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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  May 13, 2022 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> it is a ski resort like no other. a fault line between nuclear rivals india and pakistan. >> we do not want to fight. we do not want trouble with any country. we just want to walk on the mountain. >> the women are among those feeling the freedom of the mountains. >> [speaking foreign language] ♪ >> keeping the ski slopes safe
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are those trained to operate at high altitude. >> [speaking foreign language] ♪ >> we meet the men and women of kashmir who are transforming the slopes from a conflict his own into the ultimate ski destination. -- conflict zone into the ultimate ski destination. ♪ it is a bright, sunny morning and that means there is only one thing to do, hit the slopes. today we are going up with one of the legends of the mountains, known to many of his friends as data. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> this is one of the highest ski resorts in the world. views of spectacular mountain peaks in neighboring pakistan. this challenging beautiful terrain and he knows it better than almost everyone else. >> we do not use snowboards. we are ready to drop. ♪
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♪ >> data grew up on these slopes, only a few miles from the line that divides better rivals, india and pakistan. today this remains a militarized zone, one of the most in the world, and despite the location, the spectacular ski roots are transforming it to a global ski destination. today, he is a sought-after snowboarding instructor. >> [speaking foreign language]
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♪ >> for decades, this area drew people from across the world who could not get enough of the fresh powdered trails but the pandemic was a turning point. when india's borders closed, the resort found a new client, domestic tourists. >> [speaking foreign language] lift your heels up. good. yes. straight up. straight. >> this season the resort has attracted record numbers. nearly 200,000 visitors.
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many are embracing the tourism boom. >> [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] >> as more master slopes, they are joining snowboarding competitions. the first generation of professional skiers is busy training the champions of tomorrow. >> [speaking foreign language]
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♪ >> this 24-year-old lives in a neighboring village and is one of kashmir's most promising skiers. >> [speaking foreign language] >> but the journey has not been easy for her. as one of the few female athletes in kashmir, she faces
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many battles. >> [speaking foreign language] >> for her, limiting to ski has given her independence and freedom -- learning to ski has given her independence and freedom. ♪
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>> [speaking foreign language] ♪ >> this area might look idyllic, but keeping the slopes safe is serious work. members of the ski patrol start the day early, assessing the mountain for potential risks. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> triggering avalanches with explosives is one way to keep the slopes slate -- safe, but given the history of conflict, acquiring ammunition is no simple task. it took many years to convince authorities to supply them with explosives. this is the man entrusted with deploying them. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> the team head off to one of the highest points on the mountain. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> we are all at the top of the mountain. -- we are at the top of the
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mountain. more than 400 meters above sea level. the team has discovered a potential -- in the area. >> [speaking foreign language] >> fortunately, the explosion did not trigger a massive avalanche. the ski patrol has confirmed the snow in this area is stable and
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safe. >> [speaking foreign language] ♪ >> a favorite destinations -- a favorite destination for skiers is a small iconic lodge operated by a family since 1995. when he opened the lodge, he was among the first to recognize the areas potential, despite the violence growing in kashmir at the time. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> now their hopes for kashmir are changing. >> we do not want to fight. we want the nation to be good with everything. not with politician, not with fighting other soldiers. the thing i learned from my dad. >> today, data is visiting his father who lives a short drive away. >> [speaking foreign language] >> he suffers from poor health
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and cannot travel to the mountain as often as he would like. but data still relies on his help in running the business. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> in his youth, his father was part of kashmir's armed struggle for independence. his brother was killed in the fighting and he was arrested and imprisoned. >> [speaking foreign language]
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♪ >> just a couple of streets away, the athlete is preparing for another trip. but she still has to check in with her father. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> [speaking foreign language] ♪ >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] ♪ >> this is the family. [speaking foreign language]
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>> back on the mountain, the ski patrol is still monitoring the slopes. >> [speaking foreign language] >> we are right at the bottom of shot six. visibility is still good to the top. we will go ahead and investigate this. >> with rescues, time is of the
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essence, especially for skiers who veered off the main track. ♪ >> this might be an indication you have torn a ligament in your knee. >> it is a serious injury. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> in the past, ski patrol rescue efforts were hampered by a lack of proper training and equipment but multiple casualties on the mountain has convinced the government to invest in training for the staff. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> rescuing at high altitude has its challenges and the ski patrol has reduced the time required for the rescues to 15 minutes. >> [speaking foreign language] so that is why they are doing this kind of job and we are helping. ♪ >> skiing these mountains can be exhilarating, but for her, the
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past two years have been tough for her olympic dreams. the pandemic canceled most competitions and training has been long in pursuit. >> [speaking foreign language] >> today she is on her way to meet a young icon from kashmir who she hopes can give her some advice. >> [speaking foreign language] >> this 32-year-old was the
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first kashmiri in 30 years to qualify for the olympics. he represented india in the beijing games in 2022. >> to be representing them at the words highest level of support -- the world's highest level of sport, it is a good thing. >> amazing. it is amazing. [speaking foreign language]
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>> for her, he is her role model and someone she hopes will become a role model, not just for her, but for the future of the area. >> [speaking foreign language] >> to see the resort thriving and the slopes filled is already the realization of a dream.
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for these people and others, as custodians of its destiny, the future could be as spectacular as the viewsomomom q
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[jazz playing] kris kuramitsu: we have this idyllic image of 1950s america with families buying homes in the suburbs, there's jazz playing on the stereo, technology is ushering in the new jet age... but while that stereotype was true for se, that particular arican dream was not available to everyone, not even some of those artists and designers whose work really visually define that era. alexandra lange: not only are all of these artworks immediately recognizable icons of post-warmerican art and design, but their second generation japanese american


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