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tv   Witness  LINKTV  May 11, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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çwçwçwçwçwçwçwçwçw çwçwzw jennkwak: koan food alwaysomfort fd to me. th's reallwhat i want to eat athe e of the y. robin : well, the ear 20s, thawas stilthe timewhere not ma people ally knew abo koreafood. eier li, i have to find sebody's mom coofor or i ha to to nd stree jey: thereas 32nd stre but the was rely nothi wntown. at's actlly why thought hould op in the st villa. shohui kim: i remember thinking"wow. it so nice at koreafood is tting popur enoughhat we'rjust leaving reatown. jey: you mht think methini cook is strae, but it ok becae somebo's
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gointo gett. that'what i love aut nework. shui: it'so great know at youngeople the days ow wor like bimbap a japchae d soondu, and we don't ha to sakorean cli pastanymore.e say chujan and peoe know wt that is. [chopping] this is a recipe that i've been mang for or 15 yea, so
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fan favote, and so it is r favori. it'sike a ma-up of pk and che potstiers, korn ndu, andum--and panese gya. i fit learnehow to me dulings wi my moth, my grdmother,nd that'what i likeo do with childre actuallysit arou the tab and ke dumplgs togetr. is is korean fily thin o could sist dumings anay, theye so goo you pinc and theyou give u pinch,old, pin, fold pinch,old, pin, fold. oliv, will y have so? iver: s. i'm vy hungry shui: who d this? at's pret good,as.
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oh, . that'sood. [szling] guys neesome napns? jasp: yeah.shohuigood? oliverit's rlly hot. [szling] shohuioh, yu come on.o good. korean fd is somhing thai wantedy childr, who ar biraci--i thout it w reallymportantor them learn thcommunalining of korean cuine. as a migrant,avingrown up eang the fd and en at a certn point jecting e fo, you kn, in my assilation a growingp in thbronx d thenort of coming fl circles a chef learng diffent typesf
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cuines--ench, itian, new amican. wh we had all ildren, really s koreanood th was on my md, and th's reallwhat i wted to e every sgle day. [indistinct chatr] koreanarbee--that s the idea. myusband sd, "we he to open korean bbecue restaura, and itust have kaoke room" and i id, "oh, yore crazy ha ha h robin: ihink it' like, i ouhuman dnto just nt to sit aroundhe fire d grill someeat. ohui: i ultimaty believ the mo intimatthing iso consumfood and dris, and
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it's t most engizingorces ofife iso gather t insofaas koreabarbecue isoncernedi was al really wanting showcasthe bancn that goearound t grill, d when y put everything togeer and tn you wr it and do at i calthe rfectly lanc korean burro anyou chomp ay, and en you rlize t meat isnot thmain plar. it ishe haony and e way th the at--the eet meatlays wit everhing thais on e table-hat is t beauty kore barbecu bause it a crsover reaurant wre we're not caring to lot of koans, the was aot of edation inlvedn termsof food d the wathat we barbee. that ally ma insa wh it is tay. [iistinct chatter]
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[jny speakg korean nny: heractuallyi decide not toerve fernted kchi becausthe worknvolved thatit's not 1-2-3 pcess. it tes a wee peaking rean] there's so peoplthat d't eat itand when see my mother'simchi beg thrown aw, it juscrushes . herewhat we do is we ser a kimc that is shorter ocess. so is brinedand thent's dressewith a l of spic
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chili pper a garlic d fish sce. kimc making like bad makin you can stop. it so neceary becae it jt gives u balae. robi i don'temember meal wiout kimc in it. 's simp as thatit's reay so veatile.owhere tt kimchidoesn'fit in, it's really the sential em in koan isine. jenny:f i wereo say, "you know, m, why d't you jt ta a breaknd not me kimc anymo?" she wld look me like"well,hat do y mean she canust do iwith her es csed, andhe flavorare alwa just the. ok. oman speing kore] yes. i learn to cookrom my mo my moth was alws a very song partf my lif
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in theineties,er cooki ste was ve uncommo the homeooked ste. i ask her one day,ou know,why don' we on a restrant?" a she said, "a you cra? you dot know wt you' lking out. youe 19." h heh. i was le, "welli have to get job. u have tget a jo let's jusdo it." arted there, and then weust have kept goi, and hostly, thk it alleally woed because mother'cooking s so good.therwi, i don' thk we wld havsurviv. ba then, iwas just--it wasa scen when yowatch movies like, fr the ninies, is exacy what iwas. thas what love abt new yo. back then, korean food just dn't reay hit dotown.
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finitelythere waa desire r it. i d one ofhe first korean rtaurantsowntown. thinflavors olve. i ink th's whas interesting an kindf fun about ving a reaurant inew yorkecause pele are aays lookg for re. yoget spoid by how many choices you have. it was, you know, rd to withem ove e east vlage wasn amazin placto be. moved in the eas ville when ias 19. ron: wow.jenny: yh. i own dok su's up ti 2006. ron: mm-m. yeah.hat was, ke, the ly korea restaunt basicly in th area, i used go thera lot. had no ea thai wouldactual be taing toou like, years ler, but-a ha h-here were. jey: it's interesng. robi yea
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jenny: gto a barcome home, tch a vie. [both lahing] wow. this used to be dok suns. shui: i'd ink abouthat a lot i oped insa, youknow-- a sort a non-excted pla for a kean barbec. jenny s, i wou say, the very first in the city to do that. so big hats off, and i'm a huge admirer of her work. benjam schneer: we le beinin red hk, but othe
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busiss levelit gets ry sleepyn the wier, and the's not lot of pple. shohui: so we wantedo go t where thpeople we. benjin: whe the pele were, buwe were oking pret much inowanus bause itas closeo our hoe, close enough, because i knew i was going to be going back and forth all the time. also close to whe the kidwere going to elementa school. shoh: mm-hmm the gesis of ia is reay about waing to cate a ple of our o in brooyn, in o life bically rather than driving to these amazing korean encles like flushing. i make t trip herence a month r needof insa,ut i alsoome hereo just d regular opping. u know, i nt to ma tojangg at homeyou knowi'll jusgo to mart andick up, u know thfew inedients at i might nohave at e restaura.
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look at the beautil rice cas. i'm gna get tm all. [chier speing koan] [shohui speang korea what so greaabout cong to flushi, neighbhoods li flushi for me a korea migranis the pple, rig d where u have kean pele, you ve the lest fadfoods d the d traditnal ods and oppingand it'slike aittle ni-trip rea for . this is citing. ve ner done ts befo. [cputer ches] we nd a swt potatootdog,and th we need cheddarcheeseoh, no, need th ramen hodog. sin it's moi nut, tt it is ma with
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ce flo, right?ike, pound rice. i'm goi to gea dozen nuts. les do th. oh! d then ty'll tel us wn it's rdy i thi. [wom speakinkorean]yeah. ye. yes. [speakkorean]these e famousongro ri hotdogta-da! o look athe rice--lo at the men bits ha ha ! that lks so go! that for thensa team [iistinct atter] ding oa tteookki. [diffent man saks kore] robi when i ink of kean
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fo, it's ually, li, stewso, li, the oth. sooubu, i ink, it ally has everhing thakoreans ve. shohuiit's onef my favite stew and it a bubblg pot ofeliciousilled wi, you know, afood, a it has silkenofu, it s a cracd egg int, and the broth i ally--it just umami-based, anit's bubing. its all th you wanon a rainy daor a sun day or hungov day. heheh. robin: ilways lo to try fferent ondubu, u know like whenever there's a new restaunt openi. it's kd of lika food you c try to see, le, this ace is
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auentic orot. shohuiit is gauge, it is a bameter. le, "how isheir jjigae ge?" you know, and u can totay tell. when althese fos came knocng, i walike, "a." ain, a ment like"wow." it's jusnot my a ben's crazy eam of pting thi raom korean barbec restaunt, you ow, on o streetf gowanus. it'like ahh, peoe get itnd peopl are not st getti it butreally appreciing the ace, thfood, anthe hard wor thate're putng in. jenn aime thatas very encoaging fome at hayeo s when we first ened and dn't expt to geteviewed in t "new yo times and once iad gottetwo star i
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thght, "ohmy goodns." i ju never ptured itor myselfi just tught i cld ta a breakrom the ole fu servicend just , like an a-dayasual eary. so i u wa to haveomethinghat is a ltle bit of spinoff on e traditnal dish yocome to enyeo. terrce sega: we pua lot of lovinto it,nd we hato build it fm scratc and we carebout it.t's like other chd for usand, ye, i meanwe spendo much timeere thate want to ke it ni, make ia placethat wcould bevery day [iistinct atter] nny: haeeo are t women diversf jeju iand. the ee dive r seafoo i think korein gener really mire strong wen. theyre the
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epite of tha it's a way for them to survive and make a living, support their falies, d i thin it'seally grt. they n't st wake and be ke, "oh, you know, i feel sick today. i'm t going go toork." it just--y know, ty have show upthey havto push emselvesuch like restaunt. teence: li them, jny is ve much a rong pern, and e's noafraid. r mother now seeinwhat she done th this ace, andyou know i can e that s's proud jenny: ihought aot about at it ishat i wa to cook this reaurant bause thi reaurant i't reallmy ther's cking. it more my coing. havg this freedom i'm le to pl around. just
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really wted to done very seafood-foard dishand the bouiabaisse s my takon how i caplate a autiful, abundantish of sfood. th soup ireally aake on mantang,hich is a fishsoup, d d in kor, you uslly e a whitish. thebouillaisse coists of ch labointensivfish sto that make he, codfish, scallop whe shrimpmussels, ams, and'll add whater else availab th looks rlly good ohui: rehook, brklyn, is a ry smallown in aig cityyou get know mo of ur neighbors. van unt stilouse, they we the pele that wanted ttalk to you abouhaving
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o own bra of ia soju. i remember talking to you about wanting specifically a soju that is sippable soju, somethinthat'seally we-made th goes ba to the way itriginallwas made dac schleslman: wh soju was fore therain stu was rely quiteemarkabl it was either set potator rice. fous, i rely wanteto justdo theuintesseial rice spit. since rea didn have aditionawestern ains in the see thate in the.s. knowso that'the only gredientn this, 's rice, ter, ande fermenit with ast. in rea, aost allsoju w made wi a singla distlation, we sortf stayrue tohat, andhen we st run ts througthe stil ce.
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mmm. is so cle, but th spirit orice reay is rig ther shui: and 's not t's tt--it's at flora sort of eet riceote that u get, b it is sdrinkabl benjamincheers. teence: i'going to s, then sot if th's ok wityou. i like toust-- shohui: eers. terren: cheers ohui: you ha to ck a son jey: karao. teence: ohno. jey: can y put imy song, anthen we' be done all: ♪on't youdon't yo♪ shohuiyou're scrazy.
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l: ♪ y're so vain you obably tnk this sonis aboutou you' so va you probly think♪ terrce: ♪ inow thisong about m isn't i ♪ jenny:ery nice terrencethis is licious. beamin: 's actuay both. teence: it kind ofloral. it kind floral. love it njamin: t it sti has that, yoknow, te. terrce: so ts is a vue. nny: i tnk i'm gna start drinng more ju nowthis is cellent.t's so dferent fromhe chamil now. shoh: yeah. nny: thai rememb. the origal one, remember, tasted le rubbinalcohol.a ha ha! rtender:e have ts dirty so martini jey: ooh. rtender:nd the sid anthe whal
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terren: beautil, beie. thanyou. nny: tha you, beie. you're siling usha ha ha rrence: eers. jey: cheer cheers you bernieterrence, cheers teence: th's your-hat's your kinof drinkthe l.a.ose. jenny:eautifulthere'sthe [indtinct]. terrce: it's beautif drk, berni jenn thank y so much rnie. chrs. terren: cheers jenny: m. terrce: see,his is eat on aot day. nny: rea for sombeignets terrencei cann wait. jey: well,et's dign. terrencethank yo jenny: have tohank youor insping me tmake the. rrence: eers, chrs, andyou did hell of job. ey're peect. nny: ha ha! aa ha ha h
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it a snowbl fight ally. lo how airand fluf these e. rrence: ey're peect. look at at. jenny:'m sorrybut-- terrce: thiss--this-his all tecique. jenn ha ha h anyways,h, that s fun. ndistincchatter] shui: thanyou, sir i'll givit back. my joy ces frothe nagementeetings the stf gathergs or e staf me, and it reall-thato me everday is reallyhonest the onlvalidati
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th i need,r to heamy child say, ", yeah. ki of mi doing karaoke. d like t do karaokeyou knownext weekd with mfriends,or all of ts is reay the be so of posive reiorceme that restaurteur and a cf uld wa. nny: thirestaura has bee a send chancfor me. u ow, it'seen hardjust becae you op a restaant inhe city esn't--y're not ways jt succesul, and a ci with soany reaurants,o be perived as being,ou know, good d quality rthys, y know, a hu accomplhment. itas weirdrowing uin the stes. likeyou don'really u--you dn't real realizehow imctful yo culturean beand to bhere nowoing that and is not a staurantfull okorean
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pple is ally coofeeling.t's not like attend scho. it was all st kind self-taht d taughto me by immigrant woman. in the ninetiesthat wou not hav gott any accades, bui think now people are more open and ey're ab to say, eah, youo deservcredit f it, d we eatour food and apprecie it." robi living n york, i got toeel like didn't ss t by noteing in rea by likegoing tohese restauras, and ao liketo see, is so thring, i fl reallyroud, u know, en i see th. shohui: didn't rlize how ch the cture andhe food korea w in me uil i thini became chef, a for
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me to be ablto sharend cookthe fo that was raed on and th i have ch fon memoriesf, it rely mea the wod. it rely meanshat somehow made it
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ññ%çwçwçwçwçwçwçwçwçwçwçwçwzw - we
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have an amazing opportunity right now. - anthese things, ey're ou futu. ey're oufuture tt we st protectnd culvate. [roy] there's a assrootseffort to save our fruits and vegetables from extition. - [woman] i think it's a global issue happening- - yeah, global issue. - you have corporates kind of controlling the seeds. - buyi the see. - [royfarmers d chefsare rking tother to protect t biodiveity of our food. - if you control seed you control food. - can you say that againfor the people in the back for the people in thback? - oy] these are me of the peop on the ont lines of that preservation effort. (upbeat music) - [roy] i'm a street cook. ev


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