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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 10, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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and analysis. russia's bombardment of odessa. ukraine says it's an effort to disrupt supply lines. at least one person in odessa was killed. france has acknowledged its role in the slave trade. the president pays tbute to the countless victims of slavery in france, africa, and the
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caribbean. shooting on site as antigovernment protests continue in sri lanka. this is live from paris. ♪ thank you for being with us. odessa faced fresh and shelling on tuesday, missile strikes destroyed buildings, set ablaze a shopping center just hours after a visit by the european council president. france 24 with this. reporter: loud explosions, flashes of light during the night.
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the latest russian missile attack hit the port monday night. explosions were heard all the way in the centeof the city, in the south of ukraine. among the targets, a city shopping center. in the morning, soldiers and investigators work through the rubble to survey the damage. the strike killed at least one with five injured. 1200 square meters of the supermarket were destroyed. >> it was terrified. there was an enormous amount of shock. reporter: windows were shattered. it was a night of terror for those living nearby, like this couple. the strikes have seemed to intensify. >> we have never seen anything like this. we were so scared. reporter: the mayor confirmed
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none of the sites hit were military bases. >> there is no military and for structure here, there never has been. reporter: on monday, the president of the european council was forced to seek shelter as the shelling continued. anchor: since the start of the invasion, thousands of ukrainians have joined the ranks of the army without any military experience. the territorial defense has become a key component of the ukrainian armed forces. our reporters went to meet some of the soldiers were preparing to defend their territory. reporter: we are 10 kilometers
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from one of the main front lines. heavy fighting is ongoing with artillery bombardments from ukrainian and russian lines targeting each other's positions. this trench is manned by ukraine's territorial defense. >> we don't want to sit around. we want to go and fight. the commander can call you in the night. you order the battalion to defend the frontline and soldiers go and fight. it is no joke. it's a hard fight. reporter volunteers had stepped up not just across ukraine but abroad as well, including one from russia. >> most russians have been brainwashed by propaganda. reporter: standing up for what he believes is right, the man says he has only one choice. >> to fight.
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to fight those without honor. whether from your own family or not, it does not matter. russia's people -- people's on a planetary scale. if there is conflict, you will find the kremlin's hand in it. reporter: others have found previous backgrounds have helped them in combat. >> when i was working in the mines, there were explosions. i am calm. i can say i was afraid at any time. -- can't say i was afraid at any time. reporter: separatist took over in 2014. now he has returned with determination. >> i know what the chechens did
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to our civilians and soldiers. i would be happy to see them face to face rifle. reporter: despite differences, everyone here is united. defending the homeland with everything they have got. in the third month of combat, any lack of experience is waning with any battle, and new skills are supplemented with weapons from the west which has been making all of the difference. anchor: on the frontline with volunteers. we are watching it there. ukraine's guest system -- gas system operator said it would declare force majeure on the transplantation of russian gas, with flows being brought to a
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halt on may the 11th, tomorrow. ukraine has continued to be a major transit route even after the invasion. they said they could not carry out operations due to the interference of the occupying forces in technical processes. a situation where watching very closely. 400 young people gathered together as friends remembered its role in the slave trade. a ceremony was held in paris, and a modest to the victims of the slave trade, mostly the struggle of women, guadalupe who was executed in 18 024 leading a slave result. . [speaking foreign language]
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>> marking a moment of silence to remember the victims of the trave -- slave trade. emmanuel macron led commemorations. christine salem performed several songs. a children's choir sang the national anthem. ♪ nearly 400 young people from across france took part, mixing songs and readings from students. during the height of the transatlantic slave trade, the french were the third largest traders, bringing slaves from africa to work on the big sugar, coffee and tobacco plantations
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located there. since 2006, france has honored the abolition of slavery on may 10. the only country to have a national day dedicated to remembering the horrors of the past, and the only country to have declared slavery a crime against humanity. anchor: how important it is to remember the past. a criminal trial is to be requested for the justice minister in france, he is accused of abusing his high office and used his position to settle scores against magistrates. the final decision rests with the special court convened to examine ministerial misconduct. the case has been active since july last year. next, a first in london.
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it underscores the central role the heir to the throne is taking as his mother prepares to celebrate 70 years. charles presided over the state opening of parliament and delivered to queen's speech, laying out the legislative program. it's a symbol of the monarchs has -- constitutional role. the queen's decision to delegate her role is likely to be seen to be returning more responsibilities over to her eldest son. let's get more on the significance of what we are seeing from london. a historic moment, tell us more. reporter: it is the first time in 70 years that her majesty has
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not opened parliament with two exceptions. charles is very much present but would not deliver the speech. this may be the first step in a long tradition may be towards her regency when he takes up more of a role, but we do not expect her to advocate. -- advocate. anchor: she said she will stay in the position as long as the god grants her estate on earth. there is surely a sense she is not capable of fulfilling all of those appointments and duties that will be expected. reporter: absolutely. at the age of 96, it's normal
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she transfers more and more day-to-day duties to prince charles and william. she will make sure whenever possible to fulfill important duties, opening parliament is one of those, but clearly those issues does cause some problems. i am sure she is thinking ahead to the celebrations of the jubilee, the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the throne which will take place in june. she is trying to look after herself and fulfilling duties when possible. anchor: the first weekend in june is when the celebrations are happening. prince charles and his delivery of the speech -- did you detect a change of tone in the way he was delivering the speech?
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did he seem more disdainful? reporter: i suppose i would put it down to a difference in character and temperament between her majesty and the prince of wales. whether that implies he does not improve -- approve of the program is a matter of speculation. [indiscernible] anchor: you remain on the fence and you do that very wisely, thank you very much for that analysis. prince charles stepping in. thank you very much. we appreciate your time. we will keep watching for more developments.
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a historic first, queen elizabeth letting her son open the parliament. next, a disturbing development in sri lanka. issued on-site order after deadly violence and rioting. police say to people have been killed in unrest. it began 24 hours earlier after demonstrators called for the resignation of sri lanka's president. reporter: defyi a natioide curfew, dozens of protesters gathered. this is where they think the former prime minister could be taking shelter. he was ousted from his official residence on monday. thousands of people stormed the palace after clashes with the
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prime minister supporters. they attacked protesters with sticks and set caps on fire, and incident the u.n. condemned. >> the high commissioner said she was deeply troubled after supporters attacked peaceful protesters yesterday. the subsequent mob violence. reporter: for weeks, sri lanka seven demanding their leaders do more. protesters blamed the ruling political dynasty for this crisis. though the prime minister has stepped down, his brother has stayed. tuesday, the government gave security forces shoot on-site orders for anyone booting or causing harm as ll as
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exceptional powers to detain people without warrants. anchor: next, protest in the philippines. critics say the campaign has been fueled by misinformation. reporter: people here have not conceded, they are here to express a deep sense of outrage over the political system in the philippines which has allowed the heir of the dictator. >> very frightened and disappointed that this is happening. this is very depressing.
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anchor: two views where protests continue. 90% of the votes are cast so far. we will have more coming up shortly. now it is time for sports. darling harland on his way to the premier league. reporter: a massive deal for manchester city. one of the biggest tnsfers of the summer. the club confirmed they had reached an agreement and the
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terms need to be finalized. he has scored 85 goals since joining in early january. he has opted for a move to manchester. the move will end the hunt for the successor. there is a big shakeup for the champions league, european football's most procedures competition will see 36 teams compete, a rise from 32. under the new format, each side will play eight games. the initial group phase will
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contain one table including all teams instead of the eight groups of four current. each team will play for home and for away games against different opponents. those who finish will compete in the playoffs to advance. similar changes will be made in the europa conference league. the pink jersey has changed hands with pedro lopez taking the overall lead. after three stages in hungary, a
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14 rider escape route early on in the ride from -- the overall lead slipped out after simon yates was involved in a crash. it's been a 174 kilometer leg. novak djokovic says the quest for a sixth battalion open has got off to a good start in the second round in rome. the serbs started off with a break of serve, and his russian opponent erased the deficit. djokovic broken the eighth game and closed out, showing out his following skills. the top seed took full advantage and sealed victory in an hour and a half. djokovic is three wins high of joining an exclusive club of
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having one 1000 matches in his career. the 34-year-old -- >> salad from the baseline. you never knowow with him, he cn be very dangerous. he was missing balls today. reporter: a back injury.
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anchor: it is time for truth or fate. a canadian general has been captured by russian forces in ukraine. truth or fate? reporter: some of it is fake and some of it we do not know. he is a retired canadian lieutenant general and you can see there was an investigation that he went to ukraine as a mercenary and there were reports that he was captured by the russians in mariupol and the
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steel plant where there have been lots of reports, speculation there may be forces from other countries present. there is a huge amount of speculation and hearsay. in any case, observers have been looking at this image claiming to be representation, bioweapon's plans. what we can say for certain and
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with a reverse image search, in any case it was traced back to this report on russian television. it's nothing to do with that at all. what we can say is it has been verified and we don't know what is happening right now. maybe he has been captured, maybe he hasn't.
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anchor: the associated press. usually these rumors are part of an anti-semitic trope. reporter: indeed some of what you mentioned, and also a lot of speculation about media ownership, this is french media ownership. claims like this are incorrect.
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everything about that is complete nonsense. fact-check is sifted through to see [indiscernible] -- any sort of analysis proven
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to be false, but with the context of other reports that are true about ownership, you end up believing that. anchor: we are completely independent. state-funded. people would say you are doing the states bidding. we tell the truth. that's probably the things that separates us. stay with us.
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>> they film, photograph. they are the voice of the voiceless. your eyes. the network of 5000 committed citizens working with france 24. footage and testimonials broadcast weekly on the observers. on france 24. ♪
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05/10/22 05/10/22 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> corrupted government. so much so we don't even have basic and sri lanka. we are protesting. amy: sri lanka's prime minister resigns as the government grants emergency powers to its


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