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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  May 9, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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victory day in moscow, drawing parallels between the defeat of nazi germany and a special military operation in ukraine. this is al jazeera, live from london. the prime minister resigns after weeks of demonstrations. four people including an mp are killed.
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a tragic life captured in violent color. the staggering price expected for andy warhol's classic portrait of maryland. russia's president has told its forces that we are fighting for the motherland and its future. we have more from moscow. >> victory day is the most important annual event for russians. this year it has added significance because of the conflict in ukraine. 11,000 troops are commemorating the soviet victory over nazi germany 77 years ago.
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an estimated 27 million soldiers died in what the russians called the great patriotic war. >> you are fighting for the safety of our motherland. this will be our single soviet people. this is the only right decision, the decision of the sovereign independent country. >> they paraded through the streets, onlookers backed the presidential decision to send russian troops into ukraine. craig's only this way, not a single step back.
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>> i don't condemn it. i think we would have ended up with nazi is him. -- nazism. >> putin did not say when the operation might end but -- we expect this will be for dundas. we will continue to do this until the middle of the summer and then this battle in donbas, decisions will be made. >> this is the 12 so-called hero
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cities that include odessa and kyiv for outstanding heroism during world war ii. the commemorations continued as president boone led the procession of what russians call the immortal regiment, carrying a portion of his father who fought in world war ii, defending the city of st. petersburg. he was joined by thousands of others who lost relatives in the war. similar ceremonies were held across russia and in occupied territories of ukraine. president boone says he has no doubt that the military operation will achieve its objectives in ukraine while he continues to use his country's past to justify its present. al jazeera, moscow. >> the ukrainian president says
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russia's actions are a betrayal of victory day. >> russia has forgotten everything that was important to the winners of world war ii. ukraine and the whole free world will remind them so that no one will ever forget. the really important words never again a repeated around the free world. >> the russian ambassador to pull it has been doused in red paint by antiwar protesters during a memorial to mark the end of world war ii. the ambassador survey andre and step are surrounded by those in a soviet military cemetery in warsaw. protesters shouting fascist killers and shame before throwing paint at the diplomat. he said he was proud of his country and his president. antonio guterres says moldova is the worst affected of ukraine's
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neighbors. it has up operation of your than 4 million people. it boasts 100,000 refugees. this is the poorest nation in europe. they have called for all countries to upgrade their economic ties with moldova. >> moldova is a small country with a big heart. the united nations can only support the governments, he followed these humanitarian appeals for 2.5 billion u.s. dollars. i ask all countries to give generously. >> they have more on the visit
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to moldova. >> at think it is very telling that the human secretary of general -- secretary-general is in moldova. increasing fears amongst western analysts, western european governments about potentially this war expanding further into europe or at least in moldova's case, eu aspiring countries. we could see russian forces taking control of ukraine to that region. this is a breakaway republic of moldova. it is not even recognized by russia. in the last week or so, we have heard of explosions and shootings in that breakaway sub declared republic.
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the transmission authorities blamed ukrainians. quickly ukrainians denied it. what is very telling about what this russian general said is about the oppression of russian speakers inside transistor. it was that i was used by light important in order to legitimize protecting russian speakers in the breakaway republics. >> joe biden has approved a new law speeding up the delivery of weapons and military equipment to ukraine. biden signed off on this act in the oval office. the u.s. was -- has already provided billions of dollars in weapons to ukraine.
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sri lanka's prime minister has resigned following weeks of protests against the government 's failure to solve in a precedented economic crisis. at least four people including a member of parliament died. dozens were injured. fernandez reports from colombo. >> a powder keg of anger, frustration and helplessness among sri lankans. there has been months of discontent. people have demanding that the government resigned, blaming them for mismanagement and corruption. >> as a leader who always listened to the people, i am
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asking you what we do now. quickstep means i do not need to resign. >> bused in from around the country, they confronted protesters in colombo who have spent weeks calling for change. some were injured while tents and posters were torn up. some say the police did not act fast enough to stop them. but shortly after, protesters regrouped and launched a counterattack, targeting the buses that transported them, even destroying luxury vehicles and houses. they deployed the military to disperse the crowds but it had the opposite effect. large crowds gathered opposite the president's office, vowing
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not to be intimidated. the president is moved to sacrifice his brother and it does not seem to be working. >> his resignation is long overdue but is unlikely to address the demands of the protesters. even despite the curfew and the state of emergency, many along the roads now feel their demands need to be heard. >> this evoked a state of emergency. >> for the past 30 days, protesters have and taint a largely peaceful campaign demanding their government resign. but protesters say the violence unleashed by the prime minister 's supporters forced them to respond. police and the armed forces have the challenge of now restoring calm.
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al jazeera, colombo. unofficial results from the philippines show this will be the next president. the 64-year-old is the son of the late dictator who was overthrown in a revolution 36 years ago. his victory would mark a once inconceivable return to power for the family. they report from manila. >> as vote counting got underway, it appeared that they were surging ahead. he is the namesake of the former philippine president described by many as a dictator and ousted in the 1986 evolution. >> i wanted to issue a short statement and it is a statement of gratitude. to all of us who have been with us in this long and sometimes very difficult journey.
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>> 10 candidates are running but for the presidency it is why they considered a two-person race. the vice president was also the leader of the opposition and is trailing behind marcus junior. initial results show a lead so wide. >> i am with you in the believe that we must respect the full voice and will of the people. it is important that they continue their belief and respect for democracy. >> more than 60 million voted for the successor. this is one of asia's oldest democracies -- asia's oldest democracies. here in one of the biggest pulling precincts, voting today was marked with frustration. people lined up for hours and refused to leave. even as the polls officially closed.
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>> we want to be here. we want to see the receipts. >> they refused to leave the posts. this election is too important and every vote is sacred. the election commission issues that the public is very much in control and this entity of the votes is protected. this would mean an extra nor any -- an extraordinary return for a family that was forcibly removed from power decades ago and could become the most consequential election in european history. >> you're are watching al jazeera, still to come, over 40 presidents -- people killed. it was in a prison riot. we meet one community on the
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frontline of a growing mobile problem. good news is not good for queens. you may not necessarily know what is going on but look at this, what develops into rather persistent rain. it is going to be queens land and it could be influencing the weather in brisbane. member the floods in brisbane? it does not need to be as bad. the forecaster has persistent rain through wednesday. probably more showering on friday. we could have one to 200 million millimeters of rain to come.
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new zealand is showing pretty seasonable weather. temperatures are a bit where they should be. seasonal weather in southeast asia. there are two tropical cyclones. she has been giving rain across the coast of myanmar. it would produce flooding here. could fear, witness freedom, slavery, witness people, witness power, witness a lifetime, witness an hour, witness man, witness beast, witness peace, witness love, witness ward, witness the world, witness next
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door. witness life. witness. from al jazeera. >> a reminder of the top on al jazeera. russia's president says they are fighting for the motherland and the future in ukraine. let me put in lead victory day but he stopped short of announcing any plans to step up the military operation in ukraine. ukraine's president says russia's actions are the trail of victory day. violent protests have followed the resignation of the sri lankan prime minister. and these four people including
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a member of parliament died in fighting between rival political groups. a nationwide curfew has been imposed. they have reported to have more than twice the number of votes of his closest rival. and these 43 people have been killed during a right at the presented -- at the present in door. they were all inmates of bella vista jail and santo domingo. the violence broke out after a gang leader was transferred there. which officials say caused an arrest. alessandra, an astonishing number of deaths. >> this is the latest in a
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series of deadly riots in a number of prisons across ecuador. this latest case happened overnight. this is roughly three hours away to the east from the capital. it started as a riot between two rival gangs and a new gang leader arrived in this prison. this is according to the ecuadorian authorities. this riot grew larger and larger . at least 43 people have been killed. all of them are stabbed to death. scores have been injured. at least 100 inmates took advantage of the riots.
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they have been captured by police. we have seen set -- we have seen relatives of the inmates outside of the present desperate to get some information. >> this is not the first such riot. what is the government doing about it? >> yes, at least 400 or nearly 400 inmates have died in at least six major riots. this shows how big of a problem we have had. the government says this has to do most of with the turf or among different gangs. it is clear that this has to do
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with the worsening drug trafficking inside ecuador and increasing the use of routes inside ecuador. this was produced both here in columbiana and peru and also, security experts will tell you it has to do with the arrival and the flow that mexican cartels have in ecuador. a month ago, they announced a special plan to try to bring the situation under control. >> protests are expected in mexico. this is two weeks after she was last seen. her disappearance sparked
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outrage after -- we are reporting from mexico city. >> this is a photograph of ebony escobar. it was taken after she disappeared. multiple government agencies participated in the search for her, her lifeless body was found almost two weeks later at a location that had been overlooked as many as four times by searchers. as public pressure mounted on state prosecutors, authorities were forced to admit some states may have been made in the handling of the investigation. >> we will focus all of the resources toward determining what happened. the case highlights the failures of authorities to protect women in mexico and solve crimes
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committed against them. >> she was missing for several days. the state prosecutor office did not do their job correctly. my mistake was trusting the prosecutor's office. >> disappearances are an all too common problem. in just the first few months of this year, more than 60 women have been reported missing in the city of monterey. he says assistance from the government has been like having no help at all. >> the first 60 days she was missing were very important. the longer she remains missing, the authorities are not doing a very good job. >> many in this part of mexico say to collect about the government having poor training and attendance by authorities -- a tendency by authorities to downplay the seriousness of the problem can be traced back decades. this woman's daughter, brenda went missing in 2011. she was later found dead and she
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has since dedicated her time to helping other families find their missing loved ones alive and to call on the government to do more about missing persons cases. >> it is the same investigators as always and the same is -- same inconsistencies as 2011. the authorities don't do their jobs right. the only thing new is their job titles. >> once again shining a spotlight on the worsening problem of impunity which experts say feels higher rates of violence and disappearances. according to the latest report by the united nations committee, 700 and 48 women disappeared in mexico in the first four months of this year. that is an average of seven women going missing every single day. out to zero, mexico city -- al
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jazeera, mexico city. >> the main goal of the meeting is to stop fertile lands turning into deserts. the u.n. estimates 12 million hectors of land is lost every year. >> this is no longer noises but a village sinking in the sand. gone are the green pastures and vegetable gardens. the villagers used to grow food. now they are growing hungry. their emaciated cattle look for what is left on the sand. will it rain? >> i don't think so. even when it rains, it does not stick to the ground. it has gotten so hard that even
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birds dropped from the sky. it feels like the desert is moving forward. the mentor leaving. i saw on the move is the onion farmer. he sold his land for a $1000, using the money to pay a trafficker. he worked as a stonemason, constructing homes for first tourists before being called and deported by spanish authorities. the situation is bad, bad for all of us. we can't go back to farming. i am ready to go to europe again. people are not seeing warpage routes. it is when there is no water that there are more.
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this is when people are desperate to do this. >> these men have turned to fishing but the catch is meager. next year, british petroleum will begin extracting liquid natural gas. >> here not to protect the fishing vessels and fishermen from the rough seas but other to protect that platform you see in the distance. this is where the biggest discovery of liquid natural gas is here. this is rich in biodiversity and that is about to be destroyed. >> the discovery will bring some new jobs and revenue for this but most here face an uncertain future caught between a rising ocean and an expanding desert. al jazeera, northern senegal.
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>> one of the most recognizable portraits of marilyn munro is going up for auction in the u.s.. this is expected to be the most expensive 20th-century artwork. the proceeds will be donated that supports health and education programs. >> a modern-day model visa. that is how the chairman of christie's is describing a portrait of marilyn munro. andy warhol's shot, blue maryland is up for auction. the first to be auctioned off in nearly 25 years. warhol created the iconic silkscreen image after the actress died of a sleeping pill overdose in 1952. some 60 years later, the public is still fascinated by her life and death. >> warhol hosting this is because he encapsulated the
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tragedy and the disaster of marilyn, the suicide after having the most amazing life, being the most beautiful woman. press the piece comes from the private collection here. lo)?■o■o ó
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