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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  May 11, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> shock across the middle east after veteran shireen abu akleh shot dead by is really forces by covering a raid in the occupied west think. -- bank. thousands gathered as the journalist body was carried into the networks office where she worked. i am live in london. israel has backtracked after saying shireen abu akleh may have been hit by palestinian gunfire and admits it soldiers
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fired dozens of bullets. despite international calls for a transparent investigation, few palestinians believe anyone would be held accountable. hello, the killing of an al jazeera journalist has sent reverberations across the arab world, sparking shock, grief and demand for investigation. shireen abu akleh was a pioneering palestinian american journalist and a household name. she was shot in the head while covering an israeli raid in the city of jenin. the health and ministry says she was hit by israeli gunfire. as well as a producer who was injured. witnesses say they were clearly identified as members of the press. the israeli military says it was firing back at palestinian government. the journalist may have been hit
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by a palestinian bullet, but later they backtracked. violence and tensions have surged in recent weeks in israel and palestine. 18 israelis have been killed in attacks in more than 30 palestinians killed in israeli rates. they include an 18-year-old palestinian killed on wednesday. the health ministry says, they were shot in the heart by israeli forces. israeli military says palestinian were throwing rocks at an army post and soldiers responded with a rubber coated bullets which are meant to be nonlethal but they can be deadly. the media network has called shireen abu akleh's death a blatant murder violating international laws and norms. we report. >> don't shoot the messenger unless you are an israeli soldier. in that case you are seemingly ok with shooting a reporter was clearly identifiable as a
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journalist and poses no threat. shireen abu akleh is the latest reporter to be killed by the israeli military which has a long history of targeting journalists and news outlets, particularly al jazeera. shireen abu akleh, a reporter who spent her life covering events in occupied palestine was among a group of journalists documenting what was happening in jenin. on wednesday according to eyewitnesses and video, she was wearing a safety vest and helmet, both of which clearly identify her as a member of the press. despite this, or maybe because of it, she was shot and killed. >> we were going to film the israeli army operation and suddenly they shot us without asking us to leave or stop filming. the first bullet hit me in the second hit shireen. they killed her in cold blood because they are killers specializing in killing palestinian people. there was no palestinian
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resistance at all at the scene. >> journalists, was also shot and injured during the attack. >> there was no exchange of fire, so there is no possibility whatsoever that a palestinian would have shot. the israeli army always uses these excuses to cover up the crimes they are committing against palestinians, including journalists. >> according to groups, israel has killed 50 journalists since 2000 and injured more than 144 in the past year alone. this is also not the first time israel has intentionally targeted al jazeera. last year, the networks office in gaza was a bomb to rubble. while journalists was assaulted by israeli forest -- forces, while reporting on the ethnic cleansing among residents,
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israeli authorities say they have launched an investigation. human rights groups say they have little faith in israeli justice, particularly with renowned organizations like human rights watch and amnesty international, accusing israel of implementing a system of apartheid. >> there are human rights organizations and israeli human rights organizations. they decided a long time ago they are no longer going to even interact with the complaint system, within the israeli army. because it is not serious. it does not find israeli soldiers guilty. >> the foreign ministry whose country hosts the al jazeera network issued a statement, with senior diplomatic, demanding an end to what she called state-sponsored israeli terrorism.
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the european union and other members of the international community have also condemned the killing, but all of these condemnations have fallen short of including any sanctioning or punishment for a crime that threatens the essence of any free society. a free press. shireen abu akleh was killed trying to inform the world of what was happening in her country. the world now knows that in occupied palestine, no one is safe, from israel's bullets, not even journalists. >> the doctor who carried out the autopsy onv --shireen abu akleh described her injuries. the bullet that killed her was direct and fatal. >> the injury was massive and there was a complete laceration in the brain, together with a brick fracture of the school -- big's fracture of the school. >> fellow journalists have described the moment shireen abu akleh was shot.
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>> we reached an area and it was difficult to pull back. there were soldiers in front of us in a war behind us, any movement would have triggered firing at us. the israeli army directly shot our colleague, who fell to the ground. shireen abu akleh shouted that he was hit. ali cannot move to the other side where we were. a colleague jump from a high wall and it was asking us to reach him but we cannot. so, shireen and i stayed put. the occupation forces fired. i was standing behind a tree. she was next to me. they fired directly at her. she fell on the ground, next to the wall where we were protecting ourselves. the occupation forces continue to shoot despite her injury and prevented the medics from arriving to the location. they prevented me from getting close. each time i tried to move, they would shoot. the occupation forces prevented everyone from reaching the area to pull us out. it was deliberate targeting, a
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direct assassination. the shot was between the neck and face. so it was deliberate, shooting at the press, and a saturation, leaving the area was almost impossible. one man reversed his vehicle to the area where we were protecting ourselves, he pulled me out and he pulled shireen abu akleh and took her to the hospital. >> al jazeera media network put out a statement offering its condolences and saying, in a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms, israeli occupation forces assassinated in cold blood al jazeera's correspondent. the media network condemns this heinous crime, which intends to only prevent the media from conducting their duty. al jazeera holds the israeli government and the occupation forces responsible for the killing of her. it calls on the international community to condemn and hold the israeli occupation forces accountable. shireen abu akleh was brought to the al jazeera headquarters in the occupied west bank.
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a large crowd gathered outside the building to pay their respects and express their anger over the killing, grieving colleagues and friends prayed over her remains before her body was carried to the streets of the city. we report. >> we know she is a very well respected journalist. but it is a very hard thing to see. people who do not know her personally, people who just came because of seeing her on tv for years, covering and telling their stories, so they were here, crying. we have also seen our colleagues who have been in jenin, since the early morning, some of them who were with her since she was shot and taken to the hospital, was shouting at her, asking her to wake up, they were in shock. others, went in the morning when they heard the news and all of them brought the body here to
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rma -- al jazeera's building, one of the places she loved and spent a lot of time in. we see colleagues hugging each other. even the people i have been seen throughout this morning, holding up, trying to be strong, pushing through. i have seen them break down. it is a difficult scene. we can say that palestine is morning -- mourning. one of the dutch one-of-a-kind female journalists building toward the -- one-of-a-kind female journalists. shireen abu akleh body will stay for the night ahead of the reparations for the burial ceremony -- preparations for the burial ceremony we have seen a spontaneous protest walk in the street, remembering her, chanting slogans.
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remembering her. we are expecting the body to be taken tomorrow to the presidential headquarters where there is going to be an official ceremony held by the palestinian president to honor shireen. we are expecting the body to be buried in jerusalem on friday. >> people have been paying tribute in gaza. >> in the gaza strip of vigil has been held to commemorate the memory of shireen abu akleh. candles have been lighted here at the al jazeera building, that was bombed last may by israeli forces. this is a way to palestinians in the gaza strip have shown to express their support, and condolences to her and to remember her name and to pay
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tribute to her memory, who they consider an icon and unique journalist to always been delivering messages, their suffering to the world. >> shireen abu akleh was an instantly recognizable name for the arab world for those who grew up watching palestine. one tweet says, who of us when we were young when not have their father take the tv remote, change the space to channel input on al jazeera, following the news, and see the coverage of shireen abu akleh. we were raised by her voice. another person says he is horrified, tweeting she was the first face he knew from tv, adding her photo to attract -- scrapbook when he was seven and that she was an idol. this man says he grew up watching shireen abu akleh on al jazeera and if it was not for her and her colleagues, palestine would have been forgotten long ago. she was also an inspiration to scores of people in the media. the journalist says she was the first female war reporter she
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was familiar with and that her death feels like losing family. some of shireen abu akleh's relatives have spoken about their grief. >> i just want to understand why they killed her. why did they kill her? >> she was not just my aunt, she's also my best friend, my second mom. my companion. she was my everything. she is someone i've been looking up to ever since i was a kid, watching all of her reports, and i never imagined, i never thought this day would come where the news would be about her and she would not be the one covering the news. >> earlier, israeli police occupied east jerusalem as mourners paid their respects, saying the music was too loud.
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relatives, friends and supporters of the journalist protested against police action. stephanie has more from occupied east jerusalem. >> more people have been arriving here is the night goes on to pay their condolences to the family. we are outside the family home, in occupied east jerusalem. you have chance being sung -- chants being sung about unity and condemning what happened, calling for revenge and highlighting the tragedy of what happened here. many people, extremely angry and sad and shocked i what happened. >> today, shireen abu akleh unites us. she unites all of our homes and all palestinians from north. to south. we are all crying, the whole world is crying shireen. she is an icon, her soul paid
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for her free words. we will never forget shireen. today we are gathered in front of her house to pay our respects. she will forever be in our hearts. >> earlier in the day we had three israeli police officers arriving here, entering the home, to much protest from everyone here. they started yelling at them inside the house, telling them to leave. they were telling the family to switch off the songs that were being played outside. this made people extremely angry, extremely offensive at a time when the family is coming to terms with what has happened. shireen's brother is due to arrive this evening. the niece will be arriving on thursday. her body will be here on thursday where the palestinian president will be holding a service. her final resting place will happen here in jerusalem on friday. >> the u.n. human rights office
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says it is appalled by her killing and impunity must end. in the u.s. the white house condemned the killing. the state department said those responsible must be held accountable. our white house correspondent reports. >> dozens of journalists in washington gathering near the offices of al jazeera on wednesday, to mourn the loss of one of their own. shireen abu akleh a colleague they loved for her friendship and admired for her work. work that is respected at the highest levels of the u.s. government. now the biden administration is condemning shireen's killing, an american citizen and calling for an investigation and prosecution of those responsible. >> it is important to us, to the world, that that investigation be thorough, that it be comprehensive, transparent and importantly, that investigations and with full accountability and
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those responsible for her death, being held responsible for their actions. >> on capitol hill, for the most member of the u.s. house of representatives met with them, nancy pelosi called the killing of horrific tragedy. adding, congress is committed to the defense of press freedoms worldwide. >> people woke up to the killing of shireen abu akleh. >> on the floor, palestinian-american member of congress, rashida tlaib called for a moment of silence. earlier she tweeted, shireen abu akleh was murdered by a government that receives unconditional funding by our country, with zero accountability. the security relationship between the u.s. and israel stretches back for decades. with each year, billions in unconditional security assistance provided. the irony, one of those weapons paid for by u.s. taxpayers,
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could ultimately be found responsible for the death of an american. last month, at the white house correspondents association dinner, and evening allocated to honoring realism, joe biden said the rights of journalists to do their job must be productive. -- protected. >> free press, at your best, your guardians of the truth. >> president biden is said to travel to israel x month. no details of his trip have been released. on friday, he will sit down in the oval office with king of dola from jordan. it will be more complex in light of the death of shireen abu akleh. >> israel's defense minister's a transparent investigation and asked the palestinians to hand over the bullet that killed shireen abu akleh. the military is also admitting
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that the soldiers fired dozens of bullets during the raid. israeli forces release this video which shows an armed palestinian firing to back up its claims that she may have died in an exchange of fire. but the jerusalem based human rights organization has disputed this claim. it has analyzed the location of the footage and says it does not match up with the place where shireen abu akleh was killed. he is the director of it, explains why israel's claims do not match up. >> i think it is worth pointing out that this propaganda was propagated by no less than the israeli prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister, other ministers in the spokesperson. in the immediate hours of the killing of shireen abu akleh. what the researcher found this morning, my colleague, was that it is impossible that the
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footage in which the israeli propaganda was basing its false claims on, could in no shape or form have depicted gunfire, at the al jazeera journalist, there is no line of sight between one location and the other. in fact, a researcher, it has taken him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. the announcement on the investigation is one of israel's most tried and unfortunately successful tricks in the impunity that israel provides itself. israel does not investigate, it white washes. the investigation is the announcement on the investigation is just the first stage in the whitewash. investigations are not meant to give a kind ability, they are meant to protect the perpetrators. >> he is a palestinian activist
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growing up watching shireen abu akleh. she is now based in washington dc. the family is in palestine. she joins me by skype. thank you very much for joining me. i want to ask about the personal side of this and what your impression was of shireen abu akleh she visited your school? >> yes, if i may begin, good evening to all viewers. i am based in a territory that is known as washington, d.c.. i do not know shireen abu akleh on a personal level. though it very much feels like that. i grew up going to the girls school. she once visited our school. i was around seven when it began. her name and her voice, the tone of her voice in specific was one we would emulate when we as kids would get together.
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most of our parents were around watching tv, when electricity was available. shireen always represented the truth, bravely stood. she did not quite, she acknowledged one her humanness came into play and what she would feel. that did not deter her from returning again and again. the areas she has covered in palestine are some of the most resistant we led -- was instantly led powerful -- resistantly led impactful regions in the country. this was an intentional assassination, this was a targeted attack that is what israel does. you do not have the leading tech industries just accidentally fire, using a sniper. that is not what they say their weapon exposed. this was a premeditated attack.
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it was a blow because they know shireen is etched into an entire generation. she is etched into a collective memory, from the second and onward. >> there has been condemnation of the killing from the white house and so on. a spokesman said those responsible for the killing should be wrist -- persecuted by the law. israelis are able to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the journalist's death. are you satisfied the investigation will be enough? >> the u.s. does not even help its own citizens. the situation with the education sector, the infrastructure for health care, none of it is helpful. if you walk around washington dc, most of the homeless people you find rx veterans. -- ex veterans. i do not believe anything the u.s. says.
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when it issues a condemnation of another brutal attack and murder of a palestinian, am i surprised that they go ahead and align with an israeli verdict? this is part of the psychological warfare that has been employed. israel was part of the u.s. is psychological warfare in central america. israel continues to deploy similar warfare tactics, including gas lighting, trying to distract from the actual facts of the matter by saying, this was not gunfire from -- this was gunfire from resistant fighters. >> i just wanted to put out that the israeli military has admitted that its shoulders fired -- soldiers fired a bunch of bullets, and they offered a transparent investigation. with ukraine, there's been a
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gathering of many countries to stand up for human rights, perhaps in that context, the climate might change after the killing of shireen abu akleh, is that possible? >> i want to repeat something that is important. this is a quote from the abolitionist. hope is a discipline. i do have hope and i believe many palestinians, if not all of us continue to have hope. but we do not put hope in sadler's colonialism regime or the government or the state that has been for 74 years and acting the same kind of violence. yesterday, 40 palestinians were forcibly displaced and dispossessed from their homes including children and the elderly. today, a 16-year-old was murdered. they have him convicted as an adult what he was a child under the israeli terrorist law. we have heard time and time
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again from the u.s. government, only when there is media pressure to do so, that they condemn. where's the action or followthrough? i will start to believe. i am not saying i am a full cynic. i will believe when i see action. >> what about the u.n.? they have called for an independent investigation. do you think the u.n. might make a difference in this case? >> what happened with the you an independent investigation into the war crimes --u.n. independent investigations into the war crimes? in looking into various crimes in the west bank? there is no followthrough. those that actually try to utilize their power and their position to amplify the voice to say, we need to have a reliable and valid abide -- valid scope to look into this end up getting either filibustered, pushed aside, fired from their position. others do not want to work with
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them. there are other tactics. that is why as a psychologist i am calling for us to see the psychological warfare that is being utilized here. with shireen abu akleh we have seen point blank she was assassinated, executed. that has its own psychological ramifications. palestine, we have learned, that we do not get to grieve insulated events, it is a continuous state of trauma, a continuous state of being rendered unseen, unheard, unrecognized. all the ways we are trying to make ourselves more legible, the short answer, please continue to do your work, at the u.n. because it is important to document these things. do i think this is going to bring forth justice and liberation? no. >> thank you very much for your time. shireen abu akleh is not the first al jazeera journalist to
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be killed in the line of duty. since the channel was launched in 1996, 11 others have died. they were killed while covering conflicts and the unrest follow the arab's spring protest. the first al jazeera journalist that was killed in april 2003 when a u.s. warplane bombed the office in baghdad. seven were killed in syria,, who died when a russian air raid died -- attacked in italy. the others have died through unknown assailants or gunfire or on the front lines in the middle east. human rights organization says that they will add shireen abu akleh death. we report on one of the most dangerous conflicts for journalists to report on. >> in israel's occupation of palestine it's tactics have become increasingly aggressive
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