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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 10, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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problem in ukraine and the attempt to fix it. promising a more economic and's military support -- promising more economic and military support. a man in the philippines wanted to be judged by his actions and not by his family, the son of a lay dictator is set's to become
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developing's next president after a landslide victory. standing in for his mother, the prince of wales assumes the role of the queen on dr.'s orders. -- doctor's orders. our viewers are watching, welcome, the diplomatic rift between germany and ukraine appears to be healing with a visit to the foreign minister, the first cabinet member to travel to ukraine since russia invaded the country back in february. germany faces criticism for its initial reluctance to provide heavy weaponry and reliance on russian fuels. dispelling doubt and witnessing firsthand what russian forces have left behind. >> she is on a difficult
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mission, she visited abuja -- u bucha. she is demanding an explanation. >> we owe it to the victims and these victims, they can feel it strongly here, these victims could be us. it is a like -- it is like near berlin. you see the worst evidence of crimes right next to them. >> more than 400 bodies were found after russian troops withdrew. irpins is a few kilometers away, it was also under russian environment. later in kyiv, she had a direct
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message for moscow. we have understood quite clearly the economic dependence does not bring security of the aggressor does not care about the well-being of the population. that is why we are reducing our dependence on russian energy 20, that will be permanent -- to ze ro, that will be permanent. fighting continues in akraine, to have been massive rocket attacks here with several deaths. in the sti works, ukraine fighters are reporting heavy russian shelling. civilians may be trapped there. she met with the ukraine president along with her dutch counterpart, focusing on military support and help with reconstruction. the german embassy in kyiv has reopened, but with minimal staffing levels.
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>> i spoke with our correspondent in kyiv and asked if the german foreign minister's goal was to reestablish trust with her ukrainian counterpart? >> that is what she said, it was a message of support, it was a mission of both sides talking about each other. there has been a lot of disenchantment with germany in ukraine with the hesitance of germany in the arms delivery. now, more weapons delivery are on track, this visit is also sending the message that these differences are behind us and both sides can rely on each other. germany is one of the most important partners of ukraine and europe. >> what about these lingering
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doubts that germany has not done and will not do enough to help ukraine? >> i think both sides have been able to overcome these doubts and the strong message was well received in kyiv and i would say that she was received quite literally -- quite well, both sides were trying to or showing that they are working closely together. she has been received by the president and by her counterpart , the foreign minister very quarterly -- quarterly. a lot of these arms deals are actually involve more than one country. germany has the tanks, germany
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does not have the ammunition or some of the items delivered by the dutch and the germans are doing the training. i think there is also the aim to show this is a german affair. >> the weapons are needed because the war is still raging on, particularly in the east of the country. what is the latest that we know? >> it is a very heavy combat there, some conflicting information today on what was happening to. pick the russians said they have broken through t ukrainian lines, the ukrainians have denied this. we do not know. we know that the bombing of the steel factory is going on in mar iupol.
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heavy weapons are needed there. that is what the ukrainian side says because otherwise it would be difficult to counterattack, to attack the russian positions which have dug in deep. >> the latest tonight from kyiv. thank you. the ukrainian government called today and historic turning point in relations with germany. i spoke with a professor of international relations at kyiv 's national aviation university and i asked him if he agrees. >> i can agree, it is a historic point and i hope in the future that we have already over past all misunderstandings which took place during the past few months with our political elites. i was glad to hear it from the
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minister of foreign affairs of ukraine, i believe he is a such -- i believe he is saying such things personally, so we can believe it. i believe it also because of olaf scholz, he stated that putin leaves no chances to give ukraine heavy weapons. germany and to increase military support. i suppose it was a break in point and the statements prove it. >> you say misunderstanding, i want to pick on what we said recently, the president of ukraine uninvited a german
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foreign minister who was planning to visit the country and said please do not calm. that did not sit here while in berlin. the german counselor has yet to visit kyiv does that send a message of reluctance in europe? should the german counselor -- chancellor should have been standing with t with the ukrainian president today? >> they are tired by the minister of foreign affairs -- prepared by the minister of foreign affairs. as germany, before on the level of foreign affairs, on data and agenda, approved and written down. i am sure that these visits are to come and ministers of foreign affairs will bring good news.
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mr. president zelensk did not state officially thank you did not put the president of germany. it was written in the newspapers, there were rumors but officially they were -- there were no such statements. the chcellor wld alws welcome to kyiv and the president has stated it it several times. >> we appreciate your time and insightsonight. >> thank you. >> is it possible to talk about russia or ukraine making progress in this war? military analysts say russian forces do not have much to show for their efforts but the front lines have shifted slightly and
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many places are in the path of the entreating armies are like ghost towns. some people are standing -- staying behind and they are hoping for peace. you have heard earlier in this podcast, you visited a town in the south internet line -- near nikolai. >> no houses remain undamaged. the village once had 2000 inhabitants now, only a handful are left. this is one of them. >> it is calm now, we are resting a little. a few days ago it was terrible. fonts were falling, shooting, fire, things falling down -- bombs were falling, shooting, fire, things falling down. i am surprised at my house did not burn down. that is how it goes here.
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>> calm means that fighting is less intense, the village was overrun by the russians and overtaken by the ukrainians. >> i do not judge the soldiers, it is not their fault, they are forced to do this. >> she this with her son who is mentally ill. she has not left because she fears not being able to take care of him as well. >> when the shelling starts, they hide inside of the house. >> this is our corner, i am afraid of basements, i was told that there are basements were i could go. here in our street, a woman with buried ball she was in her basement. i am not going there. when it shelling starts, this is where we sit together.
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-- when the shelling starts, this is where we sit together. >> she makes the best of the situation. >> that is where the bomb dropped. there was a big crater. i filled it with earth and painted potatoes there. -- planted potatoes there. >> she was born during world war two and now she spends her nights in the shelter, the house has taken severe hits, it is still standing. she is maintaining her spirit. >> i am holding on. our life was always modest but it was not bad. i pray to god that all of this is over soon. >> she survived old war two as a toddler, now at 80, she plans to survive this war as well. >> let us look at the other
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stories. south korea's new president has asked north korea to give up nuclear weapons in exchange for economic aid. he made the offer and is swearing in and pledged -- at his swearing in and pledged to take a more hard-line approach to the north. elon musk says he would live twitter's ban on donald trump that is something he called foolish in the extreme. twitter band trump following the riots at the u.s. capitol --banned trump following the rise at the u.s. capitol. more than hundred thousand people are listed as missing in mexico.
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a human tragedy followed by absolute impunity. germany has announced it will contribute more than one billion euros in aid to syrian refugees. russia's invasion of ukraine is have drastic effects on many poverty-stricken syrians -- having drastic effects on many poverty-stricken syrians. they have been displaced by the conflict in their country. we spoke earlier with the united nation's high commissioner for refugees and we asked about how he can focus toner's attention on displaced series i missed of the russian invasion of ukraine amidst the russian invasion of ukraine. >> i am participating in an important conference. they have decided to convene the conference and call the
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attention of the donors on the need of these millions of people. it is a complete coincidence. today, the number of refugees refugees -- refugees registered is 10 million. the same number as the ukrainian refugees that have left their countries, 5.7 million. it gives a sense of the magnitude of the challenges we are facing. millions of people in different parts of the world,nd not of attention on ukraine and the other crises and in other parts of the world, we need my job and the people like me in the aid community to keep the world's attention focused on all of these people who need help and support. >> the son of the former
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philippine to obtain her exit to be the country's next leader -- the son of the former philippines dictator is said to be the country's next leader. he has asked people to judge him not by his ancestors but by his actions. his running mate, you see her, is the daughter of the controversial president. critics declare the victory as a blow to democracy and civil rights. >> late on monday, the name of the presidential election winner was clear. shots rang out for the nickname
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of ferdinand junior as news of the election result spread his supporters took to the street to celebrate. the candidate reached out to his supporters. >> i want to thank you for all that you have done for us. there are thousands of you out there, voluntes, parallel groups, political leaders who have cast their lot with us. because of their belief in our message of unity, because of their belief in the candidate. >> his win cements his family's return to power in the philippines following the revolution that toppled his late father in 1986. his father ruled as a dictator
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and was infamous for corruption and brutality. it was unthinkable that the klan would ever run for the highest office again. after returning from exile, they returned to public life with several family members taking on political positions. many of his younger supporters do not's connect him to his father crime -- do not connect him to his father's crime. >> we believe he is different than his father. >> he ran his election campaign on the promise of unity, but has failed to explain his policy plans in detail. analysts warm that his -- worn that it will mean less democratic freedoms and transparency. >> why so many people voted for the son of the disgraced
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dictator. >> what has happened in the philippines is historic. the return of the marcus dynasty. he appealed to young voters, voters who don't not remember -- do not remember the system honor the dictatorship, the crimes that were committed back then. why that is the case is two fold. there is some 40 years ago, from the philippines, no culture of memorizing the events of how things were under the dictatorship. there has been a social media company whitewashing those days in the philippines.
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>> for the third time in 70 years, queen elizabeth missed the ceremonial opening of the u.k. parliament. she headed over the duty to her air, prince charles -- her heir, prince charles. our correspondent, i asked the question about the prince stepping in and how he did. >> itas a marker in the history, the first time he has done this. we were not the only one tune in to see how it went, the queen was tuning in to take a lo at how her son was doing and was key constitutional role. he has been preparing for the moment like this. he has been in waiting for this role, it has to be pointed out
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that so much of this event is pageantry and tradition. so many time-honored things that many outside of the u.k. and in the u.k. think is often quite bizarre. there is a lot of structure to this. the speech is short and it is written by the government. this is not something that he prepared himself. we were not expecting any real fireworks. a huge amount of attention here. looking at how he was doing because essentially this is a clip -- glimpse into the future for the first time. seeing him perform this constitutional role, you do see this slow, gradual transition into prince charles taking on a much more prominent role. >> his mother's health is not the best, or platinum jubilee is coming up. do we know how she is doing? >> this was another reason for
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concern. she has had to pull out of a number of events but she is just turned 96 years old. it is expected that she scaled back some of her duties to a certain extent. the reason that was given on this occasion was that she has episodic mobility problems. she reluctantly decided she could not attend and that is something we have seen, we know that she had to be escorted by her son to the memorial service for her late husband. we have seen that in action, we have seen her using a cane. these actions are causing her problems. she has recovered from a bout of covid. we saw her attending zoo meetings for example, a modern woman in good spirits. a lot of people will be looking
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at the fact she was not attending this event with some concern, wondering how we seen the last time she will take on this -- wondering have we seen the last time she will take on this role? >> we hope to make it to 96 and still walk around. thank you. ♪ football now and they have agreed to sign a norwegian, one of the most wanted players in the world, the contract means he can leave the german club this summer for a 75 million euro transfer fee. he has had to earn a wage of half a million euros every week. >> a goal scoring machine, sprayed, -- speed, strength,
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skill, combined with remarkable results. his move to manchester city has felt inevitable. >> is it true you are ready to bring here --erling haaland here? >> no answer. >> yes. >> your opinion of him as a stryker? >> no opinion. >> he attracted interest from madrid and barcelona and little wonder, he has averaged nearly a goal per game, adp appearances, 23 assists. those numbers meant his departure was a when, not if. >> all i want to do is play football, they pressed me to make a decision about my future,
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i have to make a decision soon. >> he follows in the footsteps of his father who played for manchester city for three years. he cost him for a fair bit more, 75 million euros, some would argue that is a broken phone of the best players in the world -- a bargain for one of the best players in the world. >> closing game in berlin. a title match is played at the olympic stadium here in the capital. the 2006 world cup final in germany. the tournament gets underway in munich's arena on june 14. watches -- matches will be played in two regional matches. here is a reminder of the top stories are following. the german foreign minister has become the highest rigging member to visit ukraine since the russian invasion began.
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it follows a diplomatic dispute between berlin and kyiv. they agree to back an eu faced ban of russian oil. -- eu band of russian oil. stick around we will be right back. ♪
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ñçñçñçñçóiói?omqmqmqmq anchor: welcome to world news
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and to world news russia's bombardment of odessa. ukraine says it's an effort to disrupt supply lines. at least one person in odessa was killed. france has acknowledged its role in the slave trade. the president pays tbute to the countless victims of slavery


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