o street to t next tohe next. and etty soothe enti eld coulbe infilated. whers withhe old.. the olsystems ere you d... more derse cro in between ur major say li the brefruit. it'supportineach oth. so youe got otr crops cong in atifferentimes of e year. (soft muc)
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- the americ industrl complex spent 130 years ruining the capacity of the native americans, all in an attempt to create genocide on a group of people. so it's time for the united states to own up to what it's been responsible for and to honor the ways of the people who re on thland bore yo d incorpate thosways intour everyy living (chatterg) (radio static crackling) (chattering) - is that saback here still? oh, wherdid... dney putt on one the trus. - [man] 's probay t it in ne. in califnia in aot of place there ithis... there's lot of fr around fi, prescred fire, even fe in genal, and righully so.
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it'snderstanble. in lot of r tehings tritionally yobuild annderstanng ound theorld arod you, d you learn how live withire anwork witfire. d it hel you, th moreou know out it, the ss fear at youave. oft music) - the fost servi is startingo hear t land reaming ck at yo everythi's burni up. hey, youot to doomething yocan't ju control everhing likthat. you can't justake it or d say nobo can tou this. and u can't st tell us thawe c't do what wve been ing here for long ti. 'cause is gonna messverythinup. so we'rell fix e world ople, and have cemonies f that. so we as-1 firefhters ha this ro. en we co out on e hill, weave a bijob to d
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as far arespecti the ace that we' in. so that orn stan come ba, oro that hels comeack good or a basket king matials, any issu that ha do withafety and whe you'reing at. it's allevolving arnd your ly, and at's our rspectivon it. oft muc) - windpeed zerto two from theouth utheast d variab. (gentlmusic) - these ees are l re-adapt trees rning fr the ginning time. they become a fire adapted forest. most of our gathering materials are medicines. the redwoods and some of the pines and stuff
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reque fire tgo throu them in ordero open uand depositheir ses. you n start see the differce in thtrees. you see as we srt gointhrough re, we're nna gethese indicar specie to telus what 're doinright. e giant lamander i' seen ecie at i'd ner seen on theiver befor exce in our rn units after weurned th. 's prettcool. add m up! [men] holding. hatterg) (fe cracklg) - that the desired efcts righhere. u see hoit's alllong the d of theorest? couming thleaf litr and thdead andown, not fecting trees too muchight the.
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doing go work. and the re prescbed firee get onhe groun arnd our cmunities the fer we a. you ke away e avlable fu loang, whenildfire mes arou, there's t that fl loadin to jusfeed it a rip uncorollably when ihits the areas that havbeen treed, thers not engh fuel to feethat wilire, and 'll go o and the ar and we n defendhat. oft musi wh it's oped up li this, eldersan stillome inere d llecthose resours right there. anif they n't gein there share at knowl with th ki, it getlost in me. so when we can open stuff up, they can get in here and teach the younger generations the traditional practices, and they can get in there and harvt those cultural and natural resources, that kwledge ner gets st, st keepsecycling and repeing itse, d it's a good wo. (chatting)
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(claing) - forest service! ciba karuk ibe parks,ational rks. lapping) - followg the sme starteout, it start with th grp basketeave. d they jned togeer anwere havg ises th getti better quity mateals. so flowing t smoke cam om follong the ske by wheret was but. if you nt follong thareas ofhe burn, yowere folwing the sme, and tn we werable tose those materials om there ause thearvestinfrom thosparticul materia is aot stronr for us grs strong, grows raighter anwe use ' for differt like by basket for the zel stic, it has to be somethinstrong that wre gonna keep our by in
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hatterin - [wom] shortesticks and youronger stks, and yoll go thugh this procesthat i'moing rig now ich is jt peelg it bac because wh you wanto do is you wanto matchhose peel back en togethe so iyou look clely at ts basket u'll seehat, wn the cter, thers actually two stks there and th're justind of jned. and i ll purpofully trto maneur the stks so that ey're la flat. - the fi for the ar grasss also mes back lot strger ife goick the year aft a fire. 's stronr for oubaskets. any of e color inur baske, it'll comeack quite a t strong, d we canull on ito ma our baskets fer, finer wo with th. it reallimportan while we pick and burn that we're dng it cuurally, that wre doing in our ayers fore we out andick. and th medicingoes into whewe leavet, the mecine goein it wh we haveur baby it, so it all serves purpose (chaering)
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(rks tappi) itas probay maybe nce i was a by that ate them i just aays remeer lovingcorns. eat thean oak. they're e sweete out all of e acorns (gentlmusic) (chaering) longlong, lo, long, lo time ag ve beginni of us, we dn't haveots and pa like this, or the prane cooktove. so we had toigure ouhow we we gonna ok our fd, and iss how weook it. and the's nutrnts thatome fromhe rocks 's acornoup.
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(fe cracklg) (gentle music) - so really world renewal ceremonies, we don't really look at it as religion. we look at our survival. and what are you doing to survive on this landscape over time? you're managing it. (crickets chirping) ok at thears on th one right her they'rstartingo really me out rht here. this waplanted july, d in anoer week so i'lle at a hvest the and takehem home aneat thesones.
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buthat's aealthy planright the. this is out a 16days thout hang any rn. (soft sic) our faing is dp into our spirual belis. en we dot fa, u have the losof thnutritiol benefi of all the crops we produce out here. the fact of the matter is the women, they don't have the stuff to make e piki i (bght guit music) th don't he the traditional crs needed to p on the ble. (chatterg) therwas a dissertaon looki at so of the feings we have wn we don farm.
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and a lot of it was psyclogica and en you'rnot out re rking thland andour farm and beg a trueteward, u se your nse of bance. it's almt like a the plantsut here, ey've beme like mcounser. you kn what i an? i'm ableo talk t themnd speako them, d they sw me this. d so i'mot depennt up, like ised to b i ed to drk a hellf a lot. i don't that noore. nativeeople whhave the bstance use probms a direcresult of bei relocat, losing theirivelihoo forgting whohey are, and theyo in to nd mething fill the voids that wou've otheise en filleby hunti, by rsing this. now th they don'have tt they mo away fr that, you ha these b problem reservaons now, whereaif you we use thestraditiol system you're ae to plu l those idin.
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alth loss ofdentity thatas takenway fromou, you're ae to bng it ba. t we neeto do it soonerather th later, beuse oncee forgethese thingsthen we rget them. - wh do we wt it? - now! - at do weant? - chge! - wh do we wt it? - no what do want? - ange! - pele todayre all excited out clime change and ritfully s peop are risg up and panickg in a sse. ey recogze that this inot sustnable. th's a goothing th that's happing, that retion, t it's gna be imrative, and is impetive, that tse peopl in theseovements at are binni to grow. lo for andccept guidance fr indigens people who kn how to... adapt and respond to a changing environment. and wee still ing it tay.
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and will continueo do it. we say until the stars... ll. (movininstruntal music) (passionate percussion music) (singing in foreign language)
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